Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

4.7 (15.4K)
99.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
British Council
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Johnny Grammar Word Challenge

4.68 out of 5
15.4K Ratings
3 years ago, abyglor
Delightful App
Now I had gotten this app for my younger sister (who is 11) because she had always complained about how I corrected her on grammar, when she was making errors someone her age should not have. After watching her experiment with it for awhile, I had told her to download it on her own phone. After that, I did some experimenting for myself, and I can say with confidence that this app is beneficial to ones grammar.
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7 years ago, qxeen_say123
Best app ever I definitely recommend this to any of you guys who need help with grammar. I have nothing to complain about, it is a perfect app. Furthermore I have nothing to change about it. It was also very fun! It helped me improve my grammar a bit, even though I know most of the things. So I DEFINITELY recommend it!!!
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3 years ago, sakanet
It’s great but…
I love this app but adds are a little too much, they come back to back. A paid add-fee option would be nice. Another annoyance is when you are done with the test, it tries to connect to a server to show you the ones you got right and wrong, some times it takes a minute. You cannot do anything while app is doing this. Otherwise it has rich content and well designed.
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3 years ago, ML316
Best game ever
I got this game a couple weeks ago and I have gotten a lot of questions right on stuff I didn’t even know I knew all in all this is a really great game and it helped me learn a lot One suggestion I have is to give a little more time in a round so you can answer more questions
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3 years ago, RissaD73
Kinks need to be worked out
The app does not conform to the English dictionary, but rather the UK. For example, “Food that you pick up at a restaurant,” the answer is “takeaway” not “take out.” The spelling is the same. For example, “Which is correct jewelry or jewellry” Americans would choose “jewelry” but the app marks it incorrect as “jewellry” is the correct spelling abroad. Keep in mind that this is a UK app, so internationally, it could be an awesome app. Hope they continue to develop and improve.
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3 years ago, TochkaTochka
I like it so far.
I just downloaded it and played a little bit with it. I find it useful. The ads are reasonably spaced, so far. The game it is not as visually attractive as other games. In fact, it reminds me of school quizzes, but it is ok for me. I am an adult.
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2 years ago, A.Jawish
Good app
Good app, it’s help you to know your mistakes. One thing i wish that the question will change and not being repeated . Advice : If you truly want to develop yourself when you make a mistake and don’t know why you can check the explanation of it on the Internet and then redo the quiz.
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2 years ago, let's vgun
Good app
Easy to use and relevant content . Down sides are: (1) on each 60 seconds there is one advertisement and (2) ads are always unmuted every time so you need to mute it on each 60 seconds and there is no way to change this in the app settings . Please fix that !
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4 years ago, Baraa1185
It’s a perfect app for learning grammars and new words But I have a problem with the today’s quiz, it’s just appear on the phone screen I can’t find it in the app sometimes I forget and delete the notification and I lose the quiz
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2 years ago, Lanny Shea
Review of this app.
I am enjoying pushing myself to refresh my language skills. Spelling has always been difficult, but I feel I am getting better. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Ros Doug
Great app but font is too small
I enjoy this app. I would love to see options to magnify fonts so I can see better. I use a phone and even with reading glasses I have a hard time reading it. The font is just too small.
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4 years ago, Carolinasg
I’ve always loved grammar and become disturbed when I hear television news reporters misuse grammar. This app allows me to challenge myself by taking the quizzes in the various categories. I highly recommend. It’s both fun and educational.
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2 years ago, seathefree
Better than I expected
I downloaded this game for my little sister, however I ended up playing every round. Very addictive.
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6 years ago, Sydtakesworld
Ok do far
It’s pretty easy so far. Getting through the foundational stuff. I like it so far, so we’ll see how it goes if/when it gets harder.
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3 years ago, lucym956
One big issue
The issue I have with this game is that it doesn’t tell you whether or not you got the word right . Once you select which word is spelled correctly you get a tone and the next button is lit up in red. I purposely misspelled a word and the same thing happened . I just deleted the app ! It needs more work .
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5 years ago, walker18704
Font size
It would be even better if I could pinch the screen. The font requires me to search for reading glasses.
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5 years ago, Md Rubal khan
Need more time.
App great. But need more time to give the answer and same question always come when you retry/home, even if you give the correct answer before .
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2 years ago, Jahish sadat
Best app
It’s quite amazing app not only its a kind of fun but also you can improve your grammar knowledge too
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3 years ago, chityrany
It is a great app for all ages and the best for me to have ever been in a long time and so much fun with my family and friends
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6 years ago, Ching Chong Lee
Still need to add more questions
This app is great but it still needs to add more questions. There are very few questions so I need to repeat one time after another.
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6 years ago, Samiulmax
You Should Try
Loving it within in few minutes
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7 years ago, AmandaSheila1123
Simple yet very challenging. Forced us to do a quick thinking while remembering new words, even new spelling. I love it. Definitely highly recommended!
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5 years ago, Afglover
The best
We can improve our english with this app. The more we play the more we will learn.
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7 years ago, Sad Asian
Love it
Helps me improve my English, I can't stand the timer tho too fast. Thanks for creating this app
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7 years ago, selkjs
Easy and useful
This app is easy to use and very useful to learn more about English for foreign student.
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3 years ago, Not Happy with rude people
It sometimes says I am wrong and gives me the correct spelling of the same way I spelled it. So that is weird.
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7 years ago, Talalisme8
My reviews
It's extremely helpful even for experienced practitioners of English. It reminded me of fundamental elements in the language.
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3 years ago, prog20
Ads too often
Ads too often.
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2 years ago, naytoe87
Definitely supportive
This app is totally supportive for leaning english. Thanks who created this app.
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4 years ago, laydejo
Sick of the Ads
I just downloaded this app and I am already considering deleting it because of the annoying 5 second pop-up ads! Grrrr....!
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5 years ago, JMR19987
The best app to improve
This is THE best app to improve your English skills. 100% recommended
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6 years ago, Police!23
I’m happy to see it because it is very useful to practice English
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5 years ago, Paulapopac2.
Love this app! Great for ESL
As an ESL teacher, this is by far the most useful app to help my students understand and practice new concepts. Love it!
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4 years ago, appuseraddict
It’s good and bad
The timer is too fast. I can’t read and think that fast. But it’s good game. I wish there’s an option to remove the timer.
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4 years ago, GabrielGreenWolf
This app supports my English language skills
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6 years ago, Ssssssfgghhjkkvgcsed
VoiceOver Accessibility issues
Some buttons are not labeled. Timing is not acceptable for blind users or other disabled users to play this games. It desn’t have explanation about grammatical rules and guideline.
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1 year ago, kany seerwan
The time is quiet less to answer
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5 years ago, royalty626
Problem with your program
I have give correct responses and still says in correct look at the reviews in the end improper to get my kids to play at think that is correct
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7 years ago, MJouhar
This app is very simple and u I'll love English after u download it ,this app is flach
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5 years ago, Jitt Too
Essential App
My very essential app for learning English. Thank you all!
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6 years ago, Shinetaha
I do need this
This is really building up my grammar
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4 years ago, 国果蔬
The British Council products are all good
This app is a great one to learn English! Love it! Thank you dear developers!
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6 years ago, Pink is my Lifeeeeeee
I thought this App would improve my grammar, but it hasn’t. Nice game to play but without an explanation of why you get something incorrect, it seems pointless.
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5 years ago, T145689
Best Educational apps
Good for review grammar and vocabulary!! Need to update to get more words
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4 years ago, Taty1Mon
Good and bad
I love the app, but they don’t give you enough time to answer or read the options. More time will be helpful. We are trying to learn
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3 years ago, Suejaync
Johnny G
It is fun, but a few times it moved too fast for me.
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4 years ago, Arrpu
i found this app help me develop my english skill✨💪🏻
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7 years ago, Row Ty
Liked it
Easy to use, comparative
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5 years ago, mem.14ee
Too much of damned ads !!
I can’t even register a new account because of millions ads!! How should I use this app then ! This is ugly behavior to force people to pay for you.. I will delete your stupid app
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2 years ago, alm2q
60 seconds timing
Why is there a time duration to answer the questions, I need more time to answer other questions as well
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