Jackpocket Lottery App

4.8 (177.7K)
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Jackpocket Inc.
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2 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jackpocket Lottery App

4.76 out of 5
177.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Guidette mommy
Affiliated with official lottery & legit
It meant a big deal to me that I could trust this app an it is a legit company I have gotten my money back into my account when I won and nothing negative has happened with them having my bank info other than me losing a bunch of money sadly!!! I wish I could win good an tell you how that works in a review but that has yet to happen other then $2-8 I could tell you the money is instantly into your playing account online an you can take it off an put it back into your bank account, but if you win more then that I am not sure how it works how legit it is etc.. I would also pix YOUR OWN NUMBERS u win more what’s great about auto pick here is you can see the choices they gave you & decide to delete whatever plays you don’t like an keep what you like! You aren’t stuck paying once you want to play them! It’s better then in person the fee is worth it for all this! I’ll let you know what happens when I win an how that works out in a review too! Best of luck to you all
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2 years ago, jezeeble
Have not been mailed winning ticket. Edit: Received now
The app is well designed and intuitive to use. I’ve won a few lower prizes amounts and was immediately credited the winnings. No problems there. 8 days ago I won a prize just over the maximum allowed to redeem electronically. The ticket must be mailed in or presented in person at the local lotto office to claim a prize. That’s a lottery requirement not Jackpocket. If you win an amount over that maximum claim amount, Jackpocket emails and texts you about the prize. The email also includes a form to fill out to have your ticket mailed to “right away”. Still all good. I filled out the form shortly after receiving the email and have not received the ticket or tracking number for the ticket (promised when filling out the form). It’s been over a week, I’ve emailed support, and haven’t heard anything. Where is my ticket? Edit: Rating updates from 1 to 3. Although I never received a response from support, the ticket was mailed by an individual to me right after I posted this review. I do wonder: If this was a much larger prize, how do you follow up if it never gets mailed? If the local person that picked up that ticket has a ticket worth a lot of money, what happens if they don’t send it/keep it?
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1 year ago, ashleyelizabeth95xo
Was enjoying this app after being invited by a friend until I received an email almost a WEEK after I joined saying my account was suspended due to “failed funding attempt” for an amount that I didn’t even try to fund? They won’t suspend my account until I pay back the amount that I “owe” them for this failed funding. When I contacted support about the situation I was told to look in my “funding history” where I found 1 inquiry that said funding had failed for a completely different amount (the amount I was planning to fund my account with) because my bank does not allow me to use a debit card for lottery. Simple fix, I added my bank account by routing and account number and was able to fund that amount instantly. My concern is if the funding FAILED (meaning it did not go through, in my experience) how do I OWE money? Especially an amount I did not try to fund. #2 if this happened the day I opened my account and added money for the first time why am I being told I “OWE” money a week after this supposedly happened and AFTER I won close to $100 playing on this app? If someone supposedly “owes” you money why continue letting them buy tickets? Why did the “owed” amount not get taken out of the funds that were on the account? I don’t think it’s right that I would have to “pay back” money that I did not even spend or deposit.
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2 years ago, 86568854
Auto fund feature -tickets not actually purchased.
I somehow, I suppose, turned on the auto fund feature even though I don’t remember. When I went or my bank and saw it, I immediately turned it off. However, although I turned it off the money kept coming out of my bank with fees. The system said it was off, but it wasn’t. It would also turn off my safe web browsing in Norton. That’s how I realized that something was amiss. I kept getting messages thqt I wasn’t safely browsing; I’d turn the safe browse back on and it would be off again. Since it’s impossible to speak to someone, I submitted a ticket and got an immediate (automated) reply. They’ll get back to me. Well, they never did and yes I checked my spam. While I liked the convenience of being able to play from my bed, I don’t want any app taking money out of my account. Therefore I don’t I’ll go back to the store method as I have lost trust in the security of my money. I also don’t understand why they don’t have a human to speak to. Surely they have enough money with the fees they charge. On my last transaction I got an email telling me my tickets were ready to view. However, when I clicked the link they were not there and never appeared in my account. Please be careful.
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4 years ago, chef_nyc
Tried with $20, already looks shady
Installed this app based on a friend suggestion. Convenient way to play for people who live far from a lottery convenience store. However I already have some complaints and now I am curious about my protection if the reward is quite large to remain honest. You pick some numbers or let the app pick them for you. And somebody actually buys tickets on behalf of you. You can see a stamp on the “ticket photo” that says “ticket belongs to Your Name”. It doesn’t say “redeemable only by”. Also I don’t really know if the actual ticket has the stamp or the stamp was “photoshopped” after the ticket was scanned. What made me suspicious? I won $4 and it was on my account. So somebody was able to claim it on my behalf. I had already $12 left from original funding and $4 from my winnings. I tried to withdraw my money after losing trust. It looks like the original money you sent from your account is not refundable. That is problem #2. The I decided to get my $4 as a refund. Again another problem. Although I was able to fund my account using PayPal, I cannot get a refund via PayPal. It wants my bank account number. What if I don’t want to give my bank account to an app developer? Maybe I was misled because they made funding the app account very easy.
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8 months ago, Beamster Nebula
Stellar, small compliant
Jackpocket has a great interface. Informative, to-the-point, and visually appealing. It’s easy to add funds and set up recurring orders, whether quick picks or specific numbers. I’ve won a few dollars here and there, my biggest so far being $50 two times in The Pick. My only qualm is when I run out of funds on my bank account and they suspend me — I understand why, the funds in the app are able to be used instantly but the actual money takes time to transfer, so Jackpocket is essentially lending you money until it clears through the bank. My gripe is with the fact that when I add funds into my checking account often times on the same day of suspension, and pay it off, I have to wait a week to be able to play anything. They even confirm that it went through, but still make me wait. I’ve complained to support about this and they were gracious enough to lift the suspension a few days early, which is why I’m giving 5 stars, but it’s still annoying.
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11 months ago, NJJim
Works great. Fast issuance. Love it.
I’ve used the app for about 2 years I think. It works great. It’s easy to use, and there is info available in the app explaining each game. I don’t mind paying the small fee (%) when I fund the account because it saves me the trouble of going out to buy the tickets, if I even would. I use it mostly with auto pick random numbers. Usually I get a message back that my ticket was issued within a few minutes. When you win a large amount, they send you the actual ticket so you can claim it from the lottery (NJ in my case). Otherwise, the winnings go back into your JackPocket account. For those that somehow think this is shady, I won $1,200 last September (they mailed me the tickets and I claimed the prize), and $162 last week. It all works as advertised. On the web site, you can see the official agreement with NJ that allows them to be a courier or act on your behalf to purchase the tickets.
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2 years ago, Sandmansr
Very disappointing
Typically, I would’ve rated this app much higher as I have been using it for quite sometime now. I’ve always waited around half an hour before the drawings to purchase my tickets no matter which game I’m playing. However, Friday I wasn’t able to purchase tickets in this manner as the system kept giving me an error, even though it did allow me to add funds during this same timeframe, in which, they are paid a fee. I suppose I am a little disappointed as they received their monies for the transaction but I was denied being able to purchase my tickets for the 1.2B dollar jackpot… yeah, I know what the odds were but so did everyone else’s - it didn’t keep them from playing. I was denied this opportunity because their system couldn’t handle the load - technical difficulties! My suggestion to all who uses this app during high stake drawings - don’t wait till the last hour because chances are you will not be able to make your purchase!!! For all the naysayers, I’ve done it this way for several years and never had an issue. From Texas, Great Disappointment
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1 month ago, The mail commenter
Very tough to really only buy the tickets u want and hard to see how to buy right amount of tickets.
All I can say is the last time I tried to make this thing work I only wanted two I forgot what type of tickets but at any rate I tried to buy only two tickets of whatever it was can’t remember. Anyhow the stupid thing all the sudden said I wasn’t just buying two but four and I thought whoa whoa whoa holey macro I ain’t buying four u dufous I am only buying two. Now until u guys can fix that particular problem that is going to keep me from wanting to use this. Now people don’t wanna be buying more tickets then they can afford u know. Now the next problem is where to put in ur debit or credit card in this app I mean usually these type of apps I think would have a place where u can put in ur credit or debit card info I don’t see where that is on this app. So what do we do??? Anyways fix up these problems and u might have happier lottery players. Of course if we win the top jackpot then yeah we will definitely not be able to stop celebrating.
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12 months ago, Junebug 1979
Totally legit and they do not take $ from ur winnings!!!
I love how I don’t have to go to the store and fill out those darn cards or wait in line to b told I’m sorry u can’t buy lottery with ur debit or I order my tickets and the cashier totally does them wrong and I feel bad so of course I pay for them still lol I could b watching a movie, working and see oh crap I need my lottery before 7…oh yea I got this cool app I can just order and pay with my phone! Love it The pools I join everyone of them lol cuz if someone in my state Wins the jackpot then I win too! Oregon u can win 600$ or less and this app automatically pays u and if u won more then they contact u and u tell u what u gotta do to get money! Also I keep inviting peeps but they keep saying no jackpot keeps a % of ur money Umm nope they do not! This app is awesome and free! U just gotta pay for ur tickets though! Ok ok I’m done lol get the app win money! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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3 years ago, Freakgenius
Pricing model should be changed
I took a look at this app and it looks great and convenient to use if you want to play lotto games often. But, there is nothing “convenient” about being charged an almost 10% fee just to add money to play the same “gambling” games you can play at a local store. Why spend more money gambling for no good reason other than to use your phone instead of going to a store? Seems like a bad decision to just lose more money. My recommendation to the company is to change the pricing model. Instead of charging a fee to load money, I would be more interested to use the app if I had the option to pay a monthly fee instead. I would be happy with $10 per month but I bet some people would be willing to spend up to $20 per month. Wouldn’t MRR be better to grow the customer base? Just my opinion though and maybe the current model makes them enough money for people who are willing to use it as it is. It might be worth offering the option. Monthly or “pay-as-you-play” options.
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3 years ago, huggabilbear
Not as Sweet as Elitist Batman says.....
First of all the app works well with what permissions it holds states to states, maybe too well. Some commentators on here are saying “I don’t see what others are saying”.....well If you have a problem with gambling, DO NOT JOIN. You are not on your own here, taking my own experience on here. I was spending too much so I just don’t go on the app, the app text messages you on a daily basis about impending jackpots you could be missing out on. There is a charge every time you replenish, if you are in the supermarket there’s no charge. For me I like Take 5, for a short time it was available to play, but now it’s not, so I don’t play, but the messages don’t stop. I’m going to turn off notifications and see where that takes me, then after if I decide just delete-The Who darn thing. It was fun in the beginning but got too costly !
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1 month ago, MoKnows38
Easy to order
I will give 5 stars for ordering its easy. But the chances of winging I think are similar than just driving to store. As a matter of fact I know this to be true. I have much better odds going to store versus this app. If I am lying who has one a nice amount? How long since being on app did that happen? Like come on common sense beats a blank. What does convenience cost you? An for those fans who are defending it well keep donating your money! I will go to store where at least 80% of the time I’m winning free ticket or something here it more like 90/20. Where 90% my money gets took. Don’t knock unpopular opinion an I won’t say you look silly defending a shaky system. Rich people you I still have app but don’t use anymore I go to store. But I keep just in case I want to give a dollar and hope one day they will make a mistake and call someone from online numbers! If people would win and know it was online then maybe it would be better but until then no
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9 months ago, brian163
Good option for casual lottery player
I’m not a big lottery player but when I see a jackpot hit all time highs, I like to buy a few tickets. This app, as an authorized lottery carrier in my state, provides a convenient way to do that. Overall that app is designed well although I wish they expanded the threshold options for auto-ordering, particularly for the smaller state lotteries as there is no way to use the feature for a threshold the user sets, only pre-set tiers. So it is somewhat limiting for an otherwise clever feature which make them money. Which they do only during account funding, not a part of any winnings. As far as legitimacy, I’ve concluded they have to be trustworthy as not handing over a winning ticket would end their license in my state and likely end this service. But if your concerned, simply take screenshots of the generated tickets in the app to prove you own the ticket, your name will appear on each one.
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2 years ago, aolen22
Very disappointed with support
**Editing my review from 1 star to 3 stars because they ended up giving me the additional $20 but still disappointed I had to argue for it.** I have been using this app for several months after it was recommended by co-workers. I like the convenience of purchasing tickets from my phone rather than going to a store. However, I feel scammed as they did not honor bonus credits for a referral. After I opened the app, I saw the referral fee was $30 instead of the usual $10. I immediately sent the link to my friend and within minutes he funded his account. After I saw only $10 in my account, I went back to the app and saw the offer of $30 was still there so I took a screen shot. Maybe an hour or so later, it was back to $10. After reaching out to support for assistance, they responded and said my friend had funded outside of the bonus period. I guess it’s back to purchasing tickets from the store until I can find another app.
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10 months ago, PO'ed 4
Hi- live in Mass. we don’t have lottery on line. This app fills the gap. I’m in a phase where I don’t carry cash on me. When I want to play the lottery, I’ll need to go to bank and then go to a store to buy tickets. NO MORE! I can use Venmo to move mo he from my bank to my on line Lottery account.I can then use funds to play the lottery. I get a confirmation email for my transactions, I am sent an actual copy of my Lottery tickets via email. This app also remembers favorite numbers to play quickly each time, it also watches what numbers comes up each draw and automatically credits my on line potter account. I can cash out at any time, and over a certain level I have to go to Lottery headquarters (hope that that happens soon! 🤣) I am very happy with this app, and hope more folks go to use it for the convince and other options it offers!!
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2 years ago, MrAntonioP
Quick Pick feature stinks
The app is convenient for when you don’t have time to go out and buy tickets but their number generation for quick pick is horrible. I’ve used it several times and I’m constantly getting a massive amount of duplicate numbers. With such a huge pool of random numbers it’s absolutely ridiculous when some numbers appear on 4 out of 10 tickets. Convenient but you’re WAY better off choosing your own numbers if you want something random. Edit: Related to the developer response. I never stated the QP feature wasn’t compliant, I stated it’s terrible considering the massive amount of repeat numbers I receive. There are 11,238,513 5 digit combinations using 1-69. Seeing the same number across multiple tickets is highly unlikely. Thanks for your defensive response in relation to your compliant random number generator. Edit 2: used app again on 1/8/22 to buy mega millions tickets for next drawing. 5 tickets. 4 sets of repeating numbers. Definitely avoiding quick pick going forward. Edit 3: my review has been deleted as of 1/9/22. I’ll just keep reposting it.
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12 months ago, Walt92007
Helpful for mobility impared
I have severe osteoarthritis in my knees. I also require supplemental oxygen 24/7. This makes going to the local convenience store for lottery tickets a bit more problematic, not to mention, painful. With this app I can now easily obtain tickets for any of the legal lottery games allowed in New Mexico. I also have the same options that I would have at the store, but from home. Although I know that the chances of winning are small, since New Mexico puts the money towards scholarships for New Mexico students to get a better education, I don’t mind the odds. And it’s fun. Now, because of this app, I can painlessly play. You can’t win if you don’t play! I would also like to commend customer support. I had an issue with receiving the monies for referring a friend in the app and Jake went out of his way to get me the information I needed.
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2 years ago, Luke0284747281010374
Good app, easy to use
I’ve used the app for a few years on and off. Had to cash out two years ago the process was very simple, check in hand less than two weeks later. Much easier than other state lottery apps cash out process which seems like a burden to get money out even though it’s simple to put in. Only downside is you are paying a fee to play because NJ does not have their own app to purchase. Although the fee as a percentage of the total you’re depositing goes down as you increase the size of the deposit. ($1=38%, $10=12%, $25=10%, $50=9.6%, $100=9.3%) It would be nice if pools were allowed in my state, quite sure that’s an issue with my state not with the app. All in all it’s a pretty good way to purchase lottery tickets from the comfort of your home or anywhere you happen to be (within the state).
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2 years ago, PSCGOhio
Works for me!
It appears in a couple reviews that people don’t read the fine print…. My experience is as good as it can get even without winning just yet! App is very smooth and easy to work with and while I’m a very infrequent player, now I can easily get in on the huge jackpots. Ohio has both biggies, mega and Powerball, so this is great. Top that off with all the other games Ohio Lottery has and I have a wide choice of options! So read the fine print, check the promo details so you claim them directly AND correctly, don’t miss out on one! And for security, I know OH Lottery wouldn’t let them do this if it was flaky, not to mention it seems like I get a breach notice a week from a new store or service. Be smart, use Debit cards and bank/card account where you only have what you spend in it and protect yourself with your own common sense.
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1 year ago, Lori12_61
No scam
I started using this app 1 month ago and I installed it because I’ve seen several winners and in the article said they won thru this app. I don’t see much advertised anywhere for it but when I read the reviews here I decided to give it a try. I can say I’m very happy. When I don’t feel like running out to get lottery tickets I just open the app and within a min I can purchase my tickets. They charge a very small fee when you fund your account: so $20 replenish they charge $2. BUT, they do not take any winning you win. I think that’s very fair. So today I won $4. I can decide to move it to my bank or buy more tickets. I’ll most likely buy more tickets. I don’t really spend a lot on the lottery like some people and I’m sure you could spend more with it at your finger tips, so play responsibly and enjoy. I love it.
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2 years ago, Doesch
Great app
Updated 3/20: Have to correct my previous review from earlier (see below). App wasn’t broken—turns out the wifi I was using the app on was blocking gambling sites, so this app got caught up in that net. Resolved that issue and app works great. Really like it. My one issue: I find that the notifications can become a nuisance (as with all apps), but since gambling can become a problem, wonder how healthy it is to be prodded with what seems like daily notifications about trying to win. Would be nice to see options for notifications so they can be tailored. Otherwise I suppose it is best to just turn them off. —— Previous review: Enjoyed this app for a few weeks. As of last week, app doesn’t work. Every time I try to open it I get an error message that something went wrong. Restarting phone and closing other apps doesn’t fix the problem. Hope they fix it soon.
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1 year ago, Dale Church
Great App!!
This app is truly a one stop shop!! You can play any national or state lotteries(in NJ at least), any way you want to play. You can set automatic buy-in thresholds so you never miss that big money drawing. When you win anything less than $600 it goes straight into your Jackpocket account, which you can use to play more or easily transfer to your bank account. And recently I hit on a couple tickets for a total of $1,580 which ended up being more than what could be cashed out. So they sent a UPS packing envelope with a thick and secure cardboard envelope inside containing my winning tickets and all documentation and tax paperwork to report and receive my winnings!! This company is absolutely a class act, and will continue to happily recommend on here and to anyone I talk to that’s interested in playing the lottery!! Thank you Jackpocket!!
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2 years ago, Big Will 138
Winning Powerball
I love playing the day i win i have a story how on January 23,2021 I’ve been playing the same numbers since 2018 and for one day i got upset over the jackpot goes to another state accross the country i got upset so i played only the tickets i won a couple of dollars and forgot to play my same two tickets for mega & Powerbal my 5 numbers came out after three long years waiting for my numbers to play and they did I’ve been crying ever since but i know in my heart im gonna get my numbers cause i wont stop playing Jackpocket until they finally come out again im greatful for this app cause its the best way to secure your numbers are in. I truly live this app its the best thank you Jackpocket for making it easy to play your numbers and try your luck I recommend it to all you people who play numbers
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7 months ago, Sissylala77
Love this app !!!
I really love this app ! It’s awesome to be able to buy tickets for my state games as well as Powerball and Mega Millions without having to leave the house to actually get tickets . I’ve won some pretty good games on here and the money instantly is in my account . If I’ve gotten a big win I can transfer it from my account on Jackpocket to my bank account . The only thing I wish it would fix is to be able to access all the Oregon lottery games through the app right now I can only buy Megabucks and pick4 , I want to be able to get Win4Life and Lucky Lines tickets in order to be perfect . I’m a single parent of a disabled child so it’s difficult to just leave to get tickets . So this makes life a lot easier , if they’d just add the other state games I would say it’s absolutely perfect
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5 years ago, The Big Daddy Jay
Cha-Ching and Done!
I’ve enjoyed playing the games of Texas since Day 1, but every so often, I’d forget to stop on my way home from work to buy a ticket. I’d either regretfully put my shoes back on my feet, make my way to a retailer, and invariably wait in a long, slow moving line to secure my $1 opportunity for riches - or - I’d have to go without altogether; feeling like I’d missed my chance at winning “The Big One”. With Jackpocket, I’ve finally said “Goodbye!” to those last minute races to find a store! Jackpocket is simple to use and with it’s vast array of various, easy to understand (and use) options, it should have a shortcut icon on Everyone’s smartphone! I love having the peace of mind knowing that I just might become Texas’ next millionaire; and I can thank Jackpocket for allowing this feeling to be so easily attainable! (It also saves me money at the gas pump!)
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4 years ago, Divine_devon
Love it!
I’ve been playing the lottery for about 5 years now. I use to dump money into it. This app has made it a lot easier and safer to play. It allowed me to manage my spending to keep the lottery as more of a game for me rather than gambling. It also help me to narrow down the games I play. 9 times outta 10 I get little prizes back for cash 4 life. With mega and powerball about half the time I win something. Pick 6 is even worst. I never win anything. If I do it’s only $3. So now I only play cash 4 life. I only play powerball and mega when the jackpot is really high. My one complaint is Jersey cash 5 isn’t available yet. Please add this game! UPDATE: THANK YOU! Cash 5 is now available! YAYYY! But now one more request. Can you please allow the selection of multiple tickets from the past tickets page. I just wasted $5 replaying the same ticket twice.(now if I win twice not a problem but still a waste regardless!)
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8 months ago, LaCornista
Convenient and trustworthy
This app is so easy to use, and it alerts you when you win. Small wins go right back into your account. I’ve only won large enough to have to collect from the lottery office once, but JackPocket sent very clear collection instructions, and my hard copy ticket was shipped to me quickly and securely so that I could take the next steps to collect the winnings. I especially appreciate having the app when the jackpots are large, and I might otherwise have to stand in a long line. And when the weather is bad outside. Or when I decide at the last minute I want more tickets. The app isn’t available in every state. It took a while for my state to allow it. If yours already does, you’ll be happy to have downloaded this convenient app.
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5 years ago, Dmr531
Easy way to play lottery!
I am a very skeptical person so I was VERY skeptical about the legitimacy of this app. I read a few reviews and searched for independent news articles about this app. I confirmed it’s not a scam so I decided to try. I created an account and added $10 from my PayPal to start. I live in NJ so the games available to me were Mega Millions, Powerball, Pick 6, Cash 4 Life. There are other state games but I guess the app doesn’t allow other games? What I really liked is the “pools” option. You can play the Mega or Powerball with other users to increase your chance of winning. These pools have hundreds of people in them and I love this! Conclusion: Not a scam, it’s legit as long as you are physically in the location they say you have to be in and are over 18. It’s an easy and convenient way to play lottery right from your own home.
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1 year ago, FAHQMF
Iffy on this
So I have been playing for a a few months. Yes it’s easier to get a ticket. But you will spend more money playing. And they charge 10% on funding your account. So if you walk into a place you don’t pay more. I’m also a little iffy on quick pick. What’s to say these people don’t quick pick the same numbers for more then one person. Giving them the edge. Or making it up. It’s a picture of your ticket. Also. No one has really ever won on Jackpocket. So be weary. Play for fun. If you have gambling problems. Don’t join this site. Again you will spend more money playing the lottery. Which I truly believe is a scam. Ever notice more people in New Jersey wins the lottery. Wel the lottery is in New Jersey. Also remember the monopoly game at McDonald. They cheated us out of that money. And never said sorry. So. Be careful. It’s easier to get struck by lightning under the ocean then to ever win the lottery.
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12 months ago, waddy ll
This so wonderful last year I put 443 dollar straight 5 times the next day I played it a dollar straight 4 times I for got that I had put it in but I didn’t pay for it yet so I was rushing to get it in then I went back to sleep I wroke up at 2:00pm and I went the web site it said congratulations you won 4,664 dollars I was happy I had it 9 times straight for 100 on each ticket and that why I love jackpot because Ohio lottery won’t hold ticket for but jackpot will when I think a number going yo come out I will go to jackpot and key it in if I’m drinking down yo street and I see 2 cars with the same pick four numbers I will pull over and key the number in so I can plat it later this is a blessing that we can do this I can’t wait to play in North Carolina while in mmm in Columbus ohio
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2 years ago, JLPA715
Jackpocket is the best
Love Jackpocket, it’s super easy to use, super quick, and just so convenient. Sometimes you may forget to play a number and in under 30 seconds Jackpocket is on your phone or computer, put your numbers in and you got your lottery tickets done! When you do win, the winnings go right into your account (you may have used your debit card-so it goes into bank account as cash or a credit card and it goes in as a credit to your account, but it’s in your account very quickly!) After you pick your numbers, maybe a quick Jersey 5, you’ll get an email within 5 minutes showing you the printed ticket and what your numbers would be. It’s so simple. I’d recommend Jackpocket over and over again, I’ve never had a problem!
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4 years ago, wumobb
Almost a millionaire
Working at the hospital in this pandemic times I’ve gotten so discourage to playing the lottery I like playing in person but there are lots of places that are closed or places are open and the lottery terminal is closed so weeks have passed by I haven’t thought about playing but one day on my way to work I remembered I have the jackpocket app on my phone and it was a Thursday and the draw game for that day was the pick 6 so I played $5 the machine picked the numbers then by 9 pm I received a text from jackpocket with a link “you won big on jackpocket please click link “ I didn’t believe it until I went to the app and saw I got 5 out of 6 numbers one more number I would of hit the jackpot $4.8 mill so they FedEx me my ticket with a claim form this a perfect alternative solution to keep playing and staying safe
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2 years ago, Clayyy :)
It’s just terrible
The app works less percent of the time than your percent chances at actually winning the lottery. Got in once and it was working fine. Went to order some tickets and it just goes “oops something weird happened” and no longer works. I try tricks online on deleting and reinstalling on data. That works fine. I add funds just fine. Then it randomly goes “oops something weird happened” again. Nothing weird happened. Weird things don’t happened every time and to lots of other people. If you’re able to get the app to actually work, you’ll probably win because you’re super lucky. Terrible app that just never works. And it took my money just to no longer work again. The trick doesn’t work anymore. The app doesn’t work on different devices either. Just a terribly made app that scams 99% of people who try it. So try it, get lucky to have the app work, and I’m sure you’ll be a millionaire. Otherwise, you’re better off doing literally anything else.
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1 year ago, falcor_co
Great app
I love this app. I love not having to go to the store with cash to get tickets. I really love not having to go to the store to cash in small tickets. My only complaint is that I wish public pools were a bit different. There is one pool for each large lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions. Those pools get so large that you don’t get much of a payout even if you win. I would like to be able to pick a size of a pool like maybe 100. If I picked 100, then the pool would close after 100 entries were made in that pool and maybe an additional pool would be created for more interest. I love playing pool, but I don’t know enough people to play pools like I want to. I don’t believe I am the only one. We are getting increasingly more isolated. It would be a great to grow the app.
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11 months ago, Mamaflys2
Absolutely Love This App
This is a great app! I just keep it funded and set my perimeters for automatic ticket purchases and never miss getting a ticket for any of the Big lotteries! I set my automatic ticket purchases for when Powerball or Mega Millions reaches $300,000,000! You can set your perimeters for any amount or you can just purchase a ticket anytime for any games allowed in your state. I have never had a problem with this app, EVER!! Love it! Jackpocket charges a little under 10% to fund your account but it’s worth it to me! I never have to be concerned about forgetting to go out to buy a ticket, don’t have to get out in the heat of summer, cold of winter or storms and I don’t have to spend time driving to a location to purchase my tickets AND I DON’T use any gas!! Love this app!! ❤️
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2 years ago, NoCoVGal
No Brainer
This app makes playing the lottery so convenient and more enjoyable. It’s quite easy to select your own numbers or quick pick. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a ticket again, either. Everything is in one place, right on the app. You can even join pools or create your own. Office lotto simplified!! The only thing to be aware of is there is a transaction fee you will pay when you fund your account. So if you can fund a higher amount, you’ll get the most bang for your buck. Each state is different, but in Colorado you can fund your account through PayPal or Venmo/Bank draft. The transaction fee is a small contribution to have the convenience of playing lotto from anywhere you take your phone! Good luck!
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2 years ago, JesseJames516
It’s Easy and Convenient
Of course I haven’t been lucky enough to win anything but with that said it’s so easy to order a ticket on any of the lottery games and selecting my own numbers. I can purchase auto selected numbers at numerous places but this app lets you select your own numbers and then someone goes out on your behalf and purchases the tickets for you. It makes it more convenient than going to the establishment and handing your paper ticket to be scanned in. Plus you have a copy of the ticket in your account. This is a great app. Remember that you probably won’t win, it’s called gambling and it’s not easy to pick 6 numbers that will randomly hit, but it makes it so much easier to play. This app is great and easy!!!!
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3 years ago, Franky Mayor
I don’t usually play lottery but it’s so convenient!
There’s a bunch of lottery’s you can play depending on what state you’re in. They can even deliver scratch tickets to your house if you’re into that thing. You can join a public pool for the big lottery games like Powerball Megamillions, more often than not there’s 4K+ people participating in any pool so you can usually win something even if it’s a few cents. Everything that’s earned in the public pool is split evenly between everyone who participated. So far I think 10 states support Jackpocket, more every year. It’s because of online gambling laws etc but you can’t beat the convenience of having Jackpocket buy your lottery ticket for you and sending you the winnings directly into the bank.
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2 years ago, D34Dhaze
This is trash..just stick to going to the store
I got this app because I thought it would be easy to play a few games on the go. Everything was fine I got my ticket and was waiting for the NY lottlo drawing to come in….somehow I couldn’t get my barcode due to it being watermarked. I went to contact the support to see if they can help me remove the watermark on my ticket to see if I won right? Even tho the app will tell you if you win I feel like you should still be given your ticket WITH a barcode win or no win just so you can go check for yourself….I had 5 numbers and bonus somehow still didn’t win????!?went talking to the support they didn’t help at all won’t remove the watermark and stopped responding all together even when I had more to ask. This is a waste of time and money. Again if you want to play just go down and spend your money in the store to have your ticket handy for self check. If I could give it no stars I would….
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2 years ago, 5+@€3¥
can’t contact support easily
I love the app but when I went on vacation it detected my location and would not let me play. That was because of the state not yet being on board, which is fine, but I have been back for months and it still would not offer me the “play” option, prompting me to write to “my state” (where I was on vacation). I had no choice to but to send that email just to get rid of the prompt. You cannot clear prompts which I don’t like. I could not find the issue in support and could not contact them. I had to delete the app and reinstall it. Otherwise I really like it. I will have to turn off location for the app when I travel which is bad because on my last trip I really wanted to play. It just wouldn’t update my location afterwards.
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5 years ago, Dr Newnan
This app provides more variety in your ability to play your lotto picks. Funding your account and then picking your numbers to play your favorite games is just simply genius. No rushing to get to the corner store to get a lotto ticket just simply click and you have access to the ability to win thousands or millions. There are many other features this app provides, you can play with pools of people to win, or create a pool of your own to win, the most innovative part of this app is that you can play your favorite numbers with auto play. Seemingly you’re automatically signed up every week with your favorite numbers. It also has alerts and notifications of winnings or playing the lotto so you never miss a chance to win. Think I said enough thanks.
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3 years ago, 21Flavors
Service Fee?
Hard to believe the Lottery Commission in America is struggling. The audacity to subject mobile players to a 9% service fee is in fact beyond disappointing. I’ve five children and utilized eight different educational institutions within twenty five years. During that time the NY Lottery hasn’t purchased a pencil, eraser, computer or donated a penny to assist with our educational system (It’s been researched and confirmed). To continually read about amounts allegedly donated annually is comical. Moreover, labeled non profit as well avoiding taxes. Let’s be honest, I enjoy playing weekly because people win and it’s fun to dream. I’ve been donating for decades and I’m unable to write that off...lol However, the political nonsense and lack of transparency is appalling. If I were lucky enough to win, I’d spend half of AFTER TAX winnings on ABC news documenting forensic accountants researching your alleged donations (public and political) and following the money trail... Also, when will PB resume normal operations back to $40 million upon jackpot reset? The pandemic excuse slowing revenue is as bizarre as your public donations list. In fact, why won’t you publicly release that list and help soothe our nation as we battle through turmoil. The Lottery Commission receives unbelievable amounts of public money daily. Be the group that leads by example and not one who charges 9% service fee for donating more money to you...food for thought🤔
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2 years ago, David cohen.
All good here
I mean. It’s easy and convenient and I see zero downside. Sure there is a small fee. But of course. Someone has to do all the work. I think it’s amazing. I’m scared to see what could happen if someone hits it really big on it and getting that physical ticket from the vendor. It’s bound to happen and I hope everyone does the right thing and legal. For me. I’ll never buy a lotto ticket in a store again. I hope this also doesn’t hurt the local vendors too much. I feel like lotto was just a local conduit to getting a soda or a coffee or some snack and they all lose out on that residual and I think that is a downside. I appreciate small business but I also really enjoy convenience and getting a chance to play. Conflicted.
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8 months ago, Fairyappgirl
Could be a lot better
Being able to buy a lottery ticket on the go is nice, but the notifications need a lot of work. When a notification says that results are in, and I bought a ticket, when I click that notification, I’d think it would show me my ticket and if I won anything. Instead it just shows me the numbers and I have to go to my orders to see my results. Not counterintuitive. I also don’t want 2 notifications and 2 emails for every ticket I buy. I want 1 email to record the purchase and a notification the next day, if I won anything. Other people may want a different configuration of notifications. Right now, no one can have any control over what the notifications are and that’s really limiting. Basic functionality of an app should include control over any notifications a user receives.
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2 years ago, Eveyezzz
Great app and functionality, big waste of money
The app itself works great. I really can’t think of anything wrong with it other then the fact that I never win anything. (Sometimes it feels rigged) I’ve had this app for a long time, I play probably weekly, but I’m deciding to limit my use on it (which you can do in the app!) to maybe once a month. It can get really addicting to feed the fantasy these kind of things advertise. Just be aware of how you use this app and don’t let yourself get caught up in how nice and swift everything works. Great app and support team, really dangerous for addictive personalities. Just putting that disclaimer out there because sometimes we need that little reminder. 😊 Toodles
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2 months ago, haw_tx
Very convenient, but …
Love the convenience of buying tix remotely, and the apps functionality is great, but two complaints: 1. I am auto-buying multiple tickets per day and i receive a confirmation email (which i do not want) for each ticket purchased. I see in the FAQ this is a common complaint and the response is “we have no choice - required by law.” So my suggestion is to summarize them somehow - daily or better yet weekly. Or after a certain spending amount is reached 2. Paying a 10% surcharge for all purchases will get old in a hurry and may result in me not using the app at some point. I understand you need to pay your bills, but …. Maybe an option to take a tiny percentage of winning tickets, rather than the front-end charge on all purchases?
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3 years ago, Jahg77
Great alternative, and uses PayPal.
Use occasionally when I don’t feel like making a trip to store. Quick payments when win. Most I won so far is $4. No complaints, sane odds as going to the store. Great I don’t have to fund my tix and check. Everything in automatic here. Won several cents in pool play. Would like the option to deposit winnings in PayPal, if I was to win over $100. I also like the fact that I can set autoplay when jackpot reach my set limit. Mine is set at 200 million. When my amount to play get below $10, I have auto withdrawal of $30 to deposit and play. Can’t beat that set it and forget it. Maybe later I set it to $300 million and play less. Have to be in it to win it.
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1 month ago, Chi0ma
I’m filing a complaint against Jackpocket. My account was suspended for false reasons and when I asked for help I was ignored. I was told my account was fraudulent and when I was given the last four digits of the fraudulent account, it was not my account. I don’t know whose Wells Fargo account that is, but it is not my account. I have $8.00 in my Jackpocket account and my account was suspended for no reason. I am highly disappointed with jackpocket. I am being falsely accused and mistreated. Jackpocket did not do a proper job with fact checking before suspending my account. Before I closed my Wells Fargo account more than 1 year ago the last four digits of the account was 7866. They told me that the fraudulent account ended in 0248. I never owned an account ending in the last four digits of 0248. I want my account fixed and restored please. I have been with Jackpocket account for over two years now. I have been using my Chase account for over 1 year now.
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4 years ago, AnjaliKaur
So simple So convenient
I saw an ad for Jackpocket and at first wondered if I’d be able to play in my state. Then found okay my state is included. But is it real and is it safe. I went did a bit of a search and found okay it’s real. Now came the play. I played my favorite games. I like to play the Daily Numbers game as well as Win 4. I played both lucky was with me. I got an email telling me I had won the Win 4. I had been scammed by other online games so I went to my states results and I had hit the Win 4 number. So I dashed to the site and there it was my winning. I transferred a portion to my account and expect it in 3-5 days. It was simple it was easy. And it was great. I got my payout first thing Wednesday morning. This is the best way to play my favorite NY State Lottery games. It’s AWESOME
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