ISS Live Now

4.5 (3.6K)
59.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Carlos Santos
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ISS Live Now

4.48 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
3 years ago,
Love the app but menu problems?
Love the app. It’s arguable the best one I’ve found that offers what it does. Earlier versions had a problem when selecting the menu (in top left) and then seeing no text / description for any of the options. This was fixed in an update, but I noticed recently (even with this newest update today) that the problem seems to be back. Clicking at random will open the NASA tv, recorded videos, etc., with no problems ... but it’s just guessing as everything is blacked out / there is no text. I can’t be the only one experiencing this, can I? It’s the only thing that has prevented me from updating to the ad-free version. Not complaining (too much). Just wanted to point out in case the issue was unknown. Thanks.
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2 months ago, DavidMichael2127
Top notch App
I use this app all the time and the upgrade looks great. Reminds me of the old days when app creators paid attention to things that were important and didn’t charge you an arm and leg. To me this app is much more intuitive than the same feed on Nasa’s app, starting with having the video feed and location of the ISS on the same page. The only thing I didn’t like about this app was the forced recentering of the ISS Icon on the page when moving away from it to see its future path. I think that’s been addressed as an option now so that’s great. As far as the feed itself, thats on NASA, not this app as far I know. But because 70% of the feed is of the ocean and another 10% is of land covered in clouds, it is really frustrating to have another 10–15% a lost signal page. The oceans and clouds are part of the viewing experience that can’t be controlled watching live, but you would think a lost signal as consistent as the one on this feed wouldn’t be an issue of significance. Suffice to say it takes a lot of patience but to some of us I guess it’s worth it.
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2 months ago, Spacehog69
Always awesome NASA….
Wow that one review by the “person” who was laughing and insulting NASA without understanding at all what it takes to do what the USA has done longer and better than anyone else in the history of the human species and space exploration. The Russians, Chinese and anyone else have never been as advanced and done more, contributatively, physically and logically to advancing the human race. If that reviewer is an American he’s an idiot. If he’s from another country he is such an idiot, he doesn’t know the word idiot even means. And once again the USA is going to save the planet and the human race. If earth becomes uninhabitable eventually, we will probably shuttle everyone to Mars. It’s just ridiculous to criticize when you don’t even know what you are talking about. NASA rocks and always will. We set the standard and always will. Unless Trump is elected, then we crash and burn completely and become a closed off authoritarian state. Long live democracy, NASA and the USA!
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4 years ago, BostonBiatch
Convenient issues at night
Black outs can happen because of “Transmission issues” and it’s “normal” to see nothing at night?! We do know you got lights up there and on other satellites you have connected to the ISS! 🤦‍♀️😂🤣 I thought you guys were brainiacs but clearly dumber than the rest of you all at NASA think we don’t know better! I hope NASA and the US government realize that half of the human population has already woken up to know we aren’t the only life to exist out of an infinite of planets. And that many ET crafts fuel up off of our sun. Half of us know that NASA blacks out the screen when their sensors go off and a ET craft is visible or when they can be more likely to become visible. That’s why they black out the screen when it’s night. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) really thinks that we don’t know what’s going on here? They really think we believe that the screen will show black at night because “that’s normal”, and has nothing to do with the fact that they’re hiding ET activity? 🤣We aren’t as dumb as you think NASA! #ISupportFullDisclosure
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4 years ago, spider peonix
Fantastic app but something I have to tell (devs please read)
So first off the camera quality is a little blurry it’s not the worse next is that I can’t watch spacewalk (recorded) and I understand that it’s space and cameras are blurry (idk if that’s true or not XD) so that’s probably why the camera quality is bad but apart from that its a good app! It is better then the fake videos that show live coverage that’s just photoshopped or whatever I trust you I don’t think these live cameras are photoshopped images (if they are photoshopped images you let me down) so if you have time to read this thank you for reading it. But question are you the ACTUAL NASA company? If you are that’s cool and sorry if this was a little long but I hope you read this! See ya
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4 years ago, Golf Di
Where is the ISS?
The only reason I gave this app four stars is because it has only shown me where the space station is once in several openings of the app. It was absolutely fantastic for watching the live coverage of the Endeavor docking with the ISS and with the entry of Bob and Doug into it!! But I mainly wanted to track the ISS to see where it is so I can converse with my 7 year old grandson who is enamored with it! I need it to work. What is going on?! I’ve tried looking to see if there is some setting that I’m “missing” to no avail. Help!
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9 months ago, SpacecatM31
None of the videos will work!!!
I’m not sure what’s going on with this app but ever since I switched to an iPhone and downloaded it I haven’t ever gotten any of the videos to work. It’s not that it’s temporarily not working like with a blue screen or whatever they aren’t working like an app defect. It just has a triangle with a line through it. It’s really making me mad! Also here’s a suggestion. You should make it to where you can look at both cameras at once-have it to where you can open 2 videos at once on top of each other. Also where you can see the path of the ISS like 5 different paths at once. Thank you! Oh and I’ve removed and reinstalled the app multiple times too, to no avail. That is why I’m giving it this review because there is nothing left for me to do. I’ve tried everything.
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3 years ago, sumhunglow
Awesomesauce For Real!!
I love that this is available at our finger tips at any time we like. Many accolades to the brains of it’s creation. You have kept my ridiculously short attention span longer than most of the woman in my lifetime. Even if it’s during the ISS “nighttime”, i still sometimes gaze in wonderment. THANK YOU to all who made this possible and much love, admiration, and respect to the astronauts and the staff behind them. TO THE MONEY MEN, KEEP THE CASH FLOWING TO THE SPACE PROGRAM!!!!!… Peace, love , health, and wealth to you all!!!!
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2 years ago, ffgudxbbbhvnj
Love it!
My favorite feature about this app is that you can track the telescope, and see what it sees at the same time. You can also take pictures of what you see on the telescope, I also really enjoy that feature! Another really helpful feature is where it tells you when the sun is going to rise. Overall I really love this app, and I actually use it for some of my classes to.
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5 years ago, no camera Mel
Cameras not available
Normally this app would have gotten a 5 star rating from me, but the cameras - whether HD, SD or NASA option - haven’t worked at all for several days. My two brothers with androids can still see the cameras but myself and my younger brother with iPhones, cannot. Not sure if there was an update which changed things? The website states the last update was a year ago. Very disappointed, especially since the station has been visible several times lately.
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2 years ago, SweetTiel
I thought it would be interesting
I love the idea of watching the ISS.. when it’s working it’s great! I gave it a extra star in hopes that they fix the problems.1) More then half the time it shows nothing, the screen is black even if the ISS is in daytime. 2) a lot of time it doesn’t even show where the ISS is at. Those are my 2 pet peeves.. the first one really ticks me off. You fix that problem I’ll give you 5 stars. Thank you
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7 years ago, CuriousAboutSpace
Great!....until recently.
I’ve been using and enjoying the app for a while now, but recently the HD and SD camera buttons have been cut in half by the camera picture making it so I can’t tap either HD or SD button to switch camera views. It’s making me nuts! I loved being able to view inside of the ISS, but can’t since this glitch occurred. Please fix!
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5 years ago, Light Trading
Best APP In the Universe
This is my favorite app out of everything I have. Any time during the day or night, I can see Earth FROM SPACE. I’ve heard astronauts work on the ISS using the cameras, I’ve seen Cyngus land FROM the perspective of the ISS, and I’ve seen hurricanes. All these things I hear in the news, I can see for myself on a daily basis. I check this app whenever I feel drained at work and it always inspires me to achieve more. Thanks NASA and JPL.
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2 months ago, Ralph653
International Space station
I like to see where the space station is traveling. I try to get outside to observe when ever it is close to our location. It is interesting how close it actually seems would not be able to watch or see with out the information I see on this App. Thank you!
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1 month ago, “The Doc”
The Future: Now
As a Ph.D. In Applied Research, I have always enjoyed this App. I especially enjoy listening to the astronauts during their Maintenance spacewalks! The science and fellowship shared Amongst the crews demonstrates how we can all work together In Peace for the future and more profitable pursuits. There is hope for all of us, the world and our children. God bless the global space programs! Thank You! Dr Henderson
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3 years ago, Corona. mjc
Live love and learn
This app is what kicked off my new found love of learning about space and everythi ng out side of our VP can atmosphere and my love hate relationship with meteorites . I believe God has a plan for all of us and we are supposed to love and help one another. .. I know I could do better. I wish life was longer, actually, I wish we never died .
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9 months ago, Udntcme@1
We are definitely not alone!!!!
I wish your app didn’t only have snap shots, cause not if you had video, while you don’t catch UAP’s till the last minute then claim signal interference and shut your screen down, people like me would have gotten the video before you shut it down.. But I only got the snap shot instead. But that’s ok, like many like myself know the truth, so why keep trying to hide the truth!!! Make make sense!!!
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5 years ago, Emperor777
Incredible, but camera screen should be bigger
It’s cool to see where the ISS is on the map, but I’d rather have the camera screen larger to better see the earth. Other than that, it’s so amazing seeing the earth from space, and the sunrises and sunsets and the best. Edit: just realized if you go landscape mode, the whole screen is the camera... 5 stars now
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3 weeks ago, rapusc1
Exciting to see ISS
I was thrilled beyond words to witness the Space Station fly over my house. I was able to capture by my IPhone camera the station as it flew over own it’s way around the 🌎 world! Thank you all for your continued dedication to space exploration and ISS traveling 🧭 around our beautiful world 🌍 ❤️🙏 THANK YOU!!!!
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4 years ago, i only have one
Picture from space
I just realized that I could take a picture. I wasn’t sure what to do with the app, t thought it just showed the location of ISS and the view from there. Now I have a picture of the ocean from space. I Ike it. I’m on Bluetooth in a bad location, so i can only get connected occasionally.
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5 years ago, Shaggy1479
I have been extremely interested in our space program ever since discovering Mission ISS on the Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. I find it fascinating, and have learned so much as to what astronauts do, and their daily routines in outer space. It’s really neat to have this view of earth from the ISS. I almost feel like I am right there in the cupola.
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1 month ago, Camelot Villager
Amazing Astronauts!
How beautiful our world is when seen from the ISS. The technology to even build and get this awesome wonder in space for many years defys normal thinking. Thank you for sharing your journeys in space and may you all stay safe❤️
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2 years ago, IpItHurtz
Love this app
Some of the best things I like about this Apple stability to take photos from the ISS camera I like sending them to my computer and editing them I also like being able to track the ISS so that I have opportunities to see it and I like the other channels available like NASA TV and nighttime ISS etc. great app
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1 month ago, Space addiction
Space station
I am a big fan. I started watching launches all the back to Mercury. Fast forward to watching the Space Station being built a piece at a time. And sharing the App with others so that they can watch it passing overhead. I enjoy being a space nerd.😀
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3 years ago, honeybee714
Interesting ...I’m watching a low budget film from 1963. People really believe your up there😂 You have yet to prove that. During the day you never see land and at night always over land😳🤯Come on ... you can do better than this with 🛰🎥🛰🎥🤣
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5 years ago, af7sa
It could be a bit more accurate of when the ISS passes by. It doesn’t match other apps on it’s accuracy. I gave it a five because on cleverness on the programming. I can expect in future iteration they would have it so you can line up with the object better.
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2 years ago, joshua.314
NASA rocks!
I’ve had this application on many devices and each one is extremely helpful and fun to watch. The views are also available on the NASA channel on fire stick. I cannot wait tell the James Webb telescope is producing views of the beginning of the time 🇺🇸
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5 years ago, Nanopapa
I hope the video and live video come with captions . We are Deaf and hard of hearing need see the captions. We really impressed about them because the are awesomely teach us about many experiments and keep their health good condition.. let me know that you will add subtitles this App ISS. Thank for your awesome app! Bruce
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7 years ago, brokenshij
Envious landlubber
I greatly admire the amazing astronauts who live and work in the ISS. This app gives me the chance to see the astronauts living out my dream of seeing our beautiful Earth from space. I have this on my 10" tablet, which only makes it better. I watch for the ISS flyovers on clear evenings/nights as often as I can.
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1 month ago, asmrhm
Amchair Astronaut
The reason I love this ISS app is because we get live feed of the orbit of the earth. Also you can find out when it orbits over your home. This is as close to being an Astronaut as I will ever get. Safe travel to all of you aboard the ISS.
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2 weeks ago, John David tr6
My review
My problem is on the map, there is a line supposedly showing WHERE the station is. The model doesn’t move so you don’t really know where it actually is. Night time it goes over cities but we can’t see them. I have seen it go over my house in north Florida and it’s gone in under a minute That’s fine, there are other cities to see.
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10 months ago, BigWendy01
Livestream or Recorded? Poor Distinction!
•Some super interesting views of storm systems! •However, it’s not always apparent when one is watching a livestream or a recording or when that recording took place! •It should be obvious at a glance when one is watching a recording! (A major storm for instance) •LIVE should always be livestream unless changed in settings. It isn’t! •If livestream means a delay or blue screen at times for security reasons, so be it. BUT MAKE THAT DELAY CLEAR! •Further, the location shown, that I have seen at least sometimes, appears to differ from another APP which appears to update very frequently!
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5 years ago, ddrfyyyuuu
Strange craft?
I have seen & taken multiple photos of unexplained aerial phenomenon/ufo’s at different times of the day & night. Very inconvenient when nasa or iss cuts the live feed & puts on that “blue” screen. What are they hiding? If you’re lucky, you can get a few screen shots before they block you out.
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1 year ago, PA REB
The HD camera is horrible and I wonder if that’s the best that can be placed on the Station. Horrible ground views IF you can tune in when it’s operating somewhere besides over an ocean. The live camera views are crisp if you like starring at the Station structure for hours on end. It’s shameful if this is the best NASA and the JPL can offer to the tax paying public! I give it a weak 3 stars.
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1 month ago, Ellpei
Great fun
What a great ap to see the space station live. Sometimes when looking at the night camera I’ve seen planes flying below. Wow. I look at the ap many times per day. Thank you developers!
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2 years ago, OrionAnonymous
Overall great
I small amount I paid to get rid of ads was worth it, one the best apps out there for regularly viewing the latest s stuff going With space
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1 month ago, Vbgdgch
I really love to see the images from the station, just wish all the features worked and that there was some kind of night vision
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2 months ago, Michigan ditchbilly
Don’t know what happened with this app used to be good
But now it’s all fuzzy, and the picture is unclear, so I am stopping using this app. Maybe they will fix the problem soon I hope.
Show more
2 months ago, jmars31001
10 stars . I wish this was available when I was younger all my nieces and nephews loved it. They think it’s the coolest thing to have and had me install it on their pads all of them . Thanks for inspiring me and the kids.
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2 months ago, frabar69
Seeing the Earth Differently
I’m glad to witness the flight of these historic flights and the crews. One of the astronauts was crew member of the USS Parche which I too served on her as well. If only we could get along as well on earth as we do in space!
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4 years ago, down load robloxs
I LOVE IT 😄😄😄😄😄
ok so i only downloaded this because i love iss so much i like iss cause i seen it 2 DANG TIMES thits why i want to track iss so much. ok i love iss so i like iss apps even though i never heared of iss so i am in to iss now i love iss so i had to download this app so badly i asked my mom to get it she said yes so she got it for me.
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4 years ago, collapsingStar
My Fav ISS app!
Love the two live cameras. The app itself is free and the very occasional ads are not too intrusive. I rarely pay for "no ads" option if I don't have to, but I'm happy to support this app because it improved my quality of life so much :)
Show more
5 years ago, JEANNESCOTT
This is a very interesting scientific app that is cool!
I have another app that is similar to this. This app here is better. I like that it has NASA TV. But the feed that shows earth needs to be better. It’s good but it could be better. Do you want my real advice add more to it.
Show more
1 week ago, sw30061
Amazing app
I’m a first grade teacher and use this app to show my students who is in the ISS and what they can see from space. It’s amazing to see their interest growing each time they see with “astronaut eyes”. Love this app!
Show more
6 days ago, ejejfiejwndn
The Final Frontier
Being able to zoom the camera in and out along with all the different angles I can choose from really feels like I am there floating around in space. It’s just AWESOME!!
Show more
3 days ago, My favorite pictures by LEC
ISS Camera
The camera views of Earth provided live by the ISS are an absolute wonder. I usually check on the ap several times a day hoping to catch it going over land. If i catch it over land I’ll watch until it crosses to. Water again. I find it fascinating to be able to see the photos provided. My favorites have been the times the photos have been of people doing work outside of the ISS. Thanks for providing this. Larry
Show more
5 years ago, Goosette05
Have only been using this app a short time. Really enjoy it. I wish the live camera had a larger view and the tracking window was smaller. I would really love to see more .
Show more
1 year ago, Pilot'sMom
Love the Live Space station views
I am so envious of the crew aboard the SSI. I know they have to do their work but how awesome to look through a window and view Earth in all its beauty. Kids “dream big” as this could be you someday!
Show more
5 years ago, MinkiGirl
Camera screenshots
A friend turned me on to this app because he would post pics of a sunrise or sunset from the Space Station. Unfortunately I’m unable to see where I can take the pictures. He told me there is a box, then three dots that expand the view. Nope. Can’t find them. If anyone has an answer I’d greatly appreciate it.
Show more
3 years ago, Meljo69
Love it, but is not working lately.
Over the past couple of days, the app suddenly quits as soon as I open it. Anyone else having this problem? I really miss it. This is my favorite app.
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