IPIC Theatres

1.9 (143)
41.8 MB
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Current version
iPic-Gold Class Entertainment, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for IPIC Theatres

1.87 out of 5
143 Ratings
1 year ago, BenderBendingRodriguezSr
Updates can be bad
App used to work well since update which looks slightly better it’s BUGGY!! In the “one” reservation I made I hade to do it 4 times first time it declined my card, didn’t change anything ran again and charged me but didn’t book reservation, same thing in time 3. Attempt 4 booked and charged but when attempting to add to wallet nope that gives internal application failure. Sooooo can’t say I would recommend the current version to anyone. Hopefully web site version works better.
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1 year ago, _finack
Bugs galore!
When I use Apple Pay, it says my card is declined. I use Apple Pay all the time, including with this card and I've never had a decline issue before. When I try to add my card directly in the app's payment methods, it said it experienced "an unexpected error." I got past this by entering just my house number instead of my full street address (bizarre, but I've seen this before elsewhere). When using the same card I tried with Apple Pay, it works fine, no decline. Directly after booking, there is an option to add to Apple Wallet; however, selecting this option results in another "unexpected error". Going to Home and then to the booking doesn't show the option to add to Apple Wallet, so basically that feature doesn't work at all. They need to either fix the broken functionality or temporarily remove it.
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2 years ago, Elayna11
Ups and Downs
On good note, it's nice to purchase tickets and know your seats in advance. Unfortunately, this process doesn't always work out as expected. I'd like clarification why entire theater is booked/sold out except for first two rows. When addressing this issue at theater in person, seats are saved for walk-in customers. No benefit or preferential seating through app renders it useless. If I can secure better seat in person then I'm not going to use this App. Maybe in future, improvements will be made?
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3 months ago, justsosilly
Great theater, bad app
Love the iPic theater experience, but wish the app experience were anywhere close to enjoyable. It tends to be buggy and obviously not well tested, with updates typically breaking more than they add or fix. The latest update breaks Apple Pay functionality, which is a primary reason for tolerating the app - the purchase process is so streamlined when I don’t have to deal with the poor CC entry UX. Get your act together.
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9 months ago, Lettidkcir
Waste of time
For one thing a few weeks ago we bought tickets through the app on a Wednesday for a movie on Saturday. I tested positive for covid on Thursday. We canceled our tickets through the app and received a confirmation stating that our cc would receive a refund. Never did…. Just so happens that we tried to use the app again, I put all of our information in including cc information we got an alert from cc company confirming the change. Then I got an alert from IPIC saying the card was declined. Horrible way to do business.
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2 months ago, AppleIsGettingOnMyLastNerve
Apple Pay no longer working
My friends and I have purchased tickets many times through the app, and have always used Apple Pay for the payment. However now, even though Apple Pay is available as a payment option it displays the message “Apple Pay is not available for ‘IPIC Theaters’”. Not sure why this is happening but since it’s an option in the app, it should be working. Apple Pay is more secure then entering credit card data into multiple sites.
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2 years ago, Sonniphia
Cannot upgrade/purchase ticket
Please fix your app. It’s been going on since last years 2020 until now. I have to call in every time to purchase my ticket. It like having an IPIC app pointless. It’s no point having the IPIC app. IPIC app does not come in handy. I have to re-think about up grading my membership. Since the app itself pointless and useless. I never seen any app like this ever?! Hopefully make some progress after reading my review. Technology suppose to grow not like this?! Take care and good luck.
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1 year ago, RGStacksz
This app is HORRIBLE
There’s no type of synchronization that takes place when you purchase a set of tickets on the fly. Meaning that if I forget to sign in, BUT I use the email that my account is linked to purchase a set of tickets those tickets I purchased won’t populate up when I log in through the app. It just says “No Upcoming Bookings”. How sway? HOW?! Let alone I can’t even add the tickets to the wallet on my iPhone because there’s no link within the confirmation email allowing me to do that.
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1 year ago, Kyrasweep
Too much work to find a seat
There don’t appear to be any filters. So it takes way too long to find the seat you seek. The user has to painstakingly go through every showing on every date in order to find a premium seat - rather than just have a filter that shows the user when those seats are available allowing user to choose a date and time - rather than the time-consuming current system.
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1 year ago, elbita
can't send a message
Will not send a message. Keeps stating that it must be 250 characters or less.. And it is. No weird characters but states that Allowed character are…. and never shows what the allowed characters are. Extremely frustrating.
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1 year ago, GahGah82
Adding Tix to Apple Wallet NEVER works
Can someone please fix this issue? It’s extremely frustrating to purchase tickets and have to search my email for the barcode because of an “internal application error” whenever I try to add my tickets to my Apple wallet. Ipic Is too expensive to have this type of absurd bug.
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1 year ago, laetiziaa
If you have a problem, be sure you will not be able to reach customer service. I made a reservation in IPIC boca raton, payment went though but no e-mail, no reservation number, no up coming reservation in my application. I tried and tried to reach the customer service but … no answer, only voicemail, I sent 4 e-mails , no one took time to call me back … this is ridiculous, horrible, very very disappointed.
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3 months ago, MavisLW
$75 deposit
If you’re not ordering at lease $55, I would not order anything, my card was charged $75. Still waiting for my change! My bill was $34.
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11 months ago, Zeph1234
Had to order my tickets online
Tried using the app to order tickets for the very first time since I’ve downloaded the app. Seats were available at the time I made my selection. It was a glitch in the app. Tried to do it several more times and it wouldn’t confirm. I decided to go on the web to purchase and by then my seats were taken 😤
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2 years ago, Tom0355
Need more information
Need a section they states what the benefits are with different memberships and also how you receive points and what is needed to redeem or how to redeem. It says there is a Reward ticket but have not idea that that is.
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5 months ago, CB.i
Faulty System
Terrible tech. It can’t accept updates to your account outside of the account area. So I get to payment and it doesn’t accept the payment on file but it won’t let me add a new payment there. I have to LOSE MY SEATS by going out and back in after entering new payment info. Plus it redeemed my free ticket voucher then it cancelled with the seats.
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10 months ago, eiciensoxbwoavwocbwosb
App is horrible
IPIC app does not allow you to use Apple Pay (errors out). IPIC app does not allow you to use points and credit card payment simultaneously (errors out). IPIC app states it sends confirmation to phone number provided but confirmation never arrives. IPIC app does not match what appears on IPIC website (website shows less available seats).
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1 year ago, A Concerned Consumer :)
Needs Update
First off there’s a lot that can be fixed on the app. 1. If I purchase a booking and later create an account I should have the option to add that booking especially if I’m using the same email . It should sync in which it doesn’t. 2. Second when creating a membership, it shows the expiration for the same day is created which makes no sense. 3. Dining feature just shows me Menu , an option to order directly from the app makes more sense. I’ll stop there but yeah these are basic things that should be common sense aren’t.
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6 months ago, jaredmelly
I’ve booked a few times without a problem. Ever since they “updated” their app, it’s been a hassle trying to secure seats with the payment going through.
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1 year ago, Katieegallardo
The app is so awesome! I can pay my checks and do everything w this app!
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2 years ago, ig _kidbehindthecamera
Missing Booking
Not sure what’s going on here I have a confirmation of my booking in my email but there’s nothing listed in the upcoming booking section. My log in hasn’t changed. This app is very buggy.
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11 months ago, Hnidao
Superior Service
The most outstanding Theater Service.
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1 month ago, scrawford43
The app will not except any payment methods
This app used to accept all platforms of payment, including Apple Pay and credit cards. But it no longer excepts. I have to call the theater to get tickets are used to work fine I don’t know what happened
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SERIOUSLY all I can say is WOW! This app is easy to use and always works when I need it - no worries your movie seat is safe!
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2 months ago, ACJ.Jones
No feature to add future/past bookings to account
I’ve booked CREED III and Barbie and neither showed up as a booking on my account, and I’m highly disappointed that there’s no option to manually add them.
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12 months ago, Aussie1409
Unresponsive App
Tapping and tapping to get the app to be responsive to the information I’m entering. Most of the time it’s a game of beat the clock. If I lose, I have to start all over with the same frustration of trying to get the app to accept my information. Please update this.
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2 years ago, Jupiter_Sun
As of 12/21, this app doesn't work when trying to sign up for gold membership; it says the app is suffering an internal error. iOS and app versions are current, connection is stable. Devs: this is basic stuff, get your app to do it's essential functions.
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1 year ago, garvin0201
Not functional
Could not pay for dining. Did not get my credit for movie or dining. No credit towards my membership.
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6 months ago, Chavelle
Slow and inconsistent
Allows purchases and never sends receipt or save under account
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1 year ago, Photo Books Bust
Worst experience
Arrived early as requested and waited for over an hour to eat. The meal, once it finally came was not buttermilk chicken but chicken tenders. If it’s chicken tenders I wanted, I would have ordered fast food instead of waiting at what I thought was a top of the line facility. I will not return to IPIC.
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11 months ago, Chanelle018
App does not sync with purchase
Whenever i buy tickets without using the app, even if i use my email and same info it does not sync with the app. Useless. Update 1 year later. Still the same.
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3 months ago, AHumanEnigma
Needs some work…
App gives you the option to use Apple Pay but gives an error when you try to use that pmt method. Also, doesn’t use facial recognition for logging in 🫤.
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7 months ago, Hyper kitty
Works but does not retain login
The app does not retain login and then will not allow login at booking. The other functionality works great
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10 months ago, Dir MarKeith Scott
It doesn’t make sense that a person can pull up a reservation with the booking ID on the app. The email confirmation won’t let you add tickets to your wallet. The website and app should be in sync.
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2 years ago, fisetS
No communication
I purchased tickets. My card has been charged but I have no confirmation number, email, or tickets. I wrote on the app, says a couple days for a reply and then nobody picks up the phone.
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12 months ago, JOINOZ11
Shows available but cannot book
Shows available seats but cannot book. Error message “seat not available”
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1 year ago, ArdenCJ
App needs a lot of work
Not user friendly. Nothing is defined. What is a Reward ticket? My theater play special movies on Sunday that are never listed. The app looks good at first but fails.
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2 months ago, JHasibar
iPic App
The app doesn’t sync with online reservations unless you do it directly through the app.
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1 year ago, dumbnicckname
Trash app. Doesn’t work. Contact us section just keeps saying “allowed characters are…” and never sends the message. And when you call them they don’t answer
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1 year ago, That-_-Guy
Love the theatre BUT
The app has to be worked on. I cannot add my tickets to Apple Wallet anymore. App keeps logging me out. Every time I open the app I need to sign back in.
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3 months ago, B.J.A.K.
How you go…
Ask me if I want to use Apple Pay and then say Apple Pay doesn’t work with the app??? 🙄
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2 years ago, Twhittridge
Doesn’t work where it counts Can’t change credit card feature Confusing
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2 years ago, SUICIDE-USMC
Apple Should Pull This App Off of the App Store
I’m not sure what’s wrong with the IT department constructing this app; but my opinion is you should either fire the employees or hire a new outsource company. This app is absolutely useless.
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12 months ago, DRAMMAFREE247
Don’t work if I could give it a zero I would and the customer service is the worst
They do not answer the phone
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2 years ago, abckkmia
Error messages all the time
I couldn’t add my card. I couldn’t click on a particular movie. And other bugs.
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9 months ago, michael_renna_sr
Not good it tell you phone number already on account did nothing
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1 year ago, chris1pr
Ipic app needs a major upgrade overall
Not clear in a lot of functions You cant send tix to apple wallet Just not very friendly
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1 year ago, nah a have
Takes money!
App took SO much money from me and kept saying my card was declined. 0/10 would not use
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4 months ago, Dallas Foodie 1000
App is terrible
I can’t see all movies for upcoming weekend and I am a good member. I can’t send a request for help as the app will not work. Who programmed this terrible app?
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12 months ago, Intntltrav
Won’t take any card as payment. Error every time.
Can’t book anything.
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