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User Reviews for HuffPost - News & Politics

4.56 out of 5
23.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Primocoach
Buggy and Frustrating
This is the first app I open to check political news every day. But it is HuffPost that make me choose it first—NOT the performance of the app. No matter the number of updates, I have given up on having a pleasant experience with this app. It is always buggy; open an article and sit and wait for it to load, then wait again to move down the page. Be carful when scrolling, because there are so many links you will find it difficult to find a place to scroll from without being taken to another page because you touched a link. Oh yeah—those respond really fast, unlike the link to the article you wanted to read. Once you have touched that link mistakenly, you are in for a real treat—waiting and waiting and waiting for it to load so you can hit the “back” button and wait some more. More often than not, the back button is so unresponsive that it takes several times to get it to work, and since it has now caught up, it takes you back to the home page of the app, where you get to start all over! I generally end up giving up at that point and going somewhere else. Too bad, but since I really like HuffPost political news, I will stupidly try again later. Or maybe I will find another app that doesn’t frustrate me nearly every time I use it.
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5 years ago, idontwantanicknametoreview
Sheer frustration
** update 10/26 Updated app today- links don’t appear to be sensitive anymore. Thanks for the fix. Back to 5 stars unless change happens This is pretty ridiculous at this point. I understand the updates to IOS can mess with an app- but this is a completely useless app at this point. And the fact that such a large company has not fixed this is getting to the point where I’m not willing to use the app anymore. I changed my touch accommodations- adding more and more and more time to the touch duration, messing with the settings and you know what it fixed? Nothing. Literally nothing. And no other app on my phone does anything like this. Literally none. Fix the app. Honestly there just isn’t an excuse to blame the IOS and tell people to change their settings when it’s only happening to THIS app. Super disappointed. No need to copy and paste your answer to everyone else here. I don’t need your IRONICALLY unlinkable links about settings you guys keep copying and pasting. Face palm to this entire thing.
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6 years ago, survive!
Huff post
A repeating breath of fresh air in a flood of fetid, petty, self-aggrandizing sewage gushing out of our elected leaders. My fear is that we may never recover from the ongoing dismantling of decades of hard won advances in the social contract that has defined us as a people. The contrast between what Obama had finally (after a congressional blockade in his first term) been able to accomplish and the rearward rush led by an illiterate, ignorant self absorbed POTUS is almost blinding. It is a tribute to how far we have come that you can still continue to publish. Trump’s assault on the free press that has separated us from hundreds of years of world wide suppression cannot not be allowed to succeed.
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5 years ago, neverd10
Waaaay too sensitive with iOS 13
Apple is claiming that this is an app specific problem with the new iOS, so I’m posting about it here as instructed on the Apple website. It is virtually impossible to scroll through stories on the app without the slightest touch on a hyperlink causing a new window to open, be it internal links in the article text, ads, or author credits. The density of links on the page makes it very difficult to scroll through an entire story without hitting one or two of them. This was not an issue until the latest update and I’ve been using this app for years across multiple devices. Update - I’m looking at the HuffPost boilerplate response to this problem and it references a post on the Apple help site that specifically states that it’s an app specific problem, directly contradicting the huffpost position that it can be fixed by adjusting touch sensitivity settings. In fact, the post referenced makes zero mention of changing those settings and provides no instruction on how to do so.
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5 years ago, stop making me your pawn
Ruined a great app
Thanks for your latest version which stops updating periodically forcing me to delete and reinstall it. Since I keep skipping enabling useless alerts and refusing to subscribe to your “plus” service I wonder if this is blatantly deliberate to force going through the process of skipping alerts and paying for “plus” as a hostage tactic to be able to use the app without doing this over and over. Keep piling on these “bugs”, keep making news updates less frequent, continue to gut and scale back your newsroom sending the best people running for the exits and see where that all gets you in the end. Arianna, I hope Verizon paid you well for the privilege of tearing down your years of great work at HuffPost and dragging your name and reputation through the mud. I sincerely hope it was worth it ***Update***...Here’s a fun thing I figured out- the reason the app won’t refresh and update is because they apparently don’t like users having a vpn! Shut that off and..... magic! Works great! Conclusion, pinheads at Verizon or whatever cute name they came up with to buy HuffPost just wants to collect all your data and spy on your surfing habits
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5 years ago, Lmv5853
Very slanted, poorly designed
I’m a Democrat and like this organization but even to me this news source is very slanted to the left. I understand that and oftentimes look elsewhere for more non biased news. What bothers me most about the news stories presented on this app is the fact that the majority of the news articles are underlined. When I say that I mean that as you are reading an article a phrase, a name, a comment, a place is underlined. If you press on the phrase the name the comment or the place you are redirected to another page giving you more information or another news article pertaining to that particular item. As you scroll thru an article while you read it, it’s almost impossible not to click on one of these underlined areas because so much of the article is underlined. I am CONSTANTLY having to close out of the new page that opens up to get back to the original article I am trying to read. It’s a pain in the ***.
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3 years ago, RealNenny
Ya lost me
I like the app. I used to like huff post but it’s cowardly liberal trash. A wannabe voice of the people. What broke me? I just read an article about not getting involved in domestic violence. If you see a woman getting beaten by a man or even if someone is getting badly beat by a bigger mismatched opponent especially in broad daylight, get involved you cowards!!! I have permanent brain damage from this very situation. I won’t live long now. I was almost killed in front of people. And now I want vengeance. What do you do? You promote the apathetic attitude of selfish self preservation for your own self interest. You help make us a more violent nation! A hero takes risks to do the right thing. But this is who you are and this is what you have promoted. The worst thing good people can do is stand idly by when they gotta stand up. Sit down and stay down. Go “huff” chemicals. Seems about right. Or go invest in yourselves some more. It’s the only thing you really care about.
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2 months ago, Deb d1
Really poor performance
While I like reading Huffington Post news, trying to do that via this app is a nightmare. Rendering an article takes forever, so god forbid you accidentally click on a link and have to go back and start over. No app should be this slow. Also, this might be a Huff Post problem rather than an app problem, but I’m sick of find the Women’s page predominantly filled with shopping articles! Seriously? Why? One more thing: it’s not clear why, but this app stores more data on my iPad than any other app. I have the offline option turned off, and no bookmarks. The HuffPost “help” page is the worst I’ve ever seen. The very short FAQ has this question - “why should I use the app?” Seriously? I’m ready to delete it just to delete the data that goes with it.
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3 years ago, Ibanezjah
New Update For Ads Broke It
I just want to start off by saying that I had made an edit to this review saying they had fixed this and as soon as I go back into the app after emending my review and giving it 5 stars the problem came back. Here is thay review. I have been using this app as long as the app has been a thing and the latest update to make ads more intrusive has made the app straight up unusable. There have been updates that werent the best before but this has made me stop using it all together. From the fact you cant close the ads and they take up a portion of the screen the entire time your scrolling. To the fact that they make you click on articles while scrolling now when that never happened before. Usability of the app should always come before forcing ads to be shown. Always.
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5 years ago, WillemPenn
Articles are impossible to read ...
... after at least a year of updates HuffPo has yet to address the plethora of autolaunching links that make it impossible to scroll through an article without being whisked away to another article. It is not worth the hassle to backtrack four or five times per article just to read it even if it was great content. But with comparable content out there it is definitely a deal breaker. Bye-bye HuffPo. ETA - I just received an email from their app support team claiming that the problem is my "touch sensitivity settings" - as in the ones that are set to the iOS default and cause no problem in any other app and yet multiple reviews here complain the same HuffPo issue? Okay Karen, I'll be sure to change my "touch sensitivity settings" to accommodate your buggy app even if it messes with everything else I do on my iPhone because the problem surely couldn't be with your app. 🙄
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4 years ago, Quinum
I used to use the “look up” feature often while reading an article, now when I need clarification of meaning, I can no longer highlight any single words, look up, copy single words or paste single words into my MW dictionary to look it up. Now when I read the news in Huff and I don’t know the definition of a word I have to pass it up, losing understanding and context. Sometimes I look up a word that I’m familiar with already and I just want to be re-introduced to its meaning and I have not been able to do that for a long time. Strange thing though, I am only able to copy the whole article, if the protection is to discourage plagiarism and manipulation of a specific article I shouldn’t even be able to do that
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6 years ago, Cashesdad
New comment page
Your new comment page , which is not a place that offers any way to have an actual “conversation “,yet you still refer to as a “conversation “ is lousy at best . We can make a comment and “like or unlike and that’s it. We throw a pebble in the lake and then we never get to see any ripples or how far those ripples have gone. With that in mind ,who’s going to bother to even pick a stone up. Some might not even visit the lake ,which is not what your looking for. If you would only look at the,massive decrease in the number of comments per story that have continued to drop daily since Monday, perhaps you might recognize that you have created a big problem for yourselves and you have a lot of discontented readers who will no longer bother hitting that comment button. I’m one of those people who won’t bother any longer. If I could give you less than one star ,I would. Thank you
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1 year ago, glgkgl
I want to be able to read the content, but I am unable to do so. The app is so slow due to constantly loading ads with videos that I am unable to scroll either because an ad suddenly appears beneath my fingers sending me into unwanted schlock or the whole screen freezes. I find that in recent months I just exit without reading anything. Sometimes the app is so frozen I can’t even exit and must shut down the phone completely. Please fix your app With journalism taking such a beating, a bad app should not be the thing that stands in the way of truth. At this point perhaps you just need to shut down. Oh and get rid of the Russian-MAGA bots in your comments. This section is now unreadable.
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1 year ago, GrangerWebb
RIP content dark mode; text jitters & ads crash!!
It’s bad enough you folks insist on inserting videos into each and every story that have NOTHING to do with article content. The mismatches are so glaring that I’m actually embarrassed for you. But this latest “update” has killed dark mode for all article content and added an infuriating jitter to the text that renders articles unreadable! Additionally, there are now so many ads trying to load in each article that more often than not they crash the app. The glaring lack of testing and debugging before you folks unleash such a deplorable cesspool of bad programming upon your users is beyond outrageous. The new main page layout is now grossly overcrowded. I am thoroughly exasperated and don’t have time for all of these hassles. More and more, I'm just skipping HuffPost in favor of other apps.
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6 years ago, Chico21115
Permanently Deleted HuffPost App Today
I have been a loyal HuffPost app user for many years, and until recently used the app many times a day. It was one of my favorites. In recent months, however, the quality of the site has steadily declined with more and more “garbage” content, intrusive ads, and quirky site performance - especially ever slowing app openings, and a bright white flash at the start. When I went to open the app today, a horrible notice appeared asking me to give the app full access to all the data on both the device I am currently using, and all of my other devices. It appears to me that Cambridge Analytics might have closed down its business, and now has fully taken control over HuffPost. I immediately deleted the HuffPost app from all of my devices, and will NEVER go back to it. I hope that everyone else does the same.
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6 years ago, ECDan
Great app
I really enjoy the Huff Post app. Great content. Unapologetically left leaning news content, plus lifestyle and specialty topics. Also, very responsive tech support. Had a problem with the app recently where I couldn’t change the font size to adjust for ease of reading. Sent email to their tech support help , they responded right away saying that it would be corrected in their next update. Sure enough, they kept my email and followed up emailing me when the update was complete and confirming that font adjustment was re-added to their settings. Definitely a daily go-to app!
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4 years ago, Ejohnnyjohn
Minor bugs
I love this news source and read it multiple times a day. The past few months have been frustrating as it is nearly impossible to scroll in an article without accidentally clicking on a link in the article. There is seriously not a space to place your finger to scroll! So annoying constantly being redirected to other pages you accidentally selected. Another issue I have is with some of the repetitive information. It would be great if there was a way you could filter what you want to see on your “home” page. Meaning, if I’m sick of seeing article after article of Donald Trump nonsense, then I should be able to say “don’t show me this any more”.
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3 years ago, 46KJBOO
The truth !!
I read Huff all the time and when I’m really interested in a particular article I do more research .. you are almost constantly right I trust your articles.. and if there’s a problem in something you’ve written it’s immediatey corrected and that’s if and when !!! I loath what Fox opinion and like stations have become and only a very few on Fox have told the truth and we see what happens to most all of them they usually quit or are fired !!!!! Thank you for all you do please please keep up your great work !!!!!
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3 years ago, Harpo67
Huff Post Counts!!
It’s too bad you don’t have the volume of followers that Facebook does! I actually have never been on Facebook but many of my now former friends that were and remain Trump supporters get/got their “information” from Facebook posts; and until his death from Rush Limbaugh also. I turned 18 in 1971 and immediately registered for the draft and registered to vote. I wasn’t drafted but have voted in EVERY election since. I registered and remain an Independent, but the older I get, the less likely I am to vote for a Republican. Especially during and post the Trump regime and to the overall response by them on the horrible Insurrection on January 6th that they have consistently attempted to downplay and are now trying to whitewash. Your organization, along with PBS, MSNBC, CNN, and KOS are both factual and rational alternatives to Facebook and FOX! Thank you for what you do!! Harlan Marks
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5 years ago, Immisterb
Buggy slow but good info
Love the content not the app. Slow!..way way way too many touchpoints that keep taking me off the page I’m trying to scroll thru..some even take me back to the article I’m reading! I’m told that it’s a problem with the latest iOS update but I write this after the previous review from one year earlier calls out the same issues. Many of the touchpoints gave no clear reason to be there and a few don’t load. So...PLEASE Huffpost leave out the side links or put them together at the end of the articles for further reading and just allow your great info to shine over too much side stories. Great work just careless construct
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9 months ago, RatsoRizzoWA
Bugs that this app has had for 5+ years
I like the news although it has in recent years been overly biased. The app itself is horrible and you would think after 5 years of complaints that have been in these reviews and has never been addressed. Why pay for an app you can't use. If you side swipe to other articles you get stuck between pages. When you install it, it will work fine for a week after that it's beyond slow. By the developers comments that I see hear, when they do respond they never really address the main issue. They treat you like your stupid with no respect for their audience or it's functionality, otherwise this would have been fixed years ago.
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6 years ago, o p
Tired of comments section being out
I usually check the news on huffpo first, to get a feel for the “big” news. It is laid-out in an easier format than most news apps. Then if there is something newsworthy, I then consult a less “dramatic” news source. It seems as if the comments section is messed-up about every week or so. For the past two days, there is an error message when clicking on comments. The best part of HuffPo are reading the comments, because commenters are often more articulate than the article authors. Get your comments section fixed please, huffpo. It’s the best part of your site.
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3 years ago, Curlygirl96
Great content and navigation
Not only does Huff Post continually provide great content across a range of topics, but I really like the suggested articles at the bottom of every article I’ve read. I typically go “down the rabbit hole” at least once for every article I select from the front page. It doesn’t matter how far I go either, I can easily back up the string to get to a different secondary article I was interested in. I have used this app for years to stay up to date on content from across the U.S.
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5 years ago, SShaversIII
Slowly turning into a clickbait app
Political affiliation aside, I like to use multiple news apps to stay informed and get a pulse on what’s happening on both sides of the aisle. However, as of late, Huffington Post has gone from credible to almost gossip columnish. Additionally, the app itself, is irritating now. You can’t scroll through a page without ghost clicking to another page (they have links positioned to where your thumbs will automatically click them when you scroll) which leaves you having to consistently scroll back and forth to get to where you originally were. This news source was better before Arianna sold it.
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2 years ago, ds dbf
Pets and parents- love the funniest tweets.
Love HuffPost but some changes have caused some decline. I read this site several times daily so sometimes articles remain on the site a little too long, imho. I’m love the funniest pet tweets, and parent tweets, etc of the week but often they’re difficult to locate. Can they be grouped in a tab for easy access? Since the new ownership the site is inundated with ads and popups. Please consider offering for a reasonable onetime fee, as gaming apps do, the option to block them. I’m sure you would receive an overwhelming response. Thank you for your consideration of my feedback.
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4 years ago, Sir Professor of Pun
Notifications Of Blindness...
...that’s right, when Huffington huffs & puffs a post with important news in my general direction... shouldn’t it might probably just maybe actually open the app and then the article versus oh, throwing up an all white screen that even with my brightness at 50%, I am still left blinking away at an inverted image of a 5.5” rectangle now burnt into my retinas. I’ll still keep the app to read the content, but I guess I’ll have to turn off notifications if I want to stop bumping into walls after my seizure by strobe light.
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4 years ago, jh222222
Can’t do it anymore.
I consider myself a center left person and used to enjoy getting news from all sides but huffpost has become a joke with click bate stories and professional victims. I get you are left leaning but you take it too far and only cover one side of the story which is part of the reason society is so divided right now. Also any story that makes the left look bad is either completely ignored or if it is to big to ignore the story is buried or only up for a while. Everything left is not always good and everything right is not always bad. We are a representative democracy and sometime I think this site either forgets that wishes we weren’t. Journalism is in a sad state in this country and huffpost is one of the worst. Do better.
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3 weeks ago, G.O.A.T. #9
I don’t read the opinion sections for obvious reasons. I prefer facts. I’ve only ever had to submit a request once to let the writer know they messed up a little bit. It was instantly corrected. I stick to politics and world news. On rare occasions I’ll read about crime. In any case, since y’all went online, I wake up to you. Then it’s NPR for the rest of the day. I share both often on Facebook. Keep up the great work! John
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5 years ago, Ace7529
Ad/Video auto play either needs to stop or have a toggle
If I wanted to watch the video accompanying the article I would click on it. Very annoying to constantly be interrupted while reading an article by a FULL SCREEN video ad for the news clip I didn’t want to watch in the first place. To the developer: there is no way to “take a picture” of your app auto playing the videos at the bottom of each of the articles. I will start reading an article and the video takes over the entire screen with a full sized ad that plays before the video I didn’t tap on to play. You videos are auto playing without prompting from the user. It’s annoyingly distracting. I want to love your app but the auto play renders the app useless.
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5 years ago, ChineyJo
Glitchy and frustrating
I’ve used this app daily for as long as I can remember but in the last few weeks, perhaps since the iOS 13 update I’ve noticed that I can’t scroll through an article without all the hyperlinks opening from the slightest touch. It makes for a frustrating reading experience and I’ve found myself defaulting to other news apps now until it’s resolved. Update: the latest iOS 13 update seems to have resolved the issue and the hyperlinks are no longer opening at the slightest touch. Whew.
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2 years ago, DrSkillet
Slow and buggy
This app used to work pretty well. In the past several months it’s slowed to a crawl. Scrolling through articles is difficult when you have to wait for it to cache the data, and sometimes they never fully load. I’ve found problems with both the phone and iPad app. It seems better to just go to the site on a browser. I like the content even though it’s a bit biased. The issue at this point is with performance. Whether that means they need to completely rework the app, or drop a couple ads, I don’t know, it I’m gonna stop using it if it doesn’t improve.
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2 years ago, mMmyummy87
The app is buggy and terrible. Nothing works as it should (yes I updated and yes I tried multiple times). And while not the app specifically, HuffPo has been nothing but garbage for years, if not decades. They seem to have a different understanding of the 1st amendment, and showcase it regularly by claiming someone else said something bad, while constantly using quotations around the words “free speech” which only tells me they think free speech doesn’t exist, and then if anyone says anything they don’t like, “free speech” doesn’t exist. Don’t download the app (it rarely works properly) and, if you do, make sure you know the definitions of very common word because HuffPo has a problem understanding.
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2 years ago, reddheadgirl
Too slow
I really like the news here and the opinion pieces written by ordinary people. But what is going on with the app itself. It has gotten to be THE worst for seamless reading. It stalls regularly. Takes forever to load stories and then just trying to finish a story is almost impossible. This used to be a seamless app. I don’t know happened. I have deleted and redown loaded it several times. Nothing seems to help. One more time for old times sake and then I am moving on. Why read old news that is supposed to be current news due to app bugs. SMH
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5 months ago, Naive Anger
Too many intrusive ads
Well, all I want is to browse through some light news before I go to bed, but this is no longer possible with this app. Latest update adds ads that play video with sound by themselves. The other ads automatically open websites in Safari, without even clicking on them. Dear Huffington, you just don’t have the level of leverage to make us go through this. You are one in thousands of news apps and we have plenty of choices. Deleted and will not return. Meanwhile, know that Apple News can agg multiple news agencies and sites, including Huffington, and they do that with minimal ads. You don’t need this app.
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5 years ago, tpurdue
Love the content...but...
First off let me say that I love the content on HuffPost. I’m in the app multiple times a day and it’s usually the first app I open in the morning. For some reason, the newer versions of the app make links open if you just breathe on them. There are usually dozens or more links sprinkled throughout any article and I can’t scroll through an article without accidentally clicking at least 3 of them. It’s pretty annoying and I hope can be fixed. Keep bringing solid content and I’ll keep reading and sharing!
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3 years ago, wtafname
Left leaning
I enjoy most of the articles on HuffPost but I realize that many of the articles have a left bias. I do not solely rely on HuffPost to give me an unbiased POV but I can glean enough facts to research on my own. I’m afraid that misspellings and grammatical errors appear fairly frequently in articles. I note this and will say that I don’t understand it. Are not journalists able to use spellcheck? Is it not incumbent upon journalists that the English language be used properly? If you make your living using the written word, you should be able use it properly.
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5 years ago, Jackofall54
Yup, keeps getting worse...
Used to love this app but it’s so frustrating now, I’m ready to move on. The video at the top of most stories is at best tangentially related to the story. Why is it there? The links for many of the comedy videos don’t work. What’s up with Huffpost video stories?? You still have to read the story but on top of a slideshow with music so you have to be careful opening one of these in public. They’re often about something I’d like to read but have to skip because it will be noisy. What’s the point?? And, despite asking what topics I’m interested in, the app still fills the page with gossip stories I’d rather not see. Done with it.
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3 years ago, Grami pami
I’ve always loved huffington post . I’d like a little more non partisan articles, however . Even though I love buzzfeed , it seems like it’s taken over what huffington post started out as . I have 5 different news apps I read ever morning , except Fox News , because they r not a news program, And still read yours first . I seem to always agree with what u print , but would like more different views ! Don’t know if that is possible , but at least more pros and cons !
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5 years ago, Cpt FooFoo
Comments section is the WORST out of all the news apps I’ve used. Cannot carry on a conversation, can’t even login half the time(I login with Facebook and it still just says ‘login’ at the top), can’t follow notifications to actual replies, etc, etc. Used to work just fine. For some reason, most articles will not load and timeout, and I usually have to try 6-8 times. Again, didn’t have these problems until the last few months. I’ve even changed phones, same problem, and all of my other apps are fine. This used to be one of my go-to news apps, now it’s heading for the trash can.
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3 years ago, gmshackel
Check in with Huff every day
As an omnivorous news reader, i check in daily with HP to glean a different slant on the “news of the day.” Often a more human side. If i could, however, i would give HP an A- but only because some of the authors of the personal stories need to be edited better for correct grammar usage and length of article. My opinion - not necessarily anyone else’s. I know my news info is better rounded out for the day after i’ve read HP.
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1 year ago, GreenMtnGringo
Annoying banner ads ruin the reading experience
HP is the only news app I have that forces an annoying and recurring banner ad across the top of every article. It is ruining the reading experience. I don’t see ads like this on the apps for NYT, Wapo, CNN or AP. Please find a less obtrusive way to place ads, thanks. Edit: What happened to dark mode (white text on a black background)? As of mid-January 2023, every article now opens to black text on a bright white background. This is a dealbreaker for me. Please bring back dark mode. Thanks. Edit: Uninstalling and reinstalling, as the developer suggested, did NOT fix the banner ad issue or the glaring white background issue.
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5 months ago, Betsy182
I’m only here because I’m finally sick of turning my hand slightly and having the whole app become unusable. It takes HOURS to reset from a single landscape oriented turn. I’m not kidding some headlines render as a single letter per line squished together with others displayed the same way. This issue should have been fixed years ago and yet it persists. I have now resorted to other apps that have better formatting but I prefer HuffPost. Please fix this!!
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6 years ago, Chester Ben
The calm and fury’s time
I was glued to my TV most of them are the day. (You can do that when you are retired.) I would not want is my name dragged through the mud as that! Instead of asking important questions such as “how do you feel about Row vs Wade", they are asking him questions about his trip habits and what happened 36 years ago. Who cares? And what does it matter anyway? I ended up screaming at the TV or whomever was present. I wanted to know positions and how he felt about issues. I will have to say that the Republicans won this round and Democrats looked really sad losing.
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5 years ago, seanleemckee
ADHD (Attention Deficit HYPERLINK Disorder)
I’m using your app on the iPhone. Have been since the app came out. Never have I ever wanted to delete it until now. I’m not sure if there’s an increase in the amount of related story links in each article or if the screen sensitivity is turned up to the max setting in the app, but I can’t scroll through one article without it abruptly getting switched over to another article that was hyperlinked within it. Sometimes I can’t even scroll down to finish what I’m reading because theres constant switching to the many links in the paragraph. It’s beyond annoying.
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5 years ago, kirs10shh
Too many links makes it hard to scroll
Recently, perhaps with the latest update, I find it very hard to scroll through an article without accidentally hitting a link to another article. There are so many links that I have to stop reading and strategically determine where to place my thumb to scroll so that I can continue with the article. Please, I know you want to link to other stories but I’ve often just exited the app bc it was to annoying when new stories opened up on accident.
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7 months ago, Old and slow
What’s up with the latest app release?
Over the last few years, it seems like each time the app “updates” it actually takes a step back. Stability has long been an issue with frequent crashing, freezing and glitching. Now you can no longer swipe to the next story or section. It’s a little thing, but so annoying. From a content standpoint, everything seems like it’s either pulled from a newswire, AI generated (complete with typos) or paid/marketing content. Feels like an aggregator site vs an actual news outlet.
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2 years ago, Maddenbowler0632
Good app but can’t get notifications
The app overall is generally good and I have no problems with it. Good left leaning content and articles. However, I never get any push notifications from it. Notifications are turned on in the app settings and my iPhone settings and yet I still don’t get anything. I never had this problem on my iPhone 8 but when I got my iPhone 13, that’s when the problems started. I’m hoping that this problem can be fixed soon.
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2 weeks ago, Bethbug204715494
Neurodivergent Nightmare!!!!
This app should come with a trigger warning. It randomly pays videos in articles even though the sound is muted and your ringer is off. HP still overrides your preferred settings and has scared me into paralytic cataplexy multiple times now. (Narcolepsy but paralytic) I had also picked up my phone to pursue an article quickly prior to a conference call and forgot to lock it when finished. Lo and behold, it’s blaring the ad again… Except I’m on the phone with some high dollar clients. Luckily, it was face to face zoom but really? That’s embarrassing and HP should be mortified they even allow such trash development. (Coming from development)
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5 years ago, !!.Robby.!!
Story Hyperlinks Causing Issues
I’ve read a couple other reviews and the developer responses to this issue. Being a developer myself, this is not an iOS issue. This is an issue with the app itself. And telling users to adjust something on their end to make it work better is kind of ridiculous and down right lazy. Please do some better testing and fix the story hyperlink issue that so many people are reporting. Other apps work just fine. How come HuffPo can’t seem to make it work? Either really fix the issue, or find better developers who can actually fix it.
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2 years ago, Dreadmenaught
App Store screenshots should show front page ads
I used to use screenshots and screencasts of this app in my college courses to illustrate effective use of online media apps. I don’t do this anymore because I can’t get rid of the banner ad toggled below the masthead on the front page. I assume they crunched the numbers and found that the revenue from the ad placement would outweigh the loss in app use, but count me among those who will no longer use the app because of the new front-page above-the-fold banner ads.
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