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4.9 (3.6K)
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Kerasotes Showplace Theatres, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Icon Extras

4.88 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 months ago, Jim LeBagotz
Only theater for me
Been coming here for nearly 10 years. Always the 21+ VIP rooms. The ambience, it just gives a certain feel. The drink menu had always been great. Their food menu use to be slamming. But after the temporary close of the lounge during pandemic, it fell WAY off. To the point where i plan to eat before or after the movie. But all in all i wouldn’t go to any other theater (one exception)
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5 years ago, Raziel89
It’s a great app.
I really like this app, it’s convenient, it plays movie previews. It’s cheaper than some other apps and did I mention it’s convenient. There are some things to improve. For me, it’s the seating. If there are only 3 seats available, it seems like it has a problem with allowing you to purchase 2 of the seats leaving 1 open. Like it has a parameter of leaving a seat open. Example, 3 seats available by the wall. I choose the 2 seats closest to the wall. Leaving the 3rd seat open. It won’t let you as it calls it split up the seats. So, you have to move one seat down from the wall. ?. (Still leaving a seat open). Anyhoo, that’s my only quip with the app. Otherwise, great app. Keep up the great work.
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2 years ago, Peeweedox
Hasn't been working all day today
App won't open even after re-installing today and the website as well, hopefully they're fixing it, I need to buy tickets.
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2 years ago, ryan.ferguson2022
Doesn’t seem to show all seats
I use this app to get movie tickets in Chicago because the theater is pretty nice and cheaper than other places. But I’ve noticed that when I’m getting tickets, not all of the seating section is show in the map when choosing seats. When I go into the theater I see way more seats than actually shown in the app. In the app I can only see rows AA-EE when in reality there are way more rows
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1 year ago, kclani
Won’t let me change my email, sometimes buggy
When this app works, it’s really great. It allows me to save money and not have to suffer from fandangos prices and fees. However, it’s sometimes unreliable as my payments don’t go through or my login. I don’t understand why can’t I change my email address when I want to update my details. Makes no sense whatsoever. Hopefully the developers will change this as it is easy to implement. I know this because I’m something of a developer myself.
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2 years ago, jdog06x
Purchasing Errors
There’s an issue with the app. 1) when purchasing tickets, error comes up that says we couldn’t process your payment. Ok cool, go through the process again but I need to choose new seats. Figured someone else purchased my seats. No biggie, payment accepted second time through. 2) When ordering food from app, same pop up appears. Wife decides to go order from a kiosk. Before I exit the app, I now notice a new set of tickets have appeared with my originally intentioned seats. Went immediately back to main lobby and confirmed that I had multiple ticket packages purchased. Further, my payment for my food had been processed. I requested and received a refund for both the extra tickets and food. I did have to push back when told the pre-paid parking was not refundable.
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5 years ago, killbam
Lazy developers
Doesn’t use Apple Pay, and doesn’t even allow you to auto fill using saved iPhone information like your phone number. Choosing a movie, selecting seats, then going back because there are no good seats available kicks you back to the beginning screen. I always have to deselect the date and the amount of people. C’mon guys, get with the program.
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2 years ago, Stalking Flare
Broken app?
I’ve been trying to use this app recently - May 8th - and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. The Icon theater in San Jose, CA doesn’t show up as a found location and movie times seemingly can’t be searched for either. No problems doing the same thing and purchasing tickets via Fandango for this Icon location.
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6 years ago, MPJ13
Update Already
I used this app all if the time last year, but once iOS 8 released no update for the app followed and this thing is now pointless. Update: They finally reworked the app in 2017. It's useable now and much more detailed. Very easy to find showtimes and reserve tickets.
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5 years ago, PerryMia
Not intuitive
We installed the app and we get our discounts, movie tickets, etc. But It is not intuitive. Example, had problems signing out and back in with a different account.
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12 months ago, AppleIDName
Needs work
You have to physically enter your CC info (it doesn’t give ApplePay or SamsungPay as an option) and then it doesn’t have the option to scan the CC, so you’ll need to have your physical card at the ready. VIP section popcorn is always “sold out”, even though it’s included in the price of the ticket.
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5 years ago, mdog650
New users must pick favorite site but can’t
Amateur development team doesn’t even QA their poorly written app. New users sign up but registration fails because no favorite theater selected. Well, these genius developers didn’t add a registration field to select your favorite theater. Elsewhere in the app you can select a favorite theater but since you’re not logged in ( because you couldn’t register) your selection apparently is not recognized. I hope your theater goes bankrupt!
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6 years ago, Shadesbysahar
Love this app!
Cheaper than any other app! Saves credit card information for easy check out! Easy to use!
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12 months ago, CarolineInSV
Easy to use
The app is easy to use. I took away one star because: 1) the movie rating (PG, R, etc) is shown in very small fonts in a dark red color on a black background, there is very little contrast between the two colors, making it hard to read 2) it would be useful to be able to filter movies by rating. for example, if I want to see a movie with my kid, I’d like to be able to view movies rated G or PG, and not have to scroll through all the other ones. Other than that, we’ll done!
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1 year ago, WSPhan
SUGGESTION: build in movie descriptions!
It’s a good app, except that you can no longer click on the movies to read what it’s about and get more information. That would be a simple enhancement that would make the experience night and day better for users. Right now, you have to Google the movies to find out what they’re about, which is really inconvenient.
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6 years ago, Kathrynguerr99983
Best app for movies
When buying tickets every other website tries to sneak in fees but not kerosotes icon app! It's cheaper and better. I love kerosotes theaters. I just wish they had more movies that have been nominated out. Like 3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the post, the darkest hour and Mollys Game. Now I have to go to AMC🙄
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4 years ago, none ya the 1001st
Warning about excessive personal data
Warning- to sign up you are required to give email, name, mobile phone number, address, birthday, gender. I am a member of fandango and amc neither required that much disclosure of private information. I deleted the app. I wanted to buy a movie ticket with PayPal not apply for a passport. Your company is collecting more personal information than your competitors-why?
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6 years ago, TreOf712
Fun Fun Fun!
I enjoy everything about the showplace! It’s a bummer that the frozen ice cream stand no longer stands : ( apart from that, it’s always a grand experience! Do take a look see for yourselves yeah!
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1 year ago, tg545
Annoying App glitches
Just signed up for this app and already having issues. The options to pick my birthday wouldn’t come up correctly when signing up end of course it can’t be updated through the app. Hope this isn’t a foreshadow for more issues.
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6 years ago, Sweeetttt!
My favorite movie theatre
It is my favorite movie theatre and I like the app because I don't have to pay a fee.
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6 years ago, WeaveJ
Excellent app and very stable with nice user friendly functionality
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2 years ago, Pick a Name1234
App not working past 2 days
App does not go beyond opening logo screen. Please fix it. No updates available.
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5 months ago, aqsw123
I can’t signup because my “phone number is in use” but I can’t reset my password because they cant find my account. This is the type of trash service that makes me go somewhere else
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4 years ago, Munchino
Won’t even open anymore
Have used this app for years but within last week it will not even open. Just crashes. Uninstalled and installed multiple time. It’s a shame. It’s a wonderful app when it worked.
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6 years ago, Melmelada
Convenience at your fingertips
Simple & easy to use... best movie theater!
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6 years ago, lucielle
Works perfectly!
Best way to arrange a movie night. No fuss and no fee!
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7 months ago, 3.14159267614682
Stupid app, changed your ticket location
I purchased a ticket in San Jose theater, but it showed up in Chicago theater. I asked for refund or exchange, the customer service said the one in Chicago is different comp. There is no way to refund or exchange the ticket.
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2 years ago, cali the critique
Very easy to use and very good deals on Tuesdays
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2 years ago, jxxxxb
Reads your clipboard at launch time
It’s a decent app, but they use dark patterns, like reading the contents of your clipboard, when you launch it.
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2 years ago, Intuition17
App, website both broken
App does not work at all currently. The website doesn’t either. What’s going on with your backend services?
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9 months ago, Aurum83
Please fix the apple wallet option
I can’t download my purchased tickets to my apple wallet. It’s not been working for quite a while. So annoying.
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6 years ago, Dannoks
Really good app easy to manage and fast
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5 years ago, jade in the mountains
The app never lasts more than one or two movies that are playing. To see the whole list I have to go online, then purchase tickets there. What is the point of this app???
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7 months ago, ALEX APPLE1
Purchased 2 tickets and it charged me but no tickets just an error and had to repurchase them again
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6 years ago, Jimmy0213
Great App
Very easy to use
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9 months ago, Randy SC Ca
Don't like that you can't purchase tickets with your credits online
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7 months ago, nvsk.avinash
Worst App
Worst app with worst interface. Not even able to get movie pass/ membership through it
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6 years ago, DD148
For Chicago there is only ONE movie that appears in the app no others. This app has never functioned properly for me and what’s worse is there’s no assistance when needed!
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4 years ago, Addicted Zombie10024
Crashes all the time
Loved using this app to buy movie tickets but no it just crashes
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4 years ago, Solistca
App no longer works
App will not open anymore. I’ve reinstalled and nothing will make it open.
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4 years ago, Ijustwantsomefreecheats
Needs to be updated
App crashes on me nonstop after many reinstall attempts for past 2-3 months
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2 years ago, j diver
Make it iPad compatible
It’s not that hard to make an iPad version. Not doing so it’s just plain lazy.
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1 year ago, sdsddxxxx
Very good moive theater
Very nice place
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7 months ago, MJ Osun
Invest in Google or Apple Pay
Invest in Apple Pay
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6 months ago, oscher66
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2 years ago, DaveB1723
Will not stop sending me emails. Link to unsubscribe does not work. Bunch of clowns running this operation.
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5 years ago, Daniero037
Why isn’t my theatre on here?!
I don’t understand why the ICON Cinemas in Colorado Springs isn’t on here. Come on guys!
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7 months ago, FM_M
Cheaper, but not better
I came to write a review and found one I’d written 4 years ago with the same complaints: be better. And they’re not. The theaters used to be phenomenal, now they’re ok, but the customer service is really lacking and it’s reflected in the app. No ApplePay, in 2023?! No Wallet support, so I have to dig out their app (spoiler, ICON: you’re not on my Home Screen, you’re nice but not that big a part of my life!) when I’m in line to get in instead of just letting Wallet usr my phone and watch to handle it like they do with everything else in 2023. And what’s with that weird backwards-swipe hijack to get to your navigation menu that’s rarely needed, but going back to look at a different showtime and seat availability is something I’m doing constantly in your app. But you thought it would be, what, clever to hijack the normal swipe-back gesture with your own janky menu thing? Seriously: the people making decisions about this app are not people who ever use it. —— 4 YEARS EARLIER: Buying movie tickets through the Icon Extras app is less expensive than through Fandango, and that’s important. But the Icon app doesn’t tell me what auditorium number I’m looking at (which is important when I want to be in a big auditorium vs a little one), and the app doesn’t support Apple Pay. Fandango does both of those; I wish Icon would catch up. But that’s just playing catch up. If they want to actually get out in front and be BETTER, here are some ideas: make it easier to compare available seats of the same movie in multiple auditoriums at multiple show times; I plan my movie experience around good seats, and it’s a big PITA to have to select showtime, select number of seats, select seats... back, back, back... repeat, back, repeat, etc. If I could tell the app I want this many seats and this movie, and *then* be able to look at the various showtimes and available seats? Just swipe directly between auditoriums and showtimes within a given film? That would be THE killer feature that would mean no more Fandango for me. But for now they don’t take Apple Pay and can’t even show me what auditorium a movie is playing in, so maybe walk before you run.
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11 years ago, Anondson
Rather basic app, gets it done. Could be better
The app, as apps go, is very functional. Once I logged in with my Extras Program credentials it showed me once what my card number was. After I left that screen you are never again allowed to see what your member number is, this seems wrong because when you are ordering in line they ask for your member number! There is a My Card button, but because I was never issued a card all it ever does is prompt me with a Pop Up saying "No Card Issued". Okay, maybe there needs to be method in the app to request a card be issued? There is an opportunity here to add support for Passbook as well. There is an opportunity to add extra location awareness, so that the app knows when I'm at the theater and when I open the app WHILE in the theater the first thing I see is my member number in big characters. I look forward to this app being polished with some basic iOS functionality like these two things.
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10 years ago, RtotheH
This app needs to be fixed!
Even though my Extras card info is in my account in the app, and I have received an email every week saying I can use the app to buy tickets with 'No ticketing surcharge for members', every time I've tried it tries to charge me a surcharge... so I haven't used it! And members at the Chicago theater are supposed to be able to buy tickets for second run movies for $6, but can't through the app. Unless this app is updated and fixed to work 'as advertised', don't bother downloading it... as it is, it's worthless. Unless you don't mind paying the extra charges, but then why would you be a member?
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