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2.81 out of 5
32 Ratings
6 years ago, RogerOnTheRight
Inbox errors
Why is it I get an "inbox error" every time I start this app? Either have a messaging system or don't.
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4 years ago, Juanfulanodetal
Horrible comment software
Love the website. Do not like this app at all. It’s good for reading articles but if you wish to comment, I recommend you write it down somewhere and wait to get home on your actual computer. Mobile comments lock up, shut down, unable to edit, regardless of whether you use Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, etc.
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6 years ago, Ihatethisipad
Content great, app not so much
The previous version of the app was ok at best. New version looks nicer but doesn't like to refresh without closing and reopening app. Lately, app loads nothing at all. Mobile web version is the better choice although still not great. Desktop web version still best choice.
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2 years ago, trtkn
Hardly mobile friendly
Can barely read the text. Make more mobile responsive!
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4 years ago, Rustmouse
Paywalls for everyone
They used to be satisfied with ad revenue, but now most of their stories are “VIP” and hidden behind paywalls. I’m not interested in Paying for an article that is based on other reporting from sites that themselves are behind paywalls.
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6 years ago, Greg.Or.Y
Stopped Working
It was a fine app but stopped working about a week ago. Won’t display anything. It did that from time to time, and I would have to close and reopen it, but now even that won’t work. Even tried uninstalling and reinstalling, bupkiss...
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5 years ago, 122334556677788754
Need to fix
Open app first thing in the morning and then locks up the rest of the day. This happens every day. Fix it.
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6 years ago, Donkeyhoti
App won’t open on my iPhone 6
Tried reinstalling and downloading app and it still won’t load content. Wheel just spins. Now it’s worthless.
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5 years ago, gretlhartmann
Buggy and can’t post. Craptacular just like the mobile site. Worthy banner of the stupid party. Can’t get the simplest things right.
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6 years ago, Geza laza
What is wrong with you guys
Been trying for weeks and there in nothing on the app.
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6 years ago, Mackattack73926-5
App doesn’t work
App doesn’t work and doesn’t display anything
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4 years ago, ConeDawg331
Good-bye Never Trumper
I’ve had enough of Allahpundit and his Never Trump crap. So long!
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9 years ago, Dderekk1
Good app but needs to be updated
Ads are easier to deal with here than the mobile website. It probably needs an update for ios8 and the ability to play embedded videos. Almost all videos that are embedded in the blog posts don't display in the app. You need to open those postings in safari to view them.
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11 years ago, fervc
So far so good
Glad to see one of my favorite websites with an app finally. Works great so far. I know this is only the first issue, so I'm looking forward to tweaks and updates as well as an iPad version.
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11 years ago, D1carter
So far, my only suggestion is paging the comments. It looks good. Hoping for paging of comments. Hard to use this app without it. See Michelle Malkin's app...please.
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9 years ago, Smitty7456
Great content, horrendous ads Ads
Please offer a paid version so I don't have repeated, horrendous ads ruining my reading experience.
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8 years ago, Thrilled001
Garbage App
"Hot Air" is a site for boring writers like Ed Morrissey who support illegal alien amnesty. This app looks like it was made on the cheap. Hard to navigate, full of annoying ads.
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6 years ago, Bittybrain
Please update app
Now that Apple updated to 11 I can’t open HotAir. Please update so I can stay up to date.
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8 years ago, Mothrpoet
Dreadful ads!
So sick of loud, unavoidable ads. Uninstalled, won't be back!
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8 years ago, Wifi phone
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3 years ago, W.B. Amadeus
Incredible reliable source for current events in the USA
The entire staff at have proven to be among the most reliable and efficient growing news organizations in The United States. I would highly recommend to any Judeo-Christian conservative looking for up-to-date news without a progressive agenda infused into every article. Keep up the great work!
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