Joon: Behavior Improvement App

4.7 (5.5K)
85 MB
Age rating
Current version
Joon App, Inc
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Joon: Behavior Improvement App

4.7 out of 5
5.5K Ratings
1 year ago, SJW47
Kids (6 & 9) are actually into it!
I figured it couldn't hurt to try the free trial and cancel if my kids weren't interested, but to my pleasant surprise they are! They have learned what chores give them points and have been excited to mark them complete. I still have to remind my kids to do their chores because they're not on their devices enough to get the push notifications themselves, but it does seem to be less of an effort to motivate them. The chores (quests) are easy to set up and assign, and it's easy for me to review the quests completed and give the kids their rewards. I plan to explore some of the other types of quests other parents use (you can do this from templates) because I feel there are more things that could count as quests. I appreciate being able to use common quests that other parents have assigned because it helps provide inspiration! The "absolutely no physical violence toward sibling today" quest has been helpful for me (a parent template) but also validating for my daughter. She is proud when she can check that off because she has demonstrated strong impulse control and emotional management (ADHD challenges). I hope the game continues to hold their interest, as we have been happy with these first few weeks!!
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4 months ago, JJW1012
No More Nagging!
No more “I’m bored”, no more forgetting, and no more groans about chores! Joon has changed how my family does chores, reminders, wellness, all of it. My kiddo is excited to see the coin stash grow, and I’m thrilled I don’t have to nag. Chores are actually getting done now! 🙌 I love that you can create your own quests, add a bonus reward, and mark things complete on the parent’s end without the child having to do it. When my son gets bored, I tell him to check his Joon app, where I’ve plugged in all sorts of different activities and ideas he can do. You might ask: should he get rewarded for building something out of Legos or Knex? The more appropriate question is: should he be rewarded for doing something he enjoys away from a screen that engages all those great STEM skills? Yes, absolutely. Both of us have ADHD, and this has been a total game changer. The biggest hurdle with chores and homework is the vacuous lack of dopamine provided by these activities. But earning virtual coins that can be used to purchase a reward? There’s the dopamine kick we were looking for! We had tried sticker charts, marble jars, and even cold, hard cash, but none of them worked for us. Joon has, and for that, I am thankful. Way to go, Brad, Isaac, and Kevin!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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5 months ago, Tiffani S-G
Joon has saved my relationship with my kids
To any parents considering Joon, I HIGHLY recommend it. I do not usually leave reviews for apps, so for me to do this is saying a lot. After trying to do things my way for some time with my kids, it just wasn’t working. Week after week, my kids would have meltdowns when asked to do tasks. I couldn’t get them to do simple things like pick up their toys or brush their teeth without a full blown melt down. So I went in search for an app that could help make this easier. Joon was the answer to my prayers as it gives my kids an interactive and exciting way to do things! We sat down and discussed rewards for tasks completed and came up with some they would enjoy. From there, the app does the rest. They take care of their Doters and love to open the app to check on them! They now do their tasks without me even asking and all I have to do is approve it. They have made sure every day since downloading this app they do their tasks and we no longer have any issues. I can’t thank the creators of Joon enough for creating such an amazing app that makes it easy for my neurodivergent kids to complete tasks and help around the house!
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1 year ago, Terbear123
Good app, Some bugs to be fixed
So, there were quite some glitches. One of them being that settings for tasks were constantly being changed on their own. Some examples of this happening are tasks moving out of the order I put them in, being duplicated, or the children’s names in a task being duplicated (which is not possible to do even by mistake), and once, under numerous tasks, the setting for needing a picture before completion was turned on when it wasn’t set up that way previously. Besides these issues my kids really love the app and I do too. If it weren’t for the problems, I would’ve rated this app with five stars. It made setting my kids routine and having them follow it independently a lot easier. It also made it very helpful for my son who, has ADHD, and is usually very forgetful. They looked forward to completing their tasks, and even doing chores to earn their coins. And I like that you can set your own rewards and cost for the children, however it would be better if they could view the rewards the parents set from their own app. Another suggestion., Would be to fix the Joon pet app for kids so that we are able to refresh the screen. Many times I would approve quests, or correct issues from the bugs, and my children would always have to close down the app and reopen it to see the update.
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1 year ago, Jess_Leigh333
Seriously try it
This app has changed our whole dynamic. We have a 4 year old that isn’t diagnosed with ADHD quite yet (though her teacher sees signs and her dad has it) and we have some pretty big behaviors around every day tasks. Now that we have this app, anything I want her to do that she will have a hard time with I just make a quest and she does it no questions asked. It helps that she REALLY likes Pokémon and the doters kind of look like Pokémon. She doesn’t really play the games, she just likes caring for the doters and hatching new ones. It’s like a catch ‘em all situation! This kid is trying new foods every day now (would’ve never been a thing before), doing all of her self care tasks without being asked… it’s seriously a game changer and worth every single penny. The only downside is the games. There’s only two right now but they have said they’re working on more :). The customer service is also unmatched. Once I signed up I started getting emails from brad to check in on how it’s going and he takes the feedback well and is so helpful! We’re on our 2nd month (I think) of this app and it hasn’t stopped working yet, though I’ll be honest I thought it would!
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2 years ago, Camiclaire
Answer to Prayer
Parenting is not easy and every kid is different and none of them come with an instruction manual on how best to help them. We have been struggling with how best to help one of our kids. They are amazing, but we were fighting about everything. If we even mentioned chores, he instantly threw a fit and there was so much tension in our home. It has been several miserable months. One late night I was praying about what to do and I thought maybe there was an app that could help. Joon popped up as an option and so I decided to give it a try. My son instantly enjoyed having a “pet” avatar and loved the challenges and began doing his chores because they were fun and I didn’t need to be the bad guy. I love being able to leave him messages and give him positive feedback. I love the parent support this app gives, as being a parent can feel lonely and often without positive feedback. Our relationship isn’t perfect, and not all chores, homework, etc. are done every day, but things are headed in a much more positive direction. This app has helped so much and I rarely spend money on any app, but this one has been 100% worth the money. Thank you so much for creating it.
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9 months ago, MKG9
Kids are loving it!
Didn’t know whether this would really work for my kids but they are loving it. The reward system is amazing (you get to create your own awards specific to your family, like “picking the show everyone watches at dinner or “sleep on mom and dads floor”) and they’re now brushing their teeth without me asking! That alone is worth the investment. It’s easy to use and setup and I love the option to make your own rewards! As soon as my kids saw Roblox Robux were a reward, they immediately got their tasks done. My daughter also is a pitcher in softball and to say it’s hard to get her to practice outside of practice is an understatement. But when she saw it was worth a whopping 20 Joon points, she now asks to pitch. I also love (and they do as well) the option to make them show you a photo of the task completed especially for cleaning their room, or making their bed. Overall, I think this app is great! I had one issue in the beginning but Brad was quick to email me with a solution, unlike many of these apps where you can get no one to help. These guys seem like they truly care. Give it a try, our family loves it!
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7 months ago, Zebralocked
I have paid for the app and I am astounded at the success I have had so far. I have known since my son was 2-3 years old that he has adhd but he wasn’t diagnosed until age 7. My son is now 8.5 and has been on medication for a year. The medication helps but not to the extent of which my son needs. He’s still struggling with emotion regulation and anger. Since using the Joon app I realized a big difference when asking my son to do things. It helps pair hard tasks with something that promotes dopamine in the brain so he actually gets excited about chores. The other night he spent 30 minutes doing dishes and I awarded him 40 coins because for an 8 year old he did pretty awesome. Now when asking my son to do chores I simply remind him he will earn coins and it can go towards an awesome reward and he gets super excited and is more likely to complete his chores. I didn’t want to pay the $50 at first but after seeing the improvement and reading some of the parent resources I wanted to be able to experience everything the app had to offer. Now I find myself recommending it to others with kids who struggle.
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2 years ago, Best travel tool
Great organizational tool.
I was looking for a way to motivate my nine-year-old daughter with ADHD. After reading many reviews, and looking at many different apps, we came to the conclusion that Joon met our needs and desires. For a reward based task driven app that I could assign tasks that she would then complete and get credit for. She has also learned that if she doesn’t do the task correctly or completely, she either gets no coins for the quest or the quest is less than in value, when I go to approve her work, these things are very motivating to her and help her to stay focused and to do the things that she knows to be right it took us some time to formulate what requests were truly important and which ones were worth more coins versus others that’s something that you’ll have to experiment with your child. It’s an easy way to keep your child focused and motivated. From doing chores to brushing teeth. To eating meals, all has improved with our positive focus on Joon. This isn’t a fix all but it is one of the multiple tools we employ to encourage, strengthen and motivate our daughter.
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4 months ago, WesleyAnne
Please make an app like this for ADHD adults
Let me start by saying that my daughter does not have any of the diagnoses this app is targeted for. She is (thus far) a neurotypical eight year old. *I* do have ADHD, so I won’t be surprised if she collects the same diagnosis eventually, but she hasn’t so far. But let me tell you, this app has changed our WHOLE household dynamic, especially in the mornings! We are NOT morning people. Getting ready for school in the morning is usually a giant fight. Lots of arguing, foot stomping, yelling, and door slamming. Now granted, we’ve been using this app less than a week, but our mornings have been… pleasant? Calm. Collected. It’s like the body snatchers in here, y’all. My daughter is RUNNING through the house to do the tasks I used to have to nag, beg, and scream for her to do. On top of that, she is actually ASKING me for extra chores she can do to earn more coins. I am blown away. Related: developers, please make an app like this for adults 😂 Maybe I’ll tackle my own to do list on a more consistent basis if I have a dragon to play with.
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2 years ago, CeruleanCorvid
Super helpful…for a while
I’ve loved this app. As a teenager with ADHD and severe executive dysfunction, while I’m not exactly still in the target demographic, I’ve still found it very helpful. Unfortunately, once you’ve been using joon for a while (about two months in my case) you simply run out of content. I’ve bought everything the in-game currency can buy, with so much left over I could probably buy the whole shop again if I wanted. A couple of absurdly overpriced items would actually help a lot, since they would provide something to keep working towards. I keep waiting for updates that provide new content for the higher levels, but it seems the team is more focused on onboarding new subscribers than keeping their current ones engaged. Not that I’m judging them for that, I understand that they have a ton of work on every front. All that being said, joon actually helped me form some good habits, so its value to me will definitely outlast the time I spent using it. I would recommend it to parents for sure, just keep in mind that the app itself will have a limited lifespan, so to speak.
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1 year ago, willworkforshoes
Parenting as a Video Game
I’m fairly new to this app, but my kids and I are pretty obsessed with it so far and it seems fantastic. We were considering doing a few different types of chore systems (my kids are 12, 7, and 5) but as an ADHD & Anxiety mom who also has kids with the same, I wanted to encourage them not only with chores, but also with routine & self-development things. So far, this is going great. I will say, that we’re not using the in-game rewards to give allowance/rewards in real life, since they wanted to use their coins to take care of their pets, but the parent tracking and progress reports make it easy to see where the kids are doing well, by category. I’ve never seen the kids so eager to work on challenging things! There’s definitely room for development and improvement, but the core is great. I do wish that parents could see the kids interface to understand the workings, and the kids ours (to understand how we are setting things up) but it’s a great concept and well done.
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10 months ago, girlmomma94
Life changer
Since there was a free trial before purchasing the yearly subscription, I decided to try this out. My oldest is 11 and while she likes her pet in the app, she isn’t motivated enough for it to make a huge difference. I’m still having to constantly remind her to complete her basic daily tasks (we call them tasks not chores). She said the app feels a little childish for her age. However, my 9 year old who has combined ADHD absolutely LOVES this app! It’s her new favorite “game” and we went from daily power struggles over everything from showering to cleaning her room, to her now asking for even more tasks! Within 24 hours her entire attitude changed, a week in and she is still extremely motivated. We all need extrinsic motivation, so why wouldn’t we expect kids to also? This app is the perfect way for her to visually track her progress and quantify her accomplishments all while playing a game. She is proof this app works! I will be recommending to any parent with neurodivergent kids. I would also recommend for neurotypical kids under 11 years old.
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3 months ago, Mama2.5
This app is so motivating for my kids. Not only are they motivated to get their chores done so they can take care of their pets, they can also earn real life rewards that I set. They are constantly asking me to add new chores so they can earn more coins. They have never been so excited to earn coins. The paid version is excellent, but if you can’t afford it, the free version works too! You just need to consolidate tasks so that you can fit it all into 7 free tasks. But I recommend the paid version if you can afford it. It really helps to have each little individual task on there to keep the motivation high. Customer service is great as well. We had an error message we couldn’t get past, and within MINUTES of emailing customer support, one of the owners had not only reached out to me, but had the issue completely fixed. As a former teacher, and current learning coach and parent, I highly recommend this app. It has made a huge difference for our family.
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4 months ago, kb10210914
Joon is EXACTLY what my son needed
I am on week 4 of using Joon and my son and I love it! My son is 10-years-old and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. His psychiatrist recommended a planner for my son to write down his tasks for the day. My son loves technology so I started exploring apps that might interest him while helping him stay organized. I decided to go with Joon because it looked like a great reward system, it reminded me of when I had a tamagotchi as a child, and there was a week trial before committing to the annual fee. For less than $100 a year my son can combined his daily tasks and love for technology. It is a great reward system. When my son gets frustrated with having to do his tasks, it passes quickly. Brad from Joon was also a great support from the very beginning. He was always checking in and quick to answer questions. I was notified when my free trial was ending and Brad made sure I wanted to continue with the app. Best money I have spent this year to help my son be the best version of himself.
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1 year ago, HopperST
Game changer for sure!
As a parent, I’ve struggled with structuring a chore schedule for my kids and actually sticking to it myself to help teach them responsibility. The Joon app makes it seriously so easy and I like that you can create your own custom “quests” or work from templates other parents have created. The quests can be household chores, behavior related, health and fitness, focus and self control, etc. My kids are actually excited to complete their “quests” and earn coins to take care of their doter pets. I also like that you can create custom rewards that they can redeem with the coins they’ve earned like family movie nights or an allowance. The customer service is top notch. I always get a very quick reply to any questions or concerns I may have. If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it - I can tell you wholeheartedly that it definitely is! My kids’ routines have never been more stable and my stress surrounding how to motivate them to learn responsibility is gone.
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8 months ago, Saphrim
Setting routines and making it fun
I am primary parent, I keep my child (7yo) on routine and structure because she thrives in that. However, when I went down for surgery with a 9 mo recovery window things got really rocky and my ADHD spouse struggled to keep the routines or make ones that worked for him and our child. It was effecting their relationship and my recovery as my child would come in asking for me to fix the routine and I was unable to. The answer was Joon, I figured there was no harm in trying it and the structure and rewards were built in. It turned out to a game changer, first it helped my spouse recognize he was not enjoying parenting and he struggles, which is why most things in that lane are left to me. Next, it provided ways for him to build a routine that wasn’t mine and feel invested in the day to day but more importantly he saw how much his positive feedback to our child made her smile. We are only a few months into Joon and it’s working well. Thank you, Joon!
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1 year ago, LRJ7
Do yourself a favor-try this app today
If you want a better relationship with your kids, do yourself a favor and try this app. I gave it a try to help my 9 year old get organized with all of his responsibilities (chores, homework, being kind to siblings, football, etc.). It is an app that tracks all of his daily activities in one place within an interactive game. The app developer is responsive and open to feedback to improve the app. The price is affordable and well worth the improved relationship with my 9 year old. I also appreciated having a trial period to see if I liked the app. This has reduced the amount of time I spend arguing with my son about all the things that need to get done daily. The app is marketed to kids with ADHD or on the autism spectrum. My son is none of these-just a high-energy, busy 9 year old. This app successfully helps him keep track of all of his tasks. Do yourself and your family a favor and try this app now, don’t wait.
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2 years ago, Ohjayci
Spread the word!
We have four young kids (ages 6,5,3,2) and this app is SO AWESOME. Previously, I've been keeping track of their "points" on the fridge. I would go mark them off every time they did a job, etc, and every time they filled up the sheet, I had to make a new one, and if somebody knocked it off the fridge, it might get torn or wet, because, kids 😆. This app is perfect because the kids can "see" their progress and in a very accessible way. Even my 3 year old can navigate the app easily, after we helped him for the first couple days. Furthermore, I immediately noticed that the app has peaceful music playing- not overstimulating- and that the pets move in a slow, peaceful manner. Most kids games are sensational- drawing their attention with startling sounds and flashing bright colors. When they are in this app, it feels like a mindfulness exercise. The suggested quests have been really helpful as a parent, placing value on meaningful activities besides just household tasks. I have ADHD myself, and I don't know if my kids do yet, but it's chaotic around here and this all has helped streamline and bring joy to our daily routine. Really, I could go on and on. It's a young company and a new app, the co-creator personally emailed me in response to my questions and they are in the process of adding even more features. I never do this, but I'm sharing this app with whoever I can because I want to be sure it succeeds and grows!! 😍😍😍😍😍
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1 year ago, sassycass101217
Friendly, user friendly, open to feedback
My daughter has suspected ADHD with her father recently being confirmed and suspected with me as well. So her chances are pretty high. She’s so smart and loves games so when her focus become harder and executive functioning skills began to be impacted, I started looking for games to make. But as a mom, working, and with medical difficulties of my own, I don’t always have the energy to execute my ideas. Joon is a great and easy way to motivate my daughter to complete her morning and bedtime routine and she has even began to ask / suggest things to do in order to earn more coins. She understands mom and dad have control of the game so it’s really cool to see her not only be motivated by the “quest “ which are her day to day routine, but also start initiating other ideas as well!! It’s been really good for her. Brad, the cofounder, has been active and engage in discussion with me over the weeks leading up to trying and since. Feels good to be heard too
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1 month ago, Mamallamaof7
Life Changer
I have tried many behavior charts or programs for three of my children that are very close in age (two 9 year old boys and a 10 year old boy), all of which failed me. I would be in tears several times a day because of the continuous reminders to do homework or chores or simply to stop their fighting. I have never seen something work so well as I have with Joon. My boys are going out of their way to do their daily quests and remind me to review them. Things that would take several reminders are getting done without me even asking! I even see them working on the behavior quests and working on relationship skills just to earn those extra coins. Last night one of my boys were cleaning up the dinner mess without me asking (which was something I have never even asked my boys to do). I was in complete shock! I am confident that this is the app that will help change our lives around for the better. Thank you Joon!!!!
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1 year ago, atkofam
App’s creators really want your family to succeed
We have been using this for a short time with our seven year old son, who really struggles with completing tasks and independence/ownership of things. I was hoping to reduce the amount of nagging and task management I felt like our relationship had begun to require. We initially saw an extremely positive response from him re: the app. He was motivated and really enjoyed it. We’ve lost a bit of steam after the first few days, but I think part of that is because I got so used to him being self (or Joon)-motivated, I need to check in a bit more and make sure we remind him now and then about his “quests”. The app’s creator has personally checked in, responded to communication and asked for/taken feedback from us multiple times, and customer service has been excellent. You can tell they honestly care and want families to succeed. I am hoping our progress continues, and will provide an update!
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11 months ago, Pj347
Great for my family!
I have a 6 year old with ADHD and this app has been amazing for my family so far. I am able to plan out my child’s day and provide her with opportunities to earn coins. She saves her coins to earn rewards that she has chosen which is a huge motivator! She also learns how to save so she has enough money to buy food which is a priority over accessories and rewards. She loves the animals and the fact that she gets a new egg every few days helps keep her interest! It is still a new game so there’s lots of things that are being worked on and improved, but this game has been amazing for my family and our routine! Even my 4 year old uses it without a problem and is earning rewards and taking care of her animals. Definitely give it a try if your child is needing something to help them stay motivated to stay focused on tasks and keep you and your child on a routine in your home.
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3 months ago, 1828394049382727292939
Not great for multiple kids
This app is an awesome idea but after extensively using S’MoresUp for chores Joon falls short in comparison. The chore portion of Joon needs to have way more options as it does not work for multiple kids using it. Such as chore rotations so that the kids take turns doing them each month. Currently the only option is to set all kids up with the same chore which makes no since because that chore only needs to be done once in the time interval or the other option is set up just 1 kid with that chore but then they are stuck with the same chores every time. Which leaves you having to go back in every month and change each chore manually so they get to do different things each month. It would be nice if it just automatically rotated. Also an option to compete for the chore points as in being able to set all chores up for all the kids and whoever does it first gets the points and then everything starts over again the next month. Would also be awesome if the time intervals were daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. How it is now just doesn’t make any since. I wish when apps are made they would take the time to look at other apps. This app would be the ultimate app if they would take Cozi Family calendar, S’MoresUp chores, and Joon and put them all together. I have been waiting for an all in one option to come out and have yet to see any app take on the challenge.
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2 months ago, Lemonette2592
Wonderful customer service and great program
We recently allowed our 5yr old to get a tablet but knew we wanted him to earn tablet time and also needed help organizing and visually seeing his tasks and responsibilities and Joon was the perfect program for that. We were very disappointed when the free trial ended and I searched for other alternatives but there wasn’t any that worked as well for our needs as Joon. The owner of the company reached out and told me about the low income family plan they had and helped set us up quickly and got us rolling again. We are so grateful for the app and assistance to keep it up. My son is having less behaviors and there is a lot more peace within our home since he has been playing and using Joon. It is definitely worth looking into for all neurodivergent families or families who want to encourage independence and responsibility with their kids and household expectations.
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5 months ago, YoBeInAK
An AMAZING tool for neurodivergent families!
We started using a digital to-do list with our kids (now 10 & 7) a few years ago & it was a game changer for our family. Mornings, the after school transitions, & bed routines all became FAR less of a struggle. However, it was still a challenge to use and update regularly - especially when my husband and I had low-energy days. But Joon has changed that completely! Now the kids are excited each day to check in with their pets (Doters) & the way the app is set up makes it SO easy for the parents to maintain! The kids (of course) don't love chores, but the way Joon takes that into account, too (you assign more coins to tasks that are harder to get them to do). We were able to transition their task lists over, and the system works better than ever! We've been consistently impressed by all the features the app offers & how well it's designed for both neurodivergent kiddos AND their parents. It's fun to see how each kiddo uses it differently, too & how the app can accommodate all their needs with ease. One kiddo uses a kindle, and the other an iPad - and one focuses on growing their doters & camp, while the other is just trying to save enough coins to earn a family sleepover & movie night 🤣. It's amazing, and I highly recommend it for anyone with kids!! The only thing I wish is that there was one for adults, lol.
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5 months ago, Amberlybee13
Amazing Family Helper!
I saw ads for Joon for months before finally trying it and man do I wish I had gotten it sooner. We have two kids using the app, one with ADHD and one without, and they both are doing great on it! Having a daily list of tasks that they can reference during the day and see immediate feedback on has been so helpful. No one likes to be asked to do something a million times, so instead of constant reminders, I touch base a few times a day asking them to check the app and take care of their tasks. It has really given them autonomy and motivation to help more. We added a task of making dinner once a week and after our 9 year old made dinner last night which including multitasking to clean up as she went, she said “wow, now i see how much goes into keeping up with the kitchen!” 🤯 It is really opening their eyes to how much goes into maintaining a household!
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2 years ago, schmissa
Day 1 and loving it
Update: I have one more request! Well, 3…since I already shared some in my 15 min Zoom call. But I will share them all here. 1. My son (7year old) needs a more visual representation of his quest. Like a path he moves down or “thermometer” so he can see himself getting closer to a goal. 2. He needs a better way to print the goals/ tasks so we can have a visual of it when he is not on screen time. 3. I need to have the ability to mark off multiple items complete for him. Since he does not have screen time every week, and I have to catch up on a day or more… it’s driving me crazy to go back and do each one individually. (One more)4. I want to be able to choose what he is going to earn. The items they have are not enticing enough. He wants to earn things and he wants to pick it out. *********************************************** So far it’s been great! A couple of glitches. 1. I want to be able to mark things complete for the previous day because his screen time ends on his iPad and don’t want him to get on it again. And… I also have ADHD so I need to do it when I remember. 2. I can’t seem to have things happen in the morning and at night. It shows up as 2 in one time slot. He needs to take meds in the morning and at night. 3. Make the music turn offfff!! I click the switch and it just stays on. He wants the volume up for the immersive reader. But the music is blahhhh! Keep up the good work on this!
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9 months ago, KMp386
So close to being great
This app has certain features that we love and we’ll continue using it for those features (the flexibility and clarity with the tasks or “quests” allows us to set very clear goals, adjust all settings like amount of coins it’s worth, set reminders, timers, etc. And the ability to set our own rewards that she is actually interested in earning). First of all, the graphics are HORRIBLE- reminds me of a gigapet from the 90’s. The 3 options of pets are ugly and weird, all the accessories for them are also eh, my daughter has no interest in playing the game part of this app. If it was cute fluffy animals, even lost a cat or dog, she would use it. Also it’s so complicated and difficult for us to figure out how many coins she currently has- I can’t see anywhere from my parent account and even in her account it takes some clicking and searching. But that’s the most important thing to her- to know how close she is to having enough coins to get the reward she’s working toward.
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5 months ago, jeaniln
Game changer for kids OR moms with ADHD
As a mom with ADHD, I honestly don’t know how I could consistently communicate and respond to all the habits and chores my kids need to do every day without Joon. Without Joon I was incessantly nagging (with little to no results), letting almost everything go (like no one would brush their teeth in the morning, or ride the bus, or make their bed or help feed the dog…because it would just feel like too much), or I would have to devote all my time to creating my own elaborate system, which would overwhelm me and so I wouldn’t even implement it (some moms can geek out on that kind of thing. I am not one of them). For critics of Joon who say it is just using video games to get kids to do stuff, I say, you don’t get it and you don’t know what you are criticizing. The difference in my kids, my home, and my mental state without Joon vs with Joon is night and day.
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2 years ago, Jsealand
Helpful and cute
This is definitely helping my kiddo—not quite as much as I was hoping yet, but we’re going through a lot of transitions at the moment, so hopefully once our routine is more settled it’ll help us stick with it. In the meantime, it’s helping motivate him with at least a few things each day. And I love that they’ve added a new feature that helps motivate me to remember to review his completed actions. (At least, I assume it’s new: I didn’t get the little pat-on-the-back messages before, but I was also much better at checking when we first started a couple months ago. Because novelty.) It’s nice that they took into consideration that kids with ADHD are likely to have at least one parent with ADHD who also needs some encouragement to do their necessary tasks. If they ever make a version of this that’s slightly more oriented for adults and teens (just in a design way, not a not-safe-for-kids way) I’ll be waiting in line to get it.
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2 years ago, jaymes90
We downloaded this a few months back and my son really enjoyed it! For a while, we couldn’t get on the same page for chores and expectations because my son would always just forget about them and get upset when reminded to do them. It was really frustrating going over the same chore list for years and having him still forget the basics, but when we downloaded this app, it was like something in him clicked. He looked forward to checking things off as complete, he wanted to add in his own chores, and he was extra motivated because there are a few items in the game that shares his name and he really wanted to obtain those items! It got to be a bit of a challenge though because he doesn’t have his own phone, so he would need to use mine and mine isn’t always readily available to him so recently he hasn’t used it as much as we’d like.
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2 years ago, Klillll
The Perfect App!!
This app appeared in my IG feed after a particularly difficult day navigating my son’s struggles to stay on task. I immediately downloaded it and began customizing it to our lives. My son LOVES Joon and looks forward to spending time exploring and taking care of his doter. His little sister watches him play for hours and can’t wait to create her own! I’m particularly impressed with the customization abilities for tasks. It is easy to tell how much time has been taken to design both the parental side, as well as the child side. I’ve referred several friends and continue to bring it up whenever I hear someone struggling with their kids staying on task. Kudos to this team for their foresight into consumer needs, as well as their amazing communication. This app is honestly perfect for all kids, but it really checks off all the marks for keeping a neurotypical kid engaged. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, B. Bibeau
A positive change
My 5 year old has been throwing massive fits about the most routine stuff. “I don’t want to hang up my jacket!” “I hate homework!” “I don’t want to eat that!” The quotes are endless. One of our family values is that “we each do our share” to make the family work. But no amount of chore charts, conversations, or consequences were working. I happened upon this app and decided to give it a try. She loved it! Luckily, i can pause the avatar screen until she finishes her routine. Then, she gets to buy things for her avatar or buy rewards I place on there. She loves that empowerment of earning and purchasing. It is immediate. Plus, i am in control. I get to approve all of her chores so, she can’t claim things she did not complete. It was so popular, my 3 older girls wanted it. So, i made one for them and aside from chores, I added more physical fitness quests. It is so great!
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4 months ago, cjoramo
This App is Amazing!
This app has definitely stopped the fighting of who does what chore in this house. My younger 2 have had to pay for screen time and treats and free play. It has helped so much in the screen time and “I want this” department. They love competing with each other on who gets more coins and how many eggs they hatch. They also love pleating together with their different pets and buying them outfits. This is an amazing app overall. My oldest who is 15 even likes it. She has gotten chores done no questions asked. It’s nice not needing the constant reminder. I think the best part is that my youngest who can’t read yet, the app reads to her her chores and directions on them so she doesn’t have to consistently come to me for help. Absolutely marvelous app! I highly recommend to parents with higher functioning, screen addicted, autistic, ocd kids. This app is amazing!
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1 year ago, RoxyLew
Great app to gamify tasks
I have two boys (10 and 8) both who have ADD. It has been so incredibly trying to find a way to incentivize my boys to get their chores done. I was using another app to track their chores, but it didn’t really make the tasks fun. The Joon team has really worked with me to add features that really fit what we’re trying to accomplish. They also have a very active and supportive Facebook group for parents. My boys love the app. Not only are they incentivized to get their chores done, but they also have additional tasks that they can do only if they choose to and it has been a game changer in our home. It’s been such a hit that my 14 year old daughter has requested that I add her to the game so she can earn prizes! I’ve never received the amount of personal attention from a developer, EVER! Their team is amazing and the app is worth every penny!!
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10 months ago, Cigrev
Helping the whole family
My 9yo has trouble with executive function and bed time has been awful for years. Fighting about the routine, him getting upset and lots of yelling. I tried Joon to help him with bedtime but it is making a positive impact on our whole day. Takes the pressure off me to get him to do things like take his vitamin or brush teeth in the morning. He loves the doters, too. There’s some trial and error setting stuff up but I love the control that it gives the parent. My ONLY issue is that the app does not work well when we aren’t on our WiFi. His device doesn’t have data and we’ve tried connecting it to a hotspot but it still doesn’t really work. I am giving 5 stars anyway because I’m not sure if it’s the app or his device that’s the issue. After 48 days of using Joon, I can officially say it was worth the price.
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4 months ago, kidarheart
Love this app!
I have two very different kiddos. One who is great when you ask her to do something but always forgetting her tasks. She also struggles to read so a normal chore chart is hard. I love the option for the app to read each quest because then she doesn’t need me to read each chore(quest) to her. My boy has a really hard time when I tell him no to more screen time. I love that the app helps show him his rewards and he sees the results of doing his quests to receive his screen time and if he doesn’t have enough coins it’s not be saying no all the time but shows him that there are rewards to getting chores done. I always had intentions of paying them chore money but weeks would get away and I would forget. This is nice because he loves seeing his progress daily! I can’t say enough good things about this app! I love it!
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2 years ago, Johnomie
What A Lifesaver!!
I have 3 ND kids who I have had the hardest time getting to do anything around the house. It was meltdown after meltdown, JUST to clean up messes that they had made not just 2 minutes before. We were a wreck! But since we’ve gotten Joon, things have gotten worlds better! They think it’s fun to be able to take care of their pet and I guess cleaning up after themselves and taking care of their bodies isn’t a chore either, when they have the goal of getting to go on adventures with their pet. Even my older children, who had been reluctant to try Joon at first, have joined the bandwagon! I think the thing I like the most as a parent is that Joon doesn’t JUST help them with chores, but those other things that ADD kids struggle with. Like, taking care of their minds, relationships, and selves. I’m really glad I came across this app!
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11 months ago, she.speaks
Stumbled here by accident
I was actually simply looking for a chore app for my kiddos aged 17, 15, & 8. They’re good kids, always do their chores, and I have a reward system for them to redeem certain fun things. Except it was a chore for me to keep up with theirs. 🙄 I was poking around Joon and really enjoyed it, but after playing with it during my free trial, I decided to not get it. My kids are with me every other week and we have a big age gap. Just felt too complicated. So of course, I let my 8 year old take full advantage of the free trial. He fell in love. My bad. Dang it. Before the trial period was over I received an email asking if I needed assistance setting it up. I replied my son was enjoying it, but I was going to cancel because of our unique situation. The reply was incredibly personalized, attentive, and generous. Additionally, they did something on their side and we t above and beyond in service. I subscribed for a year, and my kids are loving it. I’ve pretty much automated the entire process - and both myself AND my kids kinda enjoy the fun kickback that come with doing our chores. We haven’t even explored other options, this app is so in-depth… I wanted to get in the habit of using it for what I initially wanted it before I added in behavioral aspects. I’m in love.
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11 months ago, BriannaElliott
The best app for families!
This is an amazing tool for families! My kids are engaged and actually following routines without me pestering them. Their dad and I are divorced, but I can set up tasks in a way that keeps them following the same routines at each of our houses, while also individualizing some of the chores. My son is high functioning Autistic, and my daughter is 6 and sassy, so we love that Joon also motivates them to curb some less desirable behaviors. We love how it includes chores, routines, behavior, wellness - the full 360! There are great suggestions for things to add, or you can customize and create your own. The same is true for setting up the rewards. We can choose a nice blend of allowance money and fun activities - things that truly motivate our kiddos. I can’t recommend this app enough! It’s been a wonderful tool for our family!
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3 months ago, muckeyD
So far so good!
It’s been really helpful with motivating my 9 year old son to do his chores. I still have to remind him, but he’s always pretty eager to get them done when he remembers. Im hopeful that with consistency it’ll become more of a normal and he’ll remember on his own. It reminds him of pokemon which he loves, so that is a bonus. I like that we’re able to create our own rewards if we want to also. The one thing that I really do wish was possible on the parent side would be to be able to send notifications for individual/specific chores or something to pop up on his phone as a reminder instead of having to verbally tell him. I feel like, in our situation at least, that would help to reinforce the act of doing them “on his own” better. But overall we’re both very happy so far.
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9 months ago, MamaLu81
Motivated my children to actually do what they should
I have several kids using the app. What I like is the ability to make things mandatory or optional. Also, it’s like triple positive reinforcement. You can tailor it to your specific needs or use templates. My 13 year old on the spectrum is now actually taking care of her responsibilities (feeding her animals without help, brushing her hair and teeth without reminders, asking how she can help out, even started a gratitude journal.) It takes very little instruction to set up and get started and it has paid off so far, which is great considering where we started from…a place of frustration and exhaustion. This app has really helped motivate the kids which has helped me to lower my stress level and get back to enjoying them rather than constant redirection.
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1 year ago, Melissa in the 806
My kids LOVE this game.
I have five kids and getting them to take care of their responsibilities around the house… well, it’s a constant source of frustration. Then we found Joon, the app that turns their responsibilities into quests that they can conquer and earn points to play a video game they love. Virtually overnight they were setting an alarm for school, getting up on their own, putting on clothes that they had laid out the night before, quickly eating breakfast, and packing their lunch and ready to get out the door before the deadline at 7:45 AM each of those are quest that give them points toward their game. I added things like say something kind to your siblings and help a sibling get ready for school and suddenly the tone in the morning has also changed.. I highly recommend this app for families.
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1 year ago, williang2000
Has Potential to be a Game Changer
I, as well as both of my children, have ADHD. All three of us needed some major help in our executive functioning skills. We tried Joon, and although we are still working on consistency, we can all see improvements to our daily routines. The kids enjoy earning coins to care for the pets they unlock. I took things a step further, and transferred their in game coins into an allowance (100 coins = $1). They’ve averaged $7-$10 a week allowance. My one and only complaint is the number of notifications I receive. I like receiving a message when the kids complete a quest, but the “we just reminded your child to…” messages are unnecessary. Overall, I think Joon is a wonderful app and will be a great motivation for children to complete chores, routines, even physical and mental health quests.
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4 months ago, DACCFLUTES
It works!
We’ve tried other apps like this, but this is the first one my 12 year old keeps coming back to because he likes to play the games. And then he does his chores cause he needs more points to play the games with. Mom asked him the other day “are you going to do your chores? “ And he replied “ I already did. Of course I would do a good job on my chores!” Like duh mom, why are you even asking? 😂 Keep in mind that the day before Joom, he was still complaining and grumbling and neglecting his chores. Now he does them without asking. We love the speed with which it generally alerts us that he’s completed them too. It makes it faster for us to trigger that reward cycle. At this point after a few weeks it still works and I think doing his chores is starting to become a habit. Amazing!
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9 months ago, GregWilson
Life Saver!!
Chores (quests) have been a massive battle and Joon made a world of a difference over night. It givese my kids more control, and an interactive to do list, and instant rewards. They came up with rewards they wanted and were eager to complete quests to earn them. I do wish there were a savings account option so they could put some points away toward a large reward while still purchasing small rewards along the way. This is a new app and they are actively working on it so maybe they will add one soon! As a side note, my kids also were gifted a tablet with the app so if they don’t use the app then they don’t keep the tablet. That has been an added motivator, but not entirely necessary. They love the app and the in app games that become available when they finish their quests.
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1 year ago, dnvkfvtnsb
We love this app so much!
We love this app for our special needs family!! It has definitely been a game changer for us and our family. No longer am I needing to give so many prompts and reminders to my kids! They are able to build their own executive functioning and functional life skills for themselves! The games are fun for the kids and doing their checklist items are rewarding! The app takes a little bit to set up for parents but is super user friendly and easy to use!! And it takes second to manage everyday. It has been awesome for our family and had really helped to improve our relationships with each other!! Also, if I have any questions at all, Brad and his team are super responsive and kind!! We are better for having Joon!!! It’s awesome!!
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2 years ago, pickledbutter
A real relief to parents!
My 11 year old daughter has ADHD and even with chore charts and lists she struggles to complete daily responsibilities. I would constantly have to remind her to check the list and to make sure she’s done them all. I would even have to remind her of what was on the list even though it was posted next to her bedroom door. This app has been a godsend from day 1! She checks it first thing in the morning and last thing while getting ready for bed. She’s even been asking me to add things for her so she can remember! She is adding more quests for herself and is showing SIGNIFICANT improvement. My only concern is that although we’ve been going almost a week strong without missing any days, I’m worried that at some point the game will not be as motivating as it once was. Are there new items that they can unlock after some time? Will there be new features added periodically? As an adult with ADHD I know that games can get boring after a while, and with this being an annual payment I’m worried I’ll spend this money and it won’t work after a couple of months. All in all I’m very happy with the app, and if there are new features or items added periodically, then it is definitely worth the money to not have to hover over and fight with my daughter every day.
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1 year ago, Charonita
Just what we’ve been looking for
This app is super motivating more my first grader. He’s been on it about two weeks now and completes so many more tasks with less reminders. He also asks to do more quests like reading and homework so he can earn more points. It was a little slow at first with only one doter, but now he has four so he has to hustle to keep them fed. He’s not independent in moving through his quests yet, but I’m sure he’ll get there with more practice. The app developers are incredibly helpful and responsive which is nice. If you have a child with ADHD I’d highly recommend. The only thing I’d like to see is a month to month option rather than a yearly option since my son seems to obsess about something for a bit but then move on quickly.
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