iQIYI - Dramas, Anime, Shows

4.8 (37.1K)
181.8 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for iQIYI - Dramas, Anime, Shows

4.78 out of 5
37.1K Ratings
4 months ago, Siska2023
IQIYI one of the best if not the best !
I have been using iQIYI app for the last 5 years. I subscribe to VIP and I’m very pleased with the contents and the subtitle. IQIYI has a lot of Chinese best dramas I have ever watched and I don’t have complaints or hiccup about the app at all. I don’t even mind to pay express whenever a good drama airing the finale. I do wish movies come in there too though because they don’t have them much. Sometimes I heard about movies coming out but I have no way to watch them and I wish iQIYI would have it even if I have to pay extra because Chinese theater movies we can’t watch them in America. IQIYI doesn’t have a lot of Korean dramas but it’s ok because I have other platforms to watch them on. If you love Chinese dramas , modern or costume or fantasy iQIYI has them. My most favorite recent dramas only on iQIYI My Journey To You and A Journey To Love . Very recommended, I will keep iQIYI forever 😀😍
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2 weeks ago, Hollyhock 31246
I hate this app so much, I never want to see it again, it is the worst app ever I wanted to watch a show, and when I got to episode 2, I was so excited, I was so excited to see what would happen next, and something popped on my screen, and it said to continue on, you have to be VIP, and I was confused, I didn't know what that meant, and then I found out I have to pay to watch the rest of the episodes, I was so excited, I loved that show from episode one I knew was gonna be a good show, and then I get let down by this, I hate how it does that. I understand if you want to make money, but that is messed up, because I was never so excited in my life to watch a show, and then I get let down, and I can't find the exact same show anywhere else on any platform. So this app I hate, and if you want to change that, you can, but that's messed up, and until it's changed, I ain't, don't think I'm ever gonna have it again, unless I find out it has changed that feature, whoever created, this has changed at a feature, then I'll consider getting it back. Because this app really disappointed me and let me down, so I'm never gonna happen again until it is fixed, so I don't recommend anybody else having it either, because you will get let down by anything you're watching, unless you want to pay 8999 yearly monthly, it is 199, but at the end of the day it all adds up to a large number, maybe not 8999, but it's still at very high number, and I'm very disappointed..
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2 months ago, Bdlmsplaygrnd
No option to change Font for Apple TV or Rewind/Fast Forward
Update: May 8, 2024 PLEASE CHANGE THE FONT. We need to be able have the font at least outlined. It disappears in a white background, which happens a lot when actors are wearing white clothes or white walls. Please I’m begging you give us a change in font!! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IQIYI would be a perfect app on Apple TV if it could do two things. Allow the viewer to change the font size, and put a background behind it (or allow our Apple TV to override IQIYI’s app font which is huge white font that disappears if there is a white background in the scene I’m watching). The second on my list is for Apple TV to fast forward (10sec) or rewind (10 sec) option of the show I’m watching. I have to drag my finger across my remote and it’s sometimes a hit or miss with the rewind. Other than the issues listed above I love IQIYI and it’s enormous library of Chinese movies, dramas, etc. I have contacted IQIYI several times asking for at least the font issue to be addressed but they continue to send me messages saying they can’t do it. I wonder why it’s so hard to change it? Is it really beyond what they’re capable of doing?
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3 years ago, Jo2mo
Love the content but difficult to navigate
I am a VIP user and lately your content have great dramas so I have been watching thru your app esp I’d the drama is exclusive for iQIYI only. It is very hard and confusing to navigate on which we’re new ones and old ones. When I go back the next day, the folders have move around. It’s very hard to find the drama I was watching a few hours ago or a day ago. Under your continue watching, when I clicked on it, it takes me back to ep 1 when I am already in ep 20. Most times I don’t remember what ep I was on so if it goes back ep 1, i have to check all the ep where I left off. Sometimes, I watched on my laptop and I can’t find the continue watching folder. Most times, I do airplay because I don’t like to watch on my phone and it doesn’t continue to next ep. or if I want to rewind, it doesn’t show as being airplay but I am watching it on my tv. I have to airplay again to my tv to override what’s currently showing on my tv. This is very frustrating as there doesn’t seem to be any continuity if you pause on phone and go back later. It starts over again.
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2 years ago, rrrrrrrrrrcvhjkootesxvnn
Love the app but
I really love this app it has nice video quality and is supper cool but I don’t like one thing about this app the vip l know it is for making money but plz can you remove it I have no problem with the ad but the episode I really love the series love between fairy and devil but you put it on vip you can earn money by ad too but plz remove the vip it is not only making the viewers upset but also it is affecting the app many people are deleting it because of the vip issue and downloading other apps so it will affect both the viewers and the app I am not being selfish but it is what I think I hope you understand what I mean plz remove the vip at least for the episode plz I beg you and also plz reply to my review have a great day bye
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5 months ago, LilMissJaye
Love the content
I love the shows on IQIYI and have the app on my iPhone and on my Roku for easy watching. My only suggestion is we need more capabilities on the app for Roku like we have on the iPhone app. I prefer to skip the intro and outro and that setting is only an option on the iPhone app, not the Roku. I hope the developers can streamline some similarities. Another thing I’ve noticed is that if I’ve already watched a drama from start to finish, it stopped tracking my progress when I restarted it so I’m having to make note of which episode I left off at and where, then selecting that episode and fast forwarding to the approximate spot I left. These are absolutely not deal-breakers as I’ll happily continue subscribing and watching all the content, but please give some attention to the various app functions.
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1 year ago, dark.academia
It’s complicated
I used IQIYI before, it was really nice and all and i didn’t mind the ads, i deleted the app for a month or so because i was low on storage, ive been trying to get into IQIYI for about 2 days now and since im on an iphone i cant click the accept button when the agreement paragraph comes up, i cant scroll up or down or even interact with the background. Its extremely annoying that i have to try and open and close the app multiple times just so i can try and click the accept button when the agreements pop up. I would love to have this fixed otherwise i cant watch my show, a lot of shows i want to watch are only on IQIYI and it really disappoints me that i cant watch it because i cant scroll to an accept button on the terms and agreements pop up. I recommend this app but only if you have fast reflexes.
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1 year ago, zoe.x.lqv
They posted a 1yr anniversary photo forKinnPorsche and did not put one of the actors into the photo. (Build jakaphan puttha) even though he is apart of the series and should not be discredited for his hard work, KinnPorsche is a great series and had a lot of work and hard acting put into it with many emotions that could cause harm to the actor of the character if they go to far into the character. Build has done so much for beoncloud (the company kinnporsche is under) and Kinnporsche. They have no right to be taking him out of the photo when he is an actor in kinnporsche that had a big impact on the series, he was honestly one of the reason I kept watching because I loved the storyline of his character. (Also love the actor). I’m pretty sure they did this because of the stuff that has been going on with build and poi, but he was proved innocent which gives them no right to do that. Also the vip is TO EXPENSIVE. Viki has some of the same shows on their app for a cheaper price or for free. It is not hard to consider others before yourself, not everyone is made of money. If you want your app to keep success and keep going onward you should consider lowering the price. The subtitles on the tv are also very small and hard to read and sometimes look transparent, which is very annoying and inconsiderate to people with bad seeing. So anyways concluding all of that , I rate this app 1 star.
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4 years ago, ReallyHateThisStupidThing
I love it!
I love this app! While there are a few bugs that prevent seeing previews for dramas coming soon I can still watch all the other dramas I could ever want! I’ve discovered new ones that I’ve fallen in love with and through them new actors and actresses that I absolutely adore. I tend to seek out their dramas and movies first, of course, but even that way I’m still discovering more and more! There are so many that I love now but my favorites are still the costume fantasy dramas. One of my new favorite actors was in a more modern drama with guns involved and even though it was a long way off from my favorite types of shows, I still really enjoyed it. I’ll probably explore more of the modern ones in between the costume fantasy dramas I love so much.
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4 years ago, Sony25t
App doesn’t work properly (site is good though)
I watch a lot of c-dramas and this would be my go-to app if it actually worked. The app doesn’t let you scroll, or navigate through tabs and recently it has even stopped allowing searching. Every time I open the app there is already a title in the search box (i didn’t type it in) and when you try to clear that and type the title you actually want it won’t let you. I mean its frozen. The work around I have found is to go to the iq site search what I want and then have that show redirect to the app. Another issue would be as a VIP user I still sometime have ads pop in and I have to force shut the app and launch it again, log out and log back in to get the ad free service I paid for. I honestly love most of the content on iq but the app is really not user friendly at all and only ends up making me frustrated.
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4 years ago, XBarbie_girl
Looks like this is a great app but the biggest problem I have is that I cannot airplay this to my tv. I don’t plan on watching great film cinematography on a smart pad or phone. I want to be able to watch on a large screen. So many other apps allow you to do this so if there’s no solution than mirroring which I hate i won’t have any reason subscribe on a permanent basis 😔..... is there something I’m not aware of .... disappointed...... Updating my review ..... although I’m unable at this time to air play I find mirroring works well although not my preferred.... I found that I was able to contact the company on line and received a quick response about airplay. I really have no complaints
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4 years ago, B-Diddy
A few key features issuing, but worth the download
I have been using this app and subscribed to be a VIP user. I like the ability to DL episodes and watch offline. I also like the ability to opt for surround sound. One drawback that I have come across is the instant play when you click on an show. Rather than giving you the ability to read the synopsis and who are the actors, the show immediately starts with episode one or the movie. It would be nice if the user has more control over the start/play of the show. A key features I would like it to have is the ability to do Airplay. Watching on a small screen isn’t always convenient.
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4 years ago, Hong Tao Kai
With VIP you still get ads
I would have given this app a 4.5 a month ago, now it’s only 1. Why? I pay for VIP membership (now it’s used to pay). The shows were good, captions well done, and until a couple weeks ago, there were no ads in my no-ad-promised viewing. Then, they changed things. Now they display advertisements on the home page, logos in the top left corner of the screen the ENTIRE time you’re viewing, and on the loading page. If they had raised rates, I would have been willing to pay more per month to not have ads in my face the ENTIRE time I’m using their app. Now, iQIYI has lost a customer. They can’t pay me enough to stay for the current situation. Before you ask, I did contact customer service and asked about the ads, providing screenshots of them. The response was that I pay not to have commercials in the middle of viewing shows. That’s not what the promise was; they state no ads on their VIP membership benefits list.
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4 years ago, silverfox8668
Suggest better feature
Another update: I am a VIP subscriber, your front page is freezing up, it does not allow us to scroll / browse. This happened after I updated the app. Also, why are advertisements still popping up? I thought VIP subscribers are supposed to enjoy ad free shows. Please fix both issues, thanks Updated review: you guys are great listeners, I commented below on your caption / subtitles which were so difficult to read. I noticed you just changed to bolder fonts. Now it’s perfect. Thank you! Love iQIYI. More romance dramas please !👍 Previous message: I just subscribed and starting to watch tv series. I am glad you are now an official screening company for hard to find channels that showcase dramas. Glad that you have English subtitles really fast. But one recommendation if you can consider: please change your font format. Example of your competitor: Viki’s subtitles have white fonts with black background, makes it easier to read. Whereas yours has white fonts with no background. These fonts tend to disappear especially when the screen is showing a lighter color of props or clothing materials. Please improve on this. Otherwise, I really enjoy using iQIYI. Keep up the good work.
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4 years ago, 迷你世界✨蜜桃
我可以用这个来看我想看的!不过那个VIP的和要收钱才能看的需要改一改,如果你这里来了一个穷人的话他没钱,那么他想看的那些花钱的,但他又没钱看,那他是不是要等猴年马月才能看啊!我觉得如果你把我刚刚说的改一改的话,你的app的星星会更多!但是虽然是这样,我还是要给你五颗星,因为你们做个app不简单,作为鼓励,加油吖~ I can use this to see what I want! However, the VIP and the ones that need to be paid to watch need to be changed. If you have a poor person here, he has no money, then he wants to see the ones that spend money, but he has no money to watch, then he wants to Wait for the year of the monkey to see it! I think if you change what I just said, your app will have more stars! But despite this, I still want to give you five stars, because it is not easy for you to make an app. As an encouragement, come on~
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3 years ago, mrs patao head
My very valuable review.
Hello! I don’t usually give reviews but I think this app definitely deserves one. I gave this 4 stars because some episodes are skipped like episode 6 of “begin again” And I also would really appreciate it if you guys added a search bar on the roku tv.. I’ve also seen lots of people complaining about that. Next I would like for you to guys to understand even though this app has a lot of glitches it has so many dramas that you just can’t watch on any other app! My experience is amazing so far and I can’t wait for you guys to make more updates! Keep up he great work!😊 (Please respond I need a link for episode 6 of begin again)
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4 years ago, ningdoo
Love it but there is a problem....
So I have been using IQIYI for about a year now and this hasn’t happend. I was watching LEGEND OF AWAKENING on my computer and phone it used to be vip then it wasn’t so I started to watch it I left in ep 25 or 26 then after one day I decided to go back and continue watching it after that I discover it was vip again I got so sad and I know it seems childish but I began to cry I am still very angry I don’t know if it was a glitch but I hope it doesn’t happen again because it is very upsetting I also hope in the future the app is free because to many users is upsetting like me pls upgrade it and if it’s possible can you make LEGEND OF AWAKENING free again? thank you❤️❤️ other way I Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee this app
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7 months ago, mr.takeyomoney
To complicated
I will start with the good. I love that the app has a lot of Chinese shows and anime options. I’m a vip member but I don’t like that the app only gives regular members some Episodes of a show but they will have to upgrade to watch the rest of the show I’m not sure if that’s a thing that’s normal in Asia but I’ve never seen this before, also the app on the phone works perfectly fine but on my tv it’s a mess and hard to use I can’t find any of my shows I saved to my profile I have to search them by name. I prefer Viki it’s user friendly and all the shows come with trailer. There is so many issues with this app but I’ve already talked to long. I will be deleting after this month is paid for it’s to complicated to use
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3 months ago, MrsKris10
Not working - fixed
This was fixed a day after leaving this review. No idea if this review affected it, but overall I like this app when it works so upgraded from 1 star to 4. I can’t find another way to leave feedback because the app won’t work and won’t let me leave feedback. I will change this review from 1 star if someone gets back to me. For 2 days the app isn’t working for me in the US. It loads but shows a feedback error when I try to watch a show. I have a VPN for another app and when I turn on the VPN and set to another country, IQIYI works. So it seems to be a US server issue? IDK, but super frustrating.
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3 years ago, Punkin53*
I’m a big fan of Asian movies and series. Of all the apps I’ve downloaded to be able to watch these foreign shows the iQIYI is BY FAR the best app out there. The ability to pause and rewind is sooooo easy. Subtitles move at a VERY readable pace. Not like other apps where they just flash across the screen and the pause and rewind are next to impossible. Only complaint is it doesn’t have all the same shows/series/movies on the English app that it does on it’s Asian counterpart. I hope this gets fixed really soon. Other than that this app is FABULOUS!! I ♥️ IT!🙂😁👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼✌🏼
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5 years ago, alicefalldown
VIP doesn’t work on Apple TV
I got charged twice in one month when I switched from Gold to Diamond. I have the latest Apple TV and no matter how many times I log in and out of my account, the tv app refuses to recognize my Diamond VIP status. It’s very frustrating to have paid more for this perk so I could watch it on my tv and then have it not even work. I’ll likely cancel the VIP if I continues to not work. No point in wasting money on a product that doesn’t even work. Be wary if you’re paying extra to watch it on TV! You may also be charged twice in one month only for the app to say you didn’t pay yet the VIP status works no problem on my account on my phone. Very disappointing! I can’t even figure out a way to contact the developer except to write this review.
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2 months ago, clsc1980
Premium VIP still has so many ads
I thought when I paid for the Premium VIP Annual Subscription that it would get rid of the ads as it was implied. Nope, that isn’t the case. Open up the app: Advertisement. Click past that, wow, another advertisement. Go into a show - advertisement. Pause that show, yep, advertisement. Go to Home Screen to browse and yet another advertisement. It’s ridiculous because you already have my money, why push ads that aren’t even remotely relevant on me? I emailed regarding this issue but never heard anything back. So although there is exclusive content, there is also the major drawbacks of tons of ads even after you pay.
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4 years ago, MarcyRay
Enjoy but home page freezes up
I love the variety of dramas available on IQIYI and also appreciate that I get episodes faster here than on VIKI. However, the home page has started freezing up, making it impossible to watch the newer shows. Yet older programs on other pages of the website work fine. I tried deleting the app and replacing it. That worked until I walked away from a drama I was watching. By the time I returned, the page was frozen again. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as my patience runs short!
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3 years ago, dawnkc
I absolutely Love this show!
I was drawn to this show because I’m an international “Blink” of Blackpink and when I saw that Lisa was on the show I was ecstatic. While watching my very first episode “subtitled” in English, I fell in love with all of the mentors! They are all fabulous and extremely talented. It just shows that just because a person doesn’t come from where you are from does not mean that they aren’t talented. I am open to learning about other countries and cultures. Plus I love to watch dancing and singing being a musician myself I am automatically drawn to it. It’s an awesome show!
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1 year ago, Sheena6884
Needs work
I paid for my subscription in March deleted and lost money because it was slow and doesn’t save your progress. Now I just downloaded and paid for vip access again only to have the same problem! Why are we paying if your progress doesn’t get saved. If the progress does save it’s on episode 1 and your now on episode 5. The English subtitles are behind. The actors mouths will be closed and the subtitles will be going. I REALLY want to like this app because it has so much potential. It’s disappointing that the developers aren’t listening to the reviews. Some of the same problems I have been having are in reviews from months ago. I don’t even mind paying for it but please fix these issues and I’ll come back and give you 4 stars.
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11 months ago, Acce21
Won't work on iPhone
I've pulled ny hair out for days trying to cast from phone to TV. iQIYI's Roku app put subtitles on top of Mandarin subtitles in the same font color. It's almost impossible to watch. Installed app & 1) I thought I was trying to steal & screen record with screen mirroring, or 2) it would not show subtitles in English at all if I cast from the app or 3) if I try to select English subtitles it would take me to a different screen to download the app for Roku, which isn’t working correctly on this show (Young Blood). So now I’m stuck with just screen mirroring from my Mac to my TV from the iQIYI site. To add insult to injury, every time I stop the app to fix some thing an add pops up, even though I’m paying for VIP premium. You have to press really hard on the app screen to get the ad to go away. I have no idea why, if I’m paying a monthly premium, why ads are popping up. I love having iQIYI in English on my Roku and this is the first time I’ve had a problem with subtitles. I have no clue what’s up with this app but seriously, it's not worth the frustration.
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2 years ago, Dandjdjd
Great programs
I am a fairly new subscriber and tried out the special offer to see what kinds if shows were available. This was back in October and now I became a yearly VIP subscriber. I have been enjoying so many of the programs offered and I am satisfied with the variety that IQIYI offers and look forward to the other upcoming programs. Plus, I get to watch and get to know other actors/actresses that we don’t get to enjoy in other streaming platforms!
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4 years ago, Angel2515
I love it - could be better
I am a VIP subscriber and I love the app overall, with great variety of dramas and movies - my favorite is usually the fantasy costume period dramas. However, the app could be better if it has the ability to preview/read synopsis without playing the show, in addition to more user friendly interface on iPad. You can the watch the using landscape, but looking for dramas and writing this review, I had to turn my iPad to portrait style. I love the ability to download to watch at certain locations without good internet connection. Please keep up the good work. Thank you!!
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5 years ago, ncofan
Great app but...
I like this app a lot. Interface is simple to use and there is good variety of movies and dramas. There are 2 things that could make it even better: 1) option to change subtitle appearance because the white small font is sometimes hard to read on a small screen 2) It works great on my iPhone but not on the iPad Pro 10.5, even though it is included on the list od compatible devices. I would really like to enjoy the app on the iPad’s bigger screen. Still, I am enjoying the variety and already paid for a quarterly membership. Hoping for improvements.
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4 years ago, KarnerB
Fix issues please
I’m in the US and a standard VIP member. The most recent update crashes (using iphone and ipad). Also I have done everything I could to reclaim rights for the standard VIP- I’m still getting ads and haven’t enjoyed my VIP benefits. I logged in and out, deleted the app and re downloaded it, logged in again and reclaim the VIP rights and still no success. Please give some assistance to this issue. Also the front page on the ipad and iphone freezes up and I couldn’t click a single show or even do searches. I had to do close the app and restart again several times.
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2 years ago, trustworthy reviewer trinity
Not free whatsoever
The app may be free but to watch any good series you need vip. Barley any of the series ever become free, it just feels unfair. I’m sure it’s nice to have vip and it makes them money but 90% of the shows on there only let u watch one episode so it ruins the app experience for those who are not able to pay money each month. I’m hoping they change some series to be free a couple months after release but it seems not. We’ll have to keep dreaming. I was looking for a series I was really interested in and found it on here only but was never able to enjoy it because of vip. I suggest finding a different app to be completely honest.
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3 years ago, derpyxfries
Still gotta add more stuff.
IMO its a 3. The reason for that is because most of the dramas, movie, etc are vip (like all of it and there’s only like 1-3 eps that are free). I really hate how that its like that because when a user gets really interested in the drama they can’t watch it bc of vip only. I get that you want to make money, but why make the whole app for like vip only (basically). Although I like how they post 1 or 2 eps on their yt, but like maybe post more or at least make some of the movies and drama for free. That way you’re still making money and you’re making your customers happy.
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4 years ago, freedomtrekker
Every update brings more ads and worse service
After the updates and in general you play more and more and more ads! It is awful that you add more ads even doubling them now, though they are the same McDonald’s ones every time. You also no longer remember where I was last watching as you used to, and now play 2 ads every single time I have to leave the app for any reason, all of which ruin the viewing experience. If you want people to upgrade don’t make the experience horrible for free watchers who are checking out and forming opinions of your app. I hated the experience of watching on your app and would try to avoid as much as possible in the future. I am glad you offered backstreet rookie though.
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10 months ago, jenums78
Love IQIY but…
In March I bought a one year subscription to U.S.A. premium vip so I wouldn’t miss the latest shows. I have had to recover the purchase a few times and this has not been a problem until now. My Apple subscription shows the USA premium purchase but the app now says I only the standard subscription. I tried to recover my purchase, uninstall and reinstall the app, contacted apple support to no avail. Apple said I had to contact IQIY and I have but have not heard anything back. I find this to be incredibly disappointing and hope that it can be fixed quickly.
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2 years ago, deviantislander
Love the changes
I’m super happy you added the forward 10 sec and backward 10 sec in the middle of the screen and that you can now skip the beginning intro. I would love if you could make the screen for iPad users able to change from vertical to horizontal besides having to do it manually once the video starts playing by hitting the square in the bottom right corner into full screen mode.
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1 year ago, ssangyi
Are you Singapore or China? Anyways…
I’ve been looking for a Thai drama I’m happy they have it. But I have to pay just to watch the rest what a bummer. They have good quality as well…That aside there’s not a lot of diverse shows. I see a bunch of typical dramas here. Everything looks like music videos with , pop stars. And there’s an overload of bl’s. I love quality bl’s but why aren’t there any girls love or girls friendship. Over saturated with sappy dramas. I’m still going to keep it for a while to see what the app is about. (Ok sorry I’m deleting the app. I won’t pay and I’m only interested in one show)
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2 years ago, taaytoee
the streaming quality is really good, and the app has a good layout… but the ads. they are SO repetitive, that i have to take breaks between episodes because they become so frustrating. also, they have a really bad issue with freezing up every once in a while even though my internet is fine. it gets frustrating, and it won’t fix unless i go on my cellular data and cross out of the app. I also don’t think there’s enough “free” show options. i understand why there’s a VIP section, but the free one hardly has a variety.
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4 years ago, ingenue1004
No Refund for Their App Issue
Though I had paid for VIP benefits, the app suddenly said I did not have VIP privileges. So I tried to recover my VIP privileges through their Recovery Process multiple times and also contacted their tech support. After 8 emails, sending screenshots of my Apple payment per their request 3 separate times, they finally recovered my VIP rights. I requested a prorated refund or credit for the 5 days I didn’t have access and they didn’t give it to me. The app is flawed in that a live person has to reinstate your access instead of it being automatic after completing the recovery process. I have other apps where occasionally this happens, like after an app update, but once I click Recover, my access is reinstated.
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1 year ago, fairfaxchick05
A tad frustrating to use
I love the content on the app but find it frustrating to use at times. When I pause a show or come back to pick up where I left off, it doesn’t have the current episode or save your progress. I have to find the episode and then fast forward to where I left off. Very time consuming. I’d love to be able to add shows as favorites or to a watchlist to come back to. I’ve also found on some shows/movies, the subtitles are right over the shows language and you cannot read the subtitles.
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1 year ago, Keya729
Love the app!
I love the app and the many shows that are available. My only request is could you make it so that it doesn’t start a show immediately when you click on it. Sometimes I would like to preview and read the synopsis but it automatically starts playing something rhat I may not necessarily want to watch but was trying to see what it was about. Other than that great app!
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2 years ago, A-dood-fo
An almost amazing app.
The shows, dramas and movies are plentiful. There is a lot of content to enjoy and even the free options don’t have advertisements in the middle, but the subtitles leave a lot to be desired. They are plain white subtitles and they can blend into the background of certain scenes and make watching a show or movie infuriating. It would be helpful if they add a closed caption style black background so the subtitles don’t disappear into the program. I hope they fix this and I’ll be a happy subscriber.
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4 years ago, Ro.z
It’s okay, it’s just no that fair...
I was watching “I’ve Fallen for You” and I was on the 9th episode. Then all of the sudden I can’t watch it anymore because it VIP. And it made it unwatchable for episodes 5-24 and I’ve already watched ahead! I guess it makes sense but but they could’ve at least made the ones after episode 9 for me and for the other people who were even more ahead. There were probably so many people near the end of that series and now can’t watch the rest because it is now VIP and is the second on trending. I love this app but I really wish they could’ve let us see te rest :(
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2 years ago, Xxzioa
Where is it
Downloaded and paid for VIP. Had it about a month and I went to look at a movie and when I click on it nothing comes up? Now I need to contact someone. Also how can I just read what the movie is about without it being added to my viewing list. I like being able to see movies that I might have not been able to. Thanks for sharing. If you know who to contact..... help!
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2 years ago, kelaia112
The VIP thing
The app is really good and i love it but when i want to watch the full episode i can’t because of the VIP thing and many people including me are deleting the app because of it. So please delete it i really want to watch the full episodes you can earn money with ads but just don’t ad to much ads . But pls keep that in mind. But i really love the app because theres a lot of series that you can find there.
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4 years ago, Rizutejima
Support app on other platforms
I love the app, but I would also like if you guys could broaden the platforms you allow to download the app. You should for example try and add the app to the playstations system, or RokuTV, like RakutenViky allows you to download the app on your rokutv. It would bring you more viewers since everyone nowadays have smart tv’s and not all streaming apps are available. It something to take into consideration to bring more worldwide viewers to your network.
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4 years ago, BadWolf1817
Wonderful App With One Major Problem
Pro: great app with early access and free ability to edit subtitles (which I enjoy because I can fix spelling/grammar errors). So far I have had only 1 major issue. I signed up to be a VIP member. It is a fair price and they claim to automatically renew membership every month. Except, the VERY NEXT DAY, I can no longer access VIP privileges and the status of my membership says it has expired. So, I try their VIP recovery option....twice....nothing. I contacted them on the issues through the app as well and have yet to hear back from them. It really disappoints me, because if it was not for this issue, I would have been a five star review and a very loyal costumer. Update: Once their costumer service contacted me, they quickly found the solutions to my problem.
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1 year ago, McbdJ
Not really user friendly.
The app itself is not very user friendly. The show/movie plays right away once you click on it, not giving you the option to read the description first if you really wanna watch it or, which adds to watch history/continue to watch list. Causing the watch history to pile up fast. Subtitles come out and gone too fast most of the time so I have to pause or rewind often. The Skip Intro/Outro option for VIP doesn’t work and the add window when paused is a nuisance.
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3 years ago, melody (roblox name)
I had been trying to find videos for China for kids but, I can’t seem to find any I searched everything I search the things that I used to type to get a type of video and I dream of work did you guys delete the video? Because I’ll be very sad. This type of video I think I watched it in 2017 or 2018 and I still love it how come it’s delete it it’s too special videos I really really love to see any of that thing needs money to get it then I don’t know what’s happened because I remember I watched it from years ago.
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3 years ago, NYCToy
Pretty good
I love the large amount of movies and TV shows. I also Love how translations are so fast and accurate. I would love a yearly subscription option. Many apps offer subscriptions for monthly and yearly. I know another one that offers quarterly. This is extremely beneficial because like me, so many people have tons of subscriptions and when you really love an app grabbing a yearly subscription and not worrying about it is helpful. All-in-all keep up the good work
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3 years ago, Tikal
Bad app design
I have no issues with the content but the iPad app design is flawed 1. Videos auto play every time you open a shows information with no option to turn off auto play. Which leaves me with a show in my recently watched when all I wanted to see was the description of what it was even about 2. 2. The main reason I can love this app is there is no Horizontal design out side of full screen video play. It highly inconvenient and makes me not even want to use the app because it’s bothersome to be forced into using portrait mode
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