How It Works: digital edition

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User Reviews for How It Works: digital edition

4.69 out of 5
158 Ratings
3 years ago, Carlosdiazven
Really Works
Excellent information, highly recommended. Apps works excellent
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12 years ago, NYDJAK
Good App Great Magazine
This app works great. All the people giving bad reviews.. Read the description before you "waste your time downloading it." Really? It's free because these folks don't want to charge us for an app that lets us buy their magazines and/or subscriptions. How can they give away magazines for free? What's wrong with you guys? This app is for people that don't want to go to the bookstore to buy an issue bc it's easier to have on ur idevice. Get real people. Use ur brain b4 you give a great thing a bad reputation. By the way.. I don't in anyway whatsoever work for this company, I am just annoyed by stupid people.
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4 years ago, Yodaman70
Great mag, horrible app
App takes over 5 min just let me view my purchased magazines. Horrible navigation to find the mag I am looking for. Canceled my subscription.
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12 years ago, AricP
No retina support, bad reading experience
This is the first item I ever requested a refund for (the subscription fee). I use Zinio and like that, so when this appeared in the Newsstand, it looked cool, so I got the 6 month subscription. That was a serious mistake. The magazine content is not optimized for the retina display, so the text and graphics are jagged when viewed close up. Next, the tap-to-zoom features don't work properly as on other apps. If you double tap to zoom in, it doesn't intelligently fit the area you are zooming in on to the display. Instead you get an arbitrarily large zoomed area that will only let you see part of what you zoomed in on. Further, there is no article text view mode like you get with Zinio. You have to try to read the articles while zoomed in with jagged text. It is like someone took a low-res screen shot of each page and you're trying to read the magazine while only being able to see small bits of what you are trying to read. Zinio lets you pull up and read an entire article using real text (think ePub) or you can read the article as originally laid out by the publisher. Stay away from this app until they fix these problems.
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12 years ago, Star Krow
It truly scares me that some of these "one star" reviewers are eligible to vote for the next US President! What did you really think this app was for? Since you guys DON'T apparently know and didn't even bother to use your heads, I'll spoil the secret: IT'S A FRONT END FOR A SUBSCRIPTION! A 4 yr old or a monkey could have figured that out for themselves, when apparently most of you could not! The app is free to download so that you can buy the sub. To all of you MORONS crying "rip off", go to Barnes & Noble, select any magazine and just tell the cashier that you're gonna take it home for free to see if ya like it. Post your results here instead of your reviews. It would waste all of our time a lot less. See, was that really SOO hard to understand. Do the rest of us a favor and obstain next November? Thxx
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12 years ago, whooguy
Crash is gone but restore purchases and subscription doesn't work
I don't understand all these negative reviews about being misleading that it's not free. Of course it's not free crazy people. It works just like all the other newsstand apps. You buy in app magazines. Charging for the app would be like saying that you have to pay for the newsstand on the street corner before you can buy a newspaper. The container is free. The content is not. Anyway....on to my bug. The latest update fixes the crash on load but Restore Purchases and Restore Subscription doesn't work until you shutdown the app completely and restart it. I'm on latest iOS with iPad 2.
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12 years ago, Garda
Newsstand, How It Works
I'm only writing this review in response to the idiotic 1-star review below. Magazines are on the iPad. Like their printed counterpart, they require money to either purchase 1 issue. Or offer "Subscriptions" that save loyal readers money. The "free" aspect of this service is allowing you to view which magazines are available for download. Or experience a demonstration of the magazine before you spend time and money on it. This is not deceitful. How It Works is a cool magazine and isa good port to a new medium. In the future, keep the reviews about the specific product, not the service that manages that product.
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11 years ago, Science-Geek
Way cheaper than paper here in the US - AWESOME Mag!
We can’t get the paper edition here in the states for anything resembling a reasonable cost, and compared to import rates, this ipad edition is a steal! I bought the year-long subscription and read each issue cover to cover. How It Works is the ultimate brain-feed for folks who love to learn about science. It’s extremely well written, and quite diverse in its range of topics. If you like Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, etc.; you’ll probably dig this. Download a "preview" before you buy a subscription if you’re not sure.
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12 years ago, Will Long Jr
Bad Marketing
For all of those that would say, "this is a great magazine and how can you expect something for nothing?" I say, "Because they said so." In legal terms this is called Bait and Switch. They should give at least one sample to shut up the crowd. There is no excuse for greed. It is the principle of the thing that makes me not want to pay even though I can afford it. All they did here, is get themselves a bad rating and lose potential subscriptions from people that would have purchased if they didn't feel they were hood winked. Insulting our intelligence, you 5 star raters, is not a smart move and doesn't help the company at all. How do we know you weren't paid to say its great? Obviously the company will do anything to make a buck so we can only assume those that rated it with 5 stars are on the take.
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12 years ago, Mariexotoni
What is wrong with you people?
I'm confused as to why people are giving this magazine a bad review if they didn't even read it. You couldn't have actually thought itd be free?? How much time did you really waste downloading this app? App is great and these people are silly. Highly recommend. It's great - not piling up magazines, info is good. These subscriptions are really good for the iPad - don't have to zoom =] Don't listen to the bad reviews! These people don't know what they're talking about. Act like they got jipped =p so silly
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12 years ago, Fred2352
Nothing in life is free.
It's hard to get a good idea of the good apps and bad when the only criteria that you people put on apps is if it's free or not. It's a magazine it's gonna cost something. And why does the digital have to cost less. It takes more work putting together an interactive digital mag than one set for print. I want to look at reviews and get an idea about the content and usability of an app not that everyone is so broke they can't afford a 3 dollar magazine.
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12 years ago, TS1AWD
Excellent Magazine!
I didn't know this magazine existed until finding it here in Newsstand. I purchased one issue to try it out and was hooked from there! I find it funny that people will negatively rate the app as a consequence of their own fault for not reading the terms. The app is free to search their magazine database, it states very clearly that past and current issues are available for PURCHASE within the app. Nowhere it states that you get the magazine for free. Idiots.
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12 years ago, Alec gee
Total tricks on consumers
Is it really free? If it said there was, "app purchase"; (NOT small print if it even says it at all).I might be inclined to purchase the virtual magazines/news papers with the money I DO have. But unfortunately I feel: tricked, taken advantage of and/or lied to because I waisted time downloading the app only to be disappoint due to the fact it was not free at all. It is not the fact that it's not free, rather the fact be that it said "free" there for I get my hopes up and become disappointed. I may sound really critical, I am, but its not because I'm selfish it's because this it's not right look at all the other pour reviews
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12 years ago, ThisApp777
Free is normal
I saw all these bad reviews because the magazine issues aren't free. But no magazines are on here. Some give a sample, but it seems they have chosen to select the magazine you are interested in, and you can preview every page! At first I was disappointed, but then I realized its kind of nice even though it's a smaller scale. So you be the judge if you like the issue, just like flipping through pages in the store before you buy.
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9 years ago, NaHChannel
Four stars only for the paper magazine, and this app I can only give one star
How It Works is my favorite magazine for curious mind but it is very difficult to purchase its paper version in China and that is why I downloaded this app and subscribed for digital books. However, the experience for this app is too terrible that I cannot access the store anymore after I successfully subscribed. This magazine is fantastic and in order to enjoy it on iOS I sincerely hope you guys can improve this app.
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12 years ago, paecelvoemisuc24
This was my first subscription for news stand and it's great, all these people rating it one star for not being free are stupid, all the news stand applications are free, that doesn't mean the subscriptions are free, they do this because there are many different ways of paying, you can buy a single magazine or 6 months or 1 year. So don't pay mind to the negative reviews. From an experienced apple user and magazine lover this is great =D
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7 years ago, Perfect Resonance
Quality information
This app is really great and I usually never write reviews because it's a waste of time. I'm writing this because the other negative reviews probably stop people from learning and that's not cool. It cost 3 bucks a month for a 75pg informative piece of literature. You spend more on lunch in one day.. You can actually learn something informative in this rather than your little Debbie cakes.
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9 years ago, Adam.123
Best magazine, but poorly presented on ios
I have to say this best magazine to read for curious mind. Got recommendation from friend, been buying paper copy from bookstore since then. But, my only complain is that it is not friendly to read on here, its basically presented as picture or images of text paper which is hard to read. This is are text, should not presented as images. I hope you know what i mean. I have economic magine subscripion, you can read text clearly, scroll down text, change font just like any text on pc. But this magazines just present there stuff as images, i suppose that fine read non pc or tablet, not smartphone.
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12 years ago, Alien co-pilot
It's exactly what I expected
I read on here that a lot of people are upset that they have to pay for a subscription "but the app was supposed to be free!" Yeah, the app is free. The subscription isn't. No where on the internet are these kinds of magazines simply free. They all charge a subscription fee. If you go this way you're actually getting a great deal compared to the 10 bucks an issue on the stand.
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12 years ago, Thasro
Stop negativity
You people need to stop with all the negative reviews. All newsstand apps are FREE to download. That's why it's free. It's the same as an actual newsstand in person. You didn't pay for it to be there. But you can just take a newspaper or magazine for free!! Same concept here people. Give credit where it's due. I haven't had any issues with the app.
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12 years ago, The Kolorowy
Love it
It really makes me wonder how stupid people are. The app is free but you right you have to pay for the subscription. Why would you expect a company to give you a free magazine? Learn to read it says in app purchase. Really people all of you that expect this to be free you are as stupid as box or rocks.
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12 years ago, gribboo
No stars for interaction
If you consider zooming in and out to be interactive, then you'll be satisfied. If you're a subscriber to other mags on iPad like nat geo, pop science and pop mechanics, then you will be very disappointed! All they did was put the print issue into a tablet format. It is difficult to read the content without zooming in 2-3 times and then you have to scroll over, in and out, up and down, all on one page just to see what you're reading about! These guys need to redo their thinking process behind "interaction"and update us before I'll buy a new mag!
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12 years ago, thisisaminefield
Not for iPhone
First of all, this app is nothing more than a portal to buy issues of the magazine, just like every other Newsstand app, so get over the "This isn't free!" hissy fits. Nowhere in the description does it mention anything about free content. My issue is that the magazine looks horrible on the iPhone. I'm sure it's gorgeous on the iPad, but the graphics are too compacted on the little iPhone screen. Also, how does the Pixelmags web reader work?
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12 years ago, Mister Bigstuff
Sample please
Hate this. The least you could do is put some sample things in b4 telling us all to spend $4 on this. Four bucks, btw is the smallest price. Maybe some bundle packs would be nice. Like 5 of a similar genre in one pack that's like 5 bucks. See? Simple. Lets us fooled consumers not be so agitated about being ripped off. Anyone who says tht us 'brats' who 'cry' rip off honestly dont exactly understand how we feel about this. We excepted educational stuff to read at night (or any other time) and we r now being FORCED to spend more money than we'd like to spend.
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9 years ago, Wake me up- again
A Wonderful resource
To those who want something for nothing please read carefully. The app IS FREE, the magazines you must buy. Simple. The magazine is a great resource. Lots of information every month. Think of it as BRAIN CANDY and just enjoy the wonderful insights that you will be provided . Please continue the good work.
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8 years ago, umlawgrad
Excellent App
I don't understand the negative reviews. This app is a vehicle for an online subscription and to purchase back issues at a substantial discount. There is nothing free here. Nor should there be. Like virtually every other magazine, neither back issues nor a subscription are free. If you like this fine magazine and would like to subscribe or purchase back issues at $3.99, this is a great app.
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12 years ago, Tip diva
Yes there really are free magazines ...
Just not here! To all the people (possibly apple staff) who say any one who thought this was free is stupid or a 4 year old monkey(that might have been clever if it wasn't wrong). I receive a free e-magazine every month. If I want a hard copy I have to pay for it. (yes they do exist.) That settled, another point--- if I go to a newsstand or bookstore I can and have previewed and read a sample article or chapter in a book before my purchase; and if I couldn't, I wouldn't. So with this app I will not. That is reality! You know the stuff that dosen't happen on a screen.
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12 years ago, Otnip
No teaser!?!
The application to get the magazines is free and the people that are dumb enough to pay for subscriptions on accident or that expect to have full subscriptions for free should not be rating apps! The interface is very attractive. BUT, I would have liked to see a teaser. Half of an issue or something would make the download more worth it. I just wanted a peak and didn't get one.
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12 years ago, LaughingClamCrew
Issues are hard to read
I don't understand why people complain why this is not free. It's a magazine so they need to make money just like everyone else here. So just stop complaining about that aspect of the how its made mag. But one problem I have is it is impossible to read a full page magazine with pictures and text that you don't even know what's going on in the magazine because the screen is so small on the iPhone 4s. So I would reccomend just to go buy the physical magazine.
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12 years ago, The Beat of a different drummer
We should all be so lucky to be jeffry st. Claire
First of all the newsstand store states free. As for the general public not gifted with little jeffries superior brain capacity, I completely agree that this is a classic case of false advertising not to the fault of the misrepresentation of apple as to the agreement of the magazine. Ironically it has soured me from ever subscribing to this magazine because of the shannannagins obviously practiced by the online carrier. By reading the reviews I see I'm not the only one. Wish I would have read them before. Would have saved a bunch of time. NOTHING IS FREE, THIS IS A WAIST OF TIME AND jeffry IS AN IDIOT.
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12 years ago, pjones0012
Grow up people.
Get real people. Did you really think a publisher, like any business, is going to give away it's merchandise? Of course you pay for the pubs. All this app does, along with any other app in news stand that's free, is allow you to purchase issues. What you people seem to expect is to get a flyer from a store for a sale and expect the store to give away is merchandise because you got a advertisement. Get REAL!
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12 years ago, Pizza Monster
I have to agree. Guys...obviously they aren't going to be giving out free magazines. Use your common sense when downloading it. If you thought it was free, get a reality check. Other than that, the magazine is great! It even says the subscription fees in the description.
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12 years ago, PawAngel.Com
Way too expensive.
Well sorry but here is yet another one star. Fact. The issues ARE NOT FREE. Click and you get the subscription price. Also, as another reviewer pointed out, the prices, not having to print the magazine, are way out of line. A digital magazine should be at least half the price as print. By the way, Apple, I can't prove it but you really should stop any and all participation in the review process by anyone employed, paid to review or associated with the product. That's the Fair and Honest way to do things!
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12 years ago, 2695498080
Nice book!
I spent $9 on it, and each time I tried to open it, it crash without any hesitation! So disappointed!!! Even update cannot solve the problem! However, in the 7th try, it finally came to work, thank goodness!
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12 years ago, tim75
Really stupid
Just scan the contents of a traditional magazine and put it on the iPhone? When will these drones get it? The paper format is dead. Rewrite your magazine as an interactive iOS app. No one wants to read a sprawling magazine on a tiny screen. That might work for the iPad 3, but not the iPhone or iPad 2, not enough resolution.
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12 years ago, methedude
Total BS
The description is written so that you think you can see this months issue for free. Then if you like it, past and future issues are available at a fee. That is reasonable. However this is not the case. You still have to pay the $4 to see the current issue. No chance to see quality. No thanks. I will stick with Zinio. I was really hoping Apple/publishers would get it right. I like the look of iBooks and newsstand compared to Zinio, but Zinio has the content and you can see a sample.
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12 years ago, Rusty T. Bone
You people are absolute idiots.
You can't walk up to a newsstand in real life and just take a magazine for free, and companies sure as hell don't send out free subscriptions, so why would the content for any of the magazines on here be any different.
Show more
12 years ago, Cajib
Do you expect a company to give expensive magazines for free? With this you buy the magazine, if they made you pay for the magazine market you would be even madder! So, if you're interested in a good magazine get this
Show more
12 years ago, wilson4523
chill out people.
it tells you in the description that it is going to cost to subscribe to the mag. You should all be mad at yourselves for not having taken the extra 15 seconds to read it before downloading. If you can afford it and the subjects interest you I highly recommend this mag.
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12 years ago, Applefreak;)$$
2 funny
Y'all just can't deal with the fact you have to come out of your pocket for a year subscription. Get over yourself and pay for the info. Folks ALWAYS want something FREE. Will u go into a store.... Grab a magazine off the rack then walk out NO. If you do then SOMEBODY going to JAIL! LMBO!
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11 years ago, Hi meep
It says in the description the the magazines cost money next time read the description before thinking your getting free. The magazines are very interesting Because of this magazine I now know The basics on how to drive a tank
Show more
12 years ago, Jikifreak
Wow seriously people?
The magazine download is free and the issues cost money. How hard is it to realize that? It even states it as in app purchases. You folks need to pay attention before 1 staring something due to your ignorance.
Show more
12 years ago, 123littleme
Stupid people
You people really think they would give people free issues of magazines? I purchased some of the issues, and it is an amazing magazine
Show more
12 years ago, Christopherwh
Don't Assume
Very simple people, the app is free the subscription is not. All you have to do is read the description FIRST before seeing the word "free" and scrambling as fast as you can to download it. No deceit, or hoodwinking involved, it's VERY CLEAR in the description what the cost is.
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12 years ago, Nikokon
I would have spent my money
So it's a free app, but as I saw it has the little "+" at the top of download so I knew it would probably cost to get magazines, which is reasonable. But, not a single sample at all, all between 3 and up to 14! dollars for a digital copy. A bit much and considering they don't bother even throwing in a few pages even from an old magazine for a sample is enough for me to delete the app.
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10 years ago, Jimmy Ray bob jr
Content Great, Reader terrible
Let me start by saying, "love this magazine and it's content." Having said that the reader is terrible. Would like to see it set up like Popular Science and so many other magazines I have, so that there is no zooming to read text and no need to scroll around the page to see pictures.
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12 years ago, nicknamenickname65
I love the arrogant ones who call us stupid
So they are giving us a free app to download their magazine. Thank you? So what good is a free app if you don't want the mag? Duh. Not all of us are app store savvy. We actually have lives and do other things besides learning the ins and outs of the app world. If you are showing your mag and saying free then you can understand the confusion. I'm in Mensa and I felt misled. So now I'm stupid? Stop being so rude.
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12 years ago, MoshePotomac
Deceptive & insulting ad
The ad clearly implies that the magazine is free but that back issues are only available for a fee. That's false. After downloading the app you find that nothing is provided free. They clearly miss the point that even providing a single issue, or one article, could give a person some basis on which to buy. There is no reason to download this free app unless you have already decided to buy an overpriced subscription.
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12 years ago, GibsonCRG
Bait and Switch - they're just lying about "free"
I have no problem with companies wanting money for their product. I DO have problems with lying in their labeling. They are clearly labeled "Free" (right next to others that really ARE free), but once you install the app, you find that ALL their content must be paid-for as in-app purchases. Sorry, that's just lying on the face of it. On principle alone I will never purchase their content. Get some ethics, there, Imagine Publishing.
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12 years ago, Aloycius Nelson
It's great
You think it's going to be free! What the hell is wrong with you dicks giving it one star just cause you guys don't wanna spend a little cash! It actually really good if you TRY it.
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