Infuse • Video Player

4.7 (21.8K)
99.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Firecore, LLC
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Infuse • Video Player

4.69 out of 5
21.8K Ratings
3 months ago, Connoisseur__
Best Video Player
I’ve been using infuse for over a year now and would 100% recommend for anyone looking for an alternative to having to use the Plex app as their video player. It handles every type of video file I’ve thrown at it flawlessly and even handles surround sound very well. It can play 3D sbs videos when connect to the right projector. But anything frame packed or MVC will play as 2D video (apple tv limitation). My only gripe is that it can’t play Dolby Atmos from true hd encoded audio (another Apple TV limitation) but it decodes to a high quality lcpm so the only thing you’ll miss is the height channels however, it does play atmos from EAC3 aka DD+ with atmos FLAWLESSLY and handles Spatial Audio for AirPods flawlessly as well. This app is affordable at only $1.00 a month and I would recommend for you to try it if you are looking for an alternative from Plex as a video player. Cannot speak on this app as a media server however since I will still use Plex for library organization and for the ability to share my Plex library with family and friends but I use this app on a daily basis to watch the media in my Plex library.
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4 months ago, RyanjcCPI
File sorting and viewing not working properly
The latest version has made some changes that have affected the sort functionality. Previous versions of this app let you sort your movie files from any folder. That’s been removed and you can only sort from the main library screen and that sort order applies to all folders. That’s ok except sort by file name no longer works and I rely on that. I have all my video files named specifically in the way I want them sorted. Sorting by file name works perfectly in Emby but no longer with Infuse. The sort seems to be stuck on sorting by title. Please fix this and return the previous functionality the app had. Also, viewing your library by grid or list also does not behave the way it used to. Again, you can only control the viewing style from the main library screen but it does not apply to all folders. If I choose to view my main library by list, it works there but doesn’t apply to the movie folders. The folders stay in grid format. On my phone I like to view my movie files in list format. Please fix this as well. Other than that, I love Infuse and I have been using it for years. I’m just a bit disappointed with the latest releases of this app.
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2 years ago, Supergrrover
The Awesome and the Not So Awesome (but still Awesome)
This is the best player I have ever tried and I’ve tried a ton (and keep evaluating new ones as they come out.) I’ve been using Infuse since it came out and always come back to it as my main choice. The Pro will play absolutely everything and flawlessly. The bad - I’ve been burned buying the previous pro stand alone version all of which have fallen by the wayside and left to rot. I am not a subscription fan. I understand innovation takes money and backing and I’ve sucked it up and do the subscription now. The added features have been awesome so I deal with it. (Although a bit cheaper would be nicer.) What I would like added is having a library/share with dual addresses - with one public and one private address for the same share so I don’t double up my posters and metadata for my NAS at home that I can access via a public IP on the road. All that being said, this is still the best player on the market and that warrants some props and some cash. Again, based on performance and features, you will not find one better.
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3 years ago, Dario9999
Infuse Pro 4 owner
Update: loving it but I have a suggestion. When scrubbing or seeking through a video, while I totally dig the thumbnail view I wish it stayed full screen once I stopped seeking to let it resume play. It really should stay in full screen mode or give us that option. But maybe I am missing how to do this? A little annoying but I can live with it. Five stars for just honoring my old purchase of Infuse Pro 4 with a free year subscription. I might still end up buying 7 when it comes out next year just because I came close to buying 6 but thought I better wait a few more months for 7. Some suggestions, advance the movie player interface as some recent reviewers called out. It is lacking. There has to be a balance between elegance and features/functionality. Decoder is great, it just needs more robust controls without being too cluttered. Honorary half star removed for the UI. Otherwise I love the scrubbing of videos with the thumbnail view. Half dozen players and I never saw this being used.
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9 months ago, This Goes Where
Works great, buffering destroys network.
I’m leaving this at 3 stars after having a super frustrating experience with this app. I use it like I’m sure many do with Plex. Wanted to use the volume boost. Anytime I tried to watch a slightly larger file, it would demolish my whole network. Looking at Plex it would be using somewhere around 550mbps and constantly. After a lot of pain and frustration I found there is a setting related to buffering that needs to be changed to legacy from auto. From what I could gather it was trying to buffer the entire thing in one go at max speed, but if you change it to legacy it does the initial quick big buffer and then smaller buffering after which does not max out my network. I can’t think of a single instance where I’d prefer to try and buffer an entire movie or show immediately and destroy my network in the progress. Even hardwired I can’t see a point in doing this. Should be off by default or very clearly noted on how it works. If it wasn’t for someone on a forum mentioning some devices try and do this style buffering, I don’t think I ever would have found this setting and thought to change it.
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3 years ago, Iriyatesse
Almost perfect
**update** I recently discovered while playing some files from my iPhone to TV the audio slowly gets out of sync. Stopping the video and starting again resets it but it will slowly go out of sync again. I moved the problem files to VLC and it played them with no issues so it’s definitely an in app issue. Love this app. Love the look the layout and the features. Especially the PiP support. Getting a large video library setup is a pain tho. And some metadata wasn’t updating properly. Some missing cover art as well. One complaint is I hate needing to pay a monthly subscription. Give me a one time purchase and this app would be perfect. Additionally you’d better hope you don’t need to contact customer service. I sent them an email about the audio sync issues and it took nearly a month for them to reply. And it was basically a canned response saying I should update the app and my iOS. Completely unhelpful 🙄
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2 years ago, maladii
Please make PiP better!
First off, I love this app and have been using it for forever. It’s my favorite media player by far. So thanks for the years of great product y’all. That said, I use PiP more than I thought I would but it doesn’t work very well. You can’t skip back and forward like you can with other apps’ PiP, it crashes a lot, and sometimes the button to initiate PiP mode just disappears on me and I have to force quit the app multiple times to get it back. Also, other apps don’t even make you press a button, it just turns into PiP when you change windows. Infuse has the best video controls of any video viewer by far. I often mention it as an example of excellent UX—I don’t understand why everyone hasn’t ripped you guys off. Netflix added the brightness slider recently, but y’all’s is still better. I just wish that same level of dedication were applied to this feature.
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3 years ago, Ae.Katsumi
What my NAS library is missing
This app is almost everything you could want for an iOS based device video player. It gives you a nice “streaming service” style interface with excellent metadata lookup capabilities. On mobile devices it features a pop-out player so you can watch while doing other things, and file download to play videos later. I love it. Totally worth what they ask for a lifetime license, and reasonable subscription license costs. One feature I wish they would add is the ability to update the actual file’s metadata (if the container type supports tags) for a show, season, or individual video. If you needed to reload your library or moved things it would make getting your metadata loaded much faster. Also, I just like having things complete. Maybe there is a way to do this and I haven’t found it yet.
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5 months ago, DBSnola
Good app with room for improvement
The app itself is great once you get it set up. I have one issue and three suggestions though. My issue is when I go on my AppleTV and tell the Infuse app to sync to iCloud in the app settings, it'll show it's syncing but it doesn't actually do it 90% of the time. The "last synced" time doesn't update and my library doesn't update on my other devices. It just randomly actually updates. My suggestions are, first, I REALLY wish I could add TV shows to my Playlists. You CAN add them, but it adds EVERY episode individually. I'd like to just have a shortcut to a series or collection in my Playlist rather than have every file added separately. When I add a TV series that has multiple seasons, I end up with TONS of individual video icons in my Playlist. Second, I wish I could manually add a file/video to the TV Shows or Movies categories. There's some files the app doesn't recognize as part of a series or movie collection and there's no way to add it so it doesn't get stuck in the "Other" video section. I've named things perfectly but there's just some things the app does not properly categorize. Third, I'd REALLY appreciate the ability to select multiple items to add to collections or Playlist. Currently on the AppleTV and I believe iOS app you have to select and add each file by itself and add it to a Playlist or Collection. This is very time consuming when you have a large library. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Bauhsoj
Great player, missing a basic feature
I use an iPad Pro 99% of the time. I download videos from various sources but they’re rarely ever major films or tv shows. I’d really like the ability to edit metadata myself so I can clean up my library. While there’s a button that says “edit metadata”, all it really is is a search field for check a database. If your file isn’t on there, well, you get to have crappy cover art and crappy filenames. I thought that with the addition of Files app support I could use the method for metadata that they recommend on their website, but that doesn’t work on an iPad for some reason. I really don’t see why it’s so difficult to allow me to edit all the data for the file including the cover art on my iPad Pro. Seems really silly. I paid for a subscription for 2 years now thinking they’re add it, but nope. Still looking at a messy library on my iPad. As a player, I love it. Probably the best I’ve used. I’m just sick of waiting for a feature that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be added.
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4 years ago, Du_Voir
So far…the best media player
I will start by saying I wasn’t to thrilled about the subscription to enable certain features in the app. I like to pay once and be done, plus I have tons of other subscriptions and now I have another. However, I must admit once I really dove into this app and saw everything it can do I feeling like this app will be worth every cent every time I pay the renewal. The user interface is THE BEST I have ever seen. The metadata fetch is 97% spot on. Please ad a way to rename embedded metadata. The way it groups the tv show episodes under one cover and numbers each episode is simply amazing. I just wish the app had a built in web browser so I can access my sites to download files. I can’t get the TV app version to work with the iPad app. It would be nice to just quickly access my content through there instead of the iPad. Not sure what the issue is at this time.
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5 years ago, trevorflynn
Love it but...
I absolutely love this app! Using shared folder from external hard drive on my iMac. The app on Apple TV 4K gen4 running tvOS 13.2 works flawlessly. The app on my iPhone 10 XS Max running iOS 13.2.3, not so much. I was having to restart my phone every time I used the app just to get it to load a movie. Thought that maybe the latest iOS update broke it cause it was working fine till then. Saw that there was an update for infuse and thought it might address this. Updated and now when trying to watch anything on the iPhone app it starts to play for a few seconds and then gives a never ending spinner. I have tried restarting the iPhone and have deleted app and reinstalled to no avail. The latest update made the iPhone app completely useless. I would love to give this 5 stars but... Please fix this and I will change my rating.
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6 years ago, Dwenson
Stable Native 4K Player!
I was struggling to find the video player that can smoothly run 4K on my Apple TV 4K. I tried several free or cheaper video player but have no luck playing 4k video file smoothly from my NAS. I tried VLC, ABC, PlayerXtreme, FE but all of these failed at high-bitrate 4K videos(mkv). I thought it was my wifi speed at first but even on wired network I was still unsuccessful. That is until I decided to try this player. I benchmark this player with the same file I used on other media player and this able to run the video smoothly and in sync with the sound. Also, it automatically download media arts for the files. I do not usually review applications so this is a big deal for me to spend time spreading the word. Consolation is when you buy lifetime license for this app you also get the iOS version for free. I am not sure of they got a OSX app included as well?
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7 years ago, arkain33
The best media player!!
Hands down the best media player on iOS, play pretty much any formats without any hiccups whatsoever! If you have server (ftp/smb) with all your media collections then infuse is the one for you. This is better client than Plex because this app will direct play anything without transcoding it first. My only problem with this app is the paying system, if you paid the pro version then you will not receive anymore update once the new pro version is release. But if you paid for subscription you’ll get update for future update including the new pro version. why can i just paid one time and get update forever? i’m planning to buy this but after looking at the paying system, i changed my mind. i’ll wait for infuse pro 6. and please include music player (mp3, flac, alac, and aac) and macOS app on the new pro version.
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5 years ago, Brad D.
Good media manager app, Great ATV4k Player!
Here is the thing. Infuse is a good media manager app. It is nowhere near as good as Plex for media management, but its fine. It’s costs too much if you are using this simply to manage media or performing playback on an iPhone or iPad and the nature of the fact that is direct plays everything means its not really good outside of a WiFi connected device. What makes this app great is its playback capabilities, especially on an Apple TV 4K. For playing back video, particularly high resolution video with advanced audio codex, there is no equal. The quality of the video is superb. The quality of the audio is superb. The fact that it will down convert 4K to 1080p AND do HDR to SDR tone mapping is unique only to Infuse. (To my knowledge.) If you have a ATV4k and watch a lot of high quality content 4K HDR or otherwise and especially if you have a 4K TV, buy Infuse. Don’t bother with anything else. Just pay the money and be done with it.
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6 years ago, JoJo Pineau
Never worked.
I purchased this app.. 1 many two years ago not paying attention to the fact that i would be charged a yearly fee. I bought it because of the reviews. In all this time it has never, ever worked at picking up my smb network when all other file managers and players I have tried pick up the network immediately. On this app, the circle just sits there spinning and spinning. I just forgot about it hoping it would be fixed and I could see what was the hype? Then I find out I didn't make a one time purchase....not happy. I have since cancelled my subscription and hope that it went through. The only thing keeping me from uninstall is to occasionally check my status. I don't ask for a refund (that would be nice) but having some use out of it for all the time and money I wasted would have been nice too. It looks like a nice app and I don't see how others are having success with the SMB connections. Just not me. Nplayer is my go to media player because it always connects and never fails. To the authors... Please make sure you cancel me immediately.
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3 years ago, TexasBear
Great for Private Local Network Streaming
We live in a rural area with metered data usage and streaming video takes a toll. I started a private download collection of movie files, shared from my computer, and was looking for a way to watch them on my Apple TV or iPad. Infuse to the rescue! Infuse automatically downloads movie thumbnails, cast, and description data based on the file name. Since I downloaded the movie files one time (most from an unmetered connection), they stream to my device without using internet data. Works even if my internet is down, and you can sync video files to your device to watch from hotels or on the go! Works with SMB sharing from Windows/Mac, or from a home media NAS, which I recently purchased so it would be more like an always-on appliance.
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1 year ago, readywater
Good but a bit user hostile
I use Infuse across a few different devices with my Jellyfin server, and generally it’s okay. Playback is consistent and the local download thing for iOS is great. However, it has this tendency of forgetting that you’re paying for it. It will either dump cache, or prevent you from watching. Worst situation was sitting down on an airplane to watch something, and it just forgot it was subscribed. Thankfully it was a short flight. I’m writing this because, for reasons unknown, it is trying to upswell me on some kind of audio boost thing called DTS. No info on pricing, just you can try for 10 days with pro. What? Anyway, my year sub is coming up and I am looking for alternatives. Core product is fine, but wayyy too many user hostile little things things those bits I mentioned that make for an unreliable product. Which is a shame, Because that lack of reliability is a UX decision the creators made.
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4 months ago, sjhocart
Superb update
Thanks to the development team for this major update to Infuse. Previously I had only used infuse sporadically, each time becoming frustrated with the layout and constant refreshing of metadata. However with the new direct connection mode its made daily use pleasurable maintaining the same view across platforms. Its far more responsive and navigation is now easy. Turning off chapter controls has enabled forward and backward skips for easier reviewing of miss dialogue etc. The only problem I have encountered is with the search by actor etc which just brings up an empty folder with “move along nothing to see here” rather than other works featuring the actor! Overall an impressive update all round.
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4 years ago, MRKP89
Works seamlessly with Apple TV, iPhone
I was using two apps: ExtremePlayer (another 5-star iOS app) and AirParrot (a Windows app). The former I used to stream movies from my laptop to my iPhone. The latter I used to mirror movies from my laptop to my Apple TV. I came across Infuse by accident and it streamlined those two apps for me while exceeding performance. ExtremePlayer was having a hard time streaming large mkv files (>10gb) to my phone while Infuse has no problem. Subtitles are displayed more clearly too. It’s the syndication with Apple TV that blows my mind. The app looks polish and delivers a user experience similar to watching Netflix or Prime or any other streaming apps. All while streaming my own media files. Adding a folder on my laptop was so easy it’s incredible. The app even has an option to pull in metadata automatically by file name or manually if the file name is funky. Now my movies are displayed with thumbnails, summary, and all other info like in a paid streaming app. Just incredible for 99c/month or less for annual or lifetime subscription. Must have if you download movies and are in the Apple ecosystem ie having Apple TV/iPhone etc
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4 years ago, mediawolf
Rock solid video playback
I always loved their user interface but it was only recently that they added my must-have feature: playback speed control. I consume a lot of educational content and it’s to where I don’t even have the patience to listen at “normal” speed. It’s too slow. So I’ve been stuck using another app. Not anymore though. This immediately became my one and only video app. So many different options for how to get content into the app. Very well designed. And unlike a lot of apps that become buggy when you try to play back at higher speeds (looking at YOU VLC and every other app that uses the native iOS video engine for this, because that itself is buggy), the playback here is rock solid.
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5 years ago, lhshepherd19
4.75 Stars
There a few little tiny UI details I wish were part of Infuse. - When searching for metadata, there is no indication that a search is taking place until it shows the results. - The ability to change the “sort by” option on the fly versus having to go into the main menu settings would be nice. - On the iOS and iPadOS apps, the four soft buttons at the bottom aren’t very intuitive. Example: the magnifying glass makes me thing I’m searching my entire library, when in fact it’s the granular view of my library, with a search option. The file icon makes me think I’m going to my library, but I’m actually looking at the files I’ve pulled down locally on my device. - I wish the main library page (left-most icon) would show the “Collections” or “Genres”. Better yet, make the page customizable. All in all, I love this app. I love the seamlessness when airplaying. I love the Apple TV app. I love the performance. I love the price. I love the GUI. I love how much it is modeled after the native Apple apps, yet still it’s own thing. Half the price of Plex lifetime, and just as good!
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5 months ago, Teek69
Subpar metadata data base.
Love most of this app but the third party metadata provider TMDB “The Movie data base” that they use is based in England and they use the British broadcast dates for TV seasons. So if you are adding TV shows the episode metadata does not match a lot of the time. In the case of the Muppet Show I discovered that not only are the episodes in the wrong order compared to the US air dates but the Seasons are split differently as well. In the UK Season 2 of The Muppets is 30 episodes while season 3 only is 18 episodes but the US season 2 is only 24 episodes and season 3 is 24 episodes.. Even the official box set in the US has only 24 episodes for both seasons 2 and 3. This makes getting the metadata correct impossible unless you want to change all your tv files to the British air dates.
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5 years ago, America's App Advisor
The BEST Player and Access to ALL My Media!
I've owned this for quite some time and (after trying so many others) I’ve decided this App really has no competitors. I hope this helps explain exactly why I love this App and why I purchased Infuse Pro. Infuse is my 'go to' for viewing video files. I don't know exactly HOW it all works, but it really does work!! I use iCloud, Files, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, my PC and an Über-TB Separate Hard Drive For Media Storage. I haven’t found A SINGLE THING I CANT ACCESS! As for the player itself? BAM!! This is IT!! The video display? OMG, it’s simply amazing! It's almost like the retina screen on my iPhone somehow doubled the number of micro-pixels. I dare you to compare the video quality of Infuse with any other media player. The audio is also amazing because Infuse offers the ability to give the audio a boost! Choose to increase your gain anywhere from 100% all the way up to 400%. This feature alone has turned what could've been a poor viewing experience into pure enjoyment! Highest Recommendation!!
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3 years ago, jamanjeval
Not good for 1:1 copies of optical media
Before saying anything about what the software doesn’t do, this software does what it does very well. If all your media is handbrake rips into single file, single stream video files, then infuse is just about perfect. However, all my media is from optical disks that I have copied to a networked server. The problem I have is that menus are not supported. The player tries to guess what is the main title and if the disk has several titles on it, say episodes or two features, they’re not easily accessible. Mrmc does blu-ray/dvd menus, so it’s not a technical/legal limitation of the software/apple. Secondly, the player does not recognize multiple episodes in file names, ie s1e1e2e3. Although this makes some sense since the player expects only one title per media file. Thirdly, I’ve had some issues with smb shares. They are sometimes accessible in infuse on the iPad but not on the Apple TV. Then, maybe the Apple TV can see them. All my devices are on the same network and the settings are the same (sync using iCloud included with the infuse pro subscription) infuse simply gives an error without any useful information as to what happened.
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2 years ago, YowillH
Worked fairly well for about 3 days. Then started shuddering and stumbling. Pausing a video caused the app to quit . I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and now it just doesn’t work. Can find the videos but just cannot play them. “There was a problem playing videos” is the only message i get. Just doesn’t work. I store my videos on an external hard drive and plays fine using PLEX and I movie on my MacBook. Was hoping to find something to play movies on my new iPad Air. It appears the developer has much work to do in order to make this a useable product. I have many apps that i have used over the years in order to play music and movies. This is by far the most frustrating program i have ever used. I use a wired network and wireless. So it is not a problem with the network. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
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3 years ago, R4y_B
Please enable Select, add Tags and Collections
Love the app! I purchased Lifetime and use Infuse on everything…ATVs, iPad, iPhone and Mac. It’s definitely one of the flyest apps I’ve ever used. I’d like to request some features for better management of media type “Other”: Please allow users to create Collections of Other media. Please let users add searchable #tags to media, this would be so amazing. Please enable the greyed-out Select button, giving users the ability to multi-select Other media and add to playlists, collections, apply tags, etc. Thanks for all the finesse you’ve put into this app, it really shows!
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6 years ago, threeclaws
Great app lousy purchasing system
I love the app and have it on my atv, it works well and 8s relatively trouble free. Every few weeks the app tells me I have upgrade to pro and locks me out, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that I already purchased the yearly service. The issue is my wife bought it on her account and the atv is connected to my account. So every few weeks I have to log into my wife’s account on the atv, open infuse, go back and log out of the wife’s account and then log back into mine. This is a hassle and it’s an unnecessary one. What I don’t get is why don’t you link the authentication to trakt? Then it wouldn’t matter what account the device was logged into since I would be logged in through trakt. Or figure something else out.
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4 months ago, DanielKnightSA
Great Player when it’s Not Syncing
Infuse is a great media player. I use it to play my Plex media. It has a great UX. But the library syncing is so tedious. It’s so tediously slow that I have to open the app ahead of time… and wait. The “Up Next” is just as slow and every device you use Infuse on will need to sync too. I just tried the new “direct mode”, and while it is faster, it removes all usability features and turns the entire app into something akin to a file explorer, but somehow harder to use. So I’m back to using “Library Mode” and putting up with the constant syncing. The bright spot (and the only reason I gave it as many stars as I did) is the great video and audio codec support and ultra-smooth playback.
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3 years ago, Delta Echo 5
Breaks with every update
Used to be bullet proof. Now iOS app works, then with the next update of the app, breaks...wish I could go back two years ago, nothing since that release has Improved performance or ability. AppleTV app is worse with every update. Looking at alternative players...I'll give up what they call "functionality" to get back reliability. -Metadata wipes with every update...2021 data overwrites 1998 data for a movie. -Spinning wheel occurs more it's rebuilding library data with every access. -Breaks on continuous play when it didn't before. Like all good things, this looks like it's coming to an end. Surely they will start with ads soon to justify all the work they don't need to be doing. Leave it alone, it used to work. Update: latest update now plays video .mp4 choppy...used to work fine.
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3 years ago, G5 Tower
Stop taking away features JUST to add features.
I never write reviews but i'm upset mainly because of 2 features I liked which are now GONE. 1. You made smaller thumbnails for the movies to scroll through. I liked being able to see bigger thumbnails of the movie and swiping through them. Now I see a time thumbnail and can no longer swipe using gestures. Why? 2. Now the zoom feature is gone on the iOS app. If watching a foreign movie withsubtitles. It was nice to double tap on the screen to read it better. I have low vision and now it's no longer an option. My advice stop updating the app or give us the option to go back to the previous version. I now am looking at other servers that give me these features you've eliminated.
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7 months ago, Little Fish By The Sea
The best there is for iOS
One of the first things I do after I install Windows is download VLC. Since 2018, Infuse has been the VLC for my iPhone and iPad. It plays everything perfectly fine with zero hiccups. My only gripe that I had with Infuse for a while was that it did not have variable playback speeds (Play at 1.5x, 2x, etc.), but a few years ago they finally added that. I spent $100 and got the “lifetime upgrade” pass so I download each new version as they are released. I am a lifelong fan and will likely never change since it essentially has everything I need.
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11 months ago, Lost in Tactics
No bookmarks (no subscription)
I don’t understand, why would you guys diminish such a wonderful experience with a sleek UI? This is a modern video player (asking for subscription) But DOES NOT have modern features: 1. no *custom bookmarking* of our videos. say you want to place a bookmark on 2:33 (of video) and then say you want to add another bookmark further ahead on 2:60 (of video) add as many as we want per video. 2. Name bookmarks - so that we know, what is the thing, in the video we bookmarked (a concept, an idea, a piece of art.. etc) we would need to be allowed to *name the bookmarks* (this helps IMMENSELY for us students, researchers, practitioners of all form of arts, food cook videos - *unlimited use cases for this* hope your catching the vision i’m providing. 3. Allow us to then play the video, looping constantly… in-between the *chosen* bookmarks. I’ll GLADLY pay for subscription, when you guys add features like these.. that enhances the users viewing experience, and also, advancing our knowledge absorption when we are learning & studying with such tools as this bookmark idea I presented.
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2 years ago, larry_
Greedy developers
Every time when you purchase a version they promise lifetime upgrades for the extremely high price ($55 for a media player?!), but they always ask for more money for the new version. I bought the early ones (infuse 4 pro - 9.99 for iPhone, the another 9.99 for appleTV, then 15 for infuse 5 pro), but subsequently they break each current when they release new one. The current upgrade, even if bought the “lifetime, including all new major versions” package previously, is $35. The only solution is to stick with the version you already have and never upgrade. As expected, the “lifetime purchase” of version 5 pro doesn’t do anything with the 7, when you click “restore purchase” and there is no way to install the 5 which really does anything that I need on new device.
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5 years ago, Shagstah
Almost great
First the good - point it to your multimedia directory and let it do its thing. It will find most everything and get the Metadata automatically. Streams with ease, downloads with ease. The bad - the UI is terrible. Setting it up on your kids iPad you can only stop them from playing R rated movies, but you can’t stop them from seeing them. No easy way to mark a bunch of episodes as watched, no easy way to jump to a movie in the movies list. On and on the UI is irritating at best. If Infuse had the UI and UX of Plex, it would be the best. If Plex had the file management and streaming and downloading of Infuse, it would be the best. Unfortunately, they don’t so they are both half useful.
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3 years ago, Gooseman188
Almost the Best Player for Any Media Server
Loses one star because they can’t figure out how play Dolby Vision. Disappointing, as it runs contrary to their “it just works” reputation. They figured out how pass through unsupported, uncompressed audio codecs on Apple products; I wish they could figure out a similar secret sauce for video mastered in Dolby Vision. Since they can’t do it here I wish they’d make a version for Nvidia Shield—that horsepower with the brains from Firecore would truly dominate. Anyway I’ll always support this group as they iterate on their software—as always they’re the slickest group at the table.
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5 years ago, Diegoborgh
Do not buy into lifetime upgrade. SCAM.
They offered the same thing in v5 which I bought. At that time they came up with a promo that if you buy Infuse 5 Pro you get lifetime upgrade. Well, as far as I know, any app in the App Store has “lifetime” upgrades, unless it is renamed as a new app. When v6 came I was told my upgrade was for v6 and not for 6 Pro. But my receipt says I paid for 5 Pro. So now what, when 7 comes out will it be the same? On top of that, after trying v6 the only thing different seems to be the app logo. Customer support cannot even focus on reading my email. Tired of this. Switching to Plex.
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4 years ago, BioGamer443
Blows chunks out of VLC now
UPDATE: please speed up loading of google drives with 100 or more files/folders. It takes a very long time to navigate through each folder to get to my desired file. The Google Drive app doesnt have this problem. VLC got totally ruined starting with v3.2.0. Now I use infuse Pro 6 yearly subscription for videos. I also like that Infuse doesnt show thumbnails for folders, which VLC always did even before v3.2.0. I have several non-descript folders that contain porn and now I can use my ipad in public, as long as I dont tap those folders.
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1 year ago, Pariah Dark
Movies only
Been using it for years with movies and it’s worked great. For the past few years I’ve been adding anime tv shows and it’s been junk app since. would be fine if it could keep my folder structure but it only does for less than half of the shows. It displays most files in the main folder when everything is actually in separate folders. change meta for 1 and it tries to change all. Can’t really watch any of them when every S00E00 for all shows is up on the same page. Plex has been outstanding where this fails. If only using it for movies this is perfectly fine. And even let’s you search subtitles.
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6 years ago, consumerq
Best out there, but geared toward pirates
Infuse is the best alternative to iTunes Home Sharing. I've had a USB drive full of media connected to an Airport Express Basestation since IFPro arrived for the aTV. Populating the thousand files can be a little pokey in the beginning, but it's better than keeping a computer running all day (for iTunes or Plex). Major downer for me is the limited metadata support. The app defaults to - in a strong armed manner - pulling metadata information from the web. I prefer to use my own meticulously cultivated embedded metadata. Unfortunately, Infuse only recognizes a limited amount of this embedded information. The app does a good job with fetching, but it a) isn't always the best information, b) doesn't work with home movies, c) slows things down, and d) will use up some precious aTV/iDevice hard drive space. I suspect the metadata fetching feature is really geared to people acquiring movies from less-than-legitimate sources. All in all, I've been happy with what the developer has been able to do with the app, but metadata handling is not quite there.
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3 years ago, Hman222222
Excellent media player and organizer
Have been using it for a few months now and am very happy with it. The metadata that it creates from the media is very useful. Once you connect it to a media server like Plex, it's search returns up to 100 results instead of Plex's 30. The video player has great features like swiping left and right for traversing or up and down for volume control. You also once added to you library can view all of you media folders. To bad they don't make this video player for Windows.
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1 month ago, Neebick
Solid player with great media detection. Bad for personal media
Just wish there was a better way to add folders but exclude them from the library. I feel like I have to play whack a mole stopping each copy (iOS, appletv, macOS) from scanning folders that I didn’t want scanned. It’s a bit of a headache coming back to random home videos messing up my library and clogging my watch queue. I still want to watch them in the player but I find I need to continually remove folders and re-add them when I want to watch them. Finally remove them again when I am done. It’s very cumbersome since otherwise I would have to remove it from each copy I use.
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2 years ago, not impressed0
Great but fix the glitch
I’ve been using infuse for years through the versions. Recently the home tab started to display all titles the app stores meta data for. Whether downloaded to your device or not it’s there. Not only can I not filter titles that are actually downloaded to my device. Which means unless I remember which ones are downloaded I have to try and play each title until I find one that’s actually there, not just it’s metadata. But also when I plug in my xpand drive it duplicates all the titles. SUPER ANNOYING. I’m still running infuse 6 on my iPad and it doesn’t do this. Home tab only shows downloaded content or the contents of my xpand drive.
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2 years ago, cb60089
Incredible app
Lots of incredible updates with new features on a regular basis. App is cross platform from iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Leave off on one and continue on another device. The ability to swipe up and down for volume and brightness is so much better than other streaming players. If media not in database the team helps find it in a timely way. On average 98% of my media meta data the app can look up and find correctly. Built in video and audio codecs so no need to convert. Plays everything I throw at it.
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4 months ago, ҜШΣSI ΔRTΣR
Lacking Profiles
I dislike the fact that you can’t create profiles. My two year old son’s videos are showing up on my watching/up next and it’s messing with my personal viewing experience. This is very annoying! I have plex and the great thing about it, is the ability to create personal profiles for each member of my household and not worrying about each person’s viewing experience being affected by their content. I want to love this app and give it a higher rating, but until they incorporate this option it gets ⭐️⭐️ from me. I’m not one known to write reviews, but the absence of this particular feature bugs me a lot. Especially, after buying a lifetime subscription 🤦🏽‍♂️
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6 months ago, BarrageTech
Doesn’t cone t with my cloud
When accessed through network shares it comes up but when selected only : folders are visible: “all files” “public” and “timemachinebackup” how the only one you need is “all files but when you tap to open it doesn’t work hence all the media is not accessible. I did manually add 3 movies but it saved to my iPhone which is not the purpose because then it would fill with all memory and I could’ve saved to iCloud for memory. If they can fix this issue it would be 10 stars for everything: presentation, accessibility, info posted from upload, etc. but I can’t even access my own library. Update: I’ve now corrected the issue of accessing the files which had nothing to do with app, for safety reasons the cloud needs to manually turned on from dashboard to access network. Now the only issue is local storage. Though I can playback files the organization doesn’t come unless I save to phone when the purpose is to recognize it from cloud device
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3 days ago, DevManTim
Good app, but missing core features that free Plex player has.
If Infuse had these features, I’d buy a lifetime license right now. 1. On a Plex server connection, allow users to automatically skip intro’s and credits. 2. Allow traditional controls on every platform. Missing simple things like skipping an episode by not having the skip button is annoying. VLC is nice this way, by allowing us to drag and drop what we need and want in the media controls. But VLC will never look as good as infuse. 3. Metadata and search. On Plex I can easily see an actor associated to a movie, and cross reference their background, their social media, what videos are available that include them, and which ones their known for. Furthermore, the index across all Plex content is searchable through the Plex app, and we’re missing the same experience in Infuse. 4. Extra content! If we have a show or movie with extras alongside the main content, like trailers, interviews, behind the scenes, etc… Infuse doesn’t let us browse and watch this content.
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9 months ago, WesCandela
Infuse is hands down the best home media server app ever. Period.
I’ve been using Infuse for eight years now. It just gets better and better. It decodes, Dolby vision, HDR 4K content, Dolby, Atmos, DTS, master audio If I’m on the road, it connects to my Plex media server at home An because I have an apple TV 4K model generation two I believe installed Infuse on that, it syncs up my media library, wonderfully. It’s my go to app. it’s not that I highly recommend it. It’s the only app I recommend besides your Plex home media server and pay for the pro version. it’s worth it every penny.
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5 years ago, blkshadow97
Improvement City!
I was so skeptical about this software when I first purchased it, but reading what it offered, I immediately purchased the lifetime subscription option. What is the single most important thing to me is they continue to improve it. They add features, pretty regularly and stability improvements as well. I love it! I have four Apple TV’s, and two 10 terabyte media servers and it is the best thing for it. I cannot be without this software ever! I check for updates like a religion! Keep ‘em coming. Love what they do!
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3 months ago, buenor1
It’s good … when it works
It’s nice interface, unfortunately, a new update, 7.7.2, introduced a lot of stuttering. Other apps don’t struggle with playback at all. Since there is no way to return to a previous version, now the app is basically non-functional for a lot of video types. They are working on a update, but no ETA. If there is a work around, I don’t know. Support is so bad they never respond even after they received diagnostics. They could at least tell you when a reply might come in. Instead it’s just silence when you contact them. When will a new version fix the issues? Will it? Is there a reason why the update broke the functionality? Who knows.
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