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10 months ago
Version OS
14.7 or later
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User Reviews for iFullerton

2.63 out of 5
35 Ratings
2 years ago, 12349563810
Faculty Email
Am I missing something here? The only email Icon I see is for students only. Thanks/
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2 years ago, Vicky sickly
Not great
This app has a lot to offer but as software updates it has problems. The app worked great before but if you delete it then re download it for the school year it crashes. I had deleted and re downloaded it about five to six time and it keeps crashing. No idea what happen but it needs to be updated for the changes in software
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5 years ago, JTSwish
Fixed the bug, back in business
The bug that was making the app crash on launch was fixed, so it’s back to being as functional as ever. 🤘🏾
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6 years ago, sjazminl
Crashes on my iPad ALL THE TIME
Since I downloaded it first it has only worked a few times. Ever since it crashes every single time. It works in my phone just not on my iPad which I just purchased three months ago it’s not an old iPad issue. I’m not a tech so I don’t know what the problem could be.
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6 years ago, Secundox
Not great...
It's okay, but I'd like an option to not have location services constantly on, besides manually going into my phone to disable it when I leave campus for the day.
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10 years ago, BlondeGuppie
The app is okay.
It helps sometimes. Currently the parking for lot A&G is not updating (please fix). The email is also not connected to my account even though I'm logged in (please fix). Overall it can help with parking and computer availability. It just has some problems that still need to be worked out.
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2 years ago, Bloo3001
Keeps crashing as I try to open the app
I can’t open the app anymore because it keeps crashing whenever I try to open it. Very useful app but right now, not so great.
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6 years ago, Cc busting
Don't know why five stars! For can't access class schedule and Titan app? By the way, class schedule can be accessed, but outdated. What's the point?
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2 years ago, Hammyrules55
App won’t open
App keeps instantly closing when attempting to open it.
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6 years ago, Carpe-Diem47
Nice app
Works great and serves its purpose
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5 years ago, vajavsbeje
Titans reach lower
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12 years ago, MissyChrissyO
It's pretty good
Update: please add an option to view our grades I have seen other schools have this option and it would be nice if we did too Old review: If you want to access your mail from your phone use gmail on your phone's email option. That's what I did and it worked. :) Anyway, this app is nice. It shows you available parking, you can look up your class list and locate where the building is that the class is in. Oh, and Justin... What the heck does parking have to do with this app?
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13 years ago, MapHobbit
Very Useful
This is a simple app that I can turn to in order to access some helpful information. I like that I can access Blackboard and wish wish I could access my Titan e-mail through it. (Setting up through my iPod's Google is a pain.) I like the webcams too because they give me a cool glimpse of the campus, though they don't always work. (Especially the library one.) A few more updates and this app should be top notch!
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12 years ago, accase
Helpful, but...
I really like this app for the parking and computer lab availability, But the fact that it doesn't have even a link to the student email is a major flaw :( Also, I've found from blackboard document downloads single-clicks will just show the in screen box first amount of the document, but then if i hold-down and just use 'open in new window' it's the whole document :)
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9 years ago, A Student🌟
Nice layout but
How about a system that notifies you when you get new mail?😃 If the app would let you directly log into mail "in-app" it would be helpful to students that have classes cancelled! Or that miss out of school events. Otherwise the new look is nice.☺️ I've talked to multiple students about notification/in app email functions in this app and they've all agreed. I think we should help them out! 😊
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13 years ago, boowhooop
Love it
I am really happy with this app and the recent updates. I love the parking feature. I would really like to see Student Recreation Center information (e.g. operating hours, times of drop in classes and services available). Please keep the updates coming! It makes life much easier with each additional feature you bring us!
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13 years ago, Seanna Wang
This app is super helpful and easy to use. I like having access to blackboard and titanium since it's a pain to login and navigate the portal through Safari. Only thing I can think of to improve is to make Email accessible as well. Other than that, fabulous app! Loving the frequent updates!
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13 years ago, Thcm
A very impressed student
This is really a good app. It is fast and stable. Very useful because it also shows informations of faculty members. Definitely something all smart phone users student should get. But I wonder if all our money went to the creation of this app.
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11 years ago, Map quest user
Fix Email issue please!
I used to love this app, mostly use it for my student email and Titanium. Recently, however, it's been doing this thing where it won't let me check my email, it redirects me to a gmail sign in page and tells me to enter my csu email w/o a password so I do and still nothing and on top of this I still can't access it if I go through regular Internet on my iPhone either :/ PLEASE FIX THIS :(
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13 years ago, mandoman
Useful!!! Few recommendations...
First, off: GREAT APP! Very useful to the average student, especially to other freshmen! I would really like to see a higher quality update however. As in, updated, higher definition graphics.
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13 years ago, kocochesse
Terrible idea
Its a terrible idea to load blackboard and titanium in the app. Many of the course documents on these websites load in a frame that cannot be dealt with in the fullerton app because of scrolling issues. In safari you could simply open the document in a new window and it will load independently with scrolling and "open with" features. Please change it back or the bb/titanium feature is deemed useless
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12 years ago, Mr.Man2011
Good, but needs improvement
User friendly which is a Plus, but it needs to have the csuf mail available on this!
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12 years ago, titans90
Easy to log in to blackboard and titanium but would be even better if it had email access
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13 years ago, PrimePerspective
Thumbs up
Just like your student portal and helps you organize your academic stuff. It does what it says it will do.
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8 years ago, vd4246
Needs to be updated
The app interface is old and looks like a concept from the '80s. I've had multiple classes where a ton of people wanted an app that they can rely on that has events on campus that will allow them to be engaged. This app just shows how bad our campus is with helping students stay connected with the campus. I've been on a student here for a few years and the students all want to have an app that allows them to connect they're even willing to pay. Whoever is in charged with designing this app needs to step up.
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12 years ago, nameful
Quick and easy access to many categories.
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13 years ago, Mkylops
Very nice
The only thing I would add would be to be able to access your email through it.
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9 years ago, Calliope2112
Not functioning
There are several functions that don't work when tapped on: TITANIUM, TITANIUM COMMUNITIES, and PORTAL. These are extremely important and should be able to be accessed through this app, otherwise, what's the point.
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11 years ago, Solano_Feather
Needs work
Since the last update, I have not been able to sign into my student portal.
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9 years ago, tachilocho
Boring and old
If the app could actually get an update, that would be great. If it was nicer, and easier to use and offered more up to date information, maybe it would get more downloads.
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10 years ago, MonsterLincoln
Cool app. Needs update. Ability to access email would be most helpful.
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11 years ago, Mellowsoccerdude
Needs better access
I should be able to see all the Fullerton google apps. Email calendar etc Also being able to check grades would be nice
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9 years ago, Fullerton Student
Great IOS 8 Update
Why I love the new update? -Appealing design -Easy to maneuver -Customize own shortcuts (no more apps that I don't use) -ARRANGE own shortcuts (so amazing!) -Messages tab which enables me to easily read announcements from professors/University -Weather
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10 years ago, Shanl27733
There are some useful features on here. Not really a polished app though.
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11 years ago, Kln07
Email & Titanium issues
I am unable to check my email or post properly to Titanium discussion boards. The email issue needs to be addresses ASAP. I don't know who to report the issue to.
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13 years ago, Stevief87
Useful app. Good for current students.
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9 years ago, Areli_89
Nutwood Parking
Please fix the marquee/ this app that display how many spots are in Nutwood. It's been incorrect for almost a month.
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13 years ago, Joshua Rodriguez
Campus Email
The app obviously needs work but there's a lot of people complaining about not having access to your campus email. Why don't you just sync it to the email setting on the phone itself? That's what I did and I get my Fullerton email just like I do my regular gmail account, without having to login using safari.
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7 years ago, 2017 CSUF student
Not good for anything really
The only useful things on here are the maps and parking spaces tracker. And both are terrible soooo...
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7 years ago, Eliseo V.
Life Saver
Best Friend Ever. It's always there for you. It's a must! Love it!
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11 years ago, Dave Hester
The courses menu redirects to Titanium when Titanium menu is accessed
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12 years ago, Koly Bug
Add Email
Please add email! Thanks!
Show more
12 years ago, King Christoph XIII
Parking, courses, AND academic advising (coming soon)!? GREAT!
Show more
14 years ago, Eleetsmarcie
Show more
13 years ago, The Jolly Roger9
Have a parking pass
They are parking nazis
Show more
12 years ago, Agent00
CrashALot, CrashVille
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2 years ago, Penguin lover 27
*Still crashing when opening
I’ve had this app for awhile but right when school started again it would crash upon opening. With the new update it actually gave me about 10 seconds before it crashes again. I really hope the app can get fixed so I can use the directions for parking and be able to scan the code for the gym. It’s pretty useful.
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4 years ago, QueenOfDerps
The app was working fine on my iPad 7th Gen with everything up to date but all of a sudden when I try to go to Titanium, my keyboard won’t show up. Also I hate that the “Done” option closes out everything rather than go a page back. Please fix these bugs. Thank you.
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10 years ago, Woscoe
Needs a desperate update
Show more
13 years ago, novachk1
This app is awesome! We really needed one for CSUF. Obviously there could be a few changes/upgrades like integrating Bb in the app instead of redirecting it to the browser but this is a great start for our app.
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