ID GO - Stream Live TV

4.8 (71.4K)
108.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Discovery Communications
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ID GO - Stream Live TV

4.83 out of 5
71.4K Ratings
4 years ago, RoblooooxSuxks
AT&T & Direct TV
I’ve been using this app for a long time now & I absolutely love it. Only complaint is that I don’t always have access to all the shows when I should- my dad has direct TV included in his AT&T account. On some weeks it will let me select Direct TV & log in with no issue. Other times, it won’t let me log in under Direct TV, so I try logging in under AT&T & it still won’t let me. When I first started using the app it would connect my direct TV account on it’s own, I’m assuming it would self-connect by finding the signal to my direct TV box or something. Sometimes I have to wait weeks in order to have access to the locked shows which is frustrating cause I use this app on a daily basis. I wait for updates on the app & even delete & re-download it sometimes, it still doesn’t solve the issue. Most of the time I just have to wait to get lucky & regain access.
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6 years ago, SassyChas0405
So aggravating!!
I love ID channel and for the first several months, I loved the app. However, for the last couple of months it has started acting up. The app will TOTALLY shut down at LEAST once during EACH show I try to watch. Then when I restart the app, SOMETIMES the show I was watching will appear in the “Continue Watching” category, but more likely, it’s not there. So then I have to locate the show again, and start it from the beginning, and TRY to remember where I was. Then I must try to locate this point, and more often than not, it takes 3-4 times skipping through the show; as a result, I must then endure a series of 5-8 ads each time, which ends up totaling anywhere from 15-24 ads BACK TO BACK before I am FINALLY able to resume the show. The LAST time it crashed in the middle of an episode, when I reloaded the app and went to resume watching, there were red keys on EVERY show and NOTHING would play, due to “parental control services technical issues”!!! I was still signed in with my cable provider, and there was absolutely NO WAY on the app nor the website to set or turn off parental controls!! I ended up having to completely uninstall the app and reinstall and reactivate it!! These issues have made my time spent watching the app SO FRUSTRATING, to where it’s very difficult to enjoy watching the shows! Please, PLEASE work these bugs out quickly! I see from other reviews a majority of these problems have been occurring for several months....
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5 years ago, Mfm831
App could use a few tweaks...
I really love the ID Channel but the TV app (thru Roku) can be frustrating. My biggest complaint is that once you open the app & start searching there’s no easy way to get back to the home screen. Can’t you put that option in “*Options”? Instead you have to go back, back, back (however many screens you’ve clicked on) until you’re lucky enough to finally find the home page. Usually I end up exiting the app & going back in just to get to home page. Another complaint is the “All Shows” feature. It’s nice that they’re all listed (& in alphabetical order) but it takes forever to scroll through all of them if you need to get to one towards the end. It would be better if they were in groups such as “A-D”, “E-H”, etc. OR have the search on that page (instead of redundant search feature) & the show name would pop up as you’re typing. Like, if I typed in “Murd...” all shows would pop up that have those letters then just scroll over to the show I want. Lastly, once you open a show title, the episode description is so small you can barely read it. It looks like there’s plenty of room to use a bigger font or use bigger font with “cont’d” button (or scroll) if more room is needed (the orig air date is also a bit small). I hope you find these suggestions helpful!
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5 years ago, Red_shedevil
I love ID content, and I switched cable providers to ensure I still had ID but having AT&T I don’t get ID on demand like I did with Comcast, so I need to use the app with chromecast. The app is so frustrating. It usually doesn’t save the shows I’m watching under “continue watching”. I don’t even understand how it decides which shows to log in continue watching because it’s so random. I just paused it to take a phone call, and when I went back to the app to continue playing the episode it refreshed so I lost the show I was watching and had to start from the beginning...which means having to sit through an insane amount of commercials. You can’t fast forward or rewind without having to sit through commercials, even if you went to the spot you left off on and were wrong. Honestly, too many commercials. I would pay extra for an ad free experience. I just want to add that I will never consider any of the products or services that are advertised during these shows because it is so excessive, it actually is making me hate the companies advertising. I pay for cable already. I can’t use Comcast anymore because they have so many issues in my area, but I pay for cable specifically for ID access. Literally no other reason to have it. If I had on demand I could fast forward through them, but that is no longer an option with AT&T. Throw us a dang bone.
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4 years ago, barberista
Horrible app with too many ads!
Honestly, it’s absolutely not worth downloading even with a tv subscription. There are too many ads that play too frequently at about 3 minutes a piece, regardless of your tv subscription. Also it’s extremely annoying that they will literally play the same ad throughout the entire show you’re watching. Even with the comments they make saying it runs the same amount of ads as regular tv, even with regular tv, it will still show different ads/commercials and also ones that pertain to my area. I’ll get ads on this app for states that are literally on the other side of the country that don’t pertain to me at all. They don’t have a paid subscription for you to opt in for, but require you to have a tv subscription to watch most of the shows they show. That makes absolutely no sense to me, especially considering there’s very few people that even watch live tv in a general sense. You guys need A LOT of improvement especially considering you have been around for a few years now. Free or not, this isn’t a great app and I’ve experienced a multitude of issues with it including just straight up exiting me out the app entirely. I definitely experienced everything everyone has stated plus my own frustrations. ITS NOT WORTH IT!
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5 years ago, lilysrainbow
TOO MANY ADDS!! DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP TRUST ME. ID is my favorite channel with all my favorite shows on it that I watch every single day however their app on the phone, tv, Roku, all of them are extremely frustrating to the point that I have deleted all of the apps and I will actually sacrifice not watching the shows I love (on the app)in order to avoid having to watch 20 adds in just one 45 minute show. So Instead I record all my favorite shows on the cable box and pay 100$ or more per month JUST to AVOID having to watch all the commercials. I will completely just stop watching TV all together (and paying for it) if it ever gets to a point where I’m unable to avoid watching commercials. I will NOT pay for, or support an app that forces you to watch 7 adds every 5 minutes. It’s just ridiculous to even know that they have been doing this successfully for years. If everyone did not download this ridiculous app and avoided it for some time they would be forced to change the amount of adds that they put up. So bite the bullet and do not support this app and it will have no choice but to make it enjoyable. If they want to charge to avoid these adds to the people that choose to that’s fine with me.
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5 years ago, Kristi1964
Love this App
I’ve been consistently streaming this app for some time now and I really like it. The only thing I wish you would change is at the end of each show, the screen minimizes to a smaller picture in which to allow the episodes name and description info to pop up in the bottom half of the screen. Is this necessary? There are times when I really want to see the ending of an episode more clearly and when the picture is minimized it takes some of the experience away. And why does the info of the episode I’m watching need to pop up? If I wanted to read that info, I can touch the screen at any time to view it during the episode. I don’t want it to automatically pop up at the end, disrupting my viewing. I could see having that pop up at the beginning of a new episode, but not at the end. Please change this. Other than that, the only other thing I can say is... we need more new content... I’ve almost seen everything. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Gerard Harrison
This Update Is The Bomb
They completely redesigned the UI and it is MUCH BETTER THAN BEFORE. They added the five second forward/backward toggles so that you don’t have to slide the playhead when you want to hear or see something again. I’ve been asking for that for a long time and they finally included it. I literally don’t have anything negative to say about this update. The only thing I can say is lacking is that they need to make more episodes of Signs of a Psychopath and Fear Thy Neighbor and don’t take so long to add more episodes of those shows. Those are the best they’ve got and I love them and I want more of them. That’s it. I love this app and channel.
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1 year ago, leonaaaa.
ID should have options
I don’t think it’s fair to the ones whom do not have cable to only be able to view certain shows which of whom have been ID fans before ID was even a huge network. Your taking away from real fans just because they do not have cable to connect to. You should give us the option of connect & view free with our cable provider or at least ask us if we would like to pay monthly subscription for access. I love ID. When I got addicted to ID, none of my friends knew what it was. Now everyone does. & that’s fine. But there’s one way to watch it? Otherwise your just what? Out of luck? Unless I’m missing something, that’s not fair…. Correct me if I am wrong. I just think we should have our own options instead of just having to connect to a specific network. A lot of us only have Wi-Fi & subscriptions. GIVE US THAT OPTION PLEASE!
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4 years ago, Dawntrinity
Why so many repetitive commercials!!!?
The app seemed to be better for a bit. There would be one set of maybe 5, then next set of commercials would be less and by the end of the show they were done after maybe a third set of commercials with each set lessening in duration . Now however it’s worse than ever and almost unbearable. I happen to love the channel and even got a special subscription once my normal cable company stopped playing the channel but now I find myself falling asleep or not being able to finish a show in one sitting because the commercials are ridiculous. I can’t bear another food network, fabletics or sad St. Judes in Spanish commercial. And when I try to go back to a show and resume where I may have left off it won’t let you escape the lengthy commercials you alteady had to sit through . I’m sorry to complain but it’s seriously causing me to find my crime fix elsewhere and almost making me drop the channel all together .
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4 years ago, TempyB
Favorite Channel...Horrible App w/ No sound!
I have been a huge fan of the ID channel for years and make sure that it’s a part of any streaming package or cable package that I have. Last year, the app worked fairly well and I was able to watch live and catch up on shows that I had previously missed. Within these last 4 months, I have not been able to watch not one show on this app. It constantly logs me out making me go through the process of signing in again and again. Also, the video will start but with absolutely no sound. I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it multiple times with no positive result. I’ve went through settings and have tried to figure out the issue to no avail. I can get pass the unnecessary ads with patience but to pay a premium for a cable channel app that doesn’t work is absolutely not okay especially when the app is slow, poorly thought out and designed and with no sound. Looks like the only course of action is to cancel it and uninstall.
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7 years ago, Jahacopo2221
Used to be great but...
This app used to be wonderful on my AppleTV box, but something has changed. While I love the shows and have had no problems with anything crashing, I have huge problems with the ads. I don’t mind seeing commercials; I know you need the ad revenue. What I take issue with are the commercials that are meant to be local to one area, yet are put out nationwide. I live in southeast NC, yet I’m getting ads about the mayoral election in New Orleans, some energy referendum (Line 3; whatever that is) in Minnesota, a birthing center in Pennsylvania, and a hospital in New Jersey. None of these remotely apply to me. What’s even more irritating is getting the same irrelevant ad FOUR times in a row. I swear I can recite the Minnesota farm ad. “There are over 75,000 farms in Minnesota, generating over $75 billion in economic...”. If these kinds of ads continue to be broadcast to me, I’m going to have to stop using the app. I’d be happier if the ads were even REMOTELY local for states like VA or SC or TN, but the closest ad is over 500 miles away. FIX THIS ASAP!!!!
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3 years ago, LuvThisPod
I continue to have the same issue with this app, I signed in through my cable provider and I was watching locked shows quite successfully but when I would stop watching them and go back maybe even an hour later it denied me and said I had to re-authenticate.I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling it put in my cable information and I was good to go for a period of time , I got frustrated and just deleted the whole app… Now it’s been a while I thought I would download it again and I’m having the same problem.I did reach out and contacted and received the initial email saying they got my message… I haven’t heard anything since then. If it weren’t for liking the content of a lot of the shows, I would just say forget it but I would like to try to get it to work correctly
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7 years ago, Uugghhhhh!!!!!
Was great...
I’ve had this app for YEARS! It’s been awesome up until the past year or so when it was decided that you had to log in with a cable provider in order to access the entire app. Now I can’t log in with my cable provider, even though it works just fine with all of my other tv apps, because it’s not on their list of providers. Also they have their shows blocked on demand on my other tv apps too because I can’t log into their app. I absolutely LOVE the ID channel and I’m extremely upset that they wouldn’t have the same list of providers as all the rest. I’d happily pay to have the full app experience if they aren’t going to add the providers. I just wish they would do something because this is getting really old. Btw, my provider is DirectTV NOW through my Apple TV and I pay for all of my other tv apps. They also don’t crash like this one does and don’t have the ridiculous amount of commercials.
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5 years ago, abm6700
Won't let me watch anything!
I usually love this app, although there are few things I would change. The ads aren't too bad but can get very annoying. The app sometimes lags too and will get rid of my "continue watching" queue which is extremely frustrating to have to then go and find the show and find where I was at in the episode. I'm having a major issue right now that won't allow me to even watch shows! I'm logged into my cable provider, and it shows that I am. However when I go to watch something an error pops up saying something like "you can only watch if you are logged in with a cable subscription." None of the episodes or shows have those locked key signs because I am logged in, but it still won't let me watch!!! I'm getting very frustrated as I would like to watch my shows.
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7 years ago, Len 80
App doesn’t function properly. Frustrating!
I can’t sign into the app with my service provider log in in order to access all locked content. So I can only view unlocked videos. I tried redownloading and that didn’t work. The constant ads are frustratingly over and over again. When the app stalls it eventually causes the video to close and I have to restart from the beginning. There is no resume option. There’s no rewind or FF button so when you try to use the progress bar to get to the point you need it can cause crashes, freezes or I have to watch ads again. The only reason I still have the app is because I love watching ID and when I can get it to play a video properly I do enjoy it. Please fix your buggy app especially the sign in feature. I push the sign in button and it brings up the thinking circle and then it disappears like I never pushed it.
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4 months ago, Ashleigh J Cody
Love 💕 Hate ❤️ Relationship!
Loooove my crime shows alllll of ‘em…. But I cannot keep track of what I’ve seen, app is not accurate & constantly signs me out as well. Also, wish I could somehow keep track btw MAX & ID (since Max I have no ads and keeps track of what I’ve already watched accurately!) what I’ve seen without CONSTANTLY going to ID-searching the show, opening show and going thru each season & episode to mentally see what I’ve watched then swapping over to MAX to search, click, change seasons, etc! All the while… trying to remember what I’d seen on ID if I hadn’t stayed in specific order. Also I feel like when I have DISH logged into the app AND I have ID thru subscribing to MAX- I don’t feel like there should be ANY shows that are still locked to me. But tbh that’s just imo 🫣 Otherwise…. LOOOOOVE YOU ID!!! 💕
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5 years ago, Vingle app
ID app
I love this app but as I’m a philo subscriber I can’t watch locked shows until they are part of the cable subscribers they aren’t listed as of yet please add them to the list so I can watch all of shows that I love the most anywhere and everywhere ... the ID channel is on in my home 24-7 I love this channel I can’t get enough but I would like to be able to use the app to watch shows that are locked they shouldn’t be locked bc Most people these days don’t have or want cable it shouldn’t matter if you have cable or not really ... but it is that way if you guys could fix that part I think a lot more people would use this app the same with the rest of the tv apps
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4 years ago, Teena V.
When I first downloaded the app it worked perfectly fine for at least 6 mos on my iPad. In order to watch now, I have to delete the app and download it again. I can watch one show then I have to repeat process over again if I decide to pick a different show. If I let it just play whatever it chooses, most the time it plays out fine. ID Go is my favorite app, I watch everyday but it gets annoying always having to delete, download, sign in, over and over again. The app works perfectly fine on my phone. But I don’t like watching on such a small screen and I shouldn’t have too. PLEASEEEEEE FIX IT 😩
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5 years ago, DoYouWantMyReview
Love ID content but...
I love the ID content and listen to it daily. But your “Continue Watching” link needs an edit just like the “Favorite Shows” and “Watch Later”. I have many shows in “Continue Watching” that I never watch, so I don’t know how they got there. But I’d like to be able to delete them, so I can find the shows that I actually want to continue watching. I also agree with other reviewers that there is a problem with the ads. I understand that you have to air them, but I don’t need them to air three times in a row. Once is sufficient! Also, I have my settings set to “English” as my language, and recently I’ve been getting ads in other languages. That is a waste of everyone’s time, mine and the advertiser’s as I don’t understand a word and I don’t usually watch but just listen.
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5 years ago, Vintage White Roses
Love The Shows - Hate The App
I had no problems when I first installed the app but now it freezes at the banner page. I have to uninstall and reinstall the app and sign in with the cable provider in order to watch anything. Once I leave the app, I have to do it all over again. Super frustrating therefore I don’t use it very often. The repetitious commercials don’t bother me because I know it’s part of the deal. I just leave the room to stretch, get a drink or do a couple of quick chores and come back just in time for the next portion of the show. UPDATE: Tried IDG again a few months after my initial review and it now works consistently. Thank you developers for listening to user complaints and fixing the issues with IDG!
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5 years ago, ScS333
Update: They Fixed It!
Update: Wow! Within a day they fixed the App! So glad...many thanks! Old review: Used to love ID Go which always worked...started downloading individual cable apps, such as ID Go, HGTV, NatGeo, etc. when it became impossible to use Charter Spectrum’s TV App. But this past week, can’t open ID Go or HGTV, etc. beyond the initial logo screen. Can’t log in, can’t open any programming, etc., only a frozen logo screen is available. Have tried deleting and re-downloading numerous times but nothing works. Suspect it might be attributable to the atrocious services from my Spectrum Charter subscriptions (WiFi access & cable provider)...
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4 years ago, Kristeneh97
Not worth it without TV subscription
Yes they have unlocked content, but it’s none of the good or really interesting stuff. Without a TV subscription it’s boring and a waste of time. I would pay for a standalone digital subscription for ID specifically if offered but they don’t have one. Also... I don’t mind a reasonable number of ads , but the app will have three commercial breaks in a 12minute mini-episode, each break has 6-8 ads and you’ll see the same ad maybe two or three times in every break. I just had a 5 ad break and it was just the same ad 5 times. It makes the subpar content of the app without a subscription even less appealing because why bother putting up with the obnoxious ads when it’s not even riveting content? If you don’t have a TV subscription, stick with true crime vloggers, podcasts, and youtubers. Way better content that way.
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4 years ago, SJKeely
Needs to be fixed badly
I was really excited to have this app as I love to turn on a series to listen to while I work. I have a cable subscription through my local provider so I don’t have worry whether a series is locked or unlocked. Unfortunately this app is just awful. I can maybe watch 1 or 2 shows before I get the dreaded ‘This content is available to viewers who receive Investigation Discovery as part of their paid tv subscription’. Funny thing is I pay for cable solely for this channel. Once I get this error I can’t even flip to an unlocked series. Once the error comes up that’s it for the rest of the day into the next. Not even rebooting my phone or uninstalling/reinstalling the app works. My phone is brand new and has no other issues. I can flip on my tv and have no access issues, only the mobile app. I really hope it gets fixed!
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4 years ago, Sanchez2396
Not like TV would be
When I received an email from the app developer they said it would be like if you were watching the shows on tv. Which isn’t completely true because if your watching the shows on tv you actually have a fast forward button to skip through all the stupid ads that there are and a rewind button to see what you might’ve missed in the show. But nope we don’t get any of that just stupid ads that repeat and a pause button that doesn’t even really seem to help when you missed something in an episode. You get stuck having to guess how far back you need to go to see what you missed. This isn’t my first review on this app but my third and I haven’t heard anything from the developers on my second one.
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4 years ago, ♠Jen
Great app missing one key feature
I love this app, I love the shows. Pretty much any show on this channel is good. The only thing I wish it had was a rewind button! 10 or 15 seconds would be great. I find myself having to go back multiple times during the shows I watch because I didn’t hear something right or I want to see something again and get a better look. It’s very hard to get to the exact spot you want since you have to scroll with the circle at the bottom that shows the show’s progress. Also sometimes I go too far back or to the wrong spot, and end up having to watch commercials all over again that I already saw.
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4 years ago, abarrick15
App could use bug fixes and updates
I love ID channel but not so much the app as of lately. I am signed in with my cable provider so I shouldn’t get as many ads, I pay enough for cable as it is. Also, after I have watched one or two shows, I have a box pop up saying “This content is only available to those with a paid tv subscription”. Like I said I am signed in already and have watched one to two shows, so then I have to sign out and sign back in. Another thing I would like to see on this app, is where you have the rewind and forward arrows so when you do get kicked off app and like a lot people say you have to start your show from the very beginning, that you could use those instead of the bar!
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3 years ago, Britts brats
Love the app but…
Since upgrading to the iPhone 12 Max Pro I find the app frustrating. I used to be able to double tap the screen to expand the video to cover the entire screen. I can no longer do that so it makes rewinding impossible because the screen moves to the side. Can this be fixed? This is still an issue. I’m thinking about deleting the app if this is not fixed. It’s ridiculous that a user can’t fast forward or rewind a show because the app doesn’t fill up the entire screen anymore 😡
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5 years ago, Soulgirl23
Commercials are ridiculously loud - update
I use my iPad to listen to tv in bed when I can’t sleep but don’t want to disturb my husband by turning on the TV. If I adjust the volume to a level where I can hear the shows but low enough to possibly fall back to sleep, the commercials are so loud they wake me back up. This has been the case since day one and nothing has changed. So rather than using the Id go app, I use my carrier app instead which uses more battery but is modulated normally. Update - I received an email from the developers asking if the problem still existed. I tried it recently and it has been fixed so THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!!!!!
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3 years ago, kmmee
Michelle This app has been very disappointing since the beginning of 2021. Only 1-3 episodes for the entire weekly programming, have been new episodes. Otherwise, the episodes are at least a year old. Sometimes, they wil give the episode a new name to make you think it is a new release. In my opinion, ID is trying to force it’s viewers to purchase their new streaming channel because they are not offering anything new. Very, very disappointing abd very, very poor reflection on how much ID values it’s viewer audience.
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6 years ago, Wl1012
Too many ads
I wish you guys would make 2 different apps, like this is free and has a boat load of ads/commercials every couple of minutes. Cant you make another app that you can pay for to eliminate all these ads. I would gladly pay a one time fee of a couple bucks to have unlimited watching of shows without all the commercials. I already pay for my cable ($225 a month) which I think would mean I can watch without a commercial every couple of minutes. Or take into consideration that we pay for our cables services already and make the shows without all these ads/commercials? Or maybe just maybe have 1-2 ads per show? Just an idea. I really hope you guys read these reviews and make these changes.
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3 years ago, Mshady919
Good but buggy
The model is great. The shows are even better. But the biggest thing that warranty my vote of a 3 was how buggy this app is. There're no rewind/fast forward buttons. There's no fullscreen/minimize button. And the Continue Watching tab really doesn't work that well. This app needs slight improvement as far as the UI goes but other than that, I'm loving every minute of ID. Oh, and last but not least, the Closed Captioning doesn't give you the option of picking your language. So sometimes when I'm looking for English text, I'm getting French words going across my screen. So to finalize, I give this app a for 3 star, but an informal 5 star.
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2 years ago, you ruin my id go ap
Ruined this app
I loved this app until recently they ruined it by charging for same shows which where free as long you were already paying through your cable subscription now the discovery networks expect you pay twice for same shows that was free on app before came out with discovery plus Shame on discovery networks you've ruinthe id app an just made not want watch anything your networks put out anymore I so disgusted with their greediness now u compketyre ent destroyed what made goid took speaker away recent my info of watched shows Just ruined no reason use anymore
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4 years ago, Danny's Mutha
The ads are RELENTLESS!
I love the content of the programs, but the repetitive ads are obnoxious. The commercial breaks happen way to often and the same commercial will repeat itself up to five times during each commercial break. It is not uncommon to see just one commercial during a 60 minute program up to 25 times. I can assure you that after being hounded by so many ads, that I am not going to be purchasing anything from Domino’s Pizza, following some politicians or watch ESPN. The absolute worst ad ever was from the woman from Bridesmaids and Saturday Night Live talking about her smelly vagina. I’d also like to mention the ads for the reality TV show where a group of trashy people scream at each other. I eventually just turned it off.
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2 years ago, Lidlebami
If u never have to ffw or rewind it’s fine
Certainly a top viewer. Content is great for those interested in law and crime. God forbid you need to rewind or fast forward though! You could be stuck watching ads for hours, if you can’t recall where you left off! 6-8 ads every time you touch the tab to locate a scene or go back to main menu abs return to an episode. ThAt can be intolerable. I have definitely had to view content in a different app in because I was so fed up with the length ad issue.
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5 years ago, jsdahlheimer
Good app...where do I leave content feedback?
I think the app works very well! I have had few issues with it, comparatively speaking. I wish the layout was more forthright with regard to episodes vs. short segments that appear to be a show. I have favorited shows in the past, only to have the setting disappear (more than once) — so I no longer use this feature. The thing I find to be most frustrating is the stupid 8-10 minute episodes (that are still interrupted with commercials), that are now peppered into the “On Last Night” section which is super annoying!! Overall - the app is solid.
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5 years ago, Kelligirl40
So disappointing!
I don’t know what has happened. This app used to be wonderful! Suddenly everything is locked. I use Direct TV and when I try to unlock the circle spins and nothing happens. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling app twice to no avail. I’ve e-mailed support and just receive back some automated response saying they can’t help. I thought ID was better than this! Update...everything is fixed and when you are signed in there are now only 3-4 ads. Then, just when I think it’s pretty close perfect now they have taken away the feature that tells you how many ads there are! Why??
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3 years ago, NatsCapsOs
Too many commercials
I have streaming services for just about every channel and hat offers one. This has BY FAR the most commercials of any of them. I spend about 45%-50% of the time using this app watching commercials. Other than that it works pretty well. That’s why I didn’t give 1 star. Seems to be programmed well(doesn’t crash or anything) Wanna back it up a minute or two? Commercials. Wanna pause and switch to another device to go outside for a smoke? Commercials. Wanna come BACK inside afterward? Commercials. You can watch the same commercial break that’s at the 15 minute mark as many time as you cross that 15 minute mark. Only streaming app that does that.
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6 years ago, TMK1962
Used to work great until a month ago...
We have direct tv now app and pay monthly through Apple TV. I love ID tv and watch it all the time. Had no problems streaming on my iPad until a month or so ago. You just logged in through the direct tv provider with your email and password and it worked perfectly. I would of given the app a 5 star rating a month ago... Now The app started asking me to sign in again and again which is new and now when I try to sign in it rejects my password and and says my password is expired and I’m not a subscriber!!! This is so disappointing!!! I’ve gone to ID tv’s website (in the contact us section of the website) and reported this and have left my email but no one ever responds back to me. I see others have left similar rating issues and have spoke of this problem too. ID TV why are you not letting us know why you are blocking Direct TV Now subscribers recently? We used be be able to log in on the app and watch your programs and go back and watch older shows on demand, now we can’t. Please fix this problem or let us know at least why you are now BLOCKING us out of the APP.
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2 years ago, schnitzputrescence99
Investigation Discovery, how shall I begin my introduction? in many years of enjoying the channel. I love that with this app. You don’t longer need a tv haha. I can watch my favorite shows on through the day in every place. Even in the toilet for some people. But most of all. The insanity of our human brain the factor that murders occur in life. How a person can go from zero to life in a cell. Even death row. The mental health and struggles of life lead to these types of people to terrible things. Anyways, thank you
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5 years ago, CMarie0922
Very glitchy
I love this channel and was excited to get this app. It worked great for about a month, but now it has started frequently just shutting down and refusing to play shows. I can usually watch 1 episode and then when I try to watch a second, the app will shut down and send me to my TV’s home screen. This is typically followed by me signing out, deleting the app, reloading the app, signing in again (which also tends to have issues), and then just maybe I can watch another episode or two before it happens again. Sometimes I have to repeat this process several times before I can actually get anything to play again. I love the channel but this is extremely frustrating.
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4 years ago, Ohlv
Way more ads than comparable apps!
Too many ads and often doesn’t save where you were at in the show when you close the app for even a short period of time. I’ve read other reviews with the same comments. Regardless of if this gets fixed, too many commercials. I only gave it two stars because I love true crime shows. I use lots of apps to watch shows and have never had any that have this many commercials. The worst part is they are the same commercials over and over. If you are going to make us watch the “3 minutes” of commercials can you at least get some new ads to switch it up? It makes me want to stop watching and never get Allstate!
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5 years ago, RoseGVel
Good content but...
This app uses entirely too much data compared to my other streaming app. No other channel/app uses as much data. It uses over twice as much data for usage time. They should work on this. I use other apps way more but when I check my data use this app always has the highest amount of data usage. Just checked my usage 103gb that’s insane it’s my least used app. All my other streaming apps are under 20gb how is my least used app 103 I’m going to delete it. Other than that the app works well as far as content it’s a well put together app other than the data I have no other issues with it.
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6 years ago, jaccarnee
App keeps crashing on FireStick
App keeps crashing when it reaches an ATT commercial. I’ve tried in Roku and Firestick. I wind up in and endless loop of commercials. god forbid that one of those is and ATT commercial because I have to start all over again. I’m up to 18 commercials. I’ve forgotten what I’m watching. It happens on every show. Are those people asleep over at ID GO? Update. It appears that the ATT commercials have been removed, and I can watch streaming show without any problems. Thank you.
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5 years ago, BRDW27
Love the app but...
I love this app and tv channel. I think it works great and I love many of the shows. Unfortunately, I do have a complaint. I truly loathe that I cannot watch every show or I am only allowed certain episodes from certain shows without tv provider sign in. I understand apps have to make money some how but, I think there should be an option to then pay for the app to get more out of it with either a monthly payment or a one time payment. This way, those of us without tv providers can still watch what we want as well as support the app.
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5 years ago, Thechicmel
Love the shoes but the App doesn’t work half the time
The app is great when working but a lot of times it will say my cable provider doesn’t have access to the shows. I try signing out and back in or uninstalling app and downloading again. Sometimes one of those works and other times it doesn’t. If it doesn’t work I have to wait a few hours and eventually it will start working again. It is very frustrating especially when I’m in the middle of a show.
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6 years ago, CocoNTag
No longer works
I have been using the IDgo app for months on my iPad mini with my Spectrum account. I have changed nothing but this morning all my shows are locked. The error message says it's not included in my plan. However the ID channel is in my Spectrum plan because I'm watching it RIGHT NOW on my TV!! When I click on the account icon at the top right corner, the app DISAPPEARS. So I can't even check my account. There was a message when I first opened the app that we can now watch shows in real time as they are playing on TV. Whatever you changed to allow this has really rendered the app useless. I am using an original iPad mini with iOS version 9.3.5, the current version for this tablet. PLEASE FIX!!!!!! I'm an ID addict and watch all the shows religiously!
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6 years ago, Boffo44
What happened??
I’ve been using this app for many months to watch my favorite episodes of several series. It’s always worked well up until just recently. I can no longer sign in to my provider on the app (Direct TV) and therefore all the blue keys are still on most of the programs that I want to watch. When I choose “sign in”, the blue circle spins and then it just stops. I can do this endlessly but it won’t sign in or even change the screen. I can use the Investigation Discovery website and sign in just fine, but that also has problems when a currently being watched show gets interrupted by something (phone call, text message, etc). It then won’t continue and the program has to be restarted. Frustrating!
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5 years ago, The Rence
I have to load the ID Go app, give my cable password to be able to watch anything but then after almost every episode I have to delete the IDGo app and download it again and give my cable password again. Or if I close the app because I’m done watching, if I want to watch it again, I have to delete the app and start all over again. I have watched Several other apps, I’ve only had to download their app once, they open each and every time. I thought maybe it was just me, that maybe I was doing something wrong but read other reviews and I am NOT alone. Please please please fix this app, I pay a lot more for my cable just so I can watch ID both on tv and on my iPad and this is beyond frustrating.
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4 years ago, amqamqamq
I wanna like this app, I love the shows but the same 7-10 commercials over and over again in each of the 4 commercial breaks is extremely annoying and super trashy. I/3 of these shows are just ads. As if watching this many commercials isn’t awful enough some play 3 times in a row. Worst tv app I have by far. I see the developers responding that it’s the same time ads as TV, which may be true but this app only plays the same ones over and over. I saw the exact same Nissan commercial 8 times in one program. TV Does not force 1-2 products down your throat over and over for months. So please explain that. It’s gross. Anyways I give up on this app. Deleting and won’t even bother using anymore.
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