I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App

4.7 (20)
460.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovative Investments Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for I Like Books - 37 Picture Books for Kids in 1 App

4.7 out of 5
20 Ratings
5 years ago, 👍🏽😭😂😅🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😝😋😖😭🤯
It helps us read so get the app
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13 years ago, icestoic
My 2-year old is learning to read with this app
I have been following apps by this company since they were initially doing flash cards under the "Smart Baby Apps" name. Their apps have improved tremendously since then and it is always a joy to see my son learn as he is playing with these apps. My son started on these apps about a year ago not knowing how to read. (we did, however, do some physical flash cards with him). I am proud to say that he is now able to read (if he feels like it). He is less than 30 months old. I found that the trick is to be patient and not force the app upon him. He warms up to new apps slowly. But once he gets going, he does not want to stop. I had to hide the iPad after some time so that he has some eye rest. This company produces good quality apps. If you have a toddler, I am sure he/she will benefit from it. Just take care to give your kid an eye break every once in a while.
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13 years ago, Tanna@SeattleAAC
Wish I could add my own pics :(
I love where Grasshopper Apps is going with this App! It has wonderful potential for creating interactive, adapted stories for children with special needs. I was really disappointed however, in the fact that I couldn't add my own photos, especially since the App description on the developer's website indicated that you could customize photos. I hope this will be a feature in a future (hopefully sooner rather than later) upgrade. I also wish that the interface was customizable to view one page rather than two at a time. This would be handy for increasing the page size for children with visual and motor challenges. It also makes for a much more natural reading experience when it comes to repetitive lines and children filling in the blanks of a story that starts a thought on one page and completes it on the next. Hope to see more Apps like this!
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13 years ago, Tiggerkm20
Wonderful but could be even better.
Beautiful photos. Great stories. Long books. Awesome collection. However since the books are so long, it needs a home button while the story plays so that child can quit book if he chooses. Right now you need to go through the whole book to quit. The home button doesn't always respond. I was expecting the books to be able to respond by touching each word one at a time as well. My kids would them be able to read them more independently with out the use of the read to me feature. Great stories, but not necessarily for the emergent reader which was what I was expecting.
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11 years ago, Mr Orzo
This app is fantastic! Only a few things I can think that would make it even better. One is the option to hold the iPad vertically so the books with two open pages could have larger images and text by showing only one page at once. Another potential feature would be the ability to create your own books to add to the bookshelf. Lastly, 37 is a great amount of books but I'd love if you continued to add more even if it were to cost extra for an additional set.
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13 years ago, Mom&SLP
As a parent, this app is great for my one year old. He enjoys looking at the pictures and hearing the stories read to him. I like how the words are highlighted as they are read to encourage visual and audio correspondence. As a teacher, I plan to use this for speech therapy. I think my young students with autism will really enjoy this app. There are a variety of stories to choose from. Overall, I think I can use this in many ways with my students and child. Thank you for this one!
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12 years ago, Indeelou
Reading books
I am really looking forward to using this app. with my first grade students. As beginning readers, students will benefit from the read to me version. Others that are already reading, will be able to read the print themselves. The pictures are engaging and the stories are very child friendly. I am also a grandmother and I will certainly enjoy using the app with my granddaughter.
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13 years ago, GAHoosier
Speech-language Pathologist
Huge set of themed photo books for 2- to 6-year-old children who can benefit from discussing and reading about a wide range of age appropriate topics. Easy for adults to create new text and audio specific to the child's level and interests. May have limited use for recording multiple pages in child's voice due to number of editing steps for child to sit through.
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13 years ago, قطر٢٠٠٣
Great app
My kids are 6 and 8 and non native speakers and they loved these books, even though they are very simple for the older one she enjoys showing off and any reading is good reading. The idea also is nice as it encourages love and like, even of things that they may not like such as math The pictures are also high quality and there are many books to choose from and it's free
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13 years ago, LindaSLP
Great for Speech therapy
I bought most of the books earlier, and I've used a couple for topical activities in speech therapy - they have been wonderful for working on vocabulary, likenesses and differences, opposites, etc. Having them all together will be great for searching for a particular subject - that makes them wonderful for working on themes. My students have really enjoyed them.
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13 years ago, Special Ed. Teacher
One app with so many books?!
The photographs are wonderful and bright, and the books are easy to find and flip through. The only change I would like to see is the ability to touch a specific word and have it read aloud. As a special education teacher I can't wait to use this app with my students!
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8 years ago, Sierra SLP
A terrific set of with beautiful photos and options for enjoying the books. I work with kids with severe autism and the ability to customize items is a boon. I must say that when I've attempted to rewrite completely, I've succeeded in crashing the app . . . but this may not be a concern for most users.
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12 years ago, Zann77
Great reading app
Great reading app for beginning readers. As a reading teacher and parent I highly recommend this app! The topics are appealing to children and help build background knowledge. I adore the recording feature, the kids LOVE hearing their own voice in the story and it is a wonderful way to build fluency. Totally worth the money!
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13 years ago, Carlynbeth
Customization is great!!
My husband and I worked together to rewrite some of the book for our kids with our own stories and voices. Now we are helping our kids(3 and 4) each write and record their own stories too. The customization really makes this a super app!
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13 years ago, nathansmomsherry
I love books!
This is the best app ever. The 37 books are all so engaging with the use of real photos. How awesome that you can even customize the app to fit the needs of your child by adding your own voice and dialect and text. Helpful for language building and comprehension. Thank you Grasshopper apps!
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13 years ago, Cal's iPad
Great app!
I teach homebound students and most of the students are SPD. (special education) This app holds the students attention. They may not understand the stories but they love the colors and the pictures. It would be great to see some movement in the pictures. Please keep the good work up. My students in class and in the homes love them.
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13 years ago, skarfacegc
Too big, typo in one of the books
I have installed and removed this app so many times. I want to love it, but it takes up so much space on my devices and I noticed a typographical error on one of the books, which I don't like since an app that helps with reading should have the words spelled correctly. It would be better to be able to just pick the books you like or pick 5 at a time and get to change them.
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13 years ago, KarenTD
Great apps for every age
This is an awesome app. I have a one year old and a four year old. My one year old loves to learn new objects and topics while my four year old loves to read along as the words are highlighted when the story is being read. I will defiantly tell my friends about this.
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12 years ago, For_him4
great product!!!!
I love this product because of the availability to auto play. It lets my special needs granddaughter enjoy the books on her own. I would love to see more books available.
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12 years ago, GIgi SLP
I like this app and use it almost daily. One small,but real,mirritations is that when we finish reading a book, I can't find an easy way to get back to the main menu. I hit the back arrow to go back page by page. If there is an easy way to get to the main menu, please let me know. Thanks
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13 years ago, Kmurray500
Excellent on Many Levels
As a speech pathologist I recommend this app for building vocabulary, sentence structure, and articulation skills. This app can be used at school and at home. The pictures are colorful and clear. Most importantly, the themes reflect the interests of children. I loved "I Like Sticks"....children really do love sticks! How observant of the Grasshopper Apps authors!
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13 years ago, Ncrosby
Thrilled with success!,
Thank you! What an awesome app. My son is thrilled to use the iPad to read and mommy loves watching him excel with his reading. The pictures are so vivid and no need to lug around lots of books anymore. Very affordable too. Can't go wrong.
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12 years ago, Ladyb412
Love it
I like the multiple stories and the vibrant colors. My students with physical and learning challenges love to read theses books during their therapy sessions. Developing their fine coordination skills as well as attending skills. As well as encouraging language skills.
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13 years ago, Et'smom
Another winner
This is wonderful, 37 books that aren't another group of classic fairy tales. Great for early and pre readers. My son has down syndrome, and the repetition is so helpful in giving him success in reading. Plus all apps are adaptable so we can put him right into the story. Love grasshopper apps.
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13 years ago, Dot P
Your books are great with beautiful illustrations. I wish you could make simple books for older (14-21) students with severe cognitive Challenges. They would really enjoy them if the themes were geared towards their ages but still use the simple sentences. Perhaps maybe?:) Dotp SLP
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13 years ago, Jamieb123456789
Great app!
Love that the books are together in one library. The books are great because children can be read to, or they can choose to read it themselves. The books are simple, yet teach about various themes.
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13 years ago, Geerc
I like books
I love the books. We use them for my adult daughter who has a brain injury. She is learning to read all over again. Thank you!
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13 years ago, Mapr12
I like animals
As an esl teacher I really like how you have the auditory component on all your products that helps my students develop their oral and reading vocabulary. Since it is through my department I can only get free apps so these are great. It is wonderful that things say the words and are highlighted.
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12 years ago, Nana625
Incredible App
Being able to customize makes a good app, an incredible app. It's my words, and my voice my grandchildren hear.
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12 years ago, mom2KPC
I was so excited about this app and I'm so disappointed. It wasn't cheap and it causes my ipad to crash almost everytime I try to open the app. I also spent a good deal of time rewriting one of the stories and adding my own voice for my daughter. Now it won't even open that book and causes the app to crash everytime she tries to open it. What a waste of money!
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13 years ago, Puertorra
Love it!
Love this app, my son is in the 3rd grade and have dyslexia. He is having a hard time reading at school but this app is given him something different on how to read. He love it! Thank you so much for such a great product.
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11 years ago, HilarityB
Great value, great educational capacity
Our son started to really get into this app around 2 & 3/4 years. It's great for teaching spelling and encouraging reading. Really like the value of getting so many books at once. Thanks!
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12 years ago, Not forms
This app is GREAT! My 4 year old son who has Autism loves it!
he doesn't speak much but he does read...so we sit and read and record and we love hearing his voice playback.
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13 years ago, Jonesie1418
Love it!!
My son loves this app! His favorites right now are "I like dogs" & "I like trains". We watch/listen/read those all the time. I especially love the auto play feature!!
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13 years ago, teacher 18
Love this!
Babies and toddlers are engaged by the high quality images. Pronunciation is clear for emerging speech and the highlighting text provides increasing cognitive support, information, and interest for children as they grow and develop.
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13 years ago, Autismcare
Great special Ed app
Great app for students with special needs. Pictures match text...simple stories all in one place! Well done!! One error...spelling of leaves on the main page. (spelled correctly in text). Thanks!
Show more
13 years ago, Tuany
Great apps
Realize that free book would not make money for developer, but if there is an add more custom book or exchange books with others would be great. May increase sale of the base app
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13 years ago, Stacy K.W.
My 22 month old loves it!
Both of my children (age 4 and 22 months) love this app. My daughter loves the dog book and my son loves the train book. My son's reading has improved since he started using this
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13 years ago, Kimmi jas
Love you guys!
This has made reading more interactive and allowed some of the children I work with that has Autism or Attention Deficit to be able to attend and answer questions. Great for speech therapy!
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13 years ago, 0isenough
Great to teach reading to individuals with disabilities
A six year old who has down syndrome is learning to read with this app. Please make more we love them.
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13 years ago, SLP72
Great book app!
I love the variety of books. Nice, colorful pictures that are interesting and engaging. I love how you can customize the books too. I know my early readers will enjoy this app! Thanks!
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12 years ago, Bocapaila
Great books. Grammar error in I love Mom is unacceptable. She let's go should be she lets go. Mom is letting go, allowing the child to leave. She is not going with the child, as in let us go...let's go is contraction for let us. Please correct and edit your stories.
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13 years ago, harborhouse
I Like Books
Wow, so many books in one place! No more little fingers searching for the next one. I never imagined picture support could be so vivid and appropriate.
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12 years ago, Firebird18
Amazing app for toddlers!
My 18 month old loves this app! We have purchased every age appropriate app they have. I have NEVER been disappointed. She loves and learns while having fun.
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12 years ago, Ccwombat
I like books
Love these books, my first graders love them too! Keep up the great work and for keeping kids excited about reading!
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13 years ago, Kathleen Mays
Great app!
I will be using this app for speech therapy. Great pictures and source for great language growth I can use the words in the book or build language from the pictures.
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13 years ago, Court1479
My 2 year old loves these! The voice that reads can be a bit annoying, but great books!
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13 years ago, Princess pony
Great app
This is so nice that you have all these books in one app. The pictures are great and that they are really pictures. These books can help a lot of different age children in their reading. Thanks such great apps.
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13 years ago, Holiday Shopper
The books are so varied and not just Dick and Jane style. Much more information for just a . "toddler" book. My son loves the read to me feature. He can't get enough. Fabulous app
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13 years ago, briarwood1
I Like Books
I agree with everything tiggerkm says. Beautiful photos and great topics,but a little too difficult for my special needs beginning readers. They will love listening and looking though!
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