IMDb: Movies & TV Shows

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4 weeks ago
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16.1 or later
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User Reviews for IMDb: Movies & TV Shows

4.79 out of 5
513K Ratings
7 years ago, KelseyNova
I love the app...
Edit: Thanks to the devs for responding to the issue. It's either stopped or you fixed it! I love the app! It's helpful and I use it a lot! **previous review** Recently there has been an invisible ad that pops up when I search for something. I don't have a problem with ads if it keeps the app free, my issue is that I can't click on anything while it's there. Example: I open the app and search for a title, on the search page an empty see-through box appears. If you try to click on something behind/within the box it goes to a video ad. There's no other way around it. I'm not sure if it's on purpose - again I don't mind ads to keep the app free - but it's a little intrusive in that I can't get around it. If it is on purpose, like I need to watch it before continuing, then the feature needs a tune up. The only way to get around it is to close the app entirely and go back in and start over. Otherwise I love the app, use it a lot, it's very helpful and in my opinion the app is even better than the actual website.
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12 months ago, Farley213
Stop letting stupid people add trivia
I miss the early days of IMDB when it was run and only run by those who worked at IMDb or in the entertainment business. Instead you decided to open it up to anyone who signs up and allowed them to add trivia items that are quite literally trivial. The trivia of IMDb used to be my favorite part of the site. Behind the scenes tidbits that enhanced what I was watching. Now? It’s either inane tidbits, inaccurate one liners, grasps at any kind of connection, made up crap to say they got something approved, plot spoilers in the wrong location (you know instead of actually going into the spoiler section), notes by people who were obviously not born when the movie/tv show came out and therefore do not get that for their time was the norm, or just plain stupid. I’ve seen everything from people being offended at old 1930’s movies because they didn’t realize that movies were made then and it was a different era to such things a character name in an episode vaguely resembling a previous character name in an episode that aired two years prior. Why are these things approved? Want to make it “social” or interactive? Create a message board or Game Center and leave the actual trivia and fact section to the pros. (Which reminds me, double check your facts on stars as I keep finding inaccurate ‘facts’ on dates of birth, birth/death locations and more. The only thing this site is good for anymore is finding out who’s in the cast.
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4 years ago, Anon.111
Been using IMDB since the beginning of time but....
Excellent app, I use it daily, and always on the fly for a quick search. However with the last update you made the default load page not ‘Search’ but ‘Home’. This is a huge problem for me. First, the ‘Home’ page by design is cool, but because it’s loading content it’s slower to load. Instinctively I expect the home page to have a search bar but it doesn’t. So by the time the page loads I realize I have to manually click the ‘Search’ option in the lower bar. While this isn’t a huge problem, it adds the extra step of me having to having to click the search icon, which is counter-intuitive. This wasn’t the design in all previous IMDB updates, why the change now? This would be a 5 star review but because of the un-intuitive design I’m giving it 3. Not going to lie, I’ve used IMDB less and Google more for quick searches. Please either allow for a ‘Default’ setting where the user can choose what loads on startup or put a search bar on the ‘Home’ page. Even the latter, quick searches mean fast results, and having to wait for a ‘Home’ page to load and cache content every time I start the app doesn’t allow for rapid results.
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6 years ago, H16H_C0MM4ND3R
I’ve long looked to IMDB for most, if not all of my pop culture news... and unfortunately with the last update I’m forced to use google news instead... The news topic list drones on without a seeming end and in order for me to switch topics (Top, Movies, Tv, Celeb) I either have to scroll all the way back to the top or I have to back out of the news and then open it again and switch. There was a similar issue a few updates back but it was resolved. It’s too clunky now and really like it if they streamlined it again. Until then I’m left giving it a 3 star review... 😞 (Update: I had known about tapping the top of the screen, as I said it’s just a clunky design. Before the update, the topics were at the top and immediately accessible for switching with just a tap. It just felt more streamlined. I am understanding of change and I accept it freely, especially when it makes things easier and functions better. I’m a big fan of the bug fixes that were addressed like when the app would restart as I was changing back and forth between this and other apps. Or when it would close the page I was on when my screen would lock.... Those fixes were great, and I thank you for them.)
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3 years ago, Sunday <333
Everything about this show from the first episode until the very last was so thoroughly acted out and so intriguing! The sequence of the main relationships in the show was written in the script perfectlyyyyyyy. There wasn’t a moment when I sat back and thought, “they’re moving way too fast” or “this all feels so rushed.” I automatically knew the person who wrote this script was a woman because of how the characters were portrayed and how the intimate and vulnerable shots were filmed. Also, everything feels authentic and natural in the most beautiful way possible. Mostly everything was kinda out in the open and raw, which is what i loveedddddd about it. it’s so rare to find a show or film that has characters that are actually normal in a relatable way. Obviously not everyone is a prince that has to transfer to a different school but the emotions Wille showed us were all perfectly performed & understandable & relatable. I can’t even say everything that i’d like to say because i’d write an essay BUT I NEED A SEASON TWO!
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5 years ago, Saftymn
I use the IMDB Every Day, normally SEVERAL times a day! The only other App that even comes close is my Bible apps! The amount of information available at the tip of my fingers is Outstanding! The only thing I wish The owners the IMDB app would bring back is the ability to note “Goofs”! I love the ability to note “Trivia” is Great but I sure do miss reading the goofs that people were able to notice and comment on. I wish y’all would consider bringing that one little feature back. Other than that, it’s amazing how much information that’s stored and available to us free of charge! I frequently ask other people who don’t have the IMDB on their Smartphone one simple question: “WHY?” On a side note, when the window popped up in the app asking me to rate IMBD, I gave you the highest available star, but when I went to write my comments, the message line on the “Write a Review” section of the review said to “Tap a Star to Rate”. Although I tried tapping on the fifth star, meaning the Highest Rating, nothing happened. Just thought I’d let you know! Bryan Phillips
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5 years ago, multiple uses
Fantastic app to track movies and shows & view ratings
I love the many functions on this app! I use the add to watch list function to create a running list of things I want to watch. It’s great because you can view your entire list but it also puts it into categories (tv, movies, etc), so you don’t have to filter through your whole list. I only remove things from my list once I’ve completely watched every season and the show is over so I don’t forget what season I’m on. I make sure I rate any movies or shows I watch as it’s a good way to remember if I’ve watched it before. Four years later I’m not going to remember if I watched a mediocre movie unless I rated it. I can see I rated it by searching the movie on IMDb or they also have a “your rated movies and shows list.” I also use my rated list to give people recommendations. I use the app a lot for movie trailers and overall ratings. I also use it for tv show and movie suggestions based on what’s popular. Now they even have free streaming content! Fantastic app!
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4 years ago, DroobieScoobie
Because, it is a one stop shop for all things cinematic. It is my favorite source (BEYOND Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, ect.) for professional and non professional reviews, overviews, random facts, technical specs, movie news, upcoming films, and an over all sense of community amongst cinephiles. It accepts contributions from professional and non professional reviewers as well as trivia facts which is then checked and approved by people hired to review the individual submissions. I enjoy how the program makes it possible to not only express individual opinions of all films and television shows, but also provides a place to increase their knowledge of film and get suggestions of other films they may not have found on their own. I trust the IMDb score over other media reporting because it is a collective intake of people who are fascinated and appreciative of the craft of film making and are interested enough to take the time and express their opinions. It’s worth having for anyone intrigued by the art of film.
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10 months ago, Zildjiancat
Good stuff buried in a cluttered app
A once-stellar app has devolved into a complete mess of forced ads, cherry-picked movies, and useless-to-users clickbait, and with each new update, navigation only gets worse due to all the clutter. The user and critic reviews are buried underneath layers of useless garbage. Why? We aren’t sheep. We are people very capable of making our own choices if provided the opportunity. This app used to be chock-full of great, easy-to-find and easy-to-read information on all things movie/TV/Hollywood industry. Not any longer. That information has been buried under an avalanche of lousy ads that cannot be switched off, poor site navigation, and other useless “suggestions.” If you must continue to junk up the app, please provide users a bullet-point list of categories so we can get to exactly what we want on the site (movies, streaming, clickbait crap, etc. to help in quickly navigating the site. Allow us to think for ourselves. Judging from the “most critical” reviews here, I am not alone in my thinking. The preference is to go back to the app you once were before greed took over. If enough of your users leave the site/delete the app, your precious ad dollars will dwindle accordingly. Do the math.
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6 years ago, Alaskared49
The best entertainment app!
Am constantly using IMDb. When watching TV and movies I guess at what shows I have seen the actors and actress in, or if they are new I find out about them using IMDb. I use it for finding information on tv shows/movies like when and where they were made, well as trivia about the show/movie and the actors. Also if they’re remakes. I love trivia like this and IMDb gives me the answers I am looking for 99% of the time. IMDb also has an option to create an account. This lets me flag movies that I would like to see and IMDb let’s me know when moves will be in my area as well as the theaters, times and costs. IMDb lets me know about new TV programs, news about new and old programs, what’s popular and what’swhat’s coming going to be on new in the fall and spring times and dates. I think anybody with the love for movies and TV will a really enjoy this app. Major kudos to the inventors of this app! A fantastic job!
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4 years ago, Cameron M. P.
Kinda Bad
If it weren’t for the fact that it is the only streaming service that has the show I’m looking for and offers it for free, I wouldn’t use it. I’ll leave the app for a minute and it will completely lose my spot in what I was watching. This is unfortunate especially considering the episodes are on the longer side so it can be hard to find my way back to where I was. Additionally, when I try to skip too far ahead in an episode after it has inevitably lost my place after I close the app for a second, it also tends to freeze up(yes I mean freeze, not buffer). As far as I know, this is not due too my connection as my internet is fine when using any other application. On several occasions, it has frozen when an ad is supposed to play. The ads are short and didn’t seem like a problem until I found myself constantly having to skip around looking for where I was after it loses my place; needless to say, this wasted a lot of time I’d rather be spending just enjoying the show. I appreciate the wide variety of shows offered here for free but the aforementioned problems really prevent me from enjoying it to the fullest.
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2 years ago, mcfrazieriv
Broken and unusable filtering
When opening up an actor or producers page and tapping on “see all” or “full filmography” you’re presented a page of credits organized into bins that are presented in a long list. For the most popular or successful people, you have to scroll endlessly and attempt to find their “producer” or “actor” bins pushed so far below the fold by endless credits. This should be based on date not by role type. If someone has produced twenty films over a few years and directed one in a year you shouldn’t have to scroll through twenty producer credits to get to one director credit. Use case: Steven Spielberg - scroll endlessly to get to a director credit when he’s credited to hundreds of producer roles. BAD UX. It wasn’t always this way. Or maybe the ability to view the page in alternate filtering is so buried I’m naive. Also: bought and paid for reviews. It’s impossible that every single Marvel film gets 10/10 the first week and then immediately drops off by honest reviews EVERY SINGLE TIME. IMDB used to be honest and fair. Now it’s dominated by “bots.”
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4 years ago, EZEELC
Moviegoer Must
Outstanding app that allows you to review movies and their credits from old to new. I especially like reviewing the autobiographies of cast members which include actors, directors, writers, and producers alike. The associated photo galleries are fun to scroll through as well. The trivia notes associated with each movie production are also so very interesting. Truthfully there are so many neat features that this app offers that I really can spend the time to describe them all. In fact, I am certain that there are many functions that I’m not even aware of and I use this app everyday because I love all genres of movies and I find it fun to explore all aspects of their production. They also offer free movies and TV programs for streaming which is a real bonus for me. For me personally it is the most entertaining, informational, and educational app that I have ever used!
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3 years ago, Ironsidefan
Completely user unfriendly on every level now
I can no longer rely in any way on the principle reason I became a member of IMDB. I found it extremely useful many years back, and informative in researching facts on motion pictures, television series , actors, directors etc. etc. Now all of that detail is cut off completely via iOS Safari mobile access in favor of a crappy, piece meal, substandard, user unfriendly mobile site with no longer any way to access the full desktop version of IMDB - if indeed that even still exists in the reasonably thorough and succinct format it always had. I was outraged with these brain dead idiots in charge of IMDB when they dumped all the user comment forums for every actor, director, movie, television series, etc. etc. etc. a few years back. l found the maneuver absolutely despicable, and extremely irresponsible. Clearly a bunch of self serving, infantile, stupid to the inth degree morons have gotten their filthy rotten, brain dead empowered hands on this site. I am fed up, and will no longer subject myself to such underhanded, childish, self serving manipulations. You people can go stuff it as far as I am concerned!
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6 years ago, Summers03
Love this app but…
My husband and I use this app very often to look up movie stuff, mostly to try and prove the other wrong in something lol. I would go on the app every night to look at all the headlines for top news, movies, tv and celeb to see what’s going on. Lately there are soooo many articles it takes forever to scroll through them all to read the headlines and see if there is anything I would like to read up on. The problem is most of it is just repetitive headlines just from different sources. I honestly don’t go on and look anymore because it’s too much now. If it was all different story subjects I wouldn’t mind but seeing the same ones over and over and over and over again it just annoying. Wish there was a way that the headline shows once and when you click on it it will show all the different choices for sources for you to chose from. At least then it wouldn’t be so much to scroll through. Also what happened to being able to rate reviews on the app? Please bring that back.
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4 years ago, TisaMeta
Love the info, hate the search feature
Okay, so, iOS devices all have search bars at the top (albeit, after pulling down). We are used to it. And we are used to having a cursor in the search bar, ready to go. Now you’ve gotten rid of the search bar on the main page (searching, of course, is probably at least 85% of the reason users have the app), moved the search feature to a button tap way at the bottom, but with the search bar itself being back at the top. I know we are to “touch search again to pull up the keyboard,” but it is seriously clunky. If I touched search, it should be obvious I am trying to type my query. Since this specific app is for iOS, why not match the gestures of the operating system and have users pull down on the home page to open search *with a keyboard up? Would be such a streamlined search to appease the iPhone crowd, and the home page and its articles would still be present to those browsing. IMDB is my go-to service for movies and celebrity info, but every time I open the app makes me regret it. Please change it!
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4 months ago, JungleSports
Almost perfect!
Update: please, for the love of god, update the app to show if you have already checked in to a movie or show! As it now stands, even after you have checked in, there is no indication, so you can check in again, and again, and again! Please show that you have already checked in, and give the option to remove your check in. Currently, your check in list could have multiple entries of the same item due to the fact that you can check in indefinitely to the same program forever! This makes absolutely no sense!!! Thank you 🙏 ———————————————————— Great app… full of everything movies & series & more. The only thing to make this app better would be an option to remove the ads! I absolutely want to support this project and would jump at the chance to purchase or even pay a subscription, just don’t force me to watch ads. I HATE them with a passion!! Keep up the great work!!! Cheers 🍻
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1 year ago, officialevilgal
New Update UI Changes are Unfortunate
IMDB is one of my favorite resources on my phone, and has been for years, but I wish the new update didn’t move the search feature from the top of the home page to its own tab. It is a weird amount of added friction for the part of the app I imagine most people are going to want to use upon opening. Making it so that you have to do two clicks—first on the bottom of the app, and then another at the top, to open a search bar is a bit of a pain. Maybe a nice compromise if y’all insist on the redesign would be that if we click the search tab at the bottom, it at least auto-opens the search bar itself when we click on it instead of having to click again? Just a thought. In the meantime, I have added the search widget to my homepage, but it’s kind of a shame to have to devote so much space on my Home Screen to make up for a UI change in app.
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4 years ago, Chewysrobot
Terrible update
I’ve been using the IMDB app for years. It used to be great but now it’s just frustrating. For example, I wanted to find the top box office numbers for the week. Can’t find it. I want to check movie news and now I have to keep scrolling down past stuff I don’t wanna see. Previous versions, you would tap “movies” and then check out whatever you wanted. Now it’s like pulling teeth. Been stressfully exploring the app now for a half hour. I still don’t know the box office numbers for this week. It is still fairly easy to find a movie. Search option is now down on the bottom. Click that and a search bar appears at the top. Kind of annoying but it’s fine. The “What To Watch” and “Top Picks” is a huge waste of time. The top picks we’re Saving Private Ryan, Up, and the 24 tv show movie from 11 years ago. Please bring back some of the past options and make it more user friendly. The app was very focused before. Now it’s all over the place and filled with fluff I don’t want to see.
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5 years ago, Browncoat Cowboy
Commercials with Commercials?
A preview for a film is a promotion to get audiences into theaters. A preview is already a type of commercial. Now I sit through commercials so I can see the commercials for the films and shows. This has been going on for quite a while now, so I very much doubt if it’s going to change. I just really feel like it’s going a bit too far and I hope it doesn’t go any further at this point. If the extra revenue is necessary, all I can say is that sometimes more isn’t necessarily better, sometimes it’s just more in my opinion. IMDB is still my go-to resource on the internet for accurate film entertainment information any time I need it. I’ve been using it for almost twenty years I think? There’s still no better site on the web for reliable film and television data and the application reflects that same reliability in my opinion. That’s my soul reason for still giving the application four stars for excellence.
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2 years ago, Beef-aroni
IMDB Reviews Unpublished To Help a Show’s Rating Apparently
I am a fairly frequent published reviewer on this site and have a bone to pick regarding a recent review of the show “The Resort.” I wrote a non-profane commentary/review and gave it a 1-star rating and after almost two weeks, it has not appeared on this show’s IMDB page. I also noted that there is now only one 1-star review still on the site when I recall that there were multiple 1-star ratings previously. Obviously, there is something rotten in the State of Denmark regarding IMDB User Reviews and someone connected to this show has skewed the show’s ratings. Now there is only one rating showing that is less than 7/10. The show “The Resort” is yet another profane piece of trash masquerading as comedy - in the first two minutes of the show’s premiere episode, one of the main cast members shouts and drops the old “f”bomb. Classy.
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4 years ago, gretagarbo123*
Terrible since the recent 2019 changes.
The recent changes in 2019 are terrible. I have an I Phone 8 and now there is garbage and pop up videos all over my IMDB screens. I can’t even access my “ history” easily. I have to click multiple times in search. There is no menu. When I do finally get my history I only get about 10 movies listed. Please someone FIX THIS! My husband has an I Phone 10 and his phone isn’t like this. He gets a menu where he can click history and then he gets his entire viewing history. I can’t get anything easily except a bunch of junk the clutters my screen. Prior to your changes I would have given this app a 5. Now it’s a 1 or lower. I’m going to quit using this if there isn’t a fix. My phone is not ancient. This was a wonderful app before. Now it’s annoying.
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7 years ago, Tanner and Az
Ratings are ridiculous
I love movies, and i often base my potential viewing of more obscure (i am aware of most wide spread releases and usually avoid the majority) on a combination of the metascore and the user reviews of imdb. Sadly, the user reviews are horribly skewed by insane “10s” given by what are either really dumb people, or individuals that have something to gain by views of a particular film. How can imdb vet these people? I dont know, but i also don’t get paid to figure that out. I am confident that somebody does get paid for that and if not. Somebody should. I will not stop using the app only due to the fact that i am interested in both the trivia of a film and the usable information of past projects of actors. I am sure that i am not alone in this complaint. Imdb. Kindly clean up this shortcoming of an otherwise awesome app and website. A boom box can change the world.
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4 months ago, Vic42670
Was almost perfect till today…
Imdb has become my go to for finding out “where have i seen “or “whos this..” question about movies ,tv etc for quite some time now. Before today my only small issue was not being able to search episodes of shows in the app directly.I'd have to search via safari ,get a imdb link then it'd open to the exact episode .guess this could be my not knowing how so i cant really complain. Today though ,trying to look up an actress from “masters of the air” ive seen a lot in multiple shows/ movies .the list of actors is long and some dont have pictures i usually tap the main pic to get a pics page that has a drop down of every picture for the show/ movie…today theres no drop down option, I'd have to go through all 151 pics one at a time till i found the one of this actress…small nuisance/annoyance but it was an option whytake it away ? Otherwise a great quick resource
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6 years ago, Rajona
Bring back controllable font size
I agree with CAQueen wholeheartedly. I rarely write reviews, but I felt I had to write about the recent change to a consistently tiny font size in users reviews. I love reading these to get a sense of a movie. However, it is now much more difficult in the latest app version. The font is no longer controlled by me, but is fixed to a size that is too small for me to read comfortably. Please revert this to the way it had been prior to this change. I (and my eyes) will be eternally thankful. Update: for version 8.3.1 (Dec 18) Thank you so very much! In only 8 short days you have corrected the problem and brought back the ability to have a larger font in the user reviews. I can now read them without eye strain. You don't know how happy I am to be able to read these again. IMDB is an invaluable app for me. I love movies. And your app helps me to appreciate them even more. Thanks again.
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4 years ago, jordan3119
Horrible streaming platform. Just the worst.
Every part of your streaming service for movies and TV shows is awful. You should be able to pause it then come back and have it actually start from where you left it off. Not make me watch 5 minutes of commercials then start the whole show over again. It’s slow to load, too many commercials, and just looks awful. I’m not talking about picture quality either, I’m talking about the layout. It’s like you took as little time and effort as possible to put this thing together. You’re the only place I can freely stream one of my favorite TV shows - Fringe - and it’s getting to the point where I’d rather just not watch the show than deal with your horrible app. It’s seriously awful. I’d rather spend the day at the DMV then try to use your app to watch a show. I’d rather call my mother than use your app to watch a movie. Judging by the quality of your app I’d say you don’t have the highest quality employees so I’ll just put it in a way you will have an easier time understanding: YOUR APP=BAD. APP IS BIG BAD. NO NO GOOD. MAKE BETTER. MAKE APP WORK GOOD.
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4 years ago, kriket011
The app design is breaking bad bigtime.
When you look at an actor’s page, the years of the movies/shows they’ve done are removed. When you look at a movie/show page some of the actor’s role names are removed. What’s up with that? All you‘ve really done is turn the app into something less useful than it was before, degraded it. I don’t understand why people do that, it’s just stupid. I’m sure there’s a reason behind IMDb’s app design breaking bad, I just wish I knew what it is, because you can’t go so wrong by accident. This bad design is by design but why? Crucial information removed from the pages (title’s year, actor’s role names), UI’s main function (search) removed from the main page. iOS has search box literally on each and every screen, I wonder now if it would be faster and easier to search IMDb from iOS search without opening the app first, or with 3D touch on the app icon. Now when I think about it, it must be. That still doesn’t bring back the missing info misteriously removed from the pages. Maybe the web interface proves itself better than the app.
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5 years ago, BlondeEnigma
Unable to add to my WatchList...?
I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’m not able to add any more movies, TV shows, etc. to my WatchList...? Every time I attempt to add anything to my WatchList, this insanely long error message pops up, basically saying I’m unable to add items at this time...? The odd thing is, that I went on the Website and tried adding from a “separate” account, i.e. different email address, and I didn’t have a problem; however, when I signed back in with my original account, i.e. my primary email address, it wouldn’t allow me to add anything to my original WatchList, again... So, I’m not sure what the problem is, I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with the IMDb App, and I’ve been using IMDb from the beginning... I’m a longtime, frequent IMDb user, and I’m becoming concerned because I don’t want, nor do I have the kind of time to completely redo my IMDb account. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve saved, added, etc... Please help... ☹️😥🤯🥵
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2 years ago, Amar1219
No subtitles for trailers for hearing impaired
Very angry that subtitles aren’t available for trailers played in the IMDb app, when ADA laws require that streaming apps that play videos have the option to display subtitles. Of course IMDb has made it so there’s no way to contact them, it just directs you to the community forum, which has tens of thousands of posts just related to adding subtitles, going back years! So obviously IMDb doesn’t care about those of us who are hearing impaired, and they ACTIVELY choose to not follow ADA laws. I am so disgusted with IMDb and I hope they change their viewpoint to help those of us with disabilities, as we are largely forgotten or thought of as “less than, not important, etc”, and add subtitles. Also, many people who aren’t hearing impaired like to have subtitles so they want it added as well. Maybe if enough people who aren’t hearing impaired write negative reviews and say they want subtitles, then IMDb will add them, because there have been thousands of posts by those of us who are deaf or hard of hearing and they couldn’t care less about us.
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6 months ago, Harry smooth
My Hands Down MOST used APP!
Whether it’s Winning a Bet with a Buddy on the name Of an actor, or checking Ratings to decide what to watch IMDB is THERE for you! I LOVE TUBI, but they do have a BUNCH of really crappy movies! So instead of sifting thru HOURS of the 1st 15 mins of a movie and decide you don’t like it, just “IMDB It”!!! Filter thru HOURS of movies in a few minutes! Got a Bet with a friend that says “Hey it’s Brad Pitt”! And you KNOW it’s Not! Bet $5 BUCKS on it and “IMDB IT”! lol, it’s also very cool when a certain movie or TV show, shows a beautiful majestic countryside and you want to know what country it’s at BOOM! IMDB IT! Want to know the budget of a certain movie, do you want to see how much it made at the box office? BOOM! IMDB IT! I use IMDb more than any other app. I have a beta tester for them, and I absolutely love it. I don’t know what I would do without it I’d be lost.!!!
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4 weeks ago, CaptainAmerciaFangirl
Mostly great
Over all the app is mostly great. I use it mainly to check parent guides which usually have information. One in a while there will be something I’m interested in that there is no parent guide, but that doesn’t happen very often. One thing that I believe does need work in the app is the suggestion of where to stream movies or tv shows. There have been several times that I will look something up, and when I check the actual streaming platform that IMDb says it is streaming on, it’s not available on that platform. I think IMDb should come up with a way to double check themselves in this area if they do not already do so. I realize sometimes different movies and shows leave platforms, and maybe it used to be there and has since been removed, but it would be nice if IMDb would update the streaming suggestions.
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3 years ago, RosesAreRed412
Impressed by last update, but still room for improvement.
I wrote this review a few versions back, but apparently never posted it, as I was prompted for a review now and this popped up. It’s still applicable, so I will submit it now... Thank you guys for making it so that we can view ALL the episodes of a show that a particular actor has been in! This is definitely one of my most used apps, but there is still room for improvement. You need to make the flow of the profiles more appealing. I liked it much better several versions ago. It flowed better down the page, like where the pictures were and the positions of all the links. Also, where is the feature that allows us to see when two people have worked with each other on a project?
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4 years ago, Witty, or otherwise.
Not only do I use this App for information on whatever film (or program) I am in need of, but often you can watch fantastic films, at no cost, and that is rad, especially if you're not able to leave the house fr whatever reason & want something different than the usual offerings. The most difficult aspect of this App is the deluge of info, and reading about the new sequel that I was not aware of, and this leads into a virtual plethora of clicking on new posts, leading to new premiers, and that turns into HOURS I am not complaining at all. I am so full of knowledge about film & such that being so aware of said topics allows one to inform any person that would unknowingly miss my banter during lunch or dinner with friends, thank you IMDb! I have so much to say about so many films, I am affectionately known as "The Movie Guru"!
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5 years ago, Jjjeeeennnn
Attention grabber from the very first episode!
I was looking for something to watch. I felt like I had already watched every series worth watching from the 80’s, 90’s through today. I saw the previews for this and thought it looked rather interesting but I was still Leary so I waited and tried to start a few other shows with no luck catching my attention. I decided I would give it a chance. Well, it’s a new day and the season is about over! Since it’s new, there is only 1 season 🥺. I hope so much they keep making season after season after season!! It’s not one of those cheesy SYFY shows either. It is very realistic to what the future will probably be like in another 50 to 100 years (like FTL shuttles etc.). To wrap this up with a short summary, terrific show! One to definitely recommend! Enjoy!!
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4 years ago, Cellovator
Love it!
I use this app ALL THE TIME. If I’m watching something on TV, recognize someone but not sure from what, I’ll whip out my phone and look up the actor. After a trip to the theater, over dinner with my mom, we go down a rabbit hole, oh look, she was also in that movie with so-and-so. I like the way it suggests other films I might enjoy. I was going to complain about one little thing, but I updated my app a few minutes ago, and my complaint is no longer valid! (Cast names were limited to two lines of text, which sometimes meant the character name was cut off. But now they’re showing again!) I like the idea that I can watch some content for free, I just wish the app supported ChromeCast so I could watch it on something larger than my phone.
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6 months ago, CHARON4
I've been using imdb for 11 years, overall its a good website, i've added many Chinese movie info to help them complete their pages, although my contributions are often ignored or questioned by Americans who's never seen an Asian movie before. They ask me to prove it, but it's their job to make their sites accurate, no? The lists keep screwing up, and worst of all, in memoriam of 2023, they had 85 celebrities who died, including some of the tiniest names, yet they didn't add CoCo Lee, whose death was extremely shocking for the chinese folks for MONTHS. But imdb don't care, she's not worthy because she's chinese Even though she once performed in the Oscar. Kathy Chow is another name that got overlooked, she was a goddess for 70-80s generation, but imdb don't care because they dont know who she is. Two mega stars in china, yet imdb has no knowledge of. imdb needs to have employees who actually know something about movies, care for movies, pay attention to news, and good at their jobs. Before that, Letterboxd will be the new go-to.
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4 years ago, Newnexus6
They just can’t stop messing with a good thing!
Wow! You guys at IMDb just can’t help screwing up this app can you? The developers obviously aren’t film lovers or at least don’t do much film research. I’ve barely, but begrudgingly, gotten used to the user ‘unfriendly’ search bar they devilishly concocted at the end of last year and now, as of today’s update they’ve decided, for no apparent reason that I can see, to put the artists credits under separate tabs for acting, writing, directing, etc. So we can’t run down the list to check an artists multiple credits, but have to go back and forth, and back and forth, and (you get the idea) .... between tabs. Maybe consider hiring developers who know something about film research???? I’ve used IMDb for at least 15 years and probably 20 years. As film lover and reviewer IMDb is indispensable to me. Please stop making it harder to use.
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5 years ago, rap500
Please help me so that I can watch movies on IMBD!!!
I love the IMBD website. I use it all the time! My only issue is that I would like to use your feature to watch movies and I meet the criteria outlined on your website to have access to this feature, however, I have not been able to use it. Whenever I try I'm told I'm not using a supported device. I have an iPhone 7, a 2017 UHD Samsung TV, a 3rd generation iPad, and an approximately 2012 ASUS tablet. Granted they are not the most up-to-date devices, yet, none of my devices work. It is possible that I'm doing something wrong, however, I've been unable to use your feature even though I meet the requirements as I understand them. Please provide instructions so that I and other IMBD loyalists can use your wonderful feature. I would appreciate it very much! Thank you very much for your attention to this matter!
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2 years ago, Mick G.
This app could be amazing if it wanted to
The information here on IMDb is absolutely essential these days when watching almost anything. Being able to look up the names of factors, and figure out where we’ve seen them before, or where some thing was filmed, or any of that is really pretty great. My complaint is that, it could be much better organized, would love to see it integrated with rotten tomatoes, as well as some very annoying interface issues like the title of a film, never displaying completely, and not having the option for landscape viewing. It just feels a little sloppy and unruly and I’m certain I’m not the first person to suggest that they fix some of these interface issues. Honestly? It is such an essential database that I would be more than happy to even pay an annual fee for the app if they could just clean it up a bit more.
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2 years ago, needs episode check
I’ve give five stars if it had just one small feature
I love this app! I am a list person and I love how easy it is to create lists. Add shows/movies to a watch list. Move shows from one list to another. The one thing I wish devs would add to this app is under the tv shows episodes. It would be nice if it the show was in my watch list - I could go in and click each episode I’ve watched and it show with a check mark or change the background color of the episode- something. I know you can add individual episodes to a list… but I have 100 plus shows on some of my lists and I don’t want to create a separate list for each show… just let me mark off individual episodes PLEASE- even better if it would some how link to my entertainment apps to have it auto mark off. 😍
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4 years ago, TLaffin
Frustrating Horrible Redesign
I’ve tried hard but can’t anymore. The “second” recent redesign is too frustrating for me to bother with. I used to read the “News” daily or a couple times when bored and now I have to scroll 9 screen lengths past a ton of movie placements and “topics” I don’t care about just to get to the news section. I quickly got used to the search feature clicking on the bottom and then the text box being right above it - now it’s back on top. So click at the very bottom of the screen but the next thing you want to do, type the actual search, is not then a giant thumb reach to the top of the phone - last all of the “suggested”/paid placements. My two local theaters don’t even use a compatible source for IMDb ticketing. I’ll just use Google for my movie searches now. Maybe Google will direct me back now and again, or maybe not. I guess it depends who is paying Google to appear above IMDb in the results.
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5 years ago, JoeVarughese19
I love this app but only within the last month it has been crashing consistently on my iPhone X. My phone is only 2 years old and doesn’t have similar trouble/problems with any other applications. The problem only arises when I use the IMDb app too long doing deeper searches of movies and TV shows. For example, I would search a movie and then click on the director’s name and then see what else he/she has made. Then continuously go on further from there looking up other people until the app can’t process all the info and starts to slow down, lag and heat up my phone. The brightness on my screen increases along with a message popping up saying “Zoom Enabled”. I pray that I am NOT the only person with this problem. I love movies and tv shows, so IMDb is my app to go to.
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1 year ago, DcDubbs
An Entertainment Essential
Throughout my life, I’ve only been a casual television and movie viewer. However, more recently, with the advancement of technology, I have gravitated more towards enjoying having so many choices at my fingertips. Therefore, it was beyond helpful to find a companion guide to navigate me towards the shows I wanted to see. With that said, IMDB has been all of that and more, in fact, I’ve become completely dependent on the app for suggestions, reviews and ratings. With the added benefit of having the ability to store my own opinions and make recommendations to others. Truthfully, IMDB is the internet for television and movies, as in depth as it is broad, I feel it’s an essential app for anyone wanting to be in the know for entertainment! I Love it!
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4 years ago, the house ai
Simply the best movie database
I’ve been using IMDb for years, mostly in app form, and I consult it daily, if not many times a day. Except for some rare foreign, or old, not well known ones, the database is so complete. I love being able to search by title, actor, or any number of things. Being able to see when, who, what, etc. is a movie buff's dream. I have big books on movies, but this is so easy, so fast, and I get the answers I need. I use it as a personal reference - a movie Wikipedia. I look up to see if I’ve watched a film (memory problems), what I thought of it via my rating on my internal system, other films with an actor, stills, trailers, videos. Films like it, or related As I plan an evening's viewing, I refer to it several times. The ease of the interface is amazing! My favorite app.
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1 year ago, LkHiawathaDuck
Changed my relationship with media
I was a child of the 70s and 80s when men were actors, women were actresses, and my mom might say “That guy looks familiar. Where do we know that that person from?” There might be a shrug, a look of acknowledgement, and that would be the extent of the conversation. Since my wife and I discovered IMDB a decade ago, we don’t wonder anymore. We take great delight in rushing to our phones to find all the previous roles a familiar person was in… why we know them, what they were famous for, their first role, if they were ever on Adam-12, who they acted with, you name it. It also leads us to watch stuff we might never have considered and find look alike actors—male and female—from different generations. I love having IMDB on my phone.
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5 years ago, Swmnupsrtm
thank you and please
We used to have a giant book of movies with ratings now IMDB is all that and more. This app is a wonderful resource of all things movies as well as an outlet for fans. Thank you. My only complaint is the inability save a written review to work on later or at the least automatically save my draft. I have lost some of my best written reviews because my phone rang or because I wanted to look up a word . Technically my phone should save the page or I could remember to write elsewhere and then cut an paste my reviews ,but that's a a repeated fail on my part. This app could have it all. A link or even option to watch some of the more obscure films would make it complete. Please consider an auto-save on drafts option , it would be so appreciated.
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4 years ago, Steadinan
There’s no way to pause or stop a video once you start it!
This is so horribly irritating! Why did you take all the transport controls, especially the pause button, away from videos (trailers, etc.)? I had to quit the app, and I was ready to delete it from my iPad after this. This is not the only time it happened, either. Also, as everyone else is complaining about, changing the search button to the bottom of the page but making us go back up to the top and tapping on the search bar, when it’s obvious that’s what we want to do when we tap on the search button at the bottom of the screen, is horrible! Another terrible thing that other people are also complaining about is the fact that there is no more back button and there never was a forward button. Please add those.
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2 years ago, Johntechwriter
Your go-to place for movie info
I keep IMDB’s thumbnail on my iPad’s hotlist because as I surf the streaming channels, I want the ability to get an instant, accurate assessment of a movie I am considering. IMDB carries reviews from the gamut of professionals, along with viewer-submitted reviews that are sometimes are perceptive as the pros, or more. This channel is rich enough in content, a film buff could spend hours within its confines, running trailers, reading reviews, following the careers of actors and directors. In the US film making community, the Pro version of IMDB is a must-have resource. We civilians do not require the pro version’s detail. The regular version will tell you all you need to know about any English-speaking film you can think of, as well as where to watch it. All in one free app. It’s like a gift from the film gods.
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10 months ago, SamWOWz
Lots of info, but a cluttered mess.
It used to be a great app, 5 stars easy, and it’s still a very good one in terms of the vast content. But, after being forced to update, the new version naturally is a hot mess. There are so many recommendations and crap I don’t need, and that just take up space, it makes it a chore to find what I DO need. Of course there are more ads than ever before, as well. It’s not enjoyable to browse any more, and is now strictly for finding specific information at any given time. Another issue is the “featured reviews” from users. Why aren’t the most helpful reviews featured? More often than not, the featured ones are ones that aren’t especially helpful, and that’s based on IMDb’s own “helpful” counts. Like so many things these days, it’s an app we’ve come to rely on and so bo matter how badly they “improve” it, we still need it.
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6 years ago, RascalGirl
Recent disappointment
Before I just re installed it on my phone I would have given it 5 stars. Now??? I'm very sorry to knock my rating down to a 3. Just the other day, I deleted a bunch of apps because I'm running out of memory on my iPhone. I really missed IMBD! So tonight I uploaded it again. It couldn't look more different. It looks like a full web page instead of what most apps look like; a manageable size and construction for an iPhone. (I have a decent sized screen, too. It's an iPhone 6s+.) The words are too small for me to see and I'm unable to view the whole page at once and must move it around in order to see only part of the page at a time. I sure hope you have a suggestion for me. I loved looking and searching and learning about movies, tv shows and celebrities. Now I doubt I can use it. Is there any way you can revert this to the previous set up?
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