Japanese English Dictionary +

4.4 (98)
160.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bravolol Limited
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Japanese English Dictionary +

4.44 out of 5
98 Ratings
12 months ago, poteto couch
Actual use of the words
I like that it gives actual use of the words I want to know the definition.
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12 years ago, Meenon8
A Great free dictionary!
It's a great app and it's free!! But I have to say many of the pronunciation for Kanji are wrong! (and I am a native born Japanese) I know it's so hard to get right pronunciation for Kanji because they have more than one way to say it....e.g 行 (basically means Go) can be pronounced "i" or "u" or "koh" or "gyo" or "gya" or could be more, depending on what letters comes before or after or what you want it means or if it is in a part of certain words or not or..... And Japanese share many Kanji with Chinese and they have totally different ways to say it in their own way! If you can manage to fix this somehow, it will be one of the best dictionary app! My suggestion is grab a native born Japanese OVER 45yrs. old and let he/she read the text. (sadly, many younger Japanese have less ability to read Kanji correctly due to leisurely tendencies of the generation...."why should I study hard while I can have ordinary but a happy life without them?") PS. Hiragana & Katakana pronunciations are wonderful!
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5 years ago, Menelik rc
I love the Analyze feature which often gives the Hiragana and language clues.
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6 years ago, Aloha Susan
Great apps!
One of the best translation apps so far, straight forward and very easy to use.
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3 years ago, ArkadloG
Nihongo ga benkyō shimasu.
I have been learning Japanese since 2014. This app. is my go to app on my phone.
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7 years ago, ghgfhkv
I use this app roughly every day.
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4 years ago, rain moe
Really useful
Thanks you (^O^☆♪
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3 years ago, chopin7445
Very good dictionary
This App is Very good .
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6 years ago, Tsuru66
New Version Removed Key Feature
Please put back furigana for kanji definitions so non fluent readers will understand the kanji’s pronunciation
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11 years ago, MWinward
The only app that works
I am a student that is currently taking japanese II at my high school. I realized long ago that google translate was crap for translating japanese so I tried to find something that actually worked. After many apps and many failures I finally discovered this. This app is a Japanese to English dictionary that instead of having to flip through page after page to find the right word, all you have to do is search it. This app, unlike other translation apps, does not let you input sentences. It is not a translator, but a guide for someone who already has a basic knowledge of japanese. You search a word and it will give you a list of every English translation that word has and the part of speech it is. If you are using kanji it is far more accurate, giving you the exact translation. This app has been able to translate all the words I have revived in my Japanese class, and all the words I have come across in recreational reading. I highly recommend this app. P.S. all verbs have to be imputed in "る" form. If you don't know how to find verb's "る" form, I would suggest googling it.
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8 years ago, Multicultie
Best Japanese dictionary app!!!
I always appreciated being able to look up a word in English, Japanese, or romaji, and had been using the old version for a year and though wasn't thrilled with it due to incompleteness, I was still okay with it as it was better than any of the other ones that were free as well. But the new updated version has all the improvements I was hoping for, ten times better. Now, it automatically lists all the ways to use a word in sample sentences, and most importantly, offers Japanese voice pronunciation of the sentences of the word. I love the new format because it is better organized and clearer to read and navigate through. Thanks Bravolol! My Japanese will get better even faster with you!
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8 years ago, Uchiha 312
Sugoi desu! This app is very useful. This is the most-used app in my Japanese-learning tool belt. Just type a term into the search bar in English or Japanese (kana/kanji, and I think even romaji), and it spits out a list of possible definitions. Most useful feature: ability to type something in all hiragana, and it gives out the possible kanji or kana/kanji combos for that pronunciation. I do miss the ability to click the Japanese words that pop up under the English word you search. This ability was lost in a recent update. But the ability to select and copy the words that pop up is super useful and allows me to search for them anyways.
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11 years ago, Brandol Hurlak
English/Japanese Dictionary
The app works fine whenever I use it! Also, it has helped me learn more Japanese language structure, without a mistake, it has really taught me proper grammar structure. My only complaint is that some of the characters weren't able to be defined, that's pretty much it. Other than that this app is something my friend recommended to me. Furthermore, I gladly recommend this app to anyone wanting to learn Japanese!
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10 years ago, Atropheus
Quite useful for remembering words
I use this a lot. I don't use any others, so I can't compare but it usually has what I'm looking for, if not, I just google search it. I love that this saves past searches so I can go back and review words recently learned. Also, you can delete words if you don't want them to appear on the list anymore. This feature is great since I don't want to be using a dictionary all day forever. I maintain a list of words that are useful and review them until I've got them mastered.
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9 years ago, Thesacredphoenix
Fantastic App
I've always relied on apps like Google Translate and imiwa for my dictionary and translate needs. While they both are great apps, this app offers descriptions of phrases and words that detail how people use them, and can be used to look up phrases more easily too. It's not going to replace my other apps because sometimes you have to tap around excessively or search in kana to get the English definition you're after, but it's a great supplemental app. Easily worth the money to remove the ads.
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11 years ago, NotinKSanymore
This has become my favorite Japanese-English dictionary. If you search in English, you will find the word in kanji, hiragana, and romaji, so this is still helpful even if you don't read kanji very well, like me. It seems that the search for Japanese words may only be in Japanese writing, but frankly one can't be too serious about learning the language, if one is not willing to learn hiragana. Great app! I actually can't believe how much they give you for a free app.
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10 years ago, Frank427
Good Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary
Good Japanese-English and English-Japanese Dictionary. I have over a $1,000 in dictionaries and textbooks. It may not be perfect, but you can beat it for the cost and being able to carry it in your pocket. And the paper dictionary wont give you a voice example on how to say it. My wife is Japanese and she loves this program too, prefers it to her $100 e-dictionary. It does not have all the words I'm looking for every time, but it is very good.
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11 years ago, cactusfanny
happy and delighted--again!
WOW what a difference a day makes. I don't know what happened, but now everything is working perfectly again--Romaji appears with the word, landscape orientation is working again, and it's the same wonderful app I was getting used to. THANK YOU. This is the best so far! Wait, 12 hours later I use the app again and can't use Landscape orientation. What is going on?
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11 years ago, OkinawaDreaming
After admitting defeat in remembering anything more complicated than thank you and good morning, in Japanese, I have been able to use this app, especially in the grocery store. It is very helpful in finding things where miming won't work. My kids get really embarrassed when I even attempt to speak...apparently the word for scary and cute are really close....!
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10 years ago, Cscript
I really think this is great
I've used this app for a long time and it has so many words I can't really find else where. It doesn't have every word in japanese but none do. They updated several times and it doesn't crash much for me at all overall it's exactly what it says it is. Offline is a good feature too.
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10 years ago, Holly C. O.
つごい! Amazing!
I've taken Japanese for a good while and there's still many words that I cannot remember. This app helps a whole lot, though! I can find multiple meanings of the same word in English like "Practice." One being practice your lines in a play and the other is the practice of swordsman ship. Just as a quick example. I recommend this to any who needs a bit of help with their Japanese vocabulary. Remember, though; If your self teaching Japanese, make sure you remember all the rules. It's not like some languages where you learn the word and then the words in a sentence with you suddenly able to speak in Japanese. It's different. Remember that. ~E. M.
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11 years ago, nightdancer342
Great dictionary !
This dictionary is fantastic. It is great to use while I do my Japanese homework and I need to look up a word. When you search it gives nouns, adjectives and verbs for the word with the meaning. It has the kanji as well as the hiragana when you select the magnifying glass. I use this with google translate which is often inaccurate, this app definitely wins.
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10 years ago, グレン コウコウ
Great app for looking up Kanji
I love this app, and use it whenever there is kanji I need to specifically look for. Of course it doesn't have everything, but it's still super helpful. I took a star off because it's been crashing quite frequently whenever I try to look up kanji offline. Hope that bug get's fixed.
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11 years ago, Alexander Dubinski
Best Japanese Dictionary Out There!
I have been studying Japanese for about a year now and have come across hundreds of online/electronic dictionaries. I have to say this one is the beat by far. It gives the Kanji and Hiragana reading, example sentences, usage details and even an easy to use search history.
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12 years ago, sayukaru
For the person that said "some "readings" are incorrect!" obviously is a very low beginner. You should know that yes, は is ha, and わis wa, but when typing/writting in Japanese you write は instead of わ even though it is said KonnichiWA. Because we all know its not こんにちわ。It is こんにちは!!!! Please know what you are talking about before you review an app...
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8 years ago, Mirado Piscado
so much love
I'm a nerd who likes to translate fancomics (though of what I'll never tell, I'm enough of a nerd as it is;;;) and this app has helped me so much legit without it I probably would have given up a long time ago. it's so helpful and I absolutely adore it! good job guys on making a wonderful dictionary app!
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8 years ago, sarahjb7415
Great overall, but some bugs
The dictionary itself is really good, but sometimes it wants to redownload itself when you open it and if you don't have enough storage available, you have to make room or delete the app and download it again
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8 years ago, babrauch
Extremely useful
As a person living in Japanese and learning the language this app is great. It is very quick and is a great help for communicating and learning. My only recommendation would be to show how to write the Kanji. The stroke order and meanings, or a link that can explain each kanji more.
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12 years ago, Ing253
For being free, it's pretty great
Yes, it has a few shortcomings as mentioned by others, but it's a pretty darn good app as an OFFLINE dictionary that's pretty comprehensive! Working offline is key when you are traveling in Japan since free wifi is not abundant, especially outside of big metro areas! Props for putting this together.
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8 years ago, aroundcorebeauty232323
Best Japanese dictionary ever used
If I could I would attach a screenshot to this review. You can favorite unfamiliar vocabularies and delete recent search results on this app. But you need to pay for it to remove the ads, which is totally worthy I think. I enjoyed my using.
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8 years ago, SlyJakRatchetGamer
Sorry... 😰
The update wasn't necessary, but I wish that the app had more romaji than it does now. And I don't know if this is my iPhone or the app, but sometimes I can't get into the app all of a sudden because of lack of space, but I can still download OTHER apps... I'm not sure. But this app IS great, it's just a few small things that I wish would be changed or tweaked.
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10 years ago, Sometimes CROSS worder...
At last!
I've been trying to look up the Japanese words in a book I'm reading. Very frustrating within the various translator apps available. This, however, goes far beyond the information I was seeking. Thanks for a very useful app!!!
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12 years ago, Indarien
Great translation app
This app is not perfect, and sometimes the translations are a bit off, but definitely worth it for anyone who is trying to translate to either Japanese or English. The developers are responsive and good and rolling out updates to increase the usefulness.
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9 years ago, BrandonW
Almost daily use
This is a great app. The missing star is only because I can't translate sentences, though there are a good amount of phrases available. Also, being able to store word lists for offline use would make this a five star app.
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12 years ago, Razorman45
Great Japanese dictionary!
This app doesn't need wifi, because of all the vocabulary built into it. It's very helpful for learning specific Japanese words. How ever; it won't say/pronounce full sentences, the translator apps lack any speed control for the speaker function, and makes it very difficult to learn how to pronounce full sentences in Japanese. Please upgrade or redesign this app to fit these needs.
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11 years ago, 안수정
The BEST Japanese/English dictionary on the market!!
This is so useful, when I need to look something up, this app's always my first choice. Translations are very accurate while being used as a supplement to studying! Awesome app, better than google translate!
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9 years ago, Steve42793
Bravolol 英和辞書
This is a fairly decent 英和 dictionary, especially with a competitive $0.00 price; the two stars missing from a perfect score account for the lack of a bookmark ability, as well as not being able to make vocabulary lists. Nonetheless, I frequently use this app and enjoy it more than not.
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11 years ago, Roslandian Times
Don't buy for the handwriting
I bought this specifically for the handwriting part which doesn't work well at all. I had to write one character six times before it got it and I still can't get it to recognize others. When I finally got to put in all the characters I intended for the word, it didn't even recognize the word. If you are a tourist trying to read menus in Japan this is totally useless. Piece of crap. Waste of $8. Thanks a lot.
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8 years ago, MicPowell
Worse Update Ever
I do not need a Kanji Speller, I did have a fine dictionary and what I have now is totally useless! This format change has made it so you can't define simple words like Fuseki or Iaido. If you do find a word you can't access the definition because the app then crashes. Can you please tell me what in hell was on your mind, you couldn't do worse if you were stoned on LSD, really you people need to know how to leave well enough alone.
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12 years ago, N Michela
Great tool
Its great for both English and Japanese speakers. This app is not only for single words but many related expressions you can learn. You can view interesting expressions by going through. The best is that you can hear the pronunciation. Thanks for this app.
Show more
12 years ago, Jared1973
Well done but somewhat lacking
One of my go-to resources. Needs a Favorites or similar so I can review at a later time. History option helps but needs to be a bit more robust. I'd certainly pay for a version that could store favorites.
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8 years ago, Mira Skye
Update completely ruined the app
I loved this app. It was so handy and easy to use, it made working on my Japanese homework much easier. But this update completely ruined it. I need to be able to click on results and look at them in detail. You can't just give me a list of Japanese words, with no breakdown of them at all. This app has become complete garbage, please turn it back to what it was before.
Show more
9 years ago, Ichiro523
So much better!!
Thanks for the update! The old version got stuck when I tried to go back from settings so I had to restart the app but now it's working like a charm! ❤️
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10 years ago, JStev67
Banzai to Bravolol
I have a few of their applications and they generally work well. This one here is very handy, especially on the go when my word processor program is not available.
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10 years ago, Orangewood37
Great app!
Easy to use as a quick reference. It has audio for pronunciation which I found very helpful. I use this on daily basis and it has been great! Thank you for making this app, I love it :)
Show more
10 years ago, kiki92922
It is very accurate and complete. I love it. Only wish it had audio readings for example sentences too, and hope they can add more of examples to the words missing examples. Great app though!
Show more
11 years ago, Dax1977
Great dictionary!!
Lots of words, can use without an internet connection, and great explanations. Best results when you type using Japanese characters to look up Japanese words (instead of Romanji).
Show more
11 years ago, Jaka$d
Very helpful!
It has romaji which is perfect for me since I can't read very well and when it uses kanji, it also has the hirigana so I can read it if I don't know the kanji.
Show more
10 years ago, AK Pork-chop
Hate this app!
Constant ads to download the same crappy game apps that have been shamelessly shoved in our faces for years are disruptive at best. I chose a different app with far less disruptive back noise rather than waste $2.99 to attempt to get rid of the obnoxious, antiquated ads. I do not recommend wasting your time or money on this app unless you're more interested in finding game apps than you are in Japanese.
Show more
8 years ago, lifeisbaka
since the update the they made it a lot hard to copy and paste what i want. And i liked how it would show the slight differences between each definition in japanese but now its just a list of words and its hard to know which one is the closest translation for what im looking for. Especially now that its all in kanji too...
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