Jolly Dog: Game For Pets

4.6 (2.1K)
53.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Anton Chekulaev
Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Jolly Dog: Game For Pets

4.56 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
5 months ago, monkydoo2009
My cats obsessed!
So to really write this review right I have to take you back to when my kitty cat was just a baby:) so when my kitty was a baby I would put on videos of moving fish and she would paw at them and she would tap them and nothing would happen and she would get bored quickly. But then I saw a video about this app and I was like omg my *DOG* would love this! I was wrong lol SHE HATED IT so when I went to my moms (parents are divorced) house I realized that she had a cat (who I was talking about at the beginning) and I turned it on. And at first she was kinda like wut is this? You trying to kill me? Then😂😂 I turned on the sound and the animals started coming. And she thought the animals were coming out from UNDERNEATH the iPad and got under there to find them. 10/10 would try it again -a random stranger
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8 months ago, Kayla Eliz
At first my cat was just following the animals across the screen but I could not figure out the volume. Then I realized you have to go to settings and make sure your notification sound in your iPad or on your phone is turned on so that sound can be played. Then once the animals hear the noise they should be interested. The app depends on what your pet is interested in but I recommend finding the animals your pet is interested in the most and what noise catches it’s attention. My cat focused more on the duck, fish, and birds. I have not tried it out with my dog yet but when I do I’ll write another review. I’ve read some of the other responses and it all is just up to what your pet is interested in. Some will be uninterested and others will be more interested. My cat was interested and fell asleep to the sound. She would only tap them a few times when she felt like hunting but was more interested in watching the animals move around and the noises the animals made. When she fell asleep I moved my iPad and she just grabbed it back again because she felt the sound was soothing to her. Thanks💕
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1 week ago, sabine the cat
My cat loves this
I really really loved this game although it does ask for a subscription for more animals. The game is still very very fun for your cat even without a subscription. I totally recommend this game and would also recommend giving rewards when your pet does catch the animals.
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4 months ago, 3doggal
It’s so cute to watch my puppies bop the screen and get the little animals. The hopping noises just add on to the magic of the app. I recommend the game for dog owners whose pets are hyperactive and need something to do. Kids will also enjoy this game. The developers also made a game for cats called Peppy Cat. I recommend both of the games. The only reason I gave it a 4 is because you can only get so many presents before you have to unlock premium to get any more. I would’ve given it a 4.5 if I could; it’s a phenomenal game. if you were a part of making this game, then you deserve a shout-out. Awesome game!
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3 months ago, Beepboopvroom
Great game! But just not for my dog
I tried out this game because of social media. As a dog owner of 3 dogs I thought this would be an amazing alternative to toys. My first dog was not interested at all and just walked away. My second dog heard the sounds but was very confused by where the sound was coming from. My third dog heard the sounds and was similar to my second dog. He tapped it a few times and then knocked over my iPad and then walked away. I think this is a great app with great potential… but not for my dogs 🥔
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9 months ago, Jackyjacksterr
Amazing game for your dogs!
I just started using this because of social media and usually my dog isn’t interested into any other types of these games but when i showed him this game he started jumping and playing with the game like crazy! would definitely recommend.
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9 months ago, omg lol fun times
It’s a good game
My cat follows them along, she doesn’t try to get them as much. The game is great and I have one problem with it however. I got the pro on my iPad and it doesn’t iCloud sync to my iPhone so I would have to buy pro twice and even then the stuff I’ve earned won’t transfer. My only request is that they add it so it supports iCloud and Game Center save so it can save progress on multiple devices.
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8 months ago, Katerade75
Amazing Game for my little pup
My 1 year old Shipoo absolutely recommends this game! It kept him busy for 40 minutes! I had to turn it off so he could go to sleep. He wants to play again while I’m writing this review! He played this on my iPhone but now I want an iPad just for him to play this game!
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8 months ago, HB steph
Cute but…
This game actually got my dogs attention… and he normally dislikes screens and wants nothing to do with them. He did try to grab the animals with his mouth but was more licking them and the screen didn’t recognize he was touching it so he would never “get” the animal. Finally he gave up because of it and now isn’t interested
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6 months ago, Tobehonestits
Keeps people distracted too
I can’t even exit the game without the person playing the game fighting me to keep it open. Works on peoples too. My dog doesn’t care for it however if it keeps a child distracted I’ll take it.
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2 months ago, YS Yari
I wish I didn’t force it because it cracked my screen…
I downloaded this game and thought it would be great for my pet dog. I gave him my iPad to play but, he didn’t seem interested. But when I brought out treats, he immediately started to play. After a bit I stopped because he kinda didn’t seem interested anymore. After playing I went to look at my screen and saw four cracks. I don’t recommend to anyone who has a big pet, or long nails.
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8 months ago, tiny making friends
For those who have trouble with the sound, I just had to turn my notification settings on for it to work. Unfortunately, my dog was interested in the noise at first, then lost interest. But she's just one of those dogs that doesn't really connect with stuff on screens.
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4 months ago, I like sunflower's
My dog didn't really like it
My dog just would not want to pay attention to it. But it is still fun. I have you have a better try with it than I did. Just try it with your pet before you hit pro.
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6 months ago, Jeanyaks
My dog likes it a little bit
My dog follows them around the screen but doesn’t try to get them she got a couple though so I will write another review if my dog starts playing it in a couple months
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6 months ago, theyoudemedmetoneld?
Keeps my dog happy!
She absolutely loves it first I just tapped then she is just 11 weeks old! Would absolutely recommend this game for puppies to keep them busy, my dog just boops it with her nose but if ur dog is doing that too make sure to clean ur device !😊🐶
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1 month ago, Llamapuppy21 THE YT
Great for all pets
I got this game for my dog but she wasn’t really interested so I deleted it but I recently got a playful bird loves to tap my iPads screen when I’m using it so I got this game again now my dog also loves it
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3 months ago, the brits 1700
Great if you want some alone time from your dog!
Now I would say this is great for fun with your dog and keeping your dog entertained and if you want some time for you so yea but my pug rates it a 10/10 dog treats
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9 months ago, Darn das goooood
Seems like a great app
I’ve seen people use this app a lot all over social media. It is really cute to see their dogs jump at the screen! Unfortunately, my dog was not interested in the slightest. It is overall a great game though.
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4 weeks ago, Sara and dog loves
Dogs love
My dog loved playing and sometimes I even like to play it to I’m so addicted to this app and my dog my bff has to turn off my phone for me to stop playing this game
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4 months ago, Caius3474
Not for Big Dogs
I do not recommend this app for big dogs that way over 40 pounds because I was trying to make my dog understand what to do, but he just stood on my iPad and he basically broke it. Otherwise this game is great for smaller dogs because it can improve your dog’s smartness!
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3 months ago, DomChC
My dog love this
Very entertaining for my 2 pups and keep them busy. Only issue I have is certain animals like the pig really scares them so maybe you could add in a animal selector so they can hit their favorites. Over than that great game!
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8 months ago, Shadow7674
Works on boyfriends too
My dog wasn’t around but I let my boyfriend try and it kept him entertained for awhile. 10/10 would recommend.
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2 months ago, Ashleyjesusm
Good for babies not dogs
I don’t really use that for dogs cause my dogs don’t really find an entertaining, but my babies love this app 4 to 3 months old
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5 months ago, 🍄mushroom hashira🍄
My dog shows no interest at all. :(
To start, I don’t hate this game it’s just a review. I got this app because my dog was board and didn’t want to play with me, I found this app and thought “she will love this!”. So I decided to download it. When I turned it on she acted as if she didn’t like the noises, and she showed no interest at all.
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7 months ago, Ranch agasuma
I love the app more than my dog she is a miniture poodle and has lots of energy if I where to leave my phone out she would probably chew it up. But great app!
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7 months ago, Camiluchas123
Good game
So I have a English bulldog and she thought the noise was coming from somewhere else but I would-recommend this game it just that my my puppy is sooo dumb
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8 months ago, mrs.lissery
This is literally awesome
My dog is obsessed with them and I think I’ll have a broken screen by the end of this🙂
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8 months ago, Burkesie
Great game. If the sound doesn’t work, make sure to take your phone off silent mode.
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7 months ago, Celigirl
Needs a way to lock the screen
My dog goes crazy playing this but digs at the screen causing it to close the game. There needs to be a way to lock the screen so you can’t just swipe it closed.
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8 months ago, Vicksterz05
No sound
Extremely bummed to see that this app does not work the way that it should be. Absolutely no sound is being played at all and I’ve reinstalled the game. I don’t know how many times and it still doesn’t work. Glad to know that other people here are having the same issue.
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9 months ago, Josica041323
Pretty good
My pup loved playing it but whenever she’d go to get the bunny or mouse, and swipe up accidentally, it’d leave the app or it’d swipe down onto my notifications. But overall pretty good.
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10 months ago, SlVIA BUELL
Definitely works
The sound and everything is amazing! Even I like it, and I am definitely a human. 🤩🤩🤩
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7 months ago, Jon Gadaingan
It’s Jon G.
That’s Dan Garber Wicked Witch of the West Screams at Pat ith Timon and Pumbaa’s funny Joe and Mike Sad Sinead O’Connor and Ali Vivian Ballerina Annie Sam Smith Inez Rapunzel Long Hair with Val Tiana and Bee Movie Monty Nala scares Teneika Fiona Bird Song with AJ Giselle’s crying in Dean Hubie and Rocko Dance on Chris Pocahontas Leaves Christy Happy Feet Dance With Stavours Pooh Tigger Piglet and Eeyore by Amie Superman the Movie Kathy Moses Tammy Genie’s Music Video of Decker Casper and Sisters of Abigail Peppa Pig’s Birthday Party in Ashley Jack Skeleton scares Ann and Anita Prince with Roxanne
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6 months ago, Koda bear Daisy doo
So why it’s not great is because my dog gets frustrated because she can’t get anything so great game for a few seconds but some dogs are different so I suggest you try it.
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1 week ago, Unknown 68435789
My dogs weren’t that interested but my two year old sister is she loves it
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5 months ago, sosha P.
My dog hates it
My dog did nothing to the toys. He just smelled my phone and pawed at the speaker. He seemed very uncomfortable with the noises and left the room immediately. Maybe make the toys and sounds a bit more realistic, like as a mode you can turn on.
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4 months ago, mydogisstinkylol
I really like it
So my dog doesn’t like but I absolutely love it and so do my friends
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1 month ago, (˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶)hiiii
Omg the best. 😍
My dog loved it so much he couldn’t stop playing with my I pad😭and really try this gameee plssss
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5 months ago, nsj4nfjf
I know think my dog is colorblind cause he wont try to get the bug/animal he just sits there so i have to move him.
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7 months ago, jahahaos
Thank you
My dog loved this game. It’s very funny how she plays it. Thanks to this game that she’s very excited to play it and now she’s very happy and very energetic.
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7 months ago, BriannalSchultz
It’s doesn’t even tell me how to get my dog to ply this game, if this developer doesn’t even know how to make dogs play his own game, why release the game? If someone is able to tell me how to get my dog to play I will be thankful and will love the app, but for right now, this app is horrible.
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9 months ago, isa pizzza
my dog really loves this game, and it’s a really good interactive thing. will definitely recommend to all pet owners !
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5 months ago, Worlds biggest swiftie
My dog does not like it but…….
Well I got this app for my 4 year old German shepherd but he was so uninterested. But sometimes if I’m really bored I play it myself. The noises are pretty annoying and it advertised as free but if you want pro it costs 5.00 I recommend for humans but not for dogs. THANKS FOR READING .
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6 months ago, wolfsack
Cute but not interesting to my dogs
It is really cute but my dogs don't really like it it scares my puppy so much that even one of those little toys will have him going nuts
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6 months ago, Fartmaster 3,000
My toad
My toad love to chase and use his tongue on the phone for hours. It really stimulates his brain. Love the app! 🥰😋
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9 months ago, fatimuhhh
My dog ran away from my iPad but I love the game 100% recommend
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7 months ago, The Doggies Charlie and Mud
We love you Jolly Dog
My dogs are still getting the hang of it but it’s good for everybody besides dogs
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7 months ago, CaprishaM
My little dog loves this!
Such a fun app to watch your dogs play on
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3 months ago, catloverforever123
Good app, but..
It’s a good app and it works perfectly! Barely any ADs, which makes your pet intrigued longer! Sadly, my dog isn’t interested in any of it.
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9 months ago, Rachel Nieto
No sound
I’ve downloaded this twice now for my pup and both times there hasn’t been any sound! The setting screen says the music is on, too.
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