InsideNoVA Mobile

4.7 (993)
74 MB
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Current version
doapp, inc
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for InsideNoVA Mobile

4.73 out of 5
993 Ratings
6 years ago, SfcABrn
Great Working App
I have been using this app for almost 2wks. It has been very useful and gives much needed info about your area. Please don’t change anything. Art Brown SFC(RET).
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3 years ago, rem2525
Pop Up Ad? Why?
This app is my go-to for news specific to NoVa. I rely on it for COVID stats and other important updates. That said, recently they started using a pop up ad that you have to cancel or swipe to get to the stories. Not cool! Remove the ads and it’s a 5 Star app. With the ad, it’s a 2 Star. It’s 2021! Everyone knows pop up ads are shady. I understand the need for ad revenue, but not that way. It’s really the lowest form of advertising.
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9 months ago, 805756
Please roll back.
The new layout is not an improvement. Previously I could see several stories at a time. Now, with the extra large pictures, I can only see 2. Still a good source.
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2 months ago, Lara images
InsideNoVa is on it
There is a lot going on in Prince William County, and whether it’s local politics, crime, sports or upcoming events, I rely on InsideNoVa to bring the background and context to every story.
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6 years ago, Pethring
Great app
My go-to for weather, traffic, and local news.
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2 years ago, Morty🌙🟡💛
Knowledge is powerful
Very helpful for knowing what’s going on around my community and informational
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7 years ago, Cwcarter
Loads quicker?
Great app!
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6 years ago, smoke_1313
Don’t update!!!
Since this update, there is a Purina advertisement that constantly pops up a video of a dog and blocks all content on the site. You can’t read anything without it constantly forcing itself across the entire screen. Beware!! Loved the app before this :(
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12 years ago, some other dude.
Surprisingly good
If you live in PWC you should get this app. It works really well for a local newspaper app. I just expected it to have problems, but it doesn't from what I've seen. And it's free! Very nice Now they updated the software and made it even better! Seriously, everyone in Price William County should get this. They do a great job with HS sports and upcoming events as well as local news.
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5 years ago, Griz78
Copy and paste Liberal slanted news
Potomac Local is better
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11 years ago, VI Parrot Fish
Best Local News App by far
It's interface is top notch and it surpasses any other PWC news app in the market. I use this app every morning and recommend it to everyone I know. I've been using the Insidenova app for sometime now. Glad to have this app available again, it is a far superior product.
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9 years ago, MinaBell
Keeping me informed
Always updating me on the information I need, when I need it. 100% worth downloading this App for more than just news. I love how I can always come here for the news in MY community and always find all the important stories that could impact my life. Thanks inside Nova!!
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7 years ago, Helena's Grandma
Great addition to my local stops on the Internet
I had written a positive review, but I am changing it because it takes entirely too long to load this app. I thought surely it would improve, but it has not in the last year.
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9 years ago, George Knighton
Not Awful 😊
The app is useful for quick access but there is far too much advertising, most of it decidedly low class. If you really want to see something, you are probably better off using "Reader View" in Safari. The app is clearly based on similar Web coding used by other small news sources, and it comes with the sacrifices to the advertising that makes it affordable for the news organization to use it.
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8 years ago, Sherell69
Quick Updates
I really like this app. I have used it for years now and recommend it to others. Thank you and keep up the great work.
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10 years ago, JEKDC
An example of money wasted
The only thing worse than this app is their mobile site. The site would work fine on my iPhone but no, there's a mobile site and a stupid app both of which it make it impossible to find or read the article I came to the site to read in the first place. Just fire all your mobile people and let people access the regular site without any interruption.
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10 years ago, Katy Brinning
Easy local news
Extremely easy to use app to stay up to date on our local news.
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7 years ago, ermorm
Has interesting topics. Up to date with news in the local area.
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7 years ago, carrdona
Site lacking
App is friendly enough, but, content is always far behind the current edition. Also, editorials and other op-ed are almost never available. The site needs to do much better at being as complete as its print version.
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10 years ago, 357 MAG
Still Has Bugs
Downloaded the latest Rev & the photos still don't display. After adding stories, it would be nice if someone would scan through the app and correct the bad links. This is an ongoing issue on at least 5 iPhones that I know of. Also stories over 2 months old should be Deleated.
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10 years ago, Hut234
Good app, good content for locals
My only complaint is that old news stories stick around for far too long. Stories older than a week, unless updated, should be archived.
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8 years ago, tool worker 123
Good for local news content
I turn to Inside NoVa since I have no local newspaper in my area anymore.
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13 years ago, Okay for 2.99
Great app. Should have push for alerts or new articles.
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10 years ago, Rick 2415
This app was great at one time. Sports has not been update in over a month. Same stories.
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8 years ago, SenorDosXs
Little to no stories
Daily only a few stories are added. Living in this area I see a whole lot more than what is reported here. They often will add a sentence or two to an existing story and pretend like it's been updated. Not great but could be worse
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11 years ago, Cookingdani
Truly enjoy the local news online. More local high school sports would be great! Keep up the good work!
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10 years ago, F40PH
New that's relevant to me
I love insidenova because it gives me news that's relevant to my day to day life. This app works well.
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12 years ago, Calcuda
Nice app
The new layout makes it even easier to use.
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10 years ago, 62Christy
Love it!
The insidenova app is a great way to start the day and to stay connected with local events and happenings.
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11 years ago, 1toppro
Nice app!
I agree a push for breaking news would be a terrific enhancement.
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9 years ago, Irishgmd
Best local news, school info, weather, and commentary in NoVA. Their Twitter and Facebook feeds are also excellent to follow.
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11 years ago, Eidnas
Wonderful app for local news
I will miss.
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12 years ago, Dusty 7302
Flashy App - Still Lacks Content
It looks good. It makes navigation easier. BUT it lacks real PWC news. Sports results at the HS level are limited and 2-3 days after the fact. Inside NOVA needs to look at the other electronic newspapers. It's not about the flash. It's about the news.
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11 years ago, Potomac news
Great app
Wonderful App! I am going to miss it dearly once it is inactive on dec 30th when the paper stops:(
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8 years ago, moeneketshabbz
Great inside information. Very helpful and update
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10 years ago, CK Music12451345872458674545
This app isn't popular
Why is this dumb app in the popular near you section when it doesn't even have one review. This is it's first review and I give it one star for sucking. I actually want to see what's popular around us and all I get is inside nova.
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8 years ago, Eburmeister
Pop up annoyance
Pop ups don't stop until you leave them a review. I think that's distasteful.
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9 years ago, Salim The Dream
Needs improvement
This app really needs improvement. There is no opportunity to view local opinions for specific jurisdictions.
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9 years ago, Ecojohn
Good App
Great for local news and weather.
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9 years ago, FahQnigguh
Must have if you are local
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11 years ago, Joanna's Account
Inside Nova
I never go a day without it!! Best app I have by far!!!
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11 years ago, Imabigfish
Great App
Love the updates, wish they were more frequent. Great way to keep up on topics.
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8 years ago, czepka
Great app
Great app! Excellent traffic flow program. Keep it up!
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11 years ago, Soc2lax2
Inside Nova
Very informative, will miss this when the paper closes.
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9 years ago, Xelerator
Good news
Good news wish it looked more modern.
Show more
11 years ago, CharlesMcMahon
Love the App
Love the app to bad it won't work after Dec 31
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9 years ago, Gizianne
Great site
Very informative
Show more
9 years ago, Vjp38
Good local info
Not exactly a CNN, but catches the local highlights.
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9 years ago, Jockey monkey
Good one
Good local info
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8 years ago, We Peep
App is well done.
Great app!
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