Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

1.8 (5)
32.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
MediaNews Group
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

1.8 out of 5
5 Ratings
8 years ago, Lone_Wolf_17
Excellent update
This review is in regards to the latest update. Published works on DB are thorough and interesting among local news outlets; keep up the good work with the coverage. The only thing that was lacking was an appealing aesthetic to their application. They have put a unique and impressive interface in which i commend them for. I can safely say that this will be my #1 application for news.
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12 years ago, Zaxxtunes
It's like they just gave up on quality
I would try to say this is a work in progress, but it's actually a step backward. The IVDB USED TO OFFER ANOTHER BETTER APP but that one now directs to this one. The stories in this app are older (the most recent article in the business section is two days old), the columnists are not as easily found, there are fewer pictures, and it looks overall as though they just gave up. The old app was the only news app I had -- it was actually very good source of short and sweet synopses of major news, with local feel and flavor. Not sure what happened here..May check back in a few months. It can't just stay mediocre, right?
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11 years ago, Marg1030
Good app for local news
I can find local news from My area with one click Love it. If you are like me. That likes To know what is going on in my Area, this is you app
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11 years ago, I'm....superG
This app stinks
Not regularly updated. Currently, top news stories are 15 days old. I would like it to read like print edition and be able to go back and read previous editions. This app doesnt have an archive section, and no one is managing the news stories available. Ivdb has gone downhill since it sold to La news corp. Stories are unavailable Half the time. Who built this app, who approved this app, and where is their pride?
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3 years ago, TimeIsImaginary
Works nicely as a mobile app
I have enjoyed this mobile app to follow the local inland valley news.
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11 years ago, Wendi08
Don't bother downloading ..
I was really excited to download this app, as I've been a fan of Daily Bulletin newspaper for years. However, that excitement was short this app is horrible the events update in Ontario Canada area not Ontario California. The job search search function is not easy to navigate and the news updates aren't that great or informative on what's going on close to my community.
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12 years ago, SallyJesseRafael
It's okay..
But yes the old version is better. The new one no longer has a crime, California, national, and world section, which is what I really enjoyed about it. And lately, an error screen keeps popping up every time I want to share a story to Facebook. I would fix this ASAP.
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11 years ago, Patty RsCP
Much easier!
Easier to navigate and find what I am interested in. Much batter
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7 years ago, kims69
No search function
There's no search function so if you're in the middle of reading an article and you accidentally close the screen, good luck finding the article again
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9 years ago, Willisb19877
Any news app will work better than this. Always freezing, tons of ads everywhere, randomly wants you to have some press account. Also it rarely updates, some times there will be no new articles up for over 5 days! Do NOT waste your time with this news source.
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2 years ago, Caligaytor
Make it More User Friendly
How about a section for politics and one for the arts? And how about a special section for election information so we can make more informed decisions when we vote? And add an option to save, bookmark or favorite articles that we want to return to easily.
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10 years ago, Azzurri fan
What happened??????
What happened to my choice of sections? It disappeared, I get national news but I can no longer select in my local news. Local sports everything local is gone! PLEASE FIX, loved the app until the local section went bye bye!!!!
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12 years ago, ChinoPR
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12 years ago, wdwrd68
Absolute Garbage
You guys need to get it together. Everything is 17 hours behind. I wish I could rate it 0 stars. I notice there was only 5 reviews and all of them were 0 to 1 stars now I understand why. Go to the Internet and don't waste the 30 seconds it takes to download and delete the app.
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11 years ago, gchris1311
This update is terrible. Liked the previous version much better. Please go back to it. I'd say 0 stars if it were available. I take the paper and would often like to forward an article to someone. But the specific article is never in the app to send.
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5 years ago, - cy
App is Crap
The “Sections” button doesn’t include the Spotlight, Travel, or Casino sections in today’s Sunday paper! And there is no Search function to find articles in those sections! What is going on? Most other newspaper apps have this this version BASIC functionality. Why not yours?? Charles Young
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12 years ago, App hater 1313
Fire the app creater
The person who created this app needs to be fired, along with the person at the daily bulletin who approved it. This new app makes me install it every time I go to the app. This was not a move forward. I hope you saved the old one. Zero stars daily bulletin.
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12 years ago, Lapdsgt714
Rate this site
Ah not very good at all hopefully they can get it together. I agree with ALL the other negative reviews I guess if i was on another planet and this was it then ok , Well maybe not because " This article is not available" would be pretty much all you would get!! Come on IE publication.
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10 years ago, Drewcastro86
Someone need to fix this app
The creators really need to sit down and review this app. I try and read the articles on this app and for no reason it sends me to the App Store after a few seconds. Someone really needs to fix this app.
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10 years ago, Mangosele
Doesn't work!!
This app use to work better before. Now the news articles do not load. Also asking to sign in on several articles. I'm deleting this app.
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10 years ago, Chargers8447
Closes all the time
Very annoying app. Constantly shutting down, tried reopening app multiple times only to have the same problem. I finally deleted it.
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11 years ago, goodtobealive2013
Ditch the ads!
I enjoyed reading the articles, but the recent inclusion of (sometimes VERY offensive) ads is enough to prompt me to delete this app. This used to be one of my main sources of news... not anymore.
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12 years ago, Apache1999
I looked at the old daily bulletin app just about every day. Cant believe they forced this update on me. Don't understand why anyone would take a step back with this terrible app. I'm deleting now
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12 years ago, BreeBree917
This update took away the one that was actually functioning. Really irritating that there is not a section for traffic anymore. Please get it together...
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10 years ago, jehehejd
Bad. Get it together daily bulletin. The app is poorly managed and archaic...get with the times. Provide a decent app for your readers. Every other news affiliate has. Why can't you?
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4 years ago, SeniorBasser
Latest Version Doesn't Work
Your latest update no longer works on my older iPad so I can no longer read your topics.
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10 years ago, Fettboba
Constantly crashes!
Crashes all the time!
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12 years ago, Tom tom78
Top stories
I don't understand why the top stories only give you a limited amount like the first paragraph you need to get that fixed
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11 years ago, Gollfbuddy
Not sure why they created this app. The content is never updated and at least 4 days old!
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12 years ago, Disappointed in ONT
A Waste
It only gives you one or two lines from each article! Just use the website....
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10 years ago, Progress bulletin
Fix it
It was a decent app until the sections part stopped working now it's just as bad as your paper, this why I only get the Sunday paper!
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11 years ago, perro mas grande
Week to 1 month old news.
Used to receive Sunday edition only. That was only 1 day old news. So on phone the news was good archives, for research.
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11 years ago, Mkewls
Majority of the stories don't even show up when you click on the headline
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12 years ago, RetiredDad
App Rating
Not fancy...Not pretty...But very functional ...It works for me!
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4 years ago, Easy Italian
What an awful morning trying to get the paper. Gave up until it's fixed.
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10 years ago, openstudios
Huge Let Down
Very poor quality, sections have disappeared. Did you give up?
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11 years ago, BobKent48
Update is horrible , event are in ontario Canada not ontario California it's a loser why even have it I give it one star because that's as low as you can rate
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11 years ago, Native tee
Very disappointed
This app is always days old. Deleting it now.! Not worth download.
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1 year ago,
I thought the Huffington Post was a lazy news source, but this takes the cake.
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9 years ago, BeTransformed
very annoying ads
clearly built by amateurs who know nothing about usability. the same ad keeps interrupting you everywhere covering the whole screen rendering the app practically useless. deleted this app after 10 minuted
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12 years ago, hekofit42
Zero stars!
Zero stars! This app stinks! No search bar, better off using website!
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12 years ago, ppdcop
Terrible App
Bring back the old App! This one is terrible. Don't waste your time.
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12 years ago, Gadget-Man
A Waste of Time, don't bother!
95% of the articles say "The Article is unavailable" so why bother?
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8 years ago, Wllllllllllllahsh
Not free at all
You need a press account. Not free at all just use google.
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12 years ago, BigRig74
This is terrible!
Just really bad:(
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