Imagine Math Facts

3.6 (336)
60.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Imagine Learning, Inc.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Imagine Math Facts

3.61 out of 5
336 Ratings
3 months ago, Terrence😂
Pretty good😊
Little hard still good but I try this in my school and. Every time I press the quit button it kicks me out
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4 years ago, Cikiun
It’s math but one/two problems
There’s like only one issue, on multiplication and division I didn’t get to chose a female or a male I was a girl, so embarrassing in school. And also on ninja mode it’s way harder, on some of the ninja modes they only give you like three seconds. But this is an awesome game, you should try it. And I don’t t think you’ll not like it, it’s amazing. But I don’t know why people say it’s bad, try it, it’s amazing and fun. My favourite math game.
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2 years ago, ChenilleSings
My son is 8 and knows his addition really well but the game gives no time and is so dang fast that he can’t pass and when he thinks he’s doing well and misses just one, it starts him all over again. I don’t know why schools even bother with this. It’s just frustrating our kids! To the developers: great concept, needs some tweaks such as more time to answer the questions, don’t start over if you miss just one it could simply not let them advance where they are. Other that it’s awesome but we won’t be back until we here some hangers were made.
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2 years ago, Seminary instructor
Used to be available to individuals
I paid $50 for this math game, or something like that, and my kids loved it. We purchased it when it was Big Brainz Math. But they kept changing and updating it which made it harder for us to access. I even called and emailed a couple of times to get access back. Now I can’t even use the game I paid for because it is only available to schools. I wish they would have just grandfathered me in or refund me my money. I should have been able to keep it forever since I paid for the product originally.
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1 year ago, CoolyCat1000
It’s so MEAN😡!!!
Hey, Redman2185?👋. Nice to see you! I read your review. I have the same problem too. Like 66 divided by 11 is 6, is it right? I got so mad that I got that question wrong 😑😠. Is not just the timer ⏱. I saw that timer and I still have time. But when I press the 6 on the keyboard while I have time, I LOST!!😡. That what happened to me.
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12 months ago, paraspro
Does not have sign up button
I downloaded the app hoping to get better at my math facts this summer, But when I opened the app it only had a log in option so I could not practice because I do not have an account. Please address this problem so anybody could practice their math facts including me. Thank you
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5 years ago, Chumley543
It is so fun
This is so fun I play this at school and it is the best I would love to play it every day I can’t help my self but my sister teached me how to do math when I was 2 I no that it sounds not fun but it was amazing and fun my cuzzen played it all the time so I got it was amazing
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6 years ago, gemaemahmad🙃
This game I know it gives short time but when you keep remember rising you can have a good grade it works for me so it can work for you too. But don't rush because you end up with a bad answer. But THE GAME IS SUPER FUN AND AWESOME. I almost want to play everyday.
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4 years ago, PiperPfeiffer
Best Math Game!
I’ve been playing this app/game for a while and it’s really fun. If you’re a gamer and you need help on math this would be the perfect app. Everything on this app is like a game but just with math problems. This app is just AMAZING!!
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2 years ago, the ultimate Robloxian
Really good
In my opinion this is a lot better than imagine math because this teaches the speed and the facts.
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6 years ago, Daftwullie
So Fun!
My kids use this at school, and they actually ask to play at home too. Who knew that kids would practice on purpose?
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2 years ago, JinxdapikachuPlayz
this is a great game and all. but im on ninja master and ruins is so hard. the boss rotates before you see the question so its impossible to beat him. and when he shows the question its too late cause it goes so fast. can you please make the boss not rotate where i cant see the question? if you can then thank you i would really appreciate that.
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4 years ago, Vicknickers
This game is awesome it’s just that in master ninja it’s way to fast it’s just really frustrating me and it’s annoying to me about master ninja just I really want it a little slower.
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5 years ago, unicorn #21
It is easy You just need to know you’re facts I’m stuck on level 7 right now
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6 years ago, Redman2185?
Your so mean😥
My school makes us do this but even when you put the right answers it’s wrong. Seriously, 15-9=6 right? And it gives you barley any time to think so how are people supposed to do it and actually learn? Also why do you have to start over for just one mistake?😡
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4 years ago, annoyed little kid
If I could rate 1 star, I would.
So, this game is horrible. Great concept, horrible game. First of all, you don’t get enough time to answer. Second of all, its super hard to pass if you don’t get answers quickly. If you get 1 question wrong, you have to re-do the WHOLE ENTIRE LEVEL. Like I said, good concept, horrible game.
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3 years ago, briannamunozxoxo
This is a no good game bc it gives u really little time to answer a question which makes u get it wrong which also makes u start all over again which gets me sooooo mad! I deleted the game and I suggest u don’t bother to download a game... it really just a waste of time if u ask me.....
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4 years ago, jackwimmer
I is good but it wood be nice if it was letting you get to go Again
🤔 Jackwimmer
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6 years ago, Grobanite in TX
I think you should try it
I love is so much and it is so fun you need to get this game. Abby
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4 years ago, prodigy fan28
It’s pretty good I remember when I was 7 I beat ninja mode and all of the sections on the multiplication division addition and subtraction
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1 year ago, 1828272718198#73
So ez I’m 10
Bruh people who say this is hard are dumb lol I’m ten and on ninja master
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4 years ago, poopy chance
I love this game better than most of other apps
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3 years ago, BweIIo
Terrible won’t let me sighn in
It won’t let me get in I must have a password from school but I don’t use this at school and I can’t get in without a password from a teacher so.😤🤚
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8 months ago, vbvfhnvfyugdr
This is nostalgic
I remember playing this in the 2nd grade and I lived it. And is so nostalgic now
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5 years ago, AJSoAwseome12
This game is so awesome you should play it I love this game and I am 12 years old and in 6th grade I am the most handsome boy in the world.
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5 years ago, cchvez
The best learning game ever
I love it you can play addition and subtraction and multplycation and divsion
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5 years ago, Taylortheawsome
Well it’s fun but when I went on the machine I was at the big robot guy then when I did 9✖️7 I did the incorrect answer and then I started to cry cause I worked so hard😢
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4 years ago, AllAboutEducation
It stops you
So the game is fun and all but I got to a point where everyone got stuck and couldn’t progress any further so it’s fun for a week till it gets boring and just wastes space
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5 years ago, Kerrydreu
This game is so fun I play it every day at school
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3 years ago, riyudbutugbut
I love this game so much
OK I just got this game today and it’s so fun.
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3 years ago, Baobao223
I will rate this zero stars. First of all how are you supposed to think if there’s like three seconds. Also this could go die.
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3 years ago, Ibrahim summer
They are broken
I got an answer wrong and it is giving me the same number that I have done over and over and not the one that I got wrong
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3 years ago, Shaquita253
I don’t like it 😒
It way too fast and I don’t like the fact that they make you all the problems
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4 years ago, buzzer847
This math app is so boring, it made me do the worst level 3 times, and gave me NO TIME TO THINK!! The graphics are good, but that’s about it on the good side. And I never want to do it again!!
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5 years ago, I ❤️⚽️
I love it sooooo much it's so fun👌👌My favorite app in the whole world.
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4 years ago, April :^
Very bad
I am a teacher and Clearly it’s not working on iPad my student’s get kicked out every time they join I hope u may fix what’s going on
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1 year ago, TAHC504
Retention is so annoying I get one question wrong I have to start the whole thing over
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4 years ago, 16068869311
Imagine math facts
7-2 equals5
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6 years ago, Kamisara❤️
The time is so short it gives you. I had to use a calculator, my teacher is going to be straight upset
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4 years ago, gjbl7hn
Best game ever 🤗
I beat division I turned in to a master
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2 years ago, Soccerquist
How good is it?
It is good for my Kids and my kid loves it
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5 years ago, Ycan30
This game is so cool I love it’s cool and I the game challenges you
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2 years ago, ifyouhateitforyoupodcast
Bad game
This game is so bad I type my school user name and password and it didn’t work
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3 years ago, CharIi D'amelio
Add more time to think
Add more time to think because we kids can not think that fast.😠😡🤬
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4 years ago, ihatemath1234
The game stinks
Time limits are too short and it sends you back so far even if you miss one!
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4 years ago, Pcvanmar
I’m on ninja mode subtraction and you barely have any time to answer
This game annoying on ninja mode
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3 years ago, nebula master
Worst learning thing EVER
1.the math is to hard.2.the graphics are terrible.3.the bosses are the hardest thing😡the worst thing is what you made
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5 years ago, angrey, guy
Worst game ever
I literally cried cause the math problems and the map keep restarting do not install
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5 years ago, awesome pink pig
This game is dumb
I don’t like this game it just waste you’re time?😩😡
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4 years ago, loaalallla
the game doesn’t give you time to think to do the problems
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