ISS Spotter

4.5 (605)
17.1 MB
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Current version
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
7.0 or later
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User Reviews for ISS Spotter

4.5 out of 5
605 Ratings
5 years ago, Farley213
Eerily accurate needs select all
My family and I are addicted to this app and we watch pretty much every single pass of ISS. We use this with the Star Walk app to see where exactly to look. And yes we wave to the folks up there. Lol I took off one star only because it would so much better if you could add a “select all” option to the alarms. There are times when it’s passing a lot over us (example over the summer we had a month where it did multiple passes up to 6 times a night!) and to do each alarm individually is a bit much. Other than that we LOVE this app and hello to ISS from CT! :)
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1 year ago, PurtyKitty
Best free app and still significant in 2023
first off - i never write reviews but the ISS and this app have been a part of my life for a few years now and i still get as much enjoyment out of this app as i did the very first time i used it. As a news photojournalist most of my work is in the day but this app has broken me out of a creative rut and challenged me to prepare and photograph the ISS as it traveled close by in the middle of the night. I have gotten many photographs of the space station as it streamed across the sky while in florida, delaware … wherever i may be. And the app keeps updating as i get a new iphone almost every other year. I’ve never had a problem with the app and even when i’m not on wi-fi the space station is right on schedule just as the app always lets me know -“here it comes” ❤️ Thank you for bringing a lot of joy and wonder to my life.
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6 years ago, Micker80
Best thing to do with the kids!
I am hooked on watching for the ISS. Last night we watched on the app as the ISS flew over the Pacific and crossed over the Mexican/Southern California border. We live in central KS so that was our cue. We went outside- parents, grandparents, and the kids and watched in total fascination as the ISS went shooting over our heads right on time- the most brilliant satellite you’ll ever see, almost like a comet. It was a 3 star rated view so it was awesome. We cud see it visually and map it on the app til it got to the Canadian border approximately and it faded out. A huge thumbs up for this app. And thank you that it’s free! Especially neat cuz the kids were every bit as fascinated as the next two generations! Fun to experience it together!
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5 years ago, roswalien7
Love this app!
I want to thank the developer for creating this app! Great job! Our family uses it quite a bit. One of the things that brings me great joy is sharing this app and the the view of the space station with others who have never seen it. They are always in awe of the fact that they are actually seeing the space station with their own eyes without the use of binoculars or a telescope. The alarm setting to alert you when the ISS is overhead is a great feature! I can’t tell you how many times I have been talking with someone, when the alarm goes off and I tell the person I’m with to come outside so I can show them something amazing.
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5 years ago, therealtiff
I think the best feature of this app is the fact that it displays future passes for the next 4-5 days that way if you’re someone who needs to plan ahead of time to see it you can do so. At the time of writing this review I can’t say that I’ve actually used the app to spot the ISS. I’ve set the alarm a few times, but for some reason I’ve always been driving when the ISS is overhead, so maybe I should set the alarm for more than 5 minutes ahead. 😝 high five to the developer for having this idea. Numerous people have been able to experience seeing the ISS that otherwise may not have. 🙌🏼👏🏼
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4 weeks ago, ladybuginsc
Wonderful app that is USEFULL
I have enjoyed this So Much. I have my husband watching the ISS go over along with grandkids. It’s amazing that we can watch something that far away and just stand in the yard watching and don’t have to have any special equipment. I’m 77 years old and watch with as much excitement as if I were a kid at Christmas! A special thank you for all your hard work on making it available to so many people. I’ve shared this information with several friends and hope they are excited as I am, watching the ISS make history.
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7 years ago, OldBugGuy
Good App But ...
Would be excellent if future passes were shown for a week or so. Gives you the opportunity to plan. Same day plans can be a challenge. I have to go to the beach for best viewing and I can not always achieve that with less than 24 hours warning.
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3 years ago, dps36
An Excellent Science App for Anyone
Introduced to me by a fellow camper one clear summer night, I was amazed by its ease of use and accuracy while revealing so much information instantly about one of mankind’s greatest AND peaceful achievements. As I watched the ISS sail by overhead brilliantly at over 17,000 mph with 6 humans on board that night, I knew my life would be different from then on. Thanks for creating something that has the potential to open up the worlds astronomy and space travel for all of us who want to know more!
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1 year ago, FridayNiters
Friday Niters
Our group of 8 people from ages 55-75 have been meeting weekly for dinner for 20 years. One evening bee discussed the space station and found your app! Ever since we text each other from wherever we are to remind each other tonight will be a 3-6 minute viewing! It’s become a highlight of our evening sitting around a campfire. But we many times are disappointed when it tells us no suitable viewing for 10 days!
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11 months ago, FireSmack
Works great
I saw the international space station because of this app. It works great, did exactly what I expected. The only thing is, once you know it’s coming soon, you should set your own reminders for it. This app only alerts you once, one hour before it passes. I like more reminders so I just set them myself. Otherwise, no complaints, great app. The ISS only passes within my visual range once every couple months or so.
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7 years ago, Teckels
I SS Spotter
I love this app because it gives me very accurate information about the tracking of the International Space Station. It also lets me set up alarms to notify me when the ISS will be visible from my location, making this app very useful to the novice astronomer. The best thing is that it is free for all to use. I like it so much that I made a donation to the developer and I hope that they will have many further improvements to this app.
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5 years ago, pd3ski
Great app
Have used this for quite awhile now and like it a lot... even donated🖖 I like having two iPads one running your app and the other showing the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment in full screen... when it actually flies overhead is the super bonus ... tracking ISS with ISS camera simultaneously looking down at me looking up!! What a time we live in!!! Can you do us one BIG favor please 🙏 ... add the day/night shade lines ... please
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6 years ago, Bashful30319
“That’s so cool…”
It never gets old, watching the best of humanity’s efforts zipping past, plain as you please. Oohs and aahs from first timers. Even when it’s mostly cloudy, no stars are apparent, and there’s only a sliver of maybe-open sky, the ISS can gleam right through and this app will have you looking up at the right time and direction. With a clear sky, it’s a spectacle. I’ve used the app for years and it’s always stable. Five stars. Étoiles haute, y’all!
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12 months ago, shad halvor
Great educational resource/experience
Just can’t thank the producers of this wonderful app. Everything about it has been a positive experience for myself and all I’ve been fortunate enough to share it with. Can’t thank all responsible enough for your hard work and dedication . You brightened many horizons obviously in more ways than one!
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4 years ago, jlwallac13
Great tool, easy to use
This is very easy and quick to learn. Since we launched American astronauts from our soil last week to the ISS, i perked interest again and found this app. I have now gotten another family to start watching because it is simple to find. Everyone is amazed how far you can see the ISS and the app allows you to see this in virtual real time. Thank you
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7 years ago, Wilton Biker
Tremendous app for space inspiration
You can schedule an alarm to let you know that the space station is coming into view. I have used it twice so far with my son. It is incredibly accurate and makes spotting the space station easy. As an Apollo era person, this allows me to share some of the wonder of space with my child. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, Papa Harley. Poppie
A big thank you
I found this a few months ago and have been using it with friends, children, and Grand children. We read the information about the ISS and love setting alameda so we don’t miss when it is in the area. Thank you for creating this for others to learn and share time together.
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6 years ago, Loachman
This is the best ISS APP available from anywhere! My hat is off for your forward thinking concerning Parents and Children being able to work together as a family unit. Not one developer in 1,000 would have thought of benefiting the user to that level. Thanks for being that 1! I will try and donate later as I can't right now. Thanks again! Wesley Kicker
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3 years ago, NumberCounter17
Best app ever!! Great for spotting the ISS
Great app, The international space station will be visible on December 9, I want to do international space station on I spy. On Sunday or Saturday we found a telescope at Audi Lane (which is now Christmas lane until Dec 31) and did “telescope” on I spy, All of a sudden, I wanted to do “International Space Station” so I got this app on December 5 so I can check when the visible passes is.
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5 years ago, JLengy
Best app ever
I always set the ISS spotter alarm so I and anyone else who happens to be with me can go out and watch it go over. I never get tired of doing this. To find how high it will be at its peak, hold your fist out at arms length, thumb on top. This represents about 10 degrees in the sky. Want to know where 30 degrees is in the sky? Starting from the horizon, pile three fists on top of each other.
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5 years ago, Jean-Claude St Louis
Works perfectly
This app tells you when the ISS will be visible from your location or any location you specify. It also tells you where in the sky it will be and how bright it will be. The only improvement I would like is to add the day of the week next to the date in the forecast.
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2 years ago, Gettig
No ads or sub, just works
Does exactly what I need it to: let’s me know where the ISS is and when it will be overhead. Thankfully, no ads or subscriptions! You can however make a donation, which I did and recommend others do as well if they find value with this app. Totally worth it.
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4 years ago, Introvert Grammy
Mesmerizing thrill
Watched for the first time last night with my husband and a neighbor. We stood in awe and realized the ISS has been circling in view above us for years, but we never realized we could see it, much less track it’s orbit. Can’t wait to share this accurate, easy-to-use app with friends and family. Thank you!
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5 years ago, jovervold
I love the ISS and this app!
I was on vacation with the extended family, about 15 of us, when my ISS app alarm went off. I told the family it was my ISS flyover alarm and we all went outside to watch. They couldn’t believe what they saw! It was so much fun to share the view of the ISS with my family. This is a great app and I give it big five stars!
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4 years ago, Beye2020
Tks for this app
I am so blessed with your app. It’s truly amazing that we can actually see and track mankind that is 200 plus miles above us in real time... the app is so easy to use, precise and informative... I will continue to donate... thanks from South Carolina...I have enjoyed sharing/watching with my 4 yr old grand daughter.
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6 years ago, Up2zion
The app is beyond great, and it’s extremely accurate. A few weeks ago it said ISS would be flying overhead so went outside in sunset and exactly to the minute it was supposed to be there it was. Thank you developer for making this available to millions! Unbelievable
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7 years ago, Dohhhhhh
Easy. Accurate. Fun.
This app provides the date, time, and specific elevation to locate the ISS as it orbits the Earth near your location. So easy, accurate, and fun you'll wonder how you've never randomly spotted it going by on your own since its launch nearly 20 years ago.
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7 years ago, Rollin like a big shot
Love ISS
I really enjoy tracking the ISS but I enjoy telling people about this app more! Every person I share with has no idea about the ISS. How we just carry on our daily lives on earth and not realize we have astronauts living on the ISS is beyond me. Every interaction helps me put things into perspective.
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3 years ago, DH Barclay
Fantastic App
I have used this app many times to follow the Space Station across the sky. I invite friends to watch it with me and they love the experience. It’s fascinating, and ISS fact page is really interesting. Highly recommended!
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6 years ago, Trader gaga
Great app. We were traveling thru Germany hooking up with relatives from all over and got the idea to find the ISS as my cousin is a scientist for European space agency contractor. Brought us closer together last night watching what man can accomplish when we work together with people who believe in science.
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4 years ago, Casino72
Easy to use!
Tried different ones and this app is, by far, the easiest way to know when the ISS will be visible. I have been able to set my scope and dslr but,,still working on taking a good photo. Anyway, I’ve been using it for years now. Love it!
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2 years ago, DirtDawgGolfer
Lovely little App
It does one thing, let you know when the ISS is going to be visible over your location and does it very well. No ads, few bugs, just good information.
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6 years ago, Rocket City user
Fun and informative
A great app, I highly recommend it. I have shared this app with family and friends. Using this app I have been able to show friends their first viewing of the ISS. Their excitement of the first sighting qualifies this app as a great value. Thanks for your app.
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6 months ago, RippedOff1
Great tracker when it works
This is a 5 star app when it works. Unfortunately for me on an iPhone 13 it doesn’t any longer. Started with iOS 14 and now in 17 same issues. Open app and click on any icon on bottom and app crashes. Reopening and selecting a different icon and crash…. I miss how great this app is.
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2 years ago, grama josh
Excellent app
I love this app. My friend introduced it to me and I have done the same to other friends. My grandchildren love to watch the SS go over with me. I think this is a treasure given to a troubled country. AND world. Thank you for this gift!
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6 years ago, kathattan
Wonderful App : )
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️We got to see the ISS last evening fly over our house, right on time. This app is so much fun and I recommend this with 5 Stars. The NASA ISS web site is a nice place for lots of additional info. Thank you for making this available.
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7 years ago, supermark2001
Worked perfectly. Extremely accurate.
I installed today because I heard ISS was going over. I was worried so I fired up the night sky and my compass. But I didn't need to. App worked as advertised. Should be good viewing tomorrow as well!! My son was hyped!
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7 years ago, Big KRS 1
Watching ISS
I had seen something in the sky in the past and never knew. I have always been a NASA fan since I was born during Apollo 11 (yes 69). I use this app all of the time and share the alarms with friends and co-workers. I recommended it. Hasn't let me down yet!
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2 years ago, helgal1
Love this App
My husband and I love to hang out on the deck or go out to a flat area to watch the ISS go by. He’s always amazed that I can tell where it will be coming from with such accuracy. Thanks for many hours of enjoyment ISS Spotter.
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4 years ago, incognito_man27
If you are looking for an app for tracking the station get this it had perfect timing on when it passed by this evening, I can’t believe I could still see it when it was passing through Bermuda
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5 years ago, Ksuhdrgvluisrhfviulywrfv
You know, I downloaded this not expecting much, but tonight I decided to see if it worked. Much to my surprise it did! Right on the minute I saw this orange light appear in the sky and slowly fly overhead. It was really incredible seeing it!
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3 years ago, pghggybyb
We were at are grandmas house and then we noticed that the ISS goes past their house so I got this app and it was so cool and plus it’s FREE if anyone is reading this and thinking if you want the app you have the get the app it’s great 👍
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7 years ago, PICKSYSTICKS
Simple and easy to use
All the other apps are too flashy and have lots of bells and whistles which makes it too confusing to use. This app tells me when and where to look. Simple.
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4 years ago, BobF455
Great and fun
Works well. We really enjoy seeing the station on the days that it is visible. When it comes by you can’t miss it. The app sets itself for your location. Smart and easy to use.
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11 months ago, Sitzmarker
App crashes on iPhone 14
I used to love this app. It never let me down. Even out in middle of Lake Powell I could see when it would be over us. But on my iPhone 11 and then the 14 Pro, app crashed whenever opening the forecast to schedule viewing. I also have the newest larger IPad and have no trouble with this app on that device. I’ve tried to get help. I’ve rebooted many times to no success.
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6 years ago, Jeremy_G.
Greatest Free Tool EVER~!
What a great and easy to use app for spotting one of humanities more awesome creations / achievements. Easy to use and handy alarms help you specify your tolerance levels of what angles and times you want to be notified to see the spectacular space station.
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9 months ago, d_firefly
This app is fantastic! It gives helpful information, including a sketch of the compass directions as the ISS will appear in the sky. The alarm reminder is also helpful!
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4 years ago, ChandlerKD
Best ISS app!
This app is simple to use and has been very accurate. It has allowed me to find the ISS and alerts me when it will be passing over. I really enjoy watching it pass over and this app is great for helping me locate it!
Show more
4 years ago, Space Station Watcher
Easy to use!!
Had success the very first time I tried it. Knowing that there are two Americans on board who just launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida makes it even sweeter!! Definitely worth watching again.
Show more
6 years ago, Jenncatrn
Love this!
My son and I use this app almost daily. We are so intrigued with space and knowing there are people hundred of miles above us, making it a better place down here. Thank you for this app!!!
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