Java Compiler IDE

3.3 (335)
79.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Marcin Olawski
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Java Compiler IDE

3.33 out of 5
335 Ratings
6 years ago, AppyiTunes
Good Potential, but still missing adding java files
Re-downloaded it and bought the 2.99 pro version. You can make things from scratch -which is a good for practice. But there is a missing feature to add and remove files, to transfer files to computer.
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6 years ago, DarkRadon
Nice for some experimental coding
Very nice app for experimenting and exploring ideas while away from the PC; very useful for when I am waiting in line somewhere, and an idea pops into my head. The free version is just to give you an idea of how it works, and the price if the pro version is good considering what one can do with this app. Highly recommended!
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1 year ago, Areadien
Decent for the only real Java compiler out there
So this compiler seems to be the only real one out there for the iPad. However, it doesn't have the ability to change file or project names, it doesn't allow undo, its tab space is 2 spaces, and its font is not monospace. Ultimately, I'm using it because I need to learn Java and don't have a functioning computer, but still, it would be nice if they would add more basic features.
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6 years ago, Best-in-Class
Free version is useless
Simple interface and very functional. I used to recommend this to my students as an on-the-go compiler. Supports imports and Scanner inputs. Wouldn’t mind a scaled-down app without imports or something in the free version but as it stands, files can’t be edited at all. It’s just a proof of concept for “hello world” to sell you on the Pro Version. Would happily pay for a “Pro” version if I could still recommend the free version to my young coders.
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5 years ago, smrxx
Works but I can't see variable names
I wrote a simple program with for loop printing numbers but I couldn’t see the loop index. I’ll try to repeat it here: for (int thisIsMyForLoopsForLoopIndexVariableButWithShortVariableName_HeyThisIsJavaAfterall; See, I had to give up at first semicolon due to screen being too narrow for even the shortest of Java variant names.
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6 years ago, devopsTek
Not try? Then no buy.
Even at 2 bucks that’s the fee for a bus ride home. Sorry if you are going to advertise this demo at least give some functionality to test the many interfaces someone can make before buying. Not worth it to be on the iOS market. From developer to developers . CHANGE THIS NOW! Maybe you wouldn’t get 1 star from new potential buyers. Something to think about. You will always lose money when opening a business⚠️😉
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9 months ago, Sa2431r
Perfect for practicing my intro to programming class
So helpful to practice what I’m learning in class. Thanks also for not collecting my data! Just one question, where’s the tab button?
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4 years ago, Farhad1257
not bad!
Projects and files name cannot be edited. Projects and files cannot be arranged.
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4 years ago, NikAntoun
Best programming app for Java that is out on the App Store. If you’re a programming student, its worth the $2.99 for the Pro 9 version. Does everything a regular desktop program does!
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1 year ago, The Prime Minister of Denmark
Is good, could be great
I think a find & replace feature would make this a sub above. otherwise, I'm lovin it.
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7 years ago, Ace5511
Good but...
Works better than anything on the market. Few features are missing though. Can’t use JOptionPane for example
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5 years ago, iliketurtles222222
Forces to buy pro
The one thing I hate about this compiler is that it forces you to buy a $2 pro version to edit, the one thing they could do is add a free demo. Or just add a free version with less abilities than the pro version, Everything else seem to works well.
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5 years ago, Wallyboy99
Perfect for on the go assignments
I use this for my University Computer programming classes so I can do assignments on the go. IDE is so easy to use.
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7 years ago, Souley393
Didn't counter any problems yet so far I'm happy tomb up
Love it :)
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1 year ago, darthbryan
Horrible don’t buy
Like an idiot I bought the pro version. This app is not finished and it does not have autocomplete anything. Wish I could get my money back.
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2 years ago, appe33332
Imagine you can’t copy and paste
Literally. Why isn’t importing projects even an option even on pro version?
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8 years ago, Coded Games
Could be great but needs some work.
Right now this is the only decent Java ide on iOS but this is definitely not perfect. Here are some of the features I would like added: Better text highlighting. A autocomplete system. <- What I want the most. Classes to be broken between separate Java files and tabs to quickly switch between Java files.
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5 years ago, hdrjjsufv
Great, but...
The app needs an undo button and JOptionPane.
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4 years ago, Thresher234
There’s is absolutely no point in this app because to modify it you require to pro version, which costs $2.99.
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5 years ago, NZO24
Won’t compile classes
It’s not an expensive app but it won’t compile when I extend a class or implement an interface.
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7 years ago, Krier77
Can't do anything without paying
Literally just a bunch of examples unless you pay for "pro"
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4 years ago, h0nk h0nk acr0ss y0ur brain
Good, but indentations are too small
Pls update
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5 years ago, JDelapaz2
Waste of Time
Free version is useless. Can’t edit, only run “Hello World!”. Dev should at least enable some coding to entice users to purchase the pro version.
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6 years ago, CoryW2001
Does Nothing
If you don’t pay to get the full version you can’t do much.
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5 years ago, Mimmart
This app is a disgrace
It’s just a trap, don’t even bother downloading it, with the free version you can’t literally do ANYTHING, shame on you
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6 years ago, xOushu
DO NOT make an app just to advertise buying the actual app, why is this enabled to stay on the App Store? Such a disappointment.
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6 years ago, ProDevelop
It's Fake :(
It doesn't actually do any of the things advertised. It is just an ad for the real ("Pro") app.
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7 years ago, AtharUmar
Can’t do anything.
This app is nothing but promotion or click bait for pro version.
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6 years ago, bman1243568790
Don’t get it, trust me it’s not even worth your time to read any more reviews.
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4 years ago, iegehdkd
The worst compiler
Can't right a single letter without paying $2. Nice marketing
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5 years ago, farrym8011
too bad
you can not even write on single line without paying
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6 years ago, Sam_H13
Free version is useless
This app is a waste of time.
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1 year ago, B. Lyons
Can compile and run Java but…
No undo. Please add!
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5 years ago, Omardroubi
iPad folio keyboard hides the bottom menu
iPad bug
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7 years ago, Andrewjgriff
Can’t use joptionpane!
It’s 2017 and we can’t use JOptionPane?!?!?
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5 years ago,
does nothing but show examples if you don’t pay...
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6 years ago, Djjfdshdidjjdidjdjduejdj
Actually $1.99
Free app does nothing.
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6 years ago, French_Alex
The compiler doesn't support streams
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4 years ago, Hertz 1229
Not free in any way, shape, or form.
I was looking for free.
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5 years ago, FlickerSoul
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8 years ago, Zero=No
Good App overall, but could use some improvements
Overall, this is the best compiler for java that I have found on the App Store. However, a few problems that I have found with it are the inability to delete what one has just typed in when using a scanner. This leads to issues when testing functionality of a program. Another issue I have it the ability to not be able to make two or more java files, and then save them. It would be really helpful to be able to have the ability to store and save multiple files. Other then that, I really like this app and would happily change my rating to 5/5 stars.
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9 years ago, K0demunkey
Program Java on your iPhone!
This app is just awesome! Finally I'm able to create a quick "foo" Java app on the go w/o ever needed to boot up my laptop. You can even create file directories and save your Java files in the app for later use. The app even provides compilation errors. Best Java app I've ever used on a mobile device! I recommend downloading the DevKey keyboard too if you don't have a Bluetooth keyboard because it will save you a lot of headache when trying to input scripts from your iPhone or iPad. This keyboard provides quick shortcuts to all the commonly used programming formatting characters like parents and braces.
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7 years ago, PDXJavaJunkie
Fully accessible for blind developers
I just came across this app and downloaded it out of curiosity. In my few minutes of initially playing around with it, I found that it worked perfectly with VoiceOver on iOS, the native screen reader used by blind people to access their iPhones. As a legally blind technology enthusiast myself, I just want to offer kudos to the creator Pico and say thank you for making your app accessible to those with visual disabilities. I will definitely be telling friends and colleagues about this great learning tool. of
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8 years ago, clmcd1
Greatest compiler on the market
I downloaded this app a few weeks ago, and have been testing it. It is the only good compiler on the App Store, and as far as I know, it is the only offline Java compiler. With that in mind, I do have a few critiques. I am unable to copy and paste in this app, and I see no logical reason why I shouldn't be able to, unless it's a pro feature. However, I looked at the pro version and I did not see anything in the description about cutting and pasting. Another feature I suggest adding is allowing users to rename the class. And to be able to move classes between folders. If the cut and paste issue gets fixed, this app would automatically get a 5 star review. And if the other features were added, I would consider buying the pro version just to support the developer, because I've been looking for an app like this for years.
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7 years ago, Omega Yeti
It's a keyboard trap! ... Unless you press Output!
Can't escape output screen. Keyboard won't hide. Good grief. Unusable app. Wasted money on pro. Update: Developer responded kindly about how to get around the output screen issue by tapping on the title Output. Definitely not obvious as the normal Apple style Back/Return link has a trash can there in that spot, so didn't know the title bar did anything. Recommend better layout/clarification, but at least this is useable now. Thanks.
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7 years ago, :)5509
So so so much potential
The built-in Math class makes this app perfect for small programming challenges, like codecademy or Euler problems. Really comes in handy when I'm thinking about a problem on the bus or have a revelation on the road. I only wish there were some more built-in classes, but after emailing the developer, sounds like an update is coming soon.
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7 years ago, The main destroyer
Great! Just one thing...
I love this app, as it lets me edit offline and works very well! That said, when I use a scanner input and run it, I can't put the keyboard back down or leave the output screen. I then have to exit the app to get back to the script. Otherwise great app and I love the new font size feature!
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8 years ago, Causenothingreallymatters
Needs some work
The app is great overall, however, there are a few things that need to be fixed. 1. When using a Scanner or BufferedReader, you can't delete anything you type 2. After using a Scanner or BufferedReader, you can't get rid of the keyboard to go back to your project. 3. When you return to the next line, your cursor jumps to the line below the new line. The only work around for the 2nd issue is to tap on the globe icon (to switch keyboards) and quickly tap where the menu bar is under the keyboard, however, this is very inconsistent. All in all, it is a great app and I would definitely recommend it.
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8 years ago, Anthony Polise
Great app
This is a good app I have no issues with it. I'm able to create my own projects, move quickly between screens, and write complex codes. My only issue with the app is that on the output page it is impossible to erase or backspace which can get quite annoying on an iPhone where an accidental mistype can ruin the whole project.
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7 years ago, TrevCoding
Amazingly Quick Java Compiler, Easy To Use
Been using this app for a couple of weeks, got to say I'm impressed. It's quite easy to use and it's pretty fast. The one thing I would suggest is that you add an option for JOption's so we can have windows. But other than that it's really good!
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