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User Reviews for

2.55 out of 5
1K Ratings
4 years ago, Hi Im Olivia
A Terrible Program
I use iStation For School. I absolutely hate it! I’m in a dual language program, so we use the spanish version. I am in 5th grade but because my understanding of the language is so low it treats me like a 5 year old! I feel inferior compared to other students. I’ve talked to other classmates and they agree with me. I can read, but can’t comprehend most of the things that are presented on the test each month which sends me back to square one. To someone like me, this isn’t fun and after each session I learn nothing! It’s ineffective, and I’ve talked with my teacher about it and have seen 0 changes. Please treat me like a normal person because I’ll be using it for the rest of the time I’m in the program.
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6 years ago, graet review
Worst app ever
Hi i’ve seen a lot of reviews A lot of them say that this game crashes I download it to make this review because we are made to do Istation if you look at the chart for how much the stars are it says most People choose two stars When I tried to login it crashed also (on the app)When I am made to do this on the pc it shows wordsThat we haven’t even learned yet plus they don’t even teach is the word in the game. Also also it repeats the same story 20 times to the point wear you skip the story and you get it right It shows the same How to press and click when your done ever time The name is I station and I stands for Imagination and where is the imagination in it the story’s in istation are not creative at all flying pizza “sounds interesting “ no just telling you how to “make pizza” (the ingredients) of a pizza the story makes no sense at all flying on a plane where did she get the money to buy the plane her house looks like a normal house not a rich house she could just get it from a store and show here plus it doesn’t show how she got the ingredients-my sis said that there was a book I had to read because it was a test and it was a bout politics. What the hell!! She’s only in six grade! I was making it look like one side was “good” and one is “bad” that’s what you call brain washing!
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5 years ago, Roha imran
1 problem
As a student which this is a very amazing app my whole school k to 5th grade does it and every Wednesday we do Istation awards for 1 kid in each class that gets the most istation minutes but the problem is that after I log in it takes a really long amount of time to Load to the next page so can you please fix that and by the way on reading and math everybody in my class says “ how did you get to that?” And that was the only problem that you need to fix please and I also suggest that to make other activities in istation like make and update where there is every reading level books to read and please make the highest reading level please and also very detailed good work on that😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 and people who do not like the app tell your teachers or something!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.
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3 years ago, Lightning Stripe
Best Reading Program!
I love this app! If you want to work on your reading to impress a teacher or simply just want to work on your vocabulary this is the app for you. I’m in fourth grade and am reading ninth grade books. I still need help every once in a while, so I come to Istation. It can enhance your reading and writing skills by a lot! It saves your progress so that you aren’t doing the same thing over and over again. Sure, the people in it might get a little annoying when you’ve had them for a while. That’s just because they aren’t ready for you to move onto the next level. Since this review is taking a bit, I’ll just summarize it. Istation will help you. It is the best reading and writing program.
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2 years ago, Squeakbutt
ISIP needs to NOT be timed
As a parent of a dual language 3rd grader who has used Istation since kindergarten, I like the program in general. The stories and games are fun and engaging. HOWEVER, I cannot rate it any higher than 2 stars because of one major flow: the monthly isip designed to measure progress is TIMED. Meaning for students learning Spanish, those who read a little shower, need time to do the translation etc, if you don’t answer the question within a few short seconds, it is marked wrong and you are automatically moved on. Every Spanish teacher my son has had agrees that the test not being self-paced is terrible because the students aren’t able to take their time and think about the answer. They have complained and written letters but nothing happened. To whatever developer might read this, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider changing this.
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4 years ago, OofyourselfXD
There’s bugs.
Hello, please don’t think I’m being mean, but this app gets me VERY stressed... again, please don’t think I’m being mean, when I was on the “book work “thing and I was reading a book it I sat there for 30 minutes waiting for it to show the green arrow for 30 minutes it said “Take your time as your reading.” This app has a lot of bugs.. I’m not trying to say it’s the WORST game ever itjust has glitches and bugs when I tried to log in my account I lost it. I had to make a new one and all my grades and stuff one there was gone. There’s a little bit of bugs. This is a good app if I rated it I would say 3.9 .
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1 year ago, w e love y o u
doesn’t work
hello!! some years ago when I was younger, (1st, 2nd, grade ish-) we would do istation everyday. I have to admit, I loved it!! I remember almost everything I would do, all the characters, all the activities and it was awesome!! i had decided to download this to maybe get a little nostalgia, but it says there was a unknown error and it just exited me from the app. pls fix this :(( (I am on iOS iPad)
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3 years ago, Bunnylovecakes aj
Needs more work
I don’t really like how the voice sounds on some of the characters, they sound like robots pretty much a lot of the times. I also don’t like how it makes you go back when your doing questions on a book, I would suggest putting an option to go back like yes or no. I think the app can use an update on the art and voices if you can cause it sounds pretty annoying to a lot of people and the app art kind of looks outdated. I have seen some bugs just one tho. The only bug I’ve experienced is sometimes it freezes up and you have to refresh the app. Edit: Wow this is old.
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4 years ago, Qaida.Wright
I don’t like it.
Hello, I have been using i station since September and I really don’t like it. 1: it waste time talking about stuff that doesn’t matter and the fact that they have to finish what there saying is very annoying. 2: We use i station for learning at school but it doesn’t tell you your score on lessons. 3. Everybody that I gave talked to in my class feels the same way. Last year we used this app called i-ready maybe u should look it up it could give you some tips. The only reason we use it it because it’s cheap. Not even worth the time.
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5 years ago, Pew die pie supporter
Worst 👏school👏app👏btw sub to PewDiePie
When I’m I was in class, I was doing the ISIP test and it was very annoying. There was a time limit for reading the passage, not much time on the questions and very low graphics. One other thing that I hate is that every single little game lasts VERY long and I hate it. Here kids, because the teachers won’t listen to us (because this app is very bad) you can press the pause button, but time still goes by. And if you go on the books you can sit their and wait until it has 30 minutes. I hate this game and I hope it dies.
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5 months ago, Peace love and Kris
Major functionality issues
This crashes all the time and will not credit my daughter for having signing on at all. She goes back in and it will kick her out at the same spot. Again, to her teacher it looks like she never logged on at all. We have to delete and reinstall the app for it to work… until the next crash. Very frustrating. No help from customer service as they can't see any record of her being logged in either.
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4 years ago, Nightmare dream
When i was doing Istation today i was waiting forever when i finished the page it took more the 20 seconds to realize i was finished i might only be a third grader but i can read fast. I think if you could make the green arrow pop up a little bit faster. Otherwise it’s a great game.
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4 years ago, Precision Granite
Can’t even do Istation math 😒
Ok I under stand you put hard work into this app but what I’m not seeing is Istation math. I see videos about it and when I go inside it I don’t even see anything with Math in it. I’m using a iPad I looked up how do you get Istation math or is it on Istation but all it told me was You can download Istation. I mean I have the app and I really wanted to use Istation math please fix that so I can use Istation math and fix it for other people who can’t use it.
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6 years ago, Tabitha🌺flowerheart
Not bad for learning ! Best app ! 🌺❤️😝😚😘
People are saying this might be bad . But not the people who say it's good . It is a amazing app ! You learn too! Read books on it . It is fun for grades 1 , 2,and 3 . Probably 4 . I think my teacher will change the grade level if I'm in a upper grade . It is awesome to have ! So you can download . It will save for you !
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6 months ago, TheCuteRat🐀
First I use this at school every week and it stresses me and all of my classmates out. Because they talk for such a long time and I already know what I need to do. I downloaded this app and it literally did not even work….😬 Also the puns are terrible please stop🥲🥲 Once I was on the ISIP and I almost got the answer and it skipped it… It was a waste of time of me doing that. But really that’s all I can say.. (I recommend NOT getting this app)
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2 years ago, urruururjrur8rururu4
Good app
I don’t enjoy it too much because of course i am a student so i don’t like working but one thing i don’t like is if you need to log out if you are on a lesson it doesn’t save progress! you have to do it all over again. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
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5 years ago, ilearnwelearn
My kids love istation
This app allows my kids to pick up where they left off at school. They seem to like the game like learning and reinforcement of what they are learning in school. We have had no trouble downloading or using the app on our iPad or the tablet.
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3 years ago, I worship scientology
We LOVE istation
We love istation for our 5 and 7 year old. Unfortunately our school district can’t pay for your program. Can you please make it available for individuals not just schools to purchase your program!! We really need this for Spanish!!!
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4 years ago, 3-Star Student
[ Superb App in Spanish and English / High Quality ] 🤯
I cannot believe it! This app is a masterpiece which displays dual-language! WhenI reviewed the negative reviews, I did not think they were true. So I tended to try it. Turns out, the app functioned properly! What a magnificent app. Keep up the good work! 👍
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3 years ago, JamieFloridaFemme
It could’ve been 4 star but look where we are
1 the Isip moons face is ridiculous 2 the agent levels cool but the crimes aren’t really crimes 3wandering wizard is a terrible name a toddler could do better4 they review things that people already know5 finally the controlls on wandering wizard are terrible. Please fix inko kids love silliness but it’s annoying
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3 years ago, Julio93
When I get one answer wrong it takes me back to the homepage that’s strange then it show’s the correct one but it says incorrect it’s making me KNOW this already when I dont
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3 years ago, my chorro
I’m a student in 5th grade who is a user of this app due to school. I’ve been using it since I was little and never liked it. It showed problems from time to time, BUT NOW ITS HORRIBLE. Each time I dont do it for like a day it tells me to do the starting test. At first I thought it was a glitch and I was fine with it, BUT NOW IT JUST KEEPS HAPPENING TO THE POINT WHERE I DONT EVEN WANNA DO IT ANYMORE. I’ve done the test at least 10 times, please fix this it’s getting annoying.
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7 years ago, ihatehaked
I LOVE THIS GAME you should install this if you had to do this app for homework at home or School because if you DONT your fired LOL AM KIDDING. If you had to do it all over when you passed the beginning you only have to complete 1 test to go to the loaded page. THIS AUTOMATTALY SAVES AND LOADS YAY!!!!!!!,
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3 years ago, am the rater of worsts games
I’ve never seen worst
This is not fair it pauses and the green arrow takes so long it’s annoying I fell like I can do better and I am not rude it’s just true I just wish that it isn’t so stupid the mean tallks like a grumpy person he’s annoying and the worms are so S##Tmy star rating is 1 becaouse or reading math is way better not caouse when I go to math it brings me to I practice caouse am done with all at my grade in it
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9 months ago, Notmaxine124
No just no
Ok I’m a student who uses this just no ISIP needs to stop being timed for children who want to red slower to understand also it changes my answers in the game secret word I use this app for school and it needs to stop you guys try making it fun but it’s not the ppl are annoying and takes to long to PRESS ONE BUTTON update this game after this review I’m tortured and your app is not cool
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4 years ago, i love jermy
Ok first off like I was waiting there for minutes to see if it was done loading. And on mine you have too redo the assignment 3 times like what?! And also why do I have to look at each definition for me to move on the page like I already know it!! And when I am done reading it it always says “read the story carefully” like I am a fast reader. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR PEOPLE-also the bugs are NOT fixed!!
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4 years ago, Ian Yeet 13
So slow
The app is the slowest app and when I use it barely gives instructions to do something and the server takes forever to load the loading progress when you start the app it’s like an iPad 2 it crashes so much I’m sick of it and I have no idea what to do for most of the time because some of the lessons tell no instructions the app is so boring and I don’t know why schools use it.
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2 years ago, zavienjd
The rock
The rock went to peni park then he went to Istation and saw among us and gave it a three star rating by the way it’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take what ours.
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4 years ago, istation giving me a headache
Constantly will not open
My daughter has 30 min required homework every week on Istation. The app never opens. It freezes up. We have to delete the app and then download and start again. 30 min becomes an hour of frustration. Developers, please fix these issues or parents will pressure school boards to abandon Istation for a better functioning reading program.
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4 years ago, Ur correct
Worst app school app ever
I have to do Istation every day for 30min and it doesn’t let me log in so l have to reset the app and even then it won’t work. Istation becomes a 2hr project every day. Most of the time,the app resets me to the beginning when I am almost done. And it also times me on my assignments so I take forever. If I could, I would rate this app a 0 star rating.
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5 years ago, Steve Rogers 1944
I station is fun for everybody
I love istation because This is actually a very fun app for all kids and adults I use I station at school you can use it on computer iPad iPhone and iOS.
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4 years ago, jcp1969
In the Comparing fractions section in Same Numerators, it's supposed be, smallest fraction = move one space, and greater fraction = move 2 spaces. But for SOME REASON on my IPad, Smallest fraction = move 2 spaces, and Greatest fraction = 1 space. Please fixed this, I hit at least 4 traps JUST because of it
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9 months ago, yhgjhthfyyjfy
I would sit there and read all of the questions and see witch one was right and then it would say “answer the question and move on.” Then it wouldn’t give me enough time to answer it. Also even though I know that I got it right, it would give me a very low score, so now my teachers think I am dumb.
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4 years ago, krisdallas
Totally horrible worst app ever
I am 9 years old and I have to do this every day. The name is Istation but the(I) stands for imagination but I hardly get to use it. When I do the test every week they are ok but they are ok because they are waaayyyy to easy. They are supposed to to see where you are and lower or rise the difficulty. Well I’m in third grade and it is teaching me stuff I knew how to do since first grade.
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3 years ago, gdhhdhaoaxkbznjzjzjj
Not the worst app but good
So as you know this might get taken down cause it has bad reviews all most every one hates this but school helps you get a job get a great life and people hate it why tho?
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3 years ago, Pia Hill
Best educational game (coming from a ten year old)
This helped me learn so much and I don't know what is y'all's problem but y'all probably go on iready😂😂 WE LOVE YOU ISTATIO
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4 years ago, siilokpkjj
Boring but gets funer
Soo it was super boring at the start and it’s was annoying too!! It reapeated stuff and I didn’t like it . But then a turtle came up and it was fun u got 3 problems the other one is that I don’t understand why ppl like this app it’s kinda bad ! Why is it even spell istation if it’s said eye station!..2 stars for this terrible app
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3 years ago, Kearra5673
I used to use Istation. I used to love this app. Ever since the update, they taken away the math. Since then, I was only able to work on reading. I’m disappointed in this app. I want the math one to come back again. I thought this app would be good, but it just became worse. Don’t really recommend this 😒
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4 years ago, natalie <33
One problem
I just wish you could do it with out putting a domain cause I don’t know my password for my school account and I can’t just go up there to get it
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4 years ago, USAA used to be great
Please schools, stop forcing students to use this app
Super boring, makes my kids repeat books, narrator reads so slowly they lose interest. Even though the teachers want my kids doing this during corona break, I have stopped forcing them, and started using other app suggestions (which are better and more interesting alternatives).
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2 years ago, koribeast123
It always crashes when I get in the app and it is always ends up kicking me out. People say because of my iPad but my tablet is the new one. Bad app. - A Student in Pahp
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4 years ago, dnsjx i
Why do people think it’s bad
This is a really good App to learn a lot of things. And I love how they test you once a wile. I appreciate the hard work the app gave in
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4 months ago, adriennelopez
Can’t complain
It’s good, but there has been no changes. Thank goodness it’s not like I-Ready. I am in 3rd grade and I use the Spanish program. It treats me like a 5 year old, after you take the ISIP, please change the level if you scored high. Thank you. -Matthew Lopez
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1 year ago, Yami1979
please remove the puzzles
My daughter is force to use this app for school. When she has to do the puzzles twice , it gives her anxiety and is not good for her mental state. I am sure she is not the only child that does not like that part. She has cried and has had meltdown in school cause she does not want to do reflex math.
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3 years ago, foxqueenReagan 🦊
This is just stupid
Point number 1 I can make better animations with KineMaster Point number 2 it’s stupid and treats you like a kindergartener when you’re older Point number 3 it tells you to “Take you’re Time” when it’s a 2 sentence thingy I hate this app if I could I would give a 0
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2 years ago, Mochi cat Faith
Terrible app
This learning app is terrible it glitches so much and it’s so slow it even repeats the same units over and over again even if we mastered. I still don’t get why ours my school uses this app it is so boring and treats us like four year olds. Strongly do not recommend
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8 months ago, whateverluv
I loved this app and would recommend this app to everyone
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4 years ago, 2nd grade student
As a student my class uses this app. It's ok but many times when I turn it on the sound doesn't work. When my teacher sends me assignments I tap the start button and it doesn't even start. Try some other learning app. This one won't work.
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4 years ago, hgtevrcyvrfyb
This app constantly tells me to, Take your time while you read the book. Hint: If your trying to make a fun game for school, MAKE IT FUN. Actually this is less of a game or app, and more of a nightmare. If you have the choice DO NOT GET THIS HORRIBLE APP. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to therapy because the characters voices school.
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4 years ago, unkown pankeke
So I saw this game in school I was like OK a new program how bad can it be,I go on it!they won’t stop talking,when u do the work it doesn’t save so u have to redo.i just think that this is a waste of time it’s so annoying I NEVER fall asleep and this is SO boring I fall asleep almost everytime! This is worst then the state test every single day!DO NOT GET THIS APP IF U R A TEACHER! N O
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