House of Color by Schwarzkopf

4.3 (170)
85.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Schwarzkopf Professional © Henkel AG & Co. KGaA
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for House of Color by Schwarzkopf

4.31 out of 5
170 Ratings
11 years ago, ArtFae
Works Perfectly
I see that there are several reviews that say that the app didn't work for them, but it's working perfectly for me, thankfully. It's been a few months since those reviews were written, so I imagine they fixed whatever was glitching. (I'm using it on my iPhone 5S, for reference). It's a good app - my only complaint is that, although it tells you a single color to use to get a standard color in their line, I was hoping it would allow me to see the results of mixing a couple of colors together. The color I'm trying to achieve is a very vibrant but deep orange, which I think I'll need to mix to get. But for a basic color guide to their line, it's functional and easy to use - and probably pretty handy for stylists, since you can keep a chart for each of your clients, it tells you what formula to use and it has a timer included.
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1 year ago, Nolan1215
Basic app that hasn’t been working recently
This app hasn’t worked right since the latest update, every tone direction I choose is way off, like I choose chocolate on a level 5 base and I’m shown ashy shades with a -21. I also don’t see a use for this app, unless someone has no knowledge about hair coloring with schwartzgopf or the color wheel and even then, there’s not a whole lot you can do with formulas using the color wheel, like no option to cancel out unwanted undertones.
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2 years ago, margo0705
Generic at best
This app is not helpful at all. If you have been working as a colorist and have specific questions about formulation this app does not provide any help. It provides only basic information that you should already know and does not ask about specific undertones or desired levels and tones. Nothing. If you are just starting out and need help knowing where to start with your color service maybe this app will help. But besides that it is not helpful.
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5 years ago, Dane ulrich
This is terrible
This app is unbearably frustrating, I keep getting an error message that flashes continuously on the screen while it keeps reloading making the entire app not useable, it seemed really cool with all the new options it had but I literally haven’t been able to try any of them, I’m deleting the app because at this point it’s wasted space on my phone that I can’t use. Would give 0 stars if it was possible, Please fix this Schwarzkopf, don’t disappoint me.
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7 years ago, Johnathan.Marc
Update more frequently
The app works well but it needs to be updated more frequently. Often I find that there have been new products for colors introduced that are not in the apps formulary.
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5 years ago, JennJoanna
A Worthless App That Doesn’t Work
This is a great concept to offer stylists but it unfortunately doesn’t work. If you try to use any of the features or even log in the app gives an error and flashes constantly freezing up the app! I’ve tried to delete it and download again and for months it’s the same thing! It’s Super Frustrating and worthless!
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6 years ago, Tough app judge
Bugs make this unusable
This was great for about 2 minutes before bugs made it unusable. Now if I open the app I get an error message that repeatedly flashes on the screen and reloads over and over and the app can’t do anything anymore. I can’t even click on anything or close the error messages. If this bug was resolved I would give this 5 stars.
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5 years ago, sgramates
Super glitchy
I logged in with Facebook to the app and it keeps glitching saying I don’t have permission to view things I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled and it won’t let me create a different profile when I tried to the first time it said I already had one and when I tried to do the password recovery it said I had no record of an account
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5 years ago, Maj. Murk
Used to love
This app was awesome until it started glitching. I can’t use it because it keeps trying to load as well as say that I don’t have permission to use this function.
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7 years ago, 89adam1
I was excited to use the app but it doesnt work! Ive restarted my phone and everything. Only the tutorials section works for me but the consultation, formula and product overview doesnt at all...please fix asap i would love to use this app if it worked.
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6 years ago, colorknowledgehound
Nothing more than basic info and color swatches that you can find online anyway. Limited natural color options and target colors don’t go higher than level 9. Amateur. Deleted the app, waste of time.
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5 years ago, jazibelle
Log in screen is blank
The app is lovely and would be an amazing tool if Henkel managed the issues that people have obviously been having for over a year.
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6 years ago, scaredy
Bad Advice!!
PLEASE have someone check the data for the Essensity Color line. The advice It’s giving is for the discontinued 1:2 mixing ratio, color to developer. There are going to be a lot of unhappy stylists and clients! That’s not very good for business.
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10 months ago, Sable0908
Wrong formulas
GreatAPP when it worked !!!!but I’ve called and emailed several times over the last eight months and nobody cares TO UPDATE
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3 years ago, oeuf ouef
Cool idea executed poorly
Wish it would work but its glitchy and freezes
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5 years ago, Beautybyamyb
App keeps glitching!
As soon as I open the app it says ‘you do not have permission to perform this action’ and doesn’t let me do anything
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5 years ago, hobywoby2
This App doesn’t work
The app never stop loading which means it can never be used
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6 years ago, Storway
It won’t let me do anything and is constantly glitching out.
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10 years ago, Styling-by/crys8/schwarz
Love Schwarzkopf!!
This app is great! It allows me to shows my clients different color options and I love be able to use this app as a quick reference. I've been patiently waiting for the colorpedia to be launched. I'm hoping it will allows us to see color formulas and maybe results. Very excited about this app. Schwarzkopf is my go to products !!!
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11 years ago, Valrocks420
Works fairly well but still some kinks
Its nice to have all the lines in one app, as an in-house educator It really helps when assisting other stylist. Some things we have noticed about the app are... it would be nice if client names could be organized by first or last name. Also to be able to upload pictures from camera roll instead of having to take the photo thru the app right in the moment. I use the app with my ipad and the photo quality is not as good as on my iphone. It would also be helpful to have a link to all the retail products and their descriptions. And maybe in the future have a login/password so that you can access this app from multiple devices and in case of app failure all info is not lost. It's very uneasy putting all of my clients info into an app that has no way to retrieve that info if things crash.
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8 years ago, tomorrowillbeyou
Finally works!
When I first downloaded this app it didn't work. I tried everything, deleting it, restarting my phone etc. I eventually forgot about it until now and saw that there had been an update. Did the update opened it back up said it had to download content again, after waiting almost a minute I tapped the screen thinking it wasn't going to work, and what do you know the app FINALLY works. I couldn't be more excited.
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10 years ago, LullyHB
Great Help!
Hi, guys! My name is Luiz, and I've been hairdressing for the last 10 years. I've worked with Schwarzkopf before, but now my boss decided to change and keep the Schwarzkopf standard now, what makes me really happy. I think the idea of the app is just awesome, really, I've waited for an app that could help me to organize my data about my clients, something to keep for me, and I could do more than write down in a notebook. Well, it seems like House Of Color came to help me with that. I would just like to suggest a few things that I've noticed. When you make notes about the clients, it would be really useful if the notes could be individual and with date, helping to create a history of the client, as well, I would love to be able to use the "return" key, to make every single note more organized. I wouldn't mind paying for the app, or in-app purchases, since I think the quality of the app is amazing. Thank you.
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9 years ago, davidfh
Colors do not match
On the new version my email and password do not work. I can not access my color for my clients. Totally messed up yet another day at the salon. Would be great but colors are not true to shade and I have had to redo several people since this is the only thing I have to use for a swatch resource reference. I have left several messages at the professional center, emails and Facebook messages to no avail. I went to the convention in Indianapolis, IN and lost the card with the info on it. Very frustrated and have to switch to another line since so close to holidays and have had response from the other companies with no hesitation.
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9 years ago, OnlyWilliamDoesMyHair
Great app!
I have had great experiences with this app! They have the latest trends Schwarzkopf Professional releases twice a year, called their "Essential Looks Collection" as well as a formula creator, a log to store all of your clients info, formulas and emails, and so much more! It looks like there were some issues on some devices with the update, so be patient and when they work out all the bugs it will be perfect! #OnlyWilliamDoesMyHair!!!
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11 years ago, hdufflvr
Great app
Fantastic app especially as you're learning the line as I am. Doesn't have all of the shades/colors though.
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10 years ago, hisprotected
Constant crashing after iOS8 update!!!
After trying to create a formula, it's crashes every time when I reach the grey percentage point. Hasn't done this until after updating to iOS 8. Big 👎👎👎👎
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9 years ago, Tsikkema
Fantastic !!
I find this app to be a very useful tool in the salon. Not only is it a great tool for color formulations,it has great visuals of the Essential Looks. My clients love seeing the collections when looking to change their look. Great work Schwarzkopf !!!!!!
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9 years ago, Littleking323
Finally after 2 weeks of trying to load the app, I set it on the counter to load, while I prepared dinner. When I went to grab my phone, after 15-20 minutes, it had loaded and was fully functional. Now the app itself is less than what I had expected.
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9 years ago, hollyb28
Doesn't Work!
Sounds like it could be a great app, but sadly it doesn't work. Can't get passed the "Initial Database Loading." Left the app open for a good ten minutes, even though the loading says it will only take a few seconds, and nothing happened. Just a continuous loading icon going round and round. Don't even bother downloading this app.
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9 years ago, Bubag
House of Color App
5 Stars!!! For New and Experienced Schearzkopf User- easy to use, builds confidence, gives you different options of products to use.
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11 years ago, LWolken9
Would love this ap
I would absolutely love this app except when I try and do anything with the client information. It forces close. All the other features are awesome I would REALLY love if we could get this bug fixed!!
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8 years ago, Horsie-lover
Cannot even access the app
Unfortunately I have not even been able to use the app. Just like the other reviewer, it always says "checking for product update"and will never let you move forward. This could be a really cool app. I hope this gets fixed!
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8 years ago, Haircut carol
So starter kit
This app is SO basic. There's no way to get to a color or level beyond the very basic, entry level colors. No info on toners. I'm so frustrated that our rep threw out our old hard copy of the color manual. That had so much more info. Even tho it was dated, it had so much more relevant info than this !*#%¥+€ app. I'm going to uninstall.
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9 years ago, Gpharaoh12
Very disappointed in this app! I love this color line and was so excited to use it, but unfortunately it doesn't work very well.... It tells me that it's "Preparing Product Database" every time I open it! I've been trying to use it for months and nothing has been fixed!! :(
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9 years ago, Jordon_02
Not Working
I just downloaded this app earlier this morning and it's been "searching product database" for over 10 hours. I would really love to use this app and get a better understanding of the brand since I'm limited to using Schwarzkopf while I'm in school. Please fix this problem asap.
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9 years ago, Brykelle
Doesn't work
Every time I open this app it says, Preparing product database, and never loads. I've deleted and reinstalled this app multiple times but never works. I use the Redken app identical to this and LOVE it! But I'm learning this color line and wish it would actually work. Don't download it. It's completely useless.
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9 years ago, MommaLT
Doesn't work!!!!
Would love to see what this app can do if it would ever load from the beginning but it's been loading for over 24 hours from the main screen. Please fix since the advertisement of the app is so highly recommended by Schwarzkopf.
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8 years ago, jsk77tcg
Doesn't work
I've redownloaded several times and it always just says "looking for product updates" and never gets past that. Ever since swz was bought their education/reachability is lacking at best- and this app is par for the course.
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9 years ago, cra4
When I found out about this app I was so excited!! It's a wonderful concept.... If only it worked!! Not only does it take forever to 'load database' every time I try to enter a client I get knocked off? Make the corrections and it will be the best professional app ever!!
Show more
9 years ago, Allexram
What's going on???
I love this app SO MUCH but lately it hasn't been working.... All of my clients formulas are in this app, and now I can't get it to open! Not cool, please fix this ASAP. Getting me nervous over here.
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10 years ago, PopcornSally
Works OK for me
Downloaded to use on iPad. Had no problems getting the app to work.
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9 years ago, Stickafourinit
Still loading
I've downloaded this app multiple times and each time it loads and says " preparing product database". Seems to be a consistent issues. Hope they can fix this.
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9 years ago, Tooshaboosh
Not working
I used to use this app weekly but the last few months it hasn't opened up at all. I've deleted it and re downloaded it multiple times and still nothing. Very disappointing
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9 years ago, B-duBB
Doesn't load
I've had the same issue as the other reviewers, the app says preparing product database and never changes. Schwarzkopf needs an update to fix this issue, I'm really looking forward to using this app.
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9 years ago, Akidnamedkalie
I was really looking forward to using this app! I have the same problem that other reviews mentioned. It says "preparing product database" Seriously! How much work does it take to make a fully functioning app?!
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10 years ago, vnduenas
App won't open!
I love this app I've used it on my friends phone but mine won't work. It says it's loading but never actually opens I need help!!
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9 years ago, esnewlife
It's Working!
I tried it despite the reviews and it loaded. I even checked the other functions. I like it so far.
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9 years ago, MsMishellemybelle
Get a clue !
Something really needs to be done to fix this app. I've been trying to open it for over 6 mos. when I go to open it it just keeps saying preparing data base. I'm a 100% Schwarzkopf gal and this is really disappointing.
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10 years ago, CostaRicaSoon
Never had opened
Gave it 1 star. I've had it since a Schwartzkopf class 3 weeks ago never has loaded. All it says is preparing product database. Uninstall/re-install, same thing. Wish they would fix it.
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10 years ago, Mrs Reagan
Is anyone out there using a iPhone 4S and able to access everything on this app?? Mine will let me store client info and use a timer. But that is it... Please help
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