In 24 Hours Learn Spanish Etc.

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User Reviews for In 24 Hours Learn Spanish Etc.

4.48 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
5 years ago, LovaTkay
Very clear and understandable.
Most of the time you get apps that try hard to relay messages of their ideas. Yet if you're not very highly intelligent you get lost in their relay. This app is really cool taking it's time to help you understand Spanish 24 hours a day if you choose. I won't compare it to Rosetta bc it's no Rosetta but I will say for a beginner it's pretty great to start with. You have an option to unlock free lessons after you've learned the few they start you with and that's pretty cool. I will say for $6.99 for the entire app to be open is pretty steep, being as though others like Duolingo has a bunch of free content with lots of games to help you retain what you're learning. Not taking anything away from this app just my opinion.
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5 years ago, jc33107
Great App
I have already tried using books for Spanish and this app called Babel. I did not learn a whole lot with the books because there was only Spanish, not Spanish and English. It also did not say the words aloud, so I was messing up my pronunciation. Babel was working fine, then it started coming in with these dumb hidden fees. So then I tried this app. It was going great because I was getting my pronunciation down because the app says the Spanish word aloud. It also does English to Spanish, which I am using. I was learning at a good rate, and for free. Then the free trial ended and I thought this was going to be the same as Babel. Well, it wasn’t. All you have to do different is instead of all the apps being open, you have to get them with gold coins, which you can get by doing a 3 second add. Best Spanish app yet.
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5 years ago, Spanish white girl
Easy for me
I started working with a majority of men and women that speak Spanish. I can not communicate with most of them. I found this app to teach me Spanish, and everyday I go into work and can communicate very little but they see I’m tying. They are willing to help me with it as much as they can giving me a chance to use the words I’m learning. It makes us laugh a lot, and it also makes them happy to see me try to learn to speak Spanish to be able to communicate with them. This app has been very helpful, and I am picking up on some of the words fast. I feel very positive because I’m doing so well in such a short period of time. I would recommend this app to anyone trying to learn Spanish.
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6 years ago, JCJ124375
Very easy to use
It’s still early I have only been using this app for about a week. It is very easy to follow and the lessons are in a logical order of progression. Also you don’t have to wait and listen if you already know the material in a lesson. You can click through the lesson all the way to the end if you like. I would have given five stars however I upgraded to the premium version and have no idea the cost. It said free so I guess I’ll wait and see. If it’s actually free then I’ll move this to five stars.
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6 years ago, Doncy01
I love this app I started to pay For Rosetta Stone can I how to speak Spanish but money is tight and this app is even better because I can hit the pause button to hear the word again and I don’t have to go through the whole scenario to get back to the beginning. I sit down every day that my children and we learn Spanish together. I’m so glad I found this app because its helping me to learn a new language and I don’t have to feel bad when people speak Spanish and I don’t know what they’re saying at least I have an idea now. Hopefully when I finish the program I will not only be able to speak Spanish but I understand it as well. Then I’ll try the French version
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6 years ago, Jackquelyn C**
Muy bien
I'm took Spanish for four plus years in school 7-8-9th-10th-11th grades and I was not taught how to speak it but how to wright and read it but I can fully understand this way it's upsetting to know the Spanish speakers can Learn English for absolutely free at any school library or government establishment here in the USA but English speaking people have to pay to learn Spanish messed up world you would think it would be opposite if I go to a Spanish speaking area I pay to learn their language and if they come here they have to pay to learn this language but I guess it is what it is so I guess in the meantime I learn this way I'm even willing to pay for the premium version and so should you
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5 years ago, RayRayMichelle
It’s good but won’t let me play the games or use the flash cards
I really like the app. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I feel like it helps you learn basic stuff that is useful. However, it asks you to purchase the silver premium or gold subscription or something like that. It says you can access games and use flash cards and stuff, but after I purchased the silver premium nothing changed. It unlocked the rest of the lessons but still can’t use the flash cards or play the games. Really disappointed about that. But other than that, it’s a cool app. Just wasted 6 bucks not being able to use the extra stuff.... :/
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6 years ago, josswaske
So far, so good
I have been going through lessons 1-12 every day. What I like about this App is the simplicity of the presentation of nouns, phrases and questions. In Duolingo, I was often confused by the conjugation of pronouns mixed in with the basic lessons: too much, too soon. In this format I can learn the basic words and phrases first and then apply the grammar lessons later. It's easier to keep straight. I was, however, nervous about having to purchase, for $0 dollars, the lessons from 4-12. The process is exactly like buying an App for real money, except that it tells me, those lessons cost nothing, I have no way to prove that until my next credit card statement.
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6 years ago, Coinmagnate
Great app
How can anyone learn a new language in 24 hours??? I think it impossible, but the name of this app grabbed me so here I am learning Spanish. I do a lesson or two every day and expect to be able to converse in Spanish in just a few months. This app is great for someone who has never learned Spanish or for review. The app is quite user friendly; easy to navigate and nothing about the app is confusing. You see the English and Spanish written version and can turn off and on the pronunciation voice.
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7 years ago, obey_janae
this app is a very big help, my whole family knows Spanish and I'm the one, he doesn't really know anything, are usually have to have people translate things for me, and this app helped me, it didn't fill all the Spanish I need to know, but it did get me by, for example, I was speaking to my grandparents and I was able to communicate with them, they were proud of me for the warning few bits and pieces of Spanish, but as I get older, I'm sure I will proceed to learn more. it is a great app though. for sure.
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7 years ago, NickleTesla
Good but the accent/lisp throws me off
I'm trying to learn Latin American pronunciation which actually pronounces letters instead of just making the "th" sound for what seems like everything. That's quite annoying honestly and forces me to actually read the word instead of just being able to listen to it. I'm assuming this is the Spaniard lisp (because this is definitely not what I grew up listening to 10 miles from the Mexican border) which I guess is traditional Spanish but it makes it much harder to learn and is definitely not the pronunciation I'd be using when visiting Latin American countries.
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5 years ago, GlassHalfFull 202
Truly the best quick learning app for travelers
I downloaded this app on the plane to Cuba when my brother and I realized neither of us could speak Spanish! In just a few hours, I’d learned enough phrases to get by for our week long vacation. Since then I’ve used the French and German versions when traveling in those countries. It’s so intuitive and lets you just skip to the phrases you need. Better than diolinguo and other apps that require a bigger commitment of time.
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7 years ago, Ecochica13
Great for review
I use Spanish at work and this is a great app to review words and phrases that I don't often use but once in awhile need to remember. The pronunciation is mostly European Spanish and we primarily use Latin American Spanish here in the United States. I just don't listen to the pronunciations and instead try to translate each phrase myself then check the Spanish for accuracy. Some words are different depending on which type of Spanish you use which is why I only gave 4 stars. Useful if you know some Spanish and need to review.
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6 years ago, ChaplainE
Great accompaniment to beginning Spanish class
I am traveling abroad in Spain and this app is excellent for reviewing conjugation of basic verbs that are difficult to learn (e.g., poder). I gave it 4 stars because more lessons should be included for free before I would believe the app is as good as Duolingo (which I am also using because it is more interactive). But I love that this app is flowing with information that I am being tested on in the Spanish program!
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6 years ago, Zombie killer :)
Good app
The app is free and it’s simple. I like that it is mainly audio and good for reviewing when your stuck in traffic. My commute home is an hour at best so I can review with out touching my phone or constantly looking at it. Also it gets down to what your gonna need not like a bunch of stuff like “look at the old man cooking in the kitchen” type stuff. More on the lines if you are traveling and how to get around type stuff. Practical would be a better term.
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7 years ago, Annieroi
Still learning
I can't see myself learning all this in 24 hours, consecutive or cumulative, but hearing it said helps, and having the words in sectioned in groups is nice. After you finished the first three lessons, you are offered the next group. It says it's free but still asks if you want to buy them. Select 'yes', you are asking to buy them for $0.00. It will then download the next 12 lessons.
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6 years ago, zeny see
Learning Spanish to talk to boyfriends family
This app has been very useful I won’t be able to learn in 24 hours because of how much stuff I’m juggling BUT I know I’m going to learn fats I already know a lot after spending two hours on it it is especially useful if you go throug and right flash cards and then read through them and listen to how it’s supposed to be said as you are
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6 years ago, Alana805!@
This is a great app
My whole family speaks Spanish and I was never taught so I’ve always felt out and the first day I started using it I already learned a lot! It’s a very easy to use app but the Spaniard Spanish throws it off a little. Also to continue to the next lessons you have to pay $0.00 which seems a little sketchy but overall it is a very helpful and useful app. Totally worth it!
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6 years ago, Fav charcter Mal
My family is about Spanish and Mexico everyone besides me and my brother can speak Spanish and I always ask what are they saying but I don't no more because of this app it is soooooo useful. I recommend you to use this app if you have a really hard time learning Spanish 😁I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY I GOT THIS APP😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😊☺️🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😋😋😋😋😋😝😜😜😜😜😜😛😛😛🤠🤠🤠😎😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓😸😸😸😺😺🙀🙀🙀🙀🐱🐱🐶🐱🐱🐶🐱🐱🐆🐆🐆🐅🐅🐅🐅🐈🐈🐈🐩🐩🐩🐎🐎🐎🐕🐕🐕🌸🌺🌺🌺🌺🌨🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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5 years ago, TheWombatMan
Lots of new features in this version! A+++
I like all the new features and that they are unlocked for me try them out. Seems like i have seven days until it gets locked again but good thing I can use gold coins to access them again. Willing to subscribe after anyway as it’s priced s lot cheaper than the other apps out there.
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7 years ago, Nichkou
Very good
Go through the first 3 lessons and the remaining 21 are gratis. This is a very simple learning method that can work while commuting. It is also easy to understand the words spoken, (unlike in some apps where the speaker speaks so fast you can't differentiate individual words). Highly recommended on its own or as support for an existing language learning program.
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7 years ago, Nikkimarcotte
Great app for learning while commuting
I love that you can listen while working or sitting in traffic. I don't like that you have to go through the entire set if you want auto play. I would like to see an option to select the ones you don't know to listen only to them. Also would like to see a repeat button so I don't have to hit play while driving.
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5 years ago, pawntakesbishop
Good app so far 0BA493E74A
I love learning new languages because I wish to meet new friends from around the world. This is a great app to learn Spanish for a beginner like myself. The sound at times can be very low but I just put in my ear buds and then perfection. I will be talking to my friends in Spanish very soon. Also, I want the free 8 lesson upgrade, so that is a bonus as well. 0BA493E74A
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7 years ago, RV and Caribbean Junkies
So far, so good
Just downloaded this app this evening after reading the rave reviews. As the reviews said, after completing the 1st 3 lessons, you may download the next 12 free, although you have to go through the "purchase" procedure to "buy" them at no cost. I came to this from Another Spanish app, so the basics are a cake walk - looking forward to getting into some more advanced stuff.
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6 years ago, MJ Livingston
Great order, graphics, and free!
I think this is the best Spanish app out there hands down! Duolingo teaches you Spanish in a basic order that helps you to progress more and more plus it’s free. I do think it needs a little bit more variation in how learning occurs such as more text messaging with Chef Roberto or multiple choice, maybe a short conversation or paragraph etc...
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7 years ago, kkfast
Love it
Very simple to use, learn at your own pace while hearing and seeing the words and phrases at the same time. Maybe offer a way to speed up the pronunciations or time in between the English then Spanish translation- it seems kind of slow when you're wanting to repeat lessons. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Sharrny
It's wonderful!
I wanted to learn Spanish and was looking for an app that would make it easy to start. I stumbled on this app and decided to try it. I really like it! I go at my on pace, however, I still do other things, like write it down to make sure it sticks in my mind. All in all, I find it to be a good learning tool for a beginner. 19B759FEA2
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5 years ago, Bkcooliad
If you’re traveling... Get it!!!!
Amazing app to get you the basics! I think it may be best for those who have at least looked up the basic numbers phrases already and want a deeper dive before a trip. If you know absolutely nothing though, this will still be excellent for you. Highly, highly, recommend
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6 years ago, Msconey
Not bad ... great for “in car” studying
One issue with this app is you can’t filter out words or phrases you already know. If you’re just listening then you have to go through the section in its entirety. Better if you could filter out things you know well so you can condense studying down to items you’re still not 100% on.
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6 years ago, PurpleZay
Great app 👍
It’s so easy to get to everything, and is helping me to learn Spanish in a quick and easy way. The pronunciation is very easy to understand, also. I hope one day, I’ll be able to talk with other people who speak Spanish. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn Spanish. No complaints. Thanks for reading. 🤗
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7 years ago, Mike S. 918
Great app for learning Spanish
I've learned some basic Spanish and this app is just more than wonderful! If there is an option for male voice will definitely make it better! By the way, you will have 12 lessons for free. They are good enough for people who try to have a chat with their Spanish friends.
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6 years ago, Mrs. Leah
It is useful but...
It’s more of a useful app if you are vacationing in a Spanish speaking area. I’m positive it could help you navigate your way around especially since it says the word so you know how to say it but, for a person trying to learn how to form sentences and learn more than just phrases it’s not really the app for you. It has most of the basics just not really how to put them together. It works perfectly no glitches or errors.
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4 years ago, bkjxgbzisgwbsjdhekjabs
Good job!
Very good app except for a few things u can’t just play the games to get coins u have to go through a whole lesson, I lost all of my progress for not logging on for a while I had to use all my coins to buy all of them to where I was instead of just getting the ones I needed.
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5 years ago, Ꮖℋℰ ЅᏦᎽ
It’s very helpful
I am in Honduras and I don’t know enough Spanish to carry on a conversation. I know the words but don’t know the proper time and place to use them. This app has helped me get more understanding about forming sentences. The only thing I don’t like is that it teaches you Spanish from Spain so it’s more proper. Unless you are in Spain, nobody will understand you. There is a slight difference in words such as coche for car instead of carro.
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7 years ago, nalliebot
Great Review
I have a minor in Spanish, but haven't had a conversation with anyone in years. This app offered a great review of the basics to help refresh my memory! It isn't very advanced, but would definitely help someone have a basic conversation. It would be nice if you could load them in flash card form, but I'll just make my own to practice instead.
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5 years ago, Little Hammer Mommy
Words read to you
From what I can figure out, this app is just lost of English words followed by Spanish words. Both the English and the Spanish words are read to you slowly. There are no quizzes, games, lessons, or ways to skip having them read the English. It is good for practicing how you speak, but not a way to learn Spanish in 24 hours.
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7 years ago, coco1979plaz
I would say that this wasn't very helpful for me, but that may be because I am an active learner. I also don't know why it would cost $7.00 just to unlock all the lessons, I would understand it costing that much if there is other ways of learning for people like me, but other than that I think it's a good app if you learn by hearing
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6 years ago, Spanish Rockstar Learner
Finally a Spanish app I like
This app is great because I can listen and test myself plus look at the words after to make I see their spelling. Not only can I work on vocabulary, I can work on popular phrases that make sense to work on plus, once again test myself then see the spelling!
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7 years ago, Staciadashh
People are dumb
Everyone keeps saying there's only 3 levels then you have to pay but once you let the app go through those 3 levels it will give you a free offer to unlock 1-12. Also this app is simple and easy if you learn off repetition. I'd recommend 🤷🏽‍♀️
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7 years ago, Mikky J
Good--with a slight glitch.
The app looks nice. The first three lessons work well. Next, a screen says to go through the purchase process to get 12 free lessons--but then it won't let me do that: it instead asks me to upgrade to premium to unlock all 24 lessons. When I press "No," it takes me back to the overview screen. Maybe they've made changes to the app since the writing of those earlier reviews.
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6 years ago, slayvge
I got this app a few days ago with very little hope cause all the ones I got were laggy glitchy you had to pay money or it would never load 😒 but this is AMAZING whoever made this thank you I finally have a Spanish app I rated you full stars keep doing what your doing 🙂🙂👋 bye.
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7 years ago, Mr Wedgie
Great for Hands Free
This app is geared for travelers. You can learn on the go as you are given the English word followed by two repeats of the Spanish translation. There is a pause left for you to give it a go be for the app gives you the answer. It's not quite as structured as some of the other apps but I think it gets you what you need.
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5 years ago, saves space on phone
Great app! Would recommend
Quick way to learn Spanish. Good for beginners and those who have a little experience. Great for travel or just to talk. The games are fun, and the lessons are short. You could skip through the ones you want to do. Highly recommend and it’s free!
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5 years ago, GemstoneGypsy
Gives only basic
This app is cool to practice pronunciation of a few basic words & phrases. The allow you the first three lists free then you have to pay to go further. I don’t learn well in the way they formatted this application and used it once and will be deleting. I know some Spanish but needed to brush up and simple lists with translations on very basic language isn’t what I had in mind when I downloaded this app. Hope that’s helpful. Good luck finding whatever works best for you.
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5 years ago, Effffyouuuuu
This is so cool!!
I love this. I like the replay button so I can rehear the words I have issues with. Can you please add one that slows down the word so I can really hear how it’s pronounced as well? Sometimes it’s hard to hear where you have to roll the r’s in a word. Other than that total thumbs up!!
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7 years ago, Before BC
Very Good
A great way to learn Spanish while doing other things, this app is more schoolroom style than game style, making it easier to focus on what you want to learn. I think you could learn enough Spanish in 24 hours to be useful if you pick the topics you need. A very good app.
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6 years ago, JaeGame 21
I’m only 10 and I’ve learned so much Español already from this app! Gracias so much for making this app! It helps a lot! All I have to do is upgrade and I’ll be speaking so much Español in no time! Thanks! Btw, you think you can make one in a different language like maybe Chinese or Italian! What about Barbaric? Oh well chao for now!
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6 years ago, 5.0 bro
Absolutely fantastic, Super easy to navigate and since I know Spanish but just needed a refresher on longer, more involved parts of speech, it helped a lot plus the in app purchase is free which is probably my favorite part, doesn't cheat you out of a download and space at all!
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6 years ago, John and Alex
Works well for me😊
I like the formate and pace. My grandson age 3 and I are learning together with out fear of pronouncing things wrong which has stopped me around adults who speak Spanish in the past. We just have fun and learn at the same time not to mention the bonding which priceless!.
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7 years ago, Jamboo00001
Our unique program is designed for anyone (18+) regardless of their background. Individuals looking for a better job, recent high school graduates, college students, recent college graduates, discharged military, laid off employees, green card holders and work authorization holders are all welcomed. NO prior IT experience required.
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