(How to) Pronounce

4.8 (20.8K)
11.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dawid Pietrala
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for (How to) Pronounce

4.79 out of 5
20.8K Ratings
2 years ago, Vannie Kerr, Jr
This is an, “AWESOME”, app! I use it any time there is a word I may have seen before, but, I don’t know how to pronounce it! It is great for assisting you with pronouncing the names of people, places and things! I would recommend it for download to anybody who wants pronounce words properly! It’s very simple to use, you just type the word you want to pronounce and press the “READ”, button to hear the pronunciation of that word, that’s it! It’s a very useful application to have, in my opinion, for oral communication and dictation! It may also be great to use for preparation in a spelling bee, ‘cause it will be able to pronounce any word in a dictionary, “PRECISELY”, all you need to do then, is know iwhat the word you’re spelling means, after you learn or hear how to pronounce it, that’s all! I give this app 5 stars, it’s worth having in your bag!
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1 year ago, TreyFFT
This this app is like so helpful and everything
This app is so fun it helps your kids learn and everything but if you don’t know, word, it will help you figure it out space I have tried this app for about a few weeks has helped me learn pier, I know how to do this, so y’all should do this app, and I give big heads up for the people I need this app y’all you are so good at this, so thank you for making this app
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4 years ago, Looking for rules
Very helpful
I’m a 59yr old father of 6, my wife and I recently began homeschooling our 12yr old son. Since we’re from S. Louisiana I not only have a southern draw I also have a very thick Cajun accent. During our Language and Spelling lessons I have to either call out words or dictate sentences to him. According to my son he has a hard time understanding what I’m saying, personally I think he’s just trying to get out of work 😂 After doing a little digging I found this app, thankfully this app ended our little disputes over correct pronunciation! I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking for pronunciation help!👌👌👍
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5 years ago, 🦄💍💍❤️
Not Worth It!!!!
I suggest you read this review if if you want me to help you same your time by not downloading this app. For the people who are smart enough to keep reading I will give you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get this app. 1. I was trying to learn Korean and this app wouldn’t let me hear how to pronounce the word correctly. 2. When ever I tried to change the voice it would go back to the same voice. 3. You can hardly understand the male voice in this app so you can’t really hear the letters it’s saying. 4. I does NOT do different languages only voices of how the person sounds. 5. This app is only good at doing different voices and some times it pronounces words wrong. I just gave you 5 reasons not to get this app. It really doesn’t deserve 1 star. In my opinion it deserves -5 stars and this is the first time I’ve ever said that about any app that I don’t like. This shouldn’t be an app if it doesn’t work properly. Either the person(people) that made this app fix it or take it off the App Store because this just ain’t working. You still get the app if want to, but I did warn you.
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1 year ago, ashley_kayyy
Good but less ads would be great!
It’s a great app- Free Love you can change the voice to your preference & hear it slowly if needed! I work from home and have to pronounce strange names daily & I like to do it right- but sometimes when I need to type it in I can’t because there’s an ad..
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4 years ago, Driven619
Thank you!
I was going to give up when I came across this app. Understand, names with mostly consonants no vowels are ha d to pronounce . This app is a life saver and I appreciate whomever created the t because it has a much needed. Thank you. When I call and ask for the person with the correct pronunciation, they are impressed and warm toward me.
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2 years ago, monitas con amor
Pronouncing words
Having problems pronouncing words. As a child had speech problems. This app gives me the opportunity to select words and learn how to pronounce, without the embarrassment of being corrected. This app really has enabled me to pronounce words correctly. Love ❤️ it..
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3 years ago, Km minn
How to pronounce ????
Shouldn’t the app helping to pronounce have the CORRECT pronunciation! We’ll unfortunately not always and of corse you wouldn’t know you have the wrong pronunciation unless you check multiple places, but I know the very first word I tied just to see how accurate it was and it was wrong! Completely wrong vowel sounds or the app voice is just that bad, one or the other cuz not very often can the sound of a (ee)disguise itself as an (i)
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5 years ago, taurus4lfe
I love this app because when I am struggling with the correct pronunciation of a word, it has been beneficial for me and I feel more comfortable with reading out loud without feeling overwhelmed because I am struggling with a pronunciation of certain words. Thank you for this app!
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5 years ago, scotths3791
Saves my reputation as a smart person
Pronouncing words out loud has always brought me great stress & anxiety. This app is one of the most used on my phone! Reading & reading aloud are very different animals. Thanks for making this & lowering my blood pressure!!
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7 years ago, Hshchfhebbqbqjdjfnebqjajd
Amazing! Helps so much
I need to do a British accent for a role in a play, and this app allows me to save each one of my lines and hear them in a British accent easily, I can even hear them slowly! Definitely buying full version tomorrow just to support the developers
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11 months ago, Xyz. Abc
The Greatest!
Have never been able to “sound out” words, finally I can learn how to say words. This is just the greatest, wish I had found it years ago.
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5 years ago, knowsfrench
Poor French pronunciation
Doesn't even deserve one star. Pronunciation of many, if not most French words and phrases is very poor. In fact, it is almost laughable. I have heard correct French pronunciation since my early childhood. Do not attempt to speak French using this as your guide! Since my original very negative (deservedly so) review, you have made significant improvement to the French pronunciation component of your app. The new male speaker now knows how to correctly pronounce French! Thank you for listening...
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1 year ago, Vonnetta2
A senior with fog brain
For years I’ve been having problem in pronunciation of word and names. This app has been very helpful to me, when I was young I learned to read by remembering words by sight
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1 year ago, RNCEL82
Poor Pronunciation
Basic words in Spanish were not pronounced correctly. Especially with the vowels. This needs way more work as an app to accurately teach non-Spanish speakers how to properly annunciate the vowels/words as a whole. This app may be good for a very basic starting point for someone that has never heard Spanish but definitely will not teach the actual correct way to say anything in the future.
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3 months ago, Friend'sFan
Outstanding app
Such a great app. Clear and concise pronunciation of the language. I am using it for French. You can input complete phrases and the pronunciation is clear. Thank you for such an incredible product.
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2 years ago, Baba Dhabi
Grown up with hearing aids.
All my life with hearing aids I’ve always had problems with sounds. The Pronounce app has help me with those words by hearing the pronunciation of those words over and over. Great app.
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5 months ago, Smart girl305
Can’t live without it
Many times while studying I come across words I don’t know how to pronounce and this app makes me look smart, thank you
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2 years ago, mlsouthbay
Until now
I have really enjoyed using Pronounce. however I tried to use it today and it did not work!!!
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5 years ago, Uniqiely Moi
Bible Names and so much more!
Love the useful ease of this app. No fumbling about trying to decipher how to get correct, immediate results. Wish all apps were this user friendly and clear. Thank you for this tool.
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2 years ago, lgsduff
Helpful App
I love this app! I use it mostly to help me learn how to pronounce the usual names in the Bible. The only reason I didn’t give it that last star is because the voice is sometimes hard for me to understand.
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2 years ago, mjl 2020!!!!!
Great just one flaw
This app is a great one but I have one suggestion when I look up the word I want to know what it means too so 4 stars ⭐️ I just think that update would make me give 5 stars ⭐️ It is a good app Happy Customer
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6 years ago, cnk-5
A homeschool must!
Currently Teaching WWI. Instead of fumbling over how to pronounce foreign names (Przemysl , for example) I am able to hear them pronounced correctly and thereby teach my children the correct way pronounce them.
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6 years ago, Angieam1023
Great app
I love this app it has help me a great deal especially when I’m reading. You just put the word select what language and in seconds it does the proper pronunciation.
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4 years ago, stars&strips
Cartoon porn
I downloaded the app and was looking forward to using it. After entering one word and receding the correct pronunciation a pop up came on asking if I would like to upgrade and receive the app without ads. I responded no and just after a cartoon porn appeared. I guess if you paid for the app without ads it might have not happened. Very disappointed deleting the app.
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3 years ago, Go Beyond...,
Add value to the app
I enjoy using this app but realize it would be more effective having a few extra additions such as the definition of the word, synonyms and thesaurus. An option to use the word in a sentence. These features would add value and dimension to the application.
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5 years ago, Powderski3
Extremely disappointed
August 13, 2019: My very first use of this app was to hear “its” recommended pronunciation of the Spanish island of Ibiza. Hear for yourself the recommended pronunciation, which uses the typical “z” sound. Every other pronunciation site, however, stresses that the “z” in Ibiza is pronounced “th.” Wow. What a disappointing first impression. I hope this gets corrected, and soon. But how can we rely on other recommended pronunciations?
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12 months ago, davi1022
Great App
Great app. Has been very useful in my learning how to pronounce English and French(my new language) words properly, or at least show me how. 💯💯
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5 years ago, baby sis.
Pronouncing the right word
Each time I ask how to spell a word it be totally different from what I said, until I do not use it anymore.
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5 years ago, BobR1003
Not accurate
This app is not accurate, it just guesses how to pronounce words. If I wanted a guess, I could guess myself. It does get many simple and common words correct, but is wrong on many difficult and complex words. I know English but occasionally want to know the correct pronunciation of unfamiliar words. This app is of no help.
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6 years ago, Naaancy
As English is my second language, this pronunciation app has helped me improve my grammar and annunciation while reading and speaking. Thank you app developers!
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6 years ago, Andyjawa61717
Annoying popups
When i click 'read' a few times, A popup shows up. It wanted me to get the pro version. I don't want to get the pro version. Can you please remove the popup?
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4 years ago, abigail3456
Word pronunciation
App is great just wish it had a better clear voice.
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5 years ago, KevHue
Happy customer
This app goes beyond what I expected. Aides me with words that are hard for me to pronounce, especially when it comes to hard pronounced names.
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2 years ago, diamond jim 10000
This is a great tool
I always failed pronouncing people’s name. Now I have help, right at my fingertips. Thank you
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3 years ago, PhiriB
Educational experience
This app is simply amazing! Very helpful. I love the fact that it can even pronounce words in slow motion. That’s cool!
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4 years ago, Johnnygbassman
Fabulous app
Only recommendation I have, would like to be able to view past words.
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5 years ago, clean deal services
Perfect for those having problems reading
I love it. It works perfect for me when I’m writing proposals or reading important documents
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3 years ago, drahand
Love this app because it has definition and the word broken into symbols.
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6 years ago, mtflis
👎 Aggressive Ads (lite version)
Aggressive adverts & solicitation for paid Pro version — all within the first few minutes of use. App itself performed acceptably, albeit limited in its lite version. Note: iOS native "Speak" feature does a better job of pronunciation. Simply double-tap-highlight word then select "Speak."
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4 years ago, tj338
Simply amazing!
This app Helps so much , I also use it to help to pronounce difficult last names!
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4 years ago, Austin3994
Pronounce words
Each time I type in a word it is pronounce the correct way this is very helpful for everyone
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6 years ago, Bomb ma
This app help me with pronunciation of the word that I don’t know how to sounds up. I like this app because English is my second language.
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9 months ago, Lipstick Berry
The Pronunciation has really been a great help to me! It’s 100 all the way! It helps me with pronouncing my words correctly in the Bible!
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1 year ago, KD Kayden
It is so good
The best thing is the that adds are not long at all so you can use it more but I love it
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4 years ago, IdkDominic
Great app
When ever I need help pronouncing something I read I just enter it in and that's it a great app for people who need help when seeing unfamiliar words👍🏽
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5 years ago, Cece A
Love this app!
Allows you to save words for future use. Hard to spell words, pronunciation, definition. This is my go to dictionary.
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3 years ago, communication eng.
Very good useful and beneficial application helps me very much wherever i need it. I’m appreciate your efforts and I’m thankful for the developer my greetings
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2 months ago, bcghjjx
one of the best app for pronounciation
i request that you should introduce different accents like UK,USA, Australian which would be more helpful.
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3 years ago, Meramac
It is so very helpful I don’t know what I did before I learned about it
It is so very helpful
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