InspireMe - Word Generator

4.5 (133)
61.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mapnitude Company Limited
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for InspireMe - Word Generator

4.48 out of 5
133 Ratings
6 years ago, Typhonaut
Cool and works well, I just wish you could adjust the number of words.
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6 years ago, supercraftpro24
I was playing minecraft on Xbox 360 on split screen and needed things to build this app made it so much easier. I suggest you get this app if you need topics or words. This app is great
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3 years ago, Evilcheify
The attempt to monotize a simple word generator is laughable. This app has the audacity to throw an ad at me for every word generation and ask for subscription....for an app that says random words on a screen is asking for your money...... how can you not laugh at that.
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2 years ago, Lyssa or whatever
Keeps closing on me
Worked fine, minus all the adds. But now, the app just automatically closes every time I open in. What’s up with that??
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2 months ago, Stepherbean
Too many ads
I was using it was fine until when I hit the generate button it kept making me watch ads and I kept pressing it when the ad was over and it kept bringing me to another ad
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6 years ago, LeonVoltz
Helped me write a song and I finally feel good about the message
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11 years ago, RyanCSLC
Paid version please
I would pay $0.99 to have zero ads. I enjoy the minimalism of this app. You should roll out paid extensions like with the Paper app. Overall, I enjoy this a lot.
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2 years ago, T NW. Mo
Don’t waste your time - Ad after ad after ad
Every time you request a random word you get a 5 second ad. Can’t go to the next word without waiting for the ad to countdown. So dumb! DON’T fall for it!
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2 years ago, nickname5526
App not worth ads
Can’t use the app for word exercises, do to the fact that a commercial plays between each word generation
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5 years ago, nope837372
Inappropriate ad (nudity) with audio.
Ads would be ok but they should be appropriate for general audience and should certainly not start playing audio with permission. Otherwise the app is fine. But this was a deal breaker.
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7 years ago, Fhhvfgkuvv
"Rate me" pop up
Otherwise an okay app
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9 years ago, AshiKou
Simple and Effective
This app does exactly what it promises: give you three random words at the touch of a button. It has been invaluable for the writing exercises I do. If I had to gripe about anything, it would be the fact that it does only produce three words at a time. I wish there was a way to adjust the number of words you want. Also, it would be nice to be able to change the complexity of the words...most of the words I get are elementary level English, which is all well and good, but I enjoy challenging myself once in a while. All that aside, I highly recommend this app for any writer.
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11 years ago, *-Elizabeth-*
Provides what was promised.
I don't understand why this app has so many bad reviews . . . it delivers what is promised: three random words. That's all. It doesn't promise masterpieces, or thought-provoking philosophical conundrums. Anyone who downloaded this app with higher expectations than that are the ones at fault for failing to read the app description. The only thing positive thing about this app is its simplicity. There is nothing special about, yet it manages to be one of the most commonly-used apps on my iPad. I recommend it to those who are able to take three unrelated words and use it as a cornerstone to their writing.
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10 years ago, Zignfrew
I agree with fellowmaker
This app does the obvious thing, that no one else does ! It shows three random simple but useful words, then allows you to refresh each word with a new random one, leaving the other two unchanged! How clever ! Because it allows for user interaction to modify the group according to the needs and the inspiration of the user ! I applaud an Apps Maker as here, who carries the options at least a tiny step further. Next tiny step might be to enable some user choice of word number beyond three.
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9 years ago, Toodloodle Poodle
The Only One1⃣
I tried at least three apps trying to find a random word generator for a game of pictionary. But all of them had weird words that you couldn't draw! My request was simple an app with simple words! With this app I found my word. Since it has three choices not all of them work but one is better then none! Thank you SO much this app is one of the only ones out there like it. 💯👍👍☺
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7 years ago, Foxeni
It works for me
Literally - the app works exactly as it should. Practically - It generates 3 random words, of which I haven't seen repeats yet, which I use for morning writing warm-up practice. I like it better than flipping through a dictionary and blindly pointing to 3 random words.
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9 years ago, Cotton.Nero
A More Beautiful Question
In reading A More Beautiful Question I ran across the idea for this type of app! I was very happy to see it was already a real thing! And very happy that it was very nicely made! Great job!
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10 years ago, Fellowmaker
Very helpful
I really needed something like this. Maybe a future release could have an option for amount of words generated?
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11 years ago, ninjacowpwns
Good for what it is
Basically it does exactly what it says it does. Nothing fancy, nothing bad, but it can definitely help while brainstorming.
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11 years ago, Jr198100
Using this app all the time
It always gives me a different perspective on my day.
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10 years ago, Fare Hunter
Brainstorming Tool
Doesn't make promises it can't keep. It does well what it said it would do.
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9 years ago, De_wolf 4444
Very Helpful
I'm doing an improv comedy open mic next Friday. This has been super helpful for practice. Simple and useful.
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11 years ago, Ghiadoc
Good enough
It does what I require if it with no fuss. I use it to generate three random words for mental status exams.
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11 years ago, 123456789101121324151616
Buy it!
Much better than idea generators. Clever
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11 years ago, Miiitos
Great simple app
Very helpful in giving me ideas to illustrate. Thanks!
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11 years ago, ouijahead
I like it. Use it as a psychic tool.
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11 years ago, Ta$killMasta
I use it to give me ideas for a new drawing or painting.
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11 years ago, baronetta
Nothing useful at all from this one!
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7 years ago, Whyyyy me :(
Omg it's random words I hate it don't get
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11 years ago, AmyV8888
Three random words. Depressed me. Deleting.
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