Indian Express News + Epaper

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The Indian Express Group
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11 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Indian Express News + Epaper

4.62 out of 5
1.3K Ratings
3 years ago, news_not-noise
Jan 2021 - this app has improved so much
I’ve used the Indian Express app before, and then discontinued in 2018 since I was tired of the bugs, glitches, banner ads and issues. Downloaded and used it this year (Jan ‘21) and I was pleasantly surprised. The app has improved significantly - I’d even go so far as to say it is the best news app from a news publication in India, closely followed by the Mint app(Hindustan Times) and The Hindu. Great job Indian Express; It’s time to delete the Times of India app which is now full of ads, sensational articles, tweet reports (where they share what a celeb tweeted about some topic of the day) and hardly any “news”.
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2 years ago, Adi's POV
Mostly unbiased, high quality writing
This is probably the closest one would come to a world class newspaper from India. High quality writing with an Indian point of view and maintains a balanced perspective. The language is crisp, the titles are not click-baity and treats topic with level of depth in research. And thankfully, it has none of those silly racy pictures and cheap gossip that stuffs its competitors columns.
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5 months ago, The awaited ..
My review …
The various headings under which the news items r grouped, have been accurately identified, thanks to the editor. I have been using this app for quite some years , but suddenly the pop -up appears telling to fill in all the details . I don’t know the reasons and the article is cut off . Pl do the needful .
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4 years ago, tinu
Excellent Reportage, Efficient App
Quality reporting in terms of critical reporting. Would be useful to integrate podcasts into the app in a user-friendly manner without affecting other sections. The Indian Express app works well with my phone. iOS 13.3
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9 months ago, Aditi105
UX is terrible, paid subscription needs better support
The app is buggy, and needs improvements- - articles don't naturally scroll. You have to scroll up before the rest of the pages are loaded - saved articles don't load. I lost all my saved articles. I opened a ticket, and the ticket was closed without resolving the issue. I am a paid subscriber, and it's disappointing to see such lack of attention.
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1 year ago, Sn@99
Ads cover half the screen despite having subscription
Half screen ads being shown in the middle of articles sometimes despite having subscription. What is your definition of ad-lite? This is not acceptable. Content good but big format ads annoying. Please stop ads for paid subscriptions.
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4 years ago, Chidam
No Chennai? What a joke?
I downloaded this to keep learning about South Indian news but soon found that the selection of cities does not have Chennai? Seriously? You’re app is a joke. You are disrespecting and insulting people from Chennai which is more cosmopolitan than many big Indian cities. You can’t ignore Chennai which has significant number of people abroad. Deleted the app and I will make sure I spread my message to others. Fix it. Stop discriminating people within India.
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1 year ago, SSsharma04
Bad experience from recent changes
Hi Team, It seems that recently some changes have been made. Now the full articles don’t open up completely. A part opens first and then the remaining opens up after a lag. Secondly there is a continuation of articles one after another. Overall it’s a bad experience. Please see if you want to revert back to the prior style. Thanks,
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3 years ago, bhsgsh
Decent app
This is a decent news app. Things usually work well. Couple of pain points: - Article sharing should contain links to the article instead of just the headline text. - Please upgrade the font family of the article text. It looks informal.
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5 months ago, Kamesh Aysola
Unique Combo
Your coverage seems to practice in ‘variety is spice of life’! For example, today’s (Thu, Jan 18) coverage is a good example as it ranges from Jayaram’s return to Malayalam cinema to Modiji visiting unexpected place! Keep up the good work!👍🙏
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6 years ago, dkvrs
App is good
Lots of useless articles written by corrupt leaders.... old news paper in India....some days feel like not to open this app.... The day I find honest media in India.... I will leave this app
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2 years ago, mj-50
Very annoying app! Even after paying yearly fees, it continues to block the articles. Have to log in every time. Really would like my money back. Disgusting 😡
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3 years ago, Arshad1906
URL in news articles does not show any hyperlink
Please fix an issue where many times a URL is mentioned within news article, and user cannot copy or tap on that URL, not a good user experience.
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3 years ago, Hvaishnav
Paranoid Indian Exoress
You show pictures with notes that has a font size of 2 that can hardly be read. You are so paranoid that you have entire newspaper online image which does not allow enlargement of images to view or the text to read. Perhaps you should consider hiding your paper where sun never shines so nobody will copy any of your newspaper data ever. And, oh, do not hesitate to copy the ‘Explainer’ from the western media crap. And do not worry about doing anything original, creative. Leave it to westerners. Simply have your writers use sophisticated words to impress your readers almost all of whom do not know those words. You idiots!
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7 years ago, GautamGandhi
Related Reading hangs up
For last one year i have been reading your online paper. Most articles have a "related reading" link. With my iphone these links simply dont work, they hang up in an infinite loop. Very frustrating. Resolve please.
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6 years ago, Ashish Chauhan
Awesome upgrade
With latest upgrade, this app is awesome. I’m using this for longtime but haven’t seen such a beautiful make over👍🏻👍🏻. Great job!!
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6 months ago, Siddharth Lal
Articles cut off mid-way
This is an issue I’m facing in the iPhone version of the Indian Express app. The article gets cut off mid-way, and one has to repeatedly scroll up and down till somehow the rest of the text appears.
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3 years ago, Tilm74
Mixed marriages
My nephew married Hindu girl. I have found Indian express and feel so much better. They are married but my nephew has watched Christian podcast and back to church for a short time! Thank you for explaining all of this with mixed marriages. They go my nephew house and celebrate her family for celebrations also! Thank you so much Tillm74
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4 years ago, g/usa
Enjoy immensely reading everything thx
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5 months ago, Bhatia, Arun
Free all the articles !
Great journalism. But, what is the use, who can read them ? Your own journalists ? Free them from slavery, free them from behind the pay wall !
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2 years ago, brij5743xc
Still shows ads even after buying premium
Still shows ads even after buying premium. Why people then should buy premium?????
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2 years ago, AmitReddy
Pay Wall
Used to be my favorite news app for India. Now when I try to read any article, I am hit by a paywall and asked to subscribe by paying money. Earlier only Premium news needed subscription. I hope Indian Express rolls back this decision.
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3 months ago, DRDNDAS
Very informative and sophisticated.
Thank you.
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4 years ago, manojvg
Good Apps for easy reading
Easy scaling and sharp printing for eyes pleasure.
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6 years ago, unmeshkhati
Annoying advertising
What’s up with full page black screens followed by videos Even after watching the videos the news does not start. The video simply loops again. What is this?
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2 years ago, Sandy COC lover
Civil services
Good newspaper for civil services. Better than The Hindu.
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5 years ago, 7beee
UI could be improved
Decent app. UI could be made more fluid. Feels a little clunky
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7 years ago, Hasu Shah
Site review
Site do not update quickly giving outdated news. Same with City news. Slow & after clicking on story the article does not expand stays frozen
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2 months ago, Bad Quality Assurance Testing
There are many news papers, which allow full online viewing/reading for free. Indian express should try to follow suit.
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5 years ago, dlovepeace
Great app
Excellent source of news, views, reviews, and juice
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4 months ago, RajSah2020
$49 subscription
Why Indian Express wants $49 (Rs 4200) for a digital version? Can they consolidate the leading Indian newspapers and magazine for one low monthly price?
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6 years ago, Ng091
Video ads don’t let you read at all
This app is pointless now. The video ads don’t let you read the article at all. I am done with Indian Express
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4 years ago, abjst5
Sign In with Apple issue
For login, There is a button for Sign In with Apple but that does not work
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2 years ago, Satichou
Best newspaper!
Indian Express is the best newspaper in India! No doubt about it! -Dr. Satinath Choudhary
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5 years ago, Soorajdevan84
Deplorable North Indian Mentality
Just read an opinion article about imposition of Hindi by Amit Shah. The Express Web Desk refers to the leadership in the South as “Satraps” which is one of the reasons why there is a North South divide as exemplified by the word Satrap by this North Indian Newspaper Opinion.
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11 years ago, Swad123
Best News! Much much better than NDTV!
Indian Express has restored my faith in (unbiased) journalism. I was deeply disappointed by the sycophantic journalism of NDTV (who I had previously held in higher esteem). Indian Express on the other hand demonstrates the courage to report news without undercurrents of political or other affiliations. Investigative journalism, presenting thoughts and ideas not colored by personal affiliations, and definitely not being afraid to be critical of the powerful. Today Indian Express seems to be the only popular mainstream newspaper that lives up to the responsibilities of the fourth estate. The app itself offers a good experience. The lighter tones of the backdrop, the easy navigation, all make for an easy experience. Better again than the NDTV app experience.
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2 years ago, Tagore Ravinder
Brief, informative and precise
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2 years ago, Km3000
An eyesore on an iPad
Lousy, low res user interface that is an eyesore on an iPad.
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9 years ago, ntyagi_sf
Flashy Banner Ads are very distracting
I have been reading IE for 18 yrs and it easily has the best content in all newspapers. But their sales/ Ad team keeps ruining the e-reading experience and the IE brand. The ads cover the bottom part of the screen and are flashy banner ads which change every few seconds- such ads are fine when you are browsing on the internet (even on browsers these are now out of fashion) but very distracting when you are on one page and trying to concentrate on an article. And to make it worse there is no option to cross out the ad and make it disappear (a must have). The earlier version of the app had full page ads!! It is now impossible to READ on the app- its only good enough for a few seconds of BROWSING. This seems to be a lazy quick fix approach to make some ad revenue- usually employed by shady websites but not what you expect from a major institution like IE. IE needs to employ some good UX designers to improve the experience. There are very tasteful and non intrusive ways of mobile advertising like in Flipboard app or simple ads like in your print edition. Also I would personally rather pay for a ad free version since we do not get a daily print edition in the US. Please don't kill the golden goose.
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12 years ago, AbhiGullz
Superb App
The Indian Express always points out issues in India in an unbiased way. I love to keep myself up to date with this App. A great app to be in touch with India.
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9 years ago, KFhyexh
You guys ruined it - part 2
Those pop ads seem to have stopped. Thank you taking our feedback and making the required changes in the app.
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9 years ago, nixermac
Good app but ads are bothering, and that small font
Everyone is complaining about the ads. I don't mind paying so that I don't see the ads or please make them inline. Hate to say it but if this continues I will delete the app and stay off such apps forever. Please please please allow font size change.
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8 years ago, DBharadwaj
Lousy app negates great content
For a newspaper with the best content, Indian Express's iPhone app is shameful. I have had it for a couple of years now and there is really no excuse for the constant hangs, ridiculously slow page loads and refreshes. Just learn from others like the global best like AP, or Reuters. DONT learn from NDTV or TOI (who are not great but still but much better than the Indian Express app).
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9 years ago, Erukumk
Too many ads and tiny font
Last few days, too many ads are popping up. The worst part is the ads cover the entire screen and I have to close the pop up to read the article, the ads pop up for every news article I read. Uninstalled the app.
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11 years ago, Yogeshwar Sharma
Awesome app
The indian express app needed this major update for a long time. Now that it's there, I m happy to give it 5 stars! One of my fav indian news app.
Show more
12 years ago, Inceptionkid
Love it, easy to browse and as always unbiased and solid material. Keep it up
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9 years ago, Bee_theag
I'm running iOS 9 on an iPhone 6. The app crashes because of (what I think are) cache related issues. Looks like the app hasn't been able to keep up with the iOS evolution. IE running on a cost cutting spree? Some of the columns I followed like Problematics haven't had new posts in a while either. Hence my hunch.
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9 years ago, Visluc
Nice design
New design is great. Perhaps the best Indian news app both by content and design.
Show more
10 years ago, SakthiC
The UI changes really worked. I love this app now.
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12 years ago, Gtyagi123
Outdated news
The headlines don't refresh even after pull to refresh. I am seeing the same news since yesterday.
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