iClicker Student

4.4 (32.7K)
59.6 MB
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Current version
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for iClicker Student

4.42 out of 5
32.7K Ratings
6 years ago, Blazylove
My review
The moment I’m using the application, I just can’t do anything with my phone. The moment my screen light turns off and the phone locks automatically, I’m out of the class.
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5 years ago, MW91385378
Waste of Money
This is a scheme intended to milk poor college students of what money they have. Given the existence of free apps like TopHat which do the same thing, there is no point to dropping so much money on an iClicker subscription. In fact, TopHat probably has better quality just because of iClicker’s occasional glitchiness. Although iClicker usually gets the job done, albeit sometimes with frustration, I was very annoyed that my professor had his students use this app. Alas, not my choice though. If you’re a student like me, you probably have no choice but to buy this app. If you’re a professor though, I beg you, please do not make your students waste money on this app. They’re already paying enough for college and TopHat will do a better job for you. If the developer reads this, please seriously consider reducing the price of this app or make it free. I would give the app 4 or 5 stars if that wish is granted.
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4 years ago, iwantsalmon
Ridiculously laggy
For an app that has such a high subscription fee, the user interface is infuriating. Joining a class takes forever and the app crashes all the time. In order for it to launch properly you have to make sure that no other apps are open, which is not practical at all if I'm trying to do something else at the same time, and if I want it to stay open, I have to make sure that I have the app constantly open. If I swipe away for just a few seconds, the app crashes again. This is absurd considering that the actual function of the app is so basic. Every design element feels like a minimal amount of effort was put into it. If I didn't have to use this for a class, I definitely would not be using this app.
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11 months ago, queeniegin
Gets the job done I guess
iClicker is a fine app. It does what it needs to do- no more, no less. While the UI isn’t amazing it’s fine. Really, my main issue is the absolute lack of notification when the event is ready to be “clicked” into. Example being that I am in a school that does their required attendance using iClicker. The windows for clicking in are inconsistent, and we do not know when we need to click in unless it’s verbally announced which doesn’t often happen. I guarantee a satisfied audience will be 100% more attainable if push notifications were added for when to click in. Thanks
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6 years ago, FRC1359
I would give zero stars if I could. When I first started using iclicker I thought it was just crappy, but ever since my other professor has us using Tophat, this app is really sucky. Iclicker constantly disconnects during the class period, and if your teacher waits even as little as 6 min to ask the next clicker question, chances are you will have to refresh the page and log back in. Which keep in mind may count you as absent. I know it is not my internet connection because my laptop has very good internet connection and I have never experienced these issues with Tophat. Tophat is also much better because I as a student can study the materials even when class is not in session, as well as answer practice questions. TopHat has my five stars.
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6 years ago, I♥TwilightSoMuch
Wish it had more notification settings
This is a pretty good app, although a bit on the basic side, however, when a new question comes up after the previous one, there is no indication whatsoever from my cell phone and/or other device that a new poll has begun. I truly wish there were more notification setting options, such as being able to set a tone/set a vibration notification that sounds when a new question appears.
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7 years ago, Emberlite
My Reef subscription has expired, but since then I purchased an iClicker and registered the remote. Even though this registration number clearly shows up in the Profile section of the app, I’m still being prompted to renew my subscription to use the app. Then, when I click the option to register a remote, I’m redirected to a website. I shouldn’t have to deal with all this rerouting. The system should know through the app that I have a registered remote and not prompt me.
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4 years ago, im mad asl rn
I HATE this app
Don’t waste you money on this stupid app. You will lose money and your attendance points. It will not let you sign in the class which is why you can’t be even answer the clicker questions, resulting in a fat zero for your participation grade. And your professors will then tell you to go buy and actual clicker because it’s not their problem if your app doesn’t work they will say, “It’s not recommended to have this app so it’s better if you get the clicker.” Like seriously somebody could have told me before I spend my money on this dumb app. I HATE this app and my professor is really bogus.
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7 years ago, Socomseel
It's like an ex girlfriend
First, the app will constantly ask you if you like it. If that wasn't annoying enough, when you tell it you don't it asks why. Then it asks you again the next week. The app also frequently requires to be reset and reloaded. It's not free even though it's incredibly basic. Basically you're paying however much for a professor to have an easier job. Best part is it doesn't matter, if you're reading this you probably have to use it because it's for a class. So jokes on you, enjoy the sub par app that is more clingy that a freshman girlfriend.
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5 years ago, Shana18
Very Disappointed
iClicker are my professor’s ways of keeping attendance. I had heard that I would eventually be charged to keep the app. I expected a notification that my free trial would be coming to a close. Right when we needed to check attendance in my Chem lecture I was notified, then and there, that I could not use it because my free trial had run out with no heads up. I missed the time limit to check in for attendance as I was scrambling to pay for the app. It had been a very long week and it was the last thing I needed. I could not be more disappointed.
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3 years ago, CollegeUser00
Another way to make money off of students
Yet another way to profit off of students. It’s awesome, the free trial expires in two weeks and then instead of telling you right away if let’s you log into class and then says “looks like class has started but you’ll need to pay to access it” so you’re in the middle of lecture needing to answer a question and the app is forcing you to pay. It’s ridiculous that you have to buy a physical iclicker and then also buy a reef subscription
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7 years ago, B8282833
GPS tracking
When doing the attendance poll for my class, the gps for the app will sometimes glitch out and say that I’m somewhere else than from where I actually am, and it doesn’t let me verify for attendance because of this. I am not the only one in class that has this problem. We are a class of about 30 or so, and maybe around half the class has this problem everyday. Please fix this.
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10 months ago, Tropicalmorning
Update app
Doesnt send a confirmation email or anything when you purchase a subscription to show proof you paid. And even if you did pay, the purchase subscription options comes up again making people think it didn’t go through. It should be a user’s right to be sent a confirmation email of purchase when a credit card is used. Had to risk attendance to see if I actually had a subscription or not.
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4 years ago, Former iClicker User
Great to look back at questions and feel like I’m part of the class, even when we are all online.
I really like this over the physical remote in that it I can take time to think about the question knowing I have a copy of it to refer back to later.
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5 years ago, MunichFan9
Failure of location feature
The location feature was a good idea to keep absent students from marking themselves present...BUT, it does not work. The location tracker is frequently wrong-egregiously so, and won’t let me or my classmates sign in to class. This is a PAID app that is required for courses. Talk to your professor if they want you to use it-it will steak your points and give you much grief. The app is also slow. The developers need to fix their broken systems if they want anyone to pay for this hot mess.
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3 years ago, Super Tired Student
Takes your money then ruins your grade
Title basically sums it up. I have stable internet connection and make sure to put my answer before time is up. However, this horrible app glitches and kicks me out of my own class. This has happened twice, and twice I have lost points. Terrible app and I’m extremely thankful school is starting in person again so I don’t have to use this crap. Would give 0 stars if possible.
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3 years ago, tamekimpala
Many problems that interrupt class time
This app is a great concept, but at times it glitches and makes our professor stop class for students to catch up. I hope they can fix these issues soon, as students have to purchase this app that should work perfectly fine.
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5 years ago, wishfulstudent
Answers & time
Reef needs to not just show “your answer”, but it should show “correct answer” as well once the poll is over. This would help with studying. Reef needs to also show the count down timer so we know when a poll will be over. Sometime the question ends before getting the chance to respond simply because I didn’t know it was ending.
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4 years ago, Rinas P
Terrible invasion of privacy
This app tracks how many times you leave the app and reports usage to your teacher, I can’t even google words the professor asks me to. Email notification for campus invader, blocked. Clearly me not leaving an app I use for 2 seconds a day is more important than me getting campus safety notifications. Hey maybe it would be better if the machete man came for me, as long as he doesn’t close my app. The reference text that is online? Well no more referring to the text.
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5 years ago, VolvoVolvoVolvo
So disgusted to pay for an app that doesn’t work when I need it to. I spend so much time in class fiddling with this application when I’m supposed to be learning and paying attention to the professor. It’s quite disheartening to charge a high price for something that doesn’t do the job. So irritating. Never recognizes my correct location, and it’s not my phone. I have missed out on countless poll questions due to failure of this application working properly. Thank you for nothing Reef.
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5 years ago, brooklynnnnicole
Half the time it wouldn’t work and just said “Error” but didn’t tell me what was wrong. I came to find out that my free trial was overdue- would’ve been nice to have been told instead of missing questions for class. It also logs me out and takes forever to load when coming back and missing questions do to that. When it does work, however, it’s great.
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1 year ago, smithgoblue
Battery Leech, Privacy issues.
Tracks PRECISE location whole duration of class. Potentially a bug, but 50% (!!) battery consumed on 2020 SE over 90 minutes. No option to “check in” at the location, then disable tracking. Cannot even join class without location services, wifi, and precise tracking locked on. Unacceptable, slap in the face of students who care about privacy.
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7 years ago, Lumu26
Very user friendly!
This is my first time using an iClicker and I find it fun and easy to use! It's a remarkable little devise and I enjoy it's simple, and yet diverse functions in each of my classes. Very affordable as well; I am quite pleased!
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5 years ago, drevvvvvvvvv
Never works properly
Questions do not pop up even when I am in the session the whole class, sometimes it will only gives me 5 seconds to answer and it won’t register. Do not buy this, missed so many points in class due to this service. Should at the very least vibrate when a question is up because I never know if it is actually working. Do not spend the $15 like I did.
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4 years ago, Shea Lax14
Horrible excuse for educational tech
This app is the biggest scam on the whole entire App Store. How or why would you ever need to pay a subscription for a service to answer questions in a classroom???? I honestly cannot wrap my head around the fact that this app barely does anything besides let you push a button and you still have to pay 15$ to do that for half a year???? So dumb. Also thanks for screwing up my grade
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6 years ago, Big Chief Papi
It’s good for school usually glitches when taking attendance with a range set up and also can’t see the questions nor answer when having quizzes but idk if that’s the professors decision
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7 years ago, knovak
I like the interface. Some of the new updates are great too. I like that you can pick a spot on an image now. And that my school paid for the subscription
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4 years ago, Bob128637
This app is made purely to steal money from those who can’t not use it. It has no competitors so they can set the price to whatever they want, 2-3$ for a semester would be reasonable. Anything more than $5 isn’t. If the app did more it would be reasonable, but an app used purely to take attendance and answer the occasional multiple choice question isn’t. This app is purely theft and should not be used.
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6 years ago, Ryleej
It worked for a week
This app started out great. I used it for multiple classes and it got the job done. Then that all went out the window. The app won’t show an open session for any of my classes now and it wouldn’t for my entire class even though the handheld clickers were functioning just normally. I’m really disappointed and now my professors are making us get real clickers, so I just wasted $15. Thanks.
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7 years ago, J3ssicadurh4m
Saves money
Super nice for my college classes because I don't need to buy the physical iclicker and it's easier to set up than an actual clicker. Plus it saved me money & as a broke college student that's super necessary.
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7 years ago, Kieranismad
This app has created more trouble for my classes than its worth, we often end up doing our quizzes on paper because issues pop up constantly and disrupt the class. The app says that the subscription is free with a clicker but this feature does NOT WORK with even slightly older clickers and you WILL have to buy a subscription. I wish my professors did not require this software.
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3 years ago, KSmith9
Professors please stop using this
This app works maybe 25% of the time. The first 3-4 weeks of class the geo system would not connect and my class was not able to use this app at all. After that issue was finally solved it would still not load most days. It was not worth the money to have an app that doesn’t work, please don’t use this in your classroom.
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5 years ago, astressedmedstudent
Unoptimized mess.
This app is overall just a mess. The app doesn’t stay in the background for more than 1 minute, consistently relaunching when I use any other app. The iPad version is an absolute joke when much less substantial apps have iPad support. I’m just really glad I only have to use this for a few minutes a day because it’s a horrible mess that I’m forced to pay for.
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7 years ago, JaySpitta
I need this to be reliable
I'm in my biology class right now my teacher didn't recommend it but I downloaded your app anyway don't let me down✊🏾
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4 years ago, Widvoabld
Just awful
Too expensive, just milking college students for money, and that’s probably the smallest problem. The app tracks your location so the professor or teacher can see where you are when the app is on, like big brother in 1984. Then the app doesn’t work if a class room doesn’t have cellular reception, so you get zero points for that day. Pice of garbage.
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4 years ago, I am the senate
Waste of money
The most I’ve ever spent on apps is $2, and those provide a variety of useful features and information. iClicker is only used to answer a few questions for one class a couple times each week and is not worth a $14 subscription. I would much rather buy a movie or go out for dinner with that money. It’s worth $0.99 at most.
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5 months ago, Definitely *Not* Wesley
They don’t tell you it costs money until you’re in class one day and go to answer the question, then it hits you with a paywall. They stole $17 off me by pressuring me into paying because if I didn’t I’d lose points on my class quiz. Maliciously written to hide the paywall until you’re pressured into paying it. One star
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1 year ago, Dr Dave32
This app never loads when I’m in class. I have missed attendance on WAY too many occasions because I cannot configure when I get notifications for class starting. I was using the question part to answer a question my professor asked and it switched my answer so I got it wrong. Please fix your app.
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2 years ago, The realest guy
This is like one of those cookie clicker games right?
Except of clicking on cookies I’m clicking on fascinating history facts such as how many coal miners were killed in Colorado.
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5 years ago, whatcha wannamado
Someone is reefing these benefits
... and its not those that have to purchase/use it. The app constantly logs me off and even when teacher posts a question I always have to reset app to have it appear. The cost does not, at all, match the services. The app is not worth it and i have had other professors use similar programs/apps that do the same thing for free.
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3 years ago, Mj129758864786
Rip off
I’m in a 16 week semester course and payed the $15 subscription but they screw you over in the sense that it doesn’t even cover the full semester. So with less than a month left in the course I have to re-purchase the subscription in order to answer the last 20 days of in class questions. They need to reevaluate their subscription lengths.
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3 years ago, Patrickl27
Can't even get basic attendance right!
This app often reports me as "absent", even when I am in class, and repeatedly click the "join" button during the class session. If it can't do this simple task right, I dread any future classes that use it for more major aspects of the class!
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6 years ago, CheaterMcQueen
Terrible on older phones
It works terrible under pressure! I can not have more than one app open for iClicker to work! I've missed so many clicker questions in class, in turn losing participation points, because the app will crash so often or take so long to upload the question! I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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4 years ago, MaxR1250
Should be free
This app is used in colleges just to get money off of students who already pay too much. It’s a very simple app that just lets you answer multiple choice questions which can be done in many alternative and free ways. Instead this app charges you over $15 just to have a useless subscription.
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9 months ago, NovaStorm93
an actual scam
this app is usually not covered by college tuition and makes you pay $15 for 6 months of what is essentially a ping. $15 to be able to answer some questions is a horrible waste of money and there are better options out there (like Poll Everywhere)
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7 years ago, earthenvironments
Easy to use
Really happy with this app- inexpensive, and much easier to use than buying an actual iclicker!
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7 years ago, Mbncvb cv
Great if you don't want to buy an actual clicker
I don't need anything else in my back pack.
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2 years ago, Eggythe7
Scam of a product
It is a subscription based multiple choice product. Polleverywhere is objectively cheaper for groups over 10 people and it is free up until 20 people. It is better in every way pricewise and provides the same service
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2 years ago, R4ven XIII
Stop the upcharge
We’re already paying tuition, and the college paid for us to have this course with some of that. Don’t make us cough up any more
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3 years ago, hdjdnddnx
It’s amazing
Honestly a life changing physics tool, I cannot explain how much joy this brought
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