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User Reviews for ilearntoboat

2.46 out of 5
306 Ratings
11 months ago, Mod458
Crashed while I was taking The Final EXAM!
What the title says.. Tbf, I’m not sure if it was a server issue, but things seemed to be working just fine when I logged back on from a PC.. Luckily the site saved where I was at in the exam and I didn’t need to restart! I wish I had not spent the extra money for this stupid visual novel version of Boaters Ed.. I could’ve just flipped through the stupidly easy to understand study guide in an hour vs. 4..
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3 years ago, carelitz
Informative and Fun!
First of all, I am not a boater. I am more of a sun-on-the-now type of women. However, living in Florida I have been doing more boat trips and wanted to be more aware of boater safely. I went into this course not even knowing port from starboard. I did the course on my iPhone in one sitting and found it very enjoyable. The story was interesting enough, maybe a bit long, but it helped keep the information fun and relevant. The interactive lessons and tests were very fun and helpful to learn and retain the information. Even though i read quickly, it will took about 3 hours to complete the course and the final exam. I passed the final exam easily and opted for a physical card. Overall, I highly recommend this app for boater safety.
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3 years ago, Ms.Og bang ♥️
Please fix current student
Great app I love it but having problems when I first set up the app took awhile to load the chapters. Now it’s stuck on the boat quizNavigation and for a 2 of the question it’s really challenging because if you put the wrong are right answers it says ur wrong can you please update ASAP also it doesn’t give me the option to go to any chapter currently stuck in that mode please help been playing it none stop and I’m still stuck in this chapter. Also waiting on a call from customer service overall great awesome app. I love it I mean love ❤️ it just wish it didn’t get stuck on navigation.
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4 years ago, Derek_Smith
Look I never write reviews......
The storyline is STUPID, ....BUT, this only took me 2 hours to finish verse roughly 5 hours doing it the other way. Did it this way to get my wife certified. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a brutal story line, but it’s nearly all common sense. I click through it barely paying attention, until it’s quiz time. For those who say it still took them 5+ hours to finish, they are stupid people(I consider myself stupid too!). Skim through this as fast as possible and you’ll pass. You can even google the answers on the test. ITS EASY!!!!!! Do it and get it done so you can legally drive boats and jet skis
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2 years ago, kforjsb
Scam, waste of money, horrible support
This app is a scam. Says that you’ll complete the course faster than others, but really you the only thing it makes you do is play stupid games and read through never ending speech bubbles from cartoon characters. If that wasn’t bad enough, once I got to the middle of the course it starts glitching leaving me unable to complete the level and continue on to read more stupid stories and play more stupid games to finish this thing. I have emailed support multiple times I’ve the course a few months with no response. So now I’m $70 into this with nothing to show for it but way to much wasted time. In no world should anyone ever purchase this course.
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2 years ago, Nets_Talk_Central
It’s not that bad
I’ve taken on other boating courses before and truthfully this one isn’t that bad this an easy to consume course for the beginner boater. It’s can be a little tedious and annoying at time with the constant text but the activities and study guides throughout are pretty good at explaining boat safety laws and rules. If you are a avid boater and have taken courses prior do yourself and a huge favor and skip this course, but if you’re looking to get into boating and want to learn in a fun and easy to understand way check this out!
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9 months ago, GTaylor95
Password reset is a nightmare
$50+ course with a completely broken password reset process. I accidentally selected an Apple auto gen password after signing up and paying via the website. ILTB then says you have to download their app to complete the course. Password screen after downloading doesn’t auto-fill Apple password. No option to reset without going back to website. Reset email is caught by gmail spam filter; after marking not spam and requesting re-send, versions don’t have functional password reset links. Developers, this is the kind of UX that earns you a chargeback. Please fix
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4 years ago, Decimatejking
Ilearntoboat review
This is a child like story mode to make it easier for some to learn. It is what is says it was. So you can’t complain when you didn’t read or understand what this app or boating program is. The app runs well, never crashes, I haven’t seen any bugs or issues with the app. I do a lot of computer learning programs for my job, this is a method I would prefer to learn. Thank you for the app.
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1 year ago, Lt.dan727
Not worth it, until they fix the glitches.
The glitches caused this to take longer than the actual course. Most of the literature/questions for a 10 question quiz was cut off and Not able to be read, therefore I was left to guess on that quiz and it took me over an hour and a half to guess it all correctly. I paid extra for it to be faster and that issue caused it to take wayyy longer than necessary. Not worth the extra $15 in my opinion. Plus the extra story that has nothing to do with the exam is another big waste of time.
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2 years ago, BenjaminBoater
Love it
I’m 15 years old and I used this app to get registered and run a PWC by myself and I loved it. Sometimes the storyline was a little annoying but I followed it really well and it taught me a lot. I had no troubles such as glitches, or bugging out. I got my boaters card and I am so happy for this app as it was fun but taught me soooooo much about operating and PWC and boating in general. Love love this app easy 5 star!!
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2 years ago, Pro_Paintball_Star
Do NOT listen to the bad reviews…
I purchased the class at 6:11pm and completed the class and passed the exam at 7:40pm….. So 1 hour and 29 minutes……this is the fastest way out there… I have never studied or reviewed any boating items. Most are very common sense. The app is elementary and not for everyone but you can just click through it. And it is counted so who cares.
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4 years ago, cccdl1977
Terrible App
You pay extra because it’s advertised as faster than the basic course. It’s a very child-like way of learning, with a terrible story mode including ridiculous games and achievements as if you were an elementary school child. The course takes approx 3 hours, with most of the story mode having nothing to do with the actual exam questions. If you’re looking for a way to waste three hours of your life this app is for you. If you would rather study some information and take an exam like an adult, save your time and money and keep looking.
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1 week ago, gracewitschorik
Didn’t let me finish the mystery
Spent extra money on this boaters license course. Everything went pretty smoothly and I was exited to solve the mystery at the end, until it told me that I made the wrong decisions and I would never be ahold to solve the mystery. This made me a bit upset as I payed for this fun course and it got my hopes up just for my dreams to be ruined. If anyone knows what the mystery ended up being please let me know because I am very interested.
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2 years ago, im an real person
Not that pad just be patient
Just be patient and get through it it takes about 3 hours to complete not that hard take the knowledge you get from the app and take the practice quiz a couple times and then take the test not that hard the only thing I disliked was it was a bit childish and it did not get straight to the point but that’s okay.
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2 years ago, skylie 😈🖤
I was skeptical about this app after reading the reviews, BUT let me tell you! I finished it within 3 hours! I have my certification now and it was super easy! The story is sort of pointless so I don’t really care for that part of this. Other than that it is super efficient and convenient! Good luck!!
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3 years ago, Tis I
Five stars because it works !
The story is silly, the choices are kind of lame but, you will actually learn enough about boating to pass a state safety course. I did exactly that a month ago. Since I have a boat now I’ve been expanding my knowledge of-course but, this is hands down a solid way to get started.
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2 years ago, ❤️2ruN
I completed the entire quiz and now each time i try to take the final exam, it sends me to a prompt to download the app(which had to be complete to start this thing) then after logging in over & over it freezes up with a message saying Just a sec, we are downloading your final exam now and it never goes beyond this!!! I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau to get my money back! Shame on the Boaters Ed web site for allowing this link. I thought the whole time it was part of Boaters Ed! Must be a scam ad!
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4 years ago, Joeagles
Solid, less boring way of learning. But after seeing what these people had to go through in only a single day of boating; almost capsized, weird mutant like creatures, robbery suspects, helping two people who were thrown overboard while their boat is in a death circle, being stuck on an island, terrible storm, etc, it makes me realize that this may happen to me as well, in only a single day of boating.
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2 years ago, !ffo_***F
This would be great for kids
I took the course in a couple hours. The games and storyline were a bit ridiculous. Towards the end I just clicked through the stories to get to the actual course content. I passed and got my certificate, but I don’t see this as the best way to do it.
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1 month ago, Halfrican Guy
Great for beginners
If you know nothing about boating, like me, this is a very helpful and interactive guide. Yes, the scenarios are a little cheesy, but I am glad I used this. If you are experienced, it would probably be a little more tedious for you, and I recommend looking elsewhere.
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10 months ago, BA.M.M
Waste of time!
I would have paid triple the money to use this app without the ridiculous story and never ending speech bubbles you have to read in order to advance. The quizzes and tests are fine and helpful and there is all the information you need in this. But seriously 3 1/2 hours of scooby doo mystery is unacceptable! If I knew that before I spent the money I wouldn’t have used this company. The course material and review is about 10% of the app. the rest is a waste!
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2 years ago, Spifton
Just disappointing
The story is never ending it seems with most of it not even being valuable information some of the test don’t even work half the time I had to spend 50 minutes just to get the fire extinguisher test to work very disappointed and a waste of time use a different app
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4 years ago, CAR0LlN3
Not a Good Buy
I took boaters ed on this platform due to the increased speed in getting my license. The story was relatively entertaining compared to the normal boating course. However, the system registered me as being in Florida rather than Texas and I have tried contacting technical support multiple times. The automatic system has promised someone will get back to me, but it has been days. It has been a frustrating experience working with this app. I wouldn’t advise taking the boating education course this way.
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10 months ago, Busy Bee Renovations
There is a time limit
You have 3 months to complete the course or you are not able to take the final exam. It is hidden in the terms of use that of course no one reads. This is an underhanded practice that many use but I really would have expected more from an education app. That said the course it self is good but if you do not have the time get ready to pay twice to be able to get the final done.
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1 year ago, This kid 01730272036202729
Annoying at first but produced results
I found the comic like approach annoying at first but with all the activities I found the test extremely easy due to remembering them.
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6 months ago, Thegerb
Absolutely terrible
I paid for the course and finished the lessons, life happened and I didn’t get to the final exam. Once I was able to log back in and take the exam, it said my registration had expired(90 days). I reached out to them and they told me I can buy the extension for 15$. If no stars was an option then that is what I would give them. Please use another company and don’t give these guys a penny.
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12 months ago, MarkR0317
Went all the through the course - which has too many filler “quests” and is a waste of time on top of being overly confusing - and made it to the final exam, and wouldn’t you know it, you can’t take the exam on the app and “error, page not found” on the official site you are transferred to. Don’t waste hours like I did and look somewhere else to spend your money
Show more
10 months ago, jtorl
Childish story
Very uninterested in reading a story to learn how to boat. Took me over 2 hours and eventually I realized I could just click the blue text without reading as fast as possible and skip to actual practice and quiz modules. Story still didn’t teach all the information needed to pass either. Luckily I have taken the course through another app so I retained the information to pass elsewhere. IMO not worth the extra money if your looking to learn all necessary rules and laws. If you have previous knowledge it might help save time if you skip through the story. The more basic study platforms are more educational and less clouded with a fictional story.
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2 years ago, Wrxfan001
Silly but fast and easy
I don’t understand the bad reviews. Took about 2.5 hours. Everything worked great for me. And I easily passed the final exam. I would recommend.
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4 months ago, KingHolub31
Why is this not disclosed there’s not option for a normal digital study guide
I don’t understand why there is not an option to select a normal study guide and not the cartoonish storyline that this tries to get you to go by it’s a waste of time I wish after purchasing I never purchased and just went with normal study guide. Definitely not worth extra money.
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11 months ago, jared ainslie
If you know what your doing it’s annoying
The story’s are a little annoying and if you’re familiar with boating you can skip through and pass the tests but it will for sure help anyone who doesn’t have much knowledge
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3 years ago, Tom.Z
Story is bad but good program
The story in the app is very bad but the actual education and tests they give are very good not to mention from start to completed test with certificate less than 2 and a half hours
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2 years ago, Seth-CPA
I receive an Error 500 at logon
I purchased it for $70, went to logon, and it doesn’t work. Waited a few days figuring it had an issue that day, same issue remains. I emailed the support team, then get a systematic reply saying that the email doesn’t exist. Very unprofessional and feels more scammy. There’s a phone number that’s available that I plan to call next for support.
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3 years ago, use another option!
This app is a nightmare. When you get to the game toward the end, the instructions are hidden, so you are left to guess what scenario you are working through. Have tried on an iPhone and iPad. Both have same issue. This is after hours of working through the story line and assorted testing. There have to be better options. Terribly unprofessional!
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3 years ago, Eviye Tigresson
Inventive and fun!
Thank you so much to the developers for making a more fun way to go though the boating course. Only a few minor issues and otherwise it was engaging and super cool!! Thank you!
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2 years ago, wowzag21
Great App
Worked perfectly advertised just as it preformed. Went in at 7:05 finished at 9:22 and am now certified. The story line was pretty childish, but explained every part of the test thoroughly. Great app.
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9 months ago, yeetyeeto
Wish i didn't pay extra for this. They tell you nothing before you pay. Figured this was just a test, nope. Have to read a children's book and answer stupid question. Is it faster? Probably not. Wouldn't recommend.
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11 months ago, Sue’z
Good Enough
Got my boaters license, but on one of the segments where you have to select how to react to boats and objects in front of you I could not see the text so I had no clue how to answer and had to guess my way through the portion.
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2 years ago, Summerbutler687
Waste of time and money
Being a teenager I thought maybe this app would be better for me to learn the rules of boating but boy was I wrong. This teaches you nothing and I was almost done, had about to chapters left, and i was doing an activity and no matter how many times I did it, it wouldn’t let me complete it. Do not waste your money on this app.
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1 month ago, gary060607
People were hating, but I love this course! I’m 14 y/old and this course was very entertaining and fun! It didn’t even take too long!
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4 years ago, Edhm1244
This app is bad.
Genuine waste of time. Worst way to learn how to boat. Shouldn’t have to wait for the characters to speak. Having to spend 2 hours of my day listening to whiny characters instead of actually learning anything outside of the study guide has actually made it harder to focus. Whoever thought this was a good way to teach grown adults how to boat actually needs to reevaluate their life choices
Show more
2 years ago, vixcancook
Driving the boat was full of bugs
It was fine until you drive the boat and then the text is cut off and it was quite buggy. Oh well. I am done.
Show more
12 months ago, E Sch
the fire challenge is horrible because you're supposed to sweep side to side at the base but specifically can't sweep side to side if you want to pass, you only hold it at the center. and the boating simulator where you pass the other boats is bad because you can't even read the descriptions or explanations. it's good for a child but it's painful for anyone over the age of 12. took super long because you spend the whole time reading a story. and half the time you don't get the option to read the manual before taking a quiz, you just have to guess.
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3 weeks ago, big kkkkkan
It’s good
I used this to get my license took a few hours but helped me pass the final easier.
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2 years ago, fsnace52
Not a bad app
I’m not sure what the other review experienced to give it a bad review, but I completed everything in one day and I’m now certified. This app was helpful in my opinion.
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4 years ago, nonofurbeezwaxmister
Downloaded this app because it said you could finish the boating course in under three hours. That was a gross lie! It took 6 hours to complete the course and take the exam this way! Completely useless way to learn! The storyline distracted from the actual education material! If you choose to do it this way just skip through the story to the modules!
Show more
2 years ago, pianomom77
App doesn’t work.
Unable to get past the first question. Keeps freezing. No customer support available. Tried to email and got kicked back several times as “app not working. “. Tried to call. Was on hold for hours with no one ever answering. Currently trying to get a refund.
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4 years ago, Abbra ka fabra
Interactive, fun and quick
Sped through course without being bored!
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11 months ago, MAGAV
Well Produced, waste of time.
Though I really appreciate the excellent effort that went into developing and producing this instructional application, the whole mystery story line was a massive waste of time for my learning style. If you are a nuts and bolts, read the manual kind of person, I would highly advise skipping this application.
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4 years ago, fartmaster2
I really wanted to learn the material before I took my boat out for the first time ever... however had a tough time paying attention due to storyline. Ended up just clicking buttons until I got to the quizzes... felt like I didn’t learn much. Also was marketed as a fast way. I couldn’t go any faster and it still took me 3 hours...
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