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User Reviews for Houston Chronicle

4.5 out of 5
7K Ratings
2 years ago, SudokuNut3
Deteriorated to Worthlessness and Irrelevance
As a 12 year daily reader of the Chronicle on this app, I have lived through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the very ugly. For many of the earlier years, the problems primarily were with the apps broken functionality, instability, and accessibility. These early problems have been largely resolved by updates in recent years. Today, the problems relate to poor reporting of the journalism. As many other reviewers have highlighted, front page articles are far from the major news of the day. Instead, it is filled with insignificant local stories that remain on the front page for days at a time. How worthless is a digital newspaper whose front page stories are last week’s school board news! I suspect that the Houston Chronicle management has lost all interest in this iTunes app. Instead, they now offer their own digital subscription that is a high performing presentation of the day’s news, as printed in their daily print editions. I’ve taken advantage of a 6-month trial subscription and it is far better than the iTunes Chronicle app.
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2 years ago, 10strikes#
The Houston Chronicle used to be a newspaper. It has turned into nothing more than a propaganda sheet for the democratic party. We no longer can even read front page “news” stories that are not editorials. Some of the biggest stories that affect our very democracy are not even covered: The Russian collusion investigation findings. The Oval Office directing the FBI to spy on the incoming administration. Biden’s quid pro quo with Ukraine. Weaponizing the IRS against conservative organizations. The shutdown of coverage of the findings from the Hunter Biden laptop. The very real instances of fraudulent and unlawful conduct in our last election. The snap impeachment, conducted without even a single witness being called. I have found no mention of John Sullivan since the riot. No condemnation of the shutdown of speech on social media platforms. The Chronicle is complicit in all of these abuses of our democracy. You are only complicit now; you should realize that it’s only a matter of time until your “news” coverage will be dictated to you. A free and fair press is the guardian of democracy. Your job is to hold the politicians in check, and report abuses. Do. Your. Job.
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2 years ago, Dr Tex
The Houston Chronicle is a great newspaper. It is so Houston!
I’ve always been a newspaper reader — having been born in H-town I’ve read them all and still read the Houston Press. I want to know what’s going on and seeing the items in print allows you to make decisions as to what to do and when it is happening. I’m really a fan of the Thumbs on Saturday and Chris Tomlinson (business writer and “Forget the Alamo” author) always makes me think. The news is always there to read and digest and the opinions are fair and will make you think. And I can’t forget the Crossword puzzles—they keep your vocabulary skills sharp. Support local news organizations. They keep politicians on their toes. Thanks Chronicle!!
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2 years ago, Diegofinni
Decent app, provincial content for giant metropolis
The paper app works fine. Content is rarely updated, so you might find typically only 30% new content in each section from the day before. The paper itself is just pitiful. For a city that prides itself in being the 4th largest city in the US the largest paper in town feels like just one step above your high school newspaper. Not sure they understand the meaning of “international section” because there is none in the app and in the paper itself you might missed the news buried among giant ads. Houston has literally hundreds of thousands of expats and foreigners living in the area but the paper pays no attention to what happens beyond our borders. Oh yeah, and if you don't like football don't bother with the sport section. Want to know who won Winblendon, Monaco F1, Champions League, Boston Marathon? Find it somewhere else. Not in this paper.
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3 years ago, Morgynski
Terrible app and poor service
One of the least function apps on my smart device. I enjoy reading, or I would if I could, the chronicle e-edition. Unfortunately every time I attempt to access the e-edition I am required to go thru a 4 step process and relink my subscription? I have reached out to the chronicle e-edition via e-mail seeking help several times but no response. So not entirely sure whether it is the app or the chronicle, but the combination has resulted in a very poor user experience.
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2 years ago, Murgatroyd2009
App Crashes
No longer taking print edition as family member who couldn’t use the digital edition is no longer with us. I use the app primarily for local and state news. I find this iPhone app to be frustratingly unreliable. Several times each week while trying to scroll through an article it will freeze, go back to the beginning of the article, or crash and disappear entirely. This behavior repeats even after killing the app and restarting it. I’ll continue to use other paid national news apps for national and world news. My continued use of the subscription for the digital edition of this publication may depend on whether the iPhone app improves.
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1 year ago, j skep
The Chronicle has a nasty habit of writing a story, then showing that story for three or four days. The Sports section reports on the local pro teams and ignores the rest of the pro teams. The same goes for college sports Finally, the Chronicle sticks OpEd articles in the news sections far too frequently. Chris Tomlinson, for example does not report news; he reports his opinion. What the Chronicle is good at is reporting killings and car wrecks. Some days, I think I live in Chicago or Baltimore after reading the Chronicle. Suggestion: have every reporter read the. Wall Street Journal daily to get exposure to what real news looks like. It’s hard to discuss a Chronicle article with friends because they all have cancelled the paper. I may be next.
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3 years ago, $moki
Paid twice for Chronicle and no refund
I accidentally subscribed through Houston Chronicle website and through this app. Paid twice and there is no way to get a refund. I canceled all Apple subscriptions because they never thought to provide any customer service despite the fact that they are the single largest company by market cap. Forget about that garbage.
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3 years ago, pasqually 60
What’s wrong with the Chronicle
This news has become so Liberal that it’s hard to read. Why not have more than one view. I like to think and form my on conclusions. I know the real news from fake one view reporting. I no longer enjoy readying this paper, and long for the days when we had a choice, like when the Houston post was available. Many days I throw this paper directly in the trash, after reading the headlines. I have to go to alternative sources to compare and form my own conclusions. U cannot tell me how to think.
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6 months ago, Reba and Zoey
Let’s pretend for a moment you are supposed to be a newspaper. One that reports news on various fronts in a fair, impartial, factual and non-partisan way. A newspaper that reports without political bias. One that is run by an “editorial board” that is balanced in its composition and its editorial opinions. What would that look like? Certainly not your paper. Do you think your advertisers realize that many readers are so turned off by your coverage they skip pages and entire sections regularly - ignoring advertising in the process? Please don’t show the same political pandering in the sports and crossword sections. Those appear to be the only ones - so far - not infected with your biased reporting.
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1 year ago, TheRealSwaffman
App good, subscription bad
The app works really well but it should be as easy to cancel as it is to subscribe. I was able to subscribe online with a few clicks. To cancel I had to go to the app where it glitched looking for my account info, follow a link to the website, find out I need to call (with a phone link that doesn’t work by the way) and then spend almost 10 minutes on the phone with 2 different people before I could get my subscription canceled. This process should be a lot easier.
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2 weeks ago, Play On 04
Trash. Such a trash “app”
Y’all make it so hard to use your paper. I pay for your service. But it ALWAYS logs me out. On the app. On the website. I’m always logged out. I’m gonna stop paying because there is no point. Even when I am logged into your app, as a PAYING customer, I click on stories and they don’t load in the app, no that would be easy for your readers, they load in a browser and ask me to login AGAIN! Just let your paying, logged-in readers read your content! Stop making it so hard to get local news. No wonder your readership is down. You make it impossible to easier view your content.
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3 years ago, Kempner Park Music
I’ve read the Chronicle for at least 30 years, and the Houston Post before that. My educated observation is that this newspaper has become highly politicized, and, like most major media outlets, now pushes a decidedly left leaning agenda. The editorial board is a steadfast cheerleader for the Biden agenda: right, wrong, or indifferent. Likewise the AP, NYT, WP, and unnamed others. I’m educated and fair minded, but I no longer enjoy reading the Chronicle; I now read it only because I have a perceived responsibility to monitor the slow decay of this once fine nation. Mike Hoover, Galveston TX.
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1 year ago, telly_bellyy
App needs a lot of fixing
The app will force you back to the top of the article if you minimize it or open another app before you’re done reading, so make sure you know where you left off before you do that. It would also be nice if clicking on a HC article link would automatically make the app open instead of taking you to the Safari page where you’re met with a pop up to sign in. I’m already signed in on the app, just take me there!
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1 year ago, Dennis the.menice
My review
The paper does a good job covering local and state news. The opinions section nearly always has a liberal article which you should have a conservative one more often but you do let people make comments so there is good rebuttal to any article that goes too far one way. There is no comments on your app which should be changed.
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3 months ago, Leonabehr
Enjoy chronicle
Only problem is The Chronicle keeps forcing me to sign in to read digital stories. Why can’t they keep me signed in! It doesn’t recognize me and each time, I have to use forgot password although I am entering saved information.
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3 years ago, Freedomtour
Vastly improved tech
This is my THIRD time through with a Chronicle online subscription. The first was a total disaster...crashed constantly. A year or so later, I resubscribed and tried again. Better, but still a crash-hassle...so I dropped it again. FINALLY, the app works!!! I am so glad because I love the local coverage and the Chronicle has historically provided good coverage of local business, issues, politics, hurricanes and sports. And now they are doing a good job with COVID.
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2 years ago, msm@1971
The only reason I keep a digital subscription is because of the sports section. I read the paper version for over 30 years. Everything outside of sports has a left leaning view (far left a lot of times) just like most of the media and has gotten a lot worse over the years. Obviously, you do not know you subscriber base which explains your poor overall performance. I wish you were what newspapers used to be, report the news without any political viewpoint. When politics are involved, include view points from both sides.
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3 years ago, Tex6000
Houston Chronicle did not honor Sunday delivery
I have had a digital subscription almost since it started and pleased with improvements over the years. However, it included delivery of the Sunday paper and the Chronicle cancelled this without notice in December 2020. Despite numerous calls to the Chronicle and verification from Apple that my subscription included Sunday delivery through May 2021, the Chronicle refused to honor it. Looks now that the subscription is only digital. Very disappointed with lack of coordination between Chronicle and Apple on past subscription and bait and switch tactic.
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3 years ago, jodymitchell
Houston Chronicle App
The app is glitchy, takes too long to load articles, does not hold the position in an article if you switch off the app before completing reading (instead taking you back to the top), and occasionally takes you off an article altogether. Additionally, articles that appear on the front page are not always available under their applicable sections (this particularly clearly happens with business and sports articles), and the search feature is not very functional. Please use the WSJ app and model any updates on that functionality.
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2 years ago, cmacken67890096
Doesn’t save your spot
I love the Chronicle I trust the reporting and like getting news specific to Texas and Houston. However, when you read online it doesn’t save your spot like other news apps/online platforms. If your phone locks or you go to another app and come back it takes you to the top of the article and you have to scroll through to find your spot again.
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3 months ago, Supreme Commander of Earth
Print subscription and online tie in Subscription
I can’t count the times that I have tried to log into your website using my print subscription information and it has bugged out
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3 years ago, iGreeley
Clunky but works
Hard to sign in, but does the job. Even though I paid for subscription, there still are adds. Isn't that why you pay for subscriptions? 3 stars for being average.
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4 months ago, Swifty152
Love it, but your webpage still has real issues.
For instance, I think it still asked me if I want to stay logged in, I always say yes, and never keeps me logged in the next day. This is my greatest peeve with the Chronicle. Otherwise, keep reporting and editorializing!
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7 months ago, Lib Worshipper
Love the sports page. Rest of paper way too liberal. How can you simply ignore the things you do? Biden corruption at top of list. All news is supposed to at least deliver the news-all of it. Not just the part the publisher wants the readers to see.
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3 years ago, gubella1234
Enjoyable & Informative
We have enjoyed the Paper ever since I can remember my parents taking it in the 60s. I feel like part of my day is missing or incomplete when our paper is not delivered or someone grabs out of our front yard. Lonnie
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3 years ago, graby37po
Houston Chronicle
Extreme left editorial bias, often misrepresents issues & speaks down morally to its readers. I will never understand why this paper charges $65/mo. & the Wall Street Journal, a much better newspaper charges $45! We only take the Chronicle because my husband likes to read their funnies at breakfast. I would prefer to drop it!
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2 years ago, Houston Reader
I have been a subscriber since the ‘70’s and I believe you are now producing the best product over that period. Most importantly, I believe your efforts at investigative reporting are impactful and potential change agents. Congratulations.
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3 years ago, HurricaneFinley
Have subscription to paper, app won’t let me log on
I’ve tried on line and on phone calls, but can’t access newspaper on app. App recognizes my name, address and email, then says it can’t connect me and I should call certain number. Does anyone answer? No.
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2 years ago, Second Hand News
Reading Enjoyment
The newspaper is easy to navigate. Headings are all there. You can easily bring up earlier editions and the search works well.
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1 year ago, houston-reader_2023
The app does not give full access to chronicle articles
This app gives you access to a low percentage of content from the Houston chronicle. I subscribe to several chronicle email lists and many of the articles shown in the email summaries are never available on the app. I would not subscribe to the chronicle via the app.
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2 years ago, leoedm
Young Liberal bloggers
I wouldn’t even call any article journalism. Essentially young liberal bloggers with editorials instead of “just the facts”. Anyone with an ounce of “seasoning” would know the difference between the disaster we have currently running our country and what solid leadership looks like. These liberal journalism students are clueless. If it wasn’t for requiring the Chronicle subscription to get Texas Sports Nation for John McClain I’d drop this subscription
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3 years ago, balibasher
Balanced reporting
I am getting pretty close to dropping my subscription to the Chronicle. It seems like any time you have the opportunity to put a liberal spin on an article you do so and I do not waste time on reading opinions as it seems no one has an opinion that is not liberal.
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3 years ago, just another rag
Chronicle just a reprint rag and coupon book
The Houston Chronicle no loner reports news and hasn’t in years. It just reprints from other sources. If it weren’t for the Police blotters, City Council and Commissioner’s Court agendas, the Chronicle would be a cheap coupon book (coupons being it’s only value). It’s a crime the fourth largest city in the US doesn’t have a credible news reporting source. TV and radio media are no better.
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4 months ago, williewank
Just not good coverage
Not enough National coverage Sports section only reports local teams. Would like to keep up with Stats of games and other major league teams. Just a very poor Section. Too much retention of past reporting. Have to sift through the old Reporting to get to the current happenings Just not a good newspaper
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4 months ago, KT5SR
They can’t get their act together
I have a valid print subscription but get frequent requests to subscribe. Linking print subscription to phone gives access for less than a day and then is required again. Reading a digital image of the paper was possible but I no longer see the link to it in the notifications I get.
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2 years ago, GoEnzo
NO Customer Service
I stuck my big toe into the Waters of the Houston Chronicle with a one-month subscription of the Sunday paper. I was hesitant to do so because I live in College Station. So far, after two weeks, I’ve gotten no paper and a huge runaround from customer service. After a second paperless Sunday, I submitted an email request for someone to call me back. I got an email reply that it would take up to three days for me to get help. So far, nothing. DON’T OFFER A SERVICE IF YOU CAN’T DELIVER. AND A THREE-DAY WAIT FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SHAMEFUL. I did my part to support print journalism, but the Houston Chronicle doesn’t want my help or business. Now to post this to social media.
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3 years ago, TamaraJune
Where oh where
Every morning I try to guess where I will find articles. Which section will they be in each day? Is today the day I will be able too read the letters to the editor today? I don't understand who or why anyone thought this update was better then the previous edition. If I wanted to read the paper on the web, I wouldn't bother trying to read it on my iPad.
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6 months ago, Houston Texas Travelers
Staying Connected
The Houston Chronicle keeps me updated on local news when I am home or traveling outside the city. Excellent reporting staff!
Show more
2 months ago, Rog454545
Why waste my time with these.
Many of the articles still showing up to 10+ days after initial addition. Like the newspaper style layout better than the app. The app is missing many of the comics that then real newspaper has, and keeps removing even the few good comics.
Show more
2 years ago, Latherwas30
Frustrating refresh
When you tap an article to read, the screen keeps refreshing and you have to start at the top again. Sometimes you can’t get back to where you were reading before it refreshes again.
Show more
12 months ago, 34 bearip
The mobile AP allows you to carry it with you, anywhere you have a connection!
Show more
3 years ago, ActuallyChase
Why would anyone use this app? The information isn’t updated frequently and many times the news is nothing like what’s in the printed or e-version. Don’t waste your time or your money on this app. You’d be better off getting your Houston news from one of the many apps available from our TV stations.
Show more
3 years ago, SoonerBill1979
So you “upgraded” the Chronicle app and now you no longer have the ability to search for older articles? What happened to the US And World News sections? And many articles are old news. Would be nice to have a new paper every day and then search for older articles if you wish.
Show more
2 years ago, rangerusa1111
Have to log in everytime
Every time I open the app I have to log in. It is not the way it should be.
Show more
3 years ago, jacquelapin
Easy to read
Easy to navigate and read the digital Chronicle and no waiting for delivery every morning.
Show more
1 year ago, kps52
want “what happened / when & where it happened
Need a more objective view in reports. An old complaint but doesn’t make it any less true opinion page is carried though out the just the facts pages. Only page truly enjoy contains score which are immutable facts. But even then sometimes …
Show more
2 years ago, Nolabelhere
App is better now but content is worse
Although the app is more stable now there is not as much content as before and there is more content from HC on Apple News+ than in the app. Save your money and get News+. Seeing the same headlines for 3-4days straight is boring!
Show more
3 years ago, tim1493
Doesn’t play well with itself!
Don’t expect to follow up on a story by clicking any similar piece beneath the article. The link sends you to the internet and requires you to login, despite that I pay to subscribe to the app!
Show more
1 year ago, KingTom48
Chronicle app
I have been a Chronicle online subscriber for several years. I like the newspaper and appreciate the work it takes to publish it. However, the app on my phone is a total pain. I start to read an article and immediately it wants me to subscribe or login. I do not have to login every time to the Guardian or NYT. ?;$&@-! Thanks for reading. Tom
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