iGrade (Gradebook for Teacher, Student and Parent)

2.7 (6)
64.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for iGrade (Gradebook for Teacher, Student and Parent)

2.67 out of 5
6 Ratings
12 years ago, Fiona teaches
I like some of he features. Navigating from one task to another is tedious and confusing. I would like to see grade sub-totals by category for each individual student. I have not been able to get grade summaries for each students.
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5 years ago, Jwolve614
Love the app - problems with synch and Subscription
Help needed: I have been looking for a Grade Book app to use with my Adult ESL students. When I looked through this what iGrade does, I found what I needed. I paid the amount for the app. $4.99 but was confused when I discovered that I would have to also pay: Unlimited Data $.99 and iGrade Premium Subscription $1.99 I tried to pay for the Premium Subscription, but was told I couldn’t do that. I tapped on the “Subscribe for $.99 month,” I get: “Error App Store Unavailable OK” I set up my account on my iPhone, but don’t know how to synch on my iPad. Do I pay a separate $4.99 to download it there? Thank you for such a wonderful grade book. If anyone can answer any of these questions, I would really appreciate it. I want to use the full functionality of iGrade.
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4 years ago, Wwaokk
Loved it till it dropped most of my daughters attendance this year. I wrote twice to get help with no answer.
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6 years ago, eddiemathmatic
No way to add grades
Have the option to in a grade and give the grade weight
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12 years ago, gooddog1
LAUSD is a huge District. It PROHIBITS us from putting student portraits and other personal (contact) information on the web. There is a good reason for this: some students and parents are in the Federal Witness Protection Program after testifying against various individuals and/or gangs. We don't want anyone to locate a student or relatives because Google or other entity "unfortunately" got hacked. This app , as wonderful as it is, can be sync'd or backed up or updated or transferred ONLY VIA GOOGLE DOCS. I have begged the developers, over many years and updates, to give us the option to sync etc. over USB or closed ad-hoc network using iTunes or a browser. At one point they emailed me to the effect that this was coming. But it wasn't true. I cannot use the most touted features of the app and am reduced to having what any free spreadsheet or database could do. No humanizing portraits of my little angels, no "Augmented Reality", no mass emails etc., just numbers and text. Any teacher who uses it, as is, cannot backup to google docs or else is risking loss of job, credential, and may well be subject to civil prosecution. I lost all of my data last year because a corrupted file forced me to wipe my iPad3 and start again. With over 100 students, this was not feasible . Much cheaper programs allow secure backup and sync. Why can't this one ? Maybe if more of you requested this, it would finally happen. I'm crossing my fingers.
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10 years ago, DenisZysman
Great App!
I have been using for a while now and I am very impressed. First it looks great, it is a very clean and polished interface. Second, the more I use it the more functionalities I find. I have used the other Gradebooks and I don't think any has as many features. The multi weights options for the grades and the "Classroom Augmented Reality" are pretty unique and once you get use to it, you can't live without it! It is really nice too to have the tutorials available from the App so you don't need to get out and comeback. Even if there are a few things to improve, I give it a 5 Stars as it is the best Gradebook out there and we need more of these…
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10 years ago, FranceH-mom
Good in theory, lacking in practice..
I have been using this app since the end of July when I started my homeschool year with my son. I've had issues now and then, but if was anxious to install this update after seeing what was in it. I was happy I did a backup immediately before so though. First, I was happy to see that the date filtering is working now. The negative to that is it lost all my attendance records which my state requires in my records. I hope that we can retrieve it from the backup somehow. I am anxious to try the sharing as my husband and I share the task of setting up assignments and grading so if it works, that addition will be greatly appreciated as we each have our own iPads. Update: The last two updates have totally destroyed the app. It was working fine, then the data was corrupted in regards to attendance after the last major change. The update to fix that has made it completely unusable. My husband and I are not technically challenged.. He's programmed since childhood. This app was never ideal, but at least it HAD BEEN functional. Why on Earth make major changes to a teacher's app during a school year without thorough testing?
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12 years ago, EvaLoren
What I needed!
I have been using iGrade for a few days now and I really like it. It looks very professional and works just as it looks. The data entry is very easy and there are some nice functionalities like the students import or the assignment of the same student to multiple classes that makes it easy. I am a big fan of the augmented reality view with the attendance list, very quick to use. I am taking a lot of notes, and these are also very easy and slick, I like that I can had a voice record or pictures or videos too.
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12 years ago, walterip5
great for non techies too
This is a powerful grading app. My wife who is also a school teacher recommended me to use this app and I am glad I gave it a try. If you are not too much of a techie it will be easy for you as well since it has a very intuitive interface. I mostly use it in my ipad to visualize the student data and keep track of attendance. I highly recommend it.
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12 years ago, Patricia_7865
Very user friendly
Easy to use but still packed with functionalities. I am collecting all my data with it and then exporting the data for reporting and analysis. Love it! I am collecting all my data on iGrade and then exporting the data at the end of the month to Google Doc, I was able to load all this data directly into our School Grading System. It is a huge time saver for me...
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11 years ago, Jlfran26
Few suggestions
I love the look of the app. Just a few suggestions to make it easier: 1) needs a way view students by classes and all students at once from all classes, too confusing, 2) when entering grades, prefer to type numbers and automatically go to next student in class, 3) have assignments viewable by class as well. I think just these few upgrades would make it a 4 star app. I don't want to use until fixed because I have 6 different classes and it's confusing.
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12 years ago, drubiofr
the best $5 I have ever invested!
I am so glad to have this new Ipad version, it could not be more useful, since i can use it in both devices, without sacrificing any functionality. The advanced notes system is my favorite feature, since I can record relevant notes pertaining to each student and send to the student or parent directly.
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13 years ago, J-Stickers
Great app for a teacher with little time!
Although it took a while to program in the students, after getting used to where everything was located, it was a cinch. I was even able to train my TA in minutes to have her help input grades and create some reports! Awesome App!
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12 years ago, MJBrookins
Good to Great!
This app would be much better if one had the option to generate reports. I know I can export data, but it would be nice for it to have the capabilities to generate student and class reports. Not only that.....be able to print or email reports!!! I hope the developers will consider this as an option.
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12 years ago, Ben-0315
Every Teacher should have this!
After a couple of days, it becomes really easy to navigate and the classroom view makes it real fast and intuitive. I would recommend to any teacher out there! Keep up the updates...
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12 years ago, Lintltj5
Don't bother
Not very user friendly. Very confusing when you first start out and the help section really does nothing to help you. You really have just do lots of trial and error to get the hang of things. App will close out for no reason sometimes when you are in the middle of something. Also the entire settings menu after one day of having the app will not load correctly. Its too bad because it seems like it could be a great app. Don't waste your money like I did.
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11 years ago, BVerhoye
Great app!
I really like how easy this app is to use, it's powerful and so slick... the tech support team is also very prompt with answers to questions and feedback for bug fixes. If you're a teacher (especially with multiple classes) this app is for you!
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10 years ago, S Edwards
Generally very good
This is generally a great app. Since the latest upgrade I have had problems taking attendance. The app does not automatically progress to the next student. I’m also not able to delete students. Otherwise, it’s great and the new filters are very useful.
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12 years ago, Jose_Benif
Finally a good grade book on iPad!
I have been using the iPhone version for a long time and I am so happy the iPad version is out, the interface is totally new and it is so much easier to manipulate the long lists and navigate through the menus... Great Job!
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10 years ago, Murlr
Incompletely implemented, buggy, and no support
You can't seem to set weighted categories (that I can find) and setting a grade type to "#" which is point values, does not allow you to enter a grade on my iPad Air 2. There simply is not a keyboard displayed to input scores. Clicking the support option allows you to see a flashing "unable to establish database connection" screen I submitted these issue via email and no response after several days.
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10 years ago, Matt 28_19
Difficult to use!
I purchased the app because it was the best-looking gradebook app I could find. That is the only plus that I could find for this app. The app is difficult to use, and is organized by assignments rather than by classes and students. That doesn't make any sense. There also needs to be a way to import/export information from/to your computer.
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12 years ago, francspk4
getting popular
iGrade has helped our school saved a lot of paperwork by putting all data in this app. It's very easy to use and become popular especially in our young teachers.
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12 years ago, carloll13
this app is a time saver
Thanks so much for this app! It is very easy to use and it makes the communication with the parents and students, a breeze. I have really decreased the time invested on administrative tasks after using this app.
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12 years ago, Zaxxon29
Most recent upgrade put it in the toilet
You can't sync to the iPhone app any more, they ditched the student import feature, so you have to manually type everything I with you iPad (which is horribly slow). They said they would have an upgrade coming out to address these issues. Unfortunately they didn't deliver before school, and I am currently looking for a gradebook replacement. Thanks for nothing igrade.
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12 years ago, Casey_Mcd
More please more!
This is a good GradeBook, it takes a couple of hours to go around entering the students and getting to know all the functionalities so it's not bad at all. I think it is intuitive to use and there are a lot of cool feature. Keep up the good work!
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12 years ago, podscalvin
Very good performance
This app is no doubt a powerful grading module. You would find grading student much easier than before. Our school has been using it for a month and it's very good so far.
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12 years ago, timahart
effective tool
This app has helped me make everything in order in the school, I have access to the real statistics and even the attendance, so I can grade my students fairly and more effectively.
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10 years ago, MobiMe1
Excited to find. Fit my need at first. User friendly and loved the layout. Began using (unfortunately) and constantly crashing after any entry from day one. Now it has crashed so many times the app will not open without instantly crashing on every open. Very unstable. Come on people! I would love to keep using and change my review. Good thing going but needs major attention.
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8 years ago, Kkgdsaqyibcrewqashlu
So confused…
So, I got as far as entering the names. Then I tried to enter the assignments and that where the problem occurred. I enter the title, click on the category, and then poof, it's gone. I can't get any further than entering the names. Maybe when it gets fixed, or is updated, I'll give it another shot. But for now, I can't do anything with it.
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12 years ago, johnkerr23
Incredibly good
What a unique app for teachers. It is especially useful to manage my classroom. I can gather statistics from students grades and have everything in control.
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12 years ago, tedfunnyc
just great!
It's a nice grading app for teachers. I can check all the student data in seconds and every little thing will be noted. Nice user interface by the way.
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10 years ago, Wesxyz
“Fees to track and participation”
How do you do the fees on this app nothing on this app has fees setting. Let me know thanks I bought the app just for that but it's not there thanks
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10 years ago, ilsand
No longer working
I've been using this app for a little over a year with my classes and students' data. However, after the most recent update the application won't start. It crashes within a few seconds after the splash screen appears. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no luck. Ipad 3
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10 years ago, Dizbmomo
Fix buttons
The app has a great concept. Would be nice if all the buttons worked. I'm having trouble selecting the class and adding the birthdates because the ( cancel, delete, done) buttons don't work.
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11 years ago, Miles Winder
This is. Good that can become great if a little more thought is put into making it more of an intuitive app rather than a rote app I like it but it requires some concentration on how it works
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8 years ago, DanaLeighC
This app is terrible. I bought it and nothing worked. I thought maybe I was restricted because I did not have the full version so I purchased the monthly subscription only to cancel that soon after. Nothing on it worked. Things get deleted once you leave the screen or close the app. TEACHERS BEWARE!! Major stressor!!
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8 years ago, Majormayham
Not ready for the classroom
The app requires two payments of 3.99 to be of any use. Even then normal tasks such as adding students and sorting students by class is cumbersome. This app has the framework but is not refined enough to be useful in the classroom.
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11 years ago, La Dee dag
Extremely helpful and useful!
Love the app except I cannot weight the assignments. Extremely useful and the kids enjoy when I show them their grades on here.
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12 years ago, MarthaSmithson
Slick iPad Gradebook
I really like the design! I am so sick of Apps that looks like a kid's game… This looks and works as a professional tool but still very intuitive. I like the new Attendance table, much faster to use.
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12 years ago, richjennyo
amazing app
I hope there will be more apps for teachers in the app store in the future. This app is a perfect example of how these apps can make our teaching more effective.
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11 years ago, ShirleyS69
Too complicated
I keep going in circles to get the assignments, classes, and students to line up. I've spent too much time trying to set it up. As a teacher I don't want to spend hours setting up something that should be simple to use. I will be going back to my excel spreadsheet.
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8 years ago, Fatima0741
Doesn't worth it
Paid 6.99, after adding 4 names they asked for additional 3.99 to be able to add more students names to the classes. Not practical you have to go through a lot of steps to add each student or see the classroom. I didn't like it at all.
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10 years ago, Tamadoulo
Not able to assign weights for each category
I have had several issues with this app. When trying to contact developer to resolve the issue, very unsuccessful.
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9 years ago, MrsRaddatz
Looks cool, sounds cool---RUN AND DONT LOOK BACK
I have messing with this app too long for anyone's sanity. Student names disappear and the app seems to reset every time you open it. Can't sync online on computer for easier data entry, either. Not helpful in tutorials, either.
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10 years ago, Gmunder
I was able to open it the the first time and enter a few names and grades. It then crashed, and now it crashes the very second it opens. Can't do anything with it now. Disappointed
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9 years ago, Nathan92223
I don't see a way to email for help. I have an iPhone 6+ and maybe this is a problem. I can't add a student. So right now it doesn't rate well with me. If you would like a better rating then please fix these problems.
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12 years ago, SpedTeacherAA
I just finished adding all of my information when the app crashed and it was all gone! I don't have that kind of time to waste. I can't take the chance. My iPad is 64 gigs, too. I have to assume it will happen again.
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8 years ago, NattyMTBC
Couldn't even open it
Purchased the app and couldn't even open it. Instantly crashes. Frustrating!
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12 years ago, JenGrace06
Great update!
Love the new attendance view! The app is so much faster too! Cheers :)
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11 years ago, spiceseven
Great App
Love the ability to put a face to the names.
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