3.5 (191)
48.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
i24news SARL
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for i24NEWS

3.5 out of 5
191 Ratings
5 years ago, iTorpedo
Too similar to MSM
A nice working app. I didn’t have the same issues as some other reviewers. If you subscribe on the webpage (not the app) you get a month free trial which I’m grateful for as some of the commentary I heard after the atrocious El Paso shooting were unacceptable. An i24NEWS desk person inaccurately described what our President has said in the past about the Mexican people. They I pay careful attention to daily news and rest assured you can get the very same wrong 24 hour streaming info for free from the very slick and well made CBS app. I am so disappointed in i24NEWS, I had my hopes up they would be a cut above. The 24 hour stream features s Spanish speaking hour that had some interesting bits on South America. Sadly this news service is not for me, that’s why the 3-star rating. Well worth a try though as it might suit you.
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2 years ago, Kplan23
Jumpy, freezes & can’t force quit
The app does nothing but slow the iPhone to a crawl an eventual lock it. Perfectly useless. Deleted. Figure out a way ads can be used before the app disintegrates. Sorry to say it’s be delete contact me when it’s bed upgraded. This used to be a great app to get headlines worldwide. It had the fastest Push Notifications. Now it’s extremely frustrating to use and I no longer get Push Notifications. The barrage of ads make the app jumpy. It freezes or scrolls backwards. Ads load, pictures may load. The story may be there for a second and then vanishes. Comments take to long to load if the do. The longer you’re on the app the worse it gets until it freezes completely. You need to cut back on the ads to make the app functional. As it is they use up all the bandwidth so there’s nothing left for the articles. It’s been updated several times and seems to get worse with each update. Please fix it or remove it until it’s usable. Right now it’s complete trash.
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4 years ago, Max_Ash
Good content, but buggy app
Were it just for the content of the headlines and news I would rate this app with five stars. However, the app has a lot of bugs, which make scrolling through and reading articles sometimes very hard, or sometimes impossible, due to too many pop-ups
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1 year ago, -Zevman
App is sluggish at best Jumpy and freezing
I thought it was my phone until I read the reviews. Maybe this App is ready for a miniscule group of people that have the newest phones with cutting edge processing. Or maybe this App requires 5G. I am okay with the notifications, but the App is not worth my time freezing, waiting for the news following all the ads. Here is my comment from another reviewer. It outlined everything above but in great detail back in June!! 100% my issue. Very happy I didn't need to spend time. Again, this review made every single point--better than I could have. The App is atrocious--fire the developer--crowd source from India--do something before you lose more viewers and advertisers!
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5 years ago, redblue72
Fast Breaking
The app delivers fast breaking news. It’s not limited to Israel but also domestic headlines. You get a lot of alerts. The bad: when paying for the Live access, it comes and goes. You are locked out having to reach out and reset your password. Account is handled through Cleeng which has the worst possible customer service. They (Cleeng) can never be reached. You receive a “server is down “ message when reaching out to them. Stick with the regular I24NEWS app which is free but, stay clear of paying for the all access.
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5 months ago, CellularDoor80
Thank you
I have noticed a new feature on your app when filling out info for your profile. You must choose “Mr” or “Mrs” to complete the profile. I have enjoyed your app and news outlet for a while now. This is very recent. Thank you for reading.
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7 months ago, NewHamp18
Locked up my phone!
Don’t know if the apps been hacked or what but I expected better from start up nation! Deleted it after it lagged scrolling and then just locked up the iPhone. Updated on developer advice: uninstalled and reinstalled and it’s now working
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5 years ago, Hawk here
It’s the only news that matters. All that is happening in the Middle East has being played out time and time again though your own history. I pray that God is on your side this time and you heed His requirements that He ask of you.
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7 months ago, Outryderjl
Only the first lines are printed for any story. I want the rest of the information-but no way to read an entire article. Too frustrating. Good stories-but too little coverage
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5 months ago, rahebed
Cannot open the app
I am following i24 for the longest time. Today cannot open the app. I deleted and re installed several times. Can you do something?
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7 months ago, TexasBurntToast
Another resource
I like the app because it allows you to customize your topics. Thank you for making it available
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9 months ago, Marciazhat
Arabic only
Trying to get the app but it won’t allow English or French. Both automatically will open in Arabic. They have been hacked.
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7 months ago, BulldogThunder
My only complaint is that you play the same stuff over and over again. Most of what I’m hearing is days old.
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8 months ago, 24681234567892030405060
Bugs on the app
I’ve been trying for days to get the app to load in English but it sends me back to the language selection section each time. I wouldn’t download this app until it gets the bugs fixed as fast as possible. I’m uninstalling the app and I’ll reinstall it once the bugs are fixed.
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2 years ago, they eedhelp
Upgrading the app is a total failure
I24NEWS recently upgraded their app. I believe it was done by a school kid who has no user experience. The upgrade should be seamless and not require such effort to simply start the app and watch the news. Nothing works and there is no help or customer support. Canceling the subscription is all that is left to do and save some money.
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3 years ago, Allon2005
Good App
It works most of the time. Unfortunately the content is to far left. I am looking for nationalist conservative news from Israel.
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9 months ago, adyarya
Worst app not content app!
I would like the content but Everytime you want to watch live it asks you to subscribe-I’m subscribed. The 85% of the time nothing will update or load. I’m unsubscribing of course before renewal and that’s too bad because I wanted the content which is good. It just isn’t function for an iPhone 15 pro max.
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5 years ago, SMlady58
Faster than Fox News...
I get the notification at least 1 min before Fox News.. love it. Seems to be more detailed as well.
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3 years ago, fjdfhhjnjn
Too cluttered
I subscribe to i24 live stream, but the news on the app is too cluttered with ads. Sure you want to bring in more money, but you’re taking away the allure of your focus: clear and concise news from Israel and around the world.
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3 years ago, Elohenu
Lost in translation
I am having constant difficulties to get the service of I24news most of the time I am getting a black screen ! I like their platform I like the transparency of the News I have them on my TV as well but the Laptop impossible and problems on my IPhone go figure !
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3 years ago, CliffB66
Poorly Programmed. Terrible App
It goes into loops and there is no way for the user to stop it. You show videos, that end and freeze. Again, no way for the user to delete them and move on to another subject. Worst News app due to completely incompetent programming I have yet seen. Shut down and reprogram.
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5 years ago, Bijan E
I like the app very much but the NYT add popping up w/ music is very annoying as I can not open your app in silent position without being embarrassed by the add music. Sorry
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6 months ago, fixthedamnbugalready
Not Working on the latest ios version 17.2.1
All I see is just the logo in middle of the screen and nothing else. Will adjust the review once fixed. Used to work great.
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6 years ago, howie brit
I installed the i24 app hoping to be kept up to date with Israel related news. Instead of getting real news alerts I have been receiving spam into a newly created “breaking news” mail box. Do not use this app unless you want to increase your spam!
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5 years ago, BobN1958
Intrusive ads are really annoying
Ads block text, use data without permission and take away from the quality of this app.
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4 years ago, R Matalon
Newest update makes load time fast! Finally!
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3 days ago, SocialDis
No more English Language
Disappointed that no more English language broadcasts. Not being Israeli, Jewish and being in U.S., it was nice listening to news from Israel while it lasted. I understand why though, just disappointed.
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8 months ago, Dan 999
The app stopped working. I am a paying subscriber and live tv no longer works. Only radio still works. Otherwise would have been 5 stars!
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9 months ago, Jack L59
I can’t get past the first page. I press English hit the check and it selects Arabic. I will try it for a this time then off to the trash. The problem is I love I24 news on TV and I would like to have it on an app.
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6 years ago, Ski magic
Was good now not so much...
It used to be free to watch live news... now apparently they want a subscription. I’d rather have an ad supported option.
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1 year ago, Braso654333
Look at the Data they track from your phone! 2nd no option to turn off auto play. And finally the Ads… My gosh it’s like Comcast. You watch more ads the reading material!
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8 months ago, LLHINY
App sign in failure
Cannot get past choosing topics of interest on a fresh install to the sign in page.
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4 years ago, putz der shegetz
It would be nice if we could agree or disagree with comments with a thumbs up or down icon!
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7 months ago, Doctryluv
No more live stream
It’s been a few days now that I cannot watch live news anymore. I am on the latest version, restarted app, restarted phone. No avail. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, AmiTzedek
News is not updated often enough and parrots the Europeans bias
The news is not updated in real time often lagging hours behind. Worse you can get the same biased perspectives from the European outlets or CNN. It is not worth it.
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5 years ago, CastleGandolfo
Pop up ads ruin this otherwise good app
even for those of us who subscribe monthly to get premium news from i24 are subjected to ads that pop up, half the time in Spanish, not even English — infuriating
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4 years ago, I242424242424
When you open the app, you can wait 2 minutes maybe more to see the content... it’s extremely slow and crash!! I used to love this app, please fix it asap. Thanks
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1 year ago, Prince James I
Video not landscape
The live video on the app wont play videos in landscape view. So waste of iphone screen. Fix please. Thats the only huge problem
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6 years ago, Elissaz 44
No reason to sign up, premium isn’t accessible
I downloaded the app and created an account to watch videos live. It requires the premium account to watch but there’s no explanation for how to get the premium.
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5 years ago, Mapkid
Poor layout
With the recent update, parts of headlines are truncated making it very frustrating to read them. One of my biggest pet peeves.
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4 years ago, rectum1
Pop up ads
Since these started your app doesn’t perform well. Constant freezing and stories just “go away” as I am leaving also. Please notify me when the issue is remedied.
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1 month ago, Santamonica1967
Live video stream flaky
Live Video doesn’t work anymore on iPhone 14.
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2 weeks ago, Senior Maam
I24 sometimes
Every day I have to reinstall I24 news because I get a blank screen with I24 on it. What’s up with that?
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6 months ago, 7Jade777
App will not load in English
Trying to load from Apple, but app will not load because it will not load in English
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7 months ago, LukeBeebe
Failed 99% of the time
I know I wanted the content for this app, and am very disappointed that the app crashed nearly 100% of the time.
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3 years ago, BrB_abtx
Causes IPhone to overheat
Really enjoy this app but it freezes often and causes my phone to overheat
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3 years ago, TooManyBooks > TimeAvails
I didn’t get a chance to quit because I’m offended. It simply won’t load a live feed. Keeps showing a daytime segment about domestic abuse survivors when I try to watch. Game over.
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5 years ago, Makunaima
Pay for videos?
Not a good idea, already paying through my cable subscription
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9 months ago, Mad Mic Marvin
Good Reporting, Terrible Ads!
I had to delete this app, because the advertisements were so terrible. If I wanted an Adult Magazine app, I would download one.
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8 months ago, Morning Sunlight watcher
English choice will not work
The choice of English will not work. It keeps changing to Arabic, so I deleted the app.
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