JioCinema: TATA IPL & more

3.7 (6)
210.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Viacom 18 Media Private Limited
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for JioCinema: TATA IPL & more

3.67 out of 5
6 Ratings
1 year ago, soldier 6887
Superb App!!
Seeing other reviews, I thought it was just like a rip off cinema or something or maybe it costed money, but when I opened it the library of movies was huge. Only problem was I couldn’t find some Hollywood movies. And I was really surprised that it wasn’t loaded with ads, I only had to watch one ad at the starting of the movie, and they gave the full movie too! Love this app
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1 year ago, Shubh Sharma OP
Poor quality even in Full Hd
Although I am having high Speed Wi-Fi 1Gb per second . Video is blurry in Full Hd . App ui interface improved which is good but streaming should be more clear.
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1 year ago, amit7500
Horrible user interface
I have paid the full subscription of rs 999. I wanted to watch all the hbo content. With great difficulty I manage to come on the succession page. I click on the episode I want to watch and nothing. It just doesn’t start. I click on a few more English movies and again nothing. I am using an Apple TV at the moment. They have zero support for it. I don’t know why you are charging people money when your things are not in place. Shame on you guys for developing such a pathetic sub standard app. Nothing works.
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3 weeks ago, SriVandan
Premium subscription doesn’t work
I have a US registered laptop and I am currently living in India. I have an annual subscription to JioCinema Premium. While I am okay to play the content on my GoogleTV, I am not able to play any premium content on the iPad app. I keep getting an error that says “Oops. Something went wrong”. I hope the developers fix the issue.
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7 years ago, AMV1001
Buggy😡😖😖😖when scrolling it Freezes😖
Nice app but too much bug!while scrolling movies it freezes again and again 🤐🤦🏻‍♂️ My phone iOS is updated to latest This app is new and it should be updated and fixes those crashes monthly 😩😩😡May be developer lost interest
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11 months ago, EliteGamer2010
Just to save app from Lord fans
It just gave it 5 stars even though it doesn’t work in USA because The app doesn’t deserve this bad reviews because of one show
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1 month ago, 🧊🥳🐇🖤🟫✅👍🏽🦓🦉
Something is wrong
Whenever I try to watch a video, it constantly says “something went wrong tap to reset”. I have resetted multiple times but it doesn’t work. I have tried to reinstall multiple times and I have updated but it still doesn’t work.
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Pls we to my problem
The video quality is good enough but whenever I watch Ipl it shows pls register with mobile number whenever I register it shows loading and not just get up with it Jst shows loading soo pls jst see
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1 year ago, AviC16
Worst service ever!! Scam and money grab
I used my CC to get the 999 subscription, for my mobile number. You guys charged me for the subscription, but when I try to log into a new device using the same mobile number, it is asking me to subscribe again!! What is going on!! Get your act together! And also everyone be aware, they have no customer service!
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1 year ago, Lsuresh
Always says something went wrong
Whenever I open any video, it always says something went wrong and ask to retry. Rarely any video can be played. Also whenever it plays it has buffering issues. Waiting for better tech team handle this App.
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12 months ago, dhruv palal
It’s not working properly
It takes lot of internet and if we don’t give then it takes 💀. And then start to lag
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5 years ago, kpatil23
Streaming quality / app connectivity
1. Please improve the streaming quality. It takes almost 5 minutes to start / buffer the movie as compared to other streaming app which takes less than a minute. 2. Please adapt with Apple TV support. It would be great if I can see my history or favorites on Apple TV app. Apart from this I love the movie and series collection. Best streaming app with variety of collections. Thankyou
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1 year ago, Kdgroup
Worst OTA App!
The streaming quality is pathetic, the interface is out dated. If you watch a show, it doesn’t show “seen” when you reopen the app. The MOST annoying part is you pay for the premium subscription and they still force ads while you’re watching content. Jio has a lot to learn from Netflix and Hotstar!
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12 months ago, Visionz_
App doesn’t even open up (fraud)
Please do not download this pathetic app, it’s absolutely made to scam people into downloading it and the top people bet money from this. The app itself doesn’t even open up. After download and re downloading it doesn’t even let me stream anything, waste of time!
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2 months ago, Abhi7pika
App takes much data and still shows 480p
I have 300mbps wifi connection and when I play a movie or IPL it takes 30second to load compared to hotstar its too slow and it takes too much data compared to netflix and hotstar I recommend not to download this app
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1 year ago, roshcodes
This is thé major issues
I found 2 issues. When i play any movie or series it plays 2audios at a time and when i click ti subscribe buttons the screen turns into blank screen nothing happen
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5 years ago, As79
Streaming quality is horrible
While Netflix/prime/Hotstar/Sony LIV stream without buffering, this app either buffers every few minutes or the video quality drops down. This from a company planning to be the entertainment juggernaut, this is pathetic. Also resume video functionality is dysfunctional at best. Have a 100 mbps connection with extremely low latency.
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8 months ago, Wisechap
Worst OTT application
Don’t know how much more money wants to earn ? The app tries to show adds at every 5 mins and hangs and keeps buffering. Worst software experience. Seems biggest motivation of the app is to earn money not service.
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5 years ago, hashir_999._
Good app nice experience
The problem is that The Avengers assemble tv shows season 3 and 4 isn’t uploaded yet. Please upload and make india 🇮🇳 great 👍, after uploading season 3 and 4 I would like to gave you 5-stars 🌟
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10 months ago, Kadiatu34256
I think the app is good but ever since I got this app it keeps saying error service unavailable whenever I try to watch any of the shows and if u guys know what’s happening and it’s doing this could someone help me out to fix it or tell me what I should do to fix it.
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12 months ago, Bismillah Hotak
Can’t watch anything?
I can’t watch any movie in here and always showing an error cod 474 I don’t know what to do I try to text the customer service it’s told me to uninstall the and install again but it’s the same again can anyone please tell me what to do?
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4 years ago, vaibhav.24
App does not play properly using airplay
The content is good but the app has multiple technical defects while casting on tv through apple airplay. It hangs often and the moment phone is locked, the content pauses. Reliance Jio software technical team should look into this.
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12 months ago, Kumarashish1529
I pad app problem
In iPad this app gives error while playing aany movie we won’t able to. Watch full movie. Movie start buffering no matter how fast ur internet so fix this
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2 years ago, ayanzead
How can I use jio aap without using jio number please
Hi how can I use jio aap without jio number
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3 months ago, Priynktwr
Can’t play Hollywood movie or series
Whenever clicking on any Hollywood movie or series it’s showing an error : Something went wrong! Already tried removing the app and starting again. Issue is only with Hollywood segment.
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1 year ago, Asmobeen
Audio issue
It has double audio issues while playing a movie with a background echo of the same movie audio and various bugs are to be fixed
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4 months ago, DodeKonijn
No Landscape view for iPad!
The default is portrait and you can’t navigate in landscape, only watch. I don’t know why this issue exists. Please fix this!
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5 months ago, shurobi
Unable to use the app
I tried delete the app and downloaded it couple of times it just buffering all the time. I tried vote for my favorite contestant in Bigg boss but couldn’t. This app is so annoying.
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3 years ago, SuperCharger9999
Downloading issues
I send so much of data in downloading a single episode. It goes till 99% and stopped. If I pause and resume. It won’t resume. I cancel the download so many times wasted so much of data.
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11 months ago, Junayed00001
Doesn’t work
I don’t know why it’s available on USA App Store even though it doesn’t work either you have to use vpn or go on a third party website, If it doesn’t work outside of India then don’t put it on App Store.
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6 months ago, nabila nowrin
Doesn’t work in America
The app is not working I don’t know why maybe because I am located in America or what it would have been helpful if I could’ve gotten some custom support
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11 months ago, Ambani’srealdad
a - holes
If there was arateing negitive i would have given that app store should ban this app they do not care about their audiance/customers and that is very opposite to how apple has treated the consumers this whole company jio is damaging a good place just by being there.
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1 year ago, Yxuchchchchcjcc
Sound issues
The sound runs in the background even after the video is closed. Not sure whats causing this issue
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1 year ago, Dhruvjain
i’ve been trying to buy subscription to this app to watch HBO based shows, but everytime i click on subscribe button, the page turns blank and there is no response whatsoever! PLEASE FIX THAT
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1 year ago, marauderck
Ipl full glitching and buffering
Match keeps on repeating again and again. So many glitches. Buffering all the time
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12 months ago, Kashif jawad
Worst service
Worst app i have seen in my life not working crash many times it stop after watching 10 min please remove this app from stores ban this app
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12 months ago, Arora12345
Why isn’t it available in other countries?
Please make your app available to watch other countries. If your app is not ready to stream.
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1 year ago, @nkush92
Something went wrong, error 7002
Not able to play any of the video showing something went wrong with error 7002
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1 year ago, Cinema maa ki chut tumhari
Useless Ambani
what an useless app this is made by ambani the so called legend not even working properly any time I go and watch … and Has ashwin relative came to ur home that everytime ads are running on his name Masarchod
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11 months ago, Shohel sarwar
Why isn't it available in other countries?
Please make your app available to watch other country
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1 year ago, Marvel__ATR7
Is it only me or someone else’s facing the issue the screen just freezes at one frame, it is same on my tv also
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12 months ago, FFBAAP
Download issues
I didn’t download videos on cellular data after doing every setting they show download qued
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1 year ago, SchumiFan4Ever
Doesn’t launch in US
Doesn’t launch in US. On some devices doesn’t even install. If this app is not for US location, then it shouldn’t be shown in US App Store.
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1 year ago, Anjum sanji
Doesn’t work this app
Doesn’t work at all. I’m from bangladesh but I can’t use this, the didn’t mentioned they have country barrier
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8 months ago, Prettycat2
The video doesn’t work
I can’t get it to play any videos. This is reloading I did, but it didn’t work. Please fix it. Thank you.
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1 year ago, JackG74
Doesn’t work at all
It remains blank after opening it. Screen remains black and nothing shows up.
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1 month ago, Vicky dhillon001
It’s useless
Because its not working in another country not people only in India wants to watch lots of Indian are in another country what should they doo ?…
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1 year ago, JAYU Kathiriya
Double audio issue
While playing movie or series get double voice.
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1 year ago, 321cayman
Horrible streaming quality
Horrible streaming quality. Buffering and errors throughout the IPL. It’s clear Jio didn’t have the right infrastructure to support ipl streaming.
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1 year ago, rebretz000
Won’t even get past the load screen. Waited a year to watch IPL and now can’t. Garbage app. Wish I could give less than 1 star
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