How to Draw Anime Easy

4.5 (6.7K)
36 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vinh Tran
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for How to Draw Anime Easy

4.53 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
3 years ago, canarylarry
Love it!! 🤩
I absolutely love this! It helped a lot!! 😁 But I do wish there was a tutorial on hands since that is the thing I struggle on the most (especially when attempting a peace sign 😅). But other than that it is great and I love how not only does it show how to draw certain anime characters but how to draw different things like hair and clothes (which I also struggle on so this helped 😓) I would highly recommend this. (Also some ppl are complaining that you can’t draw on the app and that was the entire reason they downloaded it but there is a description for a reason so no need to complain about that especially on an app this helpful =_=)
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10 months ago, spotts101
I like it, there are basically a few different types of learning u can do, either step by step, tutorials, or lessons, and there’s also bookmarks to show your progress and what u have done, it’s not as EASY as they say it is, it’s kind of hard if your a beginner and you have to erase ALOT of lines and stuff. There is an option for drawing ON your device, but it’s like when u edit a photo, how u can do markup, it’s basically like u can’t zoom in, and that makes it really hard, since there’s hard drawing of anime with tiny details. Also, it is easier to draw the faces (portraits) than the whole body figure. But if your looking to go for the body and figure, that may be ALOT harder. Even though I had this app for a day or two, I already have ALOT to feel about it. But overall and so far it’s pretty good 👍👌
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4 months ago, ...Tim...
✨Actually really quality!✨
Okay, I just downloaded the app, bc well it was free, and im looking to brush up on my anime skills 😂. But as I was looking through, it’s actually a lot better than what i was expecting! It has lots of popular anime characters, and shows you how to draw them step by step! Anime in my opinion is made much easier learning it rather than trying to wing it. 😅 the pros on this app would defiantly be, the amount of options on here, the learning made easy, the app being free! And the cons, I think the only con is that… yeah, I can’t think of any! 😆 Great APP! Bravo creators! And i hope this helped everyone!
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11 months ago, catqueen0126😻
Great! Just a few issues
Hello, creator, and other people who may be reading this review. To start off, I LOVE this tutorial app, it’s extremely helpful! To be honest, I’m terrible at drawing anime, but with this app it’s helping me to get better! There’s so many different options to learn to draw the things! There’s just a few issues. First, there are ads, but they are very spread out and not super annoying, but it might be nice to get rid of ads. Second, maybe make the app age restrictions 12+, on the account of there’s tutorials on how to draw breasts and buttocks, but it’s not super in depth detail. That’s all! God bless you people! Bye!
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8 months ago, Pop, pop, girl
Best game in the world
So there is a guide, but you have to go back and forth between the guide and practice now is kind of a little confusing, but it’s a really good game. You should download it. This sense this is a only one anime game. I also have another one that I tried to download and it was $50 per year I was like oh my God so you should get this game you don’t have to pay at all! It’s a super fun game. It’s really creative and you can do any animated thing that you want. It’s super fun thanks for reading this
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2 years ago, AROREOROROROR
Improvements but very good app.
I love how step by step drawings they do, it makes it more fun and enjoyable but the only thing that I hate about this app is an undo feature. When you want to use the practice now feature, it doesn’t have an undo button which can mess up the thing you are trying to draw. Very infuriating bit overall a good app.
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3 years ago, fat rat🖌🖌
Nice app
First I have to say it’s amazing how they show you step by step how to make these characters and how to practice these sketches. There are not many different characters. I was looking for Naruto assuming that they would have him as they did have Sasuke they even had Hello Kitty. I would if I were the owner of this app add more characters as they are a very talented person as to make these sketches. Also I was expecting there to be a sketch pad on this app so I will take off one star. Then there are not many characters as I said do that is one point off do we are left with a 3 star review.
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6 months ago, JRHjakb
This game needs changes
I really really like anime so I tried this game and it was hard for me! I am usually a good drawer but this was hard I think it is definitely not easy for kids. I tried almost all of them and none off them I could do. I think there should be videos on the lessons and maybe the tutorials because I do NOT under stand some off the like passage things so it is really hard for me to draw the pictures. In the adds of the game and the in videos and pictures it looks fun but it is challenging I like that it just gets really frustrating.
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3 years ago, Ilovedeku236
Sorry don’t mind name-
Hi if you clicked this thanks you! Also sorry about my name- hehe kk so anyways j like this game but then it’s to hard for me since I’m a kid I like watching videos to draw characters so yea but could you please add some more characters like the my hero academia characters thank you if you add it :). Ok if you got this far from reading this thank you! Ok so have a nice day and I guess bye! 😀😄
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2 years ago, whystupidapp
its ok
I love it but i wish it was more video the reading and all that can be confusing other than that i also wish there was a hand tutorial i wanted to do two but in one i couldn’t do the arms but other than that it was fine and in the other it was too confusing without videos thats really all i have to say, i was being generous with the 4 stars i was going to put 3. Thats all i have to say have a good day?
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3 years ago, QuackityQuacker
Great app, Please read before downloading, though.
Okay, great app. BUT... Please add a option on the womens body tutorial so for men or younger children so they don't see the two private parts, and please make a step by step tutorial on how to draw the womens and the mens body! Great otherwise! It helps with art, and gives you a good reference. Please update! 😊:) (*´∀`*)
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3 months ago, Birth breath and death
Great! But some errors…
When I first got the app it was great for a few things, I mean it helped with my anime drawing style. But there was a very annoying bug, when ever you where going to do a lesson like eyes, hair etc, that only had one option or two, the adds would block me from opening it! Please fix this because some people need help with that stuff! And I think that this is a great app, so that would just make it even better!
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1 year ago, Justin krumpach
No at first I was drawing super Saiyan Goku when you start to draw Goku or any other drawing, it’s start soft to look a little weird but when you finish it looks perfect. All you need to do is just do a bunch of how to draw videos and then you go onto pictures and then you start with this app
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2 months ago, Never gonna tell u my name
This app is amazing 😫I absolutely adore it, and it has many many tutorials that have helped me become a WAY better artist than I was before! I am proud of my art and this app helped me get there. It may not be everyone's thing to read a bunch of things, but I still absolutely LOVE this app with all of my heart and soul. 🙏 But— I only have one request and one request only. Could you please please please PLEASE make a tutorial on how to draw hands? That is the uno thing that I struggle on, and if you could– That would be absolutely wonderful ✨😍 Thank you for your time 🤍⚡️ (๑`✪̤◡✪̤)◞ღԵհɑղƘՏღ
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2 years ago, grace pierre-louis
literally i always wanted to draw anime for Art. I learned lots of poses to make.. I never knew how to draw the BODY of the characters. Now I can make, deku, Bakugou, todoroki, and Adrien and Marinette like anime! WITH THIS AWESOME APP, 😐 my sis always says “I DONT UNDERSTAND” but if u don’t understand, u can literally justtttttttt LOOK AT THE PICTURE AND COPY IT. It’s so easy, draw eyes AND BODIES. like literally THE SKETCHES ARE AMAZINGGGG 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍 DOWNLOAD NOWWW
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3 years ago, you dotn need to know
It is amazing especially for something that’s free. Although people shouldn’t act like it is bad for the app to show boobs and detail into that if they are learning to draw. Other then that my only complaint is that the female body has tons of pages but the male body only has 2-3.
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2 years ago, Olivia Rodrigo fannnn
Just wow
I just started a new genre of drawing and it’s anime I found this app looking for some things to help me draw… that’s when I came across you!! I’m in love and this has helped me SO much I *do wish there was a little more varieties but it’s fine * tysm for makeing it!!! 1 million stars if I could
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11 months ago, Super cool dud
Developers please fix
So I was playing this game and I was shocked about how good it was. But I saw something that would make the game %100 better. If you added a done or Finnish button that will skip you to the next tutorial.
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3 years ago, xXgacha_tuberXx
This app is AMAZING I can draw way better now that I used this app I love how few adds there are most of the time there are a lot of adds in apps like these but this one doesn’t have a lot I definitely suggest this app to beginners
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2 years ago, mew/viv
Cool but with flaws
This game is amazing I love it but I thought I had to draw on Paper I just found out I don’t also it dose not have demon slayer or attack on Titan it dose not have anything I like to watch I wish it did tho 😑
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10 months ago, bdrgbrg
Good but problems
Now the app is quite good but I would suggest more characters as the options start to get very limited for example demon slayer characters or stray dogs characters and a undo button but I don’t want to make this to long so that is it ( sorry for my bad grammar)
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2 months ago, Water outfits in style
Love it but some issues…
Hello and welcome to my review! Please read this before getting the app! ADDS, ADDS SO MANY ADDS!!!! Every time I click on how to make chibi characters it doesn’t show me how to make chibi characters, it shows me—— you guessed it ADDS! So I click it again to see if it will show me how to make it now. BUT IT DOESNT!!! Otherwise it’s fine. Byeeee
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3 years ago, SHHGSHSFSHFD
I like the app , only because it shows like how can you dare and stuff like that but, the only thing that I don’t like is that we can’t pick like type of women I wanted to draw uraraka in MHA but whine she’s wearing her super suit and I tried but I don’t see her anywhere I also wanted to draw like on the app , but it only shows how can you draw it . (No rush :)
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12 months ago, M.k Makyy
I didn’t think this would work it boy am I wrong!
First of all, as a ten y.o, I struggle with drawing. Hehe! This app helped a lot but yet now that I think about it, I don’t really recognize some of the people in here. Can you please add some Sailer moon in here, or maybe some Sanrio characters? Thank you 🙏
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2 years ago, theartist22333778889910
It’s a good game but…
This game is really fun to me because it explains how to draw if and stuff but I really wish it could give me a little more help with the hand techniques it’s really getting on me because I’m really sensitive so all you have to fix is the hand technique’s
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4 years ago, Imma eat 😛
I don’t understand
This is a really good app but you know what to do but how do you know how to like draw the head how do you know how to like draw like that I like but It’s just I don’t understand a Little Bit of it Its like One Star is for it being a cool app but how do you know how to draw the head shape or the body shape ok I hope everyone understands me I’m sorry to be rude but it’s just my ⒶɴⓌsⒺʀ ɪฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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6 months ago, me me meh
Its okay
You can’t really play the game without an apple pen.. and the tutorials are really hard, are you able to fix and make them easier? Overall the games nice! And a five star review is what it needs... but not from me. Game is wonderful! And I hope the tutorials grow to be easier please! 😋👀✨😇🤩😊🔥
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3 years ago, Jimmy turrner
Thank you for being an app
I personally think that this is a great app because it has so many useful tips that I never really understood until now!
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3 years ago, InkyFoxxo
I don’t even read/watch anime and this is good.
Very good. 99/10. Like I said, I don’t even watch it or read it And this will come in handy for improving my drawing skills.
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4 years ago, jemma_4444
Love it love it love it
This is such a good app. I like the tutorials that show you how to draw other things! I just have one complaint I wish they would add My hero academia characters but other then that I love this app
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11 months ago, Kawaii Anime Girl 27
More Options
When I learned that this game was free I was so happy! But once I saw how many characters there were I wanted to cry. So Please! Put more characters ( Please add Sword Art Online I’ve been wanting to draw SAO for forever but I can’t get their eyes right! Plz add more but besides that great game.
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1 year ago, jesuishfjeiqkdndjj
I love this app so much! The steps are easy to follow (unlike my teachers writing). I really recommend this app to beginner artists and professional artists! (Don't mind my nickname)
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6 months ago, angry commenter19292828
I may only be 10 years old but my mom is a retired art teacher this app has really brought my creative side out thank you 😊
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3 years ago, [~pineapple queen~]
Good but not what I was expecting
So it helps me a lot to draw!! But I thought I could draw there but guess not but if there is any body in the world who wants to draw anime you could get this game but it won’t let you draw over it either so it’s ok o guess
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3 months ago, Amynation
So good! 😆😆😆
So when I first started, I couldn’t draw anime puppies, now I can draw anime dogs, cats, and humans! The tutorials are so helpful! I couldn’t draw hands, after taking it, I was in awe! 🫢
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4 years ago, anime-kitty101
Really good app
I love that app it helped me draw so much better. There is just one thing I wish there were mor people to draw like people form hunter x hunter etc
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4 years ago, Dog🐶GamerGirl🐶🎮
Not at all what I expected
I expected that you would actually draw. But no. All it really is is tutorials on how to draw. No actually drawing on the app whatsoever. ☹️😐 I think this is cool but, whoever made this could have put a some kind of drawing feature in😑😑😑 this was a little disappointing.😞😞😞😑😑😑
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9 months ago, Savanna|-|
So good but adds not so much
I really love the app it works very well and actully helped me but there is too many ads.
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2 years ago, Ricetownlove💅
The hands
Hands is what I struggle with the most out of all the body parts so it would be helpful if their was more context with the hands tutorial. Aside from that great app.
Show more
2 years ago, lil lilly cookie
Amazing app!
Amazing like the title said but maybe add some more features like for the tutorials maybe do a tutorial how to draw hands and maybe add more characters to besides that is an amazing app I love it
Show more
4 years ago, Adam9984
Not what I thought it was
I got the app thinking that I would be able to draw on the app but it just shows u how to draw and wants you to do it on a piece of paper you can’t draw on the app it just shows you how to draw.I thought that it would show you how right next to where you would draw it but I guess you have to do it on paper not my type of thing :c
Show more
3 years ago, disipointed123
I really like this app
This app really helps you draw and fix your mistakes by teaching you how to do proportions, hair, and alot more
Show more
3 years ago, cbow49
It’s ok I guess
There aren’t that many options. If there were more options of characters it would be cooler. I wanted to draw tons of anime but you should get more characters to choose from.
Show more
7 months ago, Miguel Her
The review
It is great and every thing it free and all but when you try to do one of the hair you see a add and it doesn’t work but over all great
Show more
3 years ago, nightfaun542268
please update the app
Can you please add a feature that people can draw because how is this helpful was just showing you how to draw it and pretty hard andSounds that people are drawing it but you were not actually able to draw and please update this app to let us to draw we would appreciate it. plz
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4 years ago, haz nut
Get it if you want to learn
All I want to say is, if you have an older iPad or phone, it might kick you out. Also, helped a lot!
Show more
4 years ago, ax-mayhem
Good, easy but there are lots of adds.
So I downloaded this app thinking it was gonna be bad, but it was great and I easy to follow, but it had a lot of adds. For example, I would hit a misclick on one of the drawings, then boom, add.
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3 years ago, c hi gucjeeeeeew
I know how to draw eyes well but know I can draw the body nose mouth ear and the eyes even better but I do wish there was a tutorial for like earrings or a mask for the character
Show more
2 years ago, jaiden munoz
Well not bad I just started and I’m still bad at drawing so 6/10
Pretty good keep making drawings apps
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11 months ago, Nickname:00
It helps but it would be better if you put some line tutorial to help people so they can learn more.
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