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User Reviews for iTunes Store

4.83 out of 5
1.8M Ratings
2 years ago, Rockaholic So Cal Gal
Tunes at a Touch
I love my iTunes account, sometimes too much. What I find most appealing is the ease of purchasing music at an instant moment. The gratification is just a rush. Hearing one of my favorite songs on blast with the Convertible top down when I’m cruising on a sunny So Cal day, is living. Sometimes I’ll remember music that I had on vinyl in the 70s and will start purchasing my favorite albums or songs one after the other. When I travel the world, I love listening to my playlists. This is living life to its fullest. Music motivates and moves my soul which makes me the happiest person in the world. More people should buy this good medicine. It’s a cure for the mean reds and deep, dark, all consuming blues. I highly recommend iTunes if you want to soothe your soul and have music at your fingertips. My music literally travels with me everywhere: School, classroom, Workouts, walks, parties, BBQs, driving, shower, bedroom. The list goes on and on. Life is better with iTunes.
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2 years ago, Lx15
Not enjoy at all
I was subscriber last time, no more. I was very disappointed. I knew only certain songs were available for sale , most songs are for subscription. I tried to subscribe, then I collect the songs I wanted in my playlist. I didn’t play my play list a while. When I want to play again , they were no more at all!!! That’s so disappointing!!! I spent time to collect the songs, you just made them disappear easily. How could you? Those songs that I already collected long time ago should have been in my song list!!! Why you didn’t include them in my songs list. ??? That’s why when I turn on my musics from my IPhone in my truck, I never heard my new collections on for long time. That’s so disappointing. I am long time member of iTunes/I phones. I was subcriber, now I don’t want to be subcriber. It’s waste my money!! I bought lots of songs in ITunes long time ago. So I ask you, please put the songs all the time on the subcriber songs list and don’t make different between the customers who just want to buy songs with the subcriber. All songs must be avaible for not subcriber . I don’t want just rent!! I want to own those songs all the time, and I can play them on all the time, don’t control the one who want to listen the songs he want with suddenly erase those songs. That’s too bad & not fair!!! That’s input for you from customer who you treated not good.
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6 months ago, Crazyrap36054
Please restore movies and TV to iTunes
Shopping for movies and TV shows has become a complete and utter disaster. My shopping experience with app Tv app is so horrible. Now you can’t filter or decipher between the movies and TV shows any longer. They’re all lumped in together and you have to dig through them like a big five dollar bin. They are more movies, movie specials and movie selections in the store now then there are TV shows, you literally have to search for each individual TV show that you’re looking for because chances are it’s not just going to be out there in the store any longer. No more wishlist, for those shows your keeping your eye on! The store is mainly made up of movies and movie deals and within those deals you’ll See season passes, top charting TV shows but outside of that there’s no dedicated page for just television shows anymore. They’re all lumped in together. This has made the shopping experience with Apple so frustrating. Irritating and time-consuming. Used to be a quick easy experience now you pretty much have to bunker in to dig through the bin of everything cram together. I personally enjoyed the division between movies and TV shows in the iTunes Store. I mean you guys even offered division in the wishlist, for the beginning! Please fix this issue for all of us who love shopping with Apple 🙏🏾.
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1 year ago, linticass
Terrible issues with duplicated or deleted music
My music library frequently populates with duplicates, and if I accidentally delete anything from my library that isn’t duplicated it becomes a total chore to re-download it again. Often, I can find the song (anywhere besides my purchased list, which, you know, is kind of baffling design) and see it is purchased, but no prompt allows me to download it. They are more than happy to offer me a subscription to Apple Music or play a 15 second sample of a song I have purchased, but not to download it. The only recourse I’ve found is, confusingly, to attempt to purchase the song again—it shows up to purchase in the store at full price—and then finally complete my globe-spanning quest when a prompt comes up recognizing I own the song. If I had deleted something and forgotten about it, I might never find it again. Like many apple products, iTunes is easy to navigate (or be navigated through by the invisible hand of the designers) if you don’t have much experience with the nitty gritty of computers, but quickly becomes a cheery-faced, smooth-walled nightmare landscape where you have no agency to solve your own problems the moment you step outside the expected user experience. The only thing keeping me here is the sunk cost I have in my music library.
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2 years ago, Chrindiferous
Tired of itunes
I am so sick and tired of going to buy a song by a artist that I’m not a huge fan of , however i like a particular song so i just want the one song to find out i can only get it if i buy the entire album , that’s just stupid the whole point of digital should be buy only the songs you want and not the ones you don’t, then you have to back up the music you buy on a computer, which is stupid, look i know most people have a computer , however I don’t so if i buy a song or album on iTunes it should be on your phone apparently it isn’t because there have been artist who have removed their songs / albums from iTunes and i guess that’s fine , however i have already bought and paid for it removing your music should only effect new purchases not people who have already purchased it and i tried Apple Music, ill be reviewing you next and you’re not going to fair any better so i tired it wasn't impressed didn’t want it and I actually lost songs that i paid for when i called to complain i was told you have to subscribe to apple music to sync your iTunes purchases and i lost more than 5 songs but was only given a 5 song credit because “we’re only allowed to give out 5 free songs so i more than likely will no longer be making any more purchases off itunes!
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9 months ago, zzz97
Cannot edit album cover art
Absolutely terrible. Cannot edit the cover art for albums. Having bought an iPhone 13 at great expense, as the owner of this iPhone I should be able to edit the artwork on an album but if I don’t like the photograph. There are many songs which are great, but have bad album cover art. I have no intention of having corporate software on my laptop or PC. I have no intention of buying an Apple computer, nor should I have to. It’s a simple and basic function which should be inherent to an apple iTunes on an iPhone, that we can edit the artwork of the album. this is why Apple is failing in the market and going stagnant. You don’t have anything new in original, so you’re just stagnating and trying to extort us for basic features that used to be, and should be automatically part of the product. furthermore, we want real push buttons like the iPhone 5, we want legitimate headphone, jacks, like the whole world uses, and we don’t want to change away from the lightning plug. There’s no reason why you cannot waterproof these things. The new buttonless interface with a monolithic form is anti-human, and is painful and hostile to the human being, it is an anti-ergonomic, and I don’t appreciate it.
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7 months ago, Dubois Viper
Apple I store.
It’s been a few years since I’ve had a I phone and boy have I missed it. The ease of use and ability to get access to everything from one location is so nice. And the ability to pay for things with a touch of a button makes life so much better, without having to dig out my wallet or go searching for my wallet or check book to find a routing number. The fact that a lot of things cost money that on some phones are free is a little disturbing because I like using Zedge for my ringtones. But for the IPhone you have to pay for it but it should be a permanent feature once I pay and download it. That’s the one nice part. And it can be saved to the cloud for later use on another phone I think. Or hope lol. Either way. Thank you for letting me go on. Michael.
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8 months ago, Askmeangel
Way too much for 1 song!
I have been using iTunes since its inception and have only bought three songs during all these years. The reason for my lack of purchases is simple - the exorbitant price per song like 1.29? Don't get me wrong, I understand that artists deserve to be compensated for their work, but charging such a high price for a single track is just too much. Also different artists and songs should be rated differently and priced maybe, honestly I’m not sure! If iTunes were to consider lowering their prices, they would likely attract a significant number of consumers who, like me, are deterred by the current pricing structure. Not only would this result in increased revenue for iTunes, but it would also create a more inclusive platform for music enthusiasts from all walks of life. I sincerely hope that iTunes takes this feedback into consideration and reevaluates their pricing strategy. Lowering the cost of songs would not only benefit customers but also result in a win-win situation for both iTunes and the artists they support.
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2 years ago, duder of the fatoms persuasion
Expiring rentals is ridiculous.
I rented a movie for a plane ride. Ended up not getting to it and now I can’t watch it. The fact apple puts a time limit on “virtual” rentals is terrible customer service. Apple just took my money for no service. What a scam dude. I can’t use it for another movie or song?! I’ve spent thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars on apple products but I guess its the little things. I gave Apple $5 to watch a movie about aliens inside the moon, I didn’t watch it within a day and APPLE is like. Sorry, it gone, we can’t figure out how to leave that in your queue until you want to watch it. You only got one copy of this movie sitting somewhere apple?! Is there someone on the other side with a cassette tape that plugs it in so I can watch it?! Does the software start to spoil after 24hours? I can leave shrimp in my fridge longer than you allow people to watch a rental. Y’all can’t figure out how to let that credit sit on a server somewhere until I watch it? Garbage Apple. What’s the point of your online service? Weak Apple. Super weak.
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3 years ago, quintission
Missing worldwide iTunes content
Personally I’d always prefer to have the original language as primary and the dub as an option extra so any Pokémon should be Japanese audio and English subtitles or English dubbed but the dubbed version is an extra not the Japanese version like studio ghibli films Also why isn’t my anime all in anime half of the dragon ball movies are in action/adventure while the others are in anime I’d use action/adventure as a # search term to locate movies but put them in the correct categories I’ve got Christmas movies not in holiday movies either do better with categories or let us switch them like movies anywhere is doing with my lists even movies pre set up can be changed to be in other lists I get everything possible from iTunes but it’s still possible to improve it the library tab is not working on the app that looks like the iTunes app on other devices I have an Apple TV 4 and 4K and the 4 doesn’t update the newest purchases on the app but it’s reflected on the movies tab where you can buy stuff the 4K works better on the app but it’s still better on the stores section and can lag before it updates or can freeze up until you back out on the main screen Would love to have complete access to iTunes Store worldwide where content is available as it should be with foreign language content as default language version and the English language version should be as an option
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2 years ago, snackcake
James Fox does it again!
I’ve grown to admire and respect the work of Director James Fox, his documentaries always provide interesting new information on a subject the public and now US senate is getting to grips with. His last film The Phenomenon was stunning, he’s focused on one case on this one, a remarkable encounter in Brazil, with shocking implications for everyone. It’s very compelling, the witnesses and interviews paint a vivid picture of something truly otherworldly, I believe they are telling the truth, I’m grateful Fox has presented the story to us, hopefully this film will continue to push this subject into the light. I love that Apple includes extras, it’s why I continue to buy films from them, I’m very happy with my purchase, can’t wait to watch again. Great Job James!
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2 months ago, Zillow is cool
Taking away the ability to buy films!
itunes until this week allowed for customers to purchase films and shows they wanted to. Now it only allows them to purchase music unless you managed to save films on a wish list (delete that by the way). Apple now wants us to purchase movies on their AppleTV app. fine, but certain shows and movies immediately defer to other streaming services with no option for purchase. It’s all dependent on those services, we already knew that our ability to buy films and TV on iTunes was basically a “license” to the right to watch these programs, but now I can’t even buy what I want unless I buy another streaming service that may not even have what I want after a few months. It’s not fair spending more money on a monthly basis for less content . It’s extremely lame of Apple and other companies to continue to prioritize streaming over a customer being able to actually purchase what they want, I should be able to purchase what I want with my own money.
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2 years ago, peter5112
Horrible for classical music
iTunes is almost impossible to use for classical music. The listing format does not allow one to include complete information about the composer and performers (often there are many: conductor,orchestra,soloists, cast of singers etc.). iTunes allows you to enter one “performer”. Sometimes this is the composer, sometimes it’s the conductor, sometimes it’s one of the soloists. There is no consistency. If, for example, one wishes to find a specific recording of Mozart’s Magic Flute, recorded in a specific year, with a specific conductor and orchestra, and a specific cast of singers, it is difficult if not impossible. Your only hope is to try and blow up pictures of the various album covers to see if you can read the information written on it. Very unsatisfactory!! Moreover, their catalog is incomplete with many important recordings missing. I do realize that classical music lovers (especially opera lovers) are only a small percentage of the total market for music. However, world-wide there are substantial number of us.
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1 year ago, Lollyyyy
Great but need more access to help
I Love ITunes but wish it would be connected to the cloud so that playlists and songs could be remembered between old and new devices and the store. Could use a help section and easier access to a chat for a person. I once was able to get help but it took a while and I don’t remember how to exactly get back to that section. A great help would be that if you Ike certain songs, maybe the program could offer possibilities of music you might like. Also the music from artists you have downloaded from never changes it’s song choices so it’s always old choices. Also, could you have the current album covers be connected with our vehicles? Usually it’s so outdated on our vehicles which doesn’t make sense why there isn’t compatibility.
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2 years ago, Toodlie
iTunes Review: Free unsolicited downloads way off!
I am enjoying iTunes Store very much, but I have one complaint that is a big deal to me. My pattern is ordering CHRISTIAN music, only. So the software-programming is not ‘learning’ my preferences. I am getting U2 ‘trash’ downloaded for ‘free’ every time I purchase a song. I have to keep deleting about 4 songs of U2 downloaded without asking me EACH time I purchase a song that I want. All CHRISTIAN. It is difficult to turn this feature off. It is also done quietly and ‘sneaky’ and is infiltrating my chosen Playlist. Have you seen the cover of U2’s album, “Songs of Innocence”? Like I said, TRASH. iTunes, I didn’t ask for your choices of what I would like. It must be by default. I certainly didn’t ask for album PORN. Knock it off being so stealthily ‘helpful’.
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2 years ago, Mrs Delanna
Daily Bible app
I’ve been listening to for years 10 years now. I’ve had two major strokes learn how to walk and talk again twice I’ve went and got a divorce during that time but God has helped me I struggle but the word keeps me motivated. in the prayers that I listen to on Facebook, I pray for some people when I was able to get on Facebook and pray, but God has helped me and he will always be with me and I understand that through the struggles through everything and I thank you Brian and Jill and your daughter. thank you so much. I am so grateful. I contribute monthly. Thank you and God bless you and your family Delanna from San Antonio Texas. I can’t wait to start on November 1. That’s why I pre-ordered it.
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1 year ago, Rascapalian
Could have been Five Stars, but…
I deducted one star from the rating because it isn't possible to gift somebody a single song from an album via my iPhone or iPad. There have been many times that I have wanted to send somebody a single song from an album, but the iTunes Store® won't let me. I do so hoping the person will like this song enough to buy the whole album. But, hey – if you want to pass up the opportunity to sell more music, then you go right ahead. It's dumb as hell—but that's your business (which ends up leading to less business)—but whatever. It just dawned on me that I bet you can't create a playlist and gift it to someone, either. If that's the case, then I may have to come back and deduct another star. Sheesh!
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2 years ago, SSTLS
George Winston
I first knew him from purchasing The Velveteen Rabbit with Meryl Streep. My children were young & we played it over & over. I had recently lost my dad to cancer & I’ll never forget how comforting it was to hear the story with that beautiful piano in the background! Plus it kept me from reading so I could just take it all in. I also thank iTunes for helping me find titles & words to songs my dad played in the band. Dad played in local bands and for many years we’d go to dances & I could hum along but never thought to ask dad about the songs they played. It meant the world to me to be able to have playlists of music I was familiar with from my childhood. I’m so lucky❤️
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2 years ago, ATTsucks53
Don’t take away the option to buy ever again.
I am old. I like owning the music. I don’t want to learn about Apple Music pay site. I am 70 and I need some things to stay the same. I can’t be the only boomer who is realizing g that we are behind the 8 ball on technology and will never be able to be fully on top of it. I have learned a lot. BUT - Not everything has to be updated every 6 months until we are all dead. Then the tech savvy kids can do whatever they want. I am pretty good, but I can’t be spending all my time “learning a way to do something “ that achieves the same but is a different way. What do you care if we throw our money away?
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1 year ago, notarattytyty
Thytw wowyyw wowywwiowytwiwowuteueotewowowuwtqqqrq I am
I have no idea what you’re trying to do with it but it looks like you have a ilot owiw and a lot of water on the top of the soil so it may be too dry to grow roots in a pot of dirt and water in orowyw and not water in the soil as much as it needs to so it’s a bit dry to be watered but it will help keep your plant from dying and the plant happy and growing in the same spot as it has roots and roots in a tw but it’s a little bit so it is very healthy so it’s probably not too much of a problem concern about the plant needs water and water it should have tdrainage orwyywiorrywtywywuwiiww but if it’s not too dry then you should be fine if you don’t water the plant will be
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6 months ago, WriConsult7
An okay future?
We dinosaurs who haven’t signed up for Apple Music - who have many hundreds of our own CDs scanned into iTunes Match and still buy songs individually from iTunes - are going to be herded into this eventually anyway, assuming Apple even continues to support the iTunes Store. But it’s becoming clear iTunes/Apple Music App for desktops is going away first. The Mac version is getting increasingly glitchier (now refusing to sync playlists to iCloud, in my case), and the Windows version has always been sketchy. I listen to music mostly on the phone anyway, so might as well buy it from the app on the phone too Disappointed that I can’t move back and forth through song previews (maybe the iPad version lets you?) but one thing I’ve learned is that progress isn’t always forward, and all the other functionality works as expected. I predict that within five years Apple will can this product and make us subscribe to AM to access our huge iTunes Match libraries, but glad they’re keeping this option alive for now. Someday you will own nothing and you will love it, or so we are told.
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2 months ago, 想太多王
Please don’t take this away from us
I’m glad it still works for music. I can buy an album or songs and it just appears in the Music app. I don’t want to rent music anymore. I bought albums all my life until the 2010s and now I’ve gone back to buying music again. I like knowing that my favorite albums won’t suddenly be taken down or moved to another platform. I’m sad that movies and TV have been moved to Apple TV, because I liked the simplicity of visiting a single store for music, movies and TV. But I guess I should be grateful that we can still buy movies instead of literally everything being gated behind a subscription.
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3 years ago, sweetpeadeath
I’ve been using iTunes to purchase music and curate my collection for the better part of 15 years. I could always rely on it. Now music I’ve purchased just disappears. Songs and albums I’ve paid for, sometimes over ten years ago will just vanish from my library. Typically this music is no longer available on the store, or sometimes it’s no longer available in my region. Apparently that gives Apple the right to remove it from my devices. Now I’m not talking about music I downloaded while subscribed to the Apple Music service. Ive never done that. I mean music I paid for. Songs and albums I bought. Music that was on my hard drive because I could take my phone or laptop camping and listen to it without any service or internet. Apple just removes songs and albums without notice or permission. Makes me wonder if I should bother with their products anymore.
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8 months ago, Ccates81
Preselected content helpful Apple!
Thank you for having a decent time list and even surprise us with the cover of tampering maybe we’re Don’t always have tons of time to “ dig through “ album street album rethinking our history and stuff we remembered to like and the entirety of it thanks you for giving us a freakin break! I don’t care that it seems easy possibly it would’ve been hard got me and I appreciate having the option to not waste my time in doing things that don’t bring me so kindly to the place I need to be! I know that’s totally overbooked except 👏👏👏… and 🙌🤙👉🫵🏻🧠✍️🦶🏼🗣️🦾👩🏻‍💻🧏🏻‍♀️🧏🏼‍♂️🧏🏽‍♂️🤳🏾 we all say thank you 🙏
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5 months ago,
iTunes app is quite bad
The iTunes app has been left to languish. It’s pretty clear Apple just wants you to subscribe to Apple Music and doesn’t care about this vector for acquiring music. Discovery is almost impossible, you have to know what you’re looking for. Explicit searches sort of work, but otherwise good luck finding anything on here. I tapped charts and it’s showing me music that’s 25 years old as “charts.” Not everyone wants to listen to streaming music subscriptions that they don’t have control over. I love to discover new music, but I don’t like the uncontrolled nature of Apple Music. Please support those who still like to have more control over their music playback. The last 10 years the music, listening experience has just gradually degraded every year to the point that it’s becoming almost untenable.
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1 year ago, bluewizard76
Best way for me to organize my beloved music
I love music and have collected it all my life. One of the BEST things to ever happen for me was the creation of iTunes. I never imagined I’d have the ability to organize, in several ways, AND search through, all my tracks and albums. I adore making playlists. I create some for various moods, others for events or tasks. I’m not interested in paying a monthly fee for music. I like owning copies of and only wish I could stop the pop up ads for Apple Music. Why would I change what is working perfectly? Thanks for the vast array of music offered in iTunes. One of my favorite gifts is an iTunes gift card.
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3 years ago, psychoacoustic
Two stars off for not even intern-grade search
iTunes Search is literally the worst. An intern and a summer tweaking an Elastic Search cluster could certainly do better. It constantly misses >an exact match for a full album name<. I searched on a singer’s name credited on a track *and* in the track name in the standard “ feat. ” format - iTunes couldn’t find it. Text search has long solved finding and ranking matches including a bit of misspelling, sounds-alike matching, etc. But with iTunes, heaven help you if you can’t spelling bee your way exactly to today’s weird artist name. iTunes, get your act together. What good is an ocean of great music if you can’t find it?!?
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2 years ago, Ashraqa
The Apple Worker named Crystal was absolutely wonders
Hi I called Apple ID today and an Apple agent called Crystal was on the phone with me and we went through all the steps together I was not able to connect to iTunes Store it kept on saying that I am not able to connect every time I gave the three questions security it just took me back to unable to connect to iTunes Store again and again so I called Apple help and that’s wonderful woman named Crystal helped me out and now my Apple phone is working fine and I’m able to connect to iTunes and I was able to download the correct necessary ringtone thank you so much have a good day bye Ashraqa Tauheed
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8 months ago, Zach Mcqueen
Great market for digital purchases but limited diversity
In the past 4 years I’m up to almost 1,000 movies and 60 plus tv shows thanks to this amazing app. I can say truthfully that I’m a satisfied customer. But I wish you had more options when it came to Movie and Tv Show Generes, particularly the anime Genre. When I click a movie or show the genres does say Anime but there’s not explorative section that focuses on that genre unlike the others. Another thing is the possibility for more franchise or series tabs when buying a complete collection All in all, love everything I’ve bought, keep it coming
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2 years ago, ANEasley
Missing Music!
Update: Still deleting purchases. What is wrong with Apple?? I am very disappointed in the services provided for I-Tunes customers. I have 12 years worth of purchased music with I-tunes and songs have been disappearing same with full albums. I was told this was because the artist decided to remove that type of album/songs. It should not matter if was removed or not. The fact that I paid for these should allow me access to my music regardless. This is equivalent to buying a physical copy of a CD. I was not aware that Apple could take away purchases from me. I’m not getting refunded for any of this. I was told nothing could be done anything about it. I feel ripped off and very angry. This is not how you do business with people. Horrible service. It’s one thing if you’re trying to make it right with your customers, but you’re not.
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2 years ago, NotATechGeek
Can’t reverse deletions
I accidentally erased a song on my IPhone, part of an album, that I had purchased here. There was no “undelete”. Internet search instructed to go to iMusic, re-download from “purchases”. While the item was marked as purchased, it did not show up under “purchased”. I figured, perhaps if I delete the whole album, I can then re-download all, including the originally deleted song. Wrong. Now, the whole album was gone from my “purchased” list ( but still marked as purchased, when searching for it). I eventually requested a refund, got it, and bought the album again. It all worked out … but spent a lot of time and detours on what should have been a simple matter. This needs fixing.
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2 years ago, Salsajo
iTunes is everything
I use iTunes constantly. It’s such a complete resource for music. I can sample different versions of a song and chose which one to download. I can download classical music as well as my pop, jazz, rock, Latin, blues favorites. If I can remember a first line of a song, iTunes will find it for me even if it isn’t the title. With a title, I can find out who the hit was by if I can’t remember. Just a sample of the things I can do with iTunes. It’s my go to music resource. Oh, if I’m talking with someone about a song I can pull it up and play it in seconds. That is the most miraculous thing. I could go on and on.
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3 months ago, sllydell
love itunes but i wear hats so … read me please
i’m what they call a white hat .. real name would be peaceful hat or truce hat … you have a flaw that can be exploited in your app … i call it the streaming flaw … you might not think so but as the world turns(yes that is a soap ref)you may be able to turn this option off, but current if you play/steam music and use some bluetooth device … your app will automatically stream music … sometimes even if you tell it not too ... it will stream the music you bought previously… thats fine now since you (apple) control this but as new platforms (as forced by the ruling's) create there own, you will open up a few wholes … please start to forward think with what you have to do to meet eu requirements and still protect your clients data … anyways cheers from a avid computer guy who wants privacy and friendship from our (digital world … yes hackers ref… i feel like a god) ✌️😬😉
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3 months ago, Curepdd
Entire albums I’ve purchased don’t appear under purchased music
After upgrading my iPhone, I no longer see albums that I’ve purchased in the iTunes Store under purchased music but if I search for the albums, I can see that they are purchased. When I attempt to download the albums, I am prompted to subscribe to Apple Music. I never had Apple Music before, and was always able to download albums that I had purchased from the iTunes Store. If I individually search for the songs that are on those albums, I can go through the steps of buying them individually and after I enter my Apple ID password, I am told I already purchased that song and I can download it for free. This is clearly a bug and it is completely non-intuitive method to re-download songs from albums that I have purchased in the past
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1 year ago, Marquez D Sims
This app isn’t producer friendly.
This app makes it hard to sell music. When I copy the link to my album and try to share it on social media, it sends my customers to Apple Music to stream my album instead of sending them to the iTunes store to purchase it even though I got the link from the iTunes Store directly. It’s almost like they would rather have consumers stream music instead of purchase it, which isn’t fair to the artist because they pay less than a penny per stream. Also, when a customer buys my album from the iTunes store, they can’t even download which makes it impossible for them to listen to the album. Apple basically forces music artists to put their must music on their streaming platform. There’s no way to sell it directly to the customer through the apple ios.
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3 years ago, Çh®is ∆nde®sΩn
I’ve lost music that I purchased, one was a full album for whatever reason. With no customer service dept. there’s no way to get that back, plus it was years ago. Just now purchasing a song I double clicked buy, and no movement as far as downloading to start. Checked my library to see if it started loading, nothing. Clicked back into the iTunes Store and had to double click again. Now I feel like I might have to purchases. Also when buying singles from an upcoming album, once the album releases the two don’t sync, so I can’t listen to albums in full in sequence order because I have to pull out of that album and select the single of the same artist and album separately. Small inconveniences such as these are frustrating yet I’m still buying music (vinyls and iTunes) instead of streaming
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11 months ago, Abigail Hostetter
Cannot buy the product I want. Please take my money!
Trying to buy a season pass for the newest Bachelorette (we all have our vices ;)) and while I can buy individual episodes, every time I try to “Complete My Season,” I am met with the error message “This item is being modified; please try again later.” This has lasted now for over 24 hours, and while I am happy for now to buy individual episodes, I would like to be able to purchase the season. Can you check and make sure someone hasn’t accidentally left some box unticked or something, Apple? Since I can buy individual eps but not the season, it seems like there is some error on the backend here. I tried from both my iPhone and iPad and got the same response.
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1 year ago, jsquared4
The selling of time, money and value’s
One’s life is often centered around music. Like it or not we are tribes and each tribe enjoys its “alter” of devices for celebrating, assigning or simply escaping the jungle. Apple arrived as an innocent provider of the device of music - originally. Then the majesty of music, sound, experience opened accessible “pandora’s” box to the commercialization of the poetry and creative process- Apple was at the right place and right time to capitalize. At first it was an amazing gift for Apple and the consumer. The access was easy, affordable and solid customer service. But like any conglomerate the quality and personality died. The inability to own what one purchased faded as did the personality “championed earlier” and displayed by iTunes. One now picks through the electronic waste bin attempting and hoping that what they just spent,time, money and value for ( both apparatus and digital copy ) might still be accessible- some how some way. iTunes operates very much like a disgruntled customer service desk clerk at any big box store. “ And so it goes”. Mediocrity is the wished for consumer by the new Apple. Tim - sorry about the pay cut.
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2 years ago, Garbage platform
Garbage app!
I’ve been using iTunes for 15 years at least. I have had purchases I “ bought” disappear without warning. Whether it be songs or entire albums, they just disappear overnight. iTunes used to be a great platform, but now it is just a platform for theft. I will not buy anything from the store again. My hard earned money is just being stolen at this point. I will either buy only physical media at this point, or only pay a fraction of the price for streaming from here on out. Letting things disappear from what was “purchased” is nothing more than theft. Forget “buying” anything from this app ever again. Just look it up online and find it for free in the short term or buy it in physical form from now on. Otherwise you are paying companies to rob you.
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2 years ago, Love Centric
Record Store in My Hand
My life is a soundtrack. I have been on iTunes since the first iPod. Back then I had an extensive CD collection. Now, I have nothing to play a CD on. I love owning my music and supporting artist. I appreciate being able to buy albums in part or whole. I wish there was a feature like genius that pops up and recommends songs like music I recently purchased or search. I know there’s Apple Music but I prefer iTunes. It’s like walking into the record store and spending your hard earned money on that one song that you cannot live without.
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7 months ago, The world is the ghetto
Side effect put more in your library so I can buy them
iTunes list needs to get side effects albums they’re not on your iTunes library. There’s very few Side Effect has a lot of albums. Look into that and put them in your library for iTunes and I will buy them from you. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time nothing has happened. Do you have to buy the rights from Side Effect to put the old songs Greatest Hitsfirst albums second album all their albums need to be on iTunes so I can purchase them
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2 years ago, WhipTD675R
Losing Previously Downloaded Music
I have had iTunes for decades now, yet every time I have to purchase a new phone I have to download ALL my iTunes purchased music again. Recently purchased a new SE (3rd gen) and found that many of my songs could not be used for alarm clock sound. Tried to download all songs through store, found no change. Going through my library found all my purchased songs no longer showing “check mark”, all physical CD downloads still there and usable. While going through them to manually check and download, found songs and even complete albums to disappear and no longer stored. Find it really stupid that Apple products cannot sync up and restore “all” purchases with its own system. The backup/restore process does not restore “all” downloads only apps, photos, and contacts. Guess buying physical CD’s is still far superior to Apple iTunes. And why would I pay for Apple Music when they don’t have majority of artists I wouldn’t prefer listening too, and I don’t own the music to listen to on any device. There needs to be a separate app for Apple Music, not forced into the iTunes app/library.
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1 year ago, Ben Bangs
It works in most circumstances
Be aware, though, that if you try to purchase content on a device without enough storage for it, the tranaction will not go through, and you'll have to complete your purchase on another device. Otherwise, it's all good: just switch between tabs for different types of content. One more thing: if you subscribe to Apple Music, get all your free tunes through the music app, not here, where you'll still have to pay for them. That's it: five stars except for these two issues.
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2 years ago, YubaRiverRuss
Thanks everyone at Apple.
I suffer from terrible nerve pain in my legs and feet. Music helps distract me and is very beautiful. I've always wanted to support my favorite artists so I'm guessing I've bought about 18 gigabytes of music albums so far plus another pre iTunes 20 GB music from CD's I bought painstakingly imported into my iTunes library. I'm opposed to streaming music. I didn't pay my musician for the music and streaming as opposed to already downloaded music drains your iPhone really fast and requires an internet connection I think. Support your artist, buy their albums!
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2 years ago, tiffpierce
Looking for my stuff
I had an iPod a few years ago and eventually stopped working. Just got me a new iPod but I’m sure different email. How can I get ALL the music I had bought from that old one? The old email if an old one be tiffanypierce89@yahoo but could be this email I use now. Not sure. Old one isn’t active anymore. It was a lot of money I put on it and don’t have that to replace what I bought… or remember all songs I already had on it. Please help!!!! Or is it already on my account ??? Think I found it
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7 months ago, I’m not weird I’m an unicorn
This is just bad, bad bad bad
I don't like that you have to buy everything I know that's how the app makes money but still the songs are crazy if you ok if want to it's fine but I am deleting and I wanted this particular song called head and heart and it's my fav right now but back to the point so i was trying to put the song on the app clips and you can only use I tunes and they have some little songs but not the one I wanted so I went to the app and I found out you have tjj ok buy it and then I look for another song and you also had to buy so I'm like 🙄😡 because what the heck I hate this app I am now only going to use Apple Music 🎶 because everything is free I hope I move you to fix this app I hate it now I will delete this app goodbye
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2 years ago, Kristen wasn't Christian
iTunes music
I like iTunes music because I can download it on my iPhone and I can choose the person from my contact list that I want to have a song call me and once I pay for it it stays in my phone even if I transfer to a new phone. I also like iTunes because I can download it on my computer, and also listen to music that way. I am a big fan of iTunes music. I hope this helps or are you out there that are hesitant to download music on your phone or download the app on your computer.
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2 years ago, Jmarch3
Why do some iTunes disappear from my collection without explanation?
This has happened numerous times. It’s also hard to detect, as I have hundreds of songs, but every so often I’ll realize I haven’t heard a song in quite a while and will look for it, only to discover it’s not there. Whether it’s related to a cloud issue or not I don’t know; it seem some of my songs are stored in the cloud, which I can’t understand. Why can’t all my bought-and-paid-for iTunes reside permanently in my devices? Have tried repeatedly to get this fixed/explained, and no one can do so.
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2 years ago, Bgdddy2swt
Okay,I’m admittedly not tech savvy. My family went up camping for memorial day, and we were way away from any kind of service. So we were relying on Bluetooth speakers with whatever music we had downloaded on our devices. I have a bunch of songs and albums on iTunes, however I did not know that I had to download after purchasing in order to play them when I didn’t have service. Again I’m not text savvy, and my kids acted like I should’ve known better. We need to educate the masses, and by masses I mean old folks like me. Otherwise, love everything about you.
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1 year ago, Joeyquirk
Accessibility worse
I don’t know how your accessibility could get worse. Shouldn’t it be getting better after 20 years? Worse now than when you started. Very difficult to find music when you search. I tried to search for a Johnny Cash album, UnEarthed from 2003. It never showed up. Luckily, I knew the song name I was looking for to find it. Otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. It used to be a lot smoother. I wonder if people who don’t use the accessibility have the same issues with it being difficult to find music they’re looking for.
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