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User Reviews for IndyStar

4.43 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
9 months ago, NewEnglandDoug
A good app, but I want more features from Gannet and IndyStar
As a Hoosier now living out of Indiana, I am glad for this app. I especially enjoy being able to see a replica of the print version of The Indianapolis Star. (Forgive me, but as an alumnus of what might’ve been called “IndyNews,” the forced contraction phrase “IndyStar” simply does not easily roll off this newsie’s tongue.) I wish the app had better access to The Star & News archives — especially for paying subscribers. I also wish the app did not embed so many advertisements and unrelated editorial content into articles. Readers are distracted enough in their lives. Must they be distracted while concentrating on an article? Finally, as an old time daily reporter and news consumer in Indianapolis, I wish the app simply had much more editorial content. The paucity of staff writers at The Star is painful to witness and affects the effectiveness of this app.
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2 weeks ago, 5mdl
Subscription issues
I buy my subscription thru the Apple ITunes or App Store. I find now that my phone lists me as having a subscription thru October, but the App will not let me view ‘subscribers only’ content. This is the third year this has happened. I delete the app and in-subscribe for a few weeks or months then download it and am given an option to try a special offer to subscribe for a low rate. I have done this the past two years and will do it again. I have found this works, but I have not found an honest way to move past the issue. I called the IndyStar help line and that was no help. Nowhere did I show up in their records, so I was told. But as I said, I have used my iPhone apps to subscribe several times. Research online suggests my experience is not unusual.
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4 years ago, frigolay
Good app
I have been using the app for several months along with subscribing through in-app purchase. I prefer this since it’s easier for me to cancel; no phone calls. The app has been working well for me. Until today. I updated to iOS and iPadOS 14 and now the app closes immediately after tapping to open. This occurs on my iPad and iPhone. I tried tapping on the App Support link and that opens the app which then closes. Hopefully an update is released soon. This is the downside of using in-app purchase; I have no other way of accessing this content.
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5 years ago, maloy61
The only reason I rate this app 1 star is because 0 or a negative number was not an option. Indianapolis is my home town and I love everything about the city. Unfortunately, it’s only news paper has become a complete joke. And it’s digital newspaper is less than a joke. DO NOT sign up for a digital subscription. If you want to cancel (and you will soon after signing up), they make it impossible to deactivate your account. Which obviously is by design. Which makes the owners of Gannett Newspapers (the owners of the Indianapolis Star) even more reprehensible. It pains me to post this review. This is my second attempt at a subscription. The only reason I signed back up for a ‘script, was for Colts coverage. The straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back? An article following Sunday’s win...well, 6 nonsensical sentences. I tried. Again. But, I’m done.
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5 years ago, Matty1966!
Fraudulent chages
We live in Pendleton, Indiana we used to get the paper delivered on Thursday and Sunday. Last year we started experiencing issues with not getting the paper delivered. After multiple calls, they insisted we would get the paper on the next run. It never happened but they kept taking payments out of our account. So we decided to just quit getting the paper. They did reimburse us and I thought the issue was resolved. However, once again on Nov 12, 2019, they once again took a payment of 3 times the normal amount we had been paying and guess what we still haven’t received one paper. This borders on criminal considering that I have closed our account with them. I have sent an email to the Vice President Mr. Hakanson and am awaiting a response. Has anyone else experienced thus issue? Dawn Mattingly
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1 year ago, oldcootathome
IndyStar App
The app works great except for the sign on ads. Every time I access the app I get the ad encouraging me to subscribe. My assumption is I’m no longer recognized as a subscriber. This is not true. The ad simply shotguns to anybody accessing the app. When accessing the app Please sort on line customers already subscribing to IndyStar from those you wish to recruit.
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5 years ago, JMD3131
Don’t Waste Your Money
I didn’t want to connect this app to my facebook account. After several attempts, I was able to create an account with my email address and a password. The app does not provide access to the online account you created, which can only be accessible through their website. So, creating the account was pointless. I don’t want to pay for news that I can get for free elsewhere. (Content in this app is high level and contains many of the same stories the provider shares on twitter/facebook.). This was super disappointing. Once I was in the app, and surfing around, every article I viewed had an advertisement positioned in the middle of the content, asking me to subscribe to e-access, which I thought I had just done when I agreed through iTunes to subscribe for $4.99 per month. This was the final straw, only a few hours after agreeing to subscribe. Well, after this experience, I’ve cancelled the subscription I just signed up for and am deleting the app from my phone. No thanks... I’ll find my news elsewhere.
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2 months ago, Frandelia
This app is awful
Advertisements pop up before you can look at the first page. I can't even get on the E-newspaper today. Some days when I am able to start reading, the app skips pages. It is difficult to get to the skipped page. When turning pages, there is a side menu that is very close to the page turning symbol. Invariably, I tap something there accidentally, and I am off to something else. If I leave the downloaded edition, and come back later, it starts to download all over again. The Indianapolis Star had a great app for reading online, but they decided to change it. It wasn't “broke,” so why did they “fix” it?
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4 years ago, Cshriner
Another Gannet Co. Paper
The main reason I continue to subscribe is because newspapers and journalism in general is struggling. One of the reasons newspapers are struggling is because of cookie-cutter apps like this one provided by Corporations like Gannet Co. The app layout and navigation is horrible but it’s standard boiler plate from the devs at Gannet Co. Unimaginative, derivative and not at all user friendly. You all realize if you log in using your FaceBook account the company gathers all your data and contacts. So don’t. Use your email and a new password. You are forced to agree to notifications in order to do any sort of meaningful configuration of the news stories. No thanks. I’m not interested in Sports Ball but am forced to wade through endless Sports Ball stories. They have made some improvements. I quit my original subscription due to issues with double billing and the hidden unsubscribe process. Both of these problems have been addressed. So congratulations on getting the basics right?
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1 year ago, Old Swim Coach
The Star has really gone downhill. First, I make it a rule to not read any article that starts with “(Number) Reasons Why (Whatever).” Which means that I cannot read 40% of the articles. There also used to be way more local coverage of high school sports. Your readership is going down because you don’t focus on local news and the news you provide is generic, at best. The app version is meh. Honestly, the Lebanon Reporter is a superior product even though it serves a much smaller area.
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1 year ago, The Original LD71
Absolutely the worst app I have ever used
This app is impossible to access. I have changed my password 16 times. It never recognizes my new password. This is an abomination. This app requires two different passwords one to get on the app and the second if you want to leave a comment or feedback. Also if you have to leave feedback you have to jump through a lot of hoops it has a stupid capture access that doesn’t work either. The Indianapolis star should be ashamed.
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7 years ago, DryadGal
I truly dislike the way the information is organized. I can't tell which articles are new until I click on them. Hate the way you have to negotiate around the minefields of ads that you can accidentally open. Would much prefer a physical paper, but the monthly subscription went to $54, so who wants to pay that much- even to support a free press?
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3 months ago, noanswernoanswer
Your new app
What have you done? All I want to do is read the E edition of the IndyStar. I want it to be like the real newspaper that you hold in your hands and read how do I do that on this new app that you put on? Also, how do you make the image of the paper bigger…it is so small it is hard to even the headlines! Is it possible to get the “print edition” like the old app?
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6 years ago, Johnnygoodwin
These day everyone wants to condemn guns as an evil force that makes people be violent and not take responsibility for their actions, yet alcohol is a more serious problem but very few complains about alcohol. Drunk drivers kill with the same deadly force and devastating the lives of so many. I have yet to see an inanimate object do anything on its own, no matter what object, whether car, gun knife, ball bat it’s ALWAYS the person behind it. James R Fox Greenwood
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2 weeks ago, In/Ky
Indy Star Reading
Being from Indiana and now living out of state, the Indy Star allows for me to keep up with the news in Indiana and around the Indianapolis area. Also being a fan of the Pacers and Colts the Indy Star keeps me informed what is going on with the 2 teams. Plus reading the editorials in the sports page are enjoyable even though I may disagree with it.
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4 years ago, why are u making this so hard
Starting or Ending My Day
I have subscribed to the Indy Star since the 1970’s, and I have read it daily all this time. I have enjoyed feature writers, national news, local news, sports writers and the great comics and advice columns. I love it all. Special shout-out to Gregg Doyel, whose always entertaining columns I read aloud to my husband. Thanks to our Indianapolis Star for being part of our lives these many years!
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1 year ago, sillybiochemist
Keeps saying I am not subscribed
The app keeps saying that I am not subscribed even though 1) my subscription recently renewed and paid in full and 2) the app shows me signed in still. Once I can get to a story I enjoy using an app but right now I can’t get that far. I have had this problem with the app for the last few months even though I keep the app up to date and have even deleted the app from my phone and then signed in. Any help would be appreciated.
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3 years ago, indyallen
Fast, easy, reliable
This app is easy to navigate and provides quick access to headlines in each category. It loads fast and allows me to keep in touch with local news while I travel on business. Love the breaking news updates it pushes as well. Great app!
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3 months ago, Jo’s Pretzel
This version stinks!
I hate when tech people change things and the format may seem good to them, but those of who technically challenged it is impossible to figure out the new system. I don’t have any icons on the side of my page and now I can’t finish reading Sundays Star. Why wasn’t it left at the bottom as before. Additionally, I now have two lines of things at the bottom of the screen taking up more room and over half of the items will never be used. What a mess this new version is. Joe
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4 months ago, Gloplop
Great, with a big flaw, and a little one.
Great app, seems to work fine. I love the dark mode and iOS integration. But it won’t accept my Apple Pay, and bigger than that; often the first paragraph is half off-screen to the right and the ad is half off to the left. Fix this one thing and you’ll be a five star to me! Love the IndyStar. Work at a library and direct people to its articles constantly.
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1 year ago, hendudh
Needs serious improvement
This app is clunky. Check out the NYTimes app for an example of a good news app. The articles are sports, sports, sports, sports, news, sports, sports, sports, news… there is no organization on the home page. And I object to the fact that two of the most prominent articles on the app are about getting an Indy star subscription. I already have one! Get rid of them. Also there is no way to write a letter to the editor.
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1 year ago, turkeybye
Good content, bad app
I’m a subscriber but am constantly being asked every-time I open the app to subscribe. I always have to log in and have to verify each time. I wish the app would keep me logged in so that when I click on a notification it would actually take me to the content without constantly having to log in or see ads for cheaper prices for the subscription than what I’m currently paying.
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1 week ago, Charl3-O
I am subscribed> 1 year!
Prefer page turning PDF version, includes ads, And obituaries easier to review. Color pix are good! Some journalism aligned with black community support, and calls to donate to support journalism with philanthropy appear awkward and inappropriate. Arts & culture are well reported. Politics are covered superficially and tilt toward USA Today style.
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7 years ago, 1020260
My Indy from afar
I have been a fan of the Indy star for 40 years and find them to be fair minded in there reporting and enjoy the editorial section, and even though I live a thousand miles away I read it daily and follow so many things in the city that interests me everyday. Thank you, I miss my city, it's people and my wonderful friends. Captain Ray R Irvin aka Mr Greenways
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2 years ago, maggs3197
Average reporting and unacceptable customer service
I should have checked reviews before agreeing to subscribe because it is literally impossible to cancel my 15$ subscription that auto enrolled after I agreed to the first year. I am usually better at not allowing apps to trick me into their outrageously priced services, but here I am, stuck with a $180 yearly bill for sub-par local news unless I can call during business hours to speak to a representative to manually cancel my subscription.
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5 years ago, AnneR•
Free or subscription…both are winners!
We follow several digital newspapers across US. Indy Star is one of the best organized, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and generous with the amount, quality and variety of free access articles. Great photos, too. Wish (crossword) puzzles were available on free version.
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1 year ago, IndyTrickyRicky
News is fine. App is awful
1) highschool and college sports wins are NEVER breaking news. When I set my notifications to “breaking news” that is not what should be coming through (90%) 2) I have a year subscription that I have turned off auto renewal for. I will manually renew if I want to. As soon as I turned off auto renew I get paywall blockers and ads for subscriptions. I have one. For another 11 months. STOP. Let me access the content I paid for….
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4 years ago, Historyteacher1
Great way to keep up !
I ve been a read yer of the Indy star my entire life. My parents were long time subscribers. When I established my own home - I got my own subscription-32 years ago ! I now enjoy reading it online ! A life time subscriber !
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5 months ago, RLDodger
eEdition w the Indy Star app is great
I enjoy having the E newspaper edition of the Indy star that I can access with my subscription through the app. I can keep up with local news as well as national and international news with the bonus of USA Today editions, at a reasonable annual rate!
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2 years ago, BWShell
Reading enjoyment!
I just recently started my subscription with the Indy Star and am irritated with myself for not starting earlier! I thoroughly enjoy reading again! No more flipping through page after boring internet junk! Luvs my Indy Star!
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9 months ago, DanHub43
I’ve been trying to use it for years, but they never get it right
This time they offered a subscription discount rate so I signed up. They charged me, but I still could access it. After several days of trying at different times (including their “refresh subscription “ buttons, I just cancelled it, and tried resubscribing. The rate shown was still the trial rate when I subscribed, but I was charged the full monthly amount.
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2 years ago, RDL-IN
Versatile to your interests
I love the fact that you are given the opportunity to set your likes and interests. This allows you to receive breaking news and story notifications you like to follow and have keen interest in.
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1 year ago, trffdes
Good App
The app functions well. It doesn’t access all pages of the newspaper, which I wish it did(classifieds, comics, league standings, high school and minor league sports stories, more community news stories and events).
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2 years ago, Heltonskelter
Indy Star Earns Five Stars
After consuming the local tv markets online/apps for the last 4-5 months, none are as pronounced or authentic as the Star. I appreciate the journalistic integrity and commitment to truth displayed in each article I’ve read.
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7 years ago, Lime Pickle
Decent interface, needs search
I’ve used the app for a few years and it has improved but there are times when I want to go back and search for an article about a person or event and cannot seem to find a way to do this.
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3 years ago, Aleman32
Indy star online keeps me up-to-date
I love getting Indy star online! It’s perfect to have notifications of new stories each morning on my phone. Indy star has consistently high quality journalists, And it is of great value to me in my daily life.
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7 years ago, kwp47
Indy Star app
I like the app because it's easier to read articles on it than in the print version. Especially enjoy the advance access to Matthew Tully's column and some other articles as well. The only improvement I can think of would be to take out the ads.
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2 years ago, DwayneO84
Garbage app
Works sporadically. Half the time both the print edition and web addition won’t load complete pages. Boiler,ale section has not updated for me for weeks. Today the sports page will not load. Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, Rooosk
Love the Indy Star!
I really appreciate the Indy Star online. Born, raised and educated as a Hoosier, I moved out of state and missed Indianapolis news. The online version sends top stories to my email and I love that easy access each morning! Great writers as journalists.
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2 years ago, Snapndragon
From a digital subscriber
I am very pleased with what I get fr such a good price. It’s great for following your favorite teams and the article notifications are so convenient. I might go to the digital and print version soon.
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5 years ago, Mperksappsux
Lacking basic functions
The app only gives you access to some articles. For example, a headline will appear in a FB feed but I can’t find it on the app. Further, it would be nice to be able to have the article found in a newsfeed to automatically launch in the app. It doesn’t. This app functions solely as a reader which is disappointing. Could be so much more robust.
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1 year ago, Byron
Can’t read articles due to ads (I’m a subscriber)
I know you need to make money, but since I pay for a subscription, double dipping me with ads seems wrong. Regardless, I can’t read article text because you push it off the side of the screen when next to ads. So ads over actual functionality. Shameful. And also, stop asking me to be a subscriber when I’m already a subscriber.
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3 years ago, Cotterpin72
Better than I expected
I don’t normally read the paper ...but figured the $1 for 3 months was worth a shot and I am loving this. I wish I could stop certain types of articles but haven’t figured that out!
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7 years ago, WiffleWafer
My community connection
Ignore the comments and cries of bias. Sure, the editorials are often left of center, but editorials are not reporting. The Star's reporting is topical, pertinent, and quality. And they excel at local human interest stories, which often intrigue and delight. I love my hometown paper.
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3 years ago, Tresinnoctem
Horrible Horrible Horrible
The app does not recognize my subscription across different devices, despite many hours on line with tech support. It constantly tries to connect to an old, CANCELLED subscription to a different Gannett newspaper from where I used to live. Don’t try to set up an account with a Gannett paper if you have ever had a subscription to another one. It won’t work and they can’t fix it.
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4 years ago, JohnWayne6577
Poor display of articles
With a combination of the large heading at the top of the screen and large ads always buried in the article only half of the article is displayed at all times. Constant scrolling is required. Pop-up ads at the bottom also cover the lower part of the screen with the “x” to close the pop-up so small it can’t easily be done. Way to much marketing for something I am paying for.
Show more
2 years ago, AA_Indy
Excellent resource for Indiana residents
National news may be more entertaining, but it doesn't impact my life here in Indiana nearly as much. The Indianapolis Star does a great job of keeping me informed of what's happening in my community.
Show more
4 years ago, Jrapp999
I travel a lot for business and having this app helps keep me connected to the happenings in my city. I find myself on it daily.
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2 years ago, MyGodIsCalledJLaw
Subscription Glitches
I love the app in concept, but it constantly locks me out of subscriber-only content despite the fact that I am a subscriber. I have gone through the FAQ, logged in and out again, attempted to re-subscribe, and still it only works about 25% of the time. If this were fixed, I’d probably give 5 stars.
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1 year ago, hoosier 322
No consistency in performance
I am repeatedly being asked to login, but the app doesn’t allow me to do so. I’ve subscribed for several years with no issues but today I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice attempting to see “for subscribers only” articles. The PrintApp is awful but at least I can get the articles read even they are usually days old.
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