IPIC Theatres

1.9 (143)
41.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
iPic-Gold Class Entertainment, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for IPIC Theatres

1.87 out of 5
143 Ratings
3 months ago, Christmastree15
App Stinks
The theatre's are great but the app is awful. First, apple pay never works, second when viewing on an iPad the app does not rotate to landscape making it difficult to navigate the app. News flash iPIC- iPads are mostly in landscape since that is how we type on the keyboards and the cases are designed to stand up the iPad in landscape mode. Third, app signs you out but when you sign back in, the app may or may not accept the login. You may have to type a few times to get the app to respond. For the price of the tickets, food and booze one would assume they can afford to build a better app. Again, theatre great… app not so much!
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8 months ago, KaizokuPanda
I hate this app so much
This is one of the most infuriating apps I have ever used!!! Please please just fix it. It logs me out every single time so I have to log back in every time I use it but it won’t work any any keychains so I always have to type in my login in information. Then there is payment where Apple Pay is clearly an option at the bottom but any time I try and use it it tells me Apple Pay isn’t accepted. These issues have persisted for years now and as much as I love going to the IPIC there is zero excuse for this app to be such absolute garbage. And now it appears like there is an identical IPIC app with a different color icon?!?!? So is this one abandoned? What’s with this second app? Someone at IPIC needs to wake up and do their job
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11 years ago, xtine98
Please fix the seating and payment options!
The app won't allow you select seats that leave only one seat between yourself and another reservation, so if there are 4 seats on the end of a row and only 3 people in your party it forces you to choose the seats next to the other group leaving the one empty seat on the aisle. If someone is buying a single seat, what does it matter if it is on the end or in the middle? If I'm buying my tickets first and I prefer to sit on the aisle, I should have that option. Also, when I purchased 2 tickets on the aisle it wouldn't allow my friend to buy a single seat next to ours because it would leave a gap of one seat between her and the next party so we had to call the theater to book it. The app doesn't let you use iPic reward cards either, you have to request a refund at the theater. Please fix these bugs, they make an otherwise enjoyable moviegoing experience very annoying!
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2 months ago, Langhamc
Poorly designed login
If you have a complex password, you better memorize it. Because you cannot use a password app to copy and paste your password. Or you’ll have to use your computer to bring up your password on the computer and type it in to your iPhone. Or you could do something you shouldn’t do which is just use a simple password like I did. Awful app.
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5 months ago, J loves dogs
Good but could be better
it should let us keep the password to log in
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1 month ago, Nickallday8
New app update
Never had an issue with the app previous to most recent update. I’m actually shocked by the rating I thought app worked great… but this NEW UPDATE, terrible. Looks like we went back to 2 bit gaming system or something. Gross
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2 months ago, tvguyrick
Someone please fix this dumb app!! The payment options on this app doesn’t work and we can’t buy future tickets. There are numerous issues with this app and trying to call the actual location in Austin is useless!! They are NO HELP!!!
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4 months ago, Evat281
horrible app
you have to login every time you open the app. tried to refund a ticket and get error messages. says accepts apple pay but when you try to pay for apple pay it errors. great theatres but horrible app
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7 years ago, Fyrfyter112
Go back to the drawing board
This application is probably one of the most annoying I have ever used. Once I select my seats, I entered the payment information; however, the submit button would not appear because of the location of the keyboard. You have to intentionally touch somewhere on the screen in order for the submit button, which is at the bottom of the screen, to appear. Why would you not have the submit button at the top or allow the “go“ button to be active? What’s worse is your online food ordering system. You spent quite a bit of time making beautiful pictures; however, the filet sliders, the Angus burgers, and the turkey sliders all look the same. In order to select one you have to pick each of them to find out which is the choice that you want. After picking the correct one, no “order“ button appeared anywhere on the screen. What is the point of a picture if the order button isn’t prominent on the screen? To make it worse, if you click on the picture of the food again, it returns you back to the main menu. Rather than being irritated anymore by your app, I decided to come back and write this review about how bad it is. You lost a food order and got a bad review – congratulations.
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5 years ago, Metatron32
Serious De-evolution!!!!
This theater an app used to be really classy and a wonderful date night place or place to take visitors when they come in from out of town and you want to go somewhere fun nice but casual. However, now the movie selection looks like it’s been picked out by a teenage boy and the app is absolute garbage! That used to be very easy to use now it’s just confusing confusing confusing confusing! What the heck are the management of this company thinking? Not only has all of this stuff downgraded but when you go to the theater they make you watch this absolutely terrible intro films that are hyper substandard compared to what used to be produced! I have a new mixologist video and you can’t even understand the person speaking. Then there’s the snobbish little boy that they make videos of and expect their patrons to sit there and watch the brat! There’s more but it’s still all terrible! We are profoundly disappointed in the absolute downgrade of quality of this establishment and its app! Please God, put some adults in charge of this company again!!!!
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9 years ago, nunez_x0
What happened? :(
I absolutely loved this app when i first got, it let me transport my membership to my passbook, the app was convenient, and it worked decently.. But recently i upgraded from purple to sapphire membership and i noticed it didn't refresh on my passbook so i deleted it from my passbook to re install it again but when i tried that, it would not work, i even tried adding my purchased tickets onto my passbook and no luck. I also don't find it convenient that as a member when I'm picking seats, it tells me i have to use the website. I can basically just check showtimes, and thats it. Please update!! I really want to continue to use this app.
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8 years ago, NickAVA10
Thoroughly Impressed
I was skeptical at first after all the very low ratings and harsh remarks, but after downloading it anyway (it is free in the end) I was actually thoroughly impressed with their app from start to finish. Everything works. Idk why there are so many complaints. I'm using my iPhone 6S with the newest iOS 9 update and I haven't experienced any of the complaints seen on the reviews. Yes, no Apple wallet is available to pay, but who really cares? You can still save the tickets after purchase to your apple wallet and use at the theater. Choosing a movie and seats were also very easy tasks. In theater dinning was a snap with the app. View all food and drink menu options before you go or during your movie right from your phone.
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5 years ago, TunaE
Latest update and can't buy tickets
Latest update yesterday downloaded, and now the credit card transactions don't go through! It goes all the way to accepting a card from the digital wallet, and then says something about an empty null string in the transaction, and error. In other words: Can't buy a ticket! I kept trying for an hour! Tried to enter a card number from scratch, too. And while doing that, the keyboard doesn't have a "Done" button, so the SUBMIT button cannot be seen and clicked on after entering the data because the keyboard cannot be dismissed to uncover SUBMIT (I'm using Google's GBoard with it's swipe and AI instead of the vanilla iPhone keyboard). Hah! Plus, after updating the app, it lost my previously saved login info and I had to login again. Use TouchID/FaceID, please. I'm not even going to go into the slowness of the entire app between every screen change even though I'm on on a 400Mbps/10Mbps down/up Comcast network. Very discouraging to use...
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8 years ago, Rene' iTouch
Worse update ever
Like some other updates, it's logs you out from the previous version. As for this one, this page is larger (which is good) however, they took away the quantity and choice of seat type selection section from the top of the page away. So now when you choose your seat, not seats, it asks what is your payment method. Unknowingly, it bought my first "tickets", one at a time. After the 2nd purchase, I realized that you can/have to scroll down the page to select more seats. As for payment options (in the last version), if you had more than one card on file (like me) you could choose which one to use. This version has taken that away. Your card options are still saved in your settings, but option to select in the payment section is gone. Again, awful update!! Thou, I'm still a big fan of the theater!! Please, fix this update!!!!!
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2 years ago, _finack
Bugs galore!
When I use Apple Pay, it says my card is declined. I use Apple Pay all the time, including with this card and I've never had a decline issue before. When I try to add my card directly in the app's payment methods, it said it experienced "an unexpected error." I got past this by entering just my house number instead of my full street address (bizarre, but I've seen this before elsewhere). When using the same card I tried with Apple Pay, it works fine, no decline. Directly after booking, there is an option to add to Apple Wallet; however, selecting this option results in another "unexpected error". Going to Home and then to the booking doesn't show the option to add to Apple Wallet, so basically that feature doesn't work at all. They need to either fix the broken functionality or temporarily remove it.
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2 years ago, BenderBendingRodriguezSr
Updates can be bad
App used to work well since update which looks slightly better it’s BUGGY!! In the “one” reservation I made I hade to do it 4 times first time it declined my card, didn’t change anything ran again and charged me but didn’t book reservation, same thing in time 3. Attempt 4 booked and charged but when attempting to add to wallet nope that gives internal application failure. Sooooo can’t say I would recommend the current version to anyone. Hopefully web site version works better.
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5 years ago, Chris3507brown
Don’t use this app. Just use website
This app is horrendous. After clicking on and viewing a movie, there is no ‘back’ button to return to all movies. I needed to close the app and re-open. EVEN WORSE, I wasn’t able to complete the transaction when I finally found the showtime I wanted. After I input my credit card number, expiration and CVV, there was no button to complete transaction or proceed to next screen. Absolutely terrible app. These developers failed to create an even usable app. This is not a matter of personal preference, this app is just not functional to complete the objective it was created for...to book a movie ticket. Not worth the download...just book the ticket online!
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7 years ago, Money John
Improvement for app
Dear iPic, Please either make an iPad version of your app or do the following to help your app become better: 1. Enable Touch ID so that logging in would be easier than having to enter login information each time. 2. Incorporate Apple Pay so that tickets can be purchased via Apple Pay directly instead of having to enter all your payment information each time or that customers can feel safer knowing they can use Apple Pay for payment instead of having to save payment information in the app. 3. Enable portrait and landscape mode for the app. When I use the app on my iPad and happen to have my iPad on a keyboard I have to disconnect my iPad in order to view the information on the screen. Would be nice if the app recognized this and would automatically switch between portrait and landscape view. Those are it for now. I will post more things as I can think of them. If these features I mentioned are already available by the time this review is written then please ignore. Thank you.
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12 years ago, Jazy Lady76
Works just fine for me
Not sure what all the fuss is about. The app worked just done for me. It did say that I didn't select enough seats but I changed the time and it worked just fine. So maybe it's saying that because that particular time is sold out and no seats available. Yes, it would be simple if it just said that but sometimes common sense is useful too! App works just fine. And I was able to put in my member info to get the discount when purchasing. Sorry EVERYONE else is having trouble.
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5 years ago, blyat control
Needs to be fixed ASAP
The app will not let you use redeemable tickets. It will freeze up in the middle of a transaction. It wont show your future bookings at most times. Way too many flaws with the app. Its more of a headache than a convenience. Make it easier on yourself and either call in and confirm seats, go on their website or even stop in and get seats before your showtime. I have about 20 redeemable tickets. The app wont let me access any on movies that are available for it. The only reason i still go to ipic is because of the great service/ food itself. This app gets me so annoyed at times might as well go to the local theatre with bed bugs
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3 years ago, Elayna11
Ups and Downs
On good note, it's nice to purchase tickets and know your seats in advance. Unfortunately, this process doesn't always work out as expected. I'd like clarification why entire theater is booked/sold out except for first two rows. When addressing this issue at theater in person, seats are saved for walk-in customers. No benefit or preferential seating through app renders it useless. If I can secure better seat in person then I'm not going to use this App. Maybe in future, improvements will be made?
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6 years ago, 2001 BANGER
What happened?
First it was the loading issue and there were two updates to correct that. Now, when you try to select seats, it allows you to select one but not the second. It keeps saying select the adjoining seat? That typically means the seat right next to your first selection! I don’t know what happened but this app used to be fantastic, now I hate to even access it. It also shows duplicative reservations. Come on iPIC, you are much better than this, not sure if your developer went on vacation, if so, he needs to return ASAP!
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5 years ago, Son Of Paris
App needs fixing.....:-(
.....The app has a few glitches that are annoying, like one in particular is; why can’t you upgrade your status from silver to gold by paying for the membership upgrade in app? You have to start a whole new account to do so, then you can’t use your same email....🤦🏽‍♂️ And!!!! It moves slow, doesn’t transition from page to page seamlessly, and why does it keep send me to the website instead of allowing me to just do everything in the app?
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11 years ago, Civic_Si
Great theater!!! / App crashes sometimes
I luv iPic theaters (in Redmond, WA) - its perfect for those long blockbuster movies. Premium Plus seating is awesome! Seats are on incline so views are great (no worries about head obstruction in front). Food is tasty (little pricy, but expected) and service was great. After going here, I don't think I can go back to the normal theaters. As for App, I would agree has some bugs. It works fine at first and then next time it doesn't let you purchase tickets. Solution, I just deleted App and then re-download then it fine.
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2 years ago, Lettidkcir
Waste of time
For one thing a few weeks ago we bought tickets through the app on a Wednesday for a movie on Saturday. I tested positive for covid on Thursday. We canceled our tickets through the app and received a confirmation stating that our cc would receive a refund. Never did…. Just so happens that we tried to use the app again, I put all of our information in including cc information we got an alert from cc company confirming the change. Then I got an alert from IPIC saying the card was declined. Horrible way to do business.
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6 years ago, Andalusiana
This app is so frustrating to use. You can select your movie and payment and then when you try to submit, there is ALWAYS some problem that won't allow the payment to go through. And it's not only the app, their mobile site is pretty rubbish also. It only worked twice for me. I've been trying to purchase tickets for the weekend and the same error keeps happening. It's like they don't want my money! I've tried emailing them and they said to show up to two business days to answer. Been waiting a week now...
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1 year ago, justsosilly
Great theater, bad app
Love the iPic theater experience, but wish the app experience were anywhere close to enjoyable. It tends to be buggy and obviously not well tested, with updates typically breaking more than they add or fix. The latest update breaks Apple Pay functionality, which is a primary reason for tolerating the app - the purchase process is so streamlined when I don’t have to deal with the poor CC entry UX. Get your act together.
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12 months ago, AppleIsGettingOnMyLastNerve
Apple Pay no longer working
My friends and I have purchased tickets many times through the app, and have always used Apple Pay for the payment. However now, even though Apple Pay is available as a payment option it displays the message “Apple Pay is not available for ‘IPIC Theaters’”. Not sure why this is happening but since it’s an option in the app, it should be working. Apple Pay is more secure then entering credit card data into multiple sites.
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5 years ago, Jennybelly6996
Loving the recent update
The recent update has dramatically improved the user experience in terms of ease of use, speed, and visual appeal. It’s easy to find the movies that are showing at each location as well as their showtimes. And booking tickets via the app simplifies my trip to the movies tenfold! All about it! Thank you!
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11 years ago, DJ Kurk
Awesome Cinema App! I Highly Reccomend
Very thought out app for a Cinema! On the iPhones version you can see what seats are still available from any showtime and preview what seats are still available, Premium Plus & Premium are both shown! The app never crashed for me but if that happens, task manager > End app > restart. Once again I recommend! I promise.
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8 years ago, AUS_Todd
Add to Wallet feature broken
From the past reviews, it looks like this has been broken for about 6 months. I guess the developer isn't updating the app and the iPic management isn't aware of how annoying it is to customers. I love the theatre and the experience. They seem to think of everything at the theatre to make your experience well worth the money. It seems like they could make an effort to fix this bug.
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12 years ago, Argggggggh!
So surprised that this App is SO HORRIBLE when the theater experience is SO FANTASTIC!!! Use this app only to see movies/times. FULL website experience is SO MUCH better more infor, menus etc. than this pathetic App. Kicks you out to the "beginning" (choose theater location) when seats you choice (i.e. premier seats) are not available cant the system say seats chosen are not available or number of seats chosen for category chosen is not available and put you back to seat choice? 👎👎👎 Please fix and match app experience to the fantastic theater experience no other theater can match!!!!
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2 years ago, RGStacksz
This app is HORRIBLE
There’s no type of synchronization that takes place when you purchase a set of tickets on the fly. Meaning that if I forget to sign in, BUT I use the email that my account is linked to purchase a set of tickets those tickets I purchased won’t populate up when I log in through the app. It just says “No Upcoming Bookings”. How sway? HOW?! Let alone I can’t even add the tickets to the wallet on my iPhone because there’s no link within the confirmation email allowing me to do that.
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8 years ago, SherZ3
UPDATE - they fixed what broke/bricked the app
Uninstalled and reinstalled the app on Sept 2 and it now works again. Previously - the Aug. 25, 2016 update broke the app. It wouldn't open to anything other than a small ipic logo in the upper left hand corner, and the rest was blank. Glad to see they fixed the issue. After the reinstall a week later, it works again. 😀
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11 years ago, Joanne Toll
Works exactly as you would expect except for notifications
The application lets you quickly book tickets and check show times. The only issue is that it continually reminds you that you are near ipic when you are nearby. That is handy, but it won't stop doing that when you are actually in the theater. The result is you keep getting notifications during your movie.
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5 years ago, christine4prez
Haven’t been able to book tickets
Im a “platinum elite” member and never had an issue up until recently. I can’t book tickets on the app. The desktop application also doesn’t work. Both the website and app give me an error at checkout. I had to call the theater itself and was able to book only by giving him my credit card information over the phone. The point of an app is to eliminate this inefficiency! Hasn’t been fixed. Clearly have incompetent developers working for them.
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5 years ago, Unhappy With Ipic
Trying to login and app constantly crashes when going to the account tab. Have deleted, restarted phone, etc and no luck. A few months ago had issues with trying to buy tickets on app and credit card but kept failing. I would assume a place that wants to be a premium venue, would have a premium app that could at least function on a basic level and not crash constantly. We live in a digital age, get with the times and fix your app.
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12 years ago, joshuahardee
App works great! Try restarting ur phone
App works great for me. iPhone 4s 5.1.1... Some apps work great after downloading.. Most require a phone restart to function properly. Just try restarting your iPhone and everything should work properly. That's what I did and havent had any problems.
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2 years ago, Kyrasweep
Too much work to find a seat
There don’t appear to be any filters. So it takes way too long to find the seat you seek. The user has to painstakingly go through every showing on every date in order to find a premium seat - rather than just have a filter that shows the user when those seats are available allowing user to choose a date and time - rather than the time-consuming current system.
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5 years ago, Miagow
Why can’t I change my password
I love iPic don’t get me wrong, but when I try to change my password it keeps looping me around in a cycle. It first says please enter email. I do. Then go to my email and click reset password. I do. Then it directs me to the app and makes me confirm location. I do. Then it takes me to the reset page again and makes me do everything over again. Help!
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12 years ago, ATPinc
Decent App
Decent for would it needs to do. Here's what I think you need to change, and hopefully you take the criticism well, since we love coming to the theatre. - If I have one favorite theatre selected, it should just open that view immediately. - After choosing a time, on the screen to select # of seats, add in a current status of available seats. To prevent the ugly error mentioned below - If I choose a theatre/time/number of seats... don't show an error if those seats are unavailable and then take me all the way back to the theatre the theatre selection. - Also, pull my saves credit card from my web profile. I shouldn't need to type in my info for every purchase.
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5 years ago, MarlaE
No actual features except ordering tickets
You can’t autofill any fields when registering. You can’t add existing tickets to the app. You can’t order any food items (even though the headline on the menu screen is “Order ahead”). You can’t upgrade your membership. And you sure can’t use it if you’re in a hurry. You can buy tickets, so there’s that, but the interface is more style than substance.
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8 years ago, TexasMarine
Great when it works
The is app is great when it works. I'm going to keep it as simple as I can on this review. The date slider has a nasty habit of not showing up. That's fine if I wanted to go to the movies tonight but what about the next day. No date slider = no other dates can be selected. Why offer an app if I have to go the website to do anything else? Developers, fix this glitch. Please. I love the theater.
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7 years ago, gnhines72
Crashing on iPhone X
I love the iPic brand and the experience. I like the app too. However, since moving to the iPhone X and iOS 11, the app crashes within one second of opening it. I have power cycled the iPhone several times and checked for iPic updates for the app, but nothing is working. Please check into the app working on the iPhone X and the latest version of iOS.
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5 years ago, POPE2.0
Very Unsatisfied With The Changes To APP
I have been with IPIC as a Gold Member for 7 years.... They recently upgraded the theatre in Austin and the unhappiness with service is another story to be had on Yelp, but NOW, they go and change the APP 😡😡😡 For the first month it kept bringing up Houston... I’m in Austin, it runs so freaking turtle time slow it’s infuriating, even the website itself is ridiculously slow... I shall never understand why companies make these inconvenient decisions... the old app was perfectly fine 😒
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3 years ago, seephas
One Change On The App - Featured Food and Drinks
I would love to order my food and drinks ahead of time. I would if I new what the monthly features were before I got to the theater. If you could somehow show that on the app an allow me to order the monthly features before hand that would be a big improvement!
Show more
5 years ago, AppLover76500
Disappointed with New App
I preferred the old app but can get used to anything...except for an app that doesn’t work! I was able to book one time since the change and am now getting the error message that an “internal application error occurred please, try again”. Needless to say this is more than a disappointment, it’s downright frustrating. Please fix this...or go back to the prior version, I never had a problem booking through that app...and I’ve booked a lot.
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2 years ago, GahGah82
Adding Tix to Apple Wallet NEVER works
Can someone please fix this issue? It’s extremely frustrating to purchase tickets and have to search my email for the barcode because of an “internal application error” whenever I try to add my tickets to my Apple wallet. Ipic Is too expensive to have this type of absurd bug.
Show more
2 years ago, laetiziaa
If you have a problem, be sure you will not be able to reach customer service. I made a reservation in IPIC boca raton, payment went though but no e-mail, no reservation number, no up coming reservation in my application. I tried and tried to reach the customer service but … no answer, only voicemail, I sent 4 e-mails , no one took time to call me back … this is ridiculous, horrible, very very disappointed.
Show more
8 years ago, reelgrim
Won't see a movie any other way!
I find myself going to see movies much more often now that I get such a great experience. The food is awesome and the price is very fair. Once you start going to iPic you won't settle for anything less.
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