Island Packet News

4.5 (1.1K)
111.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
The McClatchy Company
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Island Packet News

4.47 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
8 years ago, Flatnsassy
Can't get help
Looking for specifics (comics, eg) and cannot find them. Called paper and spoke to person who must've been asleep -- finally got responses that were coherent, but app and what was described by "customer service" didn't match! It seems lots of paper items not included on app. :(
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5 years ago, Dick2621
Great news coverage for HIlton Head and surrounding municipalities
Our family has loved and enjoyed the news coverage which is objective and interesting. We rely on the internet version on our IPad and iPhone which makes the coverage available to us whenever and wherever. Sometimes we will get a pop-up while we are resting during a long walk on the beach or paths. It is a great way to keep up on the local news, even while we are traveling to visit our kids in NY - Mass or when we are in our summer house in the Adirondacks
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4 years ago, BobfromColonie
App is poorly designed
The app for the Island Packet does not open all the time. It is frustrating to click on the newspaper view and the app does not always open. It just gets hung up and does not download. There are too many adds that run in the background which effects the appearance of the print text-it gets blurred when the adds open. If you click on the close add it just cycles to a new add. When prompted to enter a nick name to submit this Review it says nick name taken. I don’t believe it is taken. The word I chose is too unique. I’ll try again
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3 years ago, Carolina Charlie
Personal experience with app
For what that’s worth. I’d give the newspaper a 5 in coverage of local news. And great to have access to it on line via the app. The app is haunted on my phone however. Frequently and inconsistently app reverts (flips) to home page from selected story. Happens when just reading as well as when scrolling. Deleted and reinstalled, cleared cache, contacted help desk, and compared settings with settings of other newspaper apps on phone. Hope other users don’t have this flipping problem.
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4 years ago, Pabquilts
Great HHI Insight
As with many HHI fans, we only live on island, part if the year. The Island Packet app allows us to stay informed about all island occurrences. We can plan activities for when we are lucky enough to be there.
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5 years ago, Asheville reader
Love the Island Packet on line
I love reading the Packet every morning with a cup of coffee here in Asheville NC. I have lived away from HHI for almost 15 years and the Packet helps me to feel a part of the Island community. I especially love David Lauderdale's human interest stories.
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5 years ago, Unhappy HHI Reader
Not as Good!!
The e-Edition app was far better. With its traditional newspaper layout, you knew what you were reading was today’s news. With this app you have to scroll down a lengthy list of articles, no matter the section, to ensure you haven’t missed anything. What not put today’s articles at the top of the list? Duh.
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5 years ago, DK from Nashville
It’s a great way for us to keep up with what is going on at a place we can’t wait to return to.
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6 years ago, Ned47
It’s a must have app
If you live on Hilton Head Island or just love the island this is a must have app to keep up with what’s going on.
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5 years ago, 3bob78432
Format does not work any longer
I can no longer get the packet to read like the newspaper. No the paper version only show up in a small window on the side of the screen and is much too small to read. They need to go back to the old version of the app.
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5 years ago, TFB71
If I could give no stars i would
Since the update it is impossible to read the packet on an ipad. I find it so difficult navigate through the pages. While reading the page goes blank or blurs. I am ready to cancel my subscription.
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6 years ago, Nepats2018
Up to speed
Lived in Bluffton from ‘92 thru 08, Online Island Packet is ideal for keeping up to speed with current events.
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2 years ago, HHI-former member
App hasn’t worked for weeks
App is no longer refreshing content. Gives error message “Error fetching feeds - pull to refresh” and does not. Have deleted and reloaded numerous times.
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5 years ago, David Pitman
Island Packet
I read the Island Packet daily. It keeps me up to date with what's going on at HHI.
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2 years ago, Mikemarktwo
Nice update guys!
Nothing like making it even harder to read than it was before. Whose idea was this? Someone's kid who just graduated from SCAD? Hopefully, you didn't pay for it.
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5 years ago, New.breed
Bring back the paper
Find new format very difficult to navigate and have no idea when and where updates come in.
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6 years ago, Puzzle world
The pages look dark needs to be lightened up
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6 years ago, knarf1936
Island Packet
Would like editorials more frequent and easier to get to
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2 years ago, PhillyFollower
Very Bad App
I’m a subscriber and this is the worst news app I have. App doesn’t open often. Terrible. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Cdavant
A Disaster
Another formally useful format replaced with a junked up page, ipad disaster. If it ain’t broke why try to fix it and fail?
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3 years ago, JC29928
New app won’t open!
Please fix your new app…it won’t open!
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5 years ago, HHIres
Sept. 25, 2019
Love the Packet...hate the new app!
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7 years ago, B3ach Bum
Don't like the new app
I woke up this morning to anew version of the app. I find it to be hard to follow. I enjoyed the old version where I could read the paper on my iPad in it's print form. I found that in the new format, I can't find things (like where are the letters from the opinion page). I also found that clicking on some items took me to a 25 second ad before I could read further. I don't mind ads but hate apps that I pay for to force ads upon me. Let me look at the ads when I want to look at them. I will probably discontinue my use of this app as a result of the new format. If I don't, I will certainly spend less time reading it. This app gets one star only because I can't give it zero.
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7 years ago, LeaveItAlone
Why did you change a good thing?
No stars to rate this new app. Really prefer the old version here I can read the paper in the paper format. I can find easier and can determine for myself which articles I want to read further. Also don't like ads being pushed when we have already paid for the paper. I read ads in the old version but don't appreciate them being pushed on me. Have already gone back to my browser and enter through the e-version of the paper. Won't take the time for this version. LeaveItAlone.
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12 years ago, SmittyHHI
Finally an app with Hilton head news. 👍
It's nice not using my mobile browser to read the ip anymore. 👍👍👍👍
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7 years ago, Halljc00
New App is Terrible
I pay for access to this newspaper online and the new app prevents me from getting any value for what I pay. The new app is not intuitive, does not work correctly once you figure out what to do, and is filled with click bait advertisements. I hope someone at the IP didn't pay anyone to develop this app. Looks like it came from a local grade school.
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7 years ago, Hubster3
Terrible use of screen space
I REALLY dislike the new Island Packet APP. Really difficult to scan all the headlines to see if there is anything new and interesting. The use of all the spaces the right for picture is just a waist. The IP app has been my #1 source for local news, but I will now look elsewhere to see what is available.
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7 years ago, Ruzzeld
Island Packet
My connection to home! Thanks
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7 years ago, GT COS
Why change what worked?
No way to get print edition any longer. Also loved download for offline reading we just had added in past 10 days or so. Fix these flaws in new app?
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12 years ago, Bigwarren87
Local news
Very good app for the Lowcountry. Just wish news could be updated more throughout the day.
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10 years ago, SSLMD
More accurate up to date content.
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10 years ago, Very trying
Doesn't work
Worked fine but apparently last update stopped it from working on my iPhone 6. Opens & immediately terminates, tried deleting & restoring but still won't work!
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7 years ago, Art1129
Horrible new format
It looks as though the technicians have taking something that's working and broke it. This new format is like a dogs breakfast! Working now to try to find the old one. The
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7 years ago, Peppermint2000
App not working properly
Hard to navigate, sections do not open when tapped? Looks completely different, but not better.
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7 years ago, paulsavy
Print Edition
Bring back the print edition. What a horrible update. Whoever led the charge to change the format should consider a new line of work. I cancelled my WSJ subscription for the same reason.
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12 years ago, Clay Mancill
I love this app
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9 years ago, spideyparker202
Print newspaper is great but app is not
Whenever I try to open the app, it says "An error has occurred, please try again later. (-1011)"
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10 years ago, CookieHHI
Island Packet
Should have left the previous version alone. It was more in depth than the current one. Is missing the digital copy of the newspaper.
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7 years ago, Uuuyyytttrrmmiii
Don't fix
Why did you change the site? It was great before. The old saying, "If is ain't broken don't fix it. "
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10 years ago, Big Bill9999
Doesn't work on older iOS. Older devices cannot load new iOS. Dopes at IP don't know this. Can't fix stupid!
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7 years ago, Scott LeRoy
Default view settings
Settings set for Print Edition yet ALWAYS opens on Live View. Sad app for a communication company.
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7 years ago, GerryATL
Stories are repeated from category to category. Irritating. IP should do a better job of organizing stories.
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10 years ago, Hamiton Powell
It makes you log in if you wanna read full story's not that great
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