3.8 (127)
18.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
ABS-CBN Interactive, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for iWantTFC

3.82 out of 5
127 Ratings
2 days ago, Swac79
Great app
Hey im bruneian and i enjoyed filipino movies and dramas here but some of it has no subtitle. Can you pls do something about it?
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6 days ago, 1743787
It’s good….But
Hello, I am an American who is currently learning Tagalog and I thoroughly enjoy Filipino television. I really like this app for it’s pretty extensive library of Filipino shows and movie but there is one problem that I noticed. When watching from a mobile device you can easily turn on English subtitles but when you go to cast it to a television it does not have the option to turn them on. Although I can understand Tagalog on a conversational level at this point, I enjoy watching with subtitles to better my understanding. This isn’t a deal breaker, but I do feel it is worth mentioning!
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2 months ago, janeaxl
I subscribed to this app for the show “It's Showtime” but I'm very disappointed that they don't post the whole episode like watching the April 6, 2024 episode. I would love to see the opening performance of Vice Ganda and the family but it wasn't posted. I had to find the opening on some other social media platforms. What's the sense of paying monthly when I can't even watch the whole episode? Watching Showtime makes me feel I'm at home. I hope my review will be seen by anybody who could update the episodes. Thank you
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1 week ago, Lilac azure
Apps is not working well. Every episodes and every show the I watched the screen will freeze and will not allow me to get to the next episode or to the other show without installing and reinstalling the apps. So annoying doing it to every shows that I want to watch! I tried to all my devices and same problem occur. Only I want TFC apps that is acting up. Been like this since last week. So annoying! I have someone check if the problem caused by my devices. Apparently, its the apps! When will this be fixed?
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1 month ago, Suite Baits
I watch this app on Roku. Always an issue. When trying to load, it loads, and loads and loads then stops and quits out of app. I literally have to set up the show I want to watch on my phone then transfer/slide to my tv, tying up my phone with this problem. I also had to create a second account and when I tried deleting the first, so many questions from your team. If an account is inactive, and the creator requests to delete, then maybe you should do as they ask.
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1 week ago, Ms XR
My Review for iWantTFC
It is not fair when we are already paying to subscribe monthly then there are shows or movies that are FOR RENT??? I don’t think that’s fair, everything just needs to be provided for and included in the monthly subscription, and also regarding category, you should add “ NEW TELESERYE”, since currently, I don’t know which ones aew NEW TELESERYES! Thank you, I hope you take my suggestions, I appreciate it thank you!
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1 week ago, Sidney2243
I have been watching Batang Quiapo for a year now with no problems. But lately I can’t login. When I was able to watch I have to login all the time which is very annoying. I haven’t watched the show for almost a week now. What’s the use of subscribing if you can’t watch the show that you like. Do you think y can fix this issue or not. If not I would like to cancel my subscription. Also why can’t I watch Tfc on regular TV.
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2 months ago, M.$:),&2&
Better version of the app please
It’s nice to have access for filipino tv shows and movie but for what we pay I hope we get a better version of this app. When I use it on my phone it’s hard to forward or skip and on the TV it’s always logging some episode I have to skip because it’s just not moving. I’m sure its not my internet because we were only connected on our TV when I was using it.
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1 month ago, Cartier1989
Review for TFC
I love the shows and enjoy some of the variety shows and games. What I would like is to have a schedule of the programs. Specially the live shows cuz I really want to watch ASAP etc but because it’s not recorded and I do t know the time of the programs I cannot watch it. I am paying for no ads and somehow it has ads Please look into this.
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7 days ago, meek4841
English sub.
I was so excited because I really wanted to watch this show and it was on the app but sadly for me there was no English subtitles. 😭😭 beside that the app is great and it’s easy to find the things you are looking for definitely recommend it if you know the language or don’t mine watching without fully understanding.
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2 weeks ago, SENIO21
No Subtitles for some shows
Hello! I reside on an island in the South Pacific, and series such as Sa Piling Mo, Lobo, and Gulong ng Palad were a hit! I stumbled across your app and immediately subscribed as I saw it had these shows, but was disappointed to see there were no closed captions available for these shows. Is there anyway this feature can be added on?
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1 month ago, mxboo
Some videos are not playing
I been subscribing on and off with iwanttfc and no improvement throughout the years. Some of the videos don’t play especially if you watch it through the app on smart tv. I subscribed for nostalgia since I do not live in the Philippines and wanted to watch something from time to time that reminds me of home. I cannot even enjoy it. Do better!
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2 months ago, Girllygirlamanda
App doesnt work as it should be
The show starts but blank and it says ads 1 of 2 and kept on circling that financial rescue and remitly which are irritating. Sometimes it says skip ads but does nit work ever esp on roku. It is akso hard to navigate between episodes. They should program this better
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1 month ago, Lwmcalla
TFC on line
I just renewed my account how come I still can’t watch my show kind of disappointed pls fix it thank you
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4 days ago, Lalaine1025
Freezes constantly
This app is ridiculously not working properly! It constantly freezes when viewing the shows even before the ad starts! Please update.. I just restarted a premium member for a while please make it a better a viewing experience like before. Thx!
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2 weeks ago, goodasadvertised
APPLE TV app 2024
hi. please let us know when we can expect the APPLE TV app of iwanttfc. if you can announce an APPLE TV (tvOS) app of iwanttfc for the year 2024, you will make a lot of reviewers here very happy. thank you
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2 months ago, Volleyball tourney
It’s Showtime is not on full episode. L App is not user friendly, does not allow to rewind and/or fast forward, the only option is to either skip the show or restart. This is frustrating since we pay for premium subscription.
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4 days ago, Isabellllee
App is not working well.
You have to restart the application for so many times before it works! it won't cast on TV. Apps always crashes.. Expensive yet the service they provide does not match the what you're paying for. I hope they further develop their App.
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1 month ago, Snamdy
English subtitles
I downloaded this and paid for this so that I can watch old dramas but the bad things they don’t have subtitles or English versions I was so happy but got disappointed when they didn’t have English subtitles please can you deal with this I really need to watch them
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2 months ago, Brendz4u
It’s Showtime
I watch It’s Showtime everyday. I pay in full but only show fraction of the show. They don’t show the performance at the beginning of the show and the ending of the Ex-specially for you. Kudos to Vice Ganda for her intelligence
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1 month ago, Nullvoidnothing
Paying $5/month for trash service
Very slow app, most of the time it requires uninstalling then install again so that shows will play or else you're stuck at loading screen.
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2 months ago, Serlene08
Very good and easy use app but sometimes it’s laggy
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1 week ago, _jaelitaaa_
Not worth it.
The only reason I got this because my aunt is using it. But all in all subscriptions not worth it. It doesn’t have the good old shows, good ggv episode.
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2 months ago, JCccJ2608
Cut off episodes
We really love watching it’s showtime but all of the episodes are all cut off. Hoping this issue can be fixed. Please also add ASAP shows. Thanks
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2 weeks ago, Snorlaxthekiller
It’s Showtime, what’s wrong with sec Kim.
Most of the show are cut off or delayed.
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3 weeks ago, Zarukahalas
I want tfc
I felt like im in the philippines i can watching anything
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7 days ago, bot'z
Looking forward to see this TFC app on Apple TV.
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2 months ago, eastern pearl
I want TFC the best .. I can watchy favorite show anywhere I go. The story Nakka inlove . I love Kim and Paulo
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2 weeks ago, twitchlul
They keep telling at It’s Showtime, iwant tfc is free? I just wanted to watch Gandara the Beksplorer 2! And when I tried to sign up and all that jazz, it still wants me to pay! Where is the free in there??
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2 months ago, rdqt81
TFC shoes are old and needs to put new shoes. Also I’ve complained about other unauthorized devices are showing on my account which I truly believe it’s not secured.
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1 month ago, xibbix
No AppleTV app!
Disappointed. You cannot watch this on your apply tv unless you airplay it from your phone. I will not renew my subscription.
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5 days ago, FandD Subscriber
Login Issue
I have an issue logging in to the phone app. I can login fine on my phone browser. WHY? Please fix.
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2 months ago, K of NYC
Not Compatible with APPLE TV
I will give 5 stars when this app becomes available on Apple TV Devices
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2 months ago, dcdess
Not worth it
We signed up to watch showtime. But only expecially for you portion is being shown. Not the whole showtime show.
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2 weeks ago, Kevs_01
Still no Apple TV app.
This has been requested by a lot of reviewers and they still don’t have it.
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2 weeks ago, CrisW75
Always get stuck
Aweful app and very slow
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6 years ago, pinkpur
It works for me! I hate the Ads interruptions!No Fave/Queue List options!
I don’t understand why there’s so many bad ratings about this app at all. I have unlimited phone data and the app seems to be just working fine for me. The video quality is not that great but it’s not that bad either. It would be great if it were in HD video though. The Ads interruptions are quiet annoying and I wish that there would be an options to get rid of it. I don’t really mind paying for it either. Also I wish that they would put a Fave/Queue List options so that I could save the shows/movies I love in one place instead of trying to type the title in “search” options every time I want to watch a show/movie. And these are the reasons why I only give this app a four stars review instead of five! Thanks!
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2 months ago, York2024@
Apple TV compatibility
Why isn’t this available on Apple TV devices?
Show more
1 month ago, Markshernan
Not working on tv
Started May 2024 my tfc is not working on my tv.
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2 months ago, Weak signal strent
Diffucult to get the signal
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1 month ago, ChasingGamey
Still no Apple TV App
Please develop one for Apple TV.
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2 months ago, tjayflip
iwantTFC for apple tv please ty
iwantTFC for apple tv please ty
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6 years ago, Ray1027
Thank you! Video quality is back to what it used to be/ spoke too soon
3 weeks ago after the 7.4 update, video quality was very pixilated. No matter what u watch in HD, just goes out of whack. I have watched a random show the day it was release(7.4) and the same show for the recent, and I must say update made a big improvement. Just a few minor tweaks perhaps. As long as the video quality remains HD and not pixilated im pleased. “Continue watching” tiles are still not properly updated. And finally, is it just me or before the show starts there’s ad? I mean every single show. No big deal for me. Thanks for fixing the issue. Today 12/30 Well it is back to its pixilated quality. And it has been since 3 weeks ago, specially It’s Showtime. I can’t be doing these reviews all the time, im sick n tired of this recurring issue. Please fix, I know you’ve done it before. Watch the shows closely, those pixelated on the dark spot, shouldn’t be there. Looks so awful watching it’s Showtime
Show more
4 years ago, AJ Cileres
Horrible app. Horrible customer service.
A revamped app, supposedly “upgraded” but it just went down hill. You’d think that after scamming me for my payment and not providing me my service, they’d put some work into improving their terrible app. It’s a persistent problem. I get charged month after month and it always shows up as a free plan. My payment info is correct as I am able to access all my other subscriptions and purchases. Usually, I just unsubscribe and subscribe again but this time, no matter what I do, I still can’t access the service that I PAID FOR. It is such a shame because I love my teleseryes and this app and its developers don’t even know what they’re doing! After reading all the horrible reviews you’d think that they’d fix the problem but they don’t do anything! Moreover, I emailed the supposedly “24-hour” customer service about my problem and NO RESPONSE. It’s been weeks! Horrible app and horrible customer service. Don’t waste your money here. They’re lucky I’m abroad and TFC is one of the only ways I get to watch my beloved teleseryes otherwise they would have lost a customer a long time ago.
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10 months ago, rgs181
Needs work.
I love the content and hope the library grows over time. The app itself needs work. Every other streaming app’s browsing and organization functions in a similar way. Browse and click the one you want, then it goes to that selection and you can choose to play it, watch the trailer, read a synopsis, or see the cast. This one opens a play window below the list and between categories, then you have to scroll on the side of the play window to the episode you want and click it but its easier said than done. Sometimes, the app reacts slowly and you’ve clicked on a spot you didn’t mean to and you know what happens next… Browsing the list is confusing. Why not keep it simple? Dramas, comedies, action, suspense, current teleseryes, past teleseryes, etc. But the categories by actor or era was good idea. Overall, I can deal with the clunky features because the content is awesome. More please!
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4 years ago, MMSTRJ
glitchy & not userfriendly
this app is not userfriendly at all, which is ok given it’s niche compared to mainstream streamers like netflix. However the glitches seemed to worsen with the app update. I have been a paid subscriber for a while now, with an autorenew account and each month there seems to be an issue and I have to Go through a tedious process to renew my subscription. but with the Latest update, I cannot access my account at all. There are so much Internal errors that could be an easy fix from the back end, it’s disappointing that they cannot troubleshoot. app prompts to contact Customer Service online and Agents are never available. tried to reach them through email and no response. Horrible tech support. Even with access to free videos I prefer to support TFC and pay the premium, but this is really disappointing. when launching an app, it is really important to finetune your technicalities when charging a premium. if Launching haphazardly in beta, I suggest reassessing your fees or you’ll lose your audiences confidence.
Show more
5 years ago, Mozashie
Need improvements!
For $7.99 from lite to premium price you should improve the apps function. You should put rewind/forward and previous/next. You have 2 choices most recent episodes and oldest episodes which is good but not good enough because after finishing few episodes it’ll suddenly go to the reviews/comment section which is freakin’ annoying so I have to go back again from the oldest episodes option and from there I have to scroll up to find my episodes too much work and wasting my time.. you should improve your app. Once we click the episodes it should be right there on the spots all the episodes thumbnails to make it easier. I’m watching “Ang Probinsyano” from the start,that’s why I find your app not very friendly.. I have a few streaming apps where I can watch all the tv/drama shows from Netflix,viki,Hulu and more . This is the worst apps I’ve ever used..you guys are rich common TFC you should have outstanding app..sorry to say these things I’m just telling the truth..
Show more
7 months ago, 아미~
Inconvenient to use
I love the shows in the app but the formatting when I want to watch on my phone makes it difficult to use. First of all, it does not have the picture-in-picture feature. Also, when I tap on the screen, it shows the episodes but I have to wait for it to go away instead of being able to tap again and make it go away. I shouldn’t have to wait for it to go away while I’m watching my show. Also, when I click on a show/movie, it just plays it on the home page instead of automatically having the video play on full screen horizontally. Also hate how I have to manually scrub the video. I wished there were play 10 seconds ahead and play back 10 seconds buttons. Instead I have to drag the button and wait for the episode list and movie info to go away. I redownloaded this app but my first 5 minutes with this app reminded me why I cancelled my subscription and deleted the app.
Show more
2 years ago, Fil-Am Teleseyre Newbie
New GUI is no longer user-friendly
I can be pretty tolerant of an upgrade and interface enhancement, however I really think your app design/developer team should roll back to the previous version (in the interim) and look at enhancing the previous version’s functionality. A significant portion of your end-users are in the 60+ demographic and if I am having difficulty navigating through the changes, they definitely will not be able to and become very frustrated. I hope an update to the app on SmartTVs (Samsungs) are on HOLD based on the reviews you are receiving. Just a few areas of feedback that stood out to me. -Video previews take up too much real estate on the screen. -“My list” section is no longer avail and did not transfer over for existing users (that is frustrating especially if you’ve built out a customized playlist of shows/movies) -last watched episode not visibly obvious in episode list. Bring back the continue watching section via episode -Were the TV series re-edited to be longer so it now has less episodes??? Would be good to call this out to end-users so they are aware and not “missing” episodes on the list. Huge GUI and infrastructure changes to the app, but not enough commas or marketing to your users will make them very frustrated. Just my 2 cents.
Show more
4 years ago, muzkfrk
Do not upgrade from within the app! Does not work.
I upgraded to Premium from within the app on Dec. 3 and to this day, the app still shows my account as Free. Five days have passed without access to content that was already paid for. Email to Customer Service remain unanswered. This is unacceptable. Other streaming sites charge less for much more content. I understand resources are scarce during this pandemic and due to recent events at the network; But this is all the more reason to focus on improving quality and support for the streaming services. This technical issue with upgrades via app/iTunes was an issue even in the past with the old app. I have been a TFC subscriber for over 20 yrs. As much as I’d like to support this streaming service, the tools are making it so hard to stay as a customer. I canceled my subscription to iWantTFC. Meanwhile, the already paid subscription for this month may go unused. So disappointed.
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