Itsy Bitsy Spider - Easter Egg

4.3 (39)
18.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Duck Duck Moose LLC
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Itsy Bitsy Spider - Easter Egg

4.33 out of 5
39 Ratings
14 years ago, Urban Mom
Outstanding app
This is a great app for kids - very creative and entertaining. It has so many different features, kids never seem to tire of it. The only flaw with this app is the foreign language option, which is horrible!!! All the langauge versions are sung by the same English- speaking guy, who obviously does not speak any of the other languages and who is just "limping along" with some pathetic phonetic attempt to sing in each one of these languages. It was disappointing, as I was very excited to have the French and Italian versions and would have gladly paid more to have a native language singer in these 2 languages. If the creators are reading these reviews, je vous en prie, at least give us a decent version in French!
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3 months ago, jennybunny
Great app-love duck duck moose!
I’m not a huge fan of tech for young kids, but when you’re in a unique circumstance and need to distract your toddler/preschooler, this is a great choice! Even my 10 year old said, “I love that app.” And to top it off, the duck duck moose team has amazing customer service. Thank you!
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6 months ago, HeatherHumbolt
Does not load correctly anymore
My child used to love this app he played it for the longest time laughed giggled. It was amazing and then one day it no longer loads correctly. It’s a small little square that doesn’t even show the whole picture in it avoid this app and until they fixed it we’ve been waiting for months and nothing has changed and it looks like they have no plans to fix what their update destroyed.
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4 years ago, flowergreataunt
Great for toddler
20 month old loves it. It’s great without in-app purchases.
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6 years ago, Mamacass40
Absolute best
Excellent app for parents to interact with children.
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4 years ago, chloe mershon
my little bro lovessss plating this game on my phone! it’s awesome for him💕
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6 years ago, 74937503-2848
Confusing, distracting, and not at all about the timeless drama of Itsy’s heroic persistence at climbing up that waterspout.
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12 years ago, Owene25
Great app to start out with for a toddler
My just turned 2-year-old has been playing this game for over 6 months, and while we have multiple games now by Duck Duck Moose as well as other companies this one has withstood the test of time. I find that all the Duck Duck games are great for him, but I am glad we started out with this one. Old MacDonald & Wheels on the Bus required him to push the small buttons to move along to the next screen while Itsy Bitsy just let him touch the spider to move on to the next screen. Now that he's been playing it for so long I keep thinking he'll get tired of it and move on to the new games I've uploaded on my iPhone for just such a time (like the doctor's office or sitting at a restaurant waiting for our food to come) and yet I look over and find he's playing that one again. I do love that Duck Duck's games are the kind of games they grow into - so if they don't do all the little things right at first, don't worry they'll figure it out eventually. That's the fun of the game and why it's made for younger children.
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14 years ago, coachellacoach
My Daugeter loves it
She is 2 and a half years old and she loves it. It is entertaining for kids her age. But the only reason I won't give it a five is because it stays stuck at one story line and one view. I guess that's why its worth $.99. But it would be nice if it was bunndled with other stories, even if they would charge a little bit more, it would be worth it. That way kids could not get bored with just one setting.
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14 years ago, BeforeYesterday
Life saver!!
This app and the other two (Old MacDonald & Wheels on the Bus) by Duck Duck Moose are worth their weight in gold to us!! My very demanding/challenging 2 year old LOVES them. I can't tell you how many times we have used these games in situations where we, the adults, had to do something that she just didn't want to do. For example, standing in line @ the bank or signing the lease on our new ap't. Her patience is quite limited in those situations and these games have saved us many times over from full on melt down tantrums. I hope there are many more song books to come. Perhaps 'Twinkle Twinkle' could be next. THANK YOU Duck Duck Moose!!
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14 years ago, Um noor
Survived trip ca to europe
My 18 mo daughter LOVES this and asks for it (puts her hands in itsy bitsy spider position and says up and down). She has loved this for months including when we went to Spain a few months ago. iPhone apps saved our sanity not only on the plane but at restaurants, and this one is her favorite. So much interaction and so much to it without being over complicated. Worth every penny! Not a rip off like so many other apps- you can tell skill and love went into the creation of this app. My daughter also likes the other ones by like old macdonald but this is by far the fav. Thanks for making this! So creative and great graphics!
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14 years ago, Dumdumouse
Best baby iPhone apps!
We have this one as well as old mcdonald, wheels on the bus from Duck Duck Moose. This is the favorite one for my 21 month son. Compared to the other two apps, Itsy Bitsy Spider is the most beautiful and entertaining. The other two are great apps as well, but you need to push the button/arrow to go to the next page, a little bit structure and predictable framework. Itsy Bitsy Spider is designed with very nice level of details, cool music and graphics, every step will lead you to some pleasant little surprise, very enjoyable even for parents. My son can play with it for a decent amount of time. Definitely worth the $0.99.
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11 years ago, hlkbccheer
We love this app
This is--by far--the best Duck Duck Moose app. We have most of them, not all but most, and this is still our favorite. There are so many things to discover in the app and I really like how the developer has added the "parent area ahead" swipe down/up feature to the "other apps" icon. (I didn't like that they added the icon in the first place, but if they want to have it then at least making it "difficult" for the kids to exit the app and go to the App Store is better.) They should add this constraint to all of their apps. We've had this app for 4 years and it is still a family favorite!
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12 years ago, Angromarsi
My kids love this app!
My 18 month old loves Itsy Bitsy Spider. Almost every graphic on the screen does something. While he doesn't play with it more than a few min at a time, he doesn't play with anything that long! My older son also loved this as one of his first apps around 2 years old. Only wish there was some way to program a combo of buttons to close the app as I constantly get an "uh oh" and the phone given to me to restart the app since he likes to also push the home button (a problem for just about any app!)
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15 years ago, Jpyrz
Another Great App From DDM!
This app, I think, is better than the other two, as it does not require a small icon to be pressed to change the page. Lots of fun things to poke and explore. I just wish, in all their apps, DDM would take the music selection button off of the interactive screens. It is too tempting for little toddler fingers, and then they get stuck on the music selection page and can't get back to the game/story. This is a little inconvenient when you are trying to keep a toddler calm in a backseat while you are driving!
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14 years ago, SAHM I am
This app may be the singular reason my husband and I were able to fully enjoy a recent trip to Hawaii with our 2 1/2-yr-old. It helped us avoid many a meltdown by distracting her and kept her occupied during long periods of travel. At first I didn't want to use my phone as a toy, now I don't know how we got along without "spidoo game"! "The Wheels on the Bus" is excellent as well - when my husband saw how well "Itsy" worked with our daughter, he downloaded "Wheels". We'll be buying their other apps, too.
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13 years ago, eersnherd
Great Interactive App for Young Children
This is a gorgeous app designed with inquisitive children in mind. There are numerous ways for the child to interact with the app, whether it is collecting eggs, getting a squirrel to collect nuts, or splashing in the rain. This app is best shared as a family as you can even record your own version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" by singing with your child, and then playing it back later in place of the original voice. You won't be disappointed paying for this app.
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13 years ago, ING Gamer
Awesome! I rarely buy apps but this is def worth the $!
This is such a fun app! I don't buy a lot of apps but these are definitely worth the $! My younger son will be 2 in a few months & he loves this app! He's adopted from outside of the country so doesn't understand very much English but the variety of things to tap, the sounds, and music really engage & fascinate him! We love the Wheels On The Bus app too but this one has a lot more to interact with. I highly recommend it for 1-3 year olds.
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14 years ago, ndhanthro
So well done!
This is a great little interactive book. I think it's by far the best of the three currently available from Duck Duck Moose. My son enjoys all the little elements on the screen, from the squirrel on the roof, to collecting the little colored eggs, to splashing in the puddle. What I like about it is that it's varied, not too predictable, and open-ended. Since there is no finish line, he can enjoy exploratory play. The colors and illustrations are wonderful, too. Definitely worth the $.99!
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14 years ago, T19N82F
Wish other duckduckmoose apps were this good
It's not that they are bad but their other apps have arrows that need to be pushed in order to go to the next page. With Ittsy all you have to do is push the spider and it goes from page to page; not complicated at all, especially for little fingers still trying to conquer fine motor skills. Please make another app like this one!
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14 years ago, jh333
Saved my plane trip
Our 10 month old threw a HISSY FIT on our plane trip; nothing would please him, not a bottle, crackers, soothing, etc. I had just downloaded this on the recommendation of a friend, so tried it as a last-ditch effort. He immediately calmed down and started cooing. He figured out that touching the screen made stuff happen within seconds, and it occupied him for the next 20 minutes -- until he fell asleep. Aaahh! Magical.
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14 years ago, Caterpillar2008
Sanity Saver!
Thank you from me, my toddler, and everyone who was on our recent flight! This app kept my toddler occupied and content when nothing else would, which was great for us, not to mention the rest of the passengers. I have all 3 of the apps from Duck Duck Moose and we love them all, but this is my daughter's favorite. It is cute, fun, and entertaining, and it definitely gets 5 stars in our book.
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14 years ago, Littletsmom
Great game
This game is very charming. It makes me smile. I got it for my 1 year old. At first he just watched me play, but then he started playing and in few weeks to my surprise he knew where to touch to make the spider move. He is now 14 months and it is still the best distraction during dinners out, car rides (yes he can hold the phone and play the game), and melt downs. I strongly recommend for 1-2 year olds.
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14 years ago, TommyOfCarlsbad
Rewarding and compelling
Among the apps I have on my granddaughter's page on my iPhone this and PreSchool are her favorites. It is diverse in it's components and she loves the surprises that present themselves on the pages. Touching the same icon more than once does not give the same result. The changes intrigue her. Collecting eggs is her favorite. Well done app. Am buying more by this developer because of Itsy Bitsy's quality.
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14 years ago, phoofy
My 2-year-old loves it!
Within a day of buying this app, my son now asks to play with "Bissy" - he loves having so many things to touch and interact with! Not only is the interaction entertaining, but the colorful artwork makes this a fun way to work on vocabulary too. We also use this to reinforce some action words (jump, open/close window, crawl, eat cake, etc). Well worth the price!
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14 years ago, Kaden's mom
Cute but poor sound - still better than wheels on the bus
This is cute but I think abc train is much better. The animation is much better and you can customize it too and it costs the same. My son likes abc train much better. It teaches him the alphabet too. Plus, the audio on this is poor - the fly voice gets soft sometimes. The eggs are cute and a nice touch. This is better than wheels on the bus IMHO. That has very limited animation.
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14 years ago, Allen&JamieLane
Love this app
My three year old absolutely loves this app. Keeps him busy for an hour at a time. He loves collecting the eggs. When we play together it gives me a chance to reinforce shapes, colors, we make up stories together about what's happening on the screen giving us some great son-dad time. I highly recommend this app. Best of the bunch from this publisher.
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13 years ago, Happy Dad '11
Fun game with some cool features
My 4-year old has had a lot of fun with this, especially recording her own version of "Itsy Bitsy Spider" that plays over the game, in place of the default audio. Cute little transitions and fun things for her to find. Not going to be something that she plays with for months, but she's gotten quite a bit of use out of it for .99.
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15 years ago, TCD in cali
Great app
Would be even better if it were a bit more stable. This app kept my 5 year old son, my 9 year old goddaughter, and my friend's 3 year old entertained for an hour. The only problem with the game was that it kept crashing unexpectedly. The graphics are very cute, the song is entertaining, and all three kids LOVED the side games of picking up the eggs, dropping the banana, & dropping hats.
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14 years ago, heabrook
That's all?
Unfortunately, our three year old daughter became bored with this the first time she played it. There isn't much to it, besides it being very colorful and appealing to the eye. I thought it was going to have shapes, numbers, etc - which I thought it described in the description. It only has a few interactive elements, which aren't challening and get old quickly. Maybe better for younger ones? This is one of those times that you wish you could get your money back, even though it was just a "dollar." I don't think my daughter will play it much.
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14 years ago, Bjorn The Bold
My daughters favorite
This is by far my daughters favorite app. We have over three pages of kid apps and this is the best. She loves to interact with everything on screen. I like that touching the spider progresses the story. It's much easier than touching an arrow or swiping across the screen to advance the story along. Thank you for making a fantastic app that my daughter two year old loves.
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13 years ago, Sonya Leal
Lots of fun!!
My 2yr old loves this app. It keeps her busy when i'm driving or I just need something to keep her busy so I can clean. The music is cute and the spider does alot of different things. She mostly likes to make the cloud blow the spider and the little girl jump in the puddle. In all this is a good buy for 99 cents and my little one plays over and over.
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15 years ago, Papa at the lake
This is the best money I've spent in a long long time. The interactive graphics are outstanding. Cloe the fly has very good information for the kids and the rest of the game is just plain fun. All games should have this many things for the kids to do. One problem is what to do when more than one grandchild is around.
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15 years ago, Littlesuew
Great app!
My two year old loves all of the Duck Duck Moose apps & won't let me have my iPod back when she is playing them! The customer service is great as well. I had issues with the sounds- they emailed me back within a couple of hours and kept me updated until it was fixed! I just can't say enough good things about this company!
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14 years ago, Mommyo2
My 18 month old loves it
This is our favorite Duck Duck Moose game, and we have them all. This one is the most interactive. Once you play it through entirely, then little Easter eggs start to appear. The spider can collect them and drop them off each time. By the time she's 2, it may not hold her attention. Great for under 2 though.
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14 years ago, Prophet 60091
Best from Duck Duck Moose
This is the best of the Duck Duck Moose apps, due to the flow from screen to screen being accessed through the spider. The other two (Old MacDonald and Wheels on the Bus) have forward and backwards buttons, which can be easily pressed by accident by my 15 month old. The Itsy Bitsy Spider also seems to have more to do on each page.
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15 years ago, Firecop207
Great app for my 2 yr old!!!!!
This is an outstanding application that keeps the attention of my 2 yr old son. He even gets the phone out of my purse, hands it to me and asks to play "spider.". The only problem I have experienced is the game will shut off by itself sometimes. (And it is not my son pressing the home button on the phone.). Otherwise a very good investment.
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13 years ago, Other down under
Great for 20 months and adults too!
My 20 month-old loves this and because you stat in the same "page" the whole time it is easier for less-coordinated toddlers to play with. We also like Wheels on the Bus, but my toddlers fingers always accidentally forward to the next page.
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15 years ago, designerm0m
Wow! Love the illustration!
I recently bought Old MacDonald from the same company and was so impressed that I decided to buy this one as well. I can't say enough good things about this app - it has so many things to press on each screen and keeps my kids occupied (they now fight over my iPhone!)
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12 years ago, Melly's mom
Simple enough for babies, but fun for tots too!
My 8 month old daughter can make the characters on the screen move so she absolutely loves this app. This is one of the few apps that really hold her attention. It's really great because she is very in to cause and effect right now. This app is also entertaining for my friend's 2 yr old son.
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14 years ago, Babyleaf
Best app ever
My 20 month old daughter loves this app and will request it! There is so many thing to look at and press on. She's been using it for a couple of months, it's the best one they've come out with, although the wheels on the bus was our first and it also good. Enjoy, don't think twice - buy it.
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14 years ago, SAHMof3
Fun but....
We have 3 of the apps made by Duck Duck Moose and this is my least favorite. It's by no means terrible but there isn't near as much too it as Wheels on the Bus, which is the same price, so I give it 4 of 5 stars. I think they should make this one free. Wheels on the Bus is a HUGE hit with my 19 month old and my 3 and 5 year old like it too :)
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14 years ago, Solocosmo
Love it!!!!
I do not think I have ever written a review....with that said, my 2 year old is obsessed with this app! It gets me through lines at the bank, grocery shopping and even a trip to the doctors. He is so pleased every time he taps the screen and sees something new happen as a result, he claps and dances and squeals. It's adorable.
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14 years ago, Liquighostal
20 month old's favorite
My 20 month old daughter LOVES this app and requests it by name. This (and the first version which she loved as well) have saved us on many a car trip. Coincidentally her twin brother loves the music and doesn't mind watching while she does her thing so it works well for everyone.
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14 years ago, POSRJAK
Great for one year old!!!
This app is the best of Duck Duck Goose. My Son will play this one app more than any other. He loves pushing the home button, this app keeps him entertained so much touching the screen. He no longer is wearing out the home button. Hope they change other apps to flow more like this one.
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14 years ago, BusyDad71
Great app and highly recommended
This is a great app. My 3yo loves it. The only minor issue I have is the opera-singer singing the itsy-bitsy spider song; his voice is annoying, but I'm glad you can record your own voice. I highly recommend this app and will probably get the Park Math and Fish Schools apps also.
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14 years ago, Murree
My 20 month old son loves this app and understands the different fun games. This keeps him entertained much longer than most other apps. I like the screen flow of this game better than forward and back buttons. Great job! I will buy anything you create!
Show more
13 years ago, Pltprincess
Fantastic App!
The positive only reinforcement combined with the endless loop and wonderful little details make this a fabulous first 'do it myself' app for little ones. It was the app that made my DGD comfortable and confident on the iPhone. Even now that she's outgrown it, she'll open it up and give it a whirl. Says a lot that she hasn't forgotten her first app!
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14 years ago, ADlovegrove
He loves it!
My 2 (almost 3) year old loves this game! There is so much stuff you can click on and it sings one of his favorite songs! (or you can even record your own voice to the game) My only complaint is.. I don't think I'm ever going to get my ipod back!!
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15 years ago, mamataco
almost 3 year old is addicted!
My daughter will be 3 in 2 monthes. She absolutley loves playing "itsy spider" and will sit quietly for 1/2 an hour playing it (normally she's running running running). I was surprised by all the things she figured out to do on it. I hope there are more versions to come.
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