4.6 (182)
27.3 MB
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Current version
Hawaii Public Radio
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for HPR

4.58 out of 5
182 Ratings
4 years ago, Hawaiiansax fisherman
All in one place
News during the day OR classical music at anytime. Jazz or Brazilian music on Sunday evenings, it just doesn’t get better than this. It’s become my go to Sunday evening channel to listen to because it’s so fun and interesting! Local Hawaiian flavor, the disc jockey just played a bunch of little known recordings of the Hawaiian jazz saxophonist Gabe Baltazar Jr. Today is his 91 birthday. What a wonderful gesture to celebrate this momentous occasion. What other station does this? No one. If you value community radio do yourself a favor and download this app. These guys do it right.
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2 years ago, early music lover
Discrepancy between streaming and live programming
Love the app, but doesn’t always work well..Cuts out sometimes and music interrupted mid stream by station promotions. there seems to be a delay between live programming on the radio and streaming on my phone via the app, which results in missing the continuous thread of the music. Really frustrating when you’re listening in the car and then want to continue w same program on your phone while shopping, but it sounds like they have different programming on app than on the radio. However, it’s great if you simply want good music with you always...
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4 years ago, Kulunaokala
Convenient, but cuts out randomly
I listen to Morning Edition every morning. I listen on my Bluetooth headphones while I’m watching my kid and doing things around the house. I really like the convenience of having it on demand and being able to pause it. What I don’t like? At least once a day, the app boots me off, right in the middle of a segment. I need to stop what I’m doing, get my phone, re-open the app and station and find where I was in the program. It wouldn’t be so much of an issue if the app could remember/save what I was listening to last, but this is irritating and makes getting my new a lot LESS convenient. It cuts out when I’m listening live too and then I just miss out on random parts of the show 👎 please fix!
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2 years ago, Terry08642
Radio in the palm of my hand!
I mainly listen to HPR while driving so it’s nice to be able to go back and listen to an episode or musical piece that I like. Having it archived here is awesome because I can share it with friends too! Also love the listen live feature because I am not always by my radio but always have my phone with me. Thank you HPR!
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7 years ago, herrforce1
No link in Twitter share function
I survey several news sites and share pertinent stories with student and faculty social studies groups. I often share local HPR stories in these discussion groups. While this app is very functional, I noticed when I share a story on twitter, there's no URL included. The viewer cannot access the story they're being told about. I cannot get the story's URL unless I view through a browser, which defeats the purpose of having an app. Please fix this, as I appreciate HPR staff's local news work and want to continue adding their stories to our weekly briefings. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Ti leaf
Versatile, agile, intelligent news and music! What Fun
Love this app. Can't believe it took so long to fully understand the enormous benefits. I appreciate the news, commentary and opinions as well as first class interviews, music of all genres, and the something for everyone approach. The app lets you choose between stations, channels, schedules and programming at the tap of a finger. Just love it!
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5 years ago, Ljenz61
Useful, but has one major flaw
I like the concept of links to podcasts of HPR shows, as well as many other shows. However, at least once per week, when I hit the string button and wait, nothing happens. I end up having to either switch off my iPhone completely and switch it back on, or uninstall the HPR app and then reinstall. So, no five-star rating for HPR! BTW, I am a sustaining member, so I listen to HPR a lot.
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7 years ago, Meditation timer
Finally I look forward to news and current events!
Great improvement. I used to listen while driving but when I quit driving I never had a radio to listen with but now it is so GREAT to go to the streaming and find topics and news that really matter to me no matter the time of day. What a gift! Thank You FROM BPHC
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3 years ago, WillMcDono
Thanks! Easy to use.
Works quickly, love the stream player always at the bottom! If I were to be critical I’d say the interface looks somewhat crowded and I would suggest dropping the HPR1/HPR2 channel selector to the bottom, just above the player.
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3 years ago, Pueo77
Works Well
The app is a great supplement to my regular listening to HPR on the radio. I also enjoy the on-demand content from stories I might have missed. There’s additional content in the app from HPR that fills in the gaps other media often misses.
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4 years ago, Ohiapo001
I Love HPR and NPR!!!
Long time listener and I Love so many of the Shows on NPR and Our Local HPR Station, must be one of the best funded and supported. I give as often as possible and have become a sustaining member recently. Thank you All for What You do. I Really Love the App and use it often.
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3 years ago, Pua from Kailua
Well organized. Easy to use
This app makes listening to HPR even more enjoyable. I can choose my favorite blogs or listen to streaming. Choices. And everything connects to my new car radio so I now get the best reception. Mahalo!
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2 years ago, SUP PJ Moore
Excellent App
Now listening from Bangkok, Thailand. My favorite Honolulu programs sound the same as when we are home. The lovely music calms me and makes me feel close to home. ❤️🙏🍀🌈😎
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2 years ago, Power-user👍
Once was great, now awful
Lately, HPR-2 has been ruined with constant short gaps in the music. Additionally the commercial interruptions that start with, “Support for streaming provided by…” now interrupt the programming frequently, sometimes two at a time. Together, these changes have ruined what once was my go-to source for local classical music. There’s no transmitter on Kauai, so it’s the app or nothing for most of us.
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7 years ago, KateInHawaii
Sunday Programs
When time, I tune in during morning program. Email and other internet linking has left little time for radio but do tune in when time. The app works well!
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4 years ago, D_Dubbs
Good app, better content
I use the HPR app daily. It works best at home but tends to randomly cut and start over when out and about. Must-have for Hawaii residents trying to stay in the loop during these times
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7 years ago, TrueDemocracy
Great way to access local programming
No complaints. Easily navigable. I like how you can pick and choose programs, rewind live streams, and search. His does not fully replace the NPR app as it doesn't have the Newscast button. Or maybe I just couldn't find it. Please add the newscast button!
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7 years ago, Uncle Fester's Imposter
Great Improvement
Someone put some thought into this. A great improvement. After almost a week both iPad and iPhone working just fine
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6 years ago, callmefeustrated
Problem with Streaming
There is a continuing problem with using the streaming function with the iPhone with earbuds. When streaming, it is impossible to return to the streaming program without the live program also running at the same time.
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7 years ago, annf10
I like it!
I've only been using this app for a couple of days but so far I've liked it. I go to HP1 for the talk programs and there always seems to be one at the time I'm looking to listen.
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7 years ago, KeaoW
great app
I love the convenience of this app! It even makes easier for me to catch up on what’s going on live. Even though I am out of the house most of the time. Accessibility of this app is great with voiceover.
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4 years ago, MoniquekGingold
Easy to use
Being on the West coast and retired, I love listening to Hawaii public radio when I’ve gotten up too late to listen to my local station. I will be joining. Thank you.
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7 years ago, WKHawaii
HPR app
Unbelievably efficient. Works well, very very well. I am so glad to be hooked up 24/7 with HPR. I can listen in the car, then when I'm out continue to listen via my cell.
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5 years ago, Sinful_Aloha
Only station I listen too
These people put live into their work and you can tell by what you get when you tune in
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6 years ago, AGM-NJ
Getting better all the time!
Not that I’ve experimented with the HPR updated app that much but of my favorite programming, I’m able to easily find the programs I prefer. And it’s great! A. Mullen
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2 years ago, Ryuichi96
I always listen to HPR when I’m driving but didn’t even think about downloading the app. No regret when I did. I’m able to listen to it Live wherever I go.
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3 years ago, Washington Kraig
Hawaii NPR so cool
Really enjoying breathe and scope of this new app. New to me anyway. Have listened for a long time. Wake up here in WA state too late for Local NPR Morning Edition sometimes and so here I am! Mahalo! Thanks...
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5 years ago, Waialaula
Great content, frequently unplayable
I’m in HPR member. I really wish the airport but about 25% of the time it is not playable. I close the app start again, turn off my iPhone and turn it on again, but it still won’t play. I called tech support and didn’t get anywhere. WiFi isn’t the problem. Instead sometimes I just go to the podcast of the programs that I’d like to hear but I end up missing the news which is important to me. Thanks for the wonderful HPR programming. Wish I could hear it. Kaneohe
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7 years ago, Swims with Sharks
So far, so good
I’m new to using the application. I listen, almost exclusively, to HPR for news and music. The app has simply made it easier to do what I already did.
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3 years ago, Happy HPR
Wonderful app!
I love HPR and finally decided to try the app. It’s convenient and allows me to listen to programs that I would normally miss.
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6 years ago, FastFonsy55
Gotta Love HPR 😍
I listen to HPR daily to keep up on current issues and events, as well as to unwind at the end of the day. Thanks so much for having such a great radio station!!!
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7 years ago, P MINZ
What happened? The wonderful classic music player (I do not care about the news) is now over filled with way too much. All that was wanted is a player to hook thru the internet, which the older versions were. The older app will not play PR2. Make just a player again. Don't care for the new icon, but that is minor. I will just listen to the ovr the air radio FM. Minz in Honolulu
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5 years ago, oddjobbob
Love HPR
After being away from Hawaii for several years (after living here for 22 years) I am glad to find a way to reconnect.
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3 years ago, Elle68*
South Kona review
Aloha, I have listened to, enjoyed and support ed HPR for many years. Our reception is not always the best in our area so I appreciate this app option which I use as needed.
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4 years ago, Hhabersh
Easy to use
Gives your everything you want in your time. Live or recorded.
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7 years ago, ckellett
new HPR app rocks!
I've been using this app since the beginning, and the current version is very good! Lots of context and I can catch up on what I missed. Mahalo piha, Hawai‘i Public Radio!
Show more
7 years ago, mquiniones27
Great app
Easy to use and gets me the interesting stories and news topics. Gets my brain going in the morning. So much value!
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6 years ago, Barefoot Leroy
Thank you!!!!
Up to the minute coverage, professional staff. Refreshing. Once again thank you!!!
Show more
6 years ago, HawaiiTeacher
Love it!
Aloha. Love the app. It’s my link to home while I’m traveling the mainland. I have an alarm set on my phone to remind me to tune in to Kanikapila Sundays. The best way to stay in touch.
Show more
11 months ago, Mowf the Cobra Driver
I love HPR but I wish the app was more friendly to use in the car
I love HPR but I wish the app was more friendly to use in the car. Please improve the functionality in cars
Show more
7 years ago, 808kimio
Handy Access
This app provides convenient online access to Hawaii Public Radio.
Show more
7 years ago, Hawaiian Doc
So far so good
Day 2 of the new app and like it so far Clean design and seems intuitive Will see if like turns to love over time (yes that was a V-Day tie-in 😍)
Show more
7 years ago, Arcfjss
More than happy
Great stable app that provides programs to which I want to listen.
Show more
4 years ago, barista brian
UI/UX = Abomination [use radio instead]
I spend an hour taking screen shots and typing a THOROUGH (and fair) critique of this app. Sent to HPR. Tried to contact HPR “management” several times to find “someone” who cares enough (or wasn’t too overwhelmed by other things) to respond. Elicited one lame apology but NOTHING else—substantive or not. SAD. MAYBE, if NPR was not a non-profit and received NO public funding (close to 4 million dollars) and no grants (and other handouts) they’d act more like a BUSINESS that actually understands how to WORK for dollars.
Show more
7 years ago, waipunahoa
Great App, HPR
Now I can listen to the wonderful programs of HPR 1 &2 no matter where I am! So easy to flip between channels too!
Show more
7 years ago, Zepy12
Great App!
Not only enjoy the streaming, but access to local and national stories and programs. Great start. Love the new logo too!
Show more
7 years ago, Pennywisechao
Works fine
Works fine
Show more
4 years ago, ChessmasterFlex
Easy to use
I use it almost daily.
Show more
5 years ago, PatrickinGA
Live in GA and great when hear feed five (sometimes six) hours ago, and the uniquely HPR content.
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2 years ago, jamaicasnumber1
Good app
24/7 classical music live stream. It’s reliable. Good app
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