i-Ready Connect for Students

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Curriculum Associates, LLC
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for i-Ready Connect for Students

2.32 out of 5
15.7K Ratings
1 year ago, Maya Papaya <3
Tough work
This is a great app in terms of enjoying reading, math or testing. But for the majority of people who have downloaded this app(or use it in class), hate it! I happen to be one of those people. To begin, the diagnostics are INCREDIBLY hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read! However it expects you to read 5 pages of Shakespeare and then listen to a 2 minute audio. Then once you’re done the question will be like, “how does the reader express himself when reading the word ‘tribute’?” who the heck knows that? Then the answers will be “with anger luring inside him because Juliet died” or “sadness because his heart turns into stone” or some other dumb answer. Not to mention the math! “What is the area of angle Y divided by C multiplied by the ray of a rectangle?” like make it make sense? It doesn’t even teach you that in a lesson, so you’re completely unprepared. Let’s not forget that the math lessons take 45 minutes to an hour to complete. The progress bar moves a centimeter once you just finished a 3 step word problem that took you 20 minutes to answer. I’m honestly the most angry that I failed my math and reading diagnostics. I went down by 5 in reading and 8 in math! I thought I tried my best, but I guess it’s not enough for I-Ready scores! If your kid is homeschooled or you just want to buy this app as a learning experience for your child, please spare your child, your time, and your money and don’t download this app. Sincerely, Maya.
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8 months ago, Awwwesk
Y'all are overreacting
I've read the reviews, and honestly it's surprising how much people hate I-Ready. I mean, I get it, diagnostics aren't too fun, but you people are getting way too overworked by this. First and foremost, THE DIAGNOSTIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD. It's like that for a reason so it can put everyone where they need to be, and "everyone" doesn't mean just young children, since I-Ready is an app for grades 2-8. This means that the harder problems are for the older kids to se where they're at, otherwise they'd be multiplying decimals in 8th grade! And for those arguing about lessons being too hard or taking too long, that's all on you. The reading and math lessons are given to you based on your skill set, hence why the diagnostic is mandatory in the first place, meaning there is no reason you should be constantly failing your own lessons. The same for the length of the lessons, all you have to do is actually be paying attention, since I know first hand each reading lesson only takes 5-10 minutes and math 10-15 minutes, so the only reason you're doing so bad on your lessons is because of your own laziness 😂😂. Anyways, most of the one stars are coming from people angry at I-Ready for their own district's choices, which is unrelated to the app as a whole. So to sum this up, I'd have to say that the bad reviews are coming from a biased source who just doesn't want to do their schoolwork.
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4 years ago, some kid with a point
Unfair and boring yet educational
I-ready is an educational app designed for schools and parents looking for ways to teach their students/kids online, as a student forced to do this, I want to say to parents and schools to please not make their children do this educational app. I-ready is slow and boring, the app has animated characters that do this constantly, this also ties in with my other problem. The learning is harsh and long, the average lesson takes about 30-45 minutes, doing the lesson also means doing a test based on what you learned, if you fail the test I-ready will not do anything and force you to do the lesson all over again. This did not help me learn anything other than to hate this education app. If you want an effective learning app then try Khan academy. There short yet informative videos are much more effective than I-ready’s slow and boring animations. Please consider your options and really read the reviews of I-ready and Khan academy. Thank you for taking your time to read this lengthy review on i-ready.
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3 years ago, Reveiw Writer333
Mentally exhausting
I-Ready is literally the worst. Everyone in my class hates it, and for good reason. We are assigned 45 minutes per Reading and Math per week. This very much disrupts our other homework, considering we don’t even learn anything. Ima construct an evidence based review that I learned IN REAL CLASS. Claim: I-Ready lessons need to improve. Evidence: -Lessons are very slow, and usually take 45-60 minutes to complete - if you fail a lesson, they make you redo it (up to 2x) with no changes. “HEY, THIS DIDNT WORK, LETS DO THE SAME THING AGAIN.” Pretty much the definition of insanity. -As a middle schooler, the characters are horrible. How am I supposed to learn anything half decent with characters made for kindergarteners? -Instruction is very difficult to understand. I am not a big fan of online learning sites, but at least sites like think-central (a GO-MATH brand site) has a “step-by-step” option/ show me how to get the answer, while I-Ready over here is making me bend over backwards trying to learn algebraic expressions. When we finally got to it in class, it took me only a few days to catch on. I was working on algebra expressions for 3+ weeks in I-Ready! Reasoning: This evidence clearly states that I-Ready need to improve their system. Everyone in my school dreads this task, and it is a very unpleasant experience. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. Note: I have no issues with the diagnostic. No matter what I-Ready does with that, nobody likes testing!
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4 years ago, Ljf6666
I-Ready is pretty good, but...
The characters that you meet in I-Ready are pretty well animated and I would say they teach you some I guess, but it’s pretty annoying whenever I repeat lessons. My school wants us to get 45 minutes on each of the categories and I would say that’s no problem. But the thing is if you’re anywhere above grade level, then in class you would have to learn something below and then I-Ready would go above level, and sometimes the opposite. Plus if you don’t live under a rock then you would know that no one really likes to learn anything, but some people do and I’m one of them. But whenever I’m above level the I ready lessons go pretty slow for me. They discuss about something unnecessary about the lesson, and ask dumb questions. So, I would usually just save up coins and play the games. But, when rarely something is interesting it will most likely get you back into the mood to continue. I would say I wouldn’t actually play this in my free time because I have actually better stuff to do. As soon as you finish them in school you finally get to have free time and have freedom. So my final thought about I am ready is that it’s a good game but there are better ones, and you would only do this if you’re forced to (or if you’re “ unique”.)
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9 months ago, dyrbfygt
Pure torture
So I do this in class and I hate it first of all the diagnostic cast stuff I haven’t even learned yet! And this is just the worst app ever created for learning because literally if you get like a low score on the diagnostic, you get lessons are right for you or you have to take the lesson again!? The diagnostics are so dumb because it’s extremely hard and it’s just ridiculous and plus you do that at the beginning of the year before you get any lessons so really you just came back from summer break and what if you forgot everything and now you totally failed the diagnostic! Honestly, it’s mentally exhausting. I have to do 45 minutes and two lessons for the whole week but it’s exhausting and I’m trying to improve by 15 on math diagnostic and 25 on the reading diagnostic. but I found out it is way harder than I thought because I think this app is stupid. This is the worst app ever invented. In fact, even ST math is better than this trash trash. I’d rather do ST math rather than the i-Ready diagnostic and this trash drives me crazy. I am not joking so school districts if you’re thinking about signing up for i-Ready just think twice please! and if you just think this is gonna be an educational little thing for your kids parents don’t download this app you are gonna give child/children torture take it from me. I’ve been doing i-Ready since first grade it is torture.
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1 year ago, mayaunicornst
This app annoys me so much. And it’s not even because of the fact that it is a learning app. It’s mostly because YOU CANT UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO TEACH. This app mostly just gives you a question and you have to answer it with no explanation. Also it’s very slow and it takes a while for the stupid program to realize if you got the answer right or wrong. I have been stuck of the same lesson for days because I cannot understand it and it’s not even remotely close to what I’m doing in class. It also doesn’t let you change your lesson to something you can understand easier. You just have to do the same lesson TWO times and then it changes it since it has realized you are too stupid to complete the one it’s giving you. This app makes everyone in my whole school want to pull their hair out. This app is just a pain to students and doesn’t even teach you anything. If you were to ask me “What is one thing you have learned from I-Ready?” I simply would not know how to answer you because I haven’t learned anything from here. When they actually do try to teach you the explanation is hard to understand in my opinion and I simply don’t know what to do. My rant has become quite long now and I need to go do the stupid lesson I don’t even know how to do. Goodbye and if you are not required to do lessons from this app consider yourself lucky.
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2 years ago, badxoinmaster
This is literally mentally exhausting, We have do to 45 mins in each subject reading and math, Many people in my class hate it due to your services. This is including slow loading, errors, AND most importantly once you fail, It doesnt give you any ways to figure out the problem. Most apps even give like a step by step or help figure out the problem. But this can be like tiring because First of all, You don’t know how to solve the problem, Second, No step by step/guidance, Third, Just brings the child down on their mental health. This happened to many in my class and now they hate doing I-ready. It also takes 45 mins or even more to do on one lesson. ONE. Also I-ready, If your reading this right now, You need to fix your keyboard glitch ASAP. Honestly, I currently have the keyboard glitch and when I even do I-ready after many tries there is a keyboard glitch. Where it doesn’t let you type even though you refresh many times. Many people have also gotten this and cannot do their I-ready, Which makes them get bad grades, Obviously because I-ready is graded most of the time in schools by teachers. And I-ready takes off so much of our homework time doing 45 mins a week in each subject can be a lot especially with the excessive amount of homework that is given daily.
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1 year ago, Victoriouslover101
this app is the worst
althoygh im pretty good in math and reading this app is mentally EXHAUSTING we have to do 45 MINUTES OF IT EACH WEEK and each lesson takes like 30 minutes to even complete! wanna know why? BECAUSE A QUESTION MOVES U UP THE LENGTH OF AN ANT. and then when ur finally done with the instruction u have to do the quiz! also, the math is super hard if u get a question wrong it doesnt give u any clues at all! like how do u expect us to figure this out ? at least in reading it gives u some clues! but like come on- AND THE DIAGNOSTIC JUST SERIOUSLY?!? it will make you read 5 pages about the ancient times and about how in egypt people discovered things called pyramids! like what? give us more interesting passages! and then it says “how does the author hint to the reader that the ancient egyptians declared war because someone destroyed the pyramid?” or smt like that and then the answers are like “the Egyptians declared war by building a pyramid of gold and started lighting torches” and then when that one ends up being the right answer its so confusing!! MAKE IT MAKE SENSE!! and the characters are so annoying though like- and im trying to finish my minutes and its like “cmon man what? u made a cake! lets look at how many decimal numbers or whatever can fill it! whats the angle of 16 slithers?” like what- please fix this
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3 years ago, Chloe_cosmo (my roblox user)
Great app!
If you would like your child to learn, make them spend 3 hours a day doing math, and 3 hours doing reading! It’s very effective. My child is in 1st grade and already doing long division! I hope you enjoy this horribly rated, yet amazing app! All of those kids out there who think the app is dumb, it’s because your not trying hard enough! Work hard and do your lessons. -Written by a parent that lost many brain cells last week. I i wait for a call from the doctor Peppermint I can see if I can help you call me 🤙 call me if I call or text you call me when I call you bye bye 👋 call 📞 soon 🔜 I can see what I’m going with the chat 💬 lol 😆 is what you want I love 💕 I miss her I hope 🤞 and I can do that but if we do not have it ready I will be there soon 🔜 can you talk with her about the other stuff and then I’m ready and talk with him about the other thing and then I’ll tell him what I can call him I don’t want him talk to me anymore lol lol I am so sorry I am so so sorry for the call I am sorry I just got back to call you back later I am ready to call you bye bye mama call me later bye bye mama bye bye love you bye bye mama bye bye love you bye bye mama bye bye love you. I hope you found this review very helpful, DON’T DOWNLOAD! AAAAAAAAEEEAEAEADAEEAEARAFHS8EUIHUHEGEYYIGUIDHEUIHGEHUIGIUHEGIUEHGUIGHEUGHEEKVUHEVUHIEIH H
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3 years ago, emly ana
Did you know about 98% of what I really teach or do you already teach at home it doesn’t help you and waste your time. One time I was doing a reading I ready lesson and it took me two hours because I had to retry on one of my needed to be done lessons and I couldn’t pick another one I had to do it on a Saturday because I kept on trying the whole week every Day and I only got three percent done it’s a waste of time and it brings on your great if you don’t do it sometimes I have stuff to do during the week but my principal or my teacher or already already don’t care. What if you don’t have a time then you got an F. People say it’s good and that it teaches you but it’s really just a review that does nothing for you you spend so much time on it and it’s not even fun. They say it’s a finally learning game but it’s really just torture I’ve been doing it for four years now and it’s just not fun I have to get big big grades so I can make me feel my class just because of I ready it doesn’t help and it’s a waste of time. I don’t have to do minute I have to do lessons I have to do three lessons for each category and I have to do to every day like today I spent an hour and a half doing just one lesson because I was scared I will fail the quiz for a graded I ready lesson
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4 months ago, Averagestudent;-;
Iready is trash
This is my complaint to I ready I ready is the worst curriculum I have ever seen. In 5th grade we are doing times tables which is stupid because we did that in second grade with a different curriculum. Their reading program is a amateur piece of trash because they say it’s 8th grade reading but 4th graders at our school have completed the reading program. Sometimes, I answer the question correctly but it says it’s wrong and shows me the answer as the same thing I clicked. For some people they get into a higher level, For example a jump from E to F is always exciting for someone but after a few lessons even if they pass all lessons they get brought down for absolutely no freaking reason. This piece of absolute garbage needs to work on the right difficulty of math and for each grade because someone in my class taught their 2nd grade sister what we are learning as a fifth grader. In conclusion this trash curriculum eating double decker dishwasher cheese cake pie full of chips lays x prongles snake sucking push-up monotone readers glitched negative feedback stupid school district JJ McCarthy Texas filthy beans garbage Sesame Street Mickey Mouse clubhouse haunt is stupid, straight garbage should be removed from the App Store and embarrassed for the rest of it’s existence.
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3 years ago, idk whst to put
When I do this junk I wish I can throw my computer in the sun.
This app, no junk is just so you can waste your time. You can’t learn anything from it other than how it feels to have a huge headache. You do some lesson that you learned like 2 years ago and then if you make 2 mistakes you have to do a whole 45 munite lesson that you are so happy you finished. The dumb teachers in the lesson try to act really cool by wearing some messy shirts and do some annoying smiling all the time. But they just say a bunch of math and grammar stuff which makes you want to throw your computer in the sun. The lessons are so long that your eyes start to hurt before you have done half of it. It’s just torture. I do the lesson and find out I made like 2 mistakes and I need to restart. Something so annoying is that of gives you 2 chances and of you get or wrong both times it just gives you the awnser and you can’t understand what you did wrong. The doingmostics are also really bad. They ask you questions that are way above your age so up you HAVE to end up in some really low grade. So just don’t do it people who haven’t tried. Just do the diagnostic cause of you don’t then your teacher will never not let u do it. Just do them and forget that I ready is an app.
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7 months ago, Coolkid042108
My name is Lacy. So here’s my story. I’m going to tell you why I gave this score one point off. Let’s walk down old memory lane from the 2020s shall we. A few years ago in my elementary school because Plory & YOP was in all of my reading and math lessons. I look so forward to doing them every day. Another reason why I loved it in the 2020s because if you had like six or seven, I don’t even know characters to choose from for your avatar. I literally loved it I mean we still have backgrounds in 2023, but like the 2020s were way cooler, there was a rainbow background I don’t even know what it was so cool. Meanwhile I got a few years later in 2023 everything hi shadow the way of some fun games but everything else has shadowed away and I’m so upset every day about it. That’s why I think we should make the update about this amazing old feature, and I think that’s great, if we do that. So that’s my story. I hope one day when you can finally make another update you make that was the most amazing thing that happened to me thank you all for listening.
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8 months ago, Young writer 4962
Torture at its Purest, Educators PLEASE READ
I am a student in the sixth grade who has used I-Ready for more than six year, and it is PURE TORTURE. With my lists of complaints against I-Ready, where do I even start? Teachers and educators, PLEASE read this whole thing as some of my issues with I-Ready may be just ,e or some kids. I wish that I could give this app a zero star rating if I could. 1. To start with, the I-READY DIAGNOSTICS. They are meant to be tests for seeing your level of understanding in certain aspects of your learning. A teacher can monitor these tests and see if students are rushing. Look, it’s not my fault that the questions that appear on the diagnostic do not make the slightest bit of sense. So try to understand that I may be progressing faster than normal. The diagnostic, though, the interface by itself is enough to make you go insane. First, you have to listen to someone explain all about the diagnostic and how you should not rush or cheat. Then there are explanations that you cannot skip about how to use the tools given the test. As a sixth grader with nearly straight As, I can assure you that I KNOW how to tap the answer button. I’m ending this early because I’ve got to go, but the lessons are A DIFFERENT, GRUESOME STORY.
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12 months ago, sewygirl
Don’t download!
I have something to say. Apparently.. me and my mom hate one thing, it’s like a quiz, and when you get an answer wrong it doesn’t explain the right answer. It just moves on! This is not teaching you, it’s a trash dump. AND, in 2nd grade I was doing this and it’s stupid. Some quizzes are like this. “ do this, you can use this and that and blah blah blah “ It’s annoying! Also, I was watching one of my friends doing this parrot thing, and there is no subtitle! Do you realize that not all people can hear? So some deaf people meant get it wrong by accident and it affects their grade. It’s disrespectful! You can’t learn. It’s a red moon paradise! When I do this thing like 1 or 2 years ago, it gets to the end and they stare at you like a dumb dumb. Yoop and plory are aliens. I don’t like aliens. And they have weird planets like burger planets. Make it normal for heaven’s sake! Make them live in a sci Fi world forever. Make them like a unicorn and white pony in a fairy tale. Or just make them live in Sci Fi forever. And their pet might should be might be a fairy for the fairy tale. And for Sci Fi maybe a alien made of virus. That is all. Hope you enjoyed my review. Sorry if this was long. Any way bye! -sewy, I sweet and kind and clever girl with a golden heart
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2 years ago, Flerkens
Terrible app
It’s so bad! I’ve been doing I-ready for 3 years. Nothings changed! The diagnostics are harder than or way to easy for your grade level. It’ll be like what YxM=X! Like how am I suppose to know that stuff! Or it’ll be like how do you make the shape! Once you get your results it gives you such easy lessons. I got 610 on my reading and I’m learning how to use the word DISTRACTED! Like I’m sorry what. That’s 2nd grade stuff! And in math, I have to learn about fractions! I did all of that last year, even my own teacher doesn’t like it. They wished they didn’t have to assign us this but we are “expected” to meet the 45 minute expectations every year. I-ready always gives you questions above your grade level, never ones at the beginning of you grade level. Even CAASPP testing is easier. I-ready also has that little 1 hour long video about how to not rush. First year it was fine, 2nd year can I skip it, 3rd year I’m using the restroom while it’s playing and by the time at back it’s saying “ here’s five tips” like why does it drag on forever. Even if there is a video make it shorter and have the diagnostics at my grade level at the beginning of the year, not 2 years afterwards!
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2 years ago, lukelele :)
This app is EXAUSTING!!!!
I am a 7th grader, I have currently been doing this for 6 years now. And I can tell you that EVERYONE in my school district hates doing these stupid i-Ready lessons once every week and sometimes 3! I know some people may say that they have to do like one every day, but hear me out! This app isn’t good. I have one brother and one sister. My brother struggles academically, so he has to have teacher assistance every once in a while. So ( as you could imagine) he has to have help on i-Ready sometimes. One time he had to do lessons over and over again until his teacher had to just not make him do it that week. (It could have just been the i-Ready system) but the same thing happened to me. In elementary school, we had to get an hour on i-Ready everyday and that caused some…. Uh.. problems with me. I have a busy schedule and my parents do to, so i had to do some on the weekend to make up for that week. After some consideration the school didn’t make us have to do one hour every day on i-Ready. This review may have been quite long, but I still have more to go! Now ( currently a 7th grader) I have to do one every week. Byeeeee :)
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2 months ago, Nrcjnjcrbhc
This app is the worst learning app. First of all the diagnostic takes so long to complete (especially if you don’t want to redo it). This app may seem fun and helping at first, but once you’re twenty minutes in you understand why everyone HATES doing it. You need to get thirty minutes in each subject every week (like we don’t have homework and tests to study for). I have to do four lessons to get to thirty minutes on the progress chart. The lessons are either way too easy or really hard and we haven’t even learned it yet. The lessons don’t even help you with studying for midterms or finals which are hard enough on their own, but having to take thirty minutes out of the time that I could be studying to find the area of a cube. This app shouldn’t even exist. I don’t even know how this app got more than one star. If I were to like it they would probably have to make it kind of like prodigy with the classes so the teachers could put in what we’re learning so this would actually help us. They would also need to give more information in the math subject, and not ask us if we liked the passage for the English section.
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1 year ago, gygigkhryifkthdyrikr
Bad app warning ⚠️ it’s incredibly dangerous
Omg this app is so bad yoop and plory are so creepy looking and it may even scare some children l don’t like it. And also let not forget about theDiagnostic it is so bad I hate it so much 😒it’s so boring l give it so much hate and ldk why the just can’t pull up a screen that says choose your grade you click on it and it gives you your Exact grade and gives youAppropriate lessons for your age and Can’t plory and yoop be a unicorn and a fairy?! 🧚‍♂️ something that kids will actually like. Nobody is into plory and yoop in kindergarten 😒😭 and l lk it might be important but STILL it shouldn’t be this way pls change the app and give more hate it deserves it. 😡😒👹👺🙄and it is very dangerous bc l don’t take theDiagnostic anymore. BUT it takes all your smartness. BC back then when l took it l was really smart, LIKE REALLY smart AND after l finished theDiagnostic l didn’t know ANY OF IT is was like my MEMORY WAS ERASED and so guess what? Every time we did addition ➕ and subtraction- l didn’t UNDERSTAND ANY OF IT so pls don’t download it for your kids bc they will absolutely hate it incredibly dangerous to hard and you lose all your smartness so pls do not get IT 😭😭❌😡😡🤬
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4 years ago, Jammer2zygarde
i-Ready is pointless
Honestly, i-Ready is pointless. When the teachers ask everyone to try to do 30 minutes of I-ready every two weeks, it ruins and disrupts the class work. My class is especially really behind in science because of this, and we even had to resort to considering skipping an entire unit, since we won’t ever finish our work by the end of the year. And the lessons don’t seem to ever help with anything. The instructions, especially, are extremely confusing at times, which cause scores to drop dramatically. At the teachers’ meeting, they said this program is supposed to increase students’ ability’s by 32%, yet most people say that i-ready doesn’t really help at all. No one is ever excited for it, and sometimes the whole site just shuts down, and you lose your progress. Also, if you don’t finish your diagnostic test within a given time, you lose it. And your teachers aren’t exactly happy with it. The questions on the lessons...Sometimes they don’t even give actual evidence in the text, so you just have to infer(How are you supposed to do that?). i-ready doesn’t exactly help anyone. I really wish we didn’t have to use this the entire year.
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1 year ago, jojotadioactive
5th grader’s opinion on this trash app
Honestly, in the way of quality it isn’t bad. I have been reading some other reviews saying that they have to do 45 minutes. I have to do an hour. It’s just meh. They try to be hip and trendy with stories about Gen z, and it’s like, wow remind me to go tell my mother I will become a doctor to support her wants. But uh, really repetitive and I know people who just leave it running to get the minutes. I have done that before to be honest. Cindy L Rodriguez needs a new job and i need a new school. Good thing it’s my last few weeks of Elementary school. Once I finished I-ready. Best two days of my life before my teacher forced it to reset me back to my level. GET THIS APP OFF CLEVER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE. I DONT KNOW ANYONE WHO LIKES IT AND MY OWN TEACHER DOESNT LIKE IT EITHER. I WOULD RATHER WRITE ESSAYS THAN DO I READY IT DOESNT MAKE ME READY. I ALREADY KNOW WHAT THE WORD BRILLIANT MEANS AND ITS NOT I-READY. (I’m tested out on 3 topics and late middle school in two) but like please delete this app. The people who need it like for the sake of being anonymous, Sipancakes who reads at a second grade level in fifth grade, doesn’t benefit from i ready. Thank you for listening to my Ted talk.
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3 years ago, 12241977
Unbelievable stupid app
My kid going to middle school in IL. The school provided this stupid app. Basically this app was not designed for teaching. Only marking your wrong answers. The lessons on this stupid app never ever going together with a material which was done in a class during the week. Also like I see the cartoons all the characters in cartoons was made for a lower class population, because they showing them in a jeans with a holes and pink hear, all this disgusting tattoos on a body, I feel like I am not on a math app, I am on a south of Chicago ...... where who know which kind of population.... disgusting . America going down, shame for a such great country to teach kids on app like this. The material on this lessons always or very easy , or very hard. I feel sorry what my tax-property going for a such stupid method of education, of course for a stupid teachers much more easy to give to do app work independently, than to teach normal in a class. With this kind of education we will not have Americans next generation who will be work in science. technology, medical field, computers systems. We will bring more and more oriented people and Indians from other countries.
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4 years ago, Flamin_hotCheeto
You can’t possibly like this
Such junk! I was just doing a lesson and I answered a question by dragging three numbers to create an equation. It told me I was wrong, then “corrected my mistake” by changing the equation to exactly what I just put in. When you do a whole hour lesson and it finally takes you to the quiz, I usually understand the math. But I’ve found that some quizzes are entirely different from the lesson! So I end up getting a low grade and have to redo the lesson AGAIN! So there goes another hour of my day wasted on worthless junk I’ll probably never use in my life. When you get something wrong, the characters treat you like an idiot. And I know the creators of this tried hard to make the characters “fun” and “interactive” but they’re not. They might be fun if you’re in kindergarten. But when you’re 13 years old it’s pretty ridiculous. How can you be expected to be lectured like a 5 year old when you’re learning 8th grade math? It’s literally driving me insane. My grade is dropping dramatically because of one lesson I didn’t do good on and I didn’t want to spend half my day redoing it. I’ve not met one person that liked iReady. I hope they take this app down.
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9 months ago, i’mNOTready
Nobody likes this let’s be real
I’ve hated this app since 2017. My, and many others I’ve come to known’s hatred started at a young age and has continued on throughout our adolescence. This app has caused us much stress and has been unbelievably mentally draining. I can’t remember how many nice days I’ve had RUINED by learning the fact I was about to do iReady that day or take diagnostics. I honestly don’t remember 90% of the things I’ve learned on here and I’m sure many others can say the same. That means around 45 minutes of forced iReady every week for really no reason. Me and others I know all agree that this has never actually helped us. Some lessons can take way too long, maybe 45-60 minutes. Sometimes while doing specifically math lessons, learning a new topic that we have yet to go over in class is extremely difficult to understand and is hard to pass. This on top of the long lesson span is unbelievable. I’ve had to spend weeks doing one math lesson having to redo it after failing. I had to cheat and write down the answers of the lesson in order to pass it. Ultimately this app is the bane of my existence.
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2 years ago, Mia is ur BFF
My child doll abc to make an s doll abc to make an s doll abc to make an effort to me that you can be used for your help you out for your time and energy to make it through the other side of this is why i have no words of this was so much more about the money for this one is going through my class of this is why you are going well as you can get away with it is now on your own business and my mom was not the best way you can do it ᕙ(*•̀ᗜ•́*)ᕗis to make it through this is what i do not know what I want it through this is what i was so excited ᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗᕕ(՞ᗜ՞)ᕗfor this one is better than me a a a a a a a a aa batteries in my head is so good to see him as I can see that are not to me and I have to be on your phone is so much more of my life for your time and effort into your own way too many people are so much for me and I have to do with your friends with them in your head is that you can get you out for your time and effort to make a a aa batteries in the same way about this was not the best 👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯👍💯
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4 years ago, ban i ready
Literally trash
I I’m forced to do this and am mad at this it’s slow and the noise is messed up, not as advertised, etc. I don’t know why we must do this it is more boring then anything if ever seen in school, idk why this is a educational app it’s slow and most the time you forget what it says. I’ve never seen this in online or in class school it was introduced in online but mostly useless. I can’t imagine anyone having to do this for 1 hour a day they sit in front of a screen and most the time their just talking I can go make cereal come back up then their still talking. The test we took to get our “educational grade” it doesn’t make sense I’m doing like 1,408x2,362= and I’m only in 4th. Quality is not the best, it takes 30 minutes to complete, 20 minutes of talking then 10 minutes of actually working and only the 10 minutes count for your grade and time spent on I-ready. That’s 6 of these in 1 day. I’d say it’s pointless but if my teacher sees this I want them to know my opinion on this app and all the points I have made, I’ve probably told taught you just as much as 6 I-ready. Useless and a waste of time not recommended.
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4 years ago, Annoyed a1p
Not following advertisement
The i-Ready advertisement is not very truthful on whether it is educational nor fun. I have been doing this for three years, and I am in sixth grade. First of all, who came up with the redo lesson idea? It’s not a good one. Redoing the lesson is typically saying “let’s do this all over again and see if that helps.”. In the first place, the questions only test you. They don’t teach you. If a problem is repeatedly being reported on the reviews, please fix it! The diagnostics are, I agree, dehumanizing. They PROVENLY lessen any type of the child’s needed imagination. That along with specific lessons. Please make sure the lessons are a bit more interesting. (And a bit more accurately said, considering one having a character call a bike a taxi.) I do agree, however, that the iReady is educational. Education seems to come at a cost, however. Also, we are forced to do 2 of these a week per subject. (Just math for me.) These aren’t very timely or interesting at all. We’ve all had 120-minute redos, I bet.
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3 years ago, Snow Kloss
Wow just wow this is so bad
This is this horrible. Unless you have it you have no idea, warning do not download this app it is horrible. I feel like I’ve said this is horrible 1000 times but I’m going to say it again, this is a truly horrible app. Please don’t download this unless your parents wants a smashed and broken computer or on the ground because yes that’s what it makes me want to do. Warning to schools do not use this as a curriculum unless you want students running around trying to destroy every computer in the room. Here’s a list of some issues. Issue1: logging into I-Ready is horrible unless you have clever if you do not take my advice and get him ready anyway please get clever to it will make your life easier. Issue2: The way this app determines what skill level you are at is horrible it will try to get you to the point where are you can not answer the questions correctly, it is truly aggravating. Issue3: I excelled at my diagnostic but the app still gave me lessons that were so incredible easy it was stuff that I learned in two years ago.
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2 years ago, zoey1r6i
This app is garbage it does not teach children anything it does not improve grades in school it wasted your time can you do lessons above your grade level so what you’re learning in class you’re not learning in I ready you’re learning about what’s above grade level also can cause mental health issues like depression and anxiety and when you feel the lesson you have to redo it over and over again until you get it right and it does not give you the right score you deserve and you spend about 3 to 4 hours each week per day on one I ready lesson teachers rely on this app but what they don’t understand is they’re not teaching the students the right way to solve they explained it in a harder way. I am a student and I do I ready mostly every day because the teachers assign it I’ve been working on the same lesson for about three days straight and I cant figure out how to solve it I wasn’t able to do my other homework or other tasks so please do not download this appIt’s absolutely garbage this does not help at all
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4 years ago, Tantrum42
Incredibly frustrating
With no option but at home learning right now, our school asked us to get the level assessments and work on math and reading through this app. 1-First, the app’s demonstration video has audio but then we can’t her anything else on the actual assessment test, it’s just not working no matter how many times we hit the speaker icon, (volume is up, audio allowed in this app)and I’ve tried several devices, so a parent has to be next to the student to read each of the 100 or whatever questions, we have spent over an hour on it so far and we are about 2/10 finished . 2- Second, after 5-6 questions it’s clear that the math level is way too advanced for a kindergartener, why keep going?? But you can’t skip it and leave it at that. Again, audio won’t work (iPad Pro) and you don’t work with Safari (it’s 2020, hello?) so I have to go and download a Chrome and then torture my kid for hours just for a level assessment test? Second star is only because the graphics are cute.
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2 years ago, ryry elg
Legit Exhausting 🤦🏻‍♀️
I’m a 7th grader who has been doing I-Ready for 4 years. One form of pressure is I-Ready. Legit the most exhausting learning form i’ve experienced. I’ve came back to my old school this year and for the diagnostic it was 100 questions each for math and reading. Who’s doing 200 questions in 1 day?! Every day after school I would come home exhausted and teachers give us 45 minutes of I-ready and for me they give me 1-2 hours of crying because you know kids/teens have a long day at school and this just puts more pressure and force then when I’m stuck on a few questions, try, then quit the teachers have the AUDACITY to congratulate kids whom have been working for 15-25 minutes and yell at some kids for 10 minutes (me and a few others) WHEN THE MAX IS 45 TO 60 MINUTES . I mean if you have a problem because I’M EXHAUSTED FROM THIS I-READY. Don’t expect us to come to school the next day all awake and telling you we finished I-Ready. Some people need to understand us kids/teens are human too and we have a life outside of school. smh 🤦🏻‍♀️
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2 years ago, everyone everyone
So Ever since I’ve been doing I-Ready in my class, it has been helping me achieve in my grades. I have been getting 60’s in my reading tests because I haven’t been doing I-Ready, or paying attention to I ready. Now I am getting 90’s to 100’s. Even though it makes you do it over again twice if you fail, and redo the lessons you have done the past years, but honestly if your teacher makes you get 60 minutes per week (like my school) split it up we do 15 minutes Monday to Thursday but if you want to or need to get more on Friday it’s great. I love I-Ready. And I recommend it to the little ones, also while doing I-Ready If you have trouble paying attention, it’s ok some people just like to tune in and listen you can doodle I have been getting better grades every since, REALLY RECOMMEND.
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9 months ago, MudgeyWudgeySmudgeyPANTS
I-Ready is a tedious process with inaccurate (and very exhausting) diagnostics, which make students repeat information they learned years ago if they mess up. In addition to regular school and home work, most school districts have children do 90 minutes of i-Ready each week. The lessons are hard to follow and often don’t provide any help with learning. Sometimes, they’re just a waste of time even if a student tried hard on the diagnostic. Characters open books which students read and answer questions with. In some lessons, the program will not teach the standard at all, and the student will fail. Once a student fails, they must endure the lesson all over again! It’s a very exhausting process to deal with. The site is designed to help students learn what they missed or need help on again when they were younger. This way, educators do not need to take class time to explain. However, this does more harm than good. Overall, I recommend that educators and parents avoid this program altogether.
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6 months ago, fornando tutiven
The app’s diagnostics are maybe, while yes, designed to be hard. But like THEY SHOULD BE A ONE TIME THING, cause when I have to do i-Ready I get a good score on diagnostic, do it again, AND END UP JUST GETTING A LOWER PLACE CAUSE IM NOT SUPPOSED TO LEARN IT YET, it should be a one time thing, and also, start off easy, and if they answer perfect, Continue until you get to a spot that’s like 50% bad, 50% understanding so it makes sense, not random questions, this would give higher scores and make stuff so much better and easier, and give the best lessons for you, like WHAT IF I GET ONLY 8th grade math IN 3RD GRADE, it’s long, annoying and should made like this to make it better. And also to pay Attention to the fact some lessons are super long, in math. AND IS ANNOYING cause it takes way too long, like add a understand button after the 1st section, get to the next, and repeat. THIS WOULD MAKE LIFE SO MUCH EASIER. Though at least reading lessons are ok.
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1 year ago, tiktok live
“hI, iM iN nINtH gRaDE, aNd jUsT lIKe yOu I hAd tO tAKe tHe dIAgnOsTIc.” Come on how much did y’all pay these kids? With all the school funds? Cause now I have to do Iready while eating these ORANGE crusty “empanadas” with mystery meat inside of them. No but fr. I loathe this app with a passion. U don’t learn anything. Most of the time, especially with the new reading lessons where u read an article and answer questions, you’re just doing this on auto pilot. Me and all my friends just skip the article and go straight to the guided questions, then just chose that answer that sounds most possible and positive. It’s pretty much always right. It can play in the background for an hour on its own and then you can do two lessons in 5 minutes. There are your hours, you learnt nothing. If you’re actually trying to learn you are walking away with nothing. It’s so annoying. It’s mentally exhausting and it’s draining. The diagnostics are so old-based too. You’re just guessing 60% of the questions and still passing for as long as you try to answer the other 40%.
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4 years ago, random potato dishwondkdnsla
I hate it.
Honestly I only put 5 stars just in case there are too many 1 stars and I need this app on the AppStore for my school work. It’s so boring and sometimes not even educational like sometimes it doesn’t show me what I did wrong like it doesn’t even tell me what something means. Also their voices are SO ANNOYING LIKE SHUT UP I get they’re trynna be “hip and cool” or whatever they think but anyone above 7 is probably going to think that is so annoying, like just don’t involve characters that are annoying, y’know, just let us do the work or have a “help” button that can teach us stuff we are confused about I absolutely hate I-ready but I need it on the App Store so don’t think this is a 5 stars, I think it’s a 1 star but if an app gets too much hate it gets removed and i need this app. FOR ONLY SCHOOLWORK.
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2 years ago, Wii sports prodigy
I. Hate. This. Idiotic. Program
And everybody else does too, I’m sure. Before I say anything I would like to say that I wanted to give this 0 stars, however that is not possible, for whatever reason. Alright, I’ve used I Ready for years and I can say I haven’t learned absolutely anything. Especially with the amount of time it takes, it causes me to either not do much actual homework or not finish this stupid piece of junk. The characters are absolute garbage too, like pepper Jackie and sweet t. The worst lessons have to be the ones where you get the option to annotate OH MY GOD THOSE ARE ANNOYING!! And whenever you get them, you usually get like 3 in a row. IXL is even better than this, and that’s a lot coming from someone who doesn’t like homework in general. To sum it up, please don’t fix this program! 🥺🥺 delete it. No kid deserves to do this garbage no matter how bad they are. I usually don’t write reviews, like, ever, so this means I hate this very VERY VERYYYYY much, and all other students who use this program do too.
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3 years ago, Kitttygirl362
If you want to learn something this is not the right app for that
I am currently in 5th and i-Ready is basically torture. A lot of my classmates are complaining about this. We are forced to do 4 lessons per day. If you think that is enough there’s more. The reading lessons are very fun and go by very fast for me. Unfortunately math is not that easy. It takes 30-45 minutes to complete a full lesson. On top of that there is a quiz at the end of each lesson. If you fail you HAVE to do the WHOLE LESSON OVER again. It is very stressful and time consuming. It is very hard to focus on the lesson because it is so boring. It says that it will be fun but it clearly is not. They have these really crummy characters and stupid puns that are SUPPOSED to be funny. Again this is torture and very boring. The way that they teach math is so stupid that you might as well expect to fail the quiz. I feel like i-Ready is trying to replace teachers. Students like me need to have that one-on-one time with the teacher. I feel that i-Ready does not give students the right support that they need.
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1 year ago, GlitchyGamer2010
I hate it
My school makes me do two i-Readys for each subject each week and it’s is thee worst thing ever. They don’t teach you anything and is mentally exhausting. They take FOREVER and are SO BORING. When I’m doing them I want to pick up my computer and throw across the room, then punch it in the face multiple times. I can not express my hatred for this app. The “stories” in the math I-readys are awful. The characters are cringey and seem like they were made for kindergartners. They also take forever and the animation is bad. They also take FOREVER because you answer one question then they talk for like 30 minutes and they act weird, it’s like, “Hey I want to buy this video game, let’s solve a equation to see how much it is!” First of all, who wants to do math, and the price tag is right there. I seriously do NOT recommend this app. If there are any teachers or principals reading, do NOT make your students do this, and if you are a student who doesn’t have to do these, then let me just say, you are VERY lucky. Goodbye.
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3 years ago, im a pleb
Why I-Ready is One of the Worst School Apps Ever.
As a student who has to use this app I hate it. For the Math Diagnostic its totally rigged. It gives questions that I haven’t even learned yet. And I have to do a “educated guess” even if I have not learned 0 PERCENT of that topic. Today I did the Math Diagnostic and got a really low score. But most of the questions were TOO HIGH for my level. Then Reading Diagnostic. The questions are kinda too long. It gives you a passage 2-5 pages long. Lastly, the lessons. The lessons could be helpful at times but mostly not because you have probably learned that subject already. The I-Ready lessons are too long. The worst part is if you really tried and got under 67 percent you FAIL and have to do the lesson all over again! I-Ready should change that system and show you what not to do and what to do instead of making you do it all over again. But I have to use I-Ready because in the future it’s gonna end up at my Report Card. And Goodluck for all the Students that use I-Ready!
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11 months ago, Carly 😃
seriously the worst thing created ever
I ready is probably the most exhausting, frustrating, boring, terrible, and dumbest thing I have ever seen created. I’m not saying this because its an educational app and I don’t wanna do it, I’m saying this because I seriously did not learn one thing from it. It took away time in class that I could maybe actually be learning something. And it took WAY too long to finish one lesson. You could never complete or learn anything! It got to the point where as a straight A student myself was just not trying at all on the lessons or diagnostics. Because it took all my energy and time to even complete a lesson that taught me NOTHING. And the diagnostics are RIDICULOUSLY hard. And not only do students hate this app or program, teachers hate it too! So GET RID OF IREADY. It has a rating of 2.3 stars out of 5, so it seems like ALOT of people agree with me! IREADY doesn’t even deserve a one star rating it deserves nothing at all. Get rid of this nonsense and start to actually teach students.
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4 years ago, aPenguin101
honestly pointless
my review may sound controversial due to the fact that i am a student, but hear me out, this app is completely pointless. first i would like to point out the diagnostic. a one HUNDRED question quiz with half the stuff you have not even learned yet, both english and math. and if you get a grade lower than what you should, i wonder why. next up, the lessons. these lessons are a waste of time. they teach you absolutely nothing — despite having a teacher assign the lesson their selves. these lessons are so useless and frustrating. i wonder how they bribed these people to voice the characters. next, the questions inside the videos. in the video, they give you a guide to the questions. pretty nice. but the questions after the video, they are related to nothing you learned in the video. literally, the questions don’t even make sense. they didn’t even teach you that stuff in that video. to be honest, apps such as brainly teach more than this. this app is a pathetic excuse for education. if you want to learn, head to khan academy. not this.
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4 years ago, Johnpaulx22
Why would even consider it
This app is like going to hell and back. Every time I try to do a lesson it is just so frustrating. Here’s why. The annoying animations that you have to sit through are just so long and when they actually show you something it is nothing related to the questions. And when you get a question wrong they don’t explain anything to you, so your just left confused. Sometimes when I got a question right they say that I was wrong but then they give me the answer and (don’t explain how they got the answer) it is the exact thing that I typed in. So then I get a bad grade and my teacher and parents yell at me for getting a low grade when I really got it right. Don’t even get me started on the diagnostic test. It’s 100 questions that I don’t even know and I end up getting set in a low grade level. I really think you should use a different site. It’s unlucky for me because I am forced to use it. I don’t think I will be able to get into a good high school if I am forced to keep using this site.
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4 years ago, RosetheAlicorn
IReady is not great
Teachers say it a wonderful tool and insist students so it when students ask to not do so. This app is used to torture people in hell. The animation is icky, and you’d think if they’re gonna make you stare at these characters for 40 mins a week, then they’d at least make them appealing to the eye. I doesn’t teach children anyways! It’s first off hard to take the diagnostic because it’s so dehumanizing. It’s painful and not worth effort when the outcome doesn’t allow you to learn anything new. Then we get “lessons” that are way below our grade level/standard and we know how to do them. It just repeats simple standards that’s DONT need repeating. It honestly should not be a priority to get done in schools. If schools have to use it, it should only be an option during free time, not something that takes up your whole Wednesday class. Instead, you can learn something new or ACTUALLY, properly review something during IReady class periods. Iready is terrible. The only good part is cat stacker
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4 years ago, likawu
The app is pretty broken for an “educational” app.
When I tell you this, I am really serious about this matter. The app is pretty dumb and for the past few days, I’ve already thought this app was really “fair” and “educational”. I know these people tried their best to get students to learn more knowledge, but there are some stuff here that they really need to fix. Regardless, I once got a math question right and when I submitted the answer, they told me it was wrong. I HAD to fix the answer by removing the answer then putting back in the answer I just had in the box, this was pretty stupid if you asked me. The app wasn’t as educational as I thought, rather, they never really did helped me with gaining knowledge, I was so confused. Not even the players help me with the questions. The questions are so different from khan academy, just so puzzling, and with that, my grades dropped dramatically! And honestly, there’s really no point in going into this app. If I were to go on an educational app, then khan academy would be my number one.
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1 week ago, pizzacurlz17520
"Y'all are overreacting" No we ain't, you teacher.
First off, I read the "Y'all are overreacting" review. I disagree with it because not only are the lessons confusing, long, mentally draining, but they're also under stimulating, with no real breaks. The only "break" older grades get is this weird animation, with some music or a sound effect and a ball, it only lasts like 5 seconds and i guess they think thats a break.. Also, the lessons are often under stimulating with just text most of the time and, no i don't want over stimulation, I just want A MODEL. Because, sometimes they make the lessons more complicated than they need to and its really confusing because you have to do every single step of the problem in your head, and the only way to get a model is to fail on purpose or not and THEN THEY GIVE YOU A MODEL? Like i was doing decimals and they wanted me to do something complicated all in my head and i failed the question because of so. I just want a model to begin with y'all, i don't want to fail the lesson because i need a visual of the problem... And if you're doing a quiz and need a model, you're screwed. So overall i believe the math is bad or could use some improvements. The reading is fine, because at least once in a while you get a picture to go with your text. -very mentally broken student.
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10 months ago, Adderwillow
I-ready to kill whoever made this app
Are you tired of happiness? Do you want your online experience to be significantly worse? Introducing I-ready! With characters explaining how you got the right answer whilst simultaneously failing to teach you anything, we here at I-ready will make it abundantly clear that we don’t care about or understand children. With our crappy state of the art teaching methods, we have a 99.9% success rate when it comes to teaching people to hate our app. Where the people who made this app born this stupid, or did they take lessons from me? It is truly an achievement when it comes to being so unintelligent to the point where you thought this would be a good addition to the Apple App Store. When I first took lessons from Plory and Yoop it made me want to Plory and ShOOt the computer. With the brain cell of the developers taken into account, the app still manages to be more of a disappointment than their birth. I personally do not recommend.
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9 months ago, ##love girl 👧
Love it lots
I love this app it helps me learn ahead of time and I’m amazing at this because this app is the best it teaches kids how to do math and reading and if you upgrade it it’s gonna be so amazing the characters are fun to play with they give you learning games about money and expenses and shapes and it’s amazing and people who don’t like this app maybe you should try the games on this app but if you want to try the games you gotta do the work to earn the coins to play the games and I play this app a lot because I like the games because I like the work that I get to do and I like taking the diagnostic because it helps my teacher learn where I am and what I need to learn and this helps me get through the school years thank you I ready
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3 years ago, Josey Rose
iReady is stupid and teaches you NOTHING
iReady is supposed to help kids learn, right? Wrong. All this app is is cringy jokes, annoying voices, and frustrating questions. Coming from a 4th grade student, I have to do iReady 4 times a week and the lessons are so long and I have all A’s, right? But yet, in iReady, I fail the quizzes sometimes on stuff I’ve already learned because it taught me how to do something a different way I have learned. Dont torture anymore kids in this world by making them do this frustrating, annoying, and stupid app. It’s barely up to date. I flat out hate it. I normally dont take long at all to do my assignments (20 minutes tops) but on iReady, it sometimes takes me over an hour because it doesn’t let you answer questions while the stupid, horribly animated, people are talking, trying to make kids laugh with, stupid, cringy jokes. And they sound like bots. Terribleness and torture. This is the opinion of all my friends and classmates. It teaches you NOTHING.
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