If you’re happy & you know it

3.7 (31)
72.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
TabTale LTD
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for If you’re happy & you know it

3.71 out of 5
31 Ratings
12 years ago, Snatch_Bird
Needs improvement!
My one year old loves this, but its a headache for me to play because I have to be next to her as the song plays and the reason is the two stupid buttons at the bottom of the screen. That is the first place she lands her excited little hands and of course the song goes crazy and she gets frustrated. -Please remove those buttons, place them at the top of the screen at least. -Please add a lock screen option to prevent song from switching off during play, while still being able to interact with the characters. -Please remove the long pause between the parts of the song. They're annoying to say the least. Thanks!!!
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3 months ago, muraganadam
Please make the entire song free
I like that you can try out the first stages of the games but I don’t like that it only has one verse of the song and you have to pay for the rest. Please make the entire song free, make all the animal puzzles free, and also make entire animal kingdom free.
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12 years ago, Claudius K
Like to buy your apps over and over again ? Then buy them from Kids Games Club :-(
Fine app content. Kids like it. Questionable business model. You do not buy the app outright. What you buy is an in-app purchase of the "full version". All is well until you have to reinstall it or want to install the app on another device. Then what you get is the free locked version and will have to repurchase the individual games or the "full app" again. And again, next time... Deceiving to say the least. It seems this applies to most games from Kids Games Club. Nowhere in the apps description page is this made explicit. Buying the "full version " of an app should not be time or device restricted. This is not at all the same as the in-app typical purchase of points or ammo that are labeled "consumables". Apple, please address this practice. One lousy star until Kids Games Club change their ways for better.
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12 years ago, Alisabro
Happy and you know it
I was really upset at first with this app. My kids absolutely love it. They are 2,3,&6. All three play it. So when my phone took a dump I was upset that I didn't have the full version anymore. However months later when I caved and went to buy the full version, I was pleasantly surprised when I got it back for free. Thanks! I was a hero that day
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12 years ago, dr.ductus
Sound Bugs
If you have the toggle switch set as a mute switch with mute toggled on, then change it to rotation lock, the sound for the app will never be unmuted (unless you change the switch back to mute and "unmute" it). No other apps seem to have this issue except the Kids Games Club apps. Which leads me to believe it's a bug in how the sound is being handled by this app specifically. We went for a long time with no sound on this app for the iPad (but working on the iPhone) until we decided to try this. Very frustrating. The "No Sound" section in the app description is what gave me the idea but was not very clear about what it was trying to say.
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11 years ago, VeryVito
Literally makes children cry.
If there is ever a Congressional hearing (or at least an Apple crackdown) on shady marketing practices aimed at children via smart phones, the makers of this app should be the first people called to try to defend their actions. Opens to an ad every time. Every damned time. Every, every damned time. Thanks to constant popups begging for more money, this app tends to send our kid into a rage every time a $&@))$& popup appears -- which is constantly. Take the "More apps" button and popup off (or hide it, or give us an option to disable it), and I might rate the app a "5." But with that button, constant "new message" badges -- with no option to remove them -- and opening screen constantly redirecting my toddler to the App Store, I share his frustration. Worst $2 ever.
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13 years ago, ipodtouchesyou
Parents: BEWARE of In-App purchase!
Cute game with cute characters, animations and sounds. My only complaint is that I was TRYING this game out. I knew it had in-app purchases, but what got me was that after playing the song for the first time it tried to get me to confirm my purchase for the full version. If my kid was playing this they would of hit yes without even reading what it was asking. This seems shady. I'm all for in app purchases so people can try the game before buying, but I am NOT for in app purchases being tricked onto the customer. It's just shady and wrong.. I'd of purchased the full version had that not happened. Such a shame!
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13 years ago, MarkNCassi
Do not get this
I got this for my daughter because of the song...rip off. It only sings the "clap your hands" part and then makes you pay for the rest. A huge tease for her. I know that her and I can just sing it ourselves, but I don't have the fun illustrations. You only get 2 pics to color and the rest is limited as well. I know it's free, but it should be stated that you only get one verse of the song and don't advertise the pics that you can't get on the free version. I've ran into that a lot with diff apps like this....the ppl that make these must not be sitting there with a 3 year old looking thru them to download. If they were, they would know how to better advertise them!
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12 years ago, Lilmomma33
Charged me for free version
One verse of "if your happy and you know it" and the box comes up asking u to buy the full version, luckily I turned off in app purchased because this is set up so toddlers will buy stuff without your knowledge!!! Despise trickery like that in a children's app!! You can hear the stomp your feet part of the song but not see the characters because of the sign to "buy full version " !! Why was I charged for a free app? Why can I only listen to ten seconds of a song and have my toddler frustrated they can't finish it? DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!!
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13 years ago, Brutus Bruno
Free app?
I understand that with free apps there is a price that we have to pay in enduring the ads and solicitations to make purchases. But the number of pop ups and redirects that are imbedded in this app is ridiculous. It seems like nearly every icon that my son touched sent him to iTunes. I'm not opposed to paying for apps, but just don't appreciate being forced or manipulated into doing so. Other than that (big) complaint, the app looks like it might have promise.
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12 years ago, Chicinpic
Nice app
I think this is a nice app but would like to see an option to automatically change to the next page for those who can not understand the arrow button. I play this with my son and he loves it but I would like to give him some independence too.
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13 years ago, ddghyrfvvbjuyhb
My 13 month old likes it because she loves that song "if your happy and you know it" although I wish you could touch or tap items on the screen, like the sun or rainbow and it did something's or them. Since shes interacting with other touch apps! maybe if they add that feature As an update for us it would get 5 stars instead of three.
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12 years ago, Purplerose25
It said the app was free but my card got charged $1.08 and now it says that I need to buy the full version?!?!?! What's up with that???? How much more do I need to pay for a app that stated it was free? My 3 yr old doesn't seem to be too interested in it after about 5 min of game time. During that 5 min he loves it though. Email to solve this problem!!!!!
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12 years ago, PnaiBabyGurl143
My daughter loves this app!
Just bought the full version so we will see how much more she will enjoy it. Four stars only because the lite version didn't give as much of the song as similar lite versions have.
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12 years ago, WobblesAllAround
Puzzle Section - Fix "Savanna"
This app worked great until this last update for the iPad. For example, under Puzzles, some don't launch unless you press it multiple times (eg. Ranch) and others don't work at all (eg. Savanna). My 3 yr old is not very happy. She can use the one on my iPhone which still works as I haven't updated it yet.
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12 years ago, Clm007
Not a universal app!
I bought the full version on the iPad but I have to buy the full version again if I want it in the iPhone which I didn't cause I think it's unfair. Also for some reason, the graphics on the iPad is better than in the iPhone 4s
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12 years ago, maritaf
It's an amazing game I can't believe how it helps with my daughters skills she loves this game even she's 2 years old she managed the game pretty well and she is learning a lot I will recommended to everybody with smart kids
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12 years ago, Neandermom
Useless and no customer support
I purchased the full version of this via the app and it doesn't play properly. I contacted customer support and have not heard back. I can't re-download the full version that I paid for - I deleted the original one to reinstall it in case that would fix the issue. I will be taking this up with my credit card company.
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11 years ago, RoseyX2
Cute App!
My daughter is almost two and loves this app. It keeps her occupied and she knows how to to do a lot if the games. Very fun even if mom gets annoyed with the same song over and over :)
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12 years ago, Xbratx25
Great app
Great app (after you pay of course)! My son has played it for months and still loves it and plays everyday! Keeps him busy for at least an hour at a time.
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12 years ago, Sfsffcgh
Good app
App has many games at different levels. My 12 month old likes peekaboo and sing along but there are more advanced games so can grow with her.
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12 years ago, Maxy2012
Happy and you know it clap hands
This is so cool my granddaughter is blind and she luvs this song she does hear the song and she claps to the song and stomp your feet and she baby talks the horray thank u for the opprotunity for my grand baby to learn
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12 years ago, Justme8892
Hours of fun
And learning for my daughter. At 2 years old this app have her captivated with all the fun colors sounds and learning activities. It was worth getting the full app.
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12 years ago, Syenna
The Animal Game
We really enjoy playing this game. On the demo version there is a whole lot to do. It keeps my daughter occupied for a long while.
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12 years ago, Mabiprincess
It's awesome!!
Very well Instructed, and if you decide to upgrade for 1.99, it's well worth it! Lots of variety and keeps my princess learning and having fun.
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12 years ago, SaraLouWhoWho
Constantly tries to get my 3 year old to buy the full version
Very few games and levels for the free version. My 3 year old got bored very quickly and was constantly handing my phone back for me to fix it because a message would pop up trying to get you to purchase the full version. Disappointed.
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13 years ago, Laughingrain
My son loves it. But just for the couple extra parts of the song not worth buying...get just about the same for free.
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12 years ago, Jason & Kori Family
Not child friendly
App opens to a screen trying to sell you more apps with a small x at the bottom left of the screen that my two year old doesn't understand. Going to delete because company is more concerned with selling more than making this app child friendly.
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12 years ago, Babies1234
By Kristina
Very disappointing no sound after a while want you to buy it again some people can't afford to keep buying I have three small children they all have development problems I'm adopting them they were learning from this
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12 years ago, Volleyball chick 02
The game is great for little kids my cousin loves it so much. Even me and my friend like it,it is very funny ! Ps we are way to old for but it is very funny!
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12 years ago, Vone-PN
2yr old loves this app!!!
This is a great app to sit and interact with your little one and fun family time together. She can't get enough of it!
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12 years ago, Cassy46
I have already purchased the full version one time before and now when I try to show the game to my niece and nephew it is asking me to purchase again. Very dissatisfied and disgusted to say the least.
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12 years ago, mrs.mckirdy
Constantly interrupted to buy
My child gets so frustrated using this app, there are constant pop ups to have you buy more apps, with a very small "x" to close those screens...not kid-user-friendly. Shame on them for being more interested in selling to kids rather than having an engaging app.
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12 years ago, Rileys nana
Very dissapointed
Only got a demo, my granddaughter doesn't understand why the game won't work. If your going to do false advertisement could you please do it to adults that understand. Would buy the game but everyone that I know who purchased it , is having to purchase it over and over again. Not happy!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Cookwolf
If you're happy and you know it
My two year old granddaughter loves it! But, you have to pay for it.
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12 years ago, Gbstev
Happy animal fun with puzzles
We liked it. Both of my children enjoy it!
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12 years ago, MrJStorytimeGuy
Not free at all
Sure you can download the app for free, but you get to listen to one verse of "if you're happy and you know it" and then a big box pops on your screen telling you that you need to buy it to see more. If the software was worth it you wouldn't need to pull such a shady tactic.
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13 years ago, CJmango
Don't waste your time
My daughter( age 2) was very excited. She loves the songs, but it only played 10 seconds of the song,then asked if u wanted to purchase full package (1 song for $.99). What a tease! And why pay $.99 for each song? I'm sure there's something better.
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12 years ago, LaLaLaTina 🎀
My thought
It's good but It may be better with sound
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12 years ago, Chachi2626
My 2 year olds favorite game
This is my 2 year olds favorite game. My 4 and 7 year old like parts of it as well.
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12 years ago, 9holegolfer
No sound
It was fine and lots of fun until the sound stopped working. Fix it please. My two year old granddaughter keeps telling me "it doesn't work".
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12 years ago, mhagen2
Toddler loves it!
Personally, I think it would get boring pretty quickly. But my 22-month-old daughter would beg to differ!
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13 years ago, Brainpolluter
In app purchases are annoying
I am offended by any kids app that is full of solicitations for other purchases. Just clicking around, my daughter spent more time fending off offers for upgrades than she did actually playing Perhaps the best lesson this app teaches is how to fend off pushy salesmen
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12 years ago, Foxy143
If you're happy
Great for kids!!!Keeps their attention and has them smiling!!!
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12 years ago, SmileyFacer:)
Train of animals
I love it but too old for it but the train of animals cracks me up
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12 years ago, Fatfat03
My 3-1/2 years old like the game she cried for not able to have all accessing of the song. Please stop the intimidating on kids game its frustrated to my child and me. You posted free app open all access of the game.
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11 years ago, Fwfffffffffff
What a waste!
It looked really cute - like something my 16 month old would enjoy. I overlooked the clapping during the part where they're not singing about clapping. But really? One verse and I need to buy the rest of the song? No, thanks. Too many other options available.
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11 years ago, Noah1966
Noah Twins Daddy
Our 2 year old's LOVE this app! Where else will a $1.99 buy hours of fun and learning??? Highly recommended.
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12 years ago, Jbarrette
My 2 year old likes this game, but the pop ups that try to push you to buy the full version are SO incredibly annoying. They pop up ALL the time. It's getting to the point that I'm ready to delete the app
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12 years ago, Bsenevey
No sound
This app worked for a long time when I purchased it. But for a few weeks the sound hasn't been working and still isn't, it's not muted either..??????
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