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User Reviews for iFunny – hot memes and videos

4.29 out of 5
96.6K Ratings
3 years ago, vgmddg
Good old app, but ads are out of control.
I’ve had the app since before you needed an account to post and the primary format was demotivational posters. The community is a little bit edgy in a good way, and content is usually pretty good. Over time though, the advertising has become more and more disruptive though. Ads at the bottom of the screen are par for the course, but some of them have caused heavy lag and caused my older phone to thermal throttle. Page ads are regrettable, and annoying in numbers, but can easily be scrolled past. Ads in comments are disruptive when the text is in the same font as comments and seem at first glance like they could be part of the conversation. The most annoying thing recently is the full screen interactive ads. It takes several seconds to load (or fail to load), several seconds to wait until you can skip the first part, than several seconds to skip the second part. They seem to only happen on first open or after being out of the app for a long time, but it’s much more difficult to get to the app part of the app now. Many people also seem to be getting different features at different times. Some comments reference scrolling vertically instead of the traditional (for iFunny) horizontal scrolling. I still have the latter. Get an ad blocker before you download this app. Apparently Lockdown is good? I haven’t tried it.
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2 years ago, Ev!!
Was great, but standards fell
1,600 days. I’ve been on this app for almost 5 years with an account and for more than 8 years overall. I used to love this app, it was my sense of humor, where I found memes, where I sent them to friends and we all laughed. This app had a great community and everyone just competed to be the funniest. NOTICE, all of my memories were in past tense. Now when I open iFunny in public I have to worry about almost nude underage women showing up on my phone. The moderators and staff have severely disappointed me as a user time and time again. This app has always been relatively conservative, but it goes further right than even I care for. The nudity, especially of underage women, and the politics have killed this apps following. It is no longer a place of fun memes like it used to be. Other apps like TikTok have taken over and iFunny has fallen on the back burner. It isn’t too late to improve the app to its former glory and beyond but I don’t foresee that happening anytime soon. If you had asked me 5 years ago if I would have recommended this app, I wouldn’t have hesitated, but now I’d tell you you’re better off looking for memes anywhere else. I hope they fix this app, and I hope things change. There are so many ideas for what this app could be, but no one listens. I hope this gets through and I hope the app eventually comes back to what it used to be instead of continuing down the hole of nudity, underage porn, and severely one sided politics.
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3 years ago, Dylanchristphorstone29292003
The ad-apocalypse hits
Ifunny was a great site for just scrolling around but its gotten to the point where it adds it the unskipiable 10-15 second ads, really. No other social media does this. The video links cant be reposted in discord like you were able to do before, making it harder and harder to even share the memes that are not some sort of porn or propaganda to begin with. I used to enjoy this app but the devs are just making that harder and harder to do. edit: almost forgot, along with the unskipable ads, there are memes that are just flat out replaced by it, ads on the bottom of the screen in a little bar the entire time, and ads shoved in-between each couple comments in every single meme. I haven't been here as long as most of the people (only around 4 years this up coming December) but that is long enough to know that the app once wasn't a giant billboard for stupid mobile games like every other phone app now days. I never really minded the small ads on the bottom of the screen or the ones that you would occasionally get in between each meme (I have even gotten to read some good web comics because of the ads every-once in a while. The ads in the comments seemed pretty bad but then this new unskipable crap is just unacceptable for an app like this. It's really sad to watch my favorite app become such a trashy piece of crap so fast because of a thing like the ad-pocalypse. Why do the devs have to do this to us, I just don't understand.
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3 years ago, BotSecurity
2,680 Days
I’ve been using this for the past 7 and a half years and I really think this is the update that’s gonna break me. I’ve sat through update after update of “improvements” that have slowly alienated your user base further and further from you, you add actual improvements like saving videos only to remove the feature a month down the line. While I understand you are a company that needs to make money, the level of advertisements on the app has become absolutely ridiculous, you can’t scroll more than 3 memes at a time without coming across one and now there are ads in the comments separating every 2-3 comments. While all of these are quite annoying changes, they really are nothing more than minor inconveniences everyone loves to get upset about, but what’s more than a slight nuisance is your most recent entire overhaul of ui. It might not seem like a big change but moving the apps style of scroll to be the same as that of the browser website is the dumbest and most jarring change I’ve seen come to this app at least since the introduction of in app videos. 7 and a half years of mindlessly scrolling to the left and now I’m supposed to throw away 2680 days of muscle memory in favor of a “seamless timeline” that does nothing but take up more of the overall screen than needed and ruin my meme going experience.
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3 years ago, LayeredChip3
Change does not always mean good
2,100 days, almost six years I have looked at this app almost every day for a little under six years. I wouldn’t still be here if I didn’t like it. I love IFunny. I have seen the bad and the worse parts of this app, and I love it and it’s dysfunctional community. I’ve seen the trends and most of the updates. But an update does not mean an improvement. After 2,100 days I am finally starting to look at this app less and less all because the most recent update. Advertisements in the comments. The “feature” does not seem like that big of a deal at first glance, however the sheer amount of ads makes scrolling through comments a jarring experience. It completely halts the mindless scrolling that this app is essentially based on. It creates this space where now no matter where you go, once a post becomes popular enough, you see advertisements. There is no longer a break between the ads. There is only a constant ever-unyielding advertising experience. Nobody is enjoying the new experience. People are angry, people are leaving. And frankly I don’t want to see the app hurt over this. But with the new update IFunny no longer offers anything that you can’t get on a different meme based app. Now IFunny only offers the same memes that everybody else does, with thrice the ads everybody else does.
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3 years ago, Atstearns23
Big Issues
Before criticizing, I want to preface by saying that I enjoy the app, and it’s one of the best for keeping up with trending memes. With that out of the way, for awhile now (months), the absurd number of features have been difficult to keep up with. I may be cynical, but I think the reasoning is that the more time people spend on the app, the more advertisements they’ll see, and generate more revenue for the devs. The other issue is the nasty undercurrent of alt-right users. This has been prevalent since the 2016 election, and I feel the main reason for why many people have left the app since then. 2021 update: the ads have supposedly gotten worse, however some users like me have Lockdown or Blokada to block this nonsense. Without it, many users report their phone battery drains and overheats from the amount of ad trackers. On top of that, features are being pumped out by algorithms at an even faster rate, which is impossible to keep up with and causes the community to be spread thin. Many like myself demand this to be less, preferably when it was around only a few sets of 20 a day. If no changes are made soon, your userbase is going to decline fast.
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1 week ago, UndeadGeneral27
New Owners Ruined The App
I was really proud of the first meal I have been able to make on my own in a long time ever since I got i to a motorcycle accident and have been trying to be able to use my hands again (lacerated tendons made opening/closing my hands and holding things impossible). Ive had to go through physical therapy for over a year regaining the ability to function somewhat normally. Last night I was able to cook myself dinner on the grill for the first time again and I was super excited to share my progress as some supportive members of the community were encouraging me along the way. Well I got on IFunny this morning to find that simply posting a photo of my meal got my account banned, because they want to force their own religious beliefs on everyone that uses the app now. Edit: I got an email from you guys responding to this review trying to say it is because of “multiple user complaints.” Well thats a lie and a half. You did it because you people that just purchased the app are Indian, and you are forcing your religious belief about cows onto everyone else, and are banning anything related to cows and more. I understand that there are those out there doing it on purpose, but that doesnt matter. You are forcing your own ideals on a place that was already established, and does not break TOS. You are tyrants, and know exactly what youre doing. Stop pretending youre not.
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3 years ago, Johnic_The_Chronic
This is getting ridiculous
I have been using ifunny for years and years now ever since I first discovered it as a kid but the amount of ads are getting really ridiculous and people are angry and you’re going to start ruining your app. It was on thing to have them in between features that’s fine, in the comment section it started to get a bit much, the content section is harder and harder to navigate cause of all the ads buts that’s not why I’m here. I shouldn’t be hearing ads playing over videos, now you could say that’s how it was recorded and weasel your way out of it but the first two times it played it didn’t have it, the third time an audio ad just Kept repeating itself, I went in the comments, still played. Tried watching a video in the comments, still played in the background over the sound of the video I was trying to watch. That is absurd and never should’ve been a concept especially with no way to stop it other than completely closing the app and having to come back to whatever you were watching now gone cause the feed reset itself. You’re going to start losing a lot of followers if you keep putting an inordinate amount of ads in. Soon it won’t be “ifunny” it will be “iadvertise.”
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2 years ago, 333ashley
After 8 years on this app, I am deleting this. Y’all are sick
I downloaded iFunny in 2014. It was all memes and and great humor back then. It’s turned into a gross hateful community. I let it slide because of the few funny memes and good talking points. Until today. Today I accidentally clicked on collective and the first thing I saw was a teenage girl killing her cousin and then herself. I thought it might be a fake skit and rushed to the comments for some kind of validation. Not only was it real but people were commenting jokes. Some of them were racist, others were just poking fun. The only serious comments were complaints about how stupid the upcoming generation is and pointing at the need for gun safety. No one seemed alarmed or upset that they had just watched a human end their life. I did not want to see someone end their life. The complete like of respect for human life on this app is sick. A community that was originally made for people to post funny things and spread good memes has turned into seething hatred. This review isn’t political. I’m not saying their comments on gun safety are wrong or that any political party’s beliefs had made this app what it is. It is simply the disgusting people on this app and how they simply run rampant and unchecked. After 8 years, I’m deleting this app. Good bye, and I hope those reading this can spread more love than hate.
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3 years ago, annoyedandhadenough
Just stop.
I have had iFunny since the beginning, and up until recently their updates have been largely positive. I tolerated the ads understanding full well that bills need to be paid, etc. The new vertical scrolling is where I draw the line. There isn’t a single positive that I can say about the newest format. With the new format, I am viewing up to 3 memes/ads at a time, not fully sure where to stop my scroll lest the next video in line start playing. AND IF I manage to stop scrolling at the appropriate interval, I’m now distracted with the previous and upcoming features in the same frame with no way to single out the meme I’m looking at or zoom in should I need to. Not to mention the fact that if I accidentally touch the top of my screen, the entire session starts back at the top as if I’m on Facebook, etc. The old way was perfect. Double tap to like (now it’s a triple tap because the first tap simply pauses the video which I never asked for), scroll up for comments (now I scroll up and end up 10 memes down), scroll left from comments to see the next meme (does nothing now), etc. It’s bad, and literally has no benefits. No one likes this. Change it back or at least give us an option, because honestly this is ridiculous.
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3 years ago, Torin H
iFunny has always been bad, but it’s gotten worse in other ways
It’s normally been a place for the vile, which is why it came off the AppStore in the first place for a while. But it came back, and there were certain rules put in place, so the horrible horrible stuff wasn’t there anymore. It was fine. Now they push out dumb updates, mechanically ruining the app. With trying to copy Reddit to now completely changing the scroll system. The recent scroll system conflicts with how you got to the comments (swipe down for comments, swipe sideways for the next post) so it’s dumb for normal longtime users. People also post really long posts, so you have to scroll down and down and down for the next feature, very frustrating if you want to just skip a post. There’s also how stale featured has become, it used to be basically handpicked funny stuff, now it seems automated, picking everything and anything. Mods are abusive, you don’t like them you’re gone, which is fascinating. Posting a comment making fun of a certain mod who had relations with an underage boy, you get banned from commenting until you delete it. The point of the app is to be funny, and it’s known to be a bit edgy, but you can’t mock a pedo? Odd. It’s just become so bad.
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2 weeks ago, Erin3452
Should literally be on government watch lists
I’ve been using this app for years and stuck with it through all the updates and so, so many inappropriate ads. But it has literally become so toxic with rampant racism, misogyny, homophobia, pornography, alt right propaganda and violent rhetoric in the comments that I think it should literally be monitored for domestic terrorism threats. I report what I can when I see it, but the app has become a breeding ground for hate groups, pure and simple. Not to mention like every third meme there are three ads and every third comment there’s an ad. It makes me so sad bc this is the app I use to unwind and distract my mind before sleep, but instead I’m bombarded with so much hate - against women and black people in particular - that it kind of takes my breath away. Developers need to address what kind of community they are building and be held responsible. And don’t respond telling me you’re “very concerned” and to report inappropriate comments and users like you have on others reviews - I’ve seen next to nothing done when I have reported comments and users, and to report them all would be a full time job. It’s your app and ultimately your responsibility, you’re clearly aware it’s an issue as you’ve responded to multiple other reviews expressing the same concerns.
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3 years ago, 8$and50centsfor nothing
Ifunny is great buttt
Ive used ifunny for years but after a while you relies your just on there to avoid life or even just social media your on there subconsciously just hoping for something to make you breath through your nose a little because nothing else can but after a while your just liking posts from 6,7 years ago from a guy who got off a long time ago or has been on for over 5000 days I know meme community’s look down on ifunny because it’s about as basic as just finding funny pictures can be but that’s what I love about the simplistic idea of it. Reddit is kinda complicated to a normie like me, tags groups with tags can’t find anything or people I actually relate to but everyone and I mean everyone on ifunny relates to the facts that we have nothing better to do than swipe and feel nothing and we all appreciate and look down on eachother which might sound bad till you realize it’s negative reinforcement like f that guy gonna do 10x better kinda like fat shaming it works but is harsh weird you read all this if you did
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2 years ago, tbking831
Ads, Racism, Ads, Overheating, Ads, Crashing, Ads
i've had this app since 2014 and over the years ifunny has gone to crap. ads in comments, ads that freeze the app, and now ads that take up half the screen on video posts? i have to use ad-block just to keep my phone from overheating! seriously how does a meme app make my brand new iphone overheat without something seriously ulterior going on underneath the hood? bitcoin mining? ridiculous. the app incessantly begs you to give your location, and constantly begs you to update if you haven't so it can get around the ways users avoid giving away their personal data. All of the big names and faces we knew in moderation are GONE, there is no more sense of community. the featured section used to be a hand-picked selection of 20 memes, it used to MEAN something to get featured. now you can PAY to "boost" memes and the featured section has turned into a garbage selection of 10,000+ images every single day making it functionally the same as collective, and the posts that DO get featured are all blatantly unfunny, racist, sexist, political garbage. if youre still on this app, hurry up and uninstall it Just a sad app slowly withering away as the last remaining users still cling onto ifunny's glory days.
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11 months ago, OldGiratina
Final Frontier
First, bring back shuffle. Second, this app gets a lot of backlash for being super conservative. While it’s true that a lot of what you see on featured is conservative bias, there are plenty of niche communities for varying degrees of liberalism that occasionally escape into featured. It’s the least moderated social media app on the market, and for that reason it’s the best. If I wanted a heavily moderated, authoritarian echo chamber I’d go to Reddit. IFunny is where the only barrier to entry is how tough your skin is. Once you get past all the idiots, you can express yourself freely and usually find a community that shares your values, whatever they may be. I guarantee that you can post just as much toxic liberal propaganda as you can conservative. I’m subscribed to an account that only posts weather reports for a certain state. 10/10 free speech, idiot cesspit, and conspiracy news. Third, I’ve just stopped updating the app. I don’t care if you change the icon to a dinosaur, the ads get worse every time I update it. Just don’t do it. Turn off auto updates on your phone, and every once and a while update your apps except this one.
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2 years ago, Allnicknamesrtakin'
Crashes, advertising, unread counts, other problems
New update is crashing immediately after opening. Tried deleting and reinstalling, no help. Other issues: Can no longer mark items as read. Every time I open the app the count on unread Featured items jumps to 900+, causing me to see the same meme’s over and over again. Also, items are being featured that have zero or one or two comments and hardly any ‘likes’. Advertising causes the app to continually run slow and force it to require a restart. (This could also be poor server activity) Then the unread Featured number gets reset to 900+ every time. Very frustrating how much this app is pandering to the advertising. I know you are trying to make money, but now I am starting to look for better running apps. You’ve now even stuck advertising at the end of each video. Unhappy customer. Instead of jamming advertising in every corner of this app, why don’t you try developing a new app? And PLEASE get the new item counts working properly, so you can mark all items as read, like it used to be. Right now it doesn’t matter, the app crashes immediately.
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3 years ago, Lyokofan1000
Been around for a long time
I’ve been on iFunny for almost 8 years. Seen it all. The good the bad. Whatever. My biggest issue with the app is the moderation/censorship and the ads or whatever they’ve got disguised as ads. Moderation is horrible. It’s all run by some automated algorithm/bot that barely works. Completely normal content with no TOS violation will be shadow banned or flat out deleted while other heinous things stay up for months. And the “Featured” posts section is constantly at odds with the moderation. Featured posts are supposed to be picked by staff, but so many of them end up deleted by the mod bot. Features themselves are worthless and inconsistent now because that process feels automated, and now features are over saturated. And let’s talk about the Ads/Trackers. This app will make a brand new, top of the line phone overheat and drain battery within 15 minutes of use. I and many other users have started using apps that filter ads and tracker requests and this app will easily send over 2,000 requests a day to your phone. This is ridiculous and makes the app unusable to anyone just starting out. Also tazandra is a pedo
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3 years ago, Fruit ninja maniac man
Ruined studio
I’ve been using iFunny for an entire decade now and this overhaul of the studio has been hands down the single worst update in this app’s history. What exactly were you thinking with this one? You removed the iconic gif caption font that gave them an identity and replaced it with bland and tasteless Arial, you removed the ability to make impact font memes which had just been making a recent post-ironic resurgence, image caption posts now compress images into the shadow realm where any text is barely legible if at all, and worst of all, you completely did away with the entire comic maker that has been a staple of iFunny since its inception and was the genesis of both textposts and a myriad of timeless memes. Do you guys even have a reason for all this? Or is it because you just got bored and had to make some terrible changes no one asked for again to spice things up? Stop regularly making the app worse for no reason. Stop trying to add features no one wanted or asked for like a map or leveling system. Restore the old studio. Instead of trying to fix what isn’t broken, maybe just focus on keeping the app running the way everyone likes it instead.
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2 years ago, Casual Meme Enjoyer
Ads ads ads ads ads ads and more ads
I’ve used this app for many years as it used to be a great way to pass time. A while back I noticed my phone overheating while on the app, and I heard something about the tracking on it causing a massive power drain. I installed an add blocker and finally my scrolling didn’t cause my phone to die prematurely. Then they issued a “bug fix” that no longer allowed my ad blocker to work. Lo and behold as soon as I started seeing ads again my phone began overheating and the battery started draining. A few ads wouldn’t be such a big deal, but every 2 or 3 posts?? What about ads that break the app? Yup that happens all the time. If I leave the app open in the background guess what? My phone slows down and bugs out. How about constantly asking to use my location? Or to verify my email address to send me junk mail. This app used to be fun to be on, now I’m looking for a new meme app that doesn’t destroy my phone’s battery and slow down all my processes because this app surely makes it tough to enjoy the content with all the freezing and double ads back to back.
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9 months ago, Jimmydean11878
Real difficult to post anything as of late
Ridiculous amounts of auto moderation based off some extremely poorly done algorithms that won’t let you post any kind of photo in Bl*ck and white, photos, to words like >black, kill, panzer, and dozens of other commonly used words. Both posts and comments containing these words will be deleted outright or shadowbanned immediately with a chance of suspension. Also whenever the most recent hot button issue of the day or week is in play dozens more words and phrases are added to the list (Palestine, Israel, capitol, Government, etc, where if you were to pull pages out of books randomly 60% would be flagged by the system the app currently has. And comment sections are empty parking lots sometimes where comments immediately trigger the mod-bot but they don’t know their sentence was disappeared. Also there’s a ridiculous amount of ads spam bots and trackers littering the app that you will have to worry about. There’s been a precipitous drop in activity on the app in general as everyone seems to be talking past each other as comments and posts disappear into the void the moment they’re typed.
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3 years ago, Deptrai316
Best stay clear updated.
I’ve been using iFunny for over a decade to casually pass time. I’ve been there since the Will Ferrel days. The app went from using recycled internet memes from other sites to for some reason being community of mainly Alt right edge lords. I don’t even look at comments anymore let alone participate because everyone wants to be correct and cynical rather being reasonable. I’ve also noticed that all the original creators who posted good and funny memes are either gone or banned. The app itself is an unstable mess. I’ve the app on least 5 different phones in the last decade, and it still randomly crashes, sometimes it’s unresponsive trying to swipe, if I look at a profile it is stuck in a loop were it doesn’t open. There are games I play on this phone and my phone doesn’t get anywhere near as hot as it does when I browse through ifunny for a few minutes. How does my phone overheat just from looking at a few memes? After all the racist and political features and community being very toxic with anyone who doesn’t fully agree with them I ended up uninstalling the app. There is just so much negativity one can take.
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2 years ago, Cuunntty
IFunny it’s at it all time low
IFunny never been great but it was a source to find something occasionally funny through the filth but now, It’s almost unbearable going through it. Now that IFunny wants to compete with other apps like tik tok, they want to optimize endless scrolling through the app with no end so they can milk the users for all they’re worth. The features are a shadow of what it used to be, they where good amount of picked pictures and videos that were shown to every user everyday and you can always count to find something funny, but now that at all time theres 999 features ready for you to see, it’s just a unfiltered mess of garbage, nothing funny. It’s all just boring politics of idiot users, porn, just horrible stuff you expect to see from Facebook Instagram and tik tok. IFunny was different that why we used it, we were tired of main stream media so we went to IFunny to find gems that you couldn’t see anywhere else. IFunny was never great but it became a dumb that we liked to be in, now it’s boring and liked everthing else, something I don’t want to be part of no more
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1 year ago, Jepacuzul
Needs a filter system
Memes, politics, gore and porn flow through the same streamlines which keeps everyone interacting with everything. Not exactly ideal, but I do love the community behind this app. Highly advise adding in a filtration system so you can ban specific categories from you coming across in the streamline. Lower your restrictions, you know we adapt our language to get past the banned words and it’s just getting ridiculous at this point, and it’s a losing battle. In addition the community is very active in keeping genuine filth from staying on for more than a few hours, so we do self regulate to an extent. Also would advise raising the comment letter count, having to break a short story into two segments really makes comments lose momentum. Also add in comment smiles as a counter on your homepage. Still love the community and it’s a good app for what it is.
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6 months ago, mark4929483
Too many ads
Over the years since 2012 they have been adding as many ads on the app as humanly possible. There’s a banner at the bottom that constantly has ads scrolling, every 5th meme is an ad sometime two ads in a row even, and every 6th comment or so in any comment section is a full ad. Somehow I’ve been putting up with this for like 8 years but they just added 5 second unskipable ads which play if you try and watch a video meme twice. The memes are like 5 seconds themselves the ads are ridiculous. They probably have to fill the app with ads to compensate for how many users they lost when they got rid of the feature team. The app now automatically features roughly 1000 memes every day rather than a team handpicking 60. As you can imagine the quality of the memes in featured have taken a complete nose dive. You can also buy features now pretty easy. In essence adding ads tells me you think you deserve more money but why should they get more money for an app that’s been consistently getting worse over the last 2-3 years. Update they added even more ads go figure.
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2 years ago, 263804218
Propaganda app
TLDR: This app has turned into a racist, sexist, hate, and political propaganda app with memes and porn sprinkled in for brainwashing. Spend a week watching the features and you’ll see. I’ve had this app for probably 10 years now and it’s gone from somewhere I can find and laugh at memes, to something that’s hard to look at for more than 5 minutes. The “featured” section is now post after post of extreme political views, blatant racism, sexism, and hate, with a few memes sprinkled in to keep you brainwashed. Occasional raunchy or offensive jokes here and there can be seen as funny but moderators are deliberately and frequently selecting and propagating posts that: -Use the N word -compare black people to monkeys -demean other non white groups -tell trans to kill themselves -tell obese people to kill themselves -tell liberals to kill themselves based their views -show extreme-right political views -Are blatant pornography I just watched a streak of anti abortion posts (Some blatant hate, and some valid arguments) followed by a post comparing “BLM” movement to “planet of the apes”, followed by softcore porn. It’s literally brainwashing politics and racism and I’m done.
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9 months ago, JackFrost9879
Still my go to app, but…
Let me preface with this; I love IFunny. I’ve been using it almost daily for about 14 years now, and really enjoy it. However, IFunny has been lagging horribly. It doesn’t matter which device I use. Scrolling through features is slow and inconsistent, typing is heavily delayed, and videos stutter. In addition, videos that are liked and rewatched on your profile are almost unwatchable due to even worse lag issues. Finally, It also constantly heats up my phone to the point my screen dims and I have to close the app for a bit, and rapidly burns my battery life. The ad problem, which I agree is a problem as double ads show up every 3rd or 4th feature, is bearable. I don’t understand why they don’t implement a monthly or yearly subscription to remove them as they’d make a lot more money and have happier users, but as long as the app works well I can’t complain. It’s a 4 star app if things are working and a 5 star one if we can remove the ads. And there’s the rub. The app’s not working. Please fix things and reoptimize the app so we can enjoy it again!
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2 years ago, mechashijes
Genuine Hellscape
No better hornets nest to throw rocks at, if you’re looking for a social media platform for that weird quiet kid in your 3rd period that only spouts edgy conservative one liners and hates women this is it. And on the back half of that coin you’ve also got insufferable agenda pushing goobers that fill the comment sections and collective with whatever their current high horse necessitates. You’ll see slurs, human death, posts meant to offend every single group of people on the planet and you’ll see bait so good that thousands fall for it and bite the hook with an unmatched ferocity. And eventually if you linger long enough you’ll learn to revel in it. Come to look to it for alternative takes and a better perspective on the overall picture and underneath all that it’s still a great app to host and look at funny memes. A timeless classic. Apes locked in a confined space just throwing feces at the wall and each other.
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3 years ago, Bottlecap120
Good app, poor function.
I have been on the app for a very long time, a few thousand days with an account and without. The advertisement increases recently are not exactly pleasant, especially the comments ones. They ruin the app immersion. I enjoy the features and collective, but there is and issue. Collective is supposed to be many thousands of memes that could be features eventually. The frequency of the features needs to be reduced, maybe not the old 40 to 60 a day. But something near 100 memes, these help set the daily culture and general culture of the app. Please help me relate to others over a common set of features, what I mean is that people are no longer seeing the same memes at relatively the same time. I do not have time to look through multiple hundreds of memes each day. If I have extra time or need more memes there is collective to look through.
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3 years ago, jjsarver2167
It’s getting worse
IFunny has been on a decline for a long time now. They say (at time of review) squishing bugs, but what bugs? Lol the entire thing is a bug. Can’t scroll more than a few memes without getting ads, on top of the 24/7 ad on the bottom of the screen, on top of the ads in the comments, and NOW SOME MEMES ARE “secret” and you gotta watch an ad to look at said meme… Not too mention the cyptomining of the servers they do, so your phone gets hella hot, lose half of your battery power in 30 minutes, and ultimately slows the app down. And even after all these problems, if you enjoy centralized swiping, you might enjoy iFunny, just not more than 30 minutes. I spend nearly 8 hours straight on tiktok while I’m at work, yet can’t spend more than 30 minutes on iFunny without it being so slow, or crashing.
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3 years ago, Caboose2630
Crashed my phone HARD
I’ve used iFunny for 3+ years on a daily basis. Then finally last night, I tried loading it up before bed to scroll through some memes while waiting for my wife. It opened, but just had the logo stuck in the middle of my screen. I hit the home button, but it wouldn’t close the app. So I hit the power button to put my phone to “sleep,” and my screen went black (as is normal) but then when I tried to get back into my phone a moment later, the screen stayed black. I couldn’t “wake” it. I had my wife call my phone, and the ringtone went off, but still nothing popped up on my screen. I had to hard reset it, and I even had to try multiple ways of doing that before one try finally worked. Immediately deleted iFunny off my phone after that. I’d rate it 1 star, but I had to give it 3 stars just for the years of entertainment it provided. Be careful though, it apparently can turn your phone into a brick.
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2 years ago, politically_incorrect opinion
I’ve been on this app since the very beginning. I’ve loved every minute of it right up until they started throwing ads in. Now I have to use an ad blocker just to use the app otherwise my phone heats up to temperatures on the brink of spontaneous combustion. Not only that, but every new update introduces even more ads and gradually slows the app down to the point of not being accessible. Even with ad blocks installed, there are still a few that invade the app and without the right equipment you’ll never know the URL’s for them unless you seek out a subreddit dedicated to blocking these ads. The fact that you have to use a completely separate app to use THIS app is ridiculous in and of itself. Lastly, you can’t even access the comment sections or pause a video without your screen freezing for an indefinite period because the app is so broken with these incessant ads. The content is good, I love the community but the app itself is in aggressive decline. Even as I’m writing this comment the app is kicking me out of my keyboard because the servers are so faulty.
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2 years ago, Dialam
App is harmful to your phone
This app used to be a lot of fun, but the ads have ruined it. I don’t just mean the quantity of ads, which is ridiculous enough as it is. The ads actively harm your phone, like a virus. It used to be, you could scroll through memes all day with no issues. Now you get about two minutes worth, then your phone starts getting unreasonably hot, your battery will start to drain faster than normal, and you phone will become sluggish and slow. You’ll quickly get to a point where it becomes hard to scroll, and you have to fight just to close the app out. It’ll take about two seconds after the app is closed before your phone will start to function normally again. The Lockdown app used to block ads from appearing, making iFunny useable again, but recent updates have stopped that, and the app has become a virus once again. And given that there are ads on the memes, ads in the comments, and 1 - 2 ads in between memes, you can’t escape their viral effect. Best to just avoid the app all together, and protect your phone.
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2 years ago, jakeWithA_P
Been using the app since 2014 and a bunch has changed since. It has the best funny memes, you’ll even get to see them early before they hit Facebook and racists jokes. The community doesn’t care what race you are as you get treated equally with hate. Everyone has come to an agreement of hating the LGBT+. But despite all that you can make friends with like minded people in the comments, find people with similar interest in hobbies, games or even living in the same area you are (im in your walls btw.) if you hate free speech and want censorship because we don’t agree with your ideology then this app isn’t for you, for years devs kept it free of speech but censor and ban violence such gore or anything involving death (go to Reddit for that type of stuff) this isn’t twitter for you to “cancel” someone because it won’t happen here, an being anonymous is a plus!
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3 years ago, bill2000000
They don’t card about their app, it’s only a money producer
They haven’t had a properly functioning app in many, many months. Their feature and subscription system is broken, it doesn’t refresh at all. If you go to your subs you’ll see the same posts, in the same order over and over. They don’t refresh. This has happened for months now. Rumor is they use this app as a data miner. I believe it. It runs slow, it won’t load pictures, won’t load profiles, but ads will send you straight to the store if you accedently click one! Don’t worry, their money making tools function just fine! This app is almost exclusively a data mining operation. The app is almost inoperable without a VPN due to the vast amount of data constantly being taken from your phone. If you use a VPN, the app tells you it’s a “security risk” and that the app won’t work with it. This is the exact opposite of the truth. The app only functions with a VPN and they are lying when they say it’s a security threat to use one. It’s a security threat to not use one, and the main threat is iFunny.
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2 years ago, Asdgkorechsurbfhvk257492
Hear me out
I’m the type of person who doesn’t leave reviews, usually because I feel as though what I have to say is unimportant. However, I think my stance here is of enough importance that I have to write one. I love this app because the stuff I find on here I can’t find anywhere else. I have built a meme empire for myself on this app and I have all of my memes saved to my profile because they’re right where I can access them. However, even though I am using a top tier phone which should have no trouble with any app, especially a media app, my phone turns into a potato when I use this app. I mean honest to God, we’re talking unresponsive, phone freezes up and it sometimes just swiping to the next meme causes me to have to close and reopen the app. This app is cancer to a phone. As much as I love the content and the funny stuff, there are serious issues with the app and if it works, it’s great. But when it doesn’t….. find your memes somewhere else.
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2 years ago, Shadow_DM
Stop the background music.
I’ve used this app for many years now and all of a sudden this background techno beat randomly starts playing, it starts low and steadily increases in volume until it overtakes any other sound from the video. No matter how far I scroll it steadily plays, sometimes getting even louder. I’ve checked to make sure it wasn’t something on my phone, but when you minimize the app it stops. It started out being every once in a while but now it’s multiple times and sometimes it goes forever. I’ve closed the app and reopened it after waiting for several minutes and I even uninstalled and reinstalled it and it seems to have gotten worse. I’m ready to delete this permanently because I’m here for funny videos and memes not someone’s attempt at a mixtape.
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7 months ago, Nick Rose 7219756
Community is 5 star app stability is 0
Used iFunny for the past few years and did not update the app to avoid ads because I heard how broken and buggy it makes the app. They weren’t kidding got a new phone and it auto updated all my apps.. well needless to say I find using the app incredibly difficult now and the ads are the worst I’ve ever seen anywhere. You’ll see the scummiest bottom tier ads ever. Predatory ads that are guaranteed to give your device electronic Aids if you misclick any link. I love the community and very thankful for the mostly freedom of expression present there. However these ads have drastically reduced my usage because of it making my phone very slow on use. Never had performance issues on an older version but once ads were unable to be blocked. Major problems. Please make an option to opt out or at the very least reduce the number of them. The ones in comment sections are especially cancerous.
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2 years ago, The Texas Outlaw
Fix this iFunny
I have been using this app sense the beginning most of that time without an account. In the last update it has become so bad it’s almost bricking my phone. It slows my phone to a crawl and it takes a while just to turn off the screen. I also noticed that there is a good amount of heat coming from my phone while running the app. It’s also drains the battery super quick. Also the ads are getting horrible in the the amount they are happening so often it’s feels like you see more ads than the content. There was a reason that I downloaded a separate app to block them a while ago but with the update it blocks the other app so I have a bunch of new ads. Another smaller complaint is that when I get a call while using the app the video I am watching plays out loud. This is bad while I am at work. The most annoying thing about it all is I know how good the app can be. There was a time I would have bought this app just to give the company money but now I am leaving this 1 star review. IFunny please fix these problems.
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3 years ago, Meat Meaterson
I like the content but the app itself is beyond broken
Okay so I am using an iPhone 8 which is kinda dated now but this app is a phone killer. I assumed it was just my phone but there are many reviews from others with newer models saying the same things so here it is. This app kills my phone battery faster than call of duty mobile for absolutely no reason. It will work just fine when you first open it but as soon as you double tap the home button (or swipe up, I know the thought of a home button scares some people) to return to another app, your phone starts BOILING and gets almost unresponsive to any inputs. I originally thought it was the new map feature taking my location and given that it’s a new feature there could be some bugs but even after turning off location privileges, ifunny remained absolutely trippin. I’m sad to give this a one star because I spent half my childhood on this app and it pretty much single handily created my sense of humor, but after revisiting a few years later it has become unusable.
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2 years ago, Gavit Noonday
Garbage Cabbage Kid
Think about how your boss finally got you suspended for 3 days no pay and it being your first ever infraction and that infraction was YOU being SICK for FOUR days.. But wait. You remember, there are 3 suits walking around taking a good look at the place because one of them is retiring. The one that oversees the franchise of the chit corner you work at, the district supervisor, and some other shmuck along for the <💸💸kissing ride of his life. Do you take the opportunity to complain to the suits that your shift manager wants you, simply another addition of a55kisser, on her side; treating you like dirt because you won’t be buddy buddy with her and as a result she cuts your hours, in hopes you grovel on your knees for more hours? Or do you walk away and take it in the crack like the rest of society? The choice is yours. Choose.
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2 years ago, AEW2013
Not what it used to be, please read updated review
I’ve had iFunny for 10 years now and through various accounts. I used to love the app and it felt like there was decent communication with the app developers and the community. Now the app crashes from hours to days without any word from staff. Not to mention the community has become so disgusting and hateful in the comments, especially to women(every size and race, the comments truly are gross), it’s really sad seeing how much hate there is now. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to delete it just because of how long it’s been on my phone. I just wanted to look at memes. Had to change it to 1 star now, since writing the top review, softcore porn is constantly featured along with tons of religious salvation and anti vaccine propaganda. Don’t download this app if you still like yourself. Just use Reddit or something. I kept hoping things would get better but you can’t even open this app without getting something borderline NSFW showing up on your screen. I’m officially done with this app.
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3 years ago, Akiocha
Loved this app for a year, been using it for 8.
Wanna know WHY I loved this app? Streamlined meme consumption. Are they stale? Almost always, but you can’t get more efficient than “swipe right for a new meme.” It was simple. But now, we’ve got ads at the bottom, we’ve got ads every two features, we’ve got ads between every other comment, but even that was fine, more or less. Just swipe past them, and you’ll never notice, but now we’ve got ads like mobile games, where you’ve got to wait five seconds to skip, then a second screen to close out. It defeats the entire reason people actually use this app. We’re not here because the memes are good or because we’ve got a great community (the memes are always old, and the community is every -ist you can think of); we’re here because it was, by far, the quickest way to consume internet culture, and now it isn’t. This app has gotten worse consistently every year, but now it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities left.
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2 years ago, Blaze624
Greedy developers that don’t care about their app
IFunny goes above and beyond other developers to try and screw over their user base and find new ways to track you. They found out most of their user base was using an ad blocker so they changed how their app works to bypass the ad blocker. They serve you a heaping pile of ads every 3 memes and guess what? There’s ads in the comments. Every 3 or 4 comments and your screen is taken up with another ad. Let’s not forget the ad at the bottom of your screen either. The best part is they say you can get less ads if you allow the app to track you. REALLY? Not that it even works but you’d really spam ads to force your user base to allow you to track them? Yeah, no. Goodbye IFunny, it was fun while it lasted but now you’re just an ad infested, political, racist, and porn loving app. If it’s not a hard right meme, it’s some random woman with her clothes off. I was there for memes, not that crap. I hope everyone leaves this app and you have to shut the servers down because you guys definitely deserve it.
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3 years ago, User7422
A lot of the featured “memes” on this app are just screenshots of Twitter posts. If I wanted to look at tweets I would download Twitter instead. The collective section is a breeding ground for racism and anti LGBT posts, which itself isn’t necessarily a huge problem if that’s what you’re going to base your app off, but their community guidelines policy is very inconsistent. If you’re going to enforce rules then enforce them to all users, at all times. And the users are some of the worst society has to offer. I mean I suppose that’s who the app developers feed off of. On top of all this I want to delete my account but literally don’t have the option in the setting to do so. Im supposed to email the support team just to get permission to delete MY account? This is a very scummy tactic to keep users hooked. The only reason I’m not giving this app one star is because if you delve deep enough through all of the garbage this app spews at you every two hours, you may find a few gem worthy memes here and there.
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2 years ago, SgtPanda14
Bot selected porn
I’ve used this app for a little over 10 years, it started as hand selected memes and jokes and was good for a short chuckle during the day. Eventually it had more features in a day and that was a welcome change. Now there is essentially no difference between featured and collective (other than featured usually not including illegal stuff) every time I open the app, which isn’t often anymore, it is overwhelmingly soft core porn or lewds. Sometimes with a thin veneer of humor involved. It just isn’t what it was supposed to be or claims to be anymore. I’m a grown man and can find plenty of actual porn on my own, I mean hey it’s the internet we all have access to unlimited amounts of porn. So do we really need an app, that was supposed to memes, shoveling us an unlimited amount of subpar lewds? I mean I already have a Reddit account. Anyway I’m deleting it today (again after more than 10 years) just figured I would say why. TLDR: No more memes, crappy lewds and worse porn. Use Reddit you will get more memes and better porn.
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3 years ago, wolfgang fitzjerald
Do not download.
I've been here for about 4-5 years. Do not download this app. The community is toxic, the moderation and features are programmed by an algorithm that doesn't work, it is absolutely bloated with "ads" which are actually trackers that will take a huge toll on the performance of your phone. That last one isn't so bad because you can use Lockdown and Blockada which gets rid of the ads, but in the most recent beta release of iFunny it scans through your apps and won't let you use iFunny if you have Lockdown installed because it's "dangerous" and going to "steal your information". Lockdown is a free, open-source software that does nothing but prevent apps like iFunny from selling your information and using your device to mine Bitcoin. If iFunny does not remove that feature from the next update and STOP SCANNING THROUGH YOUR APPS, I'm finally going to escape. Do NOT install this malware, it is not worth it just to look at bad unfunny memes and to interact with a horrible community and a barely functioning app to begin with.
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4 months ago, ConnYsUCKs
The Featured Section
Generally speaking, it is inevitable that any social media will delve into politics to some degree or another and that isn’t lost on me. That being said, I’d like to see a way where users can potentially “flag” certain posts as being unfunny/political in a way where the original account isn’t necessarily punished, but the algorithm will be dissuaded from selecting them as featured memes. I think this concept or something similar in nature would have a very positive effect on the state of the overall app because people can have their political discussions (however extreme they may be) while allowing the featured section to stay relevant to the idea of the app, comedy. I am not opposed to free speech, but I do, however, want to see a system where we can put the “funny” back into IFunny.
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2 years ago, MonsterMan9!
Gone down the drain
This app, called iFunny, not “iReligion” “iMisogyny” or “iRacism”. Is probably one of the most toxic places on the internet. Even scrolling through the featured section, where you would think there is some form of control since they themself feature the memes. But even the features are filled with bible quotes, no joke just a quote. Misogynistic jokes that honestly aren’t jokes, it’s like that dude at a party who decides it’s a joke after he says it and everyone gives him a look. The racism is slightly more controlled but take a look through the comment section of plenty of features and you’ll find people saying the scummiest, most foul stuff. Stuff that would have their face have a nice meeting with concrete should they ever say it aloud in public. I’ve had this app for years, the only reason I still have it is because there are still those gems in a dirt and some creators who I follow that have good, funny content. There is a difference between freedom of speech and the sewage that the people on this app spew forth.
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2 years ago, yukontea
This has turned into a russian propaganda site meant to divide
I enjoyed Ifunny for a while, however in the past week it has become an app that has been creating extreme alt right content and promoting it. I was confused because it was about people sharing funny memes. Last week during the russian invasion of ukraine, it seemed as if the community was united and the featured memes were in support for Ukraine and it seemed like there was unity. Then I noticed a transition from the from this mood. Suddenly every featured meme is alt-right propaganda, and im talking about the most disgusting hate filled alt right propaganda. I was confused because it seemed united then all of sudden it flipped as if someone is trying to use tactics to divide the community maybe even plant seeds of hatred towards one another. I did some digging and learned that it is a Russian owned app. It got me thinking that maybe Russia is trying to use every outlet it has to divide us and keep use distracted from what is going on in ukraine. Please apple im begging you, remove this app from the store.
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2 years ago, donidsan
Black People Targeted
I hate to be that person but I usually don’t write reviews. This used to be a app where you can find the latest memes and have a good laugh. Granted, it’s always been a little raunchy, but as of lately it’s become a breeding ground for racism and negativity. Every meme is political, race based, or homophobic. IFUNNY’s target demographic is white, republican males as you constantly see something anti black, Asian, or Semitic. Memes depicting white people having blacks as slaves and referenced as “when America was great”. People are called the “n word” openly in the comments, jokes are made about massacres, and god forbid you let someone know you’re a woman; they’ll come for your head. This app went from going slightly downhill to hurtling 90 degrees off a cliff. It’s incredibly disappointing to see, especially since IFUNNY had pride with what they featured. It had to be funny, actually funny. Not featured because it’ll spark a debate. I’ve deleted the app, but I figured I’d write a review to give others a fair warning about the content on IFUNNY.
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