4.4 (1.5K)
116.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bending X - FZE
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for IPTVX

4.44 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
7 months ago, ArmandWelsh
Best app for those that want EPG
The video start playing quickly, and th eoverall interface is the most intuitive of the offerings in the app store. The only problems I have are that the main screen is very slow, and unresponsive when selecting a playlisst, and the parental controls only prevent watching the content, but it does not hide the channel list. If you assigne parental controls on a channel, it should require the pin the view the EPG too. Finally, it needs a couple features added to make this perfect. 1) Provide ability to auto-select a playlist on launch. 2) Allow background update of playlist, relying on the localy cached content to enter the playlist immediately, to make the app instantly responsive. 3) Remove the purchase menu item once a purchase is activated. 4) Allow selecting a default channel for the guide. I don't want to see all the adult channels added to the playlist when I enter the guide. this goes back to adult controls. 5) Fast playlist switching. I use an m3u editor to create personal playlists for each member of the family. This enables us to filter out content we dont' want, and to track favorites and watch history seperately. Fast playlist switching could be achieved with the back-group update option by not having to waith for loading screen to initialize, and then the playlist to update.
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1 year ago, KyleNAP
The quintessential IPTV client for Apple TV .
This is a great app. The interface looks “familiar” of another very popular app if you get my drift . Wink wink… Dear developers: can you show me how to change the EPG on tvOS to where the channel in the preview windows remains on the channel you were on when you pull up the guide? I have tried adjusting settings and can’t figure it out. I either get no preview window at all … OR the preview window will change the channel to whatever channel I have highlighted on the guide. My OCD really hates this. When I had cable, the EPG would keep the preview locked on the channel were originally on. Please help! Other than this quirk , this is a great app. Even if I am not nuts about the “subscription” aka app as a service and not a good model. I just bought a one month subscription but I’ll probably end up going lifetime on the Apple TV… but I love being able to add playlists on the phone app and the tv app just auto updating. Much easier to use.
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3 years ago, king oxe
Best IPTV player just multicast missing
This is definitely the best IPTV player . The only thing missing is the option to play multiple channels at the same time . The (multicast ) Function which I use a lot to stream two channels at the same time while live football games are on . That’s why I’m not giving a 5 star now . Most people find the split screen very useful especially the sport lovers . Every other thing is perfect .
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1 year ago, Jon_Liv_Seagull
Basic version is worthless. Premium version too expensive. Questionable advertising
Looking at the Basic vs Premium comparison, you’d think that you have to wait a few seconds on every channel change for the watermark to disappear. In reality, you cannot watch a channel for more than 1-2 minutes without the in-app-purchase pop-up, which you cannot close without closing out of the channel. And then you can click and watch the channel again for 2 more minutes before repeating the same process again. IMO, this renders the app useless. Shame, since I liked the app and its organization. I don’t know if this a bug in this version, because I honestly cannot envision anyone using the basic version with this limitation. The premium version which is a periodic subscription, is too expensive for an IPTV app(a hefty percentage of what I’m paying for the actual service). My final bone of contention is with the advertising/App description. I would not have wasted my time and effort if I had known this limitation with the basic version. Will stick with my GSE player for the time being.
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1 year ago, MattyCabie
Works well across iOS devices
Works well on iPhone, iPad, and AppleTV. Favorites save across the devices, which is huge. But the EPG search feature is what truly sets it apart. If you aren’t sure which channel the program is on that you want to watch, it’s crucial to be able to search the title and find channel options. There does seem to be an occasional buffering issue, where the stream drops instead of trying to continue buffering and automatically reconnect, so hope that continues to get addressed (as it actually has improved over time/updates). But some of that could be the source, RAM, etc. Overall it’s the best app for iOS products especially if you have multiple
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2 months ago, JimmySoftball
Great app
Absolutely love this app. Definitely the best IPTV app for iOS and tvOS. One complaint about its most amazing feature - multi screen. If I have multiple screens but want to maximize one screen for a bit, when I “minimize” to go back into multi screen mode, the other screens have been “paused” throughout this duration and now they’re not “live” and there’s no good way to get them live without having to change the channel back and forth. This is most frustrating while watching multiple sporting events. If this is an “intentional” feature can you either make it configurable or add a “go to live” option?
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4 years ago, Panja70
App crash
Since the update app crash on me can’t watch more then 3/4 min and app put to sleep mode I have to wake up and with a remote and then freezes please fix it or give me idea what I do I paid for this app 36$ because of the mess between full and full pro version first i by Full then after app crash that day my Daughter subscribe on Full pro then Apple charge me twice I seek refund they refund me for full version and cancel my subscription 😂 I try fix it but they said I have to contact app developer for that which I did and never have email back from him so I buy again full version third time and now this I love this app don’t get me wrong it’s a best app for IOS but be careful with you purchase
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2 years ago, ajimzam
Works… but it’s corrupting my playlist
UI is nice, and I started using it because of it and the fact that I can sync my Apple devices, except for my iMac. But then it stopped working after a while when it wasn’t loading my content anymore. The only way I can fix it is by deleting my profile and creating a new one again, which will cause my favorites to be gone. App support is really bureaucratic, Telegram chat can’t be used for help. This wasn’t happening with the other app I was using so I’m going back to it and dropping IPTVX.
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1 year ago, Tymanbrew
Best IPTV App!
I can barely keep up with how many updates this app gets on a weekly basis, the developer is extremely quick to resolve issues and is always adding news features. This is super super rare in the IPTV space on the App Store, huge thanks to the dev. Request idea: Background app refresh where the system auto requests the channel data nightly at a specified time so no one has to wait with the progress bar ever again
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2 years ago, Webguynj
Horrible support and worthless.
This app worked flawlessly for a year. After a recent update, it has thrown an iCloud error every time I launch the application. I my iCloud backup and files apps work fine. The developer insists it’s an iCloud issue and asked that I reset iCloud and reboot phone. I followed these instructions and the errors will not go away. The only way to use the app is to re-enter subscription details every time I launch the app. This makes the application useless as it will not work without iCloud and the app is saying there’s a problem that I can’t see with any other Apple application.
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2 years ago, Ninasplace1
I hate this app
I have never purchased a service and downloaded the app to use the service online to find out that the basic service has an ad that keeps popping up because you need to purchase the premium app in order to use the service that you purchased. I hate xterm for not being transparent on the site when I bought the steaming package. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. It took me 4 days of open tickets to get them to downgrade my service because I refuse to upgrade the app to use the service on the devices . It’s ashamed that I feel like they were trying to grift me. 🤬
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2 months ago, DeClue
Best iptv app
Great app, first thing I would like to mention is the layout is exactly what I was looking for and the control over the channel list is top notch and easy to control.. This app has a lot of options other apps fall short on. The second is the developer is always improving and making it better and if there is a genuine problem they are on top of it.
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4 months ago, Allonsy Alanso
Can’t buy.
You can’t buy a license for the this app its a subscription module. This is too greedy for an app like this in my opinion. Not like I can make money off of this in anyway, so charge a flat rate. All the other IPTV apps cost 25 dollars and this one should be around that. But for 10 bucks a month just to watch channels I already pay for. Pass on this one cause look… I’m not saying devs don’t deserve to be paid. But a subscription model on a niche M3u player? If it keeps happening it’s because we keep paying for and being part of the problem.
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2 years ago, Zatch952
No response on issues
The app could be perfect if everything was working: I purchased the Full version. The language and subtitles option are working on the iphone app but not on the apple tv. I read several comment saying that the app was crashing. I saw many times the developper answering that the problem is fixed but it is not. I added a secomd playlist but i cannot select the one i want. More important, i emailed to the “bug” email and i sent a tweet 2 days ago but except a confirmation of email received, nobody followed up so far :(
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2 years ago, iLet’s
#update# Unhappy and don’t purchase
#update 1# I changed my review stars from 1 to 4 as somehow after updating the app seems working till this update and will update again if otherwise! # Not working at all … it’s keeping loading loading even though having high speed line and pay for the subscription model…. Really disappointed
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8 months ago, Carbonbreath
It still crashes.
I’ve notice that Apple removed my previous review. IPTVX crashes to fixed screen non responsive. App locks up badly I have to unplug AppleTV. It’s very buggy and yet developers continue adding features without correcting problems. In my opinion, very bad memory leaks. Apple support had me to reinstall OS but to no avail. However, no other IPTV player does this but I must admit all other IPTV players are ugly and most are abandon-never updated. I give 2 stars to this developer because his committed updating/ adding new features with some fixes.
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4 years ago, Jugatx_
Finally a nice and functional iptv app
This and iplaytv are the best in interface. I chose this one because I liked the interface and I see that the developer is constantly updating it. I thought a lot about whether to subscribe or just pay for it. after a lot of searching I see that the iptv apps are poor and ugly. I hope to help and, that the developer will improve his app much more, like the covers (posters).
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3 years ago, rgilkes
Buffering on AppleTV
Visually, this app is great and far better than others available for AppleTV. Unfortunately, on AppleTV it constantly buffers, loses audio or playback freezes and the only way to resume normal playback is going to another channel and back. I have confirmed it is not my connection or provider, as these issues do not occur with other apps. Even on the IPTVX iPad app, these issues do not occur (further confirming it is not connection or provider). I have tried to reach out via email and Twitter for support and received no response.
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4 months ago, CPUjohn
IPTVx not worth the price increase !
I have been using the IPTVx app via an Apple TV subscription for the past year, with a customizable guide, however, upon getting a notice of a subscription increase form $32 to $38 per year (month to month), I started looking for other players with a good UI, and now I found that I can get better players with less freezing/buffering issues, for less than 1/3rd of what I was paying, with easier support (email, not discord). I would not have switched, but they got too greedy.
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1 year ago, Rare_Wolf
Recent updates are rendering the app less functional
The recent updates have taken away “side swipe to change channel” or advance/rewind. The side swipe feature is no longer useful with the current version. Also, loading/downloading settings takes awful long. It takes annoyingly long to load and then times out. Please fix this ASAP. I had to come back and remove an extra star just because if hire scouting this app has become since the recent updates.
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2 years ago, The Somali King
Very Good
This app is very good once your playlist is uploaded. The only issue is that it takes about 30-60 seconds to open the app (playlist reloading). Once it’s uploaded, the app works great without any issues. It’s very organized and well updated through out the year. I have had for a year now and I just re-subscribed. Keep up the good work. A+++
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4 years ago, Abu Shiraz
Playlist Locked
Hello Matteo, The App design is very cool and smooth and it’s way better than any other one I tested before. I’ve a complaint though and I hope you’ll resolve the problem. I purchased the PRO TV version of IPTVX and it works perfectly. When I renewed my subscription I added an new playlist and I deleted the previous one instead of editing it. Now my playlist is locked and I’m asked to purchase the FULL TV version to use more than one playlist... The program should allow users to unlock a new playlist after deleted and old one within the PRO TV. It’s unfair to ask for FULL TV subscription if we finally use one playlist! Is there anyway to reset it ?
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5 years ago, fahrif
Why a 3 Stars only
This app deserves a 5 stars for its excellent functionality, but it does not allow you to add more than 2 m3u playlists, I’ve tried to add 3rd one 4 times to no avail, each time the app returns to the list of 2 playlist and the + sign to add a new one, the same playlist I’m trying to add is playing perfectly on my other Apple TV using the GSE app. So give us a way to add more playlists to your app (the description of the app in the Apple TV Appstore says it is a multi playlist app), and your app would be rated 5+ stars.
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2 years ago, rtowner
Multiple Streams
App UI is fantastic. The only feature keeping me from resubscribing is the lack of an option to have more than one stream going simultaneously. A lot of other apps have this functionality. Hoping this is something on the table for a future update. Until then, I will be using an app that allows this function.
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1 year ago, Kev-969
App Review
This is the best app out there and also had the best developer around, cause I had a problem with my subscription and he went above and beyond for me and I’m so thankful he did cause for me this is the only app you guys should ever get to use for IPTV subscription! And I just wanted to put this out there for everyone I am very greatful and happy
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2 years ago, Srjoe
AppleTv connection issues
Been having issues with Freezing and buffering only on Apple TV. Channels won’t stay connected for very long(if at all). I have multiple apps on Apple TV that don’t have this issue. Downloaded hoping TV Guide option would be better than the rest, that was true. Except now the actual connection is horrible. Tried multiple formats, no fix. Going back to bad guide much better connection. I personally don’t think it’s worth the money, but don’t take my word for it. Go ahead and waste some money yourself.
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9 months ago, Redskin65
Love It
This app was working beautifully! Now it is not recognizing my playlist and after update and uninstalling and re-installing info still getting unable to retrieve playlist error! Its not my playlist info because that is working fine in my tv’s. Please help … I want this working again so bad!
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4 years ago, Boulderrdash
Excellent Experience
I downloaded IPTVX on my iPhone 12, iPad Pro and AppleTVs and IPTVX works flawlessly across all of my devices. The app loads quick, updated with my settings and videos stream perfectly. The user experience is VERY polished with simple navigation that works and when searching for content......it’s easy to find & highly responsive. I highly recommend IPTVX!
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4 years ago, dgomezh3
Nice app
I have been looking for an app like this for Apple TV and IPhone for a looong time. Really excited to see where this app will end up, as there are new functionality being deploy weekly. Request: can we have the option to change the guide time zone so it matches? I see most channels programming shows one hour ahead of what is actually playing.
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1 year ago, 883 guy
What’s going on with this app?!
This has been best player available… so far. But since the most recent overhaul of the app, there has been a frustrating series of problems. Channels change on their own. There’s audio stream overlap with previously watched channels on the current channel. Xstream won’t play anymore, so that has left me with clunky m3u. Support also isn’t great, which is why I’m reaching out here. But up until now, it hadn’t been necessary. Fix this thing, please.
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4 years ago, Thestral33
Apple TV
Recently purchased subscription “pro” on Apple TV 4K, now the app opens and closes. I removed and reinstalled the app and restarted Apple TV and the app still just closes after opening it. This was a waste, no what do I do? Update: developer responded and stated an update was done, the app now works again. Thanks for the quick fix and prompt response.
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10 months ago, Miiitchb
Should be 1 time purchase app
I’m not going to pay a monthly subscription unless the IPTV service is provided.. a monthly subscription simply for a player is asinine. Having said that, this app is effectively unusable without paying to remove the pop ups and messages. Otherwise it has potential with a clean design. I would rebuild this app from the ground up to mimic Tivimate, charge one time fee of $50 and call it a day.
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4 years ago, ^!!
No idea why it has taken so long
No idea why it's taken so long for an IPTV player to arrive that ACTUALLY looks and does what the average person wants. This is the BEST IPTV app out there (review about version 10). Once the iPad and iPhone app are released it's a done deal! If you are looking for an IPTV solution that rivals the cable box experience this is the app for you. Once they sort out a better method of searching the TV guide it will be a rap. And no I don't know the developer nor have I been paid to say this. It's a real review from a real user with a real need. For IPTV to look and feel like cable TV.
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3 years ago, Mountain Maniac 9
No support
I would like the app but I can’t get support for restoring a purchased subscription. The only way I can get the app to work without the watermark is to subscribe again and pay for it again. Which then leaves the subscription billing me twice annually. I emailed the creator Matteo Gobbi himself... his response was less than helpful. I talk to Apple they say talk to Matteo. Matteo say ta;k to Apple.... really I paid, it plays but keeps asking me to pay again. After sending paid receipt and confirmed the purchase on the correct account.. I get no answer or reply been waiting weeks.
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3 years ago, Broman400
App works fantastic
App works for fantastic for its purpose and has the most beautiful and user friendly interface out of all iptv apps I’ve used from the app store. Had an issue with my playlist and developer promptly found the issue and fixed it in the app.
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3 years ago, Steb0ne
A beautifully designed IPTV player
By far my favorite IPTV player on iOS! It looks fantastic! Design rivals main stream players like Netflix! There's occasional bugs but the developer pushes out updates frequently! Even got 1-on-1 support from him to squash a bug! Hope the good work continues
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1 year ago, Yinkaoba
Really good
It works as expected, even more-so that the developer (Matteo) will offer 1-2-1 support with any issues. I had one with a lack or EPG’s and it was resolved in 20 minutes max. Keep it up Matteo, reduce the price and make us happier, I’ve been using the app for about 2 yrs now
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4 years ago, Keith The Plug
I have tried a few apps and this one is by FAR the best looking, user friendly, simple enough for anyone to understand. Overall it’s outstanding. 1 thing I did notice is that it loads the content slow initially. Once it’s loaded its good to go. Wishlist* True Picture in Picture mode Change the icons for the different playlist I will update my review later. Until now I will recommend this app to anyone who could use a reliable player. I will also advise you pay for the full version like I did to support the developer! Great app thanks again
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2 years ago, Joshbacht21
I have been trying and trying to use this for a year now and even with several updates — this issue still has yet to be fixed. As soon as an M3U playlist is downloaded the application crashes. I have to open it 7 times to finally get it to work and even then it still continues to crash. Please fix this so I can purchase. This is the ONLY app with a full TV guide. Also please create a lifetime one time purchase pass like Plex has.
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7 months ago, mycytheone
Almost perfect!
In my opinion, she’s the second best IPTV application the App Store second only to iProTV the only thing missing is background audio playback and multiview resize that issues, highly recommend but the year subscription
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4 months ago, VegaForce
I used to be a big fan..
I really like this app a lot and I told many of my friends to subscribe and buy it. However it’s becoming bloated with every new revision and the price keeps getting higher since I started three years ago. I followed the developer on Twitter and I really don’t like how he interacts with bugs and users. There are other good IPTV apps there. After being a subscriber for more than three years, I decided to cancel and look for another app
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1 year ago, StfnStrdz
This is By far the best IPTV App I have come across. Maybe two suggestions: - I have more than one iTunes Account and would love to be able to choose between saving Accountdetails such as iptv providers, locally or on iCloud. I would prefer to be able to sa be the locally. - Would it be possible to have an option again to be able to pay once for lifetime in addition to the subscription model. I would not mind a rather big price for that. Again: Thank you for a wonderful app ! AAA +++
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3 years ago, 2h8is2nv
Best IPTV interface on IOS
This adds the features native to most apple apps and more. This is worth more than the subscription cost due to the ease of use. The ease of configuration. By far this is what is desired from people cutting the cord with IPTV services. Thank you!!
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2 years ago, GusEstrella
Excellent app
After trying a ton of iptv clients, find this one the best doe my need ( watching live tv). Love client on apple tv as well as phone and ipad and all synced nicely through iCloud. Very intuitive to use and polished. You can tell manay updated and refinements over years.
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8 months ago, ramrod360
Be warned if you paid
if you paid for apple tv app version, it will only be apply to apple tv and you will still be required to pay for the iphone app version if you want to use it on iphone. Vice versa if you pay for the iphone app version, you will still need to pay separate amount for apple tv app version. And it CRASHES and FREEZES ALLLL THE TIME!!! Complete garbage app. I’m going to file a charge back with the credit card for services not rendered.
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1 year ago, Mehowdda
Too many Subscription increases
The application works, more so for playlists that have movie and tv content as live tv takes a back seat in development. Overall it’s a decent application however be aware the yearly subscription has increased 3-4 times in the last year, doubling in original price. The rate it continues to raise its subscription will make you want to look for cheaper alternatives.
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2 years ago, arson09
Much much potential
Had for a few days now. So far, so good. It’s tough finding a companion on the iOS platform, but this one seems to have much promise. Just a few minor tweaks and it’ll be a game changer. Back with an update — App is still good, but one major thing that it’s missing is the capability of going back to a recently watched channel.
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4 months ago, Kent R
Great App
Makes IPTV a pleasure. Easy set up, great interface, and ability to download shows/movies to watch offline which is a blessing for those that travel and want to watch things while on a plane.
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8 months ago, SeanN (Singapore)
Best player available for AppleTV
Have used a range of players over the years but cannot be happier with IPTVx. Firstly, the user interface is excellent, the EPG is clean, the app is constantly updated and the support from them is beyond anything I have had with other app developers and it works cross iPad and AppleTV. I faced issues with downloading the channel list, over a number of days troubleshooting we worked out it was the actual provider who was having the issue. Fantastic!
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2 months ago, dscheulen
Quite working
App worked great for two years but quite working this past week. All I get is the message There is a problem with the streaming of this channel. It happen on everything, Live, Movies and Series. Unfortunately I just renewed my yearly subscription last month, so I just wasted $45. No way to contact customer support so I guess I am out of luck.
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