iPhone Wallpapers themes 4K 3D

4.5 (3.7K)
130.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Robert Snopov
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for iPhone Wallpapers themes 4K 3D

4.51 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Ashlei N
I really like Everpix because....
Unlike most of the other “free” wallpaper apps that require you to watch ads constantly, or videos to even open a potential wallpaper, unless you pay for the monthly premium. Everpix does not require those things, you get a limited amount of downloads per day (unless you opt to pay for the premium), although with the free version you don’t have to go through all of the hassle, and they have different wallpapers to choose from, which is unique it seems as though they are always updating their content! This is a nice attribute, because from my experience most other “free wallpaper apps” seem to never change the content they offer to be downloaded for free!
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3 years ago, brieyhe
Good wallpapers, but lots of ads...
I Iike this app, because it has a lot of beautiful live wallpapers for your phone, like the space section is mind blowing. I would give it 4 stars, but there’s too much ads. Every time you swipe to the next wallpaper, it’s an ad. Ok, not so bad. Then when you click a button to save the wallpapers to your photos, and again. Getting annoyed a little. Swipe to the next one, AD! It’s like every time you press or do something on the app, there’s a 30 sec ad. You could pay for premium, but I feel like it’s not fair because your just paying to remove the ads and stuff. I think the developers are thinking, “ If we annoy them to death with ads, they’ll pay us hehehehe” or something. Great live wallpapers and all, but if you could just put down the number of constant pop up ads that would make the app much better.
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3 months ago, Ryleenewsome@gamil. Com
Background fun, funny, happy, and weird, cool.
I like it because it is fun, funny, happy, and weird, and cool. I love it so much I gave you five star rate I would give you more but that is all it has sorry. I like where it has a lot of backgrounds and you do not run out. ( so much fun I have a blast doing this with your program thank you for letting me us it your so sweet )
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4 years ago, QMASTER500
It’s an amazing app but...
This is a very good app but there is one main problem. There are way to many adds! I have always been good with a couple of adds here and there but I can not handle how many adds there are! But the app does work as well as it could for what it is used for and the things that they have are very cool! If they were to not have as many adds in this app I would have totally given this app a 5 star ratting but for now it is just a 4. The game is amazing!
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4 years ago, sunset sydney
It is ok
The bad part is to many ads i saw the same ad 10 times. I used to have everpix live and there was a chick and a puppy or a kitten and i look and there isn’t any chick. Another feature thta was disappointing is there is no search that you search for different pictures its easier to look up something online screenshot it edit it so you only see the picture save it to photos and change your background
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4 years ago, donkey horse unicorn
The best
Wallpapers are does something to fiddle around with on your phone when you’re bored you change it not that much but sometimes I got this app to find some pretty cool wallpapers and lucky for me the wallpapers were awesome the wallpapers were like no wallpapers I’ve ever seen this game deserves five stars it is the best and I hope you feel the same way😉🤪😋😀😁
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3 years ago, k a sisters
This game is a total rip off you have to pay 39 dollars am year and it only lets you use not even have of the images that are there I would totally not recommend this game to you or anyone it is a waste of time and this game will disappoint you as well as it did to me do not get this game look for another game . And they also said this is one of the best games and it is not I have had and seen way better and the images are ugly and fake looking the water looks like CGI and I would highly recommend deleting or not downloading this game period poo .🔥👋😎
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5 years ago, Getclapped4
Good app but....
Well it’s a great app. Also what I’m going to say is not this apps fault but it’s mine. My question is how do you actually get the wallpaper all I can do is scroll around and look at them. I tried to find buttons to help me I could not. Could somebody answer this and tell me how. Edit: I really don’t need to explain this it was a 5 star now a 1
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3 years ago, Smurfettedp
Amazing app
I couldn’t see a live button when you were on wallpaper on the place where it’s like Lock Screen or Home Screen or both but the apps still amazing for looking at the Live Photo’s also it’s probably the device that I’m on not letting me see it
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4 months ago, annamorals
This app isn’t bad compared to the other Apps it’s just we need more access to the live wallpapers
When I review this app it was from a close friend she told me go use this app it’s so much better then those other lame ones so I went and I am so excited to try it out .
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4 years ago, reveriw
Pretty good
I mean the app is over all good it has cute backgrounds and it’s fun to watch them move there is pop up adds that’s the only down side if you want some cute love backgrounds I would recommend the app it works best for newer iPhones but if u have a iPhone six like be I should still work it might ask u to pay but u don’t have to just X out of it hope this review helps 😀
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5 years ago, waterlily 90080
Love it but....
I really do love this app so much I think it’s amazing there is a wide variety of photos. The only thing that kind of kills the app for me is that there is an add or pop up almost every 5 photos u scroll threw. If they got ride of all the adds and pop ups I would have given this app a 5 star rating but because of the adds I have to give it a 4. Great app tho I definitely recommend.
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2 years ago, BeachKath
Love love this app, but …
This app has the BEST wallpapers and I’m crazy for the animated ones!! Been using this for about a year. Just got a new iPhone 13 mini and the animated wallpapers work perfectly when previewed but I can NOT get them to animate once I install one on my Lock Screen. Can anyone help? Kathy
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4 years ago, Glitter4life7373
how to get a picture from the normal app not live
Its ok but I don’t like the fact that you have to pay for the app I mean come on! I also don’t like that every time you download a picture, an add shows up. And one other thing whoever reads this just follow there direction if you want some pics that are premium. •First thing to do is tap the download button. •Second thing you press the x but don’t wait to long. Note: Only wait till it goes down and keep trying if you don’t see the buttons that is a good sign. •Once you don’t see the buttons take a screenshot if you like the pic keep trying until you get it then save the photo Do this only on the normal app it won’t work on this version I hope this is useful to you!
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2 years ago, potato girl 22
It’s… ok
Overall I like the app. I think it’s ok. There are some down sides though. You have to pay in the beginning you can hit the x and not pay but I think those kind of apps are kind of scammy. Another is that it’s kind of basic there is a lot of options but it’s like every other app like this. Overall it’s ok but if your looking for a good wallpaper app look for a different one.
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4 years ago, roblox is rhe best thing ever
Everpix live
This is the best app I have ever had every day since I got this app I am on it everyday day and night for like half an hour. I love 💕 this app and I have so much fun looking at it ! And also why I also love this app is because it always has the prettiest background for you phone ever!!!❤️
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4 years ago, coolertheSLOTH
I love this app because is the only app that doesn’t ask for money when you try do you get a wallpaper it’s free he said there is ads every second but they’re like five seconds so I don’t really care and I watch ads all the time like all my games have like ads all the time like yeah
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3 years ago, 👉🏻🤟🏻✌🏻😇
Awesome app
This app is amazing it’s got a lot of satisfying videos and they can all go on your phone and you can just watch them like all day and you don’t even have to like use up your battery powered super cool we awesome
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3 years ago, Galaxy105
Some upgrades the developers could do
1. There is to much ads you can’t see 3 photos without an ad. I don’t know why but ads bug me and get me frustrated easily. Can you remove some ads but not all? 2. Money is all I think they want. I thought it was going to be free!! I delete every app I get that is money. I didn’t delete this one because I didn’t have to buy the stuff that was money. But if you don’t buy the premium pack (or whatever it was) you can only get one wallpaper. Could you at least make the daily wallpapers 5-10? By the time you fix this I most likely won’t have the app. But thank you IF you do decide to do this. Sincerely, Anabelle
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2 years ago, Farmgal20
I like the app but every time I try and get a wallpaper a stupid add comes on about something really stupid. This app doesn’t even have cute Christmas wallpapers up yet. If you can’t fix this then I’m deleting this and getting a new wallpaper app. Anyone have any options? That are free? And don’t have adds every five seconds? Please get this fixed Thanks
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3 years ago, IBetAllTheGoodReviewsAreFake
Way too many ads
I just wanted a cool moving background, but it only moves when you click and hold! Lame. There were also way too many ads. I literally got at least 20 ads in less than a minute. When I was reading the reviews before I got this app, they talked about how many ads there were, and I was like “I don’t mind ads. It can’t be that bad.” Well I was wrong. Very wrong. The ads are even bothering me. And if you don’t have premium, you can only get one wallpaper a day! So unfair!!
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2 years ago, albeau714
Best wallpapers out there
I’ve downloaded so many apps and the wallpapers and other features just fall short compared to this one! I just wish it was a little bit cheaper
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5 years ago, jcook3022
Very nice wallpaper apps, don’t get me wrong at all there! But there is not a word in the Dictionary to describe your rate for your premium, to get the better high end pics. , animated, .etc. which is fine, your choice. I think if your going to charge though, make it a flat rate. Because there are two or three apps that offer dozens more, one that offers thousands more at higher quality and free. Just my opinion though.
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3 years ago, Parindox
You have to wait
So you can get a one wallpaper a day or you can pay money for a subscription, the pictures come out grainy and you have to hold your finger on the screen to see the animation which is annoying because on the Home Screen when you hold it down it wants you too edit the apps and doesn’t allow you to do the animation.
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4 years ago, gfcgjnnlj
I love this but I wish u would give 3,4,or5 free wallpapers instead of 1,also it takes FOREVER for each wallpaper to load,and I am a huge fan of the space ones,plz make more of those,fix this and the app is perfect for me
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2 years ago, Yappin Gal
Not working with iOS 16
I have so loved this app since I downloaded it. The live wallpaper is such high quality. But since I upgraded to iOS 16 the live wallpapers I’ve downloaded do not work. I’m hoping Apple will fix it.
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2 years ago, Anisahlove
It’s okay..
The app itself is very poorly made with no option to look at multiple wallpapers at once,6 and choose which one you like…you literally have to swipe through ALL of the wallpapers to find something you like. As for the wallpapers themselves they’re good quality for the most part, but there are very few that I actually like.
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3 years ago, Fun but same
Love it
So I got it a couple nights ago and I love it it has this puppy background and I love it. The only thing it needs is less ads anytime you scroll there’s a new ad that that sometimes you’ve seen already
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2 years ago, Coraleah
The best one ever
This app lets u choose from many different chooses of wallpapers in all different types of topics and have many different choices but a little of the choices could have more wallpapers to them but overall it’s good
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4 years ago, Vanpaul
Don’t move after you install them. Oops! Have to read directions!!
They look great in the app but don’t work once you place it as wallpaper.... CORRECTION: My mistake. I didn’t read directions! They work great!!! Sorry..
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4 years ago, Reese686
Great wallpapers, but way too many adds
Ok, I get that in order for this app to be free, there will be adds. But it seems like every time I click a button or swipe to the next wallpaper, I get another add. I have spent more time watching adds than looking at wallpapers. Besides the adds, this is a good app. I love the wallpapers, it can just get really annoying when an add pops up every few seconds.
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6 years ago, Scarab629
Does not work on an iPhone 6
Having just signed up for the free 3 day trial I found I could not download any of the videos. The App information indicates it should work on an iPhone 6 or later. However reviews indicate otherwise with folks discovering the same thing. I just cancelled the free trial.
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7 months ago, Love it but the picture thing
There’s a problem with this game read this as soon as you get it devolopers
The images are cute but I can’t seem to upload them I read the instructions but I can’t find the share icon because that’s seep number to please fix this right away and
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9 months ago, Jaxon C Keys
Good game
Yo yo yo the greatest game and just let me talk and let me say ik I said it was a good game bruh the only reason I gave it a four star is bc I just request and ask nicely I just want to ask a question and answer the best u can can u pls add this new wallpaper idea I like Among us so I’d like u to add one!
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4 years ago, Jaedendak
Annoying ads and too pricey to remove.
The wallpapers are great, but you are limited to one download per day, plus super annoying ads that play all too often. The cost to remove these annoyances is way too much for an app like this. Keep looking, there are alternatives that don’t cost nearly as much.
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4 years ago, Busy mom4204
Love the options
Love the many wallpapers to choose from. I didn’t give them 5 stars because you gotta flip through every picture instead of having more than 1 on the screen to pick from
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4 years ago, KK🦄🎀😜😇💖
Love it!... but a couple problems.....
I love the app! It is so unique and it’s so creative! But there were quite a bit of adds I had to deal with, that got a bit annoying. Besides that I love this app it is amazing! 😊
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2 years ago, Good app getter
This game is fun and cool you can see how much a different stuff but like I don’t know how to like him I don’t know how to get the app so if somebody could like try to lay down
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4 years ago, coold sugar
Wallpaper won’t play 😭😭😭
I love the wallpapers but when I save them and put them as a backup they won’t play.... I watched the videoThat the app provided and did what it said. I set one as my lock screen cover and when I press it, it won’t play. Please help me fix my problem and I will give this five stars!
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3 years ago, MJ corkill24
This is so cool
So ok your team is awesome and I love how you made this but can you please add some baseball wallpapers because I love it and I’m sure other people do to Sincerely Max,
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3 months ago, 2024 red rum
This app is good. Sometimes I pair it with Myscreen
So I like this app because it has depth wallpapers it has 3-D it always comes with something new for the holidays amazing five stars
Show more
3 years ago, Emily664408
I love this app
It’s is a good app I was just wondering if you could add 4K in sports volleyball because I would definitely put that as my back round thank you
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2 years ago, Csupe68
Great wallpapers!
This app has amazing quality wallpapers, as well as variety! It is however pretty limited when you have the free version like I do. But new wallpapers get unlocked every day. If you don’t mind waiting it’s worth it, I guess
Show more
3 years ago, 21ped
Fluid and imaginative art
Was looking for a watch/wallpaper site. This one is by far my go to site for wonderful images presented with style.
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5 years ago, B.C.G
The best
It is the best live app even if most apps you need to buy but this one is great you just need to watch a short video less than 15 seconds.
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4 years ago, Maxie's mum
I downloaded this app on my iPhone and it took me a couple of tries to get it to work (totally my misunderstanding) and I LOVE it. The app downloaded itself to my iPad. It won’t work there. I don’t know if it incomparable iPads (live wallpaper)? Anyone know?
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5 years ago, Student Girl 👧🏽
Pretty COOL app!!!
I thought this was going to be one of those apps that gives you really bad wallpapers if you do not have premium, but even without premium the wallpapers are pretty good.
Show more
3 years ago, goj927
Fantastic Wall Paper
New , current wallpaper to download. No run around, no gimmicks, straight view, download or keep exploring options. That’s it.
Show more
3 years ago, NoLilyhere
I love the app!
With all of the 4K wallpapers you can choose and you get 1 premium wallpaper a day! That’s amazing! I recommend this app to anyone looking for an awesome wallpaper!
Show more
3 years ago, JasB_007
Greatest but question
I love it but can’t get the live pictures to move on screen ❤️ I Love the gold glitter sand! I could make it move beautiful if it could follow the complete movement of my hand
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