Iowa Lottery's LotteryPlus

2.2 (150)
6.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Scientific Games International
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Iowa Lottery's LotteryPlus

2.24 out of 5
150 Ratings
7 months ago, Cool guy 710
Can’t check tickets
It has two stars because I can get it to work. The problem is that it doesn’t work anymore with the newer phones. It makes me put the ticket to close to my camera so it’s out of focus my old phone still works so I just use the app there. Please update your app so I can check tickets from a spot my camera can focus
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3 years ago, PitneyBlows
Seems like a reoccurring story
App worked fine for a week or so, but now I can’t even check tickets, which is the whole reason I purchased this app, which seems to be a very common complaint with this application. Don’t know why it works for the first week or so and then stops, almost seems like it is programmed this way to harvest data to sell analytics companies, works just long enough for you to download, use for a while, and then forget about, so it can now get info on your habits to sell to advertisers to try and place ads to make you more likely to purchase products and services. Delete apps you no longer use, they can still harvest information about you to target ads to you, even if you op out of sharing info. Apple tries to make it look like youre completely in control of you data, but these apps have a way of fingerprinting your device and can still figure out who you are and still have ways of targeting you with ads and apple is doing nothing to stop them.
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3 months ago, App tester5271
Please add these features to the app
I would like to see these features added to the app: 1. I think this feature will be very beneficial to all users who purchased tickets with multiple drawing dates. Add something where you can scan the ticket in, and it remembers that ticket. If you win, it sends you a push notification. 2. An option to purchase tickets digitally in the app. I understand this one might be a little bit harder to implement due to legal concerns, the main one being underage people buying tickets. However, this could be overcome by implementing ID verification. For example, users could scan their ID card and take a picture of their face. These are the features I would like to see added. I have worked in app development for years, so I know adding these is possible. However, if the development team reads this, I would like to hear their reasoning as to why these features would not be added.
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2 years ago, KayArras
Terrible and a joke
When will improvements be made to the app so that it’s not so bad? Even the ePlayslip is a joke. Does anyone ever use it? Does Iowa lottery track whether anyone uses it? You can only put on one play per slip. So if you want five plays, for one draw, you would have to have the cashier scan the first playslip, take back the phone, switch to the second play slip, hand back the phone to the cashier, the cashier hands it back to you. You find the third playslip, hand it back to the cashier, the cashier hands it back to you, find a fourth playslip, hand it back to the cashier to scan, he hands it back to you, you find the fifth playslip, hand it back to the cashier to scan. Stupid.
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3 years ago, Iowa Power
Can’t scan tickets?
Here’s my fix: Like everyone else has mentioned, when I tap the scan tickets button, the screen just cycles back around to itself. It was frustrating! In fact, I started writing this review when I decided to check my settings first, to be sure that wasn’t the issue. It was! I tapped on “Settings”, then scrolled down and tapped on “IOWA LOTTERY” to see if access to camera was turned on. It wasn’t, in my case. I turned on camera access, reopened the IOWA LOTTERY app, tapped on “CHECK TICKETS” , then “SCAN A TICKET”. BOOM! The camera opened, I scanned my ticket, and low and behold, that old, familiar “NOT A WINNER” was mocking me once again! I hope this helps!
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1 year ago, Appledust44
Doesn’t work
I saw a lot of reviews about how this worked on and off with scanning tickets. I thought I would give it a try anyway and I haven’t been able to scan a single ticket since it Downloaded. I actually thought I was doing something wrong because the directions are pretty vague but no, it just wouldn't scan. I finally got it to scan, and then nothing. It would not produce any results. That’s what I get for ignoring how the bad reviews outweighed the good reviews by a long shot.
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3 years ago, rounditroundit
What did you expect?
Like everybody else said, the scanner does not work. User error is not the problem.. EVEN the scanners that they put in at The convenient stores /gas stations,- fail to work properly. (i’m not a frequent player by any means)However time and time again the gas station attendant has to scan it…rescan it AND rescan it, without it working. (Proceeds to enter the card numbers manually while others have to wait in line behind me. App is joke, just like the state itself.
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1 year ago, pommesgal
Terrible app
This app USED to work well. You could scan tickets with ease and go about business. Now, you can barely do anything! Why does the scanner not work?! Everything looks blurry when you try to scan the ticket. I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max, so that’s not the problem. As others have said, the e-slip option is a joke too. The only thing this app does right is tell you what games are available and being able to see the drawing numbers.
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5 years ago, Sjsprech
Great way to check tickets
The app now shows amount you won when you scan it. It's easy to enter play it again contests and to see winners for VIP Contests. The only improvement I would suggest to add option to stayed logged in to the VIP Section or add thumbprint scan for password. I hate having to type the password in every time.
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3 years ago, Susi-Sama
No longer working as of July 2021
This app used to be OK, not great, but it was nice to use it to check if I had a winning ticket for Powerball or Mega Millions. As of mid-July 2021, the app can’t find the website to load the pages for almost all functions. The last update was 7 months ago. With all the extra $$ these lotteries have earned with more people playing during COVID, you would think they could dump a little more $$ into updating and maintaining their apps.
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3 years ago, Sherylmac
Suddenly stopped working
Goes to the start up screen and times outs. When I reset my phone it finally came up but when I tried to check a ticket, it just sat there spinning. I uninstalled and re-installed and it just went back to the start-up screen until it times out. What happened to this app?
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5 years ago, zdjwo
This app has never worked once. I have deleted and reloaded several times. A complete waste of time. With all the one stars, I would think the developers would find a solution to the problem. Junk!
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4 years ago, mwuri
Please fix
It was working amazing and now it keeps saying error. I’ve turned off my phone and back on and also deleted the app and added it again and still says error. Please fix it! I love this app.
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6 years ago, Ladi Byrd
This app worked great up to a few hours ago. Not sure what happened but now when I scan my card I have no idea if I won or not. It now says GO TO A RETAILER FOR WHAT? To see if I win or loss. Very disappointed I minus well stay at the store and check my card there. Please fix and I'll rate 5 stars once again.
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3 years ago, Aunt Sally M
Stopped working
I would give it a five star review prior to two weeks ago, when I go to scan the ticket it just repeatedly brings the same scan the ticket page back up. Hope this gets fixed soon! I have deleted and reinstalled 3 times.
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7 years ago, NickBates
Ticket Scanning Results
Please show us the winning numbers after we have scanned a ticket with the app! I would feel a lot more confident trusting the scan if it showed the actual results: Game / Drawing Date / Winning Numbers. As it is, I will not trust it, because it shows us nothing but a winner/not winner dialog with NO additional verifying info.
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3 years ago, Bckwkabckd
Camera Issue
Had an IPhone XS and it worked just fine to scan in tickets. If I try to scan a ticket with my 12 ProMax, if it scans it takes at least 20 seconds of fiddling to get it to scan.
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11 months ago, _0429_
Great app
Not sure why everyone else has such an issue with the Iowa lottery app, I haven’t had any problems since I downloaded the app a year ago! Works great the only thing I wish it had on the app was everything that is on the website for example, my free plays every month! :) other than that love the app!
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3 years ago, upset user 82
iPhone 13 Pro Max
This app was great on my iPhone X when it cam to checking tickets, but is practically unusable on my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Seems the app is unable to use the camera correctly. Takes forever to get a ticket checked. Have to constantly move the ticket in just the right light to get it checked.
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1 year ago, S.E. CinD
Ticket scan not working
We haven’t played for a few months, picked up some scratch offs and played power ball a couple weeks ago, ticket scan isn’t working. Read app reviews, thought I’d give it another try, nope, still nothing! Can this get fixed soon??
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5 years ago, Rod_H
Game days and times
The app is outstanding. As a gambling app participant I’m sure I’m not alone in requesting upcoming dates and times for future drawings. You should consider this for all IALottery interfaces, “apps” on all Mobile devices.
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3 years ago, rook888
If it works, it’s great
There have been several issues with this app. The latest is scanning for a special Powerball promotion. The camera doesn’t grab the barcode.
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4 years ago, BKLAZX
Went fro at least 4 star to a definite 1/2 star
App used to work very well for me and since this last update in changing how they scan barcode can’t get to t to scan any stinking lottery tickets had minimal problems before now won’t hardly scan at all!!!! Change it back to the way it was!!!!
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3 years ago, Jennifer de jehova
How can i manually check my scratch ticket if the barcode is damaged
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2 years ago, brandylnicks
Check Ticket Scanner Issues
Always has issues with the check tickets scanner.
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9 months ago, Altoona Iowa Resident
Unable to check tickets
The check tickets option on iPhone does not work. I can check them using my iPad which is a pain. Please fix this so I can check tickets using my iphone.
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2 years ago, someoneunome
Instant play winners
The app is great. Never had a problem with it. Don’t bother with instant play if you live in Des Moines though. They send the winners out of town every time.
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4 years ago, Ksteele85
New update is awful
The app was a challenge before and I believe the developers asked “how can we make this worse and more frustrating?” Mission accomplished. The scan doesn’t read it takes forever and it is really bad and touchy.
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3 years ago, 😤🥰
Scanner not working
I have tried to down load it more then once and all it keeps saying is there is an error trying to scan 😒
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3 years ago, this appisajoke420
Doesn’t work
Everything I scan either doesn’t work,or says take to a retailer,..used to work,doesn’t now,you guys need to update,everyone else,don’t bother downloading it
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5 years ago, Imissmyradar
Needs Improvement
Ticket scanner has never worked for me. Deleted and reinstalled, still nothing. Please fix!
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3 years ago, Asolo53402
Save your phone space
Doesn’t work at all. I’d give it zero stars. It just flips to the same screen not allowing you to check scratch tickets.
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5 years ago, triplec76
Don’t bother....
App used to be great at scanning instant tickets. Probably would have paid .99 for it. Plus current drawings. Now it is useless. Either gives “An error occurred...” or “Take ticket to retailer”. Should be taken off the App Store.
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2 years ago, Motorola8080
App needs a summary screen
Add a summary screen to show current jackpots for all games. Pita to have to open each one individually. Take a look at the Washington Lottery app. Much better!
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4 years ago, glenreed346
Doesn’t work
About the time I want to check my tickets it always tells me to come back later.
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3 years ago, mkgrundy
Used to be great
The old app was great but the new one doesn’t scan tickets well and that’s the whole reason we use it. Please fix the scanner!
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3 years ago, Dakotajjlg
Scan ticket doesn’t work
It was nice when you were able to scan a ticket
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3 years ago, Pabl0 C
Iowa lottery
After I upgraded to newest iPad Pro, the app doesn’t work correctly. Will not take barcodes. Doesn’t make any sense. Better camera, newest iOS, app doesn’t work. Bad!
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6 years ago, monie0805
Won’t log in
Why won’t it let me log into my vip it only does it on the web page??? Help
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2 months ago, Jimmy Murillo93
When I first got the app it was working great now it won’t scan a single ticket terrible app needs to be updated
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6 years ago, cjames1966
Crashes on iOS 11.3 even after a restart.
Crashes on iOS 11.3 even after a restart. Tried it on multiple devices with the same result.
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11 months ago, DoctorMew1988
Does not work
“We encountered an error while processing your request. Please try again later.”
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5 years ago, Lbeasler
Scan failed
Worst app ever apparently after midnight it goes to bed because I have never been able to check a ticket after midnight. I
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4 years ago, 2019 Kat
Needs fixed for iPhone 6s
iPhone 6s this update messed up my app so now it won’t scan my lottery tickets, wish they would fix this
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6 years ago, keomint
Not working with iOS 12
I guess it's not compatible with the new iOS 12. It starts up but then just goes to a white blank page.
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2 years ago, hey heyz66ge the yg
Doesn't work with iPhone 14
The ticket checker does not zoom so you can not scan tickets. Worthless...
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6 years ago, Danny Bishop
App crashes on opening
The app is unusable as it crashes a moment after it loads.
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4 years ago, JR 42
This app use to work really well, now it is a mess. You can not check tickets. It use to be easy to check.
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3 years ago, Brockway1972
Take to a retailer
Everything I scan says take to a retailer!!! I have this app so I won’t have to do that!
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1 year ago, GeeMann69
Scanner Doesn’t Work
Scanner just spins after scanning the image on the ticket. Never responds
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