iOrnament: draw mandala & art

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3 years ago
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User Reviews for iOrnament: draw mandala & art

4.72 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Ann0314_3D
Love the App but Couple Issues
I want to start by saying I LOVE this app. By far it’s my favorite for use on my iPad Pro. It’s completely worth purchasing Pro for this considering it. That said, one of the pattern types, when exporting tiled, is not working (at least on the iPad). It puts a huge gap in the pattern and squishes it when you try to export a tiled version. Other than that one thing though, everything works beautifully. In case the developers want some ideas for future releases and updates: I’d LOVE to see more layers and a copy and paste type feature as well as something like lazy mouse technology that will better smooth out your strokes based on a predefined setting. As well as the ability to save your own brush/settings presets. I’d be happy to pay extra for those upgrades. With or without them though..this is an awesome and addictive (and really useful) application for anyone who loves to doodle or do zen tangles , is into professional pattern creation, or those who are graphic artists (2D or 3D) Many thanks to the developers for making an amazing and fun application!
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5 years ago, fancyfairyangela
Addicted to this app!
I've been playing with this app as much as I can, it's amazing and seems to have unlocked my artist's block as well to get me drawing again because of how much easier this makes it to come up with intricate abstract designs. I'm honestly blown away and fascinated by the endless possibilities! The other mandala apps I've tried just can't compete. My only complaint is that it doesn't allow importing of our own images. I would gladly pay for an additional upgrade to allow for that, so I can incorporate existing designs with new line work or even on their own just to utilize the symmetry and pattern tools. The extension, iOrnament Crafter, does allow imports but frustratingly we can't enlarge designs or zoom in on them and seem to be stuck with just animated fractals which is really cool, don't get me wrong - but I just want the ability to get a static image from it with enlargement possible. Fix this dilemma in one of the apps and they're PERFECTION!
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6 months ago, strawberrymornings
it’s so amazing!!
I’ve had this app for only one day and I already love it!!! before I got this app I was hesitant because from the pictures of the app it looked kinda hard to do. but that was just because they were doing more harder designs. I got the app, went into it, and it’s extremely simple! just draw whatever you want on the main drawing thingy and it will copy everywhere else! I already drew a unicorn one! I love ittttt!! I always do this app when im bored! I love using the glow pen too because it’s very cool and whenever you have the glow pen equipped and you get a color and start drawing with it, it shows up like bright and glowy and beautiful! anyways im only 9 and im a beginner, but probably even 5 year olds would understand and enjoy this app too! anyways thank you iornament!! I LOVE THIS APPPPPP!!!
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5 years ago, idontwantafrigginnickame
Love it, despite a few flaws.
I’ve had this app for quite a while now and have no regrets about putting money into it. I love the features like “glowy” lines and embossing. The app would be worth it even without those features, but they add some fun. The developer is great as well (see their responses to other reviews). It’s also really easy to make something cool-looking. Sometimes I let my young niece randomly jab at different colors and do some squiggles, and I think “hm, I might actually save this one and expand on it later”. That kind of brings me to a couple problems, though. One: Saving. Sometimes when I save, the thumbnail doesn’t depict the actual piece. Sometimes it’s just black. Other times it shows the thumbnail of something I saved earlier but trashed to create a new one. My other major gripe is that sometimes it freezes up on major actions. Like if I have to “undo” several times, I have to tap the button slowly or it will freeze up for sometimes up to a couple minutes. I also feel like the settings could be a bit more intuitive and explanatory, but there could just be a learning curve. It’s not terrible to just experiment and figure things out, and a the tips are helpful. A few things that would be nice to have added, but I don’t feel are absolutely necessities: Maybe up to 5 layers, streamlining of strokes, a lasso selection tool so we can move & rotate things. But that could make the app pretty bulky, I dunno.
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7 years ago, Bugmom20
Geometric Art on Steroids!
If you are one of those people who love the mandala drawings on Monument Valley 2, imagine making those mandalas with colors and different widths of line. This is an amazing Ap- my favorite drawing Ap ever! The interface is very intuitive- but you can always read through the extensive Tip menu to understand the controls. It's fascinating to create one of the tile images and then see it morph into a different tile arrangement with the animation selection. Very meditative and beautiful. The Math portion with animations is fantastic. Totally worth the price and I am definitely going with the Pro add-on, now that I understand how the basic Ap function. Can't recommend this Ap highly enough for anyone who enjoys geometric art!
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6 years ago, Kekeboo2
Lacking in so many areas
Legit obsessed with this app but wish there was changes to how one is supposed to navigate through it. I honestly don’t understand why there isn’t a button that allows you to go to your own gallery without having to go through the extra step of saving your art project multiple times.. the tutorial has many spelling errors (I’m not a spelling and punctuation expert but come on now how did they get missed?) and the save option shouldn’t be so close to the trash option. There has been plenty of occasions were I almost deleted time consuming projects. One last wishlist for this app would be for automatic in-app recording this is another thing that irritates me for the lack of. Hopefully these reviews actually get looked at and considered because this app is well worth the price.
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5 years ago, Sillicacher
Please fix the app for the 11 inch screens
To begin with I LOVE this app. That said I wanted you guys to know about the screen issue. I have the new 11 inch iPad and the save and load buttons are extremely difficult to access as they are below the page. If you not careful u pull up your menu bar. I decided NOT to keep my low star rating because as I said I love this app! I recently acquired some artistic abilities that I have no idea where they came from, and YOUR App is a major tool on my toolbox. I make my mandalas and publish them on an adult app art site. I ALWAYS give credit to your app everytime I use it to create my work. Thank you for a fantastic app! Leah
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4 years ago, flowergurl4eva
Favorite app
IOrnament is my favorite app. It’s relaxing, creative, and engages my creative side of my brain. It also engages my logical, ordered side of my brain. It’s not just right sided or left sided. It causes my whole brain to interact. I like the science behind it, but I also like the creativity it creates. I had an issue with my app, and seriously not thinking I texted Dr. Jürgen Richter-Gebert thinking I’d hear from the app developer at some point. He contacted me that same hour. Thing is it was 3:50am his time. He was super supportive, I felt that he should have waited until the next day or so. He supports his app. He fixed my issues with the app. I can’t say enough how great my experience has been.
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6 years ago, Suzi54241
An iPad must have
Wether you're an artist or not, iOrnament is must have app. I don't get math but I do love making patterns, Mandelas and designs. It's easy to change colors, pens and design options. It's easy to share via camera roll, email and social media, even mash with other apps with the new copy and paste option. Save up to 500 pieces in the storage gallery. And most important, making these is a most relaxing way to spend your time. Some people like coloring books. I LOVE iOrnament. It's even better if you have an iPad Pro and Pencil. And now enhancing and animating the great designs with iO Crafter extends the fun, be sure to get the sister app, explore the fun of math and discover your inner artist.
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7 years ago, MSKiT88
I love this app! I use it daily, better than adult coloring book. I use this and Fax HD all the time. Only thing they need is instructions on how to use parameter settings, still don't understand that. UPDATE: Have had this app for over a year and I still love it! The developer is very helpful if you have any problems, and he will help you, witch is very unusual for most app people. Also with the new updates and if you have the Pro version its really a great app for creativity and stress relief. I have made myself my own background wallpaper with this app and you can do all sorts of things with it.
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3 years ago, Uval09
Great app, but for the BUG
I love creating art with this app. It’s beautiful what you can accomplish with few simple strokes. And “happy accidents” actually make you smile. I have realized that this can be my stress Buster at times. However, I do want to mention this bug which makes it horribly frustrating to work with. If you undo multiple times, intermittently, there strokes are not undone in order (reverse order), and on top of that, you can’t redo in this case either!! So let’s say I’m at a stage where I recently drew stroke a, b, c, d. Now, I realized I’m not happy with c, and I’m ready to let go of d as well. I undo two times. But, d and b are gone! Now, even if redo, I can’t get b back! Pesky c will go away if I undo one more time, but in general, I have to let go of more strokes at this stage and start over. 😖 That is just an example. Sometimes I lose a stroke which was further down in the ‘stack’. If the LIFO* for the undo stack is rectified, I’ll feel blessed! Please, please fix this 🥺 *Last in first out
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7 years ago, desmene
Big fun!
Love this program and also highly recommend the Pro upgrade for the enhanced features, esp. layers and exporting with transparency. Easy to move creations into other art programs and then of course the sky’s the limit! Apple Pencil is very nice with this app, but I also used it with just finger pressure before I got one and the sliders make it easy to achieve a wide variety of thick/thin and opacity effects. Kids are amazed at the program but it’s also great for professional work too. 👍🏼 P.S. The developer is responsive on email, IME, which is very appreciated as well.
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6 years ago, KristinaFailla
Great app but could use improvements
I really wish this app wasn’t’ so difficult to navigate at times. I wish when you press the home button which I’ve done on accident... i have to exit out of the app completely because there’s no way to go back to the design. I also wish there was a gallery with your saved work instead of it just being deleted and no way of accessing it again. If there is one then it’s definitely not user friendly in some ways if it’s that difficult for me to find. Other than that I love the app and it really helps me to relax and have fun with different designs.
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3 weeks ago, Dreadedwhiteboy
So much potential
I found that you can do some cool things with this app, when I am not getting completely frustrated with certain basic functions and issues that should never arise. The biggest problem is my menu completely disappears with no way of retrieving it if I move my iPad in a way that triggers it to reorient itself. Then I can’t undo anything I draw or accidentally put on my project while I’m fighting with it to give me back my menu. I wrote the developer about this and have not gotten a response back from them. I would have bought their other app for drawing Platonic solids, but the stress of using this app is too much and I wouldn’t give them anymore money.
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6 years ago, WiseFarmerJoe
To the app makers
I love this app, works great. Best out there, but here's what could make it better. When drawing, the drawing "surface" doesn't have to be so big. When trying to undo more that 4 inputs At a time the program freezes. I never have to zoom out so far as it allows, I think making the surface smaller would stop lag. Also the ability to have more than 3 layers would be great, also the ability to visually isolate layers/ name layers etc. lots could be done with layers that would improve intricate design making ease.
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6 years ago, TWCrew
One of the best in class
If you like drawing symmetrical repeating tiles or mandalas, this program is for you. It’s easy to use, and the line quality beats most of the competitors. This program also has a few geometric shapes that you can use as basic lines/scaffolds in your designs. It gets a little grumpy with doing more than about 5 undos in a row, but give it a few seconds and it will catch up. This program also supports the Apple Pencil, and lets you select what attributes and how sensitive you want the program to interpret the Pencil.
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7 years ago, Ralei
From a Math Teacher
I absolutely love math and I love being creative. But, most of all, I love when math and creativity merge!!! This app definitely would be worth more stars if possible! There is an optional $0.99 upgrade (USA), but the functionality without that is still phenomenal and educational. As a math teacher, I love, love, love how iOrnament offers both interactive, fun mathematical lessons behind the beauty of symmetry and the opportunity for creation with a vast array of tools and options for hands-on experiences! I HIGHLY suggest you download this app!
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5 years ago, JDes1952
Nice idea, but having problems
I used this app for the first time on my iPhone 8+. I pulled together a pretty mandala, although I would like a user guide to explain some of the features. But the real kicker is that it froze up on me several times when I was trying to save it. It appeared to be processing. And then it crashed on me several times while I worked on it. I could reopen the app and it would allow me to continue working, but that is a show stopper for me. I don’t want to put time and effort into a project and possibly lose my project when it crashes. I hope this is something you can look into and fix...???
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4 years ago, Tenibrae
My new favorite app
Once you take the time to really dig into the settings and experiment to see what kinds of effects are possible, you’ll realize that the artistic possibilities are limitless. The tips are helpful and the information (and demos) about the different kinds of wallpaper groups is first-rate. Whether you just need to doodle and play to relax or you’re an artist who wants to make your own tile-able backgrounds for use in your other work, iOrnament delivers. I’m addicted!
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6 years ago, Leahwrenn
Best wallpaper pattern program available
This is hands down the best program for exploring wallpaper patterns and rosettes available on iOS (and possibly on any other operating system). The interface is great, the program is easy to use — and the mathematical explanations that are available for further exploration are excellent. It is worth every penny it costs, and you should also do the in-app upgrade to unlock the extra features, which are also awesome.
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7 years ago, branlee
Surprisingly awesome app
When I first downloaded this app, I did not have high expectations. But it has turned out to be one of my favorite iPad drawing apps. I've used it to create eight coloring books. It's a fun, relaxing app that can also be used for serious design work, especially when combined with Adobe Shape. The creator has continued to update the app, and this has kept it relevant to my creative workflow. This is a one-of-a-kind, quality app that deserves serious consideration.
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7 years ago, Stick-to-PE8
Egged lady
Wonderful digital art app that just got even better with the addition of new pens, variable color sets, and the 3d globe creation tools. It is endlessly fascinating to play with. The newest wrinkle allows one to make moving spirals--endlessly fascinating!--and to make actual 3D paper geometric shapes with provided designs or one's own designs. Make cards, Christmas tree decorations, and other amazing things. Wow! The best art app for doodlers, it makes anyone look like a genius artist.
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7 years ago, Jess Rocha
Not the best app! But decent
I tried this app because it seemed to have more features than others similar. But The dark interface in not very intuitive and I don't see why I cant change the background for a solid color, what I found here was just the option to choose from some predefined background textures and play with their colors. I think that would be nice if it was possible to change the background to only a solid color. But overall, the app works well and it has a lot of features to draw.
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3 years ago, Origamilily12
Great app but one small problem
This is a wonderful app and it’s great for doodling random shapes and designs. However, there seems to be a problem with the manual slider option for changing color, size, etc. When I enable the option, the slider doesn’t appear, and so it doesn’t really do anything. Otherwise, the app is fun to mess around with, and it’s fun to see neat-looking patterns after only drawing a line or two.
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5 years ago, aumgrown
So much love
So much love has gone into this app and it really shines through. Very few apps as novel as this have this kind of quality and attention to detail. Could it be improved upon? Of course but it’s so good at what it’s already got going on that I feel it’s most important to just maintain it and keep it working well moving forward, please! Anything else they do to improve it is an improvement on greatness!
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7 years ago, sabinek
This is my favorite app of all time. When I saw that the new version was out, and the things I can now do with the Pro version, I couldn't pay my hard-earned $0.99 fast enough! I watched the update bar with impatience and now I'm like a kid at an amusement park. iOrnament is my combined art studio and science lab. Depending on my mood, it can be a relaxing therapy or an intriguing experiment. This app is well worth your time and money.
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4 years ago, oldphatone
Love love love
I downloaded this app when it first started. I paid for the app and have not regretted it ever. The developer Jürgen does some pretty dang amazing things and I just get super excited when he leaks that he has an upgrade in the works. I am just so excited about the upcoming update. I want to be a Beta tester. thank you for such an amazing app.
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3 years ago, Kittyjemison
I love this app, but...
This is one of the most amazing apps I have ever used! I would have given this app 5 stars except this app seems to crash almost every time I try to save a drawing. Thank goodness this app has a finish last drawing setting that comes up when you open the app. Anyway many thanks for this wonderful app!!! Please fix the crashing and then I will submit a 5 star review! =)
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7 years ago, ADarkGhost
Amazing update
Update: now running iOS 11 and been having some lag with pen pressure. Hope to see an update soon. Really love this update, this is my favorite symmetry app. And with this update is got so much better. There are things I would like to see like, saving color pallets. But that can be for next time :p
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5 years ago, CuriousCook
Wonderful app
Create beautiful art. No need to be an artist. My 5 yr old can’t get enough of it. I use her art as wallpaper, she is so proud. I create different art entirely , the longer you draw and the more familiar with the tools the better. The more you draw the more detailed you can become. FIVE STARS all the way!
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6 years ago, noah ribar
this is one my favorite art design games and this is the best app they put in app purchases and App Store this was my first time here to my art work for iOrnament was my favorite designs colorful art and the service was great timely prompt for the best price on AppStore this is my favorite place to do artwork on my designs I love it it is iOrnament
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7 years ago, Terry Adams
Amazing. Read the Math part
This app is amazingly useful to explain ornaments and patterns. The math explanations are well paced and really help to understand with the illustrations and interactive widgets. Update' May 2017 the new update has added just about every feature I wished for, and the integration with Crafter is mind boggling.
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7 years ago, Little bunny sunshine
Great Update!
The app was good before but was a bit quirky to work with, the update give you lots more options. I would like a even more control over the size and shape of my brush in a future update, it would be nice to not only adjust the size but the taper as well! More layers would be great too and a real color wheel for color selections.
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5 years ago, Greencat5296
One complaint
Im I love with this app, but I have one issue with it I every time I get my phone upgraded I lose all my previous ornaments I’ve made on the old phone. I would love to be able to switch devices and still have all the ornaments that I saved
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6 years ago, Larushka4401
Amazingly creative
I absolutely love this. I was a Beta tester for all the new features and saw how much work went into this updated version. So glad it’s finally in the App Store. So easy to make incredibly complex mandalas and graphics. Thanks for a truly enjoyable app.
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7 years ago, Lorien Patton
My favorite mandala making app
This is by far the best of the apps of this kind that I have tried. I use it all the time to create components of my digital fine art. And the in-app purchase is worth it. The extra tools and features are awesome.
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2 years ago, anniek9
They took away the pressure
I like this very much but the tutorials I have been doing show a pressure tool with the pencil/brush. I can’t do this on my version. I would like to be able to use pressure on the brush to be able to go from thin to thick lines. Is there anyone who can help me?
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6 years ago, Channel Jules
Perfect for repeating patterns!
This is a great app for making repeating patterns, you can change angles and design with a large variety of presets and easily adjust the color. Allows you with a few swipes have a variety of designs and patterns. Excellent for designers!
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6 years ago, SpaceyCasey32
It is an amazing app I've used for several years but I'd like a bucket fill tool and an eye dropper tool. Other than that, it is fabulous and I can't think of any other app that has as much diversity as this does. Wonderful awesome spectacular fun this app is
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3 years ago, Pyrate-23
Awesome app
Been using it for a couple of years now. It’s been easy to learn and the patterns I’ve made I’ve been able to use in other apps. So far I haven’t gotten bored.
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7 years ago, Cailen f.
This new version is awesome!! I'm soooo happy!! I was already addicted to this app but now it's even better! Top favorite app in the App Store! If your a creative like me your gonna love it! The accompanied app, iO Crafter, is a must have too! Thanks Jurgen for all your hard work! 👍🏻👍🏻
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6 years ago, Whydowehavetohavenicknames?
Super fun & relaxing
Love this app. Especially with Apple Pencil. My only suggestion would be, I wish there was a way I could flatten drawings when they’ve gotten too intricate (because they take a while to load).
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6 years ago, Blaze Sans
I love this
I would recommend this to anyone who loves art like me, plus no adds you don't even have to get a premium upgrade to remove them. I think you should get this app, its so much fun!
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4 years ago, Tina408
Not intuitive
Not intuitive. No clear way to get to “home” screen where I can see a list of mandalas created. Every other art app makes this simple thing easy to do. This app is not important enough to require a user to actually study in order to use it. Waste of money. No respect for users’ time. Poor practice and a waste of money. Apple should have basic usability requirements. Use some common sense, people.
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6 years ago, Skoofer
Keeps Getting Better
I’ve been using this for a couple years now and every time I think “I wish I could...” that feature has been included in a new update. So many possibilities, I’m still just scratching the surface.
Show more
4 years ago, Lesley5963
Creative colorful app!
This app totally ROCKS 🤘🏼. Beautiful patterns to build. Easy instructions to follow along with. I highly recommend this app to any and all my creative family and friends. Totally worth the small fee.
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6 years ago, Dbldidit
Totally addictive and amazing
The new emboss and ability to create a variety of symmetries within one design is fantastic. I could use it for hours. Lots of potential uses including math and art.
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7 years ago, Myyob
Only the fun parts of zentangles
This is a fun way to draw zentangles. I pick my patterns and they are repeated all over. I bought the pro version for just one dollar more. Lets me create a layer with guidelines to easily erase later. Shading is a breeze.
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2 years ago, Paintedspring
Fascinating drawing app
I’ve just touched the surface of learning what this app can do and every drawing I do is more beautiful than the next. Top notch in all ways.
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4 years ago, ggvuhvguvgvghgvh
I have had this app for years, and still find it addictive. I make ornaments to send to my daughters with text messages.
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