Human-to-Cat Translator

4.3 (8.2K)
32.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Electric French Fries
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
16.4 or later
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User Reviews for Human-to-Cat Translator

4.31 out of 5
8.2K Ratings
4 years ago, llama llama llamas!!!!!!
Awesome, unbelievable!!!
At first, I didn’t think this was going to work. At first, I would click on the app and it would let me in for a moment. Then it would kick me out. I tried several times. I was about to delete the app. But I didn’t. So I left it alone for about like, 15 minutes. Then I tried again. It worked! And I said a lot of things to my car. It was pretty annoying. My cat got mad because of the noise. I thought it wasn’t speaking cat. Also, I don’t believe that things like this are real. But then I said her name. And she stop hiding. I said it again. And again. Several times until she came to me. It might have not been her name, but she liked it. I liked seeing her happy. Because she is never happy. So, thank you developer’s for making this app. It might have been a little crushing at first. And annoying. But finally, it turned out nice. But the only thing that is wrong with it, is it kicked me out. So if you could please fix that. But again, thank you for a nice time. And thank you for reading this review. I hope it helps you with what to expect. Again, thank you!❤️
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3 years ago, jndkdieks
Are cats didn’t respond trying to trick them but I didn’t respond it didn’t even work I don’t believe the other reviews because like they said it worked but a CAT scan even respond I still love the 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 but next time I didn’t even like it the game was really good I love it even now I don’t love it as much I still love it but I’m sorry to say this but somethings are some games or not like him that’s good when you make them but I feel like the games make a really good filter that you can’t stand anybody I’m sorry to say that this game is not really good but like I don’t like it it’s not good it’s good at same time not that one I don’t know if I am play the other one that you made I like if you need Snapchat that’s fine but like I don’t like that can you send that to people and I don’t like that because my parents said I can’t only when I’m a little bit older so I’m so sorry to say this😢 some games that you make or not good I don’t want to like make you angry but like I’m just telling you but like some games make me so mad when you make him but like my parents don’t let me get iPhone can’t hold it was like a man love games that’s why I can’t get some games that you mean i’m games are at So bad that’s what I’m saying to say I’m so sorry to say things I don’t want to be mean no some games make me 😢😭😢😭😢😢😢😭😢😢😭 sad😭😢😭😢
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5 years ago, Tone1212
It doesn't work 100% but still fun
So I don't know what I was expecting from this app, but my kitten still reacts to the sounds. When I say a phrase and translate it into cat noises, it changes each time, so I don't think it's actually translating what I'm saying. Other than that, the noises are fun and interesting! My kitten smells my phone and tilts her head, so she definitely reacts to the noises. The translator may not work 100%, but it's still very fun and interactive!
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4 years ago, Spice_Nose
Although none of these apps actually work and it’s impossible to translate human to animals, it can soothe your cat with other cat noises, which is why I downloaded it although some cats make it scared or aggressive if they are not used to other cats or do not like other cats. I’m not trying to be a know it all but it’s scientifically impossible for a cat to talk to a human and human to talk to a cat. Although when we speak in our own human language and we what we want them to do a few times, Then they will eventually understand what you were saying and will listen to what you’re doing unless they are stubborn cat of course 🤣 oh and if you really believe that it translates human language to cats, check the disclaimer in the description of the app. It claims that this app is for entertainment purposes and can’t really translate human-to-cat. So if that’s The reason you wanted this app then I’m sorry bout ya.
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8 years ago, Ifjghj
Missing something important
🙀One of the most classic , ,greatest & cutest that's missing is the kitten meows! Don't forget the kitten purrs especially those before mastering it, the botchy ones! Plus a lot of repeats! Could use more variety try and animal shelter if you need a source! I love the reaction cats have to kitten mews! Agreed not a true translator my kitten worriedly stated it had no clue what it just said! To her relief I said I didn't ether! Of course I was trying to translate cat to human upswing some kitty meows I can mimic perfectly and it came back with more cat meows... Maybe that's why she couldn't understand it! Also she loved the hisses and growls stating "Funny noises mommie made to other cat." No I am not scitzophrinic just telepathic! I have read that cats don't communicate with each other vocally except in special occasions mommy calling to babies, fights, breeding! So they are obviously trying to communicate with us through vocal noises since we are the only ones they vocalize to! There are some sources that says cats and dogs are telepathic!
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3 years ago, trainer779
This is super weird and some of the same noises were played over and over agin to translate different words?? That made me feel very less confident in thinking this would work but I don’t speak cat language lol the noises didn’t seem to impress my cat but she did come to me with the recorder and she started becoming playful and being a weirdo like she is I started asking her questions and like I am bored are you shake Your head for no shake your head up and down if yes but it didn’t work so I really don’t think this works but also she seems to ignore a lot of other cat noises but I started to play with her in thinking the noises under my blanket were other cats and I had stuffed animals under the blanket too but she didn’t seem believe they were actually cats because she’s wise and doesn’t fall for many things lol but yea this probably doesn’t work but I don’t speak cat language so sorry but awesome on trying to do it!
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4 years ago, Little Red2527
I don’t think the transition works
I put it up to my cats mouth and recorded her purring and it translated it and it was just A whole bunch of different cat meows to be honest I don’t think this app works for the translation maybe to get your cats attention but not for the translationAnd half the cat meows are from Minecraft the game by MojangBut I rated it two star because The first cat meow button sort of got my cats attention but to be fair she’s a kitten and she’s curious I honestly think these cat translation apps don’t work and if you are going to buy one or download one then make sure to look at the ratings and read the ratings not just the stars but the ratings after I downloaded this app I looked at the writing that the people who rated this and the app didn’t even work at first they kept closing me out didn’t work for about an hour I just think this app is a waste of time and it’s a waste of space on ur Device. It’s not a good app👎👎👎👎 ✌️⭐️
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4 years ago, bb basketball
I don’t know
I don’t know if this is real or fake most of these are fake I’m not saying it is but most likely it is one day humans will find out what animals are saying but I don’t think we need to push it because my cat I tried this on her she hissed at me and ignored me the rest of the day I recommend you do not get this app because it does not work someday like I said we will find out what cats dogs and other animals are saying but I don’t think this is real my cat was fun and games and always wanted attention but now she’s ignoring me hissing at me and I feel like I did something wrong I just wanna play with my cat I don’t want her make her mad at me the person who made this please take this app down cause it’s been a week that I have used this app and my cat hates me now I just wanna play with my cat in less than a month I go back to school half of the day and then my cat will get more mad all I wanted was to know what my cat is saying not my cat to hate me thanks for reading
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3 years ago, elkismyname
The stupidest and best app on my phone 🤣
Yeah people, of course it doesn’t REALLY translate your human words into cat language! I downloaded it as a joke thinking there was no way it could work, but my cat responds to it every time and jumps in my lap and starts purring, even in response to the scary meows. Totally worth the 99 cents for the extra 8 buttons. For elevated hysteria try pushing multiple buttons at the same time and experience a beautiful chorus of meows. But don’t drop your phone while the app is open if you’re easily startled ;) 10/10 would recommend.
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4 years ago, Melon1353336
Ok so i know its fake, i mean of course it is, but i was saying some things into the microphone and listening to the meows before i tried it out on my cats and they sounded like the meows my cats make when they are having a bath or going to the vet... and I’m pretty sure those meows are real so that means they actually are saying something, and they are probably crying “help! Stop!” And things like that because if someone is making them meow then they wont like it... and i was reading reviews and they were saying now their cat hates them so i think the meows are unhappy, or angry, and if they are saying stop it! Or go away! Or something then of course the cats would feel scared because they are getting yelled at. Again, i havent tried it out on my actual cats yet but i dont know if i want to.
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5 years ago, Carebear9582
Don’t understand
If my cat is on the table I say (Percy get off the table) and then it says it in cat. But when I say other things in it the same meow happens and I don’t even say the same word. It makes me so angry 😾. And then I go to one of my cats and I said do you want a treat? And this cat LOVES😻 food and he just sits there. Then I go to my other cat same thing She LOVES😺 food but she just sits there. And all of that makes me feel like it doesn’t Speke cat at all. Then if there is an emergency I can’t get there attention and I don’t want something to happen to them. So please make is speak real cat.
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8 years ago, tmillerrn
I don't get it
Why is there different cats to choose from at the top of they all make the same exact noises? Paid to unlock everything because I thought it would be a cute toy, and thought it would make each different cat sound different. but I am very underwhelmed. Am I missing something? Also, the reviews where people are saying they love not because they can now communicate with their, are you joking just to mess with people reading reviews.....or are you really so dumb you believe it is communicating with your cat? When the app SPECIFICALLY says it is just for fun and isn't really any special translated kitty language. Some people will believe anything. Those are the type of people who deserve to get scammed!
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4 years ago, Kbn1234567890
Sydney Kayla ( last name unknown)
At first I thought this app would work for me because non of the others did. I saw all of the reviews and they all looked positive. Plus the app has a 4.6 star rating and 7thousand people tried it. From that perspective, you would think that the app actually works, right? I downloaded it and it turns out that it is a rip off and complete garbage. It doesn’t even work. The only thing it did was make my cat scared. It’s fake and you shouldn't wast your phone memory or time on such trash. All the people who wrote those goody-good reviews probably got paid! All I know is that this app doesn’t work and it surely doesn’t entertain me to see my cat on such fright! So don’t try THIS at home kids!
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8 years ago, Not happy!! No!
My cat understood me.
This was so weird. I've played cat sounds before, I downloaded this app and spoke softly in the the recoding device. I have 3 cats, and I called out for my babygirl Bebe. She came running in to the room. This is a female cat who is also a little princess, she does not come running into a room when she is called. She ran up on to the bed and started licking me. I spoke into the app again and told her to cuddle with mommy. She nudged her head on my face and laid up at my pillow purring. My cat could definitely understand exactly what I was saying to her.
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3 years ago, 𝔸𝕤𝕙 𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔹𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕠𝕠𝕟
Pretty Decent..
So this is supposed to be a cat translator...obviously it doesn’t work only highly scientific cat translators would MAYBE work..but it is pretty nice other than that! It has a ton of cat sounds and I found out that if you press the cat meow button and pretend like your meowing, but your not saying anything, at the same time press the meow button and pretend to meow and look at your cat when your doing it, and then they might just think your meowing! That’s what mine do! Lol. Fantastic game! 😺
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2 years ago, Zitro Iak
It actually works!
Because of some of the reviews, I didn’t actually think that it would work, but it does! It’s totally worth it to download this app, and your cat will understand you! When I told my cat to play with me, she started to roll over and get playful, and when I told her that it was time for her food, she followed me around until I gave it to her! You should definitely download this. It’s 100% free!
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3 years ago, kinsley😻👧🏼🧚🏻‍♀️
I love this app my cat loves this app
I love this app because like I have a cat and it’s a boy and I always wanted to know what he was saying and his name is Genco and Janko actually did what I was translating to him and this ad is so amazing and he loves me now he’s like purring up on me and I’m so happy and I love this app I love it so much it’s the best app he didn’t kick me out at all and I’m so happy but I love this app like Matt will know what my cat will be saying now and thanks to you I love you developer🙋‍♀️👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕😊
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8 years ago, Pumpkin butt 1993690
This application comes equipped with 8, count them, 8 bEaUtiful kitty can noises. Sure, a couple of the cats sound sickly and even terrifying, but it is so worth the huge risk downloading. There are the occasional requests for a review... But over time, with enough money and effort, you may unlock up to a very generous maximum of 8 more, yes count them, 8 more cat sounds! Enjoy this perfectly crafted application with your hearts and souls good people. Please. Please download this. Please
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5 months ago, MuffinMan637
Fantastic and Fun!!
Okay so we all should know that this doesnt actually communicate with your cats, but even though it doesnt work it is still very fun to make it make cat meows because it will still attract your cats attention. Overall this app is very exquisite and fun to use. Only flaw is that you have to pay for 8 more cat sounds and 3 more voices if you want but it is at a low price of $1.99.
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6 months ago, CAPTKNOTZ92
Fun for both of my cats
One of them looked for this mysterious kitty that was meowing from my phone. Then I used the recording option to say I love you and idk if it was just the timing but my girl kitty Jesus immediately jumped up and rubbed against my hand holding the phone 🥰🥰🥰🥰 it was the cutest thing. Either way it kept us all entertained for a while. Definitely worth the download thanks!
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8 years ago, WhaleTorso
This app is amazing!
I just got a new kitten and my older cat wasn't very happy about it. They have been better but they would still hiss and growl at each other. I started playing sounds on this app and they walked up and sniffed each others noses! No hissing, no growling! When they walked away I waited a little while and started playing the noises again and they did the same thing! I love this app!!!!
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6 years ago, Some girl that likes cats
Scary Cat!
I went to play this app with my cat, pressed a few buttons used the translator, my cat was about to come to me from the dark area I was in. I'm somewhat afraid of the dark, so I wanted to hurry up and grab my cat. Then BOOM!! Spooky grey and white cat with angry cat noise scared me! So I started running away ( with my cat in my arms ) and it played again!! Because I don't like sudden noises I got into my room with my cat and since she was scared of the sound that it played, she held on to me. Basically, this game is okay, it works but please! I beg of you! Remove the scary cat from the game!!
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3 years ago, pigs and dog and cats 😻
My kitten has special needs and it WORKED
So I have a kitten and she’s been in heat like 3 times and she cries so much and it’s even worse she has special needs and I used this app since cats can’t speak English so I said little bear please stop crying and her mom got mad but my kitten got really happy and fell asleep and also stop crying I just used this today and it such a. Cute reaction. But thank u for making this♥️
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5 years ago, oofman91
Kid talking to a cat
I’m 11 And this app works great for my cat today I downloaded this app an told my cat though this app If he wants food he came to the door where the food is And it was closed so I open the door for my cat and he start gobbling because he was hungry. My other cat Lily i told her if wanted to play she came to me and play with the cat toy I was holding in my hand perfect app if you want to talk to your cat PS. I have two siamese cats
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7 years ago, plantAviana
The scary part
Umm... well i liked it before but something made me delete it which first of all when i was saying random things to my cat after that he started walking away to the closet then i started walking then i say a black cat on my screen with a scary face then my heart started thumping so can u delete it plz bc i don't like it but i kind of liked it before i deleted it 5 stars 👌👌👌😁👍
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3 years ago, fsgsuehxuhwvsvwvsu
A great game
I really like this game because it is helping me find my cats when they are hiding and helping them separate from each other when you’re fighting. At first it was tough but me and my cats made it through they started to get a little angry but then they listened. Thank you for the people that made this app and designed it. Thank you again for helping me communicate with my cats.
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4 years ago, MatthewGuski
Well, as the name implies, this app only goes “human to cat” and not, cat to human. Im still giving it 4 stars because it does do what it says, but it would be so much more useful if it could also go cat to human. Im pretty sure my cat already knows what I am saying when I talk regular human to him, so the translation might be a little helpful for him, but probably not much as he still doesn’t seem to listen or care about anything I’m saying.
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5 years ago, potato pants person
Cool I guess
My cat will pay attention to me when I use this app but I don’t think he has a clue what I’m saying. I will say into it “come” and he will sit there and start meowing at me, but of corse won’t come. But now I can’t stop shaking my phone. My sister doesn’t get the point of it because I’m always shaking my phone so the picture will come up. Anyways cool app. I will try to find something my cat understands because I know he can do it after reading some of the reviews. I will rewrite if he understands it! Also time to try it on my sassy cat. What will she think....!
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2 years ago, lread09
Cat transmitter??
At first I didn’t even think that this would work until I took my cats and tried yammers. My cats didn’t really react to it until four minutes later. I kept playing the Record transmitter. it pretty much makes my cats come when I refilled her food. Thanks for making this very useful app.
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6 years ago, Dad & Sam
Great App, our cat responded to it in a good way. We have one of the most AMAZING cats I’ve ever known. Her name is CLEO, short for CLEOPATRA, and she’s smart, loving, attentive, and very protective. She responds very well with the App. It gets her attention and looks everywhere for the cat(s) as if to help, “say high”, or to run off a troublemaker. However, if she sees us and locks in on the source of the sound, she gives us a look that kinda says, “Ha Ha, very funny. Could you be anymore immature?”😾🤪
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7 years ago, Charaeda
1 of my cats Loves this
One of my cats loves this so much, he will come from anywhere in the house meowing if he hears it. He likes one of the characters more than the others and he starts bumping my phone, licking me, and purring. Loves it so I love it too. My other cat couldn't care less, but she doesn't really care for other animals so I'm thinking that has something to do with it.
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2 years ago, PlaytimeElla
It Works!
I download this app to talk to my two cats Ginger and Luna. I didnt expect it would work especially after the warning I read after downloading. But, I went outside and tested it on Luna. I said into the translator “Do you wanna play Lunatic?” and Luna meowed and went and grabbed a toy and handed it to me! I dont know if this was just a strange coincidence but I think that it works!
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6 years ago, HppyKdz
He understood
I downloaded this app to see if it's useful, so I said in the speaker "I love you" and my cat Vlad was rubbing his head against my iPad and exposed his belly so whoever said this app was trash was stupid I know that it makes cats scared or turns them into monsters but I have 2 cats and vlad likes to have more cats (I would rate this game 999,999 stars if I could) Hears what you get 😡 🔫😍 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 34 diamonds
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3 years ago, bookwurmy
This app saved my cat
My cat somehow managed to get himself stuck in the elevator shaft of my building. The meows in this app are so realistic that not only did he answer back to them but he moved out of hiding to go find the meows so we were able to rescue him. I will always keep this app on my phone for future emergencies!
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2 years ago, bubalinanjj3
Dunno what these buttons are
I installed this, hoping it wasn’t fake like all the other ones I tried installing, but when I pressed a button, my kitten didn’t respond. And I didn’t know what the buttons meant, because they were all random silhouettes of cats doing random stuff. On the top, I saw some things that might help my kitty understand, but it was ALSO random cat names, like Whiskerz. I do not recommend this app unless you want a confusing cat translator like this one.
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5 years ago, aydanisevea
Actually Amazing!
A lot of apps I download are just Ripoffs but my cat responds with her body! It seriously works! If you get this app and you’re cat understands it you win 1 million dollars! My cat has been rolling on her back and licking all morning. Very good App! Thank you Electric French Fries! My cat literally doesn’t even get upset! She’s so nice to me. I love my cat more than ever now and I’ve always loved Cats! Have a nice day with you’re cat!
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8 years ago, Ithevulture
Great app!!!
It actually works!!! I asked all three of my cats to come through the translator, and they did. We've been so much closer now that they understand me! I have even taken it upon myself to learn more of my cat's language than the app provides. I highly recommend if you want to bond with that special furry friend of yours 😻
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8 years ago, KitySprinklz
I got the app cuz I was very curious. but my cat likes to be the center of attention, she does not like to be with other cats. so when I played one of the voices she shot her head up and kept looking up at the window then I stopped. I keeping the app tho. She kept looking for where the cat noise was coming from. So she could shoo the cat away probably.
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3 years ago, 𓆉𓆉𝚑𝚒 i͜͡s͜͡ g͜͡o͜͡o͜͡d͜͡
Hilarious but...
My cats absolutely love this app, and they go crazy for it, but there is one problem. There is only about 10 or so options, and the rest you have to buy through doing a bunch of stuff, such as buying the no ads. Other than that, I think it is hilarious watching my cats go crazy wondering where the meows are coming from.
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6 years ago, Starfeather😻
Omg so funny when you shake the phone lol I haven't tried this on my cat yet cuz I'm out of town and didn't bring cat with me but from what people are saying it works really well. I don't really like that you have to pay for other sounds though. Still it seems like a cool app! please shake your phone when using this app is so funny!!!
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8 years ago, LaBandit Blount
Love it!!
This app has plenty of cat sounds in the free version. I downloaded it to spark interest in a cat who hates me. It attracted cats from all around the house and I got lots of attention from all. However, one cat got very worked up amongst all her excitement and she not only bit me but attacked the other animals around her. Still a great app though!
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4 years ago, ( I cant put in my name ;w; )
Could it be real? 🙀👍🏻
So, when I recorded myself saying my cat Izzys name, she didn’t look at me but when It started meowing, She looked Right into my eyes! I don’t know if she heard me, but she never has done that. It’s so scary but it amazes me that this app Might actually work! I really hope it does. Could it possibly be real?
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4 years ago, jadekitty15
My cat likes it: and obeyed a command!
So I downloaded this app, having tried a different translator before and I didn’t think it would work. I tried talking to her and based on her eyes, she looked content. I said simple phrases like ‘hi, Neptune.’ Or ‘what’s up?’ And ‘Are you hungry?’. She didn’t react by answering, but when I pressed lay-down, she obeyed. I couldn’t help myself so I kept talking to her. I really like this app!
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6 years ago, R0E0
Like it doesn’t copy the beat
This app is so TERRIBLE! When I say something, it does not even do the same rhythm and I’m like “ do cats talk like that?”. Don’t even think about downloading this waste of space that is a waste of time when there is more impressive applications to use and more important things to do. This app, not even my mom can understand it. This app is WORTHLESS! IF ONE OF YOUR PARENTS IS A DEVELOPER OF THIS APP, TELL THEM TO FIX 1000 BUGS AND PROBLEMS! Don’t download this app it is sooo hard. And if you know a family member who is a developer, tell them to make sure their apps are CORRECTUMUNDO!
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2 years ago, fur1135
Love it
Wow this app doesn't exactly work as what it says it does considering us as humans do not know how to translate the language of cats I still love it because it's fun and it's a great dinner time killer especially if you have cats it's fun seeing them respond to 10 would play again
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4 years ago, dis game fun
Does not work
It does not work at all. If u record yourself saying nothing it still makes cat noises which means it is just a app that makes cat noises.. and that is why I love it so much. If someone is like talking a lot then pull up the app and start making obnoxious cat noises! 🤣 and if loves cats like me then the app should be music to your ears. 🤩😸🤩😸
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4 years ago, cattttyluvar
It actually works
Ok so I have two cats and I press the red button and say something into it for example sometimes I say “ Paws come here” My cat comes running torwards me. But one question do cats understand English??????? This app really works for all the bad reviews abt this game they are lying it’s actually a great game Ps. If my spellings of a bit I’m just a kid
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5 years ago, Packy Smith
It works so far I hope it works for all cats!
It seems to work on my cat I have 3 indoor cats and 1 outdoor and I used it on my youngest cat and it was like he understood it I told him in the recorder to come to me and he came then I told him to snuggle me and he stood on me purring as I pet him so I’m going to try it on the others this app gets a 5 star for now ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 years ago, louispin
This is great ! Ignore the other reviews !
I’ve seen A lot of reviews saying things like “they all sound the same” “my cat doesn’t understand me!!” Along with “my C.A.T.S. get what I’m saying!” All of these have a problem, this is 100% Fake and people don’t seem to understand this. This isn’t meant to actually speak cat !
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5 years ago, Care bare 17
Please read!
I just got this app because my cat has been having some behavior issues lately and it needs to stop. I thought this could possibly help. I turned it on, recorded my voice and told him STOP IT!! He immediately looked at my phone! I think he is starting to respond to this app.
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