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User Reviews for IXL - Math, English, & More

4.23 out of 5
125.3K Ratings
1 year ago, tockittick
Let me explain
As a student I think ixl is not very fun only because when you get a question wrong it sets you back more points than when you get one right. It’s still a good learning app exept for when it makes me cry out of flustration because of how it’s set up. Most teachers assign and encourage children to use this app because of the education that it offers. Yes it does offer good help and practice but is still quite annoying when I get one wrong and it sets me back even more points. I have heard from so many other kids that they dislike ixl because of the way it’s set up. This can often effect how long your child spends on the app trying to get a perfect score. They can stay up hours just trying to get that score, and in my opinion I think that ixl needs to be changed in a way that children are not staying up so late trying to get a good score and instead only spending so much time on the app. If ixl could make it so that when you get a problem wrong it demotes you the same amount of points as it would when you get one right. I think this would help so many children and parents not stay up late and still be able to practice. I don’t know if this function was on purpose and the ixl company had a reason for this, but almost every person I ask gives me an explanation on why they dislike ixl. ,sincerely an IXL user
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5 years ago, jaegersmum
Adaptive Learning
Ok, we have used this app for 3 years now. My child hates it. But, here’s why: it makes him work. This app doesn’t really ‘teach’. As the parent/educator, that work falls to you. What the app does is provide a progressive workbook like structure to practice the skills you are learning, be it possessive nouns or 2 digit multiplication. When you get an answer incorrect, it provides the correct answer and then goes on to explain the rule or principle behind reaching the correct answer. Then, and this is why I believe it has garnered ill will - it will make the student go back and practice more questions. Adaptive learning. The more you miss, the further back on the completion bar you go. Which a paper textbook can’t do. So yeah, if the child can slog through a subject he doesn’t understand fully and simply ‘move on’ to the next topic and forget about it - sure that would probably be easier. But, with this app, you can’t fake it. If my child begins to struggle and is slipping back, I know I need to stop the app, take a break, then provide further instruction before he tackles it again. The app is a great, no nonsense workhorse of an app. Mum approved! :-)
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1 year ago, ichigomiko
I’m a student in 3rd grade and my parent is encouraging me to use this app I think it is fine but it’s confusing to navigate through the app. IXL doesn’t give any instructions at all of how to use this app. My second complaint is that the “recommendations” part is weird! I did a course to see what level I’m at and it put me to 5th doing things I don’t even understand and never learned in 3rd grade at all! Some of the past reviews say that it’s a stressful app and one of them said there kids came home in tears because it put their level down low? I really don’t think that’s how a kid should feel after a math app. If you’ve had these experiences try “Zearn” or “Kumon” because in both of those apps it doesn’t make you feel bad or mad or sad. If you’ve ever had a bad experience with this app try those apps they are better. I hope the owner reads this and tries to find a way to make a better experience in this app. I am not trying to spread hate into this app I’m just trying to make it better but so far none of the reviews have a developer response and I really hope someone reads this and does something about it. Please don’t take this as a offense. -just trying to make math A better and funner thing.
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3 years ago, mayshin
Just awful
I have been using this for about a month and I am already getting mad. Here is the reason why, today I was at 99 and I accidentally pressed the wrong button and that question was an automatic submission. And just because of that I went back down to 83 and I knew the answer. Today I also decided that the app was kinda glitchy because I always count the last few seconds when I’m done and I know 100% that I ended on 4 minutes and 53 seconds but it said on my score it took me 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Also please at least put some boosts in this really really awful app because when I get a question wrong I don’t even waste a second on the things it has to say I just move on. I would like for the boosts to remove the timing part( for a whole session of course because it will be waaaaay too short of it was only for a few seconds.) And this app is like pay or no play because it only gives you about 40 seconds to play for free and then it doesn’t let you do it anymore or you’ll need to pay 20 dollars for math and language arts without the social studies or science ( witch is my favorite lesson) and I am NOT OKAY with that. But if you do make this very very very very very annoying and boring app better I will give a better review and rate it 3 or 4 stars (5 if you lower the pay, please it’s way to expensive.) Plus I bet everyone else will rate it 4 or 5 stars instead of 1 or 2. Thanks if you do it. And if you don’t I hope you survive all of the bad reviews.
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4 years ago, A Teacher and a Parent
Too hard on kids
I am a parent and a teacher. I really like the concept behind IXL and find the choices of skills very thorough. It is a great learning tool in many respects. My kids used to love it because they would get stars they could click on for prizes. The problems come in when a child gets something wrong (or simply puts in a comma for a number like “1,000” when the app is designed to expect “1000”). IXL will mark them wrong and take them back at least 10-20%, after which they can only get back extremely slowly. My daughter has sat at the computer in tears and bawled about how “mean” it is. Due to all the frustration, complaints, and tears from kids and parents, my children’s school stopped offering IXL this year and switched the it subscription over to Prodigy. I actually switched my own kids over to Time4Learning to practice because it is much less harsh. It will tell them what they got wrong and explain the reason without expecting them to do a huge portion of the lesson all over again to regain their points. I would encourage the people behind this app to seriously consider revamping how they tackle “wrong” answers and typos. I get that a kid can need a little more practice, but when it sets them back so terribly far, it takes all the joy of their successes away form them and leaves them devastated. Not good:(!
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4 months ago, Kahalis
Don’t buy! Hear me out:
This app is not worth your time! The main reason I don’t like this app is because it takes you back by a lot by getting one thing wrong and even if your fingers accidentally slip and you press the wrong thing, it won’t give you a second chance to understand and answer correctly. Also, I was doing English and I came across this question which was really easy it was “Is Grandma a Noun,Adjective, or Verb” I picked Noun as it is the right answer but surprisingly I got it wrong and the right answer was Adjective! Another day, Many days later I was doing math and I answered a question as 340 and it said I was wrong. I was fine with that but when I saw the correct answer, it said it was 340.0! And it’s not only one time it happened alot of other times too. And let me come back to how it takes you all the way back after one wrong question. It was my first time in IXL and I was at 98 and I got 1 wrong and I went back all the way to 84! I was ok with that because I thought I was just gonna have to get one right to go back to 98 but I had to do 7 more questions to get to 98! It was that moment I knew this wasn’t gonna turn out good. I don’t recommend buying IXL as it is a complete waste of time of nothing and it doesn’t help learning but it destroys encouragement and now every time I submit I’m not confident and It destroyed my confidence.
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3 years ago, Satern Star Fish
Lots of bugs
This app needs more work done to it. I’m a student so I am using it on my iPad for school. The handwriting thing needs to be worked on more, it glitches up (a lot). My teacher is having me and my classmates use this for math. The glitch is where I write something in the box thing and it thinks it’s something entirely different. This is an issue because when I submit it, it says that I got it wrong when I actually got it right. And thus sends me down the progress bar, which is vary annoying. I suggest maybe having a whole lot of people write down numbers or whatever, this way if you progress it into the system it will understand more. My handwriting is just fine by the way. There is also more glitches with the workspace area when you write in it. I suggest checking that out too. It’s when I put my pen or anything on the surface it lags and makes whatever I’m writing super hard to read. This makes me use a different app for writing things down to replace a work area. Maybe you can partner with a company that does stuff like this, or fix it on your own. I hate this app because of all of these bugs. My teachers made us move to this app from freckle. I personally don’t like that decision. Just because this app needs some serious maintenance. Just shut the app down for however long you need to to do maintenance, the users aren’t going to die cause of that. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Barbara ❤️😄
this app is horrible. it has made my kids cry multiple times and is just downright evil! its point system is the worst I’ve ever seen! if you get one right it’ll give you 2 points but if you get one wrong it’ll take away 20! both of my gifted high achieving kids came home in tears because of this app/website! its outrageous! my childrens’ confidence in all subjects has gone downhill because of this absurd system. the ‘challenge zone’ is the possibly worst thing coded into an app. it goes one point by one from 90 and takes you back to 70 if you get a question wrong. i shouldn’t have to stay up until midnight helping my daughters with punctuation as the other swims through mountains of variables and exponents! its astonishing that these teachers are so blind to whats right in front of them when they assign this to children. this app is absolutely absurd. the next time my daughters get assigned ixl, I’m talking to the teacher. i refuse to have my children and other children put up with this. anxiety can be a very large problem with growing teens and tweens and this website helps cultivate it even more. this is such a downright silly system and i feel horrible for the young kids whose parents make them use this app. its the worst thing you can do for your kid and and is the least encouraging form of practice for these poor students.
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2 years ago, FrownyDownyJr
IXL teaches children to look up answers rather than find them for themselves.
I have been stuck with using IXL for years, and as a student, this is my point of view on IXL. When doing IXL, the amount of problems that you get assigned on later grade sections are too challenging. Not in the sense that they are bad math questions, but the sheer amount of questions combined with a low risk+high reward point system lowers my motivation to keep moving through a section of IXL. The minimum amount of questions you need to answer correctly is 30, and every wrong answer adds another 2-3 questions. Sometimes more, if you are unlucky. This specifically is what teaches kids "Huh. Why should i do all of this work when i can use an automatic calculator?" This massive mistake lowers motivation to work, and needs to be overworked. The help section rarely helps either, if you do not know a concept. In my case, i have to go to a seperate website to look up how to do the concept, Khan Academy. Let me tell you with 100% certainty that khan academy is far better when teaching new concepts, and mastering old ones. Instead of a mass amount of questions, you simply have to get a specific amount correct in a row, which is much more preferable. Take it from me, and try out khan. You will not regret it. Sal Khan is a hero to learning.
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12 months ago, Outertale sans
This app has made several children stay up all night to get ixls done. This app is super stressful for kids because of its point system and poorly explained video tutorials. The point system is just all messed. Let’s say your score is around 60. You miss one. The score goes down. That’s it’s first flaw. It goes down. And not to mention when you get the next answer right it goes up LESS then what it was BEFORE you missed the question. This can cause you to be at an 83 and go down to a 65. It should not go down like that. Next the tutorials. There has not been a single tutorial that has helped me at all. They are porky explained and don’t cover anything for the harder levels of the assignment. Example I was doing a scale factor ixl. I forgot how to do scale factors with a fraction. So I watched the tutorial video. It showed nothing of what to do. The only hit of fractions it had also had the option of whole numbers. So what did they do? Instead of having on exposing how to do it with fractions they just did the same thing they done earlier in the video. Not to mention there was decimals in the ixl as well. The video didn’t explain how to do it with a decimal. This app is just straight up bad. The only reason you’d want this is to stress out a child. That’s it. Thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Chenna1234
Really stressful for kids and it shouldn’t be it should be some where where they can learn about tons of subjects. When you go from a 99 to an 82 it’s really stressful to get back up there even if you just get one question wrong. This is usually where teachers go to give their students an assignment they’re currently teaching. And its not good because it puts a lot of stress to our minds. Which can lead to many bad things. To be honest, you might wanna consider cutting us kids some slack because some of us had worked super hard to get to that 100. Oh and one more complaint just coming from myself. I was once and at 81 and then got the next question right and got up to an 82! I wasn’t in the challenge zone! I was still in the 80s! The challenge zone is where you only get one point one question when you’re in the 90s! This might be a silly complaint but still consider fixing this app. It’s actually kind of a game which is most games. CONSIDER IT!! Some kids and I have too have had tears in our eyes because of the stress this app causes us. Staying up late and trying to to this so we can get a passing grade. Update: For example, when you do a couple problems and get to like a 60 the difficulty automatically changes! You could at least try to make it harder as we go not if we just get to one question
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2 years ago, owoskskkskd
Good but still four star
Good app good examples all those stuff but still for four stars one reason why is because of bugs, one bug I experience is the two answers correct bug there is two right answer but you have to pick a specific one to get it correct, another one is wrong answer bug because probably know this bug so let’s skip it, but a few more reasons why 4 stars. 2nd reason There is really no background knowledge support that’s the thing I’m looking for in IXL but just example are not really that much please put background knowledge into it that’s why I brought IXL 3rd reason why 4 star is because it’s not so motivating I mean badges are not really enough 5th reason is pretty small but have to say it is that it’s hard to actually find something really challenging I mean challenge mode is not bad but more of the same thing so please fix all of that thank still great app
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2 years ago, jr,krrrkrifk8tkiifj
Ban it
This app is just something to waste of your time on it is supposed to be about helping kids learn but all it is during is letting kids cheat on it so there can get over with it. Also when you get something wrong it should not have to push you back from it. It should just stay at the number is on. Like if you 60 and you get it wrong you should let it stay at 60 instead of pushing you back at like 50. If you went to my school and you were in 8-12 grades if you use this app some kids stay up till 5 in the morning on this app because if it is 89 or under it is a 0. That means they will be tired and some kids would sleep in classes so you are taking there learning time away by them by letting the students catch up on there sleep in classes so there want learn anything while they are there. The teacher should be helping us with something not this stupid app because that is they job. If you are homeschooled then you could use this but if you really think about it this app is supposed to be for people that is homeschooled. If you use this app then I suggest you use another one that is a lot easier to everyone then this app because this app is not even letting kids learning what they need to learn.
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2 years ago, AStudentReview
If Stress was an app…
IXL homework wouldn’t be a problem if IXL wasn’t the worst learning app ever created. I tried to practice parallel structure, but after I did one exercise, it was just repeats of the same 15 questions on all the other ones. Even the other grades parallel structure questions are identical. I can’t practice if I’ve gotten to the point of seeing the first word and have memorized the answer because I’ve seen it 5 times. Teachers don’t understand that IXL’s so called ‘explanations’ don’t make sense, and are NOT a substitute for actually teaching us. Their point system is one of the most discouraging thing I have ever seen. It would be different if you earned 5 points for correct answers, and lost 3 or even 5 points for incorrect answers. But when I get to 99 percent and my finger slips, or I forget to add a coma, boom, down to 83 and I’m slamming my iPad on my bed and screaming. If your going to go through the process of creating a torture device for children, at the very least make the point system better. This app symbolizes all that is wrong with the educational system. Don’t download unless you want your computers and iPads to be thrown on the ground and your students to hate school, especially math.
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2 years ago, ana_0513
Amazing, Recommend (but some other stuff too)
Ok, many people have written bad reviews. But I promise this one is true, I really promise. Over time, IXL has fixed some bugs & issues, which helps the people now. IXL has got some really good stuff & questions for all grades. It also has stuff that's not grades, like Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, etc. Like, amazing. For people who are in grades Kindergarten-8th, this is perfect. I'm a student, but OMG! Amazing. I can't even explain how good it is! One thing I love about it is, you can also do it on mobile. And PC. And on mobile, you can actually draw! You can use a pencil, and a highlighter. I have used this for 2 - 3 yrs, and I have loved it. I recommend this a lot. [ Edit ] Hi again! So, here’s my new opinion. Basically, IXL can be very frustrating. I had used it today, and felt like ripping my hair out. Literally. I got so frustrated, and I was only testing out 3rd Grade! 3rd! IXL, if your reading this, step up your game. You need to make this easier! I spent 20 min just trying. For 3rd, don’t forget. So, once again, I give this a 3/5. Sorry, but it’s the truth.
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3 years ago, smartie genius
It is Supposed to Teach You
Some people are writing reviews about how bad IXL is and honestly I used to think so too, but now I understand the purpose of IXL is to teach you not to just turn a blind eye if you get a question wrong. When you get a question wrong, it puts you back so many points because that way you will get more practice and actually understand the stuff. If you get a question wrong because you don’t know the answer, IXL provides an explanation - if you read it you will understand the question. Again, the point of IXL is to teach students so if you get a question wrong, read the explanation carefully and you will understand. If you are trying to finish as fast as you can, you should still read the explanation - it will actually help you get it done faster. So IXL is a really great app and I would definitely recommend it. The only thing I wish IXL would change would be the automatic submission on some questions. Thanks for taking the time to read my review!
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4 years ago, AwesomePals
Lots of mistakes but am only gonna say a couple
I like this to help me in my math and language arts, but they got lots of mistakes, I like this but let’s talk about the score you get when you get a problem correct or wrong. I did this and when I got a problem wrong, it will just take 12 or 13 points away AND when I get a problem right, it only gives me 1 or 2 points and I wasn’t even close to the challenge! Also there is no music and it’s kinda makes bored and the noises in this learning app is just the noises when you get it wrong or right. I hope you understand and that am not sending hate AT ALL and that it needs to liven up. So please do not get mad and fix those mistakes please! (Extra) It also lacks the colorful theme and that it should have coins, gems, tickets and I’ll tell you why. The Coins can be use to buy power-ups like have a second chance or unlock new subjects. The gems can be use to buy awesome power-ups like buy the themes and makes your own avatar. The tickets can be use for spicy challenges like making the problems ALL CHALLENGING. I really hope you add those things because I will send a 5 or 4 star if you do, And have a good day!
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3 years ago, Broken_Mind..
This is too hard!
I have been using this to do my math lessons for about a year but when I get one wrong it brings me down so low! It really stresses me out and when I make my way back up, I get one wrong and it knocks me all the way down. When I use to be in class we would have our time to finish our lessons and I would hear my classmates get stressed and say, “Nooooooo!” At home I do it the most because I don’t want my classmates hear me get stressed and cry. I have a little bit of anger issues and when I get really frustrated I break down and cry. This isn’t helping. I know you didn’t make this app to stress kids out but it does! And when I get to the 90’s it goes up by 1! And if it brings you down you go down like 6 points! It takes me so long to finish a lesson because of this. I wrote this because I’m stressing right now! I put $5.00 as my answer and it said I was wrong so I scrolled down and it just said $5. I got it wrong because I put and decimal and 2 zeros at the end?! That made me mad. I’m am currently stressed and I don’t want my friends to be stressed anymore, please at least fix the point problem. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Wondercode
Better than the computer, and less harsh
I downloaded this on my phone to make us easier than going on the laptop, and it is. It is much less harsher than the lap top and I like it better. Only problem is how many points it takes away if you get it wrong. Especially if you actually got it right, but you typed a letter wrong or added a comma. If someone gets it wrong, take away less points. It would save lots of frustration. Also the prizes. Boring. Not very motivational for anyone above the age of six. If there were bonuses or something you could use to lose less points that would be nice. For example, instead of getting a prize like a shoe or a boat, you would get a save that you could use during a skill. If applied when losing points, you could lose less points. I hate when I want to get it over with but I lose points right at the last question. Except for that, no problem with it. Been using for two years. Definitely try it out, see if u like it. 👍🏼👍🏼
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6 months ago, Sarahlamb30
For starters, I’m a sophomore in high school and I used to use ixls a LOT in 8th grade. Now I’m geometry, we’re made to do them. As of right now, my teacher has assigned 75 ixls for me to do and finish in about a month, which is doable, however it starts to become a problem when you and your fellow classmates start to constantly get frustrated and upset over the “smart score” system. It’s rigged. You get a problem right? About 4 points added. You miss one though? You’re dropped about 9 points. This is extremely frustrating when you don’t understand a problem and you miss it and you’re dropped low. While the app offers an “explanation” on why you missed a problem, it doesn’t help. Half the time I find that it’s not even a true explanation! Math is also not my strong suit, so I’m constantly missing problems. I’ve had nights where I’ve had to stay up in tears trying to get to the goal my teacher set for me and it’s been hard to reach. Overall, unless you enjoy your students/kids stressed/upset/unmotivated over their work, I DON’T recommend this stupid program at all.
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2 years ago, Jasmine567
Just read my review please
I give ixl 2 stars bc it is supposed to make you focused 🧘‍♀️ in your studies n’ stuff but I get distracted but the way I get distracted is by saying I can do it bc it’s just that hard and other stuff 🎞 I didn’t give it one star bc Im not mean and it kinda helps me learn but It is like never ending but when your in the challenge when you answer 1 question right you get one point like what was the reason- that’s doesn’t make any fracking sense and when you get ONE question wrong you go down like 100 point like ok jeez you might as well start me from the beginning so if you get triggered easily I wouldn’t recommend ixl but if you are persistent,patient and hardworking like others then go right on ahead it all yours 🕰 but in my opinion you cannot excel with ixl. And on a side note the time is wrong so I don’t get most of the reading patches like for example if my true end time was 9:06 it would say 8:56 so what’s the prob lol i don’t really give a flip but still that
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1 year ago, PurplePenguin305
this app is awful and i don’t say this just because i’m a student who doesn’t like homework. teachers need to start listening to what students have to say because just because we don’t like homework doesn’t mean our reasons for thinking their work or programs are stupid aren’t valid. the whole idea of this app is trash. if a student doesn’t understand a subject it leaves them stuck on one lesson for hours and hours with a ridiculous point keeping system. you answer a question correctly early on and it’s worth 10 pts but you answer correctly later on in the lesson and it’s worth like 3 pts. explain to me how that makes sense. it’s hard to navigate, glitches out, is unfair, and just doesn’t offer a good way to teach or practice math. this is a trash app and it disappoints me that teachers and/or school districts require this. their efforts need to start going towards finding efficient and helpful ways for students to practice. if i could rate IXL 0 stars i would and it bothers me greatly that i can’t and have to give it even 1 but this review should be put out there
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3 years ago, Reviews5647
Point System
I have used IXL for four years now and although it does help me learn new concepts their point system is messed up. Once I wrote an answer and included a comma but the system said that my answer was wrong and made be go back about 10 points. Another time I was at 99 percent got the problem wrong and I was bumped back down to the 70s. This is NOT ok. Students like me work hard to achieve the the score their teacher require and when we make a tiny mistake or mess up a little we are taken so far back that we get really frustrated. We then weigh the costs of not doing the IXL. For some of my counterparts choosing not to do the IXL and getting a bad grade is better then continuing at the infuriatingly slow pace back to the top. Those of us that choose to continue doing the IXL may spend hours trying to get back up to our previous score because the number of points you get per question has been reduced and you are set so far back. IXL should take a serious look at their system and decide how far is too far back and reevaluate how much slower their users pace should be after a simple mistake.
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2 years ago, Just Like Tiktok
Not only does IXL frustrate me but it irritates many other kids. I use IXL for my math homework everyday and it is horrible towards my motivation. For one thing, the “smart score” holds students back. If you get one answer wrong, your smart score goes down. You can’t fully complete the skill unless it’s at 100. If im struggling with the topic, I lose interest in the subject and in trying to get a better grade. This is because the more you get wrong, the longer it’ll take to complete it. Extremely time consuming. That is what causes kids like me to get upset. I’d rather be playing outside then sitting down for 3 hours straight with my dad trying to help get my smart score higher. I honestly think that the skill doesn’t really help you at all with the topic anyway. If you have any confusion on the topic and you’re getting a lot of answers incorrect, it doesn’t try to explain it in another way either. If it explained things to be in a different way my understanding of the subject might be better. IXL could be a better learning experience if some changes were made.
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3 years ago, Patricia Barela
My child Is in 2nd grade an is practicing days of the week. I am with her as she does it in case she needs assistance or explaining. On a few of the questions, such as “ Which day comes after Thursday” My daughter answered Friday, and it marked her as incorrect and said the answer was Saturday. It mark her answers wrong continually, several times in a row, even though she was without a doubt correct. We did a few more other lessons and there were several times where it marked her as incorrect. I have screenshots as proof. This was very ridiculous and stressful for both of as as, the smart score drops drastically everytime, a problem is incorrect. Again, I have screenshots, please fix this bug, I can’t image that there are several other practice modules in different grades that mark students incorrect when they are in fact right. Please fix this.
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4 years ago, applover3000😄
Really boring
I’m a middle school student and my district does IXL. The thing is IXL is a bad program. Yes I do learn but barely. First if you get a question right it only goes 1% or 2% up. But if you get a question wrong it goes about 10% or 30% down. It takes about half an hour to complete a lesson if you know the material and a hour or more if you don’t. It’s also boring to students. Some teachers assign it as homework like in my school. I do the homework but it’s very boring. There’s nothing entertaining about it like other websites/apps I used in my previous school. Next the lessons are too easy for the grade. The lessons I do for my grade are way easier then expected. I was expecting a challenge like some websites/apps do to help people learn but no. The lessons are more like for the grade behind the one you’re actually in. The only good thing about IXL is the diagnostic. It’s actually a diagnostic that makes sense and actually helps people learn. If you’re a parent or teacher looking for a website to use for your kids or school I would NOT recommend this website/app.
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3 years ago, JayBadi
This app is really annoying sometimes. Some of the questions are auto-submit, so whenever I accidentally press an incorrect answer it removes so many points. For example, it asked what the capital of Louisiana was and I tried to press Baton Rouge but pressed New Orleans by accident. 😡. Also, science is the most annoying topic in IXL. Basically, you have to get 4 or 5 questions right in a row before you can pass the stage, and there are about 3 or 4 questions in a stage. I was at the last question of the stage and since science in IXL is very annoying, I got the question wrong. I was extremely mad. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡>:(. Once I was at 99 and then I got the last question wrong and it took soooooooo many points off!!! I was really frustrated so I quit. I really wish somebody fixed this. The challenge zone is really annoying too. For some of the topics, the challenge zone questions are almost the same as the first problems. But in the challenge zone, you only get 1 point per question. AND when you get a question wrong, it takes off, like, 20 POINTS. If you fix these things I will give at 5 star review.
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2 years ago, hemikemi
So Horrible, A Lot Of Problems
Okay, so… this app is awful, really awful, it’s so annoying when you get to 90 you only get like one point for each question and then I’ll have to do 1 question for only 2 points. And the fact that when you get a question wrong, like when your at 99, and you get a question wrong, you go down all the way to 86 or 87. Can you change the thing when you get something wrong and your smart score doesn’t go down SO much?? Like, at least when you get a question incorrect, you get one point down. Also, this app is supposed to teach you how you’re SUPPOSED to do it, some kids don’t know how to do it and they need this app to teach them HOW! I know you’re probably thinking, “their parents can teach the kids!” But some parents are expecting IXL to teach so they don’t have to teach. That’s what school is! If I could, I would give this app 0 stars. I would so not recommend this app for anybody. Anyway, I hope you can change these few things, these are my opinions, and thank you for reading a 9-year-old’s review.
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4 years ago, Knead2bwell
Not good
IXL is SUPER STRESSFUL! Us as humans make mistakes and sometimes I accidentally hit a comma or something and it takes me back 10 points! Once I knew EXACTLY what I was doing on a skill and I had answered like 70 questions just because I kept making little mistakes and IXL was being soooo mean and taking me back like 30 points each time! I personal don’t like math a lot. It’s not my favorite but I don’t really care and sometimes I do like it but then HERE COMES IXL! When I hear the word IXL all I think of is KILL IT WITH FIRE. I was so excited for a new school yeear because we didn’t have to do extra math which is also I horrible and stressful game. We didn’t have to do xtra math but IXL HEH yup HERE E COMES. I get so mad and depressed over this and ITS JUST A GAME! Uh yeah, ITS A GAME AND IM THIS MAD AND UPSET OVER A GAMEREEEEEEEE TRUST ME THIS IS NOT A GAME DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT JUST DONT IT IS HORRIBALE IT IS MEAN IT IS SOOOOO JUST AWFUL AND IF YOU HAVE TO DO IT IN SCHOOL I FEEL SO BAD FOR YOU AND ITS JUST MMMMMM!!!,!,!,!,,,,, it goes from 😅 to 😒 to 😡 to 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 to 😰 to 😭😭😭😭 at least that’s how I feel. Oh and it’s not just me. Other people at my school hate it too an if I were president I would ban IXL and xtramath no joke!
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3 months ago, neme5527777777
Bad memories
This was back in 2022, when ixl was replaced in our fun school instead of much more encouraging prodigy. I knew a friend in or class who was working on something in ixl (this was 4th grade btw) could you guess how many questions it took him to reach a solid 64 “smart-score” 600 QUESTIONS, the school also decided to have a challenge by proclaiming who ever gets the most questions done gets an award or something. I stayed up all night FOR A WEEK and so did several others and what I mean by several is I mean at least 300 KIDS. I also remember when I originally saw the skill plan based on my “RIT” score idk what it means tho, which was not to brag, pretty high 224 btw average 202 and do you know what it sent me to… it sent me to CALCULUS!! I mean at most, I could do if x = 5 f(x) = 5/6 |-2| + x buuuuut nooooo it told unintelligible nonsensical equations impossible for my measly mind to comprehend ( sorry to anyone with the fear of long words ). That’s three stories why I rated it 2 stars, sorry for the inconvenience. - your storytelling partner
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3 months ago, ANA RABBIT Anonymous
The app keeps on glitching for me, and for some reason they give me different questions that are supposed to have different answers, but for me all the answers are “n/3.3” and also the keyboard tool that lets you draw your answer, and the computer is supposed to changes that into your answer, but it changes that into something random, so don’t use that tool. But The Whole app can be very hard to work with, and it can be very frustrating and boring for kids, but if you are trying to prepare your child for a test or something like that, then IXL is good, but if you want your child to practice math or and subject, they probably won’t be very happy using IXL, so I suggest maybe prodigy math, because most children prefer stuff like that. So if you are a parent don’t make them do what they don’t want to do because they may not have a good attitude about that, and they won’t really enjoy doing it. And most children you enjoy doing math, get better at math, and they succeed in math.
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3 years ago, got thirteen?
I use this app at school and it is AWFUL. When my teacher says IXL, I freak and groan. I get a question right that I know is right, my teacher says it is right, and I still get it wrong. It is sooooo hard to get a question right on this. It is hard to get a 100 smart score, or get a time under 5 minutes. This is terrible. People hate on Cool Math Games, but people should hate on this. It is so bad, I decided to write a review. And get this. I never write reviews. Maybe if you can change this to a math GAMES app, it would be a lot better. Also you need to fix the glitch (if you get a problem right it counts it wrong) and maybe add some games to this. It is soooo boring. Also you need to pay like a bazillion dollars to use a new skill. If you don’t have an account (I have one bc of school) you only get 5 minutes of practice. Of course they only give you 5 minutes because it is impossible to get a time under 5 minutes because it is hard to get a question right. Please fix everything and this will be good. Otherwise a good app.
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2 years ago, #gucigang
Too Hard On Kids.
Ok you might think that I am crazy because I am a kid. But no. My mom, dad, and my teachers think that this is WAY TOO HARD ON KIDS. So today I had to do a IXL (because quarantine)I was on 81 then I got a question wrong it brought me back to 39. Sometimes it says I get a question wrong but really I look at what they put the right answer is and that was the answer I out. Also I think that you should give kids a second chance. If you want to give your students less stress DO NOT BUY THIS!!! It is a waste of money! Please just use a different app this is HORRIBLE!! If i could I would give it a 0 star rating but u can’t do that. GO EASIER ON KIDS!!! This app made me and my classmates cry. It should be shut down. Use Prodigy Math Games it is fun because you are a wizard and you get to defeat monsters it encourages kids to learn. Delete IXL and get Prodigy Math Games!!!Thank you for your reading this and please take my suggestions! ITS ONE YEAR LATER AND I STILL THINK THIS IS THE WORST APP EVER. IF I COULD PUNCH ANYONE IN THE FACE I WOULD CHOOSE THE PERSON THAT MADE IXL!!!! DONT TORTURE YOUR KID!! DONT USE IXL!!!!
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3 years ago, athena201812
I would give it a 3 star if.... IT DOESN”T KNOCK YOU DOWN TO LIKE 83 WHEN YOU ARE LITTERALLY ON 99 LIKE SERIOUSLY. The other bug is that its very laggy. Also it works horribly compared to prodigy which is 1. FREE 2. Make kids like it more. You should like make it a bit funnier and maybe give a joke if you master a section or something. Other than those 2 bugs i will look on the bright side that the lessons are pretty good but those 2 cons make it so the bright side is very hard to pay attention to. That’s why I’m giving it a 2. If you fix the first reason i will give it a 4 and if you make it a bit more fun than i will give it a 5. The first thing shouldn’t be that hard to fix right? RIGHT? I’m sorry but it is really annoying that it knocks you down to like not even 85. Just knock it down to 87 or something ik that you don’t want them to continue the very hard challenges when they don’t get the problem which i get but still just change that so they won’t have to do 5 more problems just to get back to the challenge zone.
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10 months ago, finandgen
This is awful developer please read this
This app is the worst one on the App Store if you get a question right on IXL it gives you two points I mean yes that’s a good reward but when you get one wrong it’s at two back 20 this is not teaching any kid at all developer you are a coward for making this app it is extremely disappointing that these teachers are not seeing the problem in this app I hate this app so much you need to shut this down immediately it is not teaching kids and also in the social studies it has a little check mark that you have to receive but when you get one right when you’re just about to end it doesn’t even give you credit if you answer the question it doesn’t check the mark this app is a scam and I am so mad that the teachers are not seeing the problem in this app and how bad it is and the developer is a coward I hate whoever made this app or even thought it was a good idea this is the most horrible app on the App Store and that is saying a lot please shut down this awful app
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2 years ago, IXl issues
I get one question right and y’all make it go up only 3 points, but once I just get one question wrong it gets 15 points down?! Also the explanations never tend to make sense, please go fix your system! This is overwhelming us students! I don’t think that we should be getting this much work! Why on earth does your such called “amazing” IXL bringing so many points down. And for science a lot of times the explanations don’t make much sense. It’s just depressing the fact I have to right this much about your app. Then let’s talk about math, math is very complicated too! Explanations really don’t make any sense. Most of the time if I don’t put a Comma it makes it wrong or it’s a negative sign. For the love of God bro here’s a fun fact! We aren’t perfect and we get typo’s but y’all gotta make us rage right?! You make our points go 10 points down, especially when we are at 90s, like what is your issue! Math is mainly the problem. I get something wrong and try to learn from the explanations but it makes no sense! This is torture for us students!!!
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3 months ago, Foxlover55
As a student I do not enjoy this app. Don’t get me wrong I like learning and everything but this app is just a no. It’s really rare for me not to use this app and not cry and scream at it. Just that the way it’s set up like you get very little points and then when you make some minor mistake it sends you back really far which is very annoying and frustrating. So the math is okay but the way they let you know you got something wrong is not sweet. So I recommend using a different app that does not cause so much frustration and annoyance. It also shows lessons that were never taught to me at school. For example I just finished 5th grade at school and I still have many lessons in ixl not completed because those lessons were never taught to me! I also believe that some of the lessons on the fifth grade page shouldn’t even belong there because they are WAY to hard and complicated and those should be for older grades!! Please change the point system and lessons on some of the pages that shouldn’t be there.
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3 years ago, unuhnyhnugn
This is like my third review and honestly, it’s just amazing! It treats me wOnDeRfUlLy.... haha nope this is not a Karen speaking so u don’t have to see those reviews saying that it’s good and all because it’s not. Like the title of this review, it is TERRIBLE, while I do see what they were going for here I would be better of not using it. It’s stress the LIFE out of me!! Huh sorry about that just had to express the great impact it’s had on my life........ Anyways the answer to why this app is terrible, is because it takes away so many points just because u got one simple answer wrong. And if you get it right it gives u less points than it took away. It acts as if u hurt it’s feelings and now u have to say sorry. And also sometimes it even marks the right answer wrong even if it does seem right. It even gives u some cute little paragraphs to read as if it trying to educate u to get it right next time. Overall it’s just to stressful ok? So make your choice! Do u want to use an app that I’ve heard actually causes some ppl like me to cry? Or do u just want to learn normal school? Your choice!
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4 years ago, yuyu_:3
Its ok I guess
So, I’ve been using this for 4years now (kinda forced to do so). At first I was like ok, whatever. It’s for school right? Up till last year (6th) it was fine. This year however, nothing has been saving and my grades have been dropping dramatically. I have not been able to show any work nor hand it in. I’ve told my teacher who handles this program for my school and said that she couldn’t really do anything about it. I asked my friends about it as well and they have been through it as well. I asked them how they went around them and they just said that their teachers never really used it anyway and they didn’t have any problems. For now, I have had to use my teacher’s account to do my work during class and try to bump up my grades. I don’t fully suggest this as the best choose but if you’re too lazy to browse for educational websites, I think that it’s ok to use for beginners
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3 years ago, Crystal331
Amazing app with some flaws.
IXL is amazing, no doubt about it, and this app is no different, though i want to point out some flaws with the app and overall ixl itself. Mainly with the points, as people have described, it goes up quickly at first, then at smaller values near the end. Its really frustrating when your at 99 and out of nowhere “wrong answer -9” and it gets really annoying. I do like though how there are suggestions that help you with getting a new lesson when you don't know what you should do next, so good job on that :P. Only suggestion along with fixing the points system, add a way for when people get a question wrong repeatedly, they get a pop-up or something to instruct them how to do it. But, besides for that amazing app would definitely reccomend!
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1 year ago, Larea_270
Ixl is very very evil
It doesn’t teach anything kids just look up the answers. It should die like my phone did. It should burn in H E double hockey sticks. Ixl bully’s me because once I was at an 82 and I accidentally pressed the wrong answer and it took me all the way down to a 69. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 it’s also racist because I’m Mexican and it makes burrito jokes to me. But like does it expect me to wear a sombrero and hold tacos???????? Also have you seen the TikTok’s where people pop their backs with those hump things. I should get one of those my back it bad. We should give ixl encouragement to cancel it’s self and have everyone forget it like everyone forgot James Charles and Shane Dawson. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡💅😡😡💅💅😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😻😻😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, Gisele the beast
It’s a tricky subject
Ixl a very strange game to speak about some people absolutely love it while others hate it I went through reviews and seen one star then five star over and over some people argue that it is a simple and working game while other think it is a increative waste off time I don’t believe either of those statements it’s not award winning but it’s not absolutely trash it has a few redeeming qualities but also things that hold it back from becoming a better game on the good side setting children back can help them try harder but also can make them feel like they will never get it done the levels are uncreative and monountous they can also refrain from distractions but this keeps kids uninterested o could have math mini games mixed in toast least keep kids entertained. The style of the game is cute but boring it’s simple but too simple not in the cute way with more effort this gam could be great it just needs a push in the right direction
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6 months ago, vishwashveri
I am a student in 5th grade and this game is not encouraging or fun in anyway. When you get a question wrong and you are already so far on your score it brings you down so much and it gets me really mad! This game is not fun in anyway but all my teachers have it and tell us to do it luckily they tell us that we can get to only 85% but it is not fun and in no way enjoyable or encouraging. But the only reason I even give it a star is because it is a way to learn without your teachers teaching you and I guess it is a way they can get a break but it is to hard on us and it makes me rage a lot and it is so annoying. Their is also so many things on their to do and teachers just keep on assigning them. I have been doing IXL since 2nd grade and ever since then I have hated it. I do not recommend this game to any teacher or student, teachers this makes your students annoyed and frustrated so do not have your students do this. This is a horrible game please do not download this. Thank you, for listening.
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2 years ago, 31573 LC
Dreadful and Tedious
Middle school student’s perspective here. This is the worst educational app I’ve ever had to use. The point system is awful. For example, I was at 99 points. I mis-clicked. It took me down to a 92. I got the following question wrong. It took me to an 85. At this point, I’ve answered 134 questions. Yes, 134. Getting two questions incorrect, should not take you down that many points. Especially having already answered 134 questions. This is not the only time this has happened. I am forced to use IXL for almost all my classes. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve dug my fingernails into my flesh out of anger. I’m not crying during the lesson, but tears of joy after I complete it. It would also be nice if we could have a little something to read before the lesson. In order for it to explain how to do the assignment, you have to answer a question incorrectly. My thoughts are, why should I have to answer incorrectly to learn how to do the lesson? It makes zero sense. Please, DO NOT EVER USE THIS APP!!!!!!
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3 years ago, Anonymus bean
Writing from experience.
I am a student. I first used this in elementary school and hated it, I used it in late middle school and hated it then as well. There are two main ways it grades you. You might have to get a certain number correct in a row which means if you get 3 right but if the fourth one is wrong you have to start over. The second way you are graded: you must get 100 points in order to complete the lesson. The first questions are worth more, ex: 10 points. Every time you answer a question the value becomes less, ex: 8. If you answer incorrectly it gets rid of many more points than you earn ex: you have 90 points, get a question wrong, now there are 80. That means you end up having to answer way too many. I do not like this system because it teaches kids that being perfect is the only option. It can get extremely frustrating, especially during math because it is so easy to make a calculation error or type a number wrong, or in the wrong form.
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5 months ago, #####"
I have been using IXL for a couple of years now and I can tell you it is really horribly made and annoying because the amount of effort it takes to do 4 questions and gain 12 points to losing 10 from 1 is not really fair. In addition there is this stupid “Challenge Zone” when you reach 90 where whenever you do a question correctly it will give you about 2-3 points. However if you were to get one wrong. You would automatically drop from a 98 to an 89. And I get that you want to make it fun for students with the badges and challenge zone. But it really isn’t. When you compare the “fun” in IXL to the way you get punished for one single question is just absurd. The system is basically just telling you that you are stupid and incorrect. And I WISH IXL could take these bad reviews to heart and seriously change it up. But nope still after 7 years. IXL has been still the same old educational app that no one in this world looks up to when they get assigned.
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3 years ago, oofayo
To hard/easy
I had ixl for about 3 years. When I first had too do it, I didn’t notice how much the points would come and go. But as I used it more, it started to notice a lot. When you start a skill, each time you get a question correct you get about 20 points, but it’s when it has easier questions, then by the time you get to 70% it barely gives you points, to much harder questions. There is a lot of skills, but half of the skills are super easy! My class gets really angry when the get one tiny thing wrong, and it takes away half the points they worked hard for! And when your at 90%-99% and you get a question wrong, it brings you to like 87% or 78% and its really annoying. I have seen some of my friends cry over this because, they had done so much to get at a high score, but then they do something wrong, and all their work has gone to waste. Plus ixl is no fun! Their is many other apps that teach a lot, and are way better! If you want a good app for education, then you should look at Reflex.
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2 years ago, tesslarocks
Please take this down.
IXL = getting over it. Many kids have raged over it. Many kids have destroyed thier devices over this, just like getting over it. I wonder if whoever made this as the same purpose as getting over it, or worse. That was my review about how long ago, and I still rage at it, and they still don’t listen. As a matter of fact, pretty much all kids rage at it. I only rated it 5 stars because I want other ppl to see what anger it could bring, and their children won’t be victims of IXL. Oh, btw, try following prodigy’s example. Now that’s actually a game kids can learn from. It is currently 11:45 P.M.when I,m typing this, and I only have one thing to say. LOWER THE DARN PUNISHMENT. I am in tears in this one ixl mainly because of little mistakes. If you don’t lower the punishment thing down AT LEAST GIVE ANOTHER CHANCE LIKE PRODIGY. (Edited again) I changed it to 1 star. Btw, the 5 star reviews are A. Ixl bots or B. Teachers who cannot find another app. To those I say try prodigy.(P.S., this is for people like Blanchue)
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2 years ago, smart elaine zhang
Being new to learning a new subject or a type of thing you can’t just push them to just go to IXL. If they mess up you can’t just punish them and let them do it again and again. You mess it is okay you are new to this. No one can’t just say you should now this already. This is a wrong way to teach a kid. This is easy To some and not to others. I want IXL to improve on not just being harsh on kids that learning something to be hard you can’t that harshness to a kid they can improve over time. You can’t just say you should now this already. If they have never learned this before that means they have never learned this before not they know what’s all the things they know just a kid. We all know Albert Einstein he took years to be the smartest not in one day not in one year but in 20 years of studying and learning so you should look up at Einstein he did not lean every thing in one year but 20 years. So don’t be harsh on kids when they are little they learn over time.
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4 years ago, TribalCarrot067
Worst educational tool in the world!
This is the worst educational tool in the world. It gets you some sort of satisfaction when you finish a skill, but it can literally take 30 minutes, to finish one simple, skill. To finish a skill you have to get to a 100 smart score. To get that, you have to correctly finish all the questions. But as a human, you might accidentally push a wrong button, and you are at the 99 smart score. It takes you back to like 86 smart score. And that just gets so frustrating, so yeah....AND ALSO! There was this question, and it was what is 0.1 multiplied by 0.1, I was like this is so easy, so I typed in .1, and I pressed enter. IT LITERALLY TOLD ME, ohhh, your answer is WRONG! I WAS LIKE OMG! I calmed down after a few 100 hours... and I went on google, because duh! And searched is 0.1, the same as .1! And it was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Long story short, I threw the laptop out the window, sooooooooooo, moral of the story.....DON’T YOU EVEN TRY PRESSING THE INSTALL BUTTON, BECAUSE YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY REGRET THAT, AND “IXL” WILL TAKE UP YOUR STORAGE THAT IS LEFT AFTER TAKING 1,000 PICTURES ON YOUR PHONE!
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